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Wonder-Woman Kerry Godliman meets

Delete the Banjax Is your Show

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Pleasance box office is gearing up for a bumper weekend. Already boasting a crowd of sell-out shows, some of which have earned incredible accolades this week, Pleasance is sure to draw massive crowds this weekend. Five Scotsman Fringe First awards have gone to Pleasance shows. Analogue’s 2401 Objects, Blind Summit’s The Table, Icon Theatre’s Release, Curious Directive’s Your Last Breath and Hannah Eidinow’s An Instinct for Kindness have all picked up the prestigious accolade. The Stage have also honoured Pleasance talent with numerous nominations. Best Actor nominations go to Billy Mack for The Overcoat, Art Malik for Rose and Simon Merrells for Oedipus, while Shian Denovan picks up a Best Actress nomination for Snap. Catch. Slam. Two Best Ensemble nominations go to Made From Scratch for Body of Water and Theatre Ad Infinitum for Translunar Paradise. Sold, a play dealing with human trafficking, has been nominated for Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression award. If you’ve got your ticket for these, or for any of our soldout shows, think yourself lucky. If not, why not relish the opportunity to explore Pleasance’s extensive and eclectic programme of fantastic shows? Take a chance, follow an inkling, try seeing something without checking a single newspaper review....

Pleasance has got some suggestions... Watching a ‘Best Of’ Show Quickfire, bite-sized portions of some of the best Fringe acts, to help flesh out your festival diary. Try Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe, Chortle Presents: Fast Fringe, The Showcase Show or Vive Le Cabaret.

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Kerry Godliman Meets Delete The Banjax


a fun and accessible way to bring a show here. Kerry: And it’s essentially risk free? Dan: It’s exactly risk free! We enjoyed 2008 a lot, but in 2009 we came back with a tighter show and ended up packing the venue. Sam: For starting up, having fun and honing your act, Free Fringe is ideal, but it can be frustrating as a career tool since the industry stigma keeps a majority of reviewers and promoters away. Our show now also features tech that Free Fringe couldn’t have provided. Kerry: Caroline, these three guys are like your comedy spouses. How do you cope? Do you ever want to switch into another group? Caroline: It’s actually pretty good! But if I had the chance, I’d love to get into Lady Garden. Sam: Lady Garden have a petition in progress to steal her, but we won’t let her go. Kerry: More companies should do swaps. Like a secondment. It should be in your contract. Kerry Godliman: Wonder Woman, Pleasance Courtyard, 3-28 Aug 18:00 / Delete The Banjax, Pleasance Courtyard, 3-29 Aug 18:20


show we used the structure of a telethon, which aimed to raise enough money to rid the world of monsters once and for all. (£100million.) Kerry: Sounds like a box ticked. Without themes, then, how else do you describe the show? Sam: High energy and fast paced. Nothing is too simple or too childish for us. There’s a little bit of Flight of the Conchords in there – we’ve got a few big musical numbers – and we often get compared with the energy of Pappy’s. Kerry: I tried a sketch show a few years ago and found it so hard that I was gagging to get back to standup. How do you write a show like yours? Gareth: It’s a bit of everything. Dan often thinks up the ideas, then we all take them away and write them, and pass them back and forth. Kerry: I’m very inspired by a thought of Woody Allen’s, that writers shouldn’t think of them as jokes, but rather as laughs. Suddenly anything goes. So you’ve been at Pleasance for two years, where were you before then? Gareth: We started on PBH’s Free Fringe. We loved it [everyone concurs enthusiastically]. It’s such




Interlinked interviews must first apologise for breaking its chain. Last issue’s interviewee, Matthew Osborn from Cul-De-Sac, became unavailable for interviewer-ship. Thankfully, Wonder-Woman Kerry Godliman willingly stepped in to restart proceedings by talking to sketch group Delete the Banjax. Kerry: What’s a banjax and why are you getting rid of it? Sam: That’s a long and unfortunately quite dull story. Kerry: Hit me with the bullet points. Sam: We like the word ‘banjax’, meaning broken, rubbish, destroyed and incompetent. Caroline: That’s what we are! Sam: The show’s always a shambles. It’s sketches, songs, characters. Gareth: This year, with the help of our new director Matt Holt, we’ve moulded in a bit of structure. It’s definitely not themed – it’s specifically about nothing at all, which is what we try to push while flyering; “You’re not going to learn anything.” Kerry: Dear me, this sounds quite self-depricating! Dan: But hopefully our audiences should be laughing. No theme but lots of gags. Actually in a previous


I can’t defend performance any more because The End is my last show, my swan song, my resignation letter to theatre. This will be the last time I perform. This will be Ollie’s first time. We point out the Fire Exit signs and remind the audience they can leave. We ask what would happen if we left. Is it the end? We talk about exits, stage exits and the stage direction ‘Exit pursued by a bear’. At The Globe, the audience would play cards on the edge of the stage. We imagine the man who was the bear in The Winter’s Tale, playing cards in the wings, waiting for his stage direction. The End questions notions of beginning and ending, why we perform and how we will know when to stop. It marks the end of my career but it’s the first show of the day, so you might forget all about me after you’ve seen another show. But it doesn’t matter, because the next

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@ThePleasance #pleztimes RT @Oxfordplayhouse Today is Orville Wright’s birthday! As a celebration, go an see The Wright Brothers - 1.30pm, Pleasance One #edfringe #pleasancetimes RT @lordwoolamaloo seriously enjoyed Casablanca at @ ThePleasance today: part homage, part loving pastiche, wonderful stuff

day I’ll be performing to another audience, telling them it’s the last time I’ll perform, and the day after that, and the day after that… And however long it takes, to get this over with. The End, Pleasance Courtyard, 22-27 Aug 11:25

Vive Le Cabaret

Redeem On: Weekend 20&21 Aug 2011, 22:30 Pleasance Courtyard

The show that led the cabaret revolution on the Fringe is even bigger and better than before Breathing new life into Great British variety.

Presented by one of our comedy acts and featuring their special guests, including:

Joe Lycett, Matthew Crosby from Pappy’s, Jeff Leach, Katherine Ryan, Tom Price, Dan Clark, Kate Copstick and a regular daily message from Angelos Epithemiou. FRIDAY MONDAY

Max & Ivan - Wrestling Imran Yusuf & special episode Terry Alderton

RT @redliontheatres #edfringe @ShappiKhorsandi @ ThePleasance @FollowTheCow Shappi Khorsandi literally amazing. Really hilarious and lovely shoe. Go immediately! RT @ThePleasance Not in the Fringe Guide, but on this Sat & Sun, Do The Right Thing - new podcast live. 12:30am @ ThePleasance Dome hhEnRzP

Saturday 20th AFTER HOURS Pleasance Dome 00:40 Zoe Lyons Terry Alderton Jimmy McGhie Rob Beckett David Ward AMUSED MOOSE COMEDY AWARD SHOWCASE Pleasance Dome 16:00 Loretta Maine Rob Beckett Brett Goldstein Kishore Nayar Tommy Rowton Ger Devine ARTHUR SMITH’S PISSED-UP CHAT SHOW Pleasance Dome 21:40 Susan Murray Simon Munnery Richard Shelton CHORTLE PRESENTS: FAST FRINGE Pleasance Dome 18:40 SUSAN CALMAN - MC


Sarah Bennetto James Dowdeswell THE SHOWCASE SHOW Pleasance Courtyard 13:10 Mc MARKUS BIRDMAN, HANNAH GADSBY, MARK SIMMONS, JESS FOSTESKEW, TOM STADE VIVE LE CABARET Pleasance Courtyard 22:30 Des O’Connor East End Cabaret Nick Helm Angie Mack Johnny Electrolux Hustle Mat Ricardo Kitsch Kats Gypsy Charms and Viva Misadventure EXTRA SHOW: DO THE RIGHT THING COMEDY QUIZ SHOW Pleasance Dome 00:30 David Reed & Michael Legge vs Scott Capurro & Margaret Cabourn-Smith Host: Danielle Ward

Please note that all line-ups are subject to change. Check the Box Office for the latest information.

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