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Pleasance customers Podcast achieves iTunes Top 10


Of PLEASANCE Comedy Hero Jessica Ransom IS ON A MISSION TO UNCOVER PLEASANCE’s Most Heroic and Give them a muFFIN

Jessica Ransom (Middle) meets Anna and Craig

Jessica Ransom’s show champions the unsung heroes of life. Where better to find heroes behind the headlines than right here at Pleasance. She begins, then, by meeting Craig Colin and Anna Williams (and by giving them each a Chocolate muffin.) Hello Heroes! Tell us who you are and what you do: Craig: I work for Blacklight, the company who provide power for the whole of Pleasance. So without your heroism, Pleasance would be in complete darkness? Craig: Something like that. I then get involved with other Pleasance duties, ranging from specialist

rigging to dealing with some of our more complicated sets. How about you Anna? Anna: I’m General Manager Gemma’s runner, which entails a seemingly endless variety of roles. I’ve been sorting uniforms, creating spreadsheets and even distributing suncream for staff who spent a full day in the sun while painting our venues. Protecting fellow staff from skin cancer is undeniably the act of a hero. How long have you both been in Edinburgh? Craig: Well, it’s my eighth year at the festival, but this year I’ve been around for three weeks. We work roughly 8 till 8 for a couple of weeks, and since then it’s been going on for 24hr shifts. Anna: I’ve only been here a few days, but they certainly have been long ones. What’s the most heroic part of your job? Anna: …Well… does a spreadsheet count? It is an epic spreadsheet. Yeah it does! Spreadsheets keep the chaos in check. Craig: For me it’s making great tech work. This year’s Oedipus set

is a perfect example; it’s massive, and there’s no way you’d turn it around in 55 minutes but we’ve managed to set things up so it flies on and off stage as one enormous piece. Sounds like tough work. What superpower would help you most?

“I’ve become fairly immune to coffee”

Craig: Anti-gravity. The absolute worst part of this job is all the loading and off-loading of trucks. Anna: I’d go for wheel feet. My calves are struggling with all this walking. Perhaps we can get you some roller skates, Anna. Besides gravity, how can the rest of us help you out, Craig? Craig: Coffee and chocolate. Although sadly I’ve become fairly immune to coffee. Jessica Ransom: Unsung Heroes Pleasance Courtyard 3-29 Aug 17:10 (Craig’s and Anna’s work can be witnessed daily Pleasance-wide)

Matt Rudge finds the answers to your biggest questions about Edinburgh ANY Comedian


Dear Matt, What’s Edinburgh most famous for? Scotland’s capital city has a long tradition of science and innovation. Modern economics began in Edinburgh. Anaesthetics were discovered in Edinburgh. And just recently the city built the world’s first unusable tram line. Dear Matt, How many shows are there at this year’s festival? According to Fringe brochure there are 2,542 different shows, meaning 41,689 performances in 258 venues. However, note that the actual number may be even higher, as some are not in the official programme, such as the nightly performance outside the kebab shop beneath my flat, where local drunks perform a street theatre version of the movie 28 Days Later.

Dear Matt, Why is Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland and not Glasgow? This is a controversial topic and the cause of many arguments. In reality Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, based on everything from land mass and population to hospital admissions caused by beatings. However, Edinburgh was the home of the monarchy, and where parliament sat, making it the political capital in the 1400s. Strangely, before that, Soctland’s capital was Perth, which is in Australia. I imagine having it in Edinburgh makes life a little easier after that. Dear Matt, What’s the large hill that I can see baring down on the city? That could be the broken dreams and shattered hopes of Stand Up Comedians, which Edinburgh City Council pile up at the end of each year. It could also be Arthur’s Seat, the peak of a group of hills to the East of the city centre made by an extinct

volcano over 350million years ago. Dear Matt, I am an American Tourist. Where should I stay during the festival? America. Tweet questions to @MattRudge. Matt Rudge: We Could Be Heroes Pleasance Courtyard 2-29 Aug 19:15

FIRST THROUGH THE DOOR PLeasance opened YESTERday, Derek and Lynn were first in Pleasance opened its Dome and Courtyard doors yesterday. First in the door were Lynn Barrett and Derek McRae. The Pleasance Times joined them for a cappucino at the Dome cafe. What brought you to Pleasance this morning? LYNN: Coffee. And croissants. DEREK: We’re here for The Big Byte Size Breakfast (with the included food!) It’s the first show of the day. Since we’re only here for two days, we’ve got to start early. Sounds like you’ve planned well, are you festival regulars? DEREK: I am, I suppose. This is my fourth visit in six years. Living in Inverness, it’s great to pop down for

a couple of days when we can. LYNN: Derek’s showing me the ropes, it’s my first time here. I live in Lincolnshire, but I’ve always wanted to come up and try out the festival experience for myself. What have you planned for your two days? LYNN: I simply couldn’t believe the number of shows and the size of this festival. We picked a few shows, but really have to decide by time and schedule. DEREK: Someone should publish an ‘Idiot’s Guide to the Festival Fringe Programme’. They should, but until then you could try our searchable website and iPhone app. When you think

Pleasance, you think...? DEREK: For me it’s linked to the University. All these buildings are part of the Edinburgh University, so we’re already familiar with this place. And then we turn up and make everything yellow! Nice coffee? LYNN: Great, perfect to start the day. Derek & Lynn will be at Pleasance venues today only before going home

Pleasance Podcast Shoots

To iTunes Top 10

Pleasance’s fantastic Podcast has already hit the iTunes Top 10 list. The Podcast, presented by some of Pleasance’s top comedy acts, will be released throughout the festival. Currently, two preview episodes are available. The first episode features an interview with David Mitchell who shares his tips for performers heading to the Fesival. Episode two will refresh you with the best of the 2010 Festival to whet your appetite for 2011, including Reginald D Hunter, Bo Burnham and Arthur Smith. Full listings for episodes throughout the festival will be printed right here in The Pleasance Times (see below). Make sure to subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes, and get it delivered straight to your iPod or MP3 players. The Pleasance Podcast joins the likes of Richard Herring, Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, and Chris Moyles in the Top 10 list.

Presented by one of our comedy acts and featuring their special guests, including:

Joe Lycett, Matthew Crosby from Pappy’s, Jeff Leach, Katherine Ryan, Tom Price, Dan Clark, Kate Copstick and a regular daily message from Angelos Epithemiou. PREVIEW EPISODE 1 PREVIEW EPISODE 2 David Mitchell reveals Best of the 2010 top tips for performers festival to get you in heading to the Festival the mood for 2011.

@ThePleasance #pleasancetimes RT @ 1blindsummit @foldedfeather great show today! The metal man is v.cute #edfringe #pleasancetimes RT @eva_sampson 1st show for #waterproof @ ThePleasance Dome #edfringe 2011. Done. YES. Bring on the rest of the month! @how_it_ended are here to stay :) RT @bigcox Roll up roll up. First Edinburgh show @ThePleasance starts at 7.10. Be there and make sure I have minds to read RT @pricetom Just called @Mrspricetom from the @ThePleasance courtyard. Apparently I asked how she was three times. Already in #edfringecoma


STORYTELLER’S CLUB Pleasance Courtyard 22:00 Adventure Stories: Matt Crosby John-Luke Roberts Stuart Goldsmith

VIVE LE CABARET Pleasance Courtyard 22:30 Des O’Connor East End Cabaret Jeff Leach Edd Muir of Frayed Knot Circus Paul Dabek Hustle Mat Ricardo Lilikoi Kaos Gypsy & Viva:The Vive Showgirls

Please note that all line-ups are subject to change. Check the Box Office for the latest information.

FUNDRAISING FOR THE PLEASANCE You can support us in a number of ways:

1. Adopt a Pleasance cobblestone

2. Become part of “Pleasance History”

3. Simply donate your own amount

Famous for its cobbled courtyards, the Pleasance is the bedrock of great theatre and comedy. You can look after these very foundations by adopting your own pet cobblestone! We promise to provide you with regular updates on how it’s getting along.

We would be delighted if you joined our celebrity alumni on this extraordinary 231-ft long ‘Bayeaux-esque Tapestry’, charting the history of the world according to the Pleasance. You will also receive a very beautiful portrait. All we need is a passport photo! And if you don’t have one immediately, it doesn’t matter, because you can always send it to us later!

TEXT: plez33 to 70070 (for any amount up to £10) BY TELEPHONE: Please call us on 0207 619 6868 ONLINE: Please visit www.pleasance. IN PERSON: Complete the Gift Aid form on the back of the Fundraising leaflet and drop it into Reception at any of our box offices in Edinburgh and London, or pop it in the post.

The Pleasance Times - Issue #02 - Thursday 4th August 2011  

Jessica Ransom scouts out some unsung heroes of Pleasance, Meet the first customers in the 2011 doors, Matt Rudge answers your Edinburgh que...

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