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Issue #11 - Monday 15th August - FREE Real MacGuffins Scotland’s Leading HIV CHARITY »» The extract TMI from

WAVERLEY CARE laffs »» off stigma of HIV #laff11 »»

Matt Green Befuzzled Brains Today’s Top Tweets

TARTAN RIBBON Comedy Benefit



Comedy has always been an important part of Waverley Care’s fundraising during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, thanks to their unique 20-year relationship with Pleasance. It all started with bucket shaking, which is still ongoing in 2011. Tonight’s benefit gig is a flagship fundraiser of the charity’s year. [Cont. Pg. 2]

To watch me,

Tim Vine, 4 Poofs and a Piano,

Chris Cox, Idiots of Ants, Imran Yusuf, Out of the Blue, Stuart Goldsmith, Terry Alderton and Tom Stade. Tonight at Pleasance.”

[...continued from cover.] Always astounding, this year’s gig features 4 Poofs and a Piano, Chris Cox, Idiots of Ants, Imran Yusuf, Out of the Blue, Terry Alderton, Tim Vine and Tom Stade, hosted by the consistently charming Stuart Goldsmith. Waverley Care is Scotland’s leading charity providing care, guidance and support to people living with HIV or Hepatitis C.

#laffoffstigma Can you write something funny enough for Fringe fame? Tweet an original joke with the hashtag #laff11. If you can make Pleasance’s Comedy Programmer Ryan Taylor laugh, you’ll be in with a chance of winning £100 of Amazon vouchers. The #laffoffstigma campaign shows solidarity with those who are living with HIV. Every entrant (on either Twitter or Facebook) will

have their avatar added to www. in recognition of their support. “#laffoffstigma is an unusual and exciting way to encourage people to stand up against HIV stigma” said Ryan Taylor. “I’m hoping that Fringegoers will be creative, imaginative and prolific in sending in their gags.” Tartan Ribbon Comedy Benefit, Pleasance Courtyard, 15 Aug 20:00 / Collection buckets at Courtyard / Tweet jokes to harshtag #laff11

Thankfully I haven’t made the show too specific, otherwise I would have been forced to do a complete rewrite last week. I’ve written material about economics, the internet, the banking crisisD: -No-one’s ever done a comedy show about economics before! MG: Yeah, and why not? Because it’s clearly not funny! I did a few previews which turned into dull lectures. Since then I’ve boiled down everything towards the core jokes, which often provide the clearest explanations of the topic too. D: There’s more audience interaction this year too, more banter. We had some nice chemistry

in the audience last night. J: You talked to a chemistry teacher, a doctor and some science students. D: [Ahem] Sorry, bad pun. MG: Audience interaction is what keeps Edinburgh Shows fresh and exciting, avoiding the danger of becoming stale. M: When did you buy the prop that features in your show? MG: Relatively recently. About April. I walked past it in one of London’s new Olympic shops a few times (I won’t spoil the surprise for readers!) M: You didn’t fancy featuring any other props or visuals? MG: Since my show is about distraction, I want to maintain some focus. Unless you can utilise it properly (as people like Dave Gorman and Alex Horne can), visuals often end up being a distraction. I do like having that one object, though... Matt Green: Too Much Information, Pleasance Courtyard, 3-28 Aug 20:30 / The Real MacGuffins: Skitsophrenic, Pleasance Courtyard, 3-29 Aug 16:30

MATT GREEN PROVIDES TMI For The Real MacGuffins The Real MacGuffins’s Dan, Jim and Matt extract too much information from comedian Matt Green. D: We saw the show last night and loved it. There’s a hell of a lot in there. Where does it come from? MG: I tried to pack the hour full. Spending days ‘writing’ material reminded me quite how easily I can be distracted; by books, the radio, the internet. The show’s about all that information as distraction, which I think is quite a strong metaphor for our times; distraction by information overload. D: I can sympathise with that. I go onto google, then forget what I was google-ing and end up wasting time on random searches. MG: Then three hours later you end up watching something on YouTube and thinking ‘How did I get to this point?’ So that’s how the show got it’s name, but this year I’ve worked hard to talk not just about my life (although there are some ‘TMI’ moments) but also about the wider world, especially in the current climate of genuinely interesting politics and economics. D: The riots have come at a perfect time, then! MG: Ha, yeah, thank God for the riots.

Beating Befuzzlement 75 Years of Scotland’s brain survey How will your brain be holding out at age 75? Will the white matter, nerve fibres and the inspired moments of genius still be sparking, or will it all grind to a weary halt? Back in 1947, Scottish 11year-olds sat a test called ‘The Scottish Mental Survey’. Recently, between 2004 and 2007, over one thousand of them resat the test. The results, separated by a 60-year gap, uncover fascinating comparisons between thinking and the ageing process. Still Life Dreaming - co-produced by theatre company Spare Tyre and

the survey’s instigator Wellcome Trust – marks this 75th anniversary by revealing human stories behind the survey. Working with original cohort members and scientists from Edinburgh University, the show reveals how humans form ideas and interact with each other. Frederick Lowrie, an original cohort member, reflects that “sitting the test in 1947, I never imagined I would be here now, part of another study and also part of a play.” Director Arti Prashar creates “an epic story about chance connections, between one study and another, and between individuals, be they subjects or scientists.” Whether illuminating your past, future, or both, Still Life Dreaming offers an inspirational dramatisation of fascinatingly unique science. Still Life Dreaming, Pleasance Courtyard, 15-19 Aug, 13:00

Presented by one of our comedy acts and featuring their special guests, including:

Joe Lycett, Matthew Crosby from Pappy’s, Jeff Leach, Katherine Ryan, Tom Price, Dan Clark, Kate Copstick and a regular daily message from Angelos Epithemiou. EPISODE 6 EPISODE 5

Jeff Leach, Katherine Ryan, Wrestling preview

Benny Boot & Hannibal Buress

@ThePleasance #pleztimes RT @DanielTaylor247 Just saw Sheeps at the @ ThePleasance. weird. surreal. bizarre. And f’ing brilliant. Couldn’t stop laughing. Well done chaps. RT @CleverTheatre Dave Gorman is looking good! Check out this photo of @ DaveGorman with our flyers - it’s hilarious. #edfest #pleztimes (BELOW)

RT @laffoffstigma Super excited about our tartan ribbon benefit @ThePleasance monday night. If you’re there this wknd pick up tickets. Ace line up!


Itch: A Scratch Event Pleasance Courtyard 17:45 Hattie Hayridge Jo Caulfield Seymour Mace (Ideal, BBC) Pippa Evans & Ruth Bratt (Showstopper!) The Segue Sisters Clovis van Darkhelm & Many more

MERVYN STUTTER’S PICK OF THE FRINGE Pleasance Courtyard 13:00 The Twoks Black Slap Three Englishmen Humphrey Ker Luke Wright Blues Brothers

TARTAN RIBBON COMEDY BENEFIT Pleasance Courtyard 20:00 MC Stuart Goldsmith, 4 Poofs and a Piano, Chris Cox, Idiots of Ants, Imran Yusuf, Out of the Blue, Terry Alderton, Tim Vine, Tom Stade The Wrestling Pleasance Courtyard, 23:00 Russell Kane, Partick Monahan, PAC, Andrew Maxwell, Brendon Burns, Angelos Epithemiou, Adam Riches, Abandoman, Rich Fulcher, Nick Helm, Frisky & Mannish, Humphrey Ker, Jessica Ransom, Colin Hoult, MAx & Ivan

NICHOLAS PARSONS’ HAPPY HOUR Pleasance Courtyard 14:30 Gyles Brandreth Lorraine Chase Joe Simmons Kev Orkian Please note that all line-ups are subject to change. Check the Box Office for the latest information.

FUNDRAISING FOR THE PLEASANCE You can support us in a number of ways:

1. Adopt a Pleasance cobblestone

2. Become part of “Pleasance History”

3. Simply donate your own amount

Famous for its cobbled courtyards, the Pleasance is the bedrock of great theatre and comedy. You can look after these very foundations by adopting your own pet cobblestone! We promise to provide you with regular updates on how it’s getting along.

We would be delighted if you joined our celebrity alumni on this extraordinary 231-ft long ‘Bayeux-esque Tapestry’, charting the history of the world according to the Pleasance. You will also receive a very beautiful portrait. All we need is a passport photo! And if you don’t have one immediately, it doesn’t matter, because you can always send it to us later!

TEXT: plez33 to 70070 (for any amount up to £10) BY TELEPHONE: Please call us on 0207 619 6868 ONLINE: Please visit www.pleasance. IN PERSON: Complete the Gift Aid form on the back of the Fundraising leaflet and drop it into Reception at any of our box offices in Edinburgh and London, or pop it in the post.

The Pleasance Times - Issue #11 - Monday 15th August 2011  

Tartan Ribbon Needs You, Comedy benefit special, Waverley care, #laffoffstigma, The Real MacGuffins meet Matt Green, Beating beffuzzlement

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