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SIENNA CAI WHAT SPORT/S ARE YOU INVOLVED IN? Ice skating: (solo) figure skating and (team) synchronised skating. HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU STARTED? Seven.


HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED? I started in China during a Christmas holiday. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE CHALLENGES YOU FACE WITH JUGGLING SCHOOL WORK AND COMPETING/TRAINING? There is not enough time to do homework. I am sometimes very tired after school but I still need to do training. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO TO WHEN YOU ARE NOT COMPETING OR DOING SCHOOL WORK? Play violin, read and play with friends. WHERE ARE YOU CURRENTLY COMPETING/TRAINING?

I am training at Canterbury Ice Rink and also some weekends at Penrith Ice Rink. WHAT IS THE NEXT EVENT YOU WILL BE COMPETING AT? The Sydney Synch Festival in October and the NSW and Australian Championships in November. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST SPORTING ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR? I have learnt new skills and worked hard both individually and with team members. WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST SPORTING AMBITION? To be the State Champion and the National Champion. ARE YOU A MEMBER OF A SQUAD/TEAM? I am a member of Majestic Ice Australia - Novis B Synchronised Skating Team. DO YOU HAVE A RANKING? Solo figure skating: Preliminary Synchronised skating team: 2nd in NSW Championships


Novis B in 2015: 5th in National Championships