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Sara Sheets is the Executive Director of the Madisonville Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation. She supports the investment the Library wants to make in her neighborhood branch. “27 percent of our residents are ages 55 and older,” said Sheets. “We have two senior housing developments just a few blocks from the branch. Many of these seniors use walkers or are in wheelchairs, yet they can’t access the building.”

Erhardt goes to the Covedale Branch Library or Main Library several times a week as well, since he can’t get into the branch in his own neighborhood. “I enjoy true-story books and movies and war-related items,” said Erhardt. He also loves live theater performances put on for free at many Library branches. “I would use this library a lot more if it was more accessible. I’d be here probably four to five days a week!”

The Facilities Plan would be a life-changing project for Erhardt and many of his veteran friends. “I have a friend that goes up to the Covedale branch,” Erhardt said. “And since he’s permanently wheelchair-bound, he has an electric wheelchair. It takes him approximately two and a half hours to get up to the library. By the time he’s up there his battery is dead, so he has to recharge before he can come home. He does this at least three times a week.”

“It’s vital that all members of our community be able to access the offerings (of the Library),” added Sheets. “I’ve heard from so many people who feel excluded from participating in community life because they cannot even get into the Madisonville Branch Library. That needs to change.” You can read more about the Library’s Facilities Plan and check for updates by visiting Learn about plans for the Main Library on page 2.

We asked our customers what they love about having a Library card.

Having access to a library (especially such an amazing one like the one here in Cincinnati) opens up amazing worlds and opportunities for me and my family. We are able to read just about anything we want to, but could never afford to buy on our own. I can’t imagine life without books, and having a library card means I can dive into just about any book I want.

I love getting books delivered to my local branch. I love getting eBooks for my Nook at midnight! I love the selection of audiobooks for my MP3 player! I love the children’s book area at the Forest Park branch.

– Jennifer Jansen

I can escape to any of a thousand worlds filled with dragons or cyborgs or vampires or werewolves or superheroes.

– J.W. Carter

– Diane Cooper Salvato

I have had my card since l was 6 and have seen many good changes. l have always loved and devoured books. – Phyllis Sparks Myer

I love the living and breathing librarians who guide me to books when I want to find a book. The library is a community and once you’ve read a book you physically return it but you also share the story and the experience with others. That’s the power of a story in a book in a library.

– Mary Seguin

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