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Marlene Ryan in honor of Daniel and Morgan Ryan

Thank you The following gifts were received between January 1 and March 15, 2018. For more information about donating to the Library Foundation, visit our website at

The Library is deeply grateful for the generosity of our community and welcomes gifts of all sizes. Your donations are essential to ensuring delivery of excellent Library services and the availability of the widest possible range of informational resources for all ages. For inquiries regarding contributions, please contact, Staci Dennison, Library Chief Development Officer, at 513 369-4595.

V’Ann Ryther and Linda Norwell, designated for the Mt. Washington Branch Library

The Kroger Company Justine Sacco


Battoclette Family Foundation of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation


Bristol-Myers Squibb Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cranley Kevin and Pamela Hubert John Muhlhauser Sara Pearce Martha A. Stimson


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Huenefeld in memory of Emma, beloved dog of Amy and Graham Tyrrell

Barb Shively in memory of Mary Helen Beimesche, Frances Mary Rizzo, and Gert Streit, designated for the Delhi Branch Library

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kline in memory of Dudley Finn, beloved pet of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Finn and family

Sogetsu Cincinnati Branch, designated for the Maderia Branch Library

Robin Lippelman in memory of Chloe, beloved dog of Joan M. Kaup and Rick Pender

Alice Suckow in memory of Charlotte Badger

Elaine Luchi and Darin Ladd in memory of Otis, beloved pet of Monica and Wade McKinney



Erica Eastman Joe Flanders Lisa Krain and Michael Goldberg Catherine Lippert Virginia Meyer PayPal Giving Fund Mario Pellegrino Mary Jo Rottmueller Mary Wernke

Lisa Arnett in memory of Joey and Molly, beloved pets of Sharon Arnett Elizabeth Batie in memory of Tia, beloved dog of Katherine and Pete Jurs Jennifer Burden in memory of Lou, beloved pet of the Higgins Family Anne Chimenti in memory of Bella, beloved greyhound of Brenda and Ron Pennix Susan Cohen and Rob Schmuelling in memory of Bella, beloved pet of Scott Puthoff and Jen Johnson

Dave and Linda Mathews in memory of Mee Moo, beloved pet of Sara Mathews Scott and Annie McManis in memory of Chloe Kaup Pender, beloved pet of Joan Kaup and Rick Pender Betsy Ross in memory of Oliver Weston, beloved pet of Sara Vance Waddell Jewel Rossman in memory of Maddie, beloved dog of Janet Schlegel Lea Shull in memory of Daisy, beloved dog of Paul and Denise Burch George and Dorothy White in memory of Bo, beloved dog of Su Jervis and Agnes Hoen Kolar Design in memory of Kali, beloved pet of Matt Grote and Cori Wolff


Birthroots, Inc., Cincinnati Master Plumbers Association, Nancy Feller, Eric Franke, Shirley Gibson, Kathy Huebner, Jeff’s Drive Thru & Carry Out, Harry Leigh, Renee McCutcheon, Marie Meiners, Thomas Paff, Jerry Palermo, Jerry Rehage, Mark Reid, Bret Specht, Carol Strathman, Tri-State Plan Administration, Inc., and Blanche Voss in memory of Joseph H. Klosterman

Daniel Findley Jessica Gmeinder David Mason Tracey Nowlin Steve and Helen Rindsberg Jennie Vose

Colette Brehm in memory of Frances Mary Rizzo, designated for the Delhi Branch Library


Raymond Fellinger in memory of Bonnie Fellinger

Yolanda M. Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. John L. Biederman Amy and Ranjit Chima Charles Margolis Bevin McLaughlin April Piatt

Karen Glink in memory of Black Jack

Ruth Schneider in memory of Arthur Weber

Jeffrey P. Waltz in honor of Avery Marie Mills


Ron and Elaine Friday in memory of Benny, beloved dog of the Rev. Alex Martin

Bruce Family Charitable Foundation designated for the Mariemont Branch Library Joan Fatika, Joanne Johnson, Sharon Koenig, Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Perfetti, Joyce Reitz, Andrea Ziser and Sharon Zumwalde in memory of Diana Reitz, designated for the Mariemont Branch Library

Fredrick M. Heath in memory Annie F. Heath, designated for the Deer Park and Pleasant Ridge branch libraries Dianne Miller Adamore in memory of Andrea Chang John Morton in memory of Harry F. Matheis, Jr. Rob and Sara Mulhauser in memory of Leslie Clark Mary Ann Rack in memory of Mark C. Potee Ann C. Regan, designated for the Deer Park Branch Library in honor of Beulah L. Weppler

Mary S. Stern Gives $1 Million To Library Foundation To Create Annual Lecture In the coming years, the Library will have a new annual program to fulfill its mission to connect Hamilton County residents with the world of ideas and information through the Mary S. Stern Lecture. This new annual lecture is supported by a generous gift to the Library Foundation’s permanent endowment. To help select the lecture topic and presenter the Library formed the Mary S. Stern Lecture Committee. Committee members are Sandy and Peter Stern, M.D., Vicky and Rick Reynolds, and Betsy and Paul Sittenfeld. We hope to hold the first lecture in late 2018 or early 2019.

“Our public Library is special. It has always been a place of inspiration and knowledge for everyone in our community—and it is important that it continues its work into the future.” - Mary S. Stern Mary S. Stern and her late husband Joseph. S. Stern, Jr., have continued to make lasting impacts on the Library. In 1957, Mr. Stern co-founded the Friends of the Public Library and was appointed to the Library Board of Trustees in 1961, serving until 2003. Upon his retirement, Library Trustees conferred upon him the honorary lifetime title of Trustee Emeritus, in recognition of his 42 years of service. Mr. Stern also donated $1 million to the Library Foundation in 2010. Those funds became the cornerstone for a permanent endowment fund. The Joseph S. Stern, Jr. Cincinnati Room at the Main Library is dedicated to Mr. Stern in honor of his support. For updates on the lecture series and more news from the Library Foundation, visit

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