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H*p*s*€p*€E*s=€s *n**€€g 3*s€*r***E€ #***€e *xp€*E€** It's misleadingand cruelto raisefalse hopesclaiming that stem-celltherapiesare just aroundthe corner, dependingonly on fundingfor embryonicresearch. In any event,embryoresearchinvolvesthe destruction o f h u m a nl i f e ,ma ki n gi t e th i ca l l yu n acceptable. Insteadof fundingembryoresearch,lrelandshouldaim to becomea centreof excellencefor adultstem-cell promisingand ethically researchwhich is scientifically non-controversial. li ,"j:: ] :l:j .: : :.J i:'1r:::1: :i:jii.-

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Stem Cell Research - Finding Cures We Can All Live With  

There's much publicity about the potential of stem cell therapies in curing chronic diseases. Much of it blurs the distinction between resea...