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Task 4 : Revision Website Who? Anyone task.




What? Produce a revision website for the course you have just completed.

How? Use Google Sites to produce a revision website for your course, or part of your course. Make sure you include good information, images, animations, videos and revision questions.

Why? This will help develop your ICT skills and provide a useful resource for future students. If you’re continuing in Biology it will also help reinforce your understanding of the course you've just completed.

Task 5 : Reflective Report Who? Anyone task.





June Learning Menu 2013

Produce a report on yourself as a learner. What do you do well, what could you improve on?

Welcome back to Biology!

How? Reflect on how well you’ve learned in Biology. Write a report on yourself. Think about your attitude, effort, behavior, enjoyment, motivation, understanding, homework, revision and willingness to ask for help.

Whether you’re continuing your biology studies or not, you will be making the best use of time in the department while you’re here. In here you’ll find a series of tasks which you can choose to complete in June. Whichever task you choose must be given your every effort and be completed to high standard. If you complete one task, choose another!

Why? Reflecting and reporting on yourself will help you to improve in


Task 6 : Using the Web for Learning Complete the whole-school selfstudy course on using the web: @PLBio

The tasks... Task 1 : Getting Ready Who? This task is primarily for students who are continuing to study Biology next session.

What? Your task is to produce a poster, presentation or website on one or more of the topics you will be studying in your new course. You should be prepared to share this orally with your peers.

How? Look at the topics in your next course. What might you find difficult or interesting? Research this and produce a poster, presentation or website to share with your peers.

Why? This will give you a grounding in your new course and allow you develop skills such as independent learning and presentation. You will also benefit from listening to your peer’s presentations.

Task 2 : Something Interesting

Task 3 : How to Succeed



Anyone could do this, but it would probably be best for students not continuing with Biology next session.

Anyone could do this.

What? Your task is to produce a poster, presentation or website on a topic you have covered and found interesting.

How? Choose one of the topics you enjoyed from your Biology course and wish you’d had more time on. Research this topic and take your learning further. Be prepared to share your poster, presentation or website with your peers.

Why? Sometimes you don’t get long enough to learn what you want to on courses, here’s your chance to fix that!

What? You’ve just finished one of our Biology courses. Produce a guide for future students of this course with your tips for success.

How? Think about what you did well in the course and what you wished you had done more of. Produce a leaflet or booklet for future students full of your suggestions on how to do well on this course. You might like to research other ideas for success also.

Why? Completing this task will not only produce a useful resource for future students, but will actually help you to reflect on your own learning which should help you succeed in the future.

PLBio June learning menu 2013  
PLBio June learning menu 2013