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WHAT IS Welcome to Plaza Sports Center, a place for soccer! We are more than a facility for learning and playing the best sport in the world - we are a center for complete athletic development. Our fields are used for recreational and competitive youth and adult soccer leagues. Mental preparation is half of the game, developing technique and a solid understanding of the game is the other. Players of all ages and skill levels will find their abilities growing with one of Plaza’s 8 dedicated coaches. We organize tournaments and leagues so that our players can always improve, and even offer group exercise classes like SoccerFIT for non-players! You can also just relax at Plaza, watching the action from the bleachers. Our on-site restaurant Fuera de Lugar provides a delicious family-friendly environment for a post-match celebration, and bubble soccer is always available for groups to play together. Forgot some gear? We have you covered at the Plaza pro shop. From our covered fields to our natural grass playing grounds, there is a place for everyone at Plaza Sports Center.



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p: (956) 783-7670 e: w:

Welcome to our September/October issue of Plaza Sports Magazine. As you noticed on our cover, we are very excited about our “All-Girls” Soccer program in addition to the rest of our Soccer Academy services: Goalie classes, Little Toros (toddler) programs and our regular soccer classes. There’s something for everyone at Plaza. If you’re looking to register your child in a soccer program, we encourage you to give our 2 day free trial classes a try! As our growing number of students can attest, its great to be a TORO!

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Look at Plaza Go! Thank you for helping us grow. Plaza Sports Center shares the growth mentality held by soccer players: We are always trying to improve. More and more players are signing up to play with us, so we are growing our team of coaches and staff. We have also added more programs and upgraded our facility a lot since last year!

with us:

200 adult teams

youth teams



SoccerFIT is a training regimen for losing weight, toning muscles and increasing agility. Train like a soccer player - even if you don’t play soccer! Classes are offered every weekday from 5 am - 9 am, and once in the evening at 7:30. Learn more about SoccerFIT on page 20.

Girls’ Soccer

Noticing a lack of opportunities for girls to play soccer in the RGV, Plaza Sports Center developed a soccer program just for girls to help them develop their skills. Now girls can play on their own leagues against other girls’ teams. Hopefully, more girls will decide to pick up the sport!

If you’re a regular, you’ve probably already seen the large plastic bubbles we use at Plaza for recreation and team-building. Did you know we’ve only offered the opportunity to play with these bounce-off-each-other games for about a year? Call 956.783.7670 to reserve the bubbles for your group of friends, family, or coworkers!

New fields

We recently added a 5v5 turf field for quick pickup games. Not a fan of turf fields? We will soon complete our regulation-sized natural grass field for 11v11 games. Both are now being played upon and enjoyed by our players. Fans can enjoy the game from the bleachers!

Plaza Sports Magazine

4,000 players per coaches dedicated to our programs


Bubble Soccer

380 teams playing 180



We have completed several issues of Plaza Sports Magazine, our bi-monthly publication that shares information about our offerings at the facility and tips for soccer players. Pick one up today - you never know what deals you will find in there, too!

Social Media

You can keep up with Plaza on-the-go with our social media accounts. Add us on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram! Check our photo galleries of professional photography and see yourself in action! We also share video and announcements. This year, we were liked by more than 9,000 facebook users.

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com


They can play in their own girls league. We offer all girls teams and leagues of every skill level. Compete in tournaments.

REGISTER TODAY to be an official Toro’s team member at a special rate, and participate with all of Plaza’s Leagues and Tournaments.

CALL 956.783.7670 FOR MORE INFO

Plaza Sports Center is located on 1101 E Nolana Loop, Pharr, TX P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com


PLAZA YOUTH By Karen Villareal

Plaza Students Inspired to Play at University Level



n addition to the adult leagues available at Plaza Sports Center, playing at the university level is a possibility that older players should be aware of. There’s nothing like learning side by side with masters; recently, Plaza Sports Center invited some of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley men’s soccer team to host a one-day soccer clinic for Plaza’s Toros. Each group of 20-30 players spent an hour drilling with UTRGV Assistant Coach Lee Williams and Vaquero’s mid-fielder Rico Laitinen. Williams was impressed with the quality of the Plaza facilities, letting the players know that they are quite lucky to live in

an area that offers such fields to play on. More importantly, he told the children, it is a great boon to have UTRGV so close to home, where their soccer careers can continue to grow seamlessly. Compared to other major universities, UTRGV offers a high quality program that will allow them to continue to develop their game and earn a degree without breaking the bank. After the short motivational speech, Lee organized the Plaza players into various drills with different goals. He explained that he looks for complete players for his team. “It’s those little things that matter, like how you pass,” he told them as they reviewed their basics.

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

He hopes some of these young soccer players will want to play with the UTRGV Vaqueros when it comes time for them to choose a university. “There is a lot of talent here,” says Williams. “We just have to keep developing our skills.” “UTRGV Men’s Soccer is doing very well this season,” adds Laitinen. “Come to our games!” Laitinen aided Lee in organizing the young players and giving tips. He emphasized the importance of “soccer intelligence,” or spatial awareness on the field. Knowing what to do with the ball depends on knowing where constantly-moving teammates and opponents are. This is achieved by regularly looking around and checking over your shoulder. “Even the pros are sometimes bad about this,” says Laitinen. “Look at them the next time you watch a game on TV, and count how many times they check who’s around them.”

Plaza Sports Center is all about spreading enthusiasm for soccer to everyone. The center for athletic development offers beginner classes that provide the first exposure to playing for many children and adults, but their leagues and tournaments also provide a challenging and fun opportunity to more seasoned players. Siblings Christopher and Fryda Sanchez, Little Toros, attended the morning clinic and said they really liked it and want to keep playing soccer when they get older.

There is a lot of talent here,” says Williams. “We just have to keep developing our skills.

“We did some drills we already knew but he showed us some new things,” said Christopher. Like the young players who benefited from the soccer clinic, Caso is thankful that Lee and Laitinen spent the day at Plaza encouraging the young players. “You guys are certainly helping out the future of soccer in the RGV!” Determined players can make college or university their next step after high school! Train at any age: Plaza offers options for all players. Call 956.783.7670 to learn more!

Williams is originally from Aberystwyth,

Wales, and played in Europe with Midlands Representative Universities, Swansea City FC of the English Premier League, and Llanelli AFC in the Welsh Premier League. In the U.S., Williams played for the Minnesota Thunder practice squad (United Soccer Leagues First Division), and Rhode Island Stingrays (Premier Development League) before pursuing coaching fulltime. P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com


Es muy bonito hablar de futbol y de todo lo hermoso que rodea a este deporte tan lleno de vida.

Por Jose Rodriguez

Coach: Jorge Quiroz


Jugadores: Oscar Rodriguez Carlos Sanchez Christopher Sanchez Manuel Pereda Carlos Maldonado Emiliano Brieño Leonel Cantu Diego Piña Alejandro Cantu Adrián Taboada Christian Cortez Marlon Rojas Rodrigo Avalos


ero hoy hablaremos de los protagonistas que hacen que ésta pasión se desborde por completo. Pocos tenemos la fortuna de tener a un grupo de guerreros dispuestos a dar el todo por su equipo. A entregar su corazón entero y derramar hasta la ultima gota de sudor por defender el honor a capa y espada. Así es como nuestra categoría 2004 nos a demostrado el amor por la camiseta. Ese amor que se siente en el pecho y que sale a relucir cada vez que escuchan el silbatazo inicial. Al principio, esta categoría solía ser una mas de muchas que se esfuerzan por sobresalir pero que quedan en el intento. Se vivían tiempos difíciles, ya que no se encontraba esa motivación o talvez esa unión entre coaches, papas, y jugadores que hacen fuerte a cualquier equipo. Con el paso del tiempo llegaron jugadores nuevos a nuestras filas y con ellos una nueva esperanza de poder competir y llegar a sentir la gloria de la victoria.

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

El proceso fue largo y muy duro.

Lleno de cambios, exigencias, sacrificios, y de una ardua preparación. Después de entrenar semanas enteras, el tiempo para demostrar que todo el esfuerzo seria recompensado había llegado. De la mano del coach Jorge Quiroz, los niños empezaron a demostrar su fortaleza, su ímpetu, su garra para competir al tú por tú con cualquier academia. En poco tiempo llegaron los logros deportivos. Esos logros que los hacia sonar muy alto teniendo en la mente como único objetivo en ser los mejores. Con esa misma mentalidad fue como salieron adelante en su primer torneo fuera de casa. Enfrentándose a grandes academias, lograron el Sub-Campeonato en el Segundo Torneo Relámpago Rayados Brownsville 2015. Fue una emoción tremenda tanto para jugadores y padres de familia como para nuestra institución. Era el primer trofeo en nuestras vitrinas y claro después vinieron mas títulos, como el campeonato en la liga de Golazo en el mes de Junio del ano 2016. Después vino otro Sub-Campeonato en el Torneo Relámpago FC Dallas en ese mismo ano.

“Asombrados por su evolución, varias academias se preguntaban y se decían unos a otros, “de que están hechos estos niños”?” Pareciera que todo estaba bien, que los logros habían levantado el animo de los jugadores y de los papas al ver a sus pequeños divertirse en las canchas.

Pero faltaba algo mas, algo que esta categoría siempre había anhelado pero que por circunstancias del destino se les había negado anteriormente. Después de luchar batallas épicas con todas las academias y de saltar a las canchas dispuestos a dejar el alma en cada partido, se cumplió con el objetivo. Por fin se coronaban campeones de el torneo local en su propia casa, Plaza Sports Center.

El logro desató pasiones extremas entre los padres de familia que no pudieron resistir el encanto de tan extraordinario esfuerzo de sus pequeños gigantes. Asombrados por su evolución,

varias academias se preguntaban y se decían unos a otros, “de que están hechos estos niños”? Yo, al igual que ellos me pregunto lo mismo. De que están hechos? Nunca se rinden, nunca bajan los brazos, que los impulsa a seguir luchando a pesar de las adversidades? Ahora entiendo la pasión y el apoyo de los papas. Ahora entiendo esa unión tan fuerte entre todos. Compartiendo alegrías, tristezas, emociones, derrotas, triunfos y fracasos. Ese apoyo incondicional por parte de los padres, que si sus pequeñines ríen, ellos ríen con ellos y si lloran, también lloran con ellos. Sin duda alguna esta categoría nos a dado grandes alegrías. Sus logros son compartidos por todos. No me queda mas que reconocer la gran entrega

y dedicación de los jugadores. Su incansable esfuerzo y su amor a la camiseta. A los padres de familia, de antemano mil gracias por todo su apoyo y recuerden seguir alentando con pasión para seguir volando juntos con esta “bendita 2004”.

P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com


By Karen Villareal

Plaza Sports Center hosted a special goalie training clinic on August 20 and 21, 2016 which was open to any player who has an interest in improving their net defending abilities. 10

It was an extra special clinic as Plaza invited coach Guillermo Velazquez, the goalkeeper coach for Club Santos Laguna S.A. de C.V., to spend time with players looking for an extra defensive edge. Plaza’s first clinic in the RGV that focused on exercises and routines specific to goalies was a huge success with over 30 players working with lateral movements, falls, and blocks - typical skills that are practiced by goal keepers. “They did exercises designed specifically for goalies that require more capacity and better reflexes,” says Plaza’s coach Guillermo Chavez.

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

Beginners and more advanced students alike improved their skills working with coach Velazquez - one of the great goalie coaches in Mexico! He has trained great goalkeepers like Oswaldo Sanchez, Alonso “Popeye” Jimenez and Oscar “El Conejo” Perez. It was an honor to have him at Plaza all weekend. Coach Velazques said he was surprised at the level of skill of the students training at Plaza, and encouraged them to keep practicing with this level of intensity. The goalie clinic was satisfying for players and coaches alike; Coach Chavez said that he also learned a lot from Velazques. “We are excited that it went so well and we’re looking forward to future training days!”

Plaza Sports Center is proud to host the focused clinics to further help players develop their skills. Plans are coming together for a December goalie camp, which is more intensive than a clinic. Clinics, camps, and goalie classes at Plaza are open to all players; they don’t need to be a Toros member. “You can belong to any team -or noneto take those classes and come to the clinics and camps,” says Coach Chavez.  “Interested players should sign up as soon as they can so we can make it the best camp possible.”

Profe Memo Velaszquez

Profe Memo Chavez

Coach Velasquez had developed a unique program for the clinic based on the skill level of the students who enrolled and demonstrated their skills a week before. “We wanted to see if they can already recover well from a fall, for example,” says Coach Chavez. “We try to separate the players by ability and not just age because we have several players who are young but quite skilled.” He adds that being a beginner isn’t a bad thing and being in that category should not cause worry. “It just means we know we have to focus on certain things, and that helps us get better faster.”

Tomorrow’s great goalies are training at Plaza today! Sign up and start protecting the net! For more information about the upcoming goalie camp call 956-258-4864, and to learn about goalie classes at Plaza Sports Center, call (956) 783-7670.

P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com



UTRGV Soccer



The UTRGV women’s soccer program is set to enter its third year of existence with a more set roster than in the past.

The UTRGV men’s soccer team has only been together for about two weeks, but after several two-a-days and pair of exhibition matches, this team is ready to take a step forward during its second year back from an 18-year hiatus.

“The players have set a standard,” UTRGV head coach Glad Bugariu said. “The team itself is at a good point now. I think the sky’s the limit from this point forward.”

“It’s been a busy preseason. The boys have been working very hard,” UTRGV head coach Paul Leese said. “We’ve got a lot of new players coming in this year, so we’re trying to integrate them all into our team concept and our style of play. They’ve come in and started off very sharp and very fit, and that just helps everything else move along more quickly.”

One of the reasons for optimism has been UTRGV has nine new faces this season, including Michael Faber, Jaakko Hietikko, Ilistrong play during the preseaas Kosmidis, Angel Lopez, Sergio Loredo Jr., Juanito Ramirez, Damian RoTO BUY TICKETS, VISIT son. After a successful spring szczky, Mauricio Sanchez and Hubert Wolak. UTRGVTICKETS.COM that saw multiple student-ath- OR CALL (956) 665-3747. A number of key players return this year, including the top two scorers in letes take a step forward, the VISIT GOUTRGV.COM Isidro Martinez (2-5-9) and Garcia (3-2-8). As a freshman, Martinez ranked team returned ready to go FOR MORE INFORMATION fifth on the team in minutes played (1,320). from day one this fall. “I think we’ve got a couple of young guys who were freshmen last year like Isidro and “We’re working very hard. We’ve really Isaiah (Hinds) who benefited so much from their first year on the team, especially being embraced the learning process,” Bugariu in a program where they got a lot of experience and playing time last year,” Leese said. said. “The team’s been working at a high “They’ve come in stronger and fitter and I think more focused to be successful.” standard. Overall, we’re making great strides this year.” UTRGV played two exhibition matches during the preseason, which gave Leese and the rest of the coaching staff a chance to see their team in action against another team. AdUTRGV’s main strength last year was deditionally, it gave the players a chance to get used to being in an 11-man shape together. fense, as the back line of Frida Farstad-Eriksson, Tuva Rolstad Nilsen, Evelyn Powell, “It’s so important, especially with the new players that just arrived, to give them a real Marcela Ramirez and Malia Irvine, who also big picture look at how we try to play,” Leese said. “They get to see their teammates saw time up the field, was virtually impen- alongside them and how they like to play and receive the ball, so it was good. We had a etrable. When attackers did get shots off, couple of different teams in each game and each half. It gives us a better chance to see the goalkeeping duo of Erica Gonzalez and who can do what and who plays well together.” Maria Eriksen was there to make the saves. This year, the defensive line remains intact and UTRGV adds another strong goalkeeper in Kinga Szemik, the starter on the European Champion Polish National Team. UTRGV has arguably the deepest goalkeeping situation in the WAC. Knowing that they have a strong defense, UTRGV will allow midfielders like Sheridan Becanic, Allyson Smith and Hanna Spets to control the pace of play and set-up attackers like Diandra Aliaga, Andreya Barrera and newcomers Diana Ansah and Sarah Bonney from the U20 Ghana National Team. “Hopefully, we can see a style of play that’s a little more open, a little more expansive, and a little more possessive to create more chances and not so much defensive and counter attacking,” Bugariu said. “I think we’ve now gotten enough quality on the side where we can expand a little bit and play a little more of the soccer that we all like to see.”




7 p.m.


Our Lady of the Lake

7 p.m.


Kansas City



Grand Canyon

1 p.m.



7 p.m.


Incarnate Word

7 p.m.


Air Force

1 p.m.


St. Thomas (Houston)

7 p.m.


A&M International

7 p.m.


Kansas City



Utah Valley

7 p.m.


Seattle U

1 p.m.

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

e Jos r o P


igu odr


En Plaza Sports Center, tambiĂŠn reconocido como Plaza, manejamos las ligas de fĂştbol amateur mas fuertes del Valle de Texas.

Somos el primer nivel en el sistema de ligas de dicho lugar. Realizamos 80 torneos cortos por ciclo anual futbolĂ­stico. El campeonato se define por medio de una fase final posterior a cada fase regular, conocida como liguilla; clasifican a ella los cuatro primeros lugares de la tabla general o dependiendo de la liga, los ocho primeros.

P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com



omos las ligas mas dominantes del area del Sur de Texas teniendo como objetivo la competencia y albergando a mas de 200 equipos en la categoria de adultos. Reconocidas a la vez como las más fuertes en los últimos tres años.


Las ligas se disputan cada dos meses, cada una con su propia liguilla y campeón. La competencia consta de un grupo único integrado por ocho equipos que conforman el circuito, disputando diez partidos cada uno o en algunas ligas ocho partidos, todos contra todos a una sola vuelta. Lo que nos hace ser las mejores ligas es que puedes jugar en diferentes niveles de competencia. Ya sea que quieras enfrentar a los mejores equipos de la región o solo quieras jugar por diversión. No importa tu nivel, aquí en Plaza te acomodamos en una liga adecuada para ti y tu equipo.

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com


omos únicos en el Valle, ya que contamos con 25 ligas distintas adaptadas a las necesidades de los jugadores y cada horario es una liga diferente en cada día.

Así no te preocuparas por cambios en el horario de juego. Es decir, si te metes a la liga los Martes a las 8pm, siempre jugaras ese día a la misma hora. Dándote a ti como jugador la opción de elegir el mejor horario que se te acomode para poder jugar cómodamente en nuestras ligas. Al final, acabamos teniendo a 25 campeones, siendo los únicos con mas ligas activas durante el año.

P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com



i te preguntarás como funciona todo y si no afecta en la organización tener demasiadas ligas, la respuesta es no.

Gracias al excelente trabajo por parte de la administración es como brindamos un servicio eficaz y transparente para todos por igual. Tratamos a los equipos con respeto y los hacemos sentir en casa, dándoles la necesidad de venir a jugar con nosotros. Ahora no solo tenemos las mejores ligas, también contamos con el mejor servicio en comida. Amplio restaurante con pantallas para disfrutar de todos los deportes.


Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com


onde puedes consumir desde un agua o unos nachos, hasta unas alitas o unos tacos. Contamos con varias promociones y buenos precios.

Ahora que si no te quieres perder ni un instante el partido, también contamos con servicio hasta tu asiento. Así podrás disfrutar de una deliciosa michelada o una cerveza bien fría mientras observas a tu equipo.

Para mas informacion acerca de nuestras mas de 25 ligas, llama al (956) 783-7670 y te ayudaremos a colocarte en la liga adecuada. P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com



s por eso que miles de familias disfrutan de pasar un buen rato en nuestro restaurante Fuera de Lugar. Pocos tenemos esa dicha de ver llegar a familias enteras a convivir en un ambiente divertido y familiar.

Platicando con varios equipos, nos hicieron saber del porque prefieren jugar en Plaza a otros lugares. “Simplemente es otro nivel, llegar y ver las instalaciones, jugar, y después quedarte a pasar un rato agradable con la familia, que mas podemos pedir”. Esto es lo lindo de estar con nosotros, que reunimos a las familias aunque sea corto el tiempo que nos acompañan, pero hacemos que sea de la mejor calidad y lleno de momentos inolvidables. También contamos con un gran staff que esta a la mejor disposición para brindarles un excelente servicio. Encargados de mantener las

canchas e instalaciones siempre limpias y en las mejores condiciones, enfocados en cuidar que nadie este alterando el orden y que los juegos transcurran de la mejor manera posible. Siempre atentos a lo que sucede dentro y fuera de las canchas. Así, el jugador solo se tendrá que preocupar por salir a divertirse a las canchas. Como pueden ver, jugar en Plaza es jugar a otro nivel. Es venir a relajarte después de un día de trabajo pesado. Es sentir la comodidad de disfrutar el deporte tal y como lo quieres, sin estrés, sin preocupaciones. Solo venir a jugar y saber que estas dentro de las mejores ligas del Valle y que solo tu eliges como competir.

Jugar en Plaza es jugar a otro nivel!!. 18

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com



DICIEMBRE 2017 Niños y adultos CATEGORÍAS DE NIÑOS: 2010 – 6 v 6 media cancha


2009 – 6 v 6 media cancha

Libre Varonil

2008 A - 8 v 8 cancha completa

Libre Femenil

2008 B – 6 v 6 media cancha 2007 – 8 v 8


2006 – 7 v 7

Primer lugar: trofeos y camisetas de campeón

2005 – 7 v 7

Segundo lugar: trofeos

2004 A y B - 7 v 7 2003 A y B – 7 v 7 2002 A y B – 7 v 7 2000-01 7 v 7 2007-08 Niñas 6 v 6 media cancha 2006-07 Niñas 7 v 7

Costos antes del 30 DE NOVIEMBRE: Precios especiales

Fecha limite para registros: 10 DE DICIEMBRE

2004-05 Niñas 7 v 7 *Categorias por definir 11 v 11

P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, 956-783-7670 1101 E. Nolana Loop, Pharr, TX 78572

P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com



By Karen Villareal


Want to improve your fitness but don’t know where to start? Tired of going to the gym and seeing no results? Plaza Sports Center’s new SoccerFit Program can be the solution to your problems!

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

These new instructor-led fitness classes allow you to train like real athletes, so you can look like one too. What sets SoccerFit apart from other classes and programs is variety. Our instructors understand that in order to achieve the highest level of fitness, you have to develop strength, speed, agility endurance and cardiovascular capacity. This is why our SoccerFit classes feature a mix of cardio, running, strength training and drills. The classes are held in Plaza Sports Center’s artificial turf to provide a soft surface that minimizes impact and damage to your bones and joints. The boot camp style classes are fast-paced and change everyday so it’s impossible for participants to get bored. P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com


In the four and a half weeks that I’ve been with the program, I’ve lost about 9 lbs. & about six inches,

Program participants have seen a big difference from just a few weeks of classes. “In the four and a half weeks that I’ve been with the program, I’ve lost about 9 lbs. and about six inches,” said Laura Macias, one of the SoccerFit program participants. Macias, a busy mom with young kids, joined SoccerFit after struggling to find an exercise program that would fit her schedule. She decided to give SoccerFit a try because of the variety of times that were offered.


The program has worked even better than she expected. “It’s a program that has worked for me because the trainer is really hands on and involved. He’s with the group all the time,” says Macias. “It’s not like a gym where you workout by yourself. Coach Luis actually walks you through your workout and pushes and motivates you.”

Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

Even avid exercisers can greatly benefit from the SoccerFit program.

SoccerFit allows individuals of all fitness levels to train just like professional athletes do. The small group atmosphere allows the trainers to tailor the workouts to the needs of each individual. Even if you’re new to exercising, the trainer will have plenty of options for you to adapt the workout to your level. This kind of personalized supervision ensures that everyone is doing the exercise with proper form to avoid injury.

Such is the case for gym rat and runner, Michelle Cantu, who has seen a difference in her endurance and performance as a result of SoccerFit. “It has made a difference,” says Cantu. “I have gained about 10 lbs. of muscle and I have better endurance.” Because workouts are varied but back-to-back, it allows participants to build their skills and capacity that translates into better performance in their other sports.

I have gained about 10 lbs. of muscle and I have better endurance.

P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com


If you’re ready to try something different that will keep you motivated and challenged, give SoccerFit a try. Classes are held mornings from Monday – Friday at 5:00 am, 6:00 am, 7:00 am and 8:00 am. Afternoon classes are also offered at 7:30 pm. Participants can attend at the time that is most convenient for them and are invited to jump in even if they’re running late.

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Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

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Plaza Sports Center isn’t just for kids! It’s great to play at Plaza as an adult! Check out some of the reasons why soccer is a lifelong activity for the whole family to enjoy.

By Karen Villareal

Covered Fields You won’t melt on our two covered fields! We also have uncovered grass fields, but many players choose to practice in the shade, where it’s more comfortable and safe against the blistering Texas sun.


Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

Turf Fields Increasingly, professionals are playing on turf fields; at Plaza you can practice like pros! A flat playing field allows for fast passing without bumps or grass affecting the ball. The give of the field reduces impact on knees, which is especially noticeable during our SoccerFIT classes. You’ll always find a space to play at Plaza; we are the only facility in the RGV with four 7v7 turf fields!

Customer Service Every member of the Plaza team is dedicated to making sure you and your family have a great time. Whether helping you find the equipment you need at our on-site store or signing you up for a class or tournament, you’re treated right at Plaza.

Community Our players come to think of their teammates as their Plaza family, and our coaches as friends. Plaza’s adult leagues are a great place to connect with other players of your skill level and beyond. Play friendly games and meet players whose skills inspire you to train hard. You could even be that inspiration to a younger player! P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com





Plaza Sports Center welcomes all members of the family, and has plenty of seating for spectators, who are welcome to bring signs and noisemakers. Basic facility rules establish that safety comes first. The Fuera de Lugar restaurant located on-site is the perfect place for a post-game dinner with the whole family.

Trained Referees Part of the focus of Plaza’s sports education is sportsmanship. To maintain fairness on the field, we employ trained referees who can help players learn respect for the rules of the game. When everyone plays by the same rules, we have more fun.


Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

Team Discounts We give our teams a discount who stay to eat together at Fuera de Lugar. We also offer other promotions for independent teams who want to play at Plaza. Joining Plaza’s network of teams means you can find new opponents easily, so your players can see more competitive matches. Were you a Plaza team some time ago? You are always welcome to return!

Flexible Schedules Plaza’s leagues are on a fixed, regular schedule so you don’t have to check when you’re playing every week - you can plan ahead knowing exactly when you’re playing. Classes are flexible in that you can always come to a later one if you didn’t make it to your regular class. Registering for a league or tournament is also easy; our staff will help you find a time to play that works for your schedule.


We have a website too!




Did you know we post all schedules, scores, and updates on our website? You don’t have to stop by to check who won that tournament! Just check out for the latest scores.

P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com


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Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com







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P l a z a Sp o r t s Ce n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t sce n te r .com


PLAZA ADULTS Located Inside Of Plaza Sports Center on 1101 E Nolana Loop Pharr, TX 78577.


Plaza Sp o r t s C e n te r | 9 5 6 . 78 3. 7670 | 1101 E N olana L oop, P harr, Tx 78577 | P lazaspor t scent er .com

Team up with your friends and family to play some fun Bubble Soccer at Plaza Sports Center. It’s super easy to sign up! Call us at (956) 783-7670. We are located at 1101 E. Nolana loop pharr, TX


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