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Feature Story

Celebrating 20 years



Wellness Spa & Salon, Hong Kong


Management of Royal Orchid Lounge, Hong Kong This was the first Thai Airways lounge managed by Plaza Premium Lounge. To this day, we continue to serve and operate the Royal Orchid Lounge for Thai Airways through our strong and long-lasting relationship.

The very first Wellness Spa was launched in Hong Kong, offering hair, massage and spa treatments for passengers who want to pamper before or after a flight.


2007 Plaza Premium Lounge Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Founder and CEO Song Hoi-see introduced the world’s first lounges in two hub airports. The opening of Plaza Premium Lounge marked the start of a revolution within airport hospitality – a premium experience for all.

Allways Airport Meet & Greet, New Delhi, India A VIP meet-and-greet service was launched to take away all the airport hassle by a seamless end-toend airport experience. From baggage handling, lounge stays, immigration-designated channel, limousine transfer to buggy service to guarantee smooth coordination at every point in the airport.

Plaza Premium Lounge - Arrivals, Hong Kong The world’s first airport arrivals lounge was born in Hong Kong when Mr. Song Hoi-see set the trend to cater not only to in-transit and departing passengers, but to those arriving as well.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Hong Kong At the time, a comfortable seat and luxurious view of the airport runway were accessible by invite only, until we opened our doors.



Plaza Premium Lounge London Heathrow, UK Plaza Premium Group’s first location in Europe opened its doors in The Queen’s Terminal at London Heathrow. This initiated our expansion into Europe, starting with one of the world’s busiest airports.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad, India Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver, Canada Plaza Premium Lounge’s first North American location launched in Vancouver, which was then starting to become a very popular destination for travellers from Asia.



The very first Plaza Premium Lounge to launch in India opened its doors here in Hyderabad. This planted the seed which would grow to become one of Plaza Premium Group’s key markets today.

The BAR Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Airport Dining’s first dedicated airport bar concept launched, offering a wide range of lagers and fine wines, as well as slow-pressed juices and energy boosters.





2015 Aerotel, Singapore The world’s first airport transit hotel with an outdoor swimming pool launched in Singapore, this sees the beginning of a new core portfolio for Plaza Premium Group.

The Centurion Lounge managed and operated by Plaza Premium Lounge opens in Hong Kong In the ever-evolving landscape of airport hospitality, Plaza Premium Lounge is also an active player in the expansion of card member privileges in the airport, providing its lounge expertise to American Express.


No.77 China Eastern Plaza Premium Lounge Shanghai Pudong, China Plaza Premium Lounge not only provide lounge management services, but we also have rich experience in joint-venture operations. Our first cobranded location was launched with China Eastern Airlines, and this successful relationship continues to prosper today.

International Airports Skytrax World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge (2016, 2017, 2018) Plaza Premium Lounge locations in London and Hong Kong were awarded first and second place as the World’s Best Independent Airport Lounges. This was a significant milestone in being recognised by the world’s leading air travel review and rating guide. We continued to win the award again in 2017 and 2018.


Management of SkyTeam Lounge, Sydney, Australia In addition to lounge management for airline carriers, Plaza Premium Lounge is proud to consult, manage, operate and cater for SkyTeam lounges. We provide the necessary support and service on all levels to enhance the airport experience for the guests of our treasured partners.


Countries and Regions

Management of Star Alliance Lounge, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Our first lounge for Star Alliance launched in Tom Jobim International Airport. Plaza Premium Lounge is proud to be a partner of one of the world’s largest airline alliances, collaborating together to provide world-class service to members.

Plaza Premium First, Hong Kong & Kuala Lumpur Plaza Premium First launched in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur in time to celebrate the Group’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Plaza Premium First provides an elevated lounge experience with personalised hospitality designed to meet elite travellers’ discerning needs.

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Feature Story

LOUNGES ARE NOW AN EXPECTATION RATHER THAN A LUXURY Our aim has always been to create comfort, convenience, and value for our customers. A key differentiator then and now is the concept of lounging. 20 years ago, lounge access was for the chosen few, a luxury only afforded by the very top echelon of society. Over the years, we have noted a shift in lounging. This is largely driven by the everchanging demographics of the customers walking into our lounges. While lounge access was once a perk for high spenders, now, access to lounge is more of an expectation for discerning travellers regardless of travel class. The rise of premium economy class reflects the extra comfort and privileges passengers desire without having to pay for business class. The passengers’ needs while in the lounge has also changed. The needs vary from the many travel types, travel sizes to travel objectives, which are fairly different from 20 years ago when air travel is less affordable. Those were the days when airport lounges are only limited to business and first class passengers. As the world’s first independent lounge operator, we take pride in opening up lounge experiences to the majority of air travellers.

20 Years in Shaping Airport Hospitality This July, Plaza Premium Group, celebrates 20th anniversary since opening the world’s first Plaza Premium Lounge. On this issue of Focus, the Group’s Founder and CEO Mr. Song Hoi See, reflects on his journey over the last 20 years, and shares his vision for the next 20 years. Hong Kong International Airport - a destination on its own

In 1998, travelling was simpler, less restrictive, albeit more expensive. Plaza Premium Group was formed to enhance the value that I felt then, as a passenger, was not being delivered despite the high cost of flying. To transform the airport experience for our fellow passengers was our objective, which 20 years on remains core at the heart of what we do. We started our flagship brand, Plaza Premium Lounge, out of a personal need that was not being met. From an airport lounge to now a 5,000-people team around the world offering a comprehensive global airport hospitality solution, we witness significant developments in air travelling since 1998.

Plaza Premium Lounge (West Hall), Hong Kong International Airport



Nowadays, airport lounges serve beyond just business travellers

AIRPORTS, A DESTINATION ON ITS OWN According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), approximately 4.3 billion passengers are expected to fly in 2018. That’s over half of the global population accessing airports across the world in one year. This is no mean feat for the aviation industry, aviation experts have noted the value that the industry adds to the global economy, by bringing people, products and business together. However, this immense growth has its shortfall times of travel. Over the years, we have seen queues getting longer at check-in, passengers getting more frustrated by extra security checks and spending longer durations at airports. What is frustrating for us all is the fact that the infrastructure developments especially at most airports hasn’t been as robust

comared to other elements of aviation.


Airports are a destination in their own rights, it is a premise we have held over the years. Majority of global airlines operate a hub system where they prioritise specific airports as their hubs and connecting their passengers in these airports. Key transit hubs like Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, London and primary city airports in China have implemented plans in upgrading airport facilities - both aeronautical and non-aeronautical - not just to cater to the ‘volume’ of passengers but to create a destination experience.

I found Plaza Premium Lounge with a mission to serve the majority of travellers.

BIG DATA AGE Good customer service is the bedrock of hospitality business and it comes from the heart and soul of customer service providers. At the era of digital, organisations use big data to take customer service and customer interactions to the next level. While human interaction will never be replaced, it is important to invest in technology that will generate insight for us to improve on customer engagement. Plaza Premium Group’s digital development goal is to implement a system that can anticipate our customers’ preferences based on their past behavior, but most importantly to helps us manage the overall customer experience starting from arrival to departure. When loyalty programs such as frequent flyer and credit card rewards were non-existent, it was difficult to use data to improve customer service and add value to their experience. Twenty years later we have witnessed a revolution in the travel industry. Personalised, relevant communications and value-added services are expected by travellers. Travel segments have widened with more options ranging from premium economy to budget travel. Being in a competitive environment, customer loyalty is now crucial as more value is being added to different loyalty programs across the globe.

As travel needs evolve and diversify, we didn’t just end our journey at lounges, we have launched Wellness, a spa and salon designed for travellers; a collection of dining concept ranging from Chinese (Terrace), Japanese (TGM), to Western (Flight Club and Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go) and Aerotel, our flagship hotel brand launched over two years ago. A airport transit hotel, Aerotel offers convenient and comfortable airport accommodation for passengers with long transit durations. Passengers are able to have a quick rest, catch up on work and enjoy the hotel facilities without the need to leave the terminal building. Plaza Premium First, our new concept, redefines an elevated airport lounge experience that brings an array of all-inclusive personalised services and fine dining experiences amid a relaxing ambiance. This concept seeks to address the growing number of passengers who are even more discerning and demanding. OUR VISION FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS AND BEYOND In celebration of Plaza Premium Group’s 20th Anniversary, we are honoured to have won “World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge” accolade from Skytrax 2018 for the third consecutive year. In the future, I anticipate a different customer base compared to 20 years ago. According to World Youth, Student Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation 2018, “Youth travel has become one of the fastest growing segments of international tourism, representing more than 23% of the over one billion tourists travelling internationally each year”. ITB World Travel Trend Report 2016 and 2017 also shows that the millennials prefer authentic experiences and value over materialistic possessions.

Aerotel - the world’s largest aiport transit hotel chain

Wellness, Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Hospitality organisations with us included will review their goals and objectives in regards to the future passenger demographics and travel habits. Reliance and investment on technology will be a must for the industry to improve on customer engagement. We foresee a closer collaboration among the airports and players of the travel industry, utilising the use of big data to create customer-first airport hospitality. Use of technology will lead to a seamless customer experience across the airport ecosystem. Customer satisfaction was the driving force 20 years ago when the company started. It is the same today and will remain the core of Plaza Premium Group in the next 20 years. To stay the best, we must continue to evolve with travel trends and to be the most relevant and customer-centric airport experience. Thank you for being part of our journey. P

Geographically, we see tremendous growth and need in airport hospitality in China, US, and India and which, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are also the world’s top three fastest growing markets in annual additional air passengers. The numbers are fascinating - by 2036, China is expected to record 1.5 billion passengers, US 1.1 billion, and India 478 million passengers. Let us take you through our journey of 20 years. Visit Arrture - Plaza Premium Group’s Travel Reward Programme

SUMMER 2018 5

View From The Top

Growing in China As China’s economy further opens up to globalisation, Plaza Premium Group continues to expand presence in a nation where air travellers are expected to top the world by 2020. In this issue of Focus we have a conversation with Mr. Song Hoi-See, Founder & CEO and Ms. Jenny Zhang, Business Development Director China of Plaza Premium Group to learn about the Group’s development in China.

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Director-General of Civil Aviation Simon Li, Airport Authority Hong Kong CEO Fred Lam and Shenzhen Airport Group Co., Ltd Chairman Luo Yude joined Plaza Premium Group Founder and CEO Song Hoi-see at the signing ceremony.


Plaza Premium Group has signed business relationship agreements with at least four key China Airport Authorities in the past year and will soon open the first Aerotel in Guangzhou. Can you tell us more about the business decision regarding China? What has defined the expansion strategy into China? (ZHANG) In addition to building and (SONG) China has always been a key managing lounges for partner airlines in market for Plaza Premium Group, and is Shanghai and Guangzhou, we have signed to become one the world’s largest aviation market. IATA forecasts that China’s air traffic business agreements with four airports for will surpass the US by 2020. As the world’s investment in lounges, transit hotels and largest airport hospitality provider we see common areas. While the hospitality industry in China has greatly improved, we still see tremendous potential in enhancing airport experience in China. We have been managing opportunities that require higher service lounges in collaboration with partner airlines standards. Plaza Premium Group’s global expertise gives us strong foundation to work in China for years. This year with the opening closely with China airports and airlines to of our first airport transit hotel confirms our commitment to the region, delivering value to develop world class service standards to global passengers travelling and transiting the passenger’s travel experience. through China.


No.77 China Eastern Plaza Premium Lounge, International Departures, Terminal 2


Which are the airports the Group has signed agreements with?

(ZHANG) Plaza Premium Group has signed business agreements in the past year with key airport hubs in China including Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, Qingdao Liuting International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. On the basis of the business agreements, Plaza Premium Group will invest and develop common-use areas, airport lounges and transit hotels in different locations within China.

What was the motivation for these business agreements?

(ZHANG) With the great influx of travellers and developments of airport hubs in key cities across China, the opportunities are tremendous. As a global airport hospitality provider, we are proud to partner with these key organisations. These business cooperation agreements place us at the fore front of the opportunities for growth in China. (SONG) In particular, an innovative, strategic “expertise and resource sharing” collaboration model will be developed between Plaza Premium Group, Qingdao International Airport Group and Beijing Capital VIP Services Management Company. This model is expected to chart a new direction in developing a hospitable and efficient airport experience for the new Qingdao International Airport scheduled to open in 2019.



Mr. Song Hoi-See, Founder & CEO and Ms. Jenny Zhang, Business Development Director China of Plaza Premium Group with Jiao Yongquan, Chairman of Qingdao International Airport Group


Across the Greater China Region, including China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan what are the brands and services you offer? (ZHANG) In China, the Group manages third-party lounges including a co-branded lounge concept partnering with China Eastern Airlines. Recently, China Southern Airlines has also appointed Plaza Premium Lounge to manage their lounges in the airline’s base hub in Guangzhou, starting from April this year. At our Hong Kong Headquarters, we operate seven locations including, the members-only Airport World Trade Centre Club, Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go, Wellness Spa and Salon, Transit Resting Lounge by Aerotel and Plaza Premium Lounge which is also available at Macau International Airport and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Plaza Premium Group Marketing Team and Business Development Team visits WeChat office in Guangzhou


Beyond the big numbers and scale that is witnessed in China, what is the state of customer service at airports? And how does Plaza Premium Group add value to this process? (SONG) In China it is difficult not to mention scale. China Southern airlines was the first carrier outside the US and Europe to transport over 100 million passengers in one year, a short time for a carrier that was set up in the late 1980s. Air China and China Eastern are also amongst the top 10 airlines in the world. What is of concern is maintained efficiency and customer service, frequent delays and flight disruptions, it has been said that this growth has come at the expense of efficiency. While a lot of investment has been made by key airports and airlines to improve the passenger experience, we still witness a lot of learnings to be implemented including the need for airport hospitality. It is important for Chinese aviation companies to partner with specialised organisations with a global network to work towards addressing customer service at airports. (ZHANG) Enhancing customer service experiences has been a top priority for us. With the recent executive appointments in our Operations Support, Food and Beverage, Culinary, and Hotels & Customer Engagement, we are committed to providing our guests with exceptional service and lounge experience.


What are your thoughts on China Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on customer service elements at the airports?


High Speed rail is a big challenger to aviation sector, how prepared is the Group to counter this growth?

(SONG) High-speed rail is growing to becoming the pillar of China’s domestic transportation. I foresee more arising opportunities for the aviation sector further to the development of high speed rail in China. Plaza Premium Lounge works best to provide enhanced value to passengers who are on long haul flights especially international flights. You will find most of our lounges in the international sections of airports. The development of high speed rail in China means that domestic aviation travel will struggle to keep the numbers but as a result we anticipated more investment in long haul international flights which is our mainstay in this business. As a result, the highspeed rail brings good tidings for us in airport hospitality. (ZHANG) It is also important to note that the three big carriers in China, Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines have all acknowledged the high-speed rail growth but all confirmed that the trains cannot replace aviation on long sectors hence the rapid international expansion.

(SONG) Belt and Road Initiative will create new traffic flows within China and the rest of the world, as a result more of the world will be exposed to China’s hospitality. Belt and Road presents the aviation world not just growth opportunities but also a chance to up the ante in the one part of the world where customer service has more opportunities to improve. With the anticipated growth in air travel within China, it is inevitable for China aviation community to have world-class hospitality. It’s not just about infrastructure. Investment in labour market to ensure availability of talent that can provide excellent services to these passengers is crucial. Furthermore, airports and airlines in China will want to partner with key global hospitality organisations to enhance the passenger travel experiences. Although, service standards in China are developing, we still witness areas with opportunities to give better quality service. Global organisations such as Plaza Premium Group works in key China airports to enhance their service offering to a world class standard that most of the passengers have become accustomed to. With Belt and Road Initiative, I believe we will further promote and introduce our high standard of hospitality to more travellers around the world. P

SUMMER 2018 7

Plaza Premium First

Plaza Premium Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary With the Launch of Plaza Premium First Conveniently located near Gate 1 at Hong Kong International Airport, Plaza Premium First redefines and curates an exceptional airport lounge experience. Plaza Premium First provides an array of allinclusive personalised services and exquisite dining experiences amid a relaxing lounge ambiance adorned with crafted interiors to meet elite travellers’ discerning needs. To celebrate the new concept, the Plaza Premium Fist Hong Kong party was held on 25th July, 2018 in Hong Kong International Airport. The grand launch of Plaza Premium First attracted over 200 guests from airport authorities, government officials, travel trade consumer brand partners, key suppliers, banks, corporates, media, bloggers, influencers and celebrities. The event was brought to a climax when Mr. Song announced the winning of Skytrax’s World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge award for the third consecutive year, followed by a flash-mob performance by our talented staff members.

Officiating the opening of Plaza Premium First: (from left to right) Ms. Linda Song, Executive Director of Plaza Premium Group, Mr. Tengku Sirajuzzaman bin Tengku Mohamed Ariffin, Consulate General of Malaysia in Hong Kong, Mr. Fred Lam, CEO of Hong Kong Airport Authority, Ms. Becky Ip, Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Tourism Board, Mr. Kinney Chan, Designer of Plaza Premium First and Founder of Kinney Chan & Associates

Guests indulged themselves in a selection of delicious canapés and drinks amid the jazzy live band and cosy lounge ambiance. The lounge’s iconic Primo and AeroBar experiences was another highlight at the event. For more details about Plaza Premium First, please visit


Guests savouring the live cooking station at Plaza Premium First Hong Kong semi-buffet counter during the party

Sunny Cheung, Head of Product Department and Eric Yu Manager of Product Department of Union Pay

Plaza Premium Group staff celebrating the successful opening of Plaza Premium First, Hong Kong



Wong Siew Kiat, Head of Arrture with Winnie Fung, Winky Choi, Grace Leung and David Chau of China Construction Bank

Yvonne Li, Manager, Passenger Services and Cecilia Wong Assistant Manager, Passenger Services of ANA

Clarence Chiu, Director of Plaza Premium Group with Karen Sin, Airport Manager of Etihad Airways

Albert Yip, Assistant Manager, Passenger Services, Hong Kong Office of ANA

Plaza Premium Group staff mingling with guests at Plaza Premium First Launch party

Felix Wan, Simon Choi, Kenneth Lui and Poon Nga Man of American Express

Sue Lie, Katy Tse, Michael Fabiyi and Charles Chan of American Express

Johnny Wong, Senior Product Manager, Chan Chun San, Senior Product Manager, Commercial Cards and Constance Chan, Product Manager of HSBC

Plaque Reveal Ceremony conducted by Mr. Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Airport Authority and Mr. Song Hoi-see, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plaza Premium Group

Linda Song, Executive Director of Plaza Premiium Group dancing with guests at Plaza Premium First Launch Party

Gloria Tang and Shaun Tam, Hong Kong TVB Artists attending the Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Launch Party

Rosemary Vandenbroucke, Hong Kong Model attending the Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Launch Party

The announcement of Plaza Premium Lounge winning the “World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge” awarded by Skytrax

Derrick Wu (L) and Mavis Kwan (R2), Partnership and Business Development Manager of AsiaMiles

Janis Tse, Marketing Director of Plaza Premium Group and James Hong, Travel Influencer

Malte Haut, Gerneral Manager and Mona Chow, Station Manager of Hong Kong, South China and Macau of Lufthansa Group

Artist Maria Chen, Hong Kong Artist attending the Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Launch Party as guest and Emcee

SUMMER 2018 9

Global Footprints

Plaza Premium Lounge Wins Skytrax “World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge” Award for the third Consecutive Year Since 2016 Plaza Premium Lounge has won the “World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge” accolade from Skytrax for its London Heathrow T2 Departures Lounge at the 2018 World Airline Awards held at London’s Langham Hotel on 18th July 2018. Plaza Premium Lounges in Hong Kong, Vancouver and Brisbane International Airport have also been recognised among the Top 10 Best Independent Airport Lounges in the world. At the London awards ceremony, Mr Song Hoi-see, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group commented: “We are thrilled that our London Heathrow Terminal 2 Plaza Premium Lounge has won the award for the World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge. This prestigious accolade is one that we are proud to have won for three consecutive years. Voted for by millions of travellers is a true testament to the popularity of our facilities and service, continuing recognition for Plaza Premium Lounge’s achievements. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, this recognition marks another significant milestone for the team to continue to enhance customer experience with our Core Values: Service Excellence, Innovation and Teamwork.” Referred as the ‘Oscars of the aviation industry’, the prestigious Skytrax’s World Airline Awards are voted by millions of passengers who have taken part in the largest annual global airline customer satisfaction survey. The survey and awards process are totally independent and free of any airline influence or interference in final results from a worldwide audience of airport travellers.

Award - winning Plaza Premium Lounge, London Heathrow T2 Departure



American Express Global Partnership Goes Stronger in Australia Built and managed by Plaza Premium Group, the latest and American Express Lounge has debuted in Melbourne International Airport following the opening of American Express Centurion Lounge in Hong Kong last year. Representing the amalgamation of centurion’s DNA featured throughout the lounge design, it’s facilities and services include complimentary food and beverage featuring Australian produce and barista service, complimentary Wi-Fi, and flight information screens. Apart from the lounge management, Plaza Premium Lounge is also a part of American Express Global Lounge Collection, offering American Express card holders a place to escape and unwind before their flights.

American Express Lounge in Melbourne International Airport, Australia

Jonathan Song, Business Development Director and Linda Song, Executive Director of Plaza Premium Group with Philip Aboud, Head of Property Asset Management at Australian Pacific Airports Corporation and Hon Heidi Victoria, Shadow Minister for Arts & Culture, Tourism & Major Events and Consumer Goods

Plaza Premium First Launches in Hong Kong In celebration of Plaza Premium Group’s 20th Anniversary, Plaza Premium First, a new lounge concept, has opened its doors in Hong Kong International Airport. Conveniently located near Gate 1, Plaza Premium First, Hong Kong is designed by award-winning designer Kinney Chan. The lounge has been imagined as a calming oasis for travellers to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy terminal. Plaza Premium First redefines an elevated airport lounge that brings an array of all-inclusive personalised services and exquisite dining experience amid a relaxing lounge ambiance.

Crafted space making travellers feel relaxed and comfortable in an elegant and personalised environment

Primo, à la carte dining area with seasonal made-to-order entrées

Shower. Massage. Snooze at Hong Kong International Airport Transit Resting Lounge by Aerotel Located in Terminal 1, Gate 35 of Hong Kong International Airport, Transit Resting Lounge by Aerotel, a new concept under Aerotel offers a blend of shower, massage and snooze services for travellers to refresh between flights. Featuring 25 private resting cabins and a selection of light bites, soft drinks and hot beverage, Transit Resting Lounge Aerotel provides comfort and convenience to travellers on the go.

Bar area and massage area of Transit Resting Lounge by Aerotel in Hong Kong International Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge Expands Its Presence in the Middle East at King Fahd International Airport, Dammam Located at International Departures of King Fahd International Airport, Dammam Plaza Premium Lounge Dammam is the second location following the opening of Riyadh King Khalid Plaza Premium Lounge in Saudi Arabia. The 240-seater lounge boasts of contemporary design and offers passengers a tranquil atmosphere ahead of their flight. The lounge features signature honeycombs seating for additional privacy, a VIP Room, four shower rooms and a relaxation area.

Plaza Premium Lounge at King Fahd International Airport, Dammam

SUMMER 2018 11

Global Footprints

Plaza Premium Lounge debuts in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

Plaza Premium Lounge’s signature and honeycomb seating at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

Located at the International Departure in Terminal 3, this spacious lounge offers signature facilities and services such as comfortable sofa seating, recharging stations, complimentary Wi-Fi, freshly prepared hot meals, a wide selection of beverage options and shower facilities. Open 24 hours a day, customers can enjoy additional services including hair styling, nail care and oxygen therapy.

Aerotel and Flight Club now serving passengers at Muscat International Airport

Flight Club Entrance at Muscat International Airport

Double Plus Room at Aerotel Muscat

Aerotel Muscat is strategically located at Level 5, Departures of Muscat International Airport. As the latest outlet of the world’s largest airport transit hotel chain, Aerotel Muscat offers flexible hourly and day/night rates, it provides comfortable and thoughtfully-designed rooms made for couples and solo passengers to refresh, relax and recharge before their next flight. As a part of Aerotel Muscat, there is also Flight Club which provides travellers with quick, casual and healthy meals inspired by herbs and seeds. All dishes are made with fresh locally sourced ingredients, served in take-away packaging for the convenience of travellers to eat-in, eat –out or eat up in the air.

Second Aerotel in Abu Dhabi, Terminal 3 Following the opening of Aerotel Abu Dhabi in Terminal 1 last year, a new Aerotel has been introduced in Terminal 3, Departure Level. Amongst the two Aerotel outlets, they offer flexible hourly and nightly booking options, comprising of 82 rooms with different room categories including solo rooms, double rooms, family rooms and bunk bed options. All rooms are equipped with showers, complimentary Wi-Fi and a pillow menu to Aerotel Abu Dhabi, Terminal 3, ensure travellers a good rest between flights. Aerotel Abu Dhabi Reception area Double Lite Room Services such as wakeup call are also available on request.

More partnership news…

Plaza Premium Lounge Melbourne has welcomed its first airline partnership with Malindo Airlines offering its customers an enhanced airport experience before their flight departures



RAKBank customers can now enjoy a 20% discount at Premium Plaza Lounges in Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Riyadh, Muscat and Salalah

Turkish Airlines has chosen Plaza Premium Lounge in Taipei Airport to provide lounge services to its customers.

Flight Club Opening in Sihanouk International Airport, Cambodia Flight Club, an innovative, healthy dining restaurant has opened on 1st August 2018 at the first floor, post security clearance of Sihhanouk Airport, Cambodia. Inspired by herbs and seeds each dish uses a variety of fresh, local produce to create a range of visually enticing, delicious and healthy dishes for the travellers. Amongst the favourites are the signature cold-pressed juices, Chicken Wrap, Lemongrass Fried Rice, Fish Ball Noodles and Aglio Olio Fettuccini. Accommodating up to 60 persons, Flight Club is open from 6.00am to 10.00pm daily. Flight Club Bar Area at Sihanouk International Airport, Cambodia

Plaza Premium Taipei Lounge partners with Cathay United Bank & Mega International Bank Cathay United Bank and Mega International Bank cardholders can now enjoy complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, inclusive of a variety of gourmet food and beverages, shower facilities, private suiting rooms, VIP Rooms, charger plugs, and Wi-Fi. Located at Departures in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the 2,500 square meter Plaza Premium Lounge offers an enhanced travelling experience to Taiwan’s top tier premium credit card holders. Signature honeycomb seating at Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei

Brian Bowman, Mayor of Winnipeg pays a visit to Flight Club at Winnipeg James Armstrong International Airport The Flight Club team at Winnipeg James Armstrong International Airport welcomes Brian Bowman, Mayor of Winnipeg at Flight Club. During the occasion, the team introduces the herbs and seeds inspired concept along with their healthy signature dishes. Opened in November last year, Flight Club Winnipeg is located at the landside arrivals, accommodating up to 130 diners. The restaurant also offers cold-pressed juices and a kids’ menu to encourage travellers to eat well.

Brian Bowerman, Mayor of Winnipeg with Flight Club Team

Plaza Premium Lounge relocates to Terminal 2 of Mactan Cebu International Airport Relocated and renewed, Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu introduces their new look and facilities including a kid’s room for family travellers. Located at Terminal 2, Departures of Mactan Cebu International Airport, the lounge spans 5,167sq. ft., featuring our signature facilities including comfortable sofa seating, recharging stations, Wi-Fi and a wide selection of hot meals and beverages in addition to new shower facilities and a live cooking station for travellers to enjoy relax before their flight. Kid’s room at Plaza Premium Lounge Cebu, Terminal 2 of Mactan Cebu International Airport

SUMMER 2018 13


Hong Kong Airport Authority Team visits Plaza Premium Group booth at HKIA Career Expo

HKIA Career Expo Plaza Premium Group participated in Hong Kong International Airport Career Expo for the third consecutive year. The team at Premium Plaza Group hopes to inspire job seekers by promoting exciting career opportunities to join an expanding global hospitality team. The three-day programme provided information and presentations to showcase careers in the aviation and travel industry.

Global Management of Plaza Premium Group Meeting in Kuala Lumpur In July, key executives from around the world all gathered together to discuss business strategies and future developments, with the main goal to improve airport hospitality and customer experience. Plaza Premium Group’s passionate and committed team of 5,000 members from different countries were proud to celebrate their achievement of winning the World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge Award from Skytrax at their 20th anniversary.

Mr. Song Hoi-See, Founder & CEO of Plaza Premium Group and his management team



Plaza Premium Lounge Riyadh hosts Annual Iftar Event Plaza Premium Lounge Riyadh organised its first annual Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan at Double Tree by Hilton Al Murooj. A time for spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship, the fast begins at dawn and ends at sunset. Breaking of the fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan is called an Iftar. Held on 5th June 2018, the team hosted guests, airline partners, business partners, key suppliers and staff.

Plaza Premium Group Saudi Arabia General Manager, Hassan Mehmood with Riyadh Airport team

Plaza Premium Lounge New Delhi Wins “Hospitality of the Year Award” at GMR IGI Airport Awards GMR IGI Airport Awards have been institutionalised to recognise achievements of business partners by “Raising the Standard of Excellence” for increasing number of passengers at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Hospitality of the Year Award was presented to Plaza Premium Lounge team at a glittering ceremony held at The Umrao Resort. “The award for “Hospitality Outlet of the Year” recognises the team’s continuous excellence in service provided to customers. Prakash Harpalani, Sales Director and Prashanth Satrasala, Head of Finance & Accounts of Plaza Premium Group, India

Plaza Premium Group Taipei Team Hosts Staff Appreciation Event Over 180 members of staff including key airlines partners joins Plaza Premium Group’s staff appreciation event to acknowledge the team’s dedication and hard work in the past year. The raffle draw was one of the key highlights of the event, more than 160 prizes were prepared including round trip tickets from Taipei to Bangkok sponsored by Thai Airways. Plaza Premium Group’s Taipei team

Friday Chill at Plaza Premium Group Headquarters, Hong Kong Plaza Premium Group’s Human Resources team implemented a Friday Chill session, where indusry experts are invited to speak about trending topics. Available at the end of each month, colleagues can enjoy light bights and beverages while sharing insights on the topic. The team had the pleasure to learn about “Unlocking Social Media Influence” with Rich Meiklejohn, General Manager of Hootsuite, Asia Pacific and “Chinese Medicine Meridian Therapy” with Dr. Brian Cheng. A wonderful way to kick off the weekend.

Team at Plaza Premium Group, Headquarters, Hong Kong enjoying Friday Chill session

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