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Berkshire Playwrights Lab presents

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BPL The Movie Written by: Joe Cacaci Directed by: Joe Cacaci and Matthew Penn Featuring:

Ray Abruzzo

Karen Allen

Dan Lauria

Wendie Malick

Charlie Tirrell

Treat Williams

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Co-artistic directors JOE CACACI, JIM FRANGIONE, BOB JAFFE, and MATT PENN, looking tired and worn, sit, stand or wander the room dazed. It’s midnight.

JIM How much longer?

MATT Until we think of an original idea. BOB We’ve already thought of a bunch. MATT But they were lousy! Come on, guys. It’s Our annual appeal. 2010 and 11, we wrote Plays. Last year, an original song. How do we top ourselves? BOB We go directly to people’s houses! MATT What? How could we possibly get to that many places? Strap up the reindeer and-I’ve got it!


The others look at him in anticipation. WE’LL MAKE A MOVIE!



JIM We can’t shoot a movie for an appeal. I mean... that’s just crazy. CUT TO: INT. BERKSHIRE HOUSE -DAY A BERKSHIRE MAN is looking at his computer screen, LAUGHING. BERKSHIRE MAN Those BPL folks are crazy! And funny, Honey, c’mere and look at this movie they made. A BERKSHIRE WOMAN comes in, looks at the computer and LAUGHS. INSERT CHECK BOOK: as Man WRITES A CHECK to BPL for $500. CLOSE ON: The Berkshire Woman, who grabs the check and RIPS IT UP. WIFE What the heck, let’s write it for a THOUSAND! And let’s send this link to absolutely everyone we know! OFF THE COUPLE: laughing, writing a BIG CHECK and emailing. FADE TO BLACK.

PO Box 118 Great Barrington, MA 01230

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