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NEW! Snorta!™

Item #: PLE6700 The Wild Game of Moos, Meows, and More! Get ready for laughter as your friends and family suddenly start sounding like they were born in a barn! In Snorta!™, each player is given a barn tile with their secret animal on it and a hand of animal cards. When a card placed down matches one of the cards already on the table, those two players rush to say the animal sound of the other player, not the sound of the animal on the card. If you say the other player's sound first, you give them all the cards you've flipped onto the table in front of you. The first person to get all the cards out of their hand is the winner Contents: 96 Animal Cards, 12 Barn Tiles, and Instructions Game Design by Chris Childs and Tony Richardson Encourages Quick Thinking Hilarious Fun for All Ages


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Item #: PLE66700 UPC: 803004667008

Fake News or Not?™

Item #: PLE6800 A Party Game About Life’s Craziest News Stories! Fake News or Not?™ is the captivating game about phony funny stories and ludicrous true tales! Life writes the craziest stories but what can we believe, and what is just a pack of lies? Who is telling the truth, and whose pants are on fire? Find it out with the game for know-it-alls, wiseacres, and lovers of interesting and trivial knowledge! Find out which stories are lies and which are true to collect points and win the game! Contents: 200 Double-sided Fake News Cards, 16 Voting Cards, and Instructions Designer: Reinhard Staupe Hundreds of Weird-but-true News Stories Features Oscure Facts from Around the World Unique Gameplay

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UPC: 803004668005 Box Size: 7" x 10.5" x 2.75"

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