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Are your  parishioners  missing  your  service?  Do  you  lack  space  or  want  to  increase  your  outreach  to   those  physically  unable  to  attend?  Or  do  you  wish  to  provide  a  service  of  worship  to  those  even  when   they  are  on  vacation  or  abroad?  Have  you  ever  wanted  to  show  friends,  family  or  a  potential  church   member  what  your  services  and  faith  are  all  about…  from  anywhere  and  at  any  time?   Spiritual  and  religious  organizations  can  leverage  PLAYNOW’s  online  broadcasting  platform  to  share   high-quality  content  with  viewers  around  the  world,  strengthening  their  communities,  engaging  their   members,  and  generating  additional  revenue  through  the  monetization  options  offered.  

Your channel  will  be  featured  on  our  world-­‐ wide  network.  Available  24/7  and  easily   accessible.    PLAYNOW  is  much  more  than  a   streaming  service.  We  provide  everything   you  need  to  begin  engaging  new  members   including  a  website  and  social  community.

Recommended Cameras and Encoding Methods To broadcast on your channel, you need a camera + a way to encode the feed from the camera you use. Options are below 1. Built-in webcams or USB-connected webcams - Apple, Sony, Dell, HP, and most modern laptops have built-in webcams. If your computer does not have a built in webcam, you can purchase a USB webcam from most major retailers or online and connect this to your computer's USB port.  Logitech is a popular manufacturer that many users report good results with.  Logitech webcams range in price from $30 - $80, depending on the model.  2. Camcorders - many SD cameras that have a Mini DV out port can connect to your computer via a Firewire cable.  Most cameras that have this you can use to connect to your computer to be recognized by Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder or your favorite encoder. ( Some encoders may have limited functionality when used with our platform. An agent will assist you if any issues would happen to arise. Sony DCR-HC38 and Canon ZR960 are two examples.  To connect your camera to the computer, you'll need a Firewire (IEEE 1394) cable that has 4 pin on the end to connect to your camera (this port is sometimes called "Mini DV out," Sony, calls it "iLink") and 6 pin or 9 pin on the other end to connect to your computer, depending on which type of ports your computer has.  Most Macs have these types of ports standard, not all Windows-based computers have these.  Some Windows computers will have a card slot where you can put in a card to add some Firewire ports to that computer.  If your camera does not have a 4 pin firewire out port, another alternative is Canopus / Grass Valley Converter Box.  Commonly referred to as a "Canopus Box" these small converter box can accept component, S-Video and other inputs and will convert the output to Firewire, which you can then connect to your computer.  This box is also useful for taking a signal out of a DVD player, video switcher, etc.  Grass Valley offers several models of the ADVC series, depending on what kinds of inputs and outputs you need.  The ADVC-110 is a very popular model.  4. High-end production cameras and Capture cards - the Panasonic AG-DVX100B Digital Video Camera/Recorder is very popular among the professional webcasting community. This high-end camera is used by major media companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations.  If your camera does not have a Firewire output, you may want to consider using a capture card, which you can install into you desktop computer.   Your computer may or may not already be set up to accept video feeds. The simplest way to check, and stream over ChurchNow is through an attached webcam found in most modern laptops. This means the computer is likely ready to stream, although quality will not match that of a dedicated camera. If it is a camera and you want to live stream, it should have a UVC, iLink, USB3 or Firewire connection that you will need to find a way to feed this into the computer and/or encoder. If you need a camera, here are three that have been used over our system and the general price range for them. Nearly any digital camera can be used, though, if it can be hooked up and the feed fed to an encoder:

Live Broadcasting Fast Start Guide  

Getting Started with ChurchNow Live Streaming.

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