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EXPERIENCE Envision. Design. Build. Play.

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HAPPY KIDS HAPPY EARTH LOCATION 725 Providence Rd, Suite 210 Charlotte, NC 28207 PHONE & FAX 704.376.PLAY (7529) 704.376.7528 [Fax] or your local Playmore Distributor WEB & EMAIL

Our Mission ENVISION

Playmore Design Corp. strives to create and innovate active learning environments that engage our children and benefit our ecosystem.

Our Plan of Action DESIGN

Children are often told how important it is to take care of their health and the health of our planet. We bring this lesson full circle by creating fun and flexible play modules out of recycled products such as plastic milk jugs and other recyclable plastics. Children see first-hand how the items they recycle can have another purpose, serving a useful and exciting function in their lives.

BUILD Our Structure

Playmore Design Corp. builds both stock playground items featured in this catalog as well as custom play environments tailored to individual customer design, site, and budget specifications. The foundation of each structure is our 100% recycled plastic lumber. Our material is not just the best choice for the environment, it also happens to be the best material available to build playgrounds. We incorporate our other top quality materials to create a premium playground product. Our staff of NRPA Certified Playground Safety Inspectors designs, manufactures, and installs our playground equipment. They follow Consumer Products Safety Commission and ASTM International safety guidelines and IPEMA standards to keep our children safe and our playgrounds sound.

PLAY Our Motto: Playing is Learning

Our name is PLAYMORE. Our job is play. We love our job. We know that something unexpected happens when children are at play: they learn. Active play fosters gross motor development. Artistic play builds imagination and fine motor skills. Dramatic play develops social skills. We incorporate academic themes in most of our equipment to create playgrounds that serve as outdoor classrooms. Our name is DESIGN. At Playmore Design Corp. we design play tools that positively assist in the learning process. Our catalog is divided into sections focused on various learning concepts fostered by design.



PLAY GREEN From wasteland to playland. Playmore Design Corp. is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing recycled plastic playgrounds. We’ve been at it since 1995 – well before “green” became a movement. Each play structure incorporates thousands of milk jugs or equivalent recycled materials. Recycled plastic playgrounds are the best option for many reasons: Better

for the Environment • Using recycled plastic instead of wood saves our forests. • It endures longer than wood or metal systems resulting in less landfill. • Steel playground equipment requires coal burning for smelting. • Plastic used for playgrounds stays out of landfills. • Harsh chemicals used in wood or metal systems may leach hazardous materials into the soil.


for Children • Less exposure to harsh chemicals or rust. • Less chance of splinters from wood or cuts from exposed metal. • Provides a tangible example of recycling.


Product • Longest lasting material; it will not rot, corrode, rust, fade, splinter, crack, or split like wood, steel, or hollow plastic structures. • Lowest maintenance material; our solid, color-core plastic never needs painting sealing or sanding. • Will not stain under normal conditions, making cleanup easy. • Dries quickly for faster use after inclement weather.

Best of all, recycled playgrounds foster awareness of environmental issues for the children that use them. In the best application, our play equipment serves as an example of how recycling can be fun!


AGES 0-2

AGES 2-5

AGES 5-12

AGES 2-12









Release their inner Picasso. PlayStage™ The PlayStage is a complete platform for children to build their creative skills. With two doorways and a window, the playhouse is great for puppet shows, as a ticket booth, a backstage area, or as a storefront. Little directors can drape curtains or draw scenery on the two clear panels or use them as separate art stations. With a child’s imagination, there are hundreds of uses for the PlayStage. Child Capacity: 8 Dimensions: 12’L x 5’W x 5’H; 1470 lbs.

3-Foot and 6-Foot Art Easels With paint holders on both sides, multiple children paint simultaneously. Either tape paper to the easel or paint directly onto the clear panels; it wipes right off. Children can even trace objects they see straight through the panel. Our rugged, freestanding outdoor art easels are also great for indoor use. Available in three-foot and six-foot lengths. Child Capacity: 2-4 3-foot: 43”L x 36”W x 49”H; 139 lbs.; 6-foot: 72”L x 36”W x 49”H; 168 lbs. #1


Panel Mobility Package

TEL: 704.376.PLAY

With the panel mobility package any freestanding panel can literally go anywhere. Bring it indoors on a rainy or cold day and back out for easy clean up with a hose. It even wheels from room to room for use by multiple classes. Features stainless steel locking casters to keep it in place. This item is an accessory to Art Easels, Chime Wall, Rootview Planter, DrumStand and RePercussion Panel.


RePercussion Panel™ With two quality drumheads, this unit provides a premium bongo sound yet can withstand the elements. Young percussionists can set the beat, inside or out. Playmore donates a percentage of sales from our RePercussion line to DrumsForCures and their fight against childhood cancer – for more info visit


An entire octave is cased in a safe, weatherproof unit that provides hours of fun to all budding musicians. Our Chime Wall is refined enough to produce music-quality tone, yet strong enough to withstand rugged playground use.

Children find the rhythm of the outdoors with this four-drum unit. It allows kids to find their groove without disturbing other activities indoors. The sturdy design is made to weather the elements while providing the vibration needed to achieve drum tones.

Child Capacity: 2 Dimensions: 64”L x 32”W x 50”H; 194 lbs.

Child Capacity: 2 Dimensions: 43”L x 28”W x 49”H; 165 lbs.


8-Station Art Center™ With paint holders on both sides, the four panels provide eight painting stations. The 8-Station Art Center is an affordable way to create an entire outdoor art classroom. Either tape paper to the easel or paint directly onto the clear panels; it wipes right off. Child Capacity: 8 8-station: 76”L x 76”W x 48”H; 326 lbs. #1

Dramatic Stage Place it in an amphitheatre, in a classroom, on a lawn, or integrate it into a playground and let the children be the center of attention. Children are drawn to the stage as it allows them to express themselves, build interpersonal skills, and experiment with social roles through play. Child Capacity: 8 Dimensions: 12’L x 6’W x 5’H; 910 lbs.

Sketch & Skulpt Table™ The Sketch and Skulpt Table is designed for flexibility. The extra-large, stainless steel locking casters will take this table anywhere, inside or out. This mobility allows teaches to move a project from room to room. The sturdy solid plastic design allows for outside storage and easy hose clean up for the messiest of projects. The built-in cup holders hold paints, supplies, or even drinks. Built at a child’s height, it also serves as a miniature picnic table. Child Capacity: 2 Dimensions: 4’L x 2’W x 18”H; 100 lbs.





Child Capacity: 2 Dimensions: 64”L x 32”W x 50”H; 185 lbs

Gazebo Playmore’s Gazebo is the perfect outdoor classroom. Whether children are learning about nature, resting in the shade, enjoying lunch outside, or experiencing a refreshing learning environment, the outdoors can keep them both relaxed and stimulated. The Gazebo’s benches are designed for children’s smaller stature to keep them comfortable. Child Capacity: 12 Dimensions: 90”L x 90”W x 84”H; 1682 lbs. #1


Nurturing mind and body.

RootView Planter™ Children learn best when they can see first hand what they are studying. The Root View Planter provides them with a clear picture of how plants grow and how an ecosystem works. At the same time, cultivating plants gives children a strong sense of accomplishment. Child Capacity: 2 Dimensions: 46”L x 25”W x 43”H; 122 lbs. #1

Bench Planter This simple yet sturdy bench not only provides a place to rest, it also incorporates a planter in the center. Students can grow their own plants and interact with nature on a personal level.


Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 48”L x 36”W x 16”H; 140 lbs.

TEL: 704.376.PLAY

Mobile Water Trough The Mobile Water Trough allows the flexibility to bring water play to the children, inside or out, or even room to room. The mobile water trough features two independent basins at different levels for access to children of all heights and abilities. Set them close to a water source during the summer and keep the water flowing in a cascade of fun. Features stainless steel locking casters to keep them in place, and rolls into storage during the coldest days.

Waterfall Table

Eco Blocks™

The Waterfall Table provides a dynamic platform for children to play and experiment by directing the flow of the waterfall. The play structure is made to connect to a standard hose and has a drain that can be directed to a proper run-off or storm drain. The lower basin can also be used as a sand table.

Our rugged, weatherproof, solid plastic blocks are designed for use inside and out. Made from the same recycled material as our play structures, these blocks will not rot, splinter, rust, or fade. Ecoblocks are perfect for any young builder. Available in sets of 50 or 100.

Child Capacity: 2 Dimensions: 84”L x 30”W x 90”H; 564 lbs. #1

Busy Botanist™ With this complete planting center, educators can teach students the planting process as they learn to use gardening tools. The Busy Botanist provides a dual height work surface for all age groups and handicapped accessibility. Features include a convenient pegboard, a bowl for water or mixing soil, and multiple shelves to organize the planting tools. Sturdy solid plastic construction and easy hose clean up make this planting center a true workhorse. Child Capacity: 4 Dimensions: 10’L x 2’W x 5’H; 768 lbs.

Outdoor ToyBox

River Rain Maker™

Turn the water on and watch it drizzle from above or cascade down through three troughs complete with dams and plugs. Children love playing with the fluidity of water and learn principles about gravity and matter in the process. Child Capacity: 5 Dimensions: 5’L x 5’W x 8’H; 418 lbs.

The Outdoor ToyBox provides ideal storage space for sand tools or any other outdoor toys. As seen here, it also works well for storing EcoBlocks. The box easily installs into our SandHouse, PlayHouse, Country Cottage or Villa. Capacity: 50 Blocks Dimensions: 33”L x 14”W x 13”H; 30 lbs.





Child Capacity: 4 Dimensions: 5’L x 5’W x 3’H; 255 lbs.


New thrills every day.

Camp Mindy™ This is the camp every kid wants to attend. Designed for a summer camp, this structure is the ultimate platform for fun and exercise. It has it all: track ride, rock climbing wall, tube slide, chime wall, inclined tube, horizontal crawl tube, ADA transfer station, stairway, tree climber, double slide and a fire pole. This platform delivers big results, showing what Playmore Design Corp can execute on a grand scale. It is ready to order as is or we can custom design a comparable structure to fit any space, budget, and vision.


Child Capacity: 40 Dimensions: 36’L x 24’W x 10’H Safe Play Zone: 48’ X 36’

TEL: 704.376.PLAY


Child Capacity: 35 Dimensions: 28’L x 17’W x 14’H; 3670 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 31’ x 29’ #1


When kids encounter this structure, the triple slide immediately grabs their attention. They race down the chutes or even hold hands in unison. The six-foot rock wall, overhead ladder, and snake climber provide challenge for older kids, while younger ones build motor skills on the tree climber and block wall. Preschoolers can stick to the lower decks with easy stairway access to the wave slide. The oversized platform and benches underneath provide space to rest in the shade or socialize in groups. This is a truly unique and versatile structure that results in countless adventures!



Trinity TreeHouse™


Mountain Trainer With a wide variety of obstacles, this modest structure builds the skill sets needed to tackle a mountain. The balance beam set develops sure feet and equilibrium. The inclined crawl tube teaches combined arm and leg coordination. The block climber emphasizes legs while the tree climber develops arms. Then children race down the double slide, ready to tackle this mountain once again. How does one climb a mountain? One step at a time. Child Capacity: 15 Dimensions: 24’L x 10.5’W x 10’H; 1840 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 34’ X 23’

Musical Mountain™ The Musical Mountain is similar to the Mountain Trainer, but for a slightly younger crowd. The stairway substitutes steps for those who rely on the simplest path and adds handicapped accessibility. Yet the other obstacles are still there to keep all kids challenged. The chime wall adds an element of creativity and each side is at a different height for ease of use.


Child Capacity: 16 Dimensions: 24’L x 10.5’W x 10’H; 2040 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 34’ X 23’

TEL: 704.376.PLAY

HexDeck System™ With Playmore’s HexDeck System children have six times the fun. This unit is equipped with a block climber, tube slide, spiral climber, double slide, rock climber, and a wheel wall. All of this play value ensures hours of fun for all. The HexDeck is also ready for expansion, such as adding a ramp for wheelchair accessibility or even connecting two hex decks with a crawl tube; the possibilities are endless!

With a double slide, a crawl tube, a block climber, and a single slide, the DoubleDeck can serves as the centerpiece of any playground. The two pyramid roofs also shade a steering wheel and a memory panel. The stairway provides easy access for younger children. Child Capacity: 16 Dimensions: 27’L x 10’W x 10’H; 2589 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 24‘ x 40‘





Child Capacity: 21 Dimensions: 18’L x 13’W x 12’H; 3131 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 31’ x 26’


Mogen Platform™ With a 3-foot high main platform and a 4-foot slide “tower,” this platform is perfect for preschool children. The intricate star-shaped platform provides a striking look and allows for more facets of play. The stairway provides easy access and handicapped accessibility. The star deck includes two straight slides, a fire pole, a tree climber, and a rock and block wall. The tower is accessed through an inclined crawl tube or a vertical ladder. Children can then play a tune on the chime wall, steer the ship at the wheel wall, or race down the double slide. Child Capacity: 17 Dimensions: 22’L x 22’W x 10’H; 4445 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 32’ x 32’

GoldenGate Platform™ The natural colors of the GoldenGate Platform show how a subtle palette enables a structure to complement and blend with the surroundings. The GoldenGate Platform features two main towers connected by a bridge deck. Includes zigzag monkey bars, racing slides, vertical ladder, a deep rung arch climber, a spiral slide, balcony, balance beam set, ADA transfer station, and a steering wheel wall. The upper decks keep any excited bunch busy day after day. The two platforms underneath with tic-tac-toe panel and bench provide a quieter place for children to rest, play, and socialize in the shade.


Child Capacity: 28 Dimensions: 34’L x 13’W x 11’H; 5563lbs Safe Play Zone: 46’ x 25’

TEL: 704.376.PLAY

What goes up must come down. The variety of options brings kids back for more. The rock climbing wall, block wall, stairway, ladder climber and inclined crawl tube provide multiple challenges to reach the platforms, while the horizontal ladder and balance beam build gross motor skills. Once on top, the tube slide and racing slides bring kids back down. Similar to the classic game, a child begins climbing again ready to tackle new obstacles. Child Capacity: 30 Dimensions: 26’L x 18’W x 12’H; 3575 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 28’ x 38’

WatchTower This simple tower provides a grand vista. How’s the view? Ask quickly before they whisk down the wave slide or sliding pole. Then it is back up the six-foot rock climbing wall or the vertical ladder. This high-energy platform structure is designed for affordability but delivers the thrills of a larger structure. Child Capacity: 12 Dimensions: 13’L x 5.5’W x 12’H Weight: 1005 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 25’ x 18’


This TreeHouse fullfills every child’s dream of a private getaway from parents and teachers. As older children become more interested in social grouping, they gather on the huge deck up top or the hideaway benches underneath. At the same time, they will love the 6-foot tall rock-climbing wall, sliding pole, ladder and wave slide. With natural earth tones, this TreeHouse blends in beautifully with the environment. Child Capacity: 20 Dimensions: 18’L x 10’W x 14’H; 2865 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 30’ x 22’



Chutes & Ladders




Sundays 8/7c on ABC


Playmore designed this structure for Alisha and Curtis King and their Step By Step Home Daycare in Charlotte, NC. The Kings were the recipients of an Extreme Makeover Home Edition house, aired on Sunday, October 17th, 2008 on ABC. This was a special project for us because we knew how hard the King family worked to provide daycare services for families with little to nothing in return. In a whirlwind week of demolition and rebirth, we were honored with the responsibility to provide and install an integral part of a wonderful project.

Extreme Playmore provides diverse play elements for a variety of ages that fit in a small, residential setting. It features a straight slide, clover climber, tri-rung horizontal ladder, concentration panel, steering wheel wall, block wall and a multi-crawl tube. We chose a color palette that blends with the home design, but also provides the pop the Kings and the show’s designers wanted. Our solid recycled plastic structure was perfect for the show’s green theme and will provide a long lasting, low maintenance playground for their daycare needs. Have a playground ready for an extreme makeover? If so, Extreme Playmore is the perfect fit. Child Capacity: 19 Dimensions: 19’L x 12’W x 9’H Safe Play Zone: 31’ x 24’













Extreme Playmore


Because some castles really do exist. Pirate Ship This pirate clipper is a platform for adventure. Scout ahead from the bow, captain the ship from the aft deck, or crawl below deck through the open panels. When trouble comes, abandon ship off of the extra wide slide on the stern. But really, there is no need to leave because the beach is in the belly of the boat! With all of these play opportunities, little pirates can set sail for fun every day. Child Capacity: 17 Dimensions: 21’L x 8’W x 6’H; 1030 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 34’ x 20’


SandTruck™ Your young builders can hop in the cab to drive to the worksite or take a ride in the truck bed and build along the way. Children hone their artistic skills on the built-in clear paint panel. The SandTruck is the perfect multi-purpose play system for playgrounds with limited space. Child Capacity: 4 Dimensions: 96”L x 48”W x 61”H; 800 lbs.



All aboard! This efficient design combines the imaginative play of a ship at sea and a sandbox, while providing needed shade to those underneath. Little captains find buried treasure or build the castle of their dreams.

TEL: 704.376.PLAY

Child Capacity: 8 Dimensions: 124”L x 60”W x 84”H; 415 lbs.


This shaded sandbox brings the sand up to a child’s waist level. With a hose or bucket, children can wet the sand to make sturdier sand constructions. When placed on wood carpet or on an approved solid surfacing, this unit is completely accessible to children in wheelchairs.

Child Capacity: 12 Dimensions: 100”L x 100”W x 13”H; 470 lbs

Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 84”L x 30”W x 90”H; 500 lbs. #1

Gazebo SandBox Large and shaded, this sandbox is the ultimate for any playground. Children will love the large corner seats for rest in the shade. The roof will also help protect the sand from the elements for quicker use after storms. Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 90”L x 90”W x 84”H; 845 lbs. #1

Hex SandBox Elegant yet sturdy, the Hex SandBox works well as a standalone sandbox or as the centerpiece of a larger sand play area. The large roof provides protection from the sun and heat that is especially important for younger children. *Green/tan sandbox shown with sandbox cover. Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 108”L x 108”W x 108”H; 760 lbs. #1

SandBox Covers SandHouse Turn any sandbox into a fun and imaginative play environment. The SandHouse has four windows and two doorways for ample access. Kids experiment with social roles while “playing house” or play with gravity, dropping sand through the attached tubes and elbows. Child Capacity: 8 Dimensions: 6’L x 4’W x 5’H; 775 lbs.

Playmore builds custom sandbox covers for all of our sandboxes. In many states and municipalities, covers are required to protect children from illness spread by cat waste. For smaller sandboxes, we make hard covers of solid plastic lumber. For larger sandboxes, we use marine grade boat cover fabric with sand channels sewn into the edges to provide the weight needed to secure them in bad weather.


Elevated SandBox

This sandbox is big enough to accommodate many children. The 11-inch walls help to contain sand within the play area. This unit is easily customized to any shape and size.



8-Foot SandBox


Where dreams unfold. Fire Truck Mini As the fire bell rings, children slide down the fire pole and quickly climb aboard the fire truck. Some get behind the wheel, others stay on the deck in preparation to extend the ladder. Some will check the water level through the bubble panel while others work a tictac-toe strategy to defeat the fire. Then they all rush up the stairway to the rescue and down the slide to safety. Then it is back to the station to start anew. Child Capacity: 14 Dimensions: 24’L x 7’W x 6’H; 1665 lbs. | Safe Play Zone: 22’ x 19’

Villa The Villa is a great centerpiece to any imaginative play area. It is spacious enough for many children to use at once, providing important social interaction. It also functions as a room for rest or gathering, especially important to older children. Four windows and two doorways aide in supervision. Upon request, we can add corner benches under both sets of windows. Child Capacity: 10 Dimensions: 90”L x 90”W x 96”H; 1325 lbs.



The PlayHouse is an understated play option that can blend with any environment. By keeping it simple, children use their own imagination to make this house a grand palace or a fort on the front line. The four windows and two doorways provide maximum visibility for supervision.

TEL: 704.376.PLAY

Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 6’L x 4’W x 5’H; 770 lbs.

Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 102”L x 54”W x 24”H; 695 lbs.

Trike Tunnel The Trike Tunnel doubles as an exciting trike path feature as well as a quaint cottage. With wide windows and no doors, the Trike Tunnel provides optimum visibility. The two flower planters are great for vegetation, toys, sand, or water play. Child Capacity: 5 Dimensions: 8’L x 5’W x 6’H; 840 lbs.

Country Cottage Welcome to a home where kids are the adults. Children practice social and family roles while they learn to play together. The four flower boxes are perfect for planting flowers, storing toys, or for sand and water play. Place it along a trike path and visitors can stop by. The wide windows and doorways make it safe and easy to monitor activity inside, yet kids feel they have the privacy of a real home. Child Capacity: 7 Dimensions: 82”L x 56”W x 59”H; 850 lbs.


Bus Stop This shaded bench gives the little ones a place to rest and cool off between active play cycles. Place the Bus Stop along a trike path or near a playhouse and it doubles as an imaginative theme play element. Child Capacity: 4 Dimensions: 4’L x 4’W x 6’H; 295 lbs. #1



Children dream of driving from an early age. Our PlayTruck allows many kids to take a trip down that road at once. In the back, there is room for more passengers and a bed full of sand. This unit can stand alone or be incorporated into a larger sand play area.




Playmore’s TotTrain is designed to mix and match train cars to meet any playground vision. The cohesive train theme provides organization to a wide array of different playground components and adds an imaginative play element for aspiring engineers. The Munchkin train cars are designed on a toddler scale with smaller platforms and lower roofs. Any train car also works great as a stand-alone item.


All aboard for adventure. Art Cars

Music Cars

The Art Cars provide creative stations that are shaded from the elements. Students tape paper to the easels or paint directly on them. The interior platform creates varied access heights to children of all sizes. Easy water cleanup. The TotTrain Art Car has eight painting stations; the Munchkin Art Car has four plus a sculpture table.

The TotTrain Music Car provides a symphony of fun. With the deep resonance of the whale drum, the clear tones of two chime walls, the beat of the three drum percussion panel, and the shimmer of dual rain sticks, an entire class can make music together. These instruments are custom-built by artisans and Playmore’s own expert team and are designed for rugged, outdoor use. The Munchkin Music Car features one percussion panel, one chime wall and two rain sticks.

Tot Capacity: 8 | Weight: 1080 lbs. Munchkin Capacity: 5 | Weight: 810 lbs.

Box Car The ramp is down and ready for loading. Climb aboard and enjoy a game of concentration on the block panel or change your point of view through the bubble panel. Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 72”L x 100”W x 84”H; 1395 lbs.



The TotTrain Caboose has lots of bench space for children. Use it for a place for rest, as an outdoor classroom for small learning groups or as a part of the TotTrain theme. All aboard!

TEL: 704.376.PLAY

Child Capacity: 6 Weight: 1135 lbs.

Tot Capacity: 8 | Weight: 1430 lbs. Munchkin Capacity: 5 | Weight: 765 lbs.

TotTrain™ Dimensions (unless otherwise noted): TotTrain: 8’L x 5’W x 7’H Munchkin TotTrain: 4’L x 5’W x 6’H #1

Locomotive Little engineers can experiment with leadership roles by conducting the train from the locomotive. They can crawl through the tube and sidewall to repair the engine; others can turn the wheels and run the boilers or keep lookout from the front ramp and bubble panel.

Water & Sand Cars

Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 14’L x 5’W x 6’H; 830 lbs.

Tot Water Car Capacity: 14 | Weight: 1430 lbs. Tot Sand Car Capacity: 6 | Weight: 1430 lbs. The Munchkin Sand and Water Car combines the best features of the Water Car and the Sand Car in a condensed package. The car features two water troughs with both a cascade and rain feature and a 4-foot square sandbox featuring tubes and funnels great for sifting the sand and pouring water. Munchkin Car Capacity: 6 | Dimensions: 90”L x 48”W x 72” H; 836 lbs.

Tube Cars The TotTrain Tube Car creates an environment for interactive play or a quiet place to rest. It also serves as a dynamic link between cars to build a larger playscape. The Munchkin Tube Car limits climbing by removing the top tube. Tot Car Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 6’L x 5’W x 4’H; 580 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 18’ x 17’ Munchkin Car Capacity: 4 Dimensions: 6’L x 5’W x 3’H; 530 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 18’ x 17’

Munchkin Art Car



The TotTrain Sand Car provides a cool place for young children to dig, build and explore their senses. All the while sand play develops fine motor skills.


The TotTrain Water Car is our ultimate water play experience. Water mists from the sprayers in the roof, rains down to the top trough, or cascades from the main spigot. The water then descends down two troughs and out through the drain at the end.


Off to a good start.

Myers Park Palisades™ This is the perfect platform for the playground that spans the toddler and preschool years. It is designed to give toddlers a safe environment to climb and slide without getting too far off the ground. This structure is scaled with smaller decks and lower ceilings. The two-foot tall slide, bubble panel, ladder, block-climbing wall, steering wheel and crawl tube will keep children entertained day after day. Child Capacity: 12 Dimensions: 15’L x 4’W x 6’H; 1260 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 27’ x 16’

Kid Korral™ This spacious unit is sturdy enough for outdoors but can easily be installed inside. The Kid Korral provides children with four pull-up bars, two steering wheels, a clear panel, and two mirror panels with spinning blocks. Teachers appreciate the latched gate and slatted walls to aid in supervision. Upon request, we can add or subtract wall sections to customize this item.


Child Capacity: 8 Dimensions: 9’L x 9’W x 2’H; 795 lbs.

TEL: 704.376.PLAY


Infant-Toddler Playcenter™ This structure will help younger children build the skills they need at this crucial stage of development. It has a doublesided mirror panel where tots can explore their fascination with reflected images. The two art easels develop creativity and motor skills. The bubble panel touches on perception. The short slide, multi-level platforms, and the ramp build coordination. This unit can also be installed inside.

The Hex Infant Activity Center blends fun, stimulation, and protection. Two mirror panels with spinning blocks and a steering wheel keep tots engaged and entertained. At the same time, latched gate helps supervisors keep children contained and safe. The large hexagonal roof protects infants and toddlers from the sun yet still allows them to enjoy time outdoors. Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 9’L x 9’W x 9’H; 790 lbs.

Kiddie Krawl™ The platform that is not a platform, this structure provides babies and toddlers with a challenge without sacrificing safety. The access ramp, open panel, crawl tube, inclined crawl tube and belly slide provide a variety of crawling challenges and are tall enough for children to stand and walk. The mirror panel and clear panel are made of polycarbonate, providing a safe interaction that children love; hang up paper and they double as art easels! Child Capacity: 18 Dimensions: 16’L x 10’W x 8’H; 1835 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 28’ x 22’




Hex Infant Activity Center™


Child Capacity: 10 Dimensions: 10’L x 8’W x 8’H; 1525 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 30’ x 32’


Independent play structures for independent kids.

Geodesic Domes Available in many shapes and sizes, our Geodesic Domes are the pinnacle of fun. Our unique design provides maximum climbing challenges while also creating a shaded space beneath for children to gather. 11-PANEL (Left) Child Capacity: 12 Dimensions: 14’L x 14’W x 6’H; 935 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 26’ x 26’

6-PANEL (Right) Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 8’L x 6’W x 6’H; 575 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 20’ x 18’

Balance Beam System The ultimate test of balance and agility, this set of seven stepping blocks and six lengths of balance beam can be installed in any configuration to fit your play space. Child Capacity: 8 Dimensions: (in a line) 44’L x 2’W x 2’H; 495 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 6’ from edge of components

Balance Beam Set The Balance Beam Set is simply one triple zigzag section from the larger Balance Beam System. It is ideal for smaller budgets or spaces.


Child Capacity: 3 Dimensions: (in a line) 18’L x 2’W x 1’H; 140 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 6’ from edge of components

TEL: 704.376.PLAY

Child Capacity: 8 Dimensions: 4’L x 6’W x 5’ H; 800 lbs. Safe Play Zone: 16’ x 18’

Funnel Ball Funnel ball creates a fast-paced game of speed and agility. Children toss the ball into the funnel and wait for it to emerge randomly from one of the three chutes. First person to catch the ball wins! Child Capacity: 6 Dimensions: 42”L x 42”W x 104” H; 70 lbs.

Swings Swings are a playground standard. Playmore provides you with many options. Choose from Playmore’s recycled plastic lumber or steel. Select the number of swings, the size, the type, and the color. Playmore will custom build your swing structure. Pictured on the left is a steel single-bay swing with strap seats. Pictured on the right is a recycled plastic double-bay swing with toddler seats. #1


Our outdoor boulders combine the beauty and aesthetics of outdoor climbing and the simplicity and friendly nature or indoor walls. Constructed of a unique combination of our Summit Rock and framed wall systems, the result is a lifelike and durable boulder, climbable from every angle at varying degrees of difficulty. Rockwerx Boulders™ are designed without bolt-on climbing holds. Instead they integrate all of the cracks, bulges, crimps, and slopers of real rock. Ranging from 4’ to 10’, our Boulders can be designed for all ages, space and budget.



Rockwerx Boulders™

Trike Depot™ Our midsize outdoor storage option, the Trike Depot™ has no dual play purpose, making it an economical option for playground toys and tricycles. It is also perfect for other outdoor storage needs, such as pool or gardening equipment. Built with a sturdy weather resistant wood frame and a plastic polysheet exterior, this unit secures with a latch made for padlocks.



Dimensions: 8’L x 4’W x 4’H; 575 lbs.

The tools you need for a worry-free environment.

Teacher Organization Center The Teacher Organization Center serves as the command post of any playground. This all-in-one unit includes a trash receptacle made to hold grocery bags. The low platform is designed for a water cooler but can also keep personal items high and dry. It has storage boxes to keep a paper towel dispenser, a tissue dispenser, and a firstaid kit dry. There is an angled surface to hold a clipboard or take notes. The signage display holds a standard sheet of paper to post playground rules or school notices. The top of the post serves as a hook to hold a coat or bag. The Teacher Organization Center keeps essential items at hand and greatly reduces trips back inside. Dimensions: 3’L x 3’W x 6’ H; 150 lbs.

Storage Cabinet An outdoor storeroom makes any space an outdoor classroom. The interior shelves keep toys, equipment, and supplies close at hand, preserving indoor storage for indoor needs. Made from the same sturdy, solid recycled plastics as our playgrounds, this cabinet is built to protect and built to last. Dimensions: 4’L x 2’W x 4’ H; 265 lbs.

Trike Barn™


Every playground needs storage for toys, athletic equipment or tricycles at night. The Trike Barn doubles as a trike path tunnel during the day. Our largest storage option, the doors can be latched and locked, deterring theft and guarding against the elements. Dimensions: 98”L x 61”W x 78” H; 925 lbs.

TEL: 704.376.PLAY


Shade Structures

Picnic Tables

Basketball Goals Playmore offers a variety of sturdy, commercial grade goals for your play environment. Dimensions: 6’L x 5’W x 13’ H; 305 lbs.

Bench Playmore’s recycled plastic benches are designed to endure the elements. Benches come in different lengths and styles allowing surface mounting or in ground installation. Dimensions: 6’L x 2’W x 4’ H; 300 lbs.

Waste Receptacle

Bench Shade Add a bench shade over any 6-foot bench and playground guardians will have it made in the shade. Our unique shed roof design allows for maximum shade and visibility. Bench not included, but we can add any of our benches to create an integrated unit. Dimensions: 7’L x 4’W x 7’ H; 545 lbs.

Choose one to match your bench. Choose two or more and establish a recycling center. This green product helps keep your environment green too. Dimensions: 2’L x 2’W x 3’ H; 160 lbs.

Playmore’s amenities come in many styles and sizes. Call for more information.



Dimensions: 6’L x 5’W x 4’ H; 500 lbs.


Our shade structures are made from sturdy steel and premium marine grade fabrics. Choose from either umbrella structures or multiple post canopies. Playmore even builds custom recycled plastic shade structures. We can design your shade to fit your specific needs.

Playmore’s recycled plastic lumber tables do not absorb stains or germs, and they are not treated with harsh chemicals like wood tables. (The EPA and CPSC recommend washing hands after touching pressure-treated lumber – not a proper material for a dinner table.)

Rotomold plastic is used in the creation of playground elements such as slides, tubes, panels, and wheels.






TEL: 704.376.PLAY













Powdercoated metal is used in the creation of playground elements such as climbers, monkey bars, sliding poles and grab handles. BURGANDY



Powdercoated Metal






Sheet plastic is used in the creation of playground elements such as roofs, and walls.



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Sheet Plastic BLACK

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UE L BL TEA UE (54) SKY BL BLUE (52) OBALT LUE C B (51) ROYAL ( 53 )

Our 100% recycled plastic lumber does not rot, split, splinter or rust. It does not contain harsh chemicals and never needs painting or sanding. Plastic lumber dries faster for quicker use after rain. Our play systems last so long that future generations can enjoy them. And, its colorful!

EN AL GRE EN (44) TE RE RING G (43) SP GREEN (42) LT. REEN .G (41) DK

Lumber E WIN E (12) PURPL RPLE (61) DK. PU ) (62


Rotomold Plastic

Playmore Surface Options 70% of all playground injuries result from a fall to the surface. Proper playground surfacing is the first and most essential safety precaution of any playground. Playmore Design Corp. offers the following ASTM F-1292 Certified, impact-absorbing surfacing options to protect against injury and add aesthetic appeal to your playscape. We can also integrate natural grass, synthetic grass, sand, and concrete surfacing in areas that do not require fall zones.

Our SofTile® rubber, interlocking tiles are high quality, impact absorbing, low maintenance, long lasting, and ADA accessible. They provide a wide variety of color options. Our Rubber tile require a prepared subsurface for installation.

Surface Color Options Rubber Mulch






Standard Rubber Tile

Rubber Mulch Rubber Mulch provides a durable, low-maintenance, ADA accessible surface. Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch is a unique rubber granule made from clean shredded recycled rubber and is easy to install. Rubber Mulch is available in five non-toxic, non-marking colors. Rubber mulch will require routine maintenance and occasional replenishments.

Rubber PIP Poured-in-Place is an attractive, solid, continuous surfacing that allows for the most design in its application. This is the lowest maintenance option that will last for the life of your playground. Poured-inPlace is available in four colors. This process includes a shock absorbent layer, a wear layer and a Playground Pavement® topcoat. Poured-in-Place requires a prepared subsurface for installation.




Premium Rubber Tile










Rubber PIP


Landscape Border Our rotationally molded plastic border installs quickly and easily in any shape or configuration to contain your playground surfacing.



Rubber Tiles

Playmore provides a premium, playground certified, hardwood chip for your playground needs. This is the most affordable playground surfacing option, but it will require the most routine maintenance and annual replenishment.



Wood Chips

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