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==== ==== To Find Where To Buy Mace and Pepper Spray, Check This Site ==== ==== At last count there were at least seven major manufacturers of pepper spray. There may be as many as 15 to 20 smaller manufacturers. Why is that important to know? Of all the manufacturers Mace brand pepper spray leads them all in terms of quality. When your life is on the line and you have purchased a defensive spray to help in your own self-defense out of all the self-defense items in the world Mace is by far the most reliable. And here's why. For the last 25 years Mace has worked at developing the civilian marketplace for their products. They did this by coming up with products that appeal to women, that were competitively priced, that set the standard for quality and safety and were just as effective as their law enforcement products they've sold for years. Defensive sprays are legal everywhere but some states and cities have restrictions on them so Mace develops special formulations to meet those restrictions. Check with your local police department or online before you buy. has information on what states/cities have restrictions. Spray used for defensive purposes contain a powerful derivative of one of the hottest peppers in the world. Once that derivative makes contact with the skin, intense pain starts. If the spray hits the face, the eyes water so much that the eyes may shut and breathing will be difficult. Despite the intense effect however, it is not a lethal weapon and does not cause permanent damage. Mace uses a filling process that is state-of-the-art to assure proper mixture, volume and pressure. Once the canister is filled it undergoes a test in hot water for 5 minutes to see if there are any leaks. They use a hand assembly process for a step-by-step inspection program. Once each individual spray passes that test each unit is test sprayed before packaging. Then they use an independent lab to verify the results. It is one of the leading consumer product testing organizations called Hazelton labs where they have the most complete quality control program in the industry. Pepper sprays are not easily available. The best place by far to buy mace pepper spray is online ; you'll never find it at your local neighborhood store. When you're ready, check out the large selection at or There's a very large selection of pepper spray products, from purse size to full canister types. They carry animal sprays as well, including hard-to-find bear spray. It's one of the few places I was able to find DVDs on instructional self-defense fighting. Shipping is free with any $50+ order and they include a free book on How to Use Self Defense Sprays.

==== ==== To Find Where To Buy Mace and Pepper Spray, Check This Site or ==== ====

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