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Self defense products like pepper sprays are available from approximately seven different manufacturers. Mace brand leads the pack when it comes to quality, price and guarantee. They have been in business for nearly 20 years selling to the general public and many more years selling to the military and law enforcement prior to that. Other manufacturers like Pepper Shot, Security Plus, Heat Wave, Eliminator and Street Wise have good selections as well. Since 1987 Jon Goodrich and Bob Gould of Mace Brand have worked developing the civilian market. They believed there was a great need for humane personal protection products in the civilian world. They embarked upon a business venture with two major goals: to make Mace brand defense spray the most effective and safest on the market and to make it available to everyone. Pepper sprays are legal in all 50 states. Some states and cities do have restrictions on them so check with your local sheriff for legality. For the most part, it is up to the manufacturer to establish safety and quality standards. Once those standards have been met, they require Hazleton Laboratories, one of the world's leading consumer product testing organizations, to verify results. There are no shortcuts on quality or safety here. Did you know Mace Brand does all this? 1.STATE OF THE ART FILLING PROCESS. This assures proper mixture, volume and pressurization. 2.HOT WATER TESTS. A hot water immersion test for 5 minutes at 130degrees to enable detection of leaking units and assurance of proper canister crimping and sealing. 3.HAND ASSEMBLED. This process allows for a step-by-step inspection program that assures every component meets MSI standards for quality and workmanship. Any product that does not meet standards is rejected. 4.TEST SPRAYED. Once the controlled filling and assembly process is completed, every unit is test-sprayed before it is packaged for shipment. This assures that every Mace Brand pepper spray is the very best it can be-ready to protect the user with 100% certainty.

In the state of Colorado where there are no restrictions on any self defense products, like in some other states, there are only 4 stores that have a limited selection of pepper sprays and stun guns with decidedly high prices. Not much of a choice! So when you are in the market for a pepper spray or any self defense product let your mouse do the walking. Check out They have a full selection of pepper spray products, including Mace brand, and carry hundreds of self-defense items including personal alarms, self-defense DVDs, stun guns, tasers, camo safes and many others. They offer FREE shipping with any $50+ order along with a FREE bonus book on How to Use Self Defense Sprays. ==== ==== To Find Where To Buy Mace and Pepper Spray, Check This Site or ==== ====

Where to Buy Mace Brand Pepper Spray  

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