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==== ==== To Find Where To Buy Mace and Pepper Spray, Check This Site or ==== ==== If you're a family person who wants to buy mace in order to protect yourself from crime, then you want to store the product in a location where children cannot have access to it. While mace and pepper spray products don't run the risk of causing permanent long-term injury after an accident, it's still important that these kind of items aren't kept anywhere near children. (By the way, mace and pepper spray are the same thing. Mace is actually a brand of pepper spray. The terms are used interchangeably.) For this reason and others, you should consider keeping your mace dispenser locked in your personal vehicle rather than in a drawer at home. Not only is this a good way to keep the item away from your children, but it is also a fact that you are more likely to find need for pepper spray and other self-defense products while in your car or truck, rather than in your home. If you do decide to buy mace for storing in your vehicle, try to keep it readily accessible in a location where you can grab it quickly if the need does arise. The glove box is a good place to store the product, but an even better place is the center console where you can get to it even faster. The trunk, of course, is not the smartest place to put it. Just because your mace is stored in your car or truck, however, doesn't mean that you can be lax when it comes to keeping it away from your children and preventing accidents. Never let your kids play unattended in your vehicle, and discourage them from opening up the container where you keep your pepper spray. ========= To Find Where To Buy Mace and Pepper Spray, Check Out or ==========

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