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Winning Moolah at Video Poker One of the few things you have to remember is the percentage of winning hands dealt at video poker is 21% and the rest, which is 79%, are called losers. What separates the winning and the losing hand is what is done with the 79% of the hands dealt so it becomes a winning hand. To increase your chances of winning in video poker, you have to fully understand, embrace and pledge loyalty to these video poker tips. 1. Look for a machine that pays 9 for a full house win and six for a flush win. Also, if you wish to play on a progressive machine that pays 8 for a full house win and 5 for a flush win then just be sure that the nickel machine pays a jackpot of $250 or better, the quarter machine pays $2500 or better and $10,000 on a dollar video poker machine. 2. Bet maximum coins in order to collect on the royal flush bonus for a progressive machine.

Play on the machine with the lowest denomination if you are a new player. It is always better to train first then move on to the next higher denomination in video poker. Use slot cards to get credit for playing only if the casino offers it. Ask the point equivalent for each dollar played, and then learn what those earned points are worth. 3. Take your time to read the hand that you get. You are not playing against another person so it won’t intimidate you to play slowly. A Jack is better than an ace, but not all players understand this. The Jack is very important in the deck since it gives you more lucrative hands than an ace. With the number of video poker games out there, the choices can be endless, but they all have their own payables that require specific strategies. In order to learn the best way, the tip is to limit yourself to two. Train yourself with portable video poker games or with the computer. This way you can train and improve your skills with no risk at all. When playing, keeping in mind these tips would really help: • Don’t ever hold a kicker with a pair since it will reduce your payoff by 5%. • Draw three cards and you can get a royal flush, don’t draw four.

• Remember to always stay on a winning five card hand except when you can draw a royal • flush with only one card. • Break your flush to draw a royal flush. • Don’t break your straight draw for a straight flush. Don’t draw five if you’re holding Jacks or better. Never leave a ten of a four card draw. And finally, visit for poker more tips and strategies aside from news and updates!

Winning Moolah at Video Poker  
Winning Moolah at Video Poker  

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