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Weird But True Online Poker Tales! There was once a guy, let’s call him Carl Valentine, who agreed to a challenge posed by a multi- millionaire buddy of his. The challenge was by April 18, ’06, he should have had two million unique visitors on a website they perversely named If successful then Valentine can play in a poker tournament against the millionaire buddy. If he wins, he gets the money and if he loses, he loses nothing. Sounds good right? However, if he fails to generate two million hits on his site then he will still face off against his buddy millionaire with the chance to win. But this time, losing would mean off with his right index finger and vying for the title of the World’s Dumbest Amputee. Let’s name the baby Chip A guy who was playing Omaha with a $30 stake suffered a bad beat and got into an argument with a fellow player through the chat feature, and then a woman defended him. After that squabble, the man who lost and the woman who defended him became buddies from there. Literally with the help of the buddy list feature, Jackie and Gary began, from that moment on, their long distance romance that culminated to Jackie leaving Las

Vegas to move in with Garry in New York. Now, they’re getting hitched. They had a poker-themed wedding where family, friends and poker buddies attended. They also had a poker-themed cake with floral displays and they will be enjoying their honeymoon on a poker cruise to the Caribbean! Winning Air There are a lot of things sold online, especially on Ebay. An online poker enthusiast on eBay, a Power Seller going by the username “The Sellution” with a very positive feedback rate, has posted something that can be considered the most ridiculous auction listing eBay’s ever seen. The Sellution has lost about $5,000 playing blackjack at an online poker room and casino site. Now, what he did was ask bidders to help him out of the hole he dug himself into. His opening bid starts at $999.99. It closed with no bidders. He refused to name the poker room site he lost all his moola, but he has offered his auction as a “Golden advertising opportunity for a quality online casino.” The things people do for gambling.

Weird But True Online Poker Tales!