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Craps Tactics for Players

There are two games in online casino gambling. The first type are the games that require skills like blackjack, baccarat, and poker while there are roulette, slots and craps which are games that rely heavily on luck, and these are called games of chance. The game of craps is played using dice. In order to play better at craps, players need to know the reasons why players lose. More often than not, players rely on luck. They usually think negatively, and they have very little knowledge about the game. There are tips in playing craps that can help a player have increased chances of winning in this game. When betting on the pass line, the payment is even when winning. If you place your bets on the pass line and the result of the dice is a seven or eleven then you win, while getting results like two, three or twelve makes you a loser. If the results of the dice are other than the mentioned numbers then you can continue rolling the dice until you get a seven and win. If it comes before a point then you lose.

Betting on the don’t pass bar

This is the opposite of the pass line bar. You win when the result of the comeout roll is two or three, but you lose when the dice comes with a seven or eleven. If the result is the number twelve, it is declared a push. You keep rolling the dice until such time when a seven comes out. •

Come out bet

This type of bet is only done only after a comeout roll shows the value of the following numbers: 4, 5, 8, 9, or 10. It may be a bit similar to the Pass Line Bet. If the value of the next roll is the number two, three, or twelve then say goodbye to your bet, while a seven and eleven will make you a winner. Play wisely and base it on statistics rather than luck or chance. Think with your head and never rely on your luck when betting. Try playing the game on casino and try using these statistics.

Craps Tactics for Players  

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