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Book Description From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Emma Hart, comes the second book in The Game series, and the story everyone wanted after The Love Game...

She's in love with him. He's trying not to love her. One night changes everything.

Aston Banks never meant to get close to Megan Harper - not even for that one night. Haunted by a childhood he refuses to face, he knew she could break through every wall he'd ever built and tear them down without even realizing she was doing it.

Betraying Braden by starting a relationship with Aston wasn't on Megan's todo list, but the second she sees a glimpse of someone other than the arrogant ass she's come to know, she can't walk away.

Aston's childhood is worse than Megan ever guessed, but as he tries and fails to push her away, it's clear her love is stronger than the demons that cling to him every day. And now, because of it, he finally has to deal with what he's buried deep down.

What he doesn't want to face. What he's fought against for so long. And they have to do it all without Braden finding out. Keeping a relationship secret has never been harder.

Reviews I was lucky enough to win an e-ARC of this book in a giveaway. Even though I finished The Love Game in one sitting, I had no idea that I'd finish Playing for Keeps the same way; the book obviously had other plans for me. You know, like staying up until four in the morning, consumed by Aston and Megan's story; but hey, I'm not complaining.

I fell in love with Megan in The Love Game, considering she had a pretty decent role in the book. We didn't see a lot of Aston, but we saw enough to peak my interest. While my initial impression of him was that he was a total jerk, I knew there'd be an explanation for his crummy attitude, so I went into this totally open-minded and prepared to fall in love with him. I definitely wasn't expecting what I got, though.

In The Love Game, Maddie is the broken heroine, and Braden is the sheltered hero. In The Love Game, we get to see the opposite, where Megan is the sheltered heroine, and Aston is the broken hero. I LOVED this. I couldn't get enough of it. Don't get me wrong, I love a broken heroine, but broken heroes just tug at my heart-strings and consume me. There's nothing like a broken

hero, and Aston surely doesn't disappoint. His past demons torture him, and we get to see that firsthand, through his explanations to Megan, his relationship with his Gramps, and a few flashbacks. I cried every time I read a flashback. Every. Single. Time. I felt for Aston, and the little boy inside him. It was incredible, watching him work through his demons and become more secure. I felt for him every step of the way, and my heart constantly ached for him. He stole my heart right from the start.

"It's good to remember. You gotta remember where you've been to see how far you've come."

There's a lot of wisdom in this book. Seriously, I was highlighting left and right. Not to mention the moments of humor, where I was snickering and laughing out loud. I loved the witty banter between Aston and Megan, through everything. Oh, and Aston's Gramps was perfect. SO perfect. I couldn't get enough of him. I'm so pleased that he had such a lovely presence in this book, such a level of importance. It helped us understand Aston even more. Every character in this book was beautiful, and I love them so much, even the ones we only saw a few times, or briefly.

"Sometimes you need to get lost in the dark to truly appreciate the light."

I admit that the story started out a tiny bit slow for me, and I found myself wondering how they connected so quickly, but I soon found myself understanding and I was sucked in. Seriously, so many beautiful things about this book. Braden's presence was important to me, considering his relationship with Megan. I loved that he was still a pretty central character, always being discussed. I love their entire little group of friends. Aston, Megan, Maddie, Braden, Lila, Ryan, and even Kay. Kyle, too, even though he's not always present. I'd like to know his story, honestly. Anyway, their group makes my heart constrict. I love the closeness of them all, the playful banter, the shared

experiences. This series is one of my favorites, as far as "companion" novels go. Seriously, I want more. I'm starved.

There are too many beautiful things about this book that I couldn't possibly list them all. Above all, this is a story of finding love and learning to trust someone with your heart and all your demons. I won't be forgetting Aston and Megan any time soon. I loved this even more than The Love Game. Have your tissues ready, just in case, and prepare to fall in love with Aston for everything that he is, inside and out.

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Playing for Keeps eBook  

Book Description From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Emma Hart, comes the second book in The Game series, and the story e...