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The third and last Playgroup Festival? The year of the Lost Toys Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September 2012 Details liable to change. Times may be bitten by wormholes.

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WeLcome Hello and welcome to Playgroup Festival 2012. Small is beautiful. That’s the feeling we’ve always aimed to generate with Playgroup Festival. Local, honest and DIY – but with enough awareness and input from the global arts and music festival scene to give you a phenomenal weekend. It can be relaxing if you wish – you can lounge in the shade of ancient oaks, in a beautiful corner of the oldest deer park in England, nourish yourself on some healthy high quality food, and receive a massage from some of the region’s best therapist, never too far from your friends and family. Or it can be the best and wildest party of your year! With live music and great records everywhere, your soundtrack is assured, handpicked and diverse – showcasing the best from our region, with some special guests from further afield. And then there are games, films, magic, cabaret, poetry, psychedelic kidnaps and many other personal experiences for you to discover in our little field. Read on for pages and pages of things to see and do this weekend! We hope that you will find it as we want it to be: fun, humble, inclusive and a true weekend escape from the often-grinding routine of weekly life. And appreciate its most unique fact: Playgroup Festival this year is handmade by 1,500 people from the Brighton area, for just 1,500 very special guests – including you. Unfortunately, this year’s British “summer” destroyed our best-laid plans to hold this event 7 weekends ago – and being small and humble can also mean being weak and fragile when adversity strikes. The third Playgroup Festival is going to be fantastic, but it may also have to be the very last, because this year’s postponement has made your party a financial vortex for the volunteer organisers. If you like what we do, we’re going to need every one of you to help us save it for the future. And there’s a note about how to do that at the end of this programme – please take time to read it. Now – LOST TOYS ASSEMBLE! Robots, dolls, monsters under the bed, cowboys and Indians, teddy bears, toy soldiers, dinosaurs and other oddities – let’s have the best fest in the West! So much heartfelt love, Playgroup xxx



THe PL aYpen - THe MaIn Stage 12:00 Soul Casserole 15:30 Amity 16:20 DJ Cous Cous 17:00 The Moulettes 17:40 DJ Cous Cous 18:15 Dizraeli and the Small Gods 19:00 DJ Cous Cous 19:20 Los Albertos 20:10 DJ Cous Cous 20:30 Lazy Habits 21:15 DJ Cous Cous 22:00 Alice Russell 23:00 Close

THe ToY BoX - THe Dance Tent 14:00 Afternoon with Fish Fry DJs 17:00 Sam Hextall DJ 17:45 Anneka 18:30 Sam Hextall DJ 19:10 GAGGLE 19:55 Prince Fatty DJ 21:10 High Rankin (Live) 22:05 Herbaliser DJ 23:30 Reso 01:00 Silent Disco 05:00 Close


THe TreaSUre CHeSt - THe Moroccan Stage 14:00 Stay Sick 16:20 Nimmo & The Gauntlets 17:00 Stay Sick 17:30 Man Ray Sky 18:15 Stay Sick 19:00 Kovak 19:45 Stay Sick 20:15 Transformer 21:00 Stay Sick 21:30 Yes Sir Boss 02:00 Close

LIZarD Stage 18:00 Zephyr Sounds 19:00 Samuel J 19:40 Milly Blue 20:30 James & The Peach 21:15 Orchestra Elastique 22:00 The Moulettes


FULL CIrcLe Stage 16:00 Zora and the Tatsmiths 18:00 XN TricK 19:15 Elijah MC 20:15 Chainska Brassika 21:45 The Meow Meows 00:00 Ollie Friend

BeATAbet STAGE 16:00 Champion Fever 17:30 Speak Galactic 19:00 P For Persia 20:30 Spacenoid 22:00 AK/DK 22:25 Close

CabInet of CUrIoSItY - Cabaret Tent 13:00 Robot Costume Workshop 13:00 Toying With Science 15:00 Robot Relays 17:00 Toys Aaaaargh Us - Toy Hacking Workshop 17:00 Rumination & Digestion 20:00 Art Macabre 22.30 Magic Show 23:00 The Vogue Gyratory



Two drum kits at war. Having two drummers in a band is always interesting, but Playgroup regulars, AK/DK (Ed Chivers and G Sowerby) take it even further; playing a sprawling mass of analogue and digital keyboards, synths and effects… all at the same time!

ALIce RUSSeLL The soulful sound of Detroit blues… One listen to Alice Russell’s voice will send shivers down your spine and leave goose bumps on your neck. With a style that ranges from blues and soul to gospel to jazz and beyond, she is fast winning her audiences around the world. Be prepared to be blown away.

AmItY One woman acoustic pop with pure heart… Unlike many acoustic style performers, Amity combines vocals with a guitar, a snare drum, a sampler and whatever else is lying around to create music that makes you want to know everything about her. Her unbashful lyrics and exciting compositions would make any female acoustic artist jealous. Stunningly creative and a joy to behold.


Anneka Hypnotic multiinstrumentalist. Anneka is a vocalist/multiinstrumentalist and visual artist who brings together live sets of vocals, drum pads, keyboard, percussion and a laptop. Collaborating with the likes of Falty DL, Lone, Starkey, Ital Tek and Vex’d, Anneka is the unquestionable queen of experimental electronica. Be prepared for music that drips with atmosphere.

CHaInSka BraSSIka Horns at the ready. Lead by singer Ash Davis, ChainSka Brassika (formally known as The Real Bad Habits) are a 9 piece band from South East London. Including the explosive Brassika horn section, the band have supported acts such as Mad Professor, East Park Reggae Collective, Yes Sir Boss and Slamboree!


CHampIon Fever A one-man electronica explosion. Champion Fever is the alias of multi-instrumentalist Steve Baker. With an arsenal of instruments including laptop, guitar, FX pedals, synths, drum machines, kaoss pad, sampler and the occasional melodica, expect a dynamite blend of electronica, krautrock, disco funk and electro-funk.

DIZRAELI anD tHe SmaLL GoDS A melodic and unashamedly heartfelt reinvention of hip hop. Featuring Brighton’s very own Dizraeli, World Female Beatbox Champion Bellatrix and a supernaturally gifted 7-piece band, you couldn’t imagine a more talented bundle of people than the Small Gods. Fusing harmonies, turntablism, heavy beats and delicate instrumentation, Dizraeli and the Small Gods make hiphop and folk shanties collide in ways you wouldn’t think possible.

DJ COUS CoUS Global beats to make you swing and skank. DJ Cous Cous will transport you back in time and into the future with a blend of raw, funk filled basslines and roots music from across the planet. With residencies at London’s Lockside Lounge, Mango Landin’, Hootanany and Coco Bamboo, Cous Cous is the master of rude electro beats and breaks!

ELIjaH MC Dubwise tracks from a vocal master… Elijah MC is a unique talent creating music from live vocal loop samples and building his tracks from the ground up. With gorgeous vocals and reggae-chat, he layers beats, basslines and backing harmonies with masterful skill.


FISH FrY DJS Calypso, ska and rockin’ blues from one of Brighton’s best club nights. David Walker is the king of the Fish Fry, and his record collection is sizzling.

GAGGLE 22 piece all-girl electro pop extravaganza. Featuring fresh all-girl vocals and punchy beats, Gaggle’s unlikely pairing of electro and a choral ensemble is a startlingly good success. Formed as a response to boring man bands and bad burlesque, Gaggle takes everything you thought about girl groups and turns this completely on its head.

HIgH RankIn Chappy Dubstep – LIVE. Dubstep dandy and original Brighton bounder, High Rankin, is the scene’s most eccentric artist. Performing with his full live set-up, including vocalist Tigerlight, his music brims with character and bass. Now relocated to Berlin, he’s flown in to The Toy Box ready for a dancefloor riot.

HerbaLISer DJ Set from Jake Wherry. It’s not every day that you come across a duo like Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba, and rarer still that you have a chance to enjoy a DJ set from one half of the duo who have revolutionised homegrown hip-hop. This weekend, get ready for the crème-de-la-crème of Ninja tunes, in what is sure to be one of our favourite DJ sets of the summer!


JameS & THe PeacH The summer sound of all things retro… From The Beatles’ Abbey Road, through to New York’s original folk scene, James and the Peach suck up an array of 60s and 70s sounds, to sonically spit them out with a modern twist.

Kovak Bringing the ‘band’ back into pop. Touted as “the UK’s answer to the Scissor Sisters” (STAR Magazine), Kovak recently became the second ever unsigned act to be playlisted by BBC Radio 2. With their catchy first single “Killer Boots” kick-starting their year, this band are sure to get you shaking your stuff.

LaZY HabItS 8 piece live band of beats, rhymes and brass. Inspired by New Orleans jazz, soul, hip hop and big bands of the 50’s, Lazy Habits’ eclectic sound packs a lasting and unforgettable punch. After embarking on a 25 date tour, their jaunty mix of ska, hip hop and New Orleans funk is not only top notch, but selling out venues across the country – lazy, these guys ain’t!

LoS ALbertoS Brighton ska-punk legends. Creating a frenzy upon the dance floors and grassy fields of Europe since 2002, their inimitable foot-stompin, brass-blaring high energy blend of ska, punk, funk, dub and original beats is dancing music, Jim, but not as we know it. Playgroup Festival is set to be Los Albertos’ last EVER gig - don’t miss this for the world!


Man RaY SkY Chaotic blissed-out indie pop at its finest. ‘Beautiful chaos’ is a term that could be used to describe the concept behind Man Ray Sky’s music. It’s one the band embraces for its simplicity, and combined with their tried, tested and natural writing formula, this band produce cataclysmic melodies merged with improvised noise pieces.

MeoW MeoWS Ska ‘n’ Roll from the Brighton supergroup. Featuring a fresh and happy muddle of sixties garage and dirty pop, the Meow Meows combine a belly-rumbling rocksteady rhythm with blistering hot horns and heart-thumping keyboards. Topped off by two all-dancing, all-harmonising female singers, the Meow Meows are armed with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a stage presence that is nothing short of killer.

MILLY BLUe A big voice accompanied by a small instrument… Milly Blue’s music is written on ukulele, featuring tuneful tales of museum curators, horrifying monsters and travelling heroes and painted pictures of love and loss. Rooms fall silent as she sings and tiny pins have been heard to drop from the sudden-still hands of those entranced by the soulful timbre of her sound.


NImmo & THe GaUntLetS Upfront Intelligent indie pop. Mentored by the brilliant Emmy the Great, Nimmo and the Gauntlets, from North West London, are Sarah Nimmo, Reva Gauntlet, Joshua Faull and Hannah Rose. They share a diverse range of influences ranging from The Strokes and Arcade Fire to the Shangri Las and Fleetwood Mac. Invoking the spirit of early punk and newwave, these guys maintain the heart of modern London indie.

OLLIe FrIenD Guitar mastery at its finest… “When someone like Ollie Friend comes along, we sit up and take notice. He lays the instrument across his lap and hits the body and the strings to create a completely unique and original sound.” (Brighton Source) Prepare yourself for something incredibly special.

P For PerSIa Three-piece electronic rock group from Brighton… Whisking up bits of Cornelius, Holy Fuck, Flying Lotus, Sonic Youth, Devo, Boredoms and Battles into their style, P for Persia provide the party with a short blast of amazing and an alarming mix of Rock and Chiptune. Dan McNally’s stage dancing antics have won the band a loyal local following. Come see why. Quick!


PrInce FattY DJ Legendary Roots and Reggae DJ. The Prince Fatty sound is designed to Dub your feet with Rock Steady beats and stimulate brain waves in a jazzlike way. Delivered in an up-beat, positive and organic funk fashion, expect an analogue haze of vintage spring reverbs, tape echoes and custom higrade mixing console. Prince Fatty won’t disappoint the lovers of the early 70s sound!

SamUeL J Music to bring people together… Samuel J and his projects never stop evolving. Playing keys, guitar and drums, he also produces his own records and writes the material with his sister Jodie Tellam. Their earthy music has travelled the world with them, with melodies and beats inspired by the belief that Music has the power to bring together a divided world.

SoUL CaSSeroLe DJS It’s difficult to tell who enjoys it more: the crowd or the DJs. The Soul Casserole DJs have a bit of a reputation for making DJing look like it’s one big lark. One thing’s for sure - all three DJs are passionate about the music they play. A spicy melange of Stax, Trojan, Motown, Blue Note, Zodiac, Chess and Loma Records and an unpretentious variety ranging from Reggae and Ragga to Blues and Hip hop.


SpacenoID Bring out the tin foil hats. The name says it all, bizarre soundscapes and glitch electric noise. Woo-ha spacenoid!

Speak GaL actIc Ambient noise-pop; lush electronics… Compared to the likes of Atlas Sound and Animal Collective, Speak Galactic can fit any number of genres with dreamy elements of post-rock, pop and indie held together with pounding electronics and gently synthesised overlay.

StaY SIck Sleazy rock’n’roll from a Brighton institution. Established in 2008, Stay Sick continue to spin the best dancing music from surf to 60s, oddball R&B to filthy rock’n’roll and garage to punk, 7inches at a time. These Cramps obsessed guys have put on such greats as Billy Childish, Kid Congo from the Cramps, Monotonix, Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster and Thee Oh Sees.

THe MoULetteS Twisting theatrical folk that may just be most beautiful music you’ve ever heard. The Moulettes’ entrancing combination of strings and the celestial; wind and weirdness; rhythm and murder has lead to comparisons with the Unthanks, Tom Waits and Shostakovitch. “Delicious music…played with acoustic virtuosity” (MOJO)


TranSformer Dapper disco mavericks. The only British band capable of turning any venue they play into a dream version of The Danceteria in 1979. “Transformer aren’t just one of the best dance bands in Brighton, they are one of the best in the country, filtering post-punk New York quirkiness through the sons-of-Daft Punk french electro scene.” (James Kendall, Brighton Source)

YeS SIr BoSS Dub and eclectic horn-a-thon. Presenting a truly original, distinct and indefinable sound, created from a multitude of worldly musical and cultural influences, Yes Sir Boss’ heavy blend of horn led hooks, offbeat rhythms and epic riffs provide the perfect backing for the memorable and catchy lyrics invariably brought to life by seductive and husky vocals from front man Matt Sellors.


ZepHYr SoUnDS An immersive dream-pop experience‌ Zephyr Sounds is the solo project of London based musician/ producer Callum Brown. Using his time at college to experiment with recording, Brown developed Zephyr Sounds as a dwelling for elements of trip-hop, psychedelia and alt rock. Prepare to be amazed.

Zora anD tHe TatSmItHS Folk-roots sensations. The Tatsmiths burst onto the Brighton music scene in spring 2009, quickly gaining a reputation for fresh, punky, folk-pop sounds and a penchant for raw, outspoken and often funny lyrics. Fronted by Zora’s powerful, gritty and soulful vocals, they continue to leave revellers with a lingering earworm across the south-east.



THe PL aYpen - THe MaIn Stage 12:00 Malaka 13:20 The Dirty Divine 14:00 Malaka 14:30 Samsara 15:20 Malaka 15:30 Barulho Parade 16:00 Malaka 16:20 Carnival Collective 17:10 Malaka 17:40 The Drop 18:30 Electric Playboys 18:35 Reeps One 19:20 Electric Playboys 19:35 Boy Com 20:20 Electric Playboys 20:40 King Porter Stomp 21:30 Electric Playboys 22:00 Kalakuta Millionaires 23:00 Close


THe ToY BoX - THe Dance Tent 12:00 Electric Playboys 15:00 Za Zu 15:40 Electric Playboys 16:20 Phoria 16:40 Electric Playboys 17:40 Astro Physics 18:30 I Am Fya 19:00 Running numbers 19:40 Convex Collective 20:30 CODA 21:20 Atomic Drop 22:20 Qemists 23:20 Blah Blah Blah 02:00 Silent Disco 04:00 Close

THe TreaSUre CHeSt - THe Moroccan Stage 12:00 Beautiful Word 12:40 James Kendall 13:10 Us Baby Bear Bones 14:00 James Kendall 14:30 Bad For Lazarus 15:15 Stay Sick 16:00 Sweet Sweet Lies 16:45 Stay Sick 17:15 King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Band 18:00 Stay Sick


18:20 Perhaps Contraption 19:00 DJ Format 21:00 June Deer 21:40 Barulho 22:10 AKDK 02:00 Close

LIZarD Stage 13:00 Shambolica 14:30 Lori Campbell 15:30 Muel 16:15 DJ Phil Oddsox 17:00 Poppy Perezz 18:00 Shona Foster 19:00 Bam Bam Drum Band 19:40 The Din 20:30 DJ Amid 21:00 A&T 22:15 Natema

FULL CIrcLe Stage 12:00 Monticulo Clown Show 13:00 Cate Ferris 14:30 Harrison Brothers 16:00 Edd Keene 17:30 Kings Mews 19:00 Kotchin and the King’s Evil 20:15 James Riley


21:45 Duncan Disorderly and the Scallywags 00:00 Nathan Bellringer 01:00 Chicken Shed Zeppelin

BEATABET 12:00 Sam Berkson / Chris Polymath 13:00 Cate Ferris 14:30 Scalar Fields 16:00 Cinemascopes 17:30 Halo Halo 19:00 Burnt Toast 20:30 DA-10 22:00 Throb Heart 22:45 Close

CabInet of CUrIoSItY - Cabaret Tent 11:00 Art Macabre 14:00 Experimental Food 101 17:00 Amanda’s Autopsies 21:00 Cabaret! Cabaret!


A-Z OF SATURDAY’S MUSIC A&T A hip hop, funk and rock explosion. Combining the influences of John Legend and Stevie Wonder with bands like Rage Against The Machine, A&T have mashed up the sounds of jazz with funky rock and hip hop to create an explosion of sound worth waiting for!

I Am F Ya She’s all about tunes – made with love. The queen of bass, beats and bars – get ready to shake your batty!

AStro PHYSIcS Funky basslines and head nodding beats. Astro Physics exploded onto the Brighton scene in 2008 and have since been tearing up stages far and wide. With a sound compared to Jurassic 5, The Roots and N.E.R.D, they carry their tunes off with soulful vocals and a distinctively British twist.

BaD For LaZarUS The sound of motown hell. A muddle of guitars and vocals strew through a groovy psychedelic wall of delicate, beastly drums and funkadelic keys. Bad for Lazarus are a force of sonic nature, relying on nothing but five hip shaking bodies to raise minds to the ground.


Bam Bam DrUm BanD Electrifying live shows with a samba edge. Bam Bam Drum Band are a live mobile troupe, mixing up heavy grooves, flamboyant dance and carnival style performance. Bam Bam’s drummers and dancers will take you on a rhythmical journey around the world in an energetic, high impact audio visual spectacle. Ka-bam!

BarULHo 30 piece samba orchestra. A group of party loving Brightonians that got together 10 years ago with the dream of creating an authentic samba orchestra – and boy, did they succeed! They’ll be entertaining you on the main stage as well as parading through our campsite on a regular basis, bringing a bit of Brazilian sunshine wherever they go with amazing costumes and huge smiles all round!


BeaUtIfUL WorD Blissed out folk pop. The Beautiful Word are an experimental folk-pop 5 piece, the music revolving around the joint lead vocal of songwriters Emily and Megan. The music they create is sweet, melodic and fragile, but with the introduction of a rhythm section the sound has grown up in many ways. New material teams joyous and raucous aggression with sweet and personal vocals, combining the purity and humanity of British folk with a more powerful sound.

Sam BerkSon / CHrIS PoLYmatH Quircky poetry from cutting-edge wordsmiths Sam Berkson has been performing round the UK and abroad since 2005, and revels in reworking the stuff of experience into poetry for the future. He is a Brighton Festival Slam Champion and Liverpool Capital of Culture Slam Champion. Chris Polymath is like a modern day Philip Larkin – but with more humour and bigger sideburns. The polymath poet has already established a cult following in Brighton, and his quirky poetry has become a trademark of his unique performances.


BLaH BLaH BLaH Brighton’s electro and future bass music heroes. With a legion of loyal followers across the UK, this group of fine young DJ’s have been consistently delivering the past, present and future of dance music for the last five years – their residency at Brighton club, Digital, is stuff of legends, as well as their constantly surprising record label.

BOY COM Summer time Hip Hop and kick ass party tunes. It’s 7 piece Kick-Ass-Party-Hip-Hop all the way, and their aim is to make you groove till the end of the night – even after you’ve left the tent! BOYCOM are like the coolest house party you’ve ever been to: plenty of booze, beautiful girls and of course, the ideal soundtrack! You’ll love them!

BUrnt ToaSt A spoken-word quest for answers… Burnt Toast eloquently fuses the lethal observational skills of a Raymond Chandler detective with the subtleties and unsurpassed surgical spirits of a Martin Hannett production circa Joy Division and Section 25. The result is an infectious cocktail of American paranoia, Canadian objectivity and a very English obsession of introspection.

CarnIvaL CoLLectIve 35 piece drum’n’bass samba orchestra. One of Brighton’s gems, it’s impossible not to love them – the raw energy amassed by 35 of the city’s best performers combined into a musical tour de force of brass, drums and bass! Fusing samba music with up up to date dubstep and drum ’n’ bass they smash through genres like The Hulk and all the while doing it with an on stage gusto that will make you smile from ear to ear while your hips do the talking!


Cate FerrIS Otherworldly multi instrumentalist beauty. A multi-layered musical voyage through tales of joy, passion and regret, delivered with haunting, ‘goose bumps on the neck’ vocals. Cate Ferris is a multi instrumentalist who has learned how to play the guitar while trekking through the Middle East and mastering Indian flute while in Jaipur - you might just fall hopelessly in love with her stunning voice and warm, generous stage craft.

CHIcken SHeD ZeppeLIn Old-time fiddle-thrashing, yeeharhollerin’ breakneck speed acoustic dance music. Chicken Shed Zeppelin play with attitude to get you on your feet in a hurry and shakin’ your old-time booty with a VENGEANCE! “A three-piece force of nature, attacking original material and standards alike...wielding their instruments as if their lives depended on it.”

CInemaScopeS Vibrant psychedelics and laid back slacker jams… Purveyors of kraut rhythmed, pedal ridden, panic stricken jams. Imagine Thurston Moore milking Neu’s collective udder and beckoning Holy Fuck forward to drink...

CODA Live Dubstep performed by this wunderband. Check out this totally live 5-piece dubstep London based crew of forward thinking live musicians – with live instruments used to create the wobbly bass lines we know and love, their sets fuse together the raw energy of a traditional band performance with the flow, excitement and hype of a DJ set. A must see!


ConveX CoLLectIve Expanding electronic music to new realms… Convex Collective is a collective born from the South England, bringing together a whole host of young Producers/Composers/ DJs/Promoters/Artists. With the intention of coming together to appropriate new technologies and performance, this will be a show that’s sure to push boundaries.

DA-10 A whole new aural dimension. Made up of MPC master 10-David and synth genius Danalogue, DA-10 take their name from a mythological piece of hardware with the power to fuse bouncing beats with powerful electronics. Constructed entirely on an AKAI MPC 1000 and Roland Juno 6 and SH-09 synths, this 100% hardware made music will pull you into another dimension!

DJ Format Playing the best of his vinyl! He is one of the greatest producers and DJs of high quality funk and soul-inspired hip-hop on the whole planet. Starting a new monthly night with us at The Blind Tiger Club on 7 October – ‘DJ Format’s Weird & Wonderful Sundays’ – expect a less than traditional Format set at Playgroup, and more of a preview of the future, through a rustle through the past.


DUncan DISorDerLY anD tHe ScaLLYWagS Goodtimes music to be shared by all. Duncan Disorderly and the Scallywags do what they love and love what they do. Playing a mix of Latin Grooves, Hip Hop, Rumba, Swing and Jazz, they’ve played all over Europe to amazing crowds across the continent and now they land at Playgroup Festival. Yay!

EDD Keene A magical loop pedal bonanza. Edd Keene is a singer/songwriter who uses a loop pedal to layer together saxophone, flute, guitar, bass, percussion and vocals – live! This man must be seen to be believed.

ELectrIc PLaYboYS Pure party filth. Dirt Bomb, Headfuzz, Granted, Phat Pants and Moai are a handful of lads who love putting on a party for the masses at any given chance in any given venue… and anyone who’s seen them before will know just how well they do this!

HaLo HaLo A multi-coloured pudding. This London trio of indie pop goodness injects Playgroup with some cool brownie points, mixing world music vibes with vocals a la Warpaint and overall dancey tunes.

HarrISon BrotHerS Down dirty grit. Spawned in a Kings Cross basement, the Harrison Brothers are made of sweet harmony, tight pickin’ and down dirty grit. Expect country, bluegrass and folk music on guitar, banjo and bass – all washed down with a big slug of three part harmony.


JameS KenDaLL DJ Extraordinaire. Co-owner and editor of Source Magazine and DJ in his own right James Kendall ’s been a music journalist since 1992 and spent over a decade travelling the globe covering dance music for DJmag, picking up a rather good ear for music along the way.

JameS RILeY Ethereal ballads of love and life. Accompanied by a full live 8 piece band, James Riley is a troubadour of the breed many thought no longer exist. A ‘fiendishly proficient’ guitarist, singer, and a roadrunner to match, James chronicles the story of his experiences through clamorous, jubilant bluegrass ‘n’ soul and exquisitely spun yarns.

JUne Deer Psychedelic disco drone core. June Deer are a dirty dance music experiment from ex-members of The Mutts and Waxed Apple. Described as psychedelic disco drone core, you’re in for something special!

KaL akUta MILLIonaIreS 12 piece Afro-Funk Juggernaut. This Brighton-based Afro-Latin-Funk project has already taken the UK festival scene by storm with their dirty mix of Fela Kuti-inspired brass lines, Latin percussion section, afro-psych organ and James Brown style funk riffs. Fusing tunes from the heart of 70’s Nigeria to the carnivals of Cuba, the back streets of Brazil and beyond, expect blistering brass, stunning harmonies and an explosive rhythm section!


KIng Lagoon’S FLYIng SWorDfISH BanD A totally tropical attack on the senses. We first witnessed this insane band just under a year ago when they played our venue in Brighton – we were blown away, they had a ‘smell technician’ who created scents while the band played and they’re excellent mix of Afro-beat and Brazilian funk, was accompanied by a giant 4 metre puppet with glowing eyes! You have to see them – they’re brilliant!

KIng Porter Stomp Heavy 8 piece ska-dub-funk genius. King Porter Stomp bring together their own blend of ska-funkdub and afrobeat and top it all off with a coating of well-crafted conscious rhymes. With massive horn lines, heavy bass and intricate guitar work, they have pulled on heart strings and won over the dancing feet of crowds across the UK and Ireland.


KIngS MeWS Musical food for the soul… Brighton seven-piece with an infectious feel good energy and an appreciation for an often neglected genre: funky, sexy, splendid, soulful jazz.

KotcHIn anD tHe KIng’S EvIL Laid-back festival vibes… Formed in early 2011, Kotchin and The King’s Evil soon started off with regular local gigs before bringing the noise at Smugglers Festival in summer 2011.This year, we are proud to welcome them to Playgroup!

LorI CampbeLL Soulful folk and storytelling… Steeped in adventure and heartbreak, Lori’s songs speak about the countryside, family, home, relationships and pigeons. With an infectious and sometimes comical optimism, she deals with the stuff that feelings are made of, with ukulele in hand, and a smile that’s never far away.

MUeL A show not to be missed. Percussionist Sam Walker and his trio of misfits have been staging a takeover of The Lizard Stage over the last few seasons. With their various guises of Boogie Woogie Troop, expect songs infused with raw grooves and dirty energy, heavy standup percussion and rowdy, melodic vocals.

Natema Hot and spicy grooves. N A T E M A is a brazilian music project that brings an original fusion of progressive house with Brazilian afro grooves using high technology and exotic instruments to create warm performance both live and as DJs.


PerHapS ContraptIon The portable roving pop band. You may remember them from Playgroup 2011 when they entertained the site for 3 days with their mutant Victorian pram drum kit! Expect more of the same, with this ever-evolving, genrebridging musical performance collective.

PHorIa Epic post-rock in the vein of Sigur Rós. Phoria combine lush instrumentation, innovative structures and heartfelt climaxes to deliver an intense and often uplifting experience. They have supported like likes of Anchorsong and were recently voted Brighton’s 7th best band of all time by XYZ magazine.

PoppY PereZZ Pinball electro. This four piece, hailing from Mexico, Trinidad and England now reside in the suitably cosmopolitan city of Bristol. Making feel-good, sunshine-happy music for cool and groovy summer nights, Poppy Perezz is an exotic trip through Highlife-style guitar licks, Mariachi band trumpets, soaring flute solos and video game bleeps. You get the general idea.


QemIStS Ninja Tune act at the forefront of Drum and Bass. Between the three of them, Qemists have worked in every musical capacity available, From remixers of Coldcut, Cooper Temple Clause, Dr Octagon and Roots Manuva to live sound engineering for Basement Jaxx, Kano and Lady Sovereign. For skills like these, you’ll have to see it to believe it.

ReepS One One man beatboxing extraordinaire. Recognized as one of the most powerful beat-boxers on the globe with a level of technique surpassed by none, this two times UK beatbox champion has spearheaded the scene with bass frequencies never to have emerged from a human mouth before. Don’t miss him.

AtomIc Drop LIve Low Down Dirty Electro Filth. Atomic Drop is James Anthony and Ken Barrett. Sonically sculpting deep, rolling and filthy Electro House, Atomic Drop fuses all the best elements of dance music to create a next level electronic music experience accessible to dance floors the world over.


RUnnIng nUmberS Hip Hop and electronica treat. Running Numbers combine live musical elements and computer based production to create huge, energetic sounds. Mixing hip-hop with a whole array of genres, all it takes is a hearty helping of bass to get the crowd bouncing.

SamSara Heartfelt reggae twinged with folk… As “one of the South’s most exciting reggae acts”, Brightonbased collective Samsara create an open minded and fresh take on the roots tradition. Paying tribute to the original innovators of the sound, they push their ska and reggae influences to the edge with the kind of abandon beloved of jazz musicians.

ScaLar FIeLDS Energetic alt rock. Scalar Fields play alternative rock music with a whole lot of synths thrown in for good measure. Their amazing live show is guaranteed to be a spectacle wherever they take the stage – we’re glad that this weekend, it’s at Playgroup!

SHona FoSter A soundtrack for the daydreams and imaginary… Shona Foster brings songs to life that characterise her unique musical direction. We could talk of haunting melodies and enchanting rhythms or about how an Ella Fitzgerald/Tom Waits/ Tim Burton collaboration might sound – but that still wouldn’t even be close.


SWeet SWeet LIeS Harmonies, sweetness and an honest perspective‌ Sweet Sweet Lies present a world ringed by the high drama of Scott Walker, the theatrics of Bertolt Brecht, the heart baring honesty of Elliot Smith and the intensity of Nick Cave. With their debut album bringing together swing with mariachi horns, weaving basslines, flamenco flourishes and sorrow drenched waltzes, this is an experience not to be missed.

THe DIrtY DIvIne Infectious pop music with a Gypsy Twist. Infectious pop music, created in style. The Dirty Divine create beautiful harmonies, epic arrangements, big beats and catchy songs, and draw influences from a selection as broad as Queen, Outkast, The Beatles and the Puppini Sisters.


THe Drop A 9-piece roots-rock-reggae outfit explosion. The Drop continue to play a significant role in the modern British movement of new-wave reggae, with meticulous arrangements that leave plenty of air for the booming dub bass to vibrate.

US BabY Bear BoneS A world to sink your teeth into‌ The world of Us Baby Bear Bones is detailed, demure, rough and rude, sugarless yet sweet and with big, big beats. The curious three piece was born as a result of restrictions, steering the inseparable trio in the liberating direction of multi-instrumentalism.

Za/ZU Groove-based dance music that will get you moving. Za/Zu are a Brighton-based electro disco band formed by singer Abi Flynn. The music fuses groove-based underground disco with electro sounds, creating live, punchy dance music, with performance featuring video projections and crazy dance moves for an energetic set!



THe PL aYpen - THe MaIn Stage 12:00 Jabbawocky Hi Fi 12:45 John Crampton 13:30 Jabbawocky Hi Fi 14:20 Allison and the Earthquakes 15:10 Bust the Box 16:00 Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags 16:50 Roots Garden 17:20 Resonators 18:20 Roots Garden 18:40 The Skints 19:30 Bust the Box 20:15 Hidden Orchestra 21:30 Close

THe ToY BoX - THe Dance Tent 12:00 Donky Pitch 14:00 Bibliotech 14:40 Breakin Bear 15:40 The Atlantiks 16:40 Ross Flight 17:20 Wild Knights 18:20 DJ Yoda 19:40 Zen Death Squad 20:40 Anchorsong 21:30 Close


THe TreaSUre CHeSt - THe Moroccan Stage 12:00 Black Fields 12:40 Stay Sick 13:30 Emma Divine 14:00 Stay Sick 15:00 Cate Ferris 15:45 Stay Sick 16:00 Buffo’s Wake 16:45 Hot-Tip Hi-Fi 17:00 The Sly Tones 17:45 Hot Tip Hi Fi 18:00 James Riley 18:50 Hot Tip Hi Fi 19:30 Dr. Bluegrass and the Illbilly 8 20:20 Hot Tip Hi Fi 20:40 The Peppermint Beat Band

LIZarD Stage 13:00 Ma Polaine 13:30 Cake and Ale 15:00 James Riley 17:00 Morski 17:50 Djanan Turan 19:15 The Harrison Brothers 20:30 The Turbans


FULL CIrcLe 12:00 Lori Campbell 13:00 The Flamenco Thief 14:00 Dr Bluegrass and the Illbilly 8 15:15 Music of My Mind Gameshow 16:15 Afrobilly Jones 17:30 Duppy Umbrella 18:45 Vibe Machine 20:15 BOY COM 21:15 Close

BEATABET STAGE 12:00 Sam Berkson / Chris Polymath 12:30 Officer 82 14:00 Tiger Cub 15:30 Vaccination 17:00 Faye Houston 18:30 Bunty 20:00 East Brighton Rhythm Section 21:25 Close


CabInet of CUrIoSItY - Cabaret Tent 11:00 incrEDIBLE poetry 13:00 Magic show 13:30 Rosie Wilby 14:00 Toying with Science 16:00 Laughing Experience 18:30 Eartinglers 20:30 Professor Elemental


A-Z OF SUNDAY’S MUSIC AfrobILLY JoneS Jazz-influenced loop-pedal grooves… Afrobilly Jones’s layered music journeys through the deep south and 40s gospel to afro-latin folk, congo-rumba and oldtime mountain music.

ALISon anD tHe EartHqUakeS Live Motown and Northern Soul. Playing some of the biggest and best tunes that changed the face of dance music in discos around the world, this energetic music incorporates a mix of sweet soul vocals with gospel style harmonies, heavy beats and fast tempos which made the all-night clubs and dance floors of the mid 1960s some of the coolest places to be.

AncHorSong Tokyo electronica from Tru Thoughts records. Originally from Tokyo, Anchorsong – aka Masaaki Yoshida – has become globally recognised for his unique live shows, which many people have described as “like watching a painter drawing on a white canvas”. He creates electronic music completely live using a sampler (MPC2500), a keyboard, and live string quartet, for a truly spellbinding show.


ATL ANTIKS Rawkus electro with a full live AV show. Two of the most hardworking producers in the city, The Atlantiks (BOY COM and Eagles for Hands) play a mix of swing, hip hop and downright dirty party music with a handcrafted audio/visual show that takes the best in ‘pop’ culture and smashes it to pieces.

BIbLIotecH Minimal beats from this London producer Bibliotech is a producer, DJ, musician and promoter based in London. A lover of many styles, Bibliotech does what he does best making minimal techno, tech-house and electronica.

BL ack FIeLDS Storytelling blues and Gypsy Folk. The Black Fields blend together influences of country, blues, rock and gypsy folk whilst their live performances scream the true grit of music to dance, drink and party to. Charismatic, energetic and great story tellers, the Black Fields put themselves and the audience into the creative pictures painted by the dramatic songs and punchy rhythmic backline.


BOY COM Summer time Hip Hop and kick ass party tunes. It’s a 7 piece Kick-Ass-Party-Hip-Hop all the way, and their aim is to make you groove till the end of the night – even after you’ve left the tent! BOY COM are like the coolest house party you’ve ever been to: plenty of booze, beautiful girls and of course, the ideal soundtrack! You’ll love them!

BreakIn Bear Hip-Hop, break-beat, dance & dub visual audio delights. Breakin Bear’s multi-genre sets cover anything that can hold the lad’s brief attention span, and these upbeat party sets include everything from hip hop, soul, drum’n’bass, electro, dubstep and breaks…all with the epic accompaniment of cleverly coordinated visuals!

BUffo’S Wake Storming gypsy bangers. Twisting folk with a heavy smattering of pounding gypsy dance music – while very new to the scene, Buffo’s Wake work the crowd like pros, jumping, dancing and bringing you headfirst in the world of eastern European madness – we love them.

BUntY Voice, effects pedals and a mash of real and made-up languages. Bunty magically recreates the surreal sounds of now: illuminating the intricate clacks, booms, ticks and scrapes of the world with tiny, miniscule samples of songs, rhymes, textures and tales.

BUSt tHe BoX Bringing the noise since 1998. For well over a decade, Bust the Box have been bringing their exquisite brand of chaos to Brighton, and we’re thrilled to have them at Playgroup doing what they do best: making soundsystems thump with bass music of all kinds, from all eras.


Cate FerrIS Otherworldly multi-instrumentalist beauty… A multi-layered musical voyage through tales of joy, passion and regret, delivered with haunting, ‘goose bumps on the neck’ vocals. Cate Ferris is a one woman multi-instrumentalist and after learning guitar while trekking through the middle east and mastering Indian flute while in Jaipur, you might just fall hopelessly in love with her stunning voice and warm, generous stage craft. A stunning addition to this year’s line-up.

Dan Korn & THe CHoppY WaterS Enchanting melodies around exquisitely crafted lyrics. Poet and songwriter Dan Korn draws his influences from the Delta Blues, Lou Reed, Dylan, Syd Barrett, CW Stoneking, Beirut, Thom Yorke and Laura Marling. Dan’s moving songs are “like a long sob laden with farewells”.

DJ YoDa World class turntablist. Acclaimed by critics and loved by masses of sweaty, happy crowds the world over, DJ Yoda will be mashing things up Star Wars stylee with his audio visual extravaganza!


DJanan TUran The Turkish singer, DJanan Turan, is back with a fresh collection of songs and a brand new EP, ‘Artigo’. This quirky singer weaves stories of the world as she sees it through the distorted glass of a Goldfish Bowl! Mysterious and beguiling, with a carnivalesque sway, we know she is destined for big things to come. Miss this at your peril!

DonkY PItcH Synth and bass in your face. Not just party starters but record label bosses, promoters and radio hosts. Donky Pitch are a Brighton movement growing at a dizzying rate, and we are proud to have them at Playgroup Festival as they continue on their quest for world domination!

Dr BLUegraSS anD tHe ILLbILLY 8 Hootenanny. Foot stompin’, thigh slappin’ bluegrass from the deep south…of England. Dr Bluegrass and the Illybilly 8 will have you hoeing-down southern-style!

EaSt BrIgHton RHYtHm SectIon World music from the shores of Brighton… The East Brighton Rhythm Section are a 4 piece rhythm section who play their way through soul, blues, reggae, dub and hip-hop.

Emma DIvIne Smokey jazz vocals and stunning soul… Emma Divine’s versatile style allows her to move effortlessly between blues, soul, jazz and pop music to create something that is truly that – divine!


FaYe HoUSton London- born singer with a lot of soul. With a deep and powerful voice that instantly captures the hearts and minds of her audience, Faye’s rich and sultry style has been likened to Adele, mixed with the old - time tone of Nina Simone and creativity of Cee Lo Green (Gnarls Barkley).

THE HarrISon BroTHERS Yeehaw. Spawned in the basement of a Kings Cross pub, The Harrison Brothers are a trio of urban cowboys that spend their days chewing straw and pickin’ out old folk and bluegrass tunes.

HIDDen OrcHeStra The explosive live show. Signed to Tru Thoughts, Edinburgh-based Hidden Orchestra combine two live drummers, organic samples and dubby basslines to make cinematic, emotive, percussive music. Their sound, resplendent with layers of intense soundscapes, takes audiences on a deep and truly original sonic journey containing elements of jazz, classical, drum’n’bass, rock and hip hop. If you haven’t seen them before, prepare to be blown away!!


Hot-TIp HI-FI An audio cocktail of musical sunshine. Showcasing only the finest vintage reggae, rock steady and ska, it’s a jumping selection of classics and rare gems alike. Enjoy an audio cocktail of the finest Jamaican musical sunshine and good time/old time party vibes!

JabbaWockY HI FI Roots and heavy dub music. Jabbawocky Hi Fi started in early 2007 growing from a shared love of reggae music and the sound system culture. After a few years lying low Jabbawocky resurfaced in Brighton in early 2011 with a series of outdoor events, street parties and club nights. Support slots have included Prince Fatty, The Drop, Backbeat Sound System, Nice Up records , Mr Benn, Roots Garden and Run Tingz Cru.

JameS RILeY Ethereal ballads of love and life. Accompanied by a full live 8 piece band, James Riley is a troubadour of the breed many thought no longer existed. A ‘fiendishly proficient’ guitarist, singer, and a roadrunner to match, James chronicles the story of his experiences through clamorous, jubilant bluegrass ‘n’ soul and exquisitely spun yarns

JoHn Crampton Blues and Country one-man marvel. Local legend and self taught slide guitarist, banjo player and harmonicist, John Crampton is a blues and bluegrass heavyweight and this year he’ll be performing on our main stage for a Sunday slot that’s bound to get you dancing. His totally compeling and furious energy will blow you away!  


LorI CampbeLL Soulful folk and storytelling… Steeped in adventure and heartbreak, Lori’s songs speak about the countryside, family, home, relationships and pigeons. With an infectious and sometimes comical optimism, she deals with the stuff that feelings are made of, with ukulele in hand, and a smile that’s never far away.

OffIcer 82 Electro-comedown-mashup. A mash-up menagerie of synths, samples, effect pedals, sequences and vocals, from the dark depths of Beatabet’s musical bowels…

THE PeppermInt Beat BanD 60’s psychedelic pop. A five-piece from Brighton via Northampton and Switzerland, The Peppermint Beat Band combine an exciting blend of rootsy folk rock and psychedelia with a whorl of vertiginous guitar sounds, organ swirls and harmonies.

ReSonatorS 8 piece Reggae Brighton legends. One of the most highly regarded reggae acts in the UK right now, Resonators are proof that the spirit of the original roots sound is alive and well, bringing a modern, fresh edge to the scene.

RootS GarDen Long-standing roots reggae and dub rockers. Bringing you a special selection of roots classics!


ROSS FLIGHT Donky Pitch’s skweee hero. Ross Flight - otherwise known as Donky Pitch don Boss Kite - has carved a niche out for himself as on eof our premier synth heavy, rubber bass skweee purveyor, (skweee for those not in the loop combines bass heavy RnB rhythm with elements of electronica and simple synth leads).

Sam BerkSon / CHrIS PoLYmatH Quirky poetry from cutting-edge wordsmiths. Sam Berkson is a poet who has been performing round the UK and abroad since 2005. He reads a lot and attempts to rework the stuff of experience through the models of past examples to create poetry for the future. He is a Brighton Festival Slam Champion and Liverpool Capital of Culture Slam Champion. Chris Polymath - Like a modern day Philip Larkin with more humour and bigger sideburns, the polymath poet has already established a cult following in Brighton for his quirky poetry and unique performance.

StaY SIck Sleazy rock’n’roll from a Brighton institution. Established in 2008, Stay Sick continue to spin the best dancing music from surf to 60s, oddball R&B to filthy rock’n’roll and garage to punk, 7inches at a time. These Cramps obsessed guys have put on such greats as Billy Childish, Kid Congo from the Cramps, Monotonix, Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster and Thee Oh Sees.

THe FL amenco THIef Think Rodrigo & Gabriela with a loop pedal. Craig Sutton is the Flamenco Thief! Making a name for himself in the South West, he merges classic Spanish rhythms with styles such as funk, hip-hop, ska and breakbeat. This performance will leave you dumbfounded.


DUncan DISorDerLY & THe ScaLLYWagS Goodtimes music to be shared by all. The Scallywags do what they love and love what they do – expect reggae, latin, hip-hop, rumba, swing/jazz and a lot of positive vibrations, and with three new Spanish members to the band, a Spanish twist as well!

THe SkIntS Legendary reggae and dub upstars from East London. Mixing Jamaican styles with pop hooks, grimey raps, filthy basslines and a punk rock work ethic, the Skints create a sound familiar to newcomers, yet unique below the surface.Touring the UK and Europe with bands including Youmeatsix, Sublime, Reel Big Fish, Gym Class Heroes, Less Than Jake, The Beat and The King Blues, we are thrilled to have them at Playgroup!

THe SLY ToneS A gloriously debauched psychedelic stage show. The Slytones have been dazzling crowds and scaring young children for years now, and their ceaseless barrage of musical terror shows no sign of stopping. With a new album in the pipeline, you may even be lucky enough to hear some brand new tunes alongside the classics.


THe TUrbanS Middle-eastern, balkan folk and celtic extravaganza. The Turbans began in Kathmandu, Nepal, when the violinist Darius Thompson and guitarist Oshan ‘Danger’ Mahony decided to cycle to India, where they met Mandolinist Chinua Ford. At the first concert in Dharamsala The Turbans was formed, and has continued as a travelling collective of multinational musicians from varying genres

VaccInatIon Purist post-punk with a smear of rock’n’roll… See improvised magic at play from this fiercely good London sextet.

VIbe MacHIne As tight as nuts and funky as it should be. Fronted by Dave Pepper whose heart-felt songs and magical stories have been heard around the bonfires of the counter culture for decades, the vibe machine is primed and ready for politically charged poetical funk.

WILD KnIgHtS Mysterious remixers of the highest order. By the low light of screens, synths and soundcards, the Wild Knights work their magic to fill the with the throb of futuristic beats, euphoric melodies and low frequency basslines. Twisting different tempos and styles, expect strands of soul woven throughout every production.

Zen DeatH SqUaD Triangle headed glitch monsters. A union of three talented young producers, Zen Death Squad are a phenomenon waiting to happen. Armed with laptops, synthesizers and drum machines, their diverse and explosive live sets are becoming notorious in the underground electronic music scene, and we reckon they are one of the most exciting new breeds of electronica out there.


ArtS TentS From late night nature trails to marching parades, every corner of Playgroup Festival is filled with things to see and more importantly, take part in! Playgroup funds dozes of individually created little dens filled with wonder! Which one will you get lost in?

Late-nIgHt CInema A late-night cinema showing the best in short movies, crazy animation and silver-screen classics. By night, our Treasure Chest stage transforms into the perfect place to curl up with friends to enjoy some magical movie entertainment.

Drag KIngDom of tHe Sea Enter this sparkling Oceanic world of beautiful and cryptic characters! Join the polygamous marriage of the Sea Kingdom in a ceremony performed by an ordained Clam! Have your fortune read by a glittering Octopus! Enjoy the enchanting songs of the Sirens and their Ukulele! And behold the mighty Drag King Neptune…. For now the King rules supreme, but his subjects may plotting against him in a scheme of riotous heresy…

PL aY More Play More believe that art is revolution and is committed to promoting a revolution of mind through social interaction. Play is freedom! Play More will be offering all kinds of playful loveliness for your enjoyment and entertainment, and lots of opportunities to get involved! In fact, we like to think we offer a bit of something for everyone... Have you ever wondered what playing a life-sized version of your favourite game might be like? No? Well Play More certainly has, and we will be getting suitably surreal with life-sized versions of games we know and love, such as Operation, Hungry Hippos and the pub classic The Fruit Machine.


SHambUSH! Shambush! create interactive theatre experiences. Building, stitching and sticking, from conception to production, Shambush! have shammed up numerous weird and wonderful events and this Playgroup festival, they promise to be more nonsensical than ever! We won’t say too much (because it’s a secret) but we can guarantee intimate and absolute absurdity at every step of the way…

SUck MY Rock Photos beyond reality! Last years undisputed Playgroup Festival hit, Suck My Rock is the most insane photoshoot you’ve ever been on and this year they’ve gone all out to create something that will blow your mind! A wonderful troupe of talented photographers, artists, make-up and fancy dress superstars, they will give you a cherished and very special memory of the summer!

THe ImagInarIUm Designed to mess with your expectations and senses, The Imaginarium uses a blend of theatre, strange objects and strange people: playfulness, nonsense, and wonderment are guaranteed! Come join in and get involved with the many fantastical activities on offer throughout each day, including the wonderful Jake Spicer’s themed life drawing classes with The Drawing Circus, in the most beautiful Victorianesque carts. Here, you can learn to animate a zoetrope and watch it come to life! The Imaginarium is an interactive space with activities ranging from making your own sock cup and ball games to getting involved in a Giant Punch and Judy Marionette Puppet Dance Off session! Don’t miss it!

THe PSYCHEDELIC KIDnap EXperIence Expect the unexpected from the Psychedelic Kidnap Experience. Passers-by will be leapt upon! Psychedelic dream worlds will be entered! Prepare for a beautiful, eye-bending theatre of ritualistic magic. It’s coming….for you!


Crafternoon Crafternoon runs friendly (and often free) workshops for beginners and practised crafty hands and everyone in-between. Making everything from soft toys and knitting to the finer art of nipple tassels!

BL ackSmItH WorkSHopS Come and learn the timeless art of Blacksmithery! Our resident blacksmith brings together this traditional craft with a modern twist, sculpting everything from oversized steel elephants to wearable predator masks! A unique, unusual and downright amazing sight to behold! Let’s see what you come up with!

InStaLLatIonS From the beautiful to the bizarre, and flaming tea-pots to giant origami, there is no shortage of installations for you to wrap your imaginations round across our beautiful site. Prepare to touch, taste, examine and explore…

AmY HarrIS With a focus on paper craft, Amy Harris creates sets and bespoke objects from a variety of materials, and spends time collaborating with other creatives such as still life photographers and animators. Inspired by retro graphics, found objects, colour, pattern and much more in between, her work has a playful approach to ideas and an attention to detail throughout.

MIDSUmmer Set A stunning edition to this year’s festival, the full set of ‘a Midsummers Night’s Dream’ will be available as a shimmering and magical space for you to spin your own yarns and get involved in the music. An alternative stage for anyone to get involved!


WaLkaboUt ActS We have a whole host of walkabout acts to weave their magic around the site all weekend…these are just a selection of some of our favourites! Keep your eyes peeled for much, much more – including a giant treasure hunt…interactive theatre…storytelling and pop-up musical experiences…tricks and circus workshops…fire performances every night…an alien space invasion…and ALAN’s giant paint fight!

BarkIng BaterIa Barking Bateria are a clown and pirate samba fusion band! Banging their drums and bringing the circus and the sea to their wandering festival party!

CULt of BIg Love We want to spread the message of BIG LOVE and MEGAFUN to everyone everywhere. We believe having copious amounts of BIG LOVE and MEGAFUN leads to all kinds of massive win. We want to see everyone WINNING!! Dressing people up, playing our favourate games, offering up dance off competitions, face painting and more! We are bringing the BIG LOVE to playgroup!!

THe MonkeY TraIn Choo Choo all aboard the monkey train! Don’t miss the chance to come meet all our Animal and Monster Puppet Friends!

THe monopHonIc mIDI macHIne Roaming the site with his own lovingly crafted Monophonic Machine, Matt will be secretly performing some live vintage techno without the use of a laptop, just steam powered fun!


THe SIameSe PSYcHIatrIStS “Joined at the dress!” are lunatic purveyors of irrelevant and highly suspicious ‘cures’ for madness of any kind. Though almost certainly madder than their own patients, these Victorian time-travelling ‘professionals’ work their way through the crowd, accompanied by two revolting ‘pigeons’, dishing out lost marbles and missing pieces, and if you’re lucky they may even introduce you to Timothy…

THe TrIpSIeS The Tripsies do Tripsie things in a dotty and spotty way. They are a walkabout who create impromptu Tripsie worlds as they meander through the festival. Interactive, improvised and very much focused on the people we encounter, there will be spacehoppers! There will be giant twister! There will even be Trips-o-robics…Keep your eyes peeled to find out more!

Unge W I n S ter A scarecrowish Ringmaster…A creepy Clown…A cranky Inquisitor…A weird Butler…A maddening Hatter…George Orange is a one man international circus on a wire.

THe FabULoUS of UnIcornS: tHe UNICON Find your best shiny horn, swish your tail and groom your mane! The Unicorns are stampeding Playgroup. Look out for us at the Unicorn Paddock where we will be meeting once a day to UNICON around the festival. Come join us on our prance and gallop to the best bars and stages.

THe U.N.P.C.T U.N.P.C.T are a family of disgusting, debauched wrestlers, an act with a twist of anarchy and a lot of energy! This wrestling crew are politically incorrect. They will offend your innocence but keep you watching and laughing till you are ready to jump in.


VooDoo Love orcHeStra 25 piece Latin marching orchestra. Harking back to the big band sound of 1960s Latin America and Africa, the infectious, maverick and irresistibly swinging street music of VOODOO LOVE ORCHESTRA will have the crowd baying for more. This is more an invasion than a performance, with a euphoric riot of musicians weaving in and out of the throng, overseen by a megaphone-wielding High Priestess invoking the spirits of celebration! Delve deep into the heart of the tropics with this globe-trotting ensemble‌

THe WeIrD SISterS This weekend the three sisters will bring you outrageous spells, ridiculous witchy songs and exams to see if you are witch positive or negative. Will you pass and be allowed to join the W.I (witches institute)? Prepare for all things magical and fun!


THE CABINET OF CURIOSITY Tasha Marks and Luska Mengham have long been involved with Playgroup events, yet Tasha has since moved to London to head up the astounding weird food and events collective, Animal Vegetable Mineral. In their home at Playgroup Festival, ‘The Cabinet of Curiosity’, you will find a fantastic programme of experiences, including taxidermy workshops, experimental tasting sessions, contemporary cabaret and stimulating lectures. Enjoy!

“Eat YoUr WorDS” –incrEDIBLE PoetrY Words are more than just symbols on paper, they’re physical! When someone speaks bad news, it eats you inside. When someone reciprocates your love, it’s delicious! Eat Your Words invites you to taste words, literally. Using a little confectionary and a lot of imagination Eat Your Words is a drop in activity that shows you how to make poetry, then eat it.

ADam ALL Adam All is an established Drag King and cabaret artist, performing to audiences across the UK. A mix of 80s classics, modern pop and old school jazz numbers provide the soundtrack to a tongue in cheek expression of gender stereotyping.

AmanDa’S AUtopSIeS Amanda Sutton of Amanda’s Autopsies presents a live taxidermy masterclass for those with a strong stomach and a curious nature. As a leading anthropomorphic taxidermist, she will be giving a step-by-step performance in preservation, equipping you with the knowledge to go home and make your own taxidermic masterpiece!


Art Macabre preSentS ‘Revenge of tHe RejecteD ToYS’ Grab a crayon and capture creepy toy-themed tableaux as London’s only ‘death drawing’ salons return to Playgroup Festival, having packed out the Cabaret tent last summer. Injecting lethal doses of theatricality and curiosity into the lost art of drawing, Art Macabre present costumed and nude characters, playful drawing challenges and experimental mark making exercises at a series of fun, family friendly daytime events and late night salons.

ArtIStS, MoDeLS, Ink: THe VogUe GYratorY A physical performance featuring the ‘EROTIC CURIOSI’TOYS’. The audience will be invited to watch a tableau of life models through a selection of viewing apparatus, such as old cameras, odd glasses, binoculars, adding to the voyeuristic experience.

CABARET! CABARET! Sponsored by Jackalope Tattoos - Bringing back high glamour and divinely theatrical vaudeville entertainment of yester-year, CABARET! CABARET! is a heady blend of classic and contemporary revue entertainment: burlesque, boylesque, magic and music! Join CABARET! CABARET! as they ‘Escape From the Attic’... you’ll never look at your dusty childhood relics in the same way again.

Coco DevILLe CABARET! CABARET! Founder Critically acclaimed, award winning, international burlesque showgirl, Ms Coco Deville is an highly established performer who has performed in the decadent and theatrical burlesque scene for over seven years. Favoured for her theatrical moxie, dynamic dancing and effervescent energy, Ms Deville has become one of the most distinctive and simply entertaining performers in the cabaret circuit to date.


LUXUrY VaLUeS Luxury Values is a queer live artist whose grotesque, masochistic, risky and highly glamorous tendencies have seen him damned by many a dramaturge – and blessed by many an audience member. A powerful performer able to control a crowd with the merest hint of an eyebrow flash, and woo the whole audience with a flex of his buttocks.

CHerrY BeLLa Watch the curtain fall to reveal Cherry Bella’s sweeter than sweet smile. Inspired by all things beautiful and classic the allure of 1920s presents her with her moody feisty grind, whilst the allure of the 1940s will give you her cheeky pin-up presence.

Pete THe Beat Vocally Produced. High Energy. Beat Master Extraordinaire.

SpLIff RIcHarD 4 time winner of Hammer & Tongue Brighton’s annual poetry slam, Spliff Richard’s rapid, rhyming, hip-hop influenced style spans the poignant to the puerile. Messages of positivity, inspiration and sometimes nob gags. A bit like Gil Scott-Heron hung out with Cheech and Chong.

DamIan JennIngS: MagIc SHoW Damian is possibly the best and funniest magician in Sussex. From astounding card trickery to whacking 10 inch hat pins into his arms, Damian is going to make sure your Playgroup experience is as magical as possible!


Eat LIke NoOne’S WatcHIng Coffee + Sponge present Eat Like Noone’s Watching, an interactive performance where one at a time, an audience member enters a private booth where they are encouraged eat as they wish, how they wish, for as long as they wish.  Food is steeped in politics and taboos: social etiquette, moral concerns and body issues all play a part in our relationship with food.  Whether it be the guilt of eating politically incorrect veal, the body politic of overeating, the moral politics of waste or the social politic of making a mess, food can be a complicated matter! Eat Like Noone’s Watching offers audiences the opportunity, permission and empowerment to eschew these worries!

EXpLorIng SenSeS Robot Relays: get involved in cardboard robot costume-making and watch or participate in ridiculous Robot Relay games, including the Ultimate Robot Space Hopper Duel. Toys Arrrrgh Us - Toy Hacking Workshop: Ever watched Toy Story and thought the mutant toys were sort of cool? Well come and get involved in a mass Toy Hack and make your own hybrid freak! All ages welcome.

EXPERIMENTAL FOOD 101 WItH AnImaL VegetabLe MIneraL Animal Vegetable Mineral is a boutique food events business providing edible interventions for festivals, parties and pop-up experiences. Founded in 2011 by Tasha Marks, a food historian who specialises in the cultural history of jelly, they now present Experimental Food 101: an introduction to sensory food play! Expect miracle berries, inhalable cakes and gummy bear wave machines!


EARTINGLERS On Sunday evening, come and sink into a delicious evening of skilled, exciting word and music acts. We bring you six artists who are not afraid to push boundaries and forge truly individual styles that are honest, reviving and not to be missed. Hosted by poet Jasmine Cooray… Rory Mulligan is a sound engineer who thinks he is a musician. Or vice versa. He can’t quite remember. Confusion ensues… Talia Randall is a poet and performance artist on an eternal search for meaning in likely and unlikely places. She has performed and created art installations everywhere from the Roundhouse to Camp Bestival and is creator of the Edible Poetry project. Spliff Richard is a well-known Brighton poet with a sharp observational eye and a drive to deliver his work with thoughtfulness and flow. His poetry is fast and passionate, and will always leave you smiling and thinking. Fiona Bevan’s success has been expanding exponentially. Voted ‘first lady of the indie scene’ by USA’s Indie Music Review, Fiona’s bright, clever songs cover everything between play and melancholy and pour through a clear-astropical-waterfall voice. Her albums ‘plant your heart’ and ‘us and the darkness’ are critically acclaimed: she is definitely one to watch!

InvokaL Invokal uses the spoken word to tell tales of concrete culture. Adapting to poetry and hip hop alike, and ignoring exclusiveness of either, Invokal plays with rhythmic syllable placement and rhyme to construct a high impact form of performance poetry. Juggling metaphors and punch lines, Invokal’s memory and passion never cease to amaze. Due to release his first full length album with German producer Merlin under the vise of ‘The Magik Word’, and with many more projects underway, Invokal is one to keep your ears open for in 2012.


PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL Professor Elemental has created a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip hop and comedy, and is the man behind the world’s first steampunk rap album. His music charts subjects such as steampowered flight, underwater discovery, and nice cups of tea. With a heart of brass and a pair of goggles, he embodies the Victorian spirit of invention and exploration. His act has gone like clockwork at events and music festivals around the world including White Mischief, the Steampunk Worlds fair and The San Francisco Edwardian Ball. He was recently awarded Best Musical Act in the Brighton fringe as well as winning the award for ‘Greatest living eccentric and ‘most Eccentric artist’.

LaUgHIng EXperIence A laughter meditation workshop: Take a moment out from your usual life, to sit, to relax, to smile to yourself and find the laughter inside you. We all have it. We need only invite it to fill us. Some will laugh, others grin and others smile. You may even wish to sit in silence. Together, in our many different ways, we will share ourselves.

MIcHeLLe MaDSen & AngrY Sam (Hammer & TongUe LonDon) preSent… RUMINATION & DIGESTION Rumination and Digestion: a three course meal of food, discussion and poetry. From Hamlet’s complaints that ‘the funeral meats did coldly furnish the marriage table’, to the blind tasting of foodstuffs, Rumination and Digestion will provide you with experiments, debates and discussion: all in the form of poems and performance!

Pete THe Beat Vocally Produced. High Energy. Beat Master Extraordinaire.


RoSIe WILbY Stand up comedy from the hilariously self-deprecating Rosie Wilby. Rosie first tried stand up comedy in 2004 after encouragement from fans at music gigs who enjoyed her between song banter. With numerous gigs around the UK, she also comperes and curates Femmes by the Thames at Royal Vauxhall Tavern (London) and has appeared on Radio 4 Loose Ends.

THe HarLem HeartS The Harlem Hearts are a refreshing, up and coming bohemian five piece jazz band, delivering a flirtatious and decadent mix of old time classics, along with some fresh and inventive jazz mash-ups.

ToYIng WItH ScIence Delve into the scientist’s toy box and choose from a collection of play things which demonstrate the peculiar forces of nature. We invite you to lose the concept of scientific explanation and enjoy the sense of curiosity, mystery and wonder. Get experimental with your gustatory and olfactory system in our liquid Nitrogen ice cream laboratory.

WUnDerLIcH RevUe Der Wunderlich Revue is a brand-new old-fashioned cabaret troupe of the finest tradition! Doing sleazy, classy, brassy, mainly-male burlesque cabaret acts, they will have you begging for more!


GameS Arena: tHe LoSt toYS gameS! Calling all Toys! We cordially invite you to join us and our merry troop of toys from time gone by. With a mobile disco and non-alcoholic cocktail bar, the Lost Toy Games will be walking around the festival and setting up camp once a day for our sports day events. Come try your luck at becoming an honorary champion toy for the day!

ToY ToWn OLYmpIcS This is serious. This is where the Toys will duke it out to be crowned the Puppet Master! With games taking place for the full three days of the festival you’ll compete in such classics as ‘Paper Bib ShootOut’, ‘Blind Canadian Bear Baiting’ and the ‘Puppet Dance Off’ – points will be awarded, lines will be drawn – who will be victorious!?


HeaLIng FIeLDS Find your space away from the madding crowds and unwind with one of our traditional healing therapies. Our healing fields are the perfect place to relax, reflect and recharge, whether you want time out on your own, or with friends!

InDIvIDUaL tHerapY SeSSIonS on offer… -





Thai massage


Chair or table based Deep Tissue Massage


Henna Tattoos


Personalized Sound Baths with Healing Touch and Sound


Indian Head Massage.

GroUp WorkSHopS anD eXperIenceS – -

Shiatsu body awareness




Thai Yoga




Massage Workshops


The Bliss Dome – 360 Sound and Light Bath!


Artworks throughout the space.


KIDS StUff Our ‘Little Bugs’ kids tent is open from 9am til 9pm every day of the festival with loads of wonderful activities to keep the little ones entertained! From circus skills to baby disco and musical storytelling to giant musical instruments, there’s plenty to see and even more to do!


LIttLe BUgS Area 12pm-2pm

Open for soft play and games


Wide awake club with Whizz Bang Pop!

Circus skills with Trickswap and friends.

Drum club with Drum Unity

5pm-5.45pm Kids Cabaret – Dodgy Totty’s Flights of Fondant Fancy 5.45pm-6.45pm

Kids Cabaret - Mr Pineapple Head


Kids Disco


Soft play and games

Craft WorkSHopS 12pm-3pm

Printing with Screen Prince and Output Studios

3pm-6pm Hoola-hoop fun and games with Amanda, Sharna and Taryn

Printing with Helen Mills


Costume making with Rosa Bonifacii and friends

Dream catcher making with Monique and Melissa


Beatbox with Kieran Dunne

LIttLe BUgS VerY LIttLe CInema Open daily

5.30-7pm and 7pm til 8.30pm

Space is very limited so arrive early to secure a seat!


More actIvItIeS 12pm-2.30pm







Annie Whitinghams musical storytelling!


… Games and bubbles!

… Balloon modelling and clowning!

... Teddy Bears Picnic by Babyoke daily - see board on the day for times

... And our wicked teens club. Meet in the gazebo for awesome projects set up by Natty and the Crew!

Please check the board on the day as times and performers may be subject to change!

SatUrDaY LIttLe BUgS Area 9am-10am

Open for soft play and games


Wide Awake Club with Whizz Bang Pop

Circus Skills with Twikswap and friends

Drum club with Drum Unity


Musical Storytelling from Soundcastle


Kids Cabaret – Dotty Spotty Socks

3.30-4.15pm Kids Cabaret – Dodgy Totty’s Flights of Fondant Fancy 4.15pm-5.30pm

Circus skills with Trikswap and friends Drum club with Drum Unity


Kids Cabaret


Kids Disco


Soft play and games


Craft WorkSHopS 9am-12pm Printing with Screen Prince and Output Studios 12pm-3pm Hoola-hoop fun and games with Amanda, Sharna and Taryn

Printing with Helen Mills

Pleebles Creative Workshop


Costume making with Rosa Bonifacii and friends

Dream catcher making with Monique and Melissa


Beatbox with Kieran Dunne

LIttLe BUgS VerY LIttLe CInema Open daily 5.30pm-7pm and 7pm-8.30pm Space is very limited so arrive early to secure a seat!

More actIvItIeS 10am-1pm






3pm-4.30pm Annie Whitinghams musical storytelling! Plus

‌ Games and bubbles!

‌ Balloon modelling and clowning!

...And our wicked teens club. Meet in the gazebo for awesome projects set up by Natty and the Crew!

Please check the board on the day as times and performers may be subject to change!


SUnDaY LIttLe BUgS Area

9am-10am Open for soft play and games 10am-12pm Wide Awake Club with Whizz Bang Pop

Circus Skills with Twikswap and friends

Drum club with Drum Unity

12pm-13.30pm Musical Storytelling from Soundcastle 1.30pm-14.30pm Kids Cabaret – Bodger and Badger 3.30pm-4.15pm Kids Cabaret 4.15pm-5.30pm Circus skills with Trikswap and friends Drum club with Drum Unity 5.30pm-6.30pm Little Bugs Talent Show! 6.30pm-8pm Kids Disco 8pm-9pm Soft play and games

Craft WorkSHopS 9am-12pm Printing with Screen Prince and Output Studios 12pm-3pm Hoola-hoop fun and games with Amanda, Sharna and Taryn Printing with Helen Mills 2pm-5pm

Pleebles Creative Workshop


Costume making with Rosa Bonifacii and friends

Dream catcher making with Monique and Melissa


Beatbox with Kieran Dunne

LIttLe BUgS VerY LIttLe CInema Open daily 5.30-7.00pm and 8.00-8.30pm Space is very limited so arrive early to secure a seat!


More actIvItIeS 10.00am-13.00pm Facepainting 1.00pm-4.00pm Facepainting 4.00pm-7.00pm 3.00pm-4.30pm

Facepainting Annie Whitinghams musical storytelling!

Plus‌games and bubbles! ‌ Balloon modelling and clowning! ...And our wicked teens club. Meet in the gazebo for awesome projects set up by Natty and the Crew! Please check the board on the day as times and performers may be subject to change!



BarnabY SYkeS – PIe Maker Barnaby Sykes make delicious pies by hand using wonderful ingredients, and serve them with enthusiasm to delighted customers all over the country.

ErIDge Farm SHop The local farm shop will be supplying our festival site with a brilliant range of organic meats and salads sourced directly from the field and farms around Eridge.

MUU The lovely Muu will be returning to Playgroup with their amazing Japanese street food specials. The family name “hatanaka” literally means “in a field” and these guys certainly love to be at festivals!

SHeperDS Ice cream When it comes to ice cream, these guys really know their stuff. Using sheep’s milk means that the ice cream is both nutritious and delicious, but don’t take our word for it! Sherperds Ice Cream has over 25 years of experience!

BoSSmanS BBQ Smoking meat on site, Bossman’s BBQ will be here for all your bacon, burger and breakfast needs!

THe PeckISH Peacock The Peckish Peacock are passionate about food and have been working to develop a delectable array of perfect curries served with chappattis, chutneys, and a whole array of Indian deliciousness!


SmokeY JoeS On Joe’s travels around the Caribbean, he discovered the recipes for his own special brand of BBQ sauces. Now he will share them with you all! With his homemade marinades and sumptuous recipes.

RoamIng RotISSerIe After seven years of delighting customers at dozens of high profile events, the roaming rotisserie is now here at Playgroup! Think unique rubs and marinades, Farm Assured whole chickens, juices dripping from roasting spits and the wonderful smells of deliciously succulent meat. Our mouths are watering already!

FULL CIrcLe Full Circle is a creative collective of musicians, artists and chefs who are committed to environmentally sustainable fun. This weekend they will be providing a low-impact, intimate and cosy venue with great food and a sprinkling of magic.

LIZarD STAGE After 15 years of serving the finest Chai and creating one of the warmest spaces at any festival, in 2009, the Lunched Out Lizards joined forces with London world music promoters Souk Sound to form The Lizard Stage. Now a gorgeous secret hideaway from the festival insanities, you can tuck into some luscious organic stone baked pizza whilst watching some of the UK’s finest world and folk music performers.

Mr PateL’S CornerSHop Mr Patel’s Cornershop, run by the Patel family, is your festival general store!”

LIttLe BUgS Cafe The Little Bugs Café will be providing tasty treats and nutritious snacks all weekend, in the Little Bugs kids area!


THe LocatIon HIStorY

Reputed for being the oldest enclosed Deer Park in England, Eridge Park is steeped in history. It’s first recording has been found in the Domesday Book, where it was called Reredfelee. At this time it was owned by the Odo, the brother of William the Conqueror! The Nevill family inherited the Estate in 1448 and have been here ever since. Henry VIIIth often hunted here and Queen Elizabeth I spent six days at Eridge in August 1573. There was a flourishing iron foundry here in the 16th century when a series of mill ponds were created to provide a good supply of water to power the forge. In 1787 the 2nd Earl of Abergavenny, Henry Nevill, began building Eridge Castle in exuberant Strawberry Hill Gothic style. In the years following, the landscape was enhanced by opening up vistas, walks and carriage drives, the construction of follies (most notably Saxonbury Tower and the castellated wall at Sham Farm) and the rebuilding of old workers’ cottages in ornate Estate style. The park has been visited by many gentry men, with the Prince of Wales a frequent visitor at Eridge shooting parties in the late 1800s, and Disraeli, who came here for the venison and strawberries. However, in the late 1930s the Castle was demolished and the current Georgian style mansion house was built, which is now the home of the VIth Marquess of Abergavenny, and his family. Nowadays, the house and formal gardens continue to enjoy stunning and peaceful views over the Park, and while the estate is home to a myriad of small businesses occupying former farm and estate buildings, it is also used as a unique venue for weddings, game and country fairs, film locations…and, of course, our music festival!

A SIte of SpecIaL ScIentIfIc IntereSt Eridge Park is protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its vast diversity of species and outstanding natural beauty. The site comprises parkland and ancient woodland on the lower Tunbridge Wells Sandstone and underlying Wadhurst


Clay, and enjoys one of the richest epiphytic lichen floras of any single park in Britain, with 167 recorded species, many of which are characteristic of old forests. The variety of habitats present also support diverse insect and bird communities – even the ants are protected! Considered nationally important are the 22 recorded species of dragonflies, including the notably brilliant emerald Somatochlora metallica – see if you can spot one! As well as this, there are also 60 recorded species of breeding birds, including hobby, redstart, water rail and all 3 British woodpeckers. The site even contains a heronry! What a special place to enjoy a festival.

SUStaInabLItY Our 2012 festival will be the greenest yet! Not only is our whole site powered with solar and bio-fuel (vegetable oil) generators run by Brighton based power company Firefly Solar, but we’re aiming to recycle 80% of all waste on site! But we need your help in doing this… Don’t forget to: •

Use the recycling bins provided and make sure you use the correct bin for your waste.

Keep you campsite in tidy order and clean up after yourself!

Ensure you have NO glass or fires in the campsite.

Use our toilets rather than the woods (no, you’re not helping the trees to grow – human waste is mostly toxic!)

Take campsite rubbish bags to our waste collection areas at the end of the festival.

Do not throw cigarette butts onto the ground.

Most of all, be aware that this is a beautiful site and enjoy it for what it is! We are privileged to be able to enjoy a magical weekend of music here, so look after it while we look after you!


OUr RootS With Playgroup Festival, we set out to create something special, somewhere that you could make new friends and meet old ones, take all the brilliant makers and creative people that we knew and shove them in a field to make magic happen! We wanted Playgroup Festival to represent the region that we lived, to highlight all the brilliant grassroots musical acts and artists that we loved and most importantly – be totally involving! Playgroup has been running for 6 years now, hosting regular themed festival-in-a-club events at venues all over Brighton and in our club, the Blind Tiger. But back in 2009, we started wondering why on earth we didn’t do a festival-in-a-festival!? We started our search for the perfect place to hold our little gathering and began to put together a crack team of décor builders, good friends, circus performers and all the grassroots musical acts we wanted to be silly in a field with – but what field? After searching for almost 6 months we found the ideal place, snuggled between Brighton and London, it was a perfectly picturesque spot for our little Summer gathering of friends and friends of friends – Eridge Park, a beautiful ancient deer reserve (yes, deer still roam the estate to this day!) that has been unchanged since the times of William the Conqueror. Wow! We fell instantly in love and knew it would be our home. The first Playgroup Festival was an understated affair for just over 500 guests – it was lovely, if a little disorganised – and we spent a marvellous weekend galloping around the countryside while meeting hundreds of new friends – some of which had such a good time that they started working on Playgroup Festival permanently!


Then in 2011, we went into overdrive, taking the capacity up to 2000 and finally feeling like a real festival. We had 4 different stages, loads of art installations, and the feeling that we were at the start of something very special. It felt like the early days of Glastonbury, with makers, and friends and creative people all in one place, just simply enjoying peoples company – something that we’d felt we’d sorely missed in all those bigger festivals we’d been to across the country. Now in our third year, we have grown again, but while we now have 8 stages, we have tried to keep Playgroup Festival as intimate as possible, and to prevent it from getting so big that we lose the magic that Playgroup is all about. So here’s to the little festivals, the ones that you will remember forever. We hope you have an incredible weekend here in this beautiful park. And if you want to continue to be a part of the Playgroup family, come along and see us at our venue in Brighton. The Blind Tiger Club is always putting on great music, art, comedy and craft events and we love to see familiar faces. Keep up to date by signing up to Playgroup e-mail newsletters, liking our pages on Facebook, or by visting THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING A PART OF PLAYGROUP FESTIVAL 2012 – WE HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND! AND FINALLY – see the next page for our last-minute updates.


LAST MINUTE NEWS As with all festivals, our line-up has been subject to change. The forced postponement this year made it even more complicated to keep our original line-up. We’re sorry if there are one or two acts that you were initially hoping to see that couldn’t make it this weekend. Sam & The Womp suddenly got big and had their souls bought by Live Nation, who barred them from attending our event as planned. Submotion Orchestra couldn’t make the new date, but we put them on at a free show in Brighton for you back in August instead. And there are one or two other notable changes to our first posters and advertising. However, we hope that these 80 pages give you many more reasons to smile than complain – and if you’re totally big name line-up focused, then you’re probably not getting what Playgroup Festival is all about yet! We have just heard, at the last-minute, that our showers supplier cannot make the event, due to unexpected problems. We are really sorry about this, as we totally expected hot showers for the weekend. Thankfully, the site’s not muddy, so you’re not likely to desperately need one. Similarly last minute, due to personal problems of the team behind it, our Segway Course will not be appearing. This is particularly rubbish, as Declan and me were to get free Segways for the weekend, which had been making me smile a lot over the last couple of weeks. So ignore the Segway Course on our festival map – it’s now invisible and imaginary. And – the sad news that this may be the last Playgroup Festival ever…


Well, over the last three years, Playgroup Festival has lost the people behind Playgroup about £140,000 in total. And since we’re just regular joes, and young at that, from low income backgrounds, that’s just a crazy, crazy figure. We’ve been juggling it to date, but we can’t see how this can carry on. Playgroup Festival is now 100% in peril, beyond this weekend. We’ll explain that horrific number, what your ticket money goes on, and why it’s not been enough, in the next few weeks. After this weekend, we want to open up a massive feedback process and public dialogue with you all, about how to make Playgroup Festival better, and, indeed, how to make it happen again at all. We may well need your help on our maddest mission yet – to raise £100,000 in a matter of months! If we all like this event and want to save it, that’s the kind of conversation we need to have. Being small is beautiful – but also hard, especially in a recession like this, with a changing summer climate. You can help this weekend by buying drinks at the festival bars, because we get the lion’s share of the profits there, and by convincing everyone you know who’s not yet sure about coming, to turn up and buy on the gate, even if it’s for £45 for Sunday daytime. Please also discourage anyone from breaking in, or scamming the festival in any way, because this isn’t like other events – we need every single person’s support and good spirit simply to exist. Free rides mean, in the end, no rides at all. And, if you managed to get a free or discounted ticket, and you can afford to give something extra, and you have a good time at the Festival – please show your support by taking a donation of cold, hard, helpful cash to the Info Tent.


Without public funding, without rich kid funding, without corporate backing and selling-out, we want to survive the worst financial years, like this one, and keep meeting up with you for Playgroup Festival, at least once a year! Above and beyond though – thanks for coming, and whether it has to be the last dance or not, let’s make this weekend the BEST! All our love, Phil – and Declan, Emma, Twink, Mike and the rest of the Playgroup team (see a lot more names, next) xxx


THank YoU Playgroup Festival is the result of the hard work of hundreds of people – many of whom you may never see, but who spend their year with you in mind, hoping to make your weekend truly magical. We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed to Playgroup Festival - there aren’t enough pages to include everyone, but here are just some of the wonderful people who have made it all possible... Adam Charvet, Andy Mullins, Abi Jones, Alex Forster, Amy Robinson, Andrew Window, Alastair Adair, Arnaud Nichols, Adam Harris, Adinah Shackleton, Annie Wheelan, Amy Harris, Abigail Wenyon, Adrian Brunton, Alan Danskin, Anthony Elliott, Alex Melia, Alex Casper, Amy Caywood, Alice Peperell, Abdul Miah, April Coffey, Ali-Owen Thomas, Andrew Parlane, Antony Valenti, Anne Marie Williams, Ad Spiers, Abe Moughrabi, Andy Sowerby, Antoine Leduc, Audry Taylor Whittington, Aude rispal, Alan Danskin, Ari Cantwell, Akiko Shimauchi, Alex Blowey, Ayla Dhyani-Mcdonald, Alex Green, Apu India, Alice Ramage, Adam Byrne, Aisling McGibbon, Alan Gilchrist, Baca, Ben Monks, Bing Simpson, Ben Rodgers, Beth Read, Ben Darling, Bill Vincent, Bruce Selkirk, Ben Goodwin, Bel lagerdahl, Bob Tomblin, Beth Jarrold, Ben Walker, Becca Flint, Ben Mortimer, Bryony Buttercup, Bart Simpson, Bob Clark, Carin Abdula, Camil Barton, Chloe LeFay, Clara Jones, Cyril Siorat, Caia Matheson, Cameron Devlin, Chirsty Drinkwater, Chris Corry, Charlie Joy, Charlie Davis, Charlie May Butt, Cathy Randell, Clive Stanley, Carole Ray, Christopher Wood, Charlotte Hodgson, Charlotte Browning, Craig Whittington, Charlotte Lambert – gorwyn, Chelsea Mountney, Christopher Waudby,Claire Holmes, Christian Beal, Coco Sato, Carinan Blij, Caterhine Burnette, Connie Orbach, Chris Hill, Chris Land, Chantal Pullen, Christine Litchfield, Claire Kirkbright, Cassie Riggs, Camille Loftin, Cat McPherson, Chris Corry, Claire Holyoake, Declan Cassidy, Dan Leake, Darius Zaerin, Darren Kent, Daryl Bennet, Dave Mcmaster, Dila Varder, Dave Strange, Dotty Barrington, Dominic Henderson, Duncan Nurse, Dotty Barrington, Dee Fisher, Danielle Hopper, Dan Hernandez, Dave Waldman, Damian Ellis, Diana Aiton, Darren Hougham, Dan


Wedge, Dave Evans, Dave Meckin, Darryl Black, Dee Fisher, Danny Litchfield, Danny horwood, Danny Axtel, Dan Hill, Dave McCarthy, Emily Beatty, Estelle Marks, Emily Walker, Emily Mcloughlin, EmilyRose Swirlesque, Emma Cafferky, Emma Norris, Emma SandhamKing, Emma Walsh, Egg William, Eva Z, Esther Fari, Ed MacDonald, Ellie Jones, EV Visor, Edd Cubbit, Eve Brownlow, Edward Hall, Elenor Macdonalled, Edwin Hallwood, Ewan Simms, Flick Nicole, Freya Mergler, Fiona Tout, Felix Otaola, Fernando Rodruigez Gonzalez, Farah Ba-Abdullah, Garee Hilosdon, Gabriel Wulff, George Richardson, Gabriel Swinton Stott, Gareth GwynneSmith, Gemma Debice, Gosha Majewska, Graham Morris, George Ridel, Gemma Dean, Graham Sowerby, Georgina Norris, Gilles Buxton, Grace Barrington, Graham Edeensounds, Graham Sowerby, Gemma Robaczynski, George Sworder, George Nunn, Guillaume D’arjuz, Grace McWilliam, Gabby Baker, Genevra Jolie, George Haskell, Grace Barnard, Grace Patience , Gary Redding, Gem Debice, Gareth Carter, George Nowacki, Hannah Abdullah, Holly Peyre, Hannah Camidge, Helen MacGregor, Harry Footit, Hayley May, Hayley Joyes, Holly Sears, Heather Milsom, Holly Stafford, Hannah Chilton, Huw Evans, Hannah Saunders, Hannah Desjardins, Hannah Grasskamp, Heather Bandenburg, Helen Saunders, Hannah Chapman, Heidi Grange, Heather Milsom, Hayley Litchfield, Helen Hipperson, Imogene Aylwin, Imogen Rigby ,Ismet Munir, Isra Elsalihie, Imogen Oppe, Imogen Miller, Inyaki Ruiz Palomar, Itai Bengal, Ian Heckford, Jules Arthur, Janthornsri Stanley, Jessica Spencer, Jason Alexander, Jack Childs, Jo Smith, John Kelly, Jim Cousins, James Wollard, Jessica Hard, Jenny Reina, Jo Mortimer, Jack Freedman, Jack Brindley, Jair Black Santos, Jessica Eyerman, Jacinta Thirlwell, James Kendall, Jane Smith, Jerry Morgan, Jess Neame, Kassia Zermon, John Harman, Jonny Rose , Jess Romero, Jo Trolley, Jez Cracknell, Joanna Hedges (Twink), Joe P, Jemima Taylor Justin Pulsford, Jess clynewood, Jorge Tores, Jo Compton, Jo Grenn, Jon Davis, Justin Monaghan, John Castrillon, Joel Macpherson, John Saunders, James Sweeney, John Byrne, Jo Orchard, Janine Kelly, Julien Thomasset, Jon Crawley, Jonathan Darbourne, Jules Varnedoe, Jake Spicer, Jessica Hazel, Jacques Keogh, Jay Thornton, Jane Fletcher, Richard Samuel , Jennifer Stephenson, Julie Marie rivet, Janee Swan, Jonny Gomez, Jon Bate,


Jitka Androlova, Justin Reeve, Jason Clare, Jade Holford, Josh Perea, Jamie Ash, Jamie Flippard, Jo Eales, Jimi Brogan, Joe Knight, Jack Bennett, James Morgan, Julia Wolflee, Jack Healy, Jodie Moran, Jim Rivers, James Street, Jay Phipps, Jennie Salter, Jess Neame, Jessica Strawson, Jimmy Allen, Joe Loftin, Jolyon Swindells, Jonathan Garrard, Katerina Rainwood, Kate Duncan, Karli Dendy, Kate Whittingham, Kieran North, Kevin Row, Katti Codogno, Kieran Smith, Kane Garland, Kate Salter, Jake Shone, Kavanagh Rattigan, Kim Searle, Kerry Ann-Ting, Keith Marston, Kirsten Evans, Kate Blake, Katherine Abbott, Krissy Nemeth, Kyle Holford, Kate Robertson, Katherine Hudson, Kate Evans, Liam Hall, Laura Burgess, Leo Brown, Lady Zooty, Lucy Beattie, Lou Platt, Lara Wylde, Lally Mergler, Luke Waller, Lisa Turner-Wray, Liz Watts, Luke Skinner, Lottie Hellier, Lucas Haethcote, Lucy Kennard, Liz Hougham, Luska Mengham, Lottie Hellier, Luke Concannon, Lewis Hughes, Luke Parrish, Loz Pickering, Lucy Ridley, Lisa Watchorn, Lucy NacsonJones, Loolie Habgood, Lawrence Bliss Dome, Larry Lush, Lola Cline, Lucie Thring, Louise Krystahl, Linzy Na Nakon, Lauren Smith, Lily Sequoia, Letitian Hatanaka, Lucy Hollands, Layne Arlina, Lucas Sinclair, Matt Barker, Mark Aiton, Maisie Brown, Maddy Edmunds, Matt Haines, Melissa Lust, Matt Oliver, Matt ‘Red’ Turner, Micheal Kane, Martin Brand, Mikel Preito, Michelle Bailey, Mark Pyrah, Martin Cook, Marina Castledine, Michelle Song, Merve Cubukcuoglu, Michael Helston, Meliesha Beth, Mim Knollys, Matt Trudge, Mike Howard-Williams, Maxine Narburgh , Miles Lynch, Maria Luz, Mimi Davies, Melek Sen, Maxine Silver, Milton Penflick, Margherita Francesci, Max Grant, Mark Gardener, Matt Bates, Michael HowardWilliams, Marie-Claire Canning, Mary Igglestone, Mark Trigg, Martin missleton, Mary Newing, Milly Parmenter, Meia Hatanaka, Maria Bowler, Michael Ashton, Morgan Clarke Ward, Matt Rivers, Mario Cohelo, Matt Rich, Melissa Cox, Michelle Tilley, Natty Kadifa, Nat Wells, Natasha Ba-Abdullah, Nav Sagoo, Nick Wilsdon, Nicole Jones, Nina feathers, Nikkitta Landry, Natalie Depledge, Natalie Dixon, Nathan Bellringer, Niki Georgiou, Noah Sacré, Nick Neter, Neil Antcliffe, Noor Ayoub, Niku Rawlings, Nina Garner, Neil Williams, Natalie Dixon, Neil Simmonds, Nadine Richardson, Nat Mcgathan, Nobuyuki Hatanaka, Nadine Gardiner, Nathan Thomas, Orban Wallace, Oli Clarke, Ollie Lynn, Olivia Fleming, Omar


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Playgroup Festival 2012 Programme  
Playgroup Festival 2012 Programme  

The full event programme for the third, and probably last, Playgroup Festival. 21-23 September two thousand and twelve, Eridge Park, halfway...