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An image from the Charlotte Rail Trail installation, which converted a walking path into a musical play stop for kids.ŠKaBOOM

Transforming Everyday Spaces into

PLAYces: The Future of Play in Cities


Oftentimes the most poignant childhood memories are the simplest ones: playing in the backyard with a sibling, learning baseball with a parent, or going to the playground after school. And, frequently, those memories involve play. Play is a critical component to healthy development and to simply being a kid. It sets the stage for helping kids to achieve their highest potential and provides those essential, formative moments with friends and adults. It cultivates social skills, greater self-confidence, risk-taking opportunities, and the chance to live a healthier lifestyle. Today’s kids deserve each and every one of those benefits linked to play. But for many kids, particularly those living in poverty, having time and access to daily play is a challenge.

Why theme your playspace?  

What makes a playground or a park themed? The beauty of the child's imagination allows for any environment or any situation to become themed...

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