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Family Roleplay is a growing population of second life avatars who have the desire to build relationships with others during their second life experience. This growing population has influenced family based sims. In this article you will witness daily life activities in the Willowdale community. This community is welcome to everyone with the desire to live in a PG Family friendly surrounding. It doesn’t matter what race you are ,whether it’s human or furry as long as you are fully dressed. It’s a fun, non-violent community. Just because there are children playing in the park, going for a hike, watching movies, shopping,attending school, and spending time with their family, it does not mean you must have a child or be a child to roleplay in Willowdale. The




Willowdale is about building relationships with your neighbors and being part of the activities within the city. This does not mean people will gripe about you if you are not constantly roleplaying. Daily life in Willowdale consists of parents spending time with their children, whether it’s as simple as going to the park, watching movies, just reading stories, or having dinner together. People can find themselves attending church and studying for Sunday school. There are families and people of the community gathering to support sports teams who are playing against other communities. Second life family roleplay is exactly like real life events taking place everyday. Being yourself and being friendly is all you have to do to roleplay here. There is no need to write a character history or pretend to be something

community homes are available for lease

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