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Playford Library Presents

Clear Space Workshops

Saturdays from 10.30am– 12.30pm Civic Centre Library 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth

Presented by Rebecca Mezzino, an Adelaide Personal Organiser and run by Clear Space

17th May

Mess to Less:

Declutter your space, mind, and home!

This session will assist you in understanding what clutter is and how it affects you, Identify the causes of your clutter and how you can let it go, Learn techniques to stem the flow of clutter, Find out what you want! When you want it!, Personality traits and the link with disorganisation.

24th May 31st May


O r gan i s e d

Fam i l y :




This session looks at techniques in helping you to have an organised house with a family and kids! In the session it will help you to teach your kids to be organised, Run a busy family schedule, Make a planned Menu for the week and how to reduce your housework!







This session will assist you will getting rid of those piles of papers once and for all! Through this the session will help you to stop losing documents, setting up a paper system for your family and home, Know what to keep and for how long as well as storing your children’s paperwork and artwork! e: lin On 34 03 56 82 . Ph l: Bookings essentia

Clearspace workshops  
Clearspace workshops