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With the share of more than 60 % on the market of audio accessories especially for mobile phones, wireless speakers are becoming increasingly familiar. Therefore, it can be refused that these products of wireless speakers will dominate this market soon. Nevertheless, the issue is that are they good enough to replace all of the other form of speakers and headphones. I myself have been researched on the market of the audio accessories for years now, so I can illustrate some of the positive aspects and shortcomings of wireless speakers in compared with headphones to answer the above question that: wireless speakers are so great but they can not eliminate headphones for mobile phones. Let's discover those advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, the strengths of wireless speakers are so great and massive that show their significantly increasing growth on the market. The answer lays first on the convenience of these product. They are wireless. How so annoyed it is when a speaker with complex wires around that makes us so exhausted. Wireless speakers allow you to carry your phones to everywhere you prefer. That sounds so fantastic. Health is also another big matter. Medical investigation have illustrated that if you listen to much on headphones, your ears and hearing ability can be ruined. So want to be deaf or not to be deaf. The answer is to simple, isn't it? Moreover, those wireless speakers are not just only devices for listening to music, they are great modern tools of technology. They are equipped with wifi and bluetooth technologies that they can transmit, recover music. It can be said that they are really impressive bluetooth wireless speakers. Furthermore, these products of wireless audio speakers are appropriate too many android products like I phone, Samsung Galaxy, so these playfi android speaker are totally great for phones working android systems. Those things above are really great positive aspects of wireless speakers in compared to other kinds of speakers and headphones. However, as I said they can kick the others out of the market of audio accessories. You can move your phones or laptop everywhere you want buy sometimes it can cause discomforts to other people around you who are tired or dislike your music. So the answer is to wear your headphones immediately. The big question is the price. Wireless speakers are more expensive than the other kinds of speakers and headphones. Therefore, you should think about to buy wireless speakers when you are in financial troubles. Those are advantages and disadvantages of wireless speakers in comparison with their neighbors. Hope that you can choose the right thing. In my opinion, it is best to have both a wireless speakers and a headphone. Thank you so much for reading this article.


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