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@Playersgoforgold: Hi Sonam. How are you doing? :) @sonamakapoor: im doing great! just a minor throat infection.. @Playersgoforgold: Oh my god! Is this because of all the acting in Arctic Circle? @sonamakapoor: i never went to the artic circle dumbo! i was the only player who didnt! its because of all the dubbing! @Playersgoforgold: Well, get well soon then. @sonamakapoor: thank you :-) @Playersgoforgold: So which all locations did you shoot in? And do you envy your other co stars who went to the Arctic Circle? @sonamakapoor: i shot in New Zealand, Goa and Mumbai. yes i do envy them but they told me it was freezing! @PlayersGo4Gold: That's nice. Your character in #Players is very sexy and glamorous and a lot different than your other roles. Is that true?

@sonamakapoor: Yes its true to a certain extent, she’s also very very rebellious and edgy person. but in a very commercial way! @PlayersGo4Gold: Nice. Not a lot of people know that you are a trained dancer. Will your fans get a glimpse of your dancing skills in #Players? @sonamakapoor: Yup they will... this is my first film with me dancing in it typical filmy ishtyle... there will be 4 songs.. @PlayersGo4Gold: Dancing must be really close to your heart. How was the entire experience of doing something that you love? @sonamakapoor: it was very exhilarating. i barely had time to rehearse but i had brilliant choreographers Bosco Ceaser and Raju Khan! @PlayersGo4Gold: They sure are brilliant. Did you have to follow a certain fitness and diet regimen to shape up for the film? @sonamakapoor: not at all.. Abbas Mastan were very happy with the way i was looking. but im one of those girls who always has to be careful. @PlayersGo4Gold: You look gorgeous in all the stills and your fans love you. :)

@PlayersGo4Gold: Also, on that note, how was it working with the dynamic director duo Abbas Mustan? @sonamakapoor: awww thats so sweet. it was aaaawwesomeee working with abbas mastaan. they are the gentlest most amazing people! @PlayersGo4Gold: You're welcome! :) And how was it working with such a huge star cast? Any favourites? @sonamakapoor: it was faboosh they all are super nice! @juniorbachchan is my all time favorite costar. @PlayersGo4Gold: What a wonderful day for @juniorbachchan today. Have you guys planned any celebrations for him and his family? @sonamakapoor: well we will start planning now! @PlayersGo4Gold: Oh nice. Do convey our wishes to him as well. :) @sonamakapoor: i will def.. @PlayersGo4Gold: Getting back to the film. Have you done a sensuous song on the line of 'Touch me' in the film? @sonamakapoor: nope! its a song that’s completely different.

@PlayersGo4Gold: Really looking forward to that. :) How was the experience of driving a Mini Cooper? @sonamakapoor: I kept teasing Abbas Mastan that they have taken the three tallest people in the industry and put them in the smallest car! @sonamakapoor: but it was super fun. @PlayersGo4Gold: Haha. With Players releasing in the New Year, is there any message that you would like to give you viewers. @sonamakapoor: players is about taking control and fighting for what is rightfully yours. So be strong and be a player! @PlayersGo4Gold: Thanks for that message. :) Sonam, would you mind answering a few questions from our followers? @sonamakapoor: i would love to @PlayersGo4Gold: @bhupender_ray Have performed most of the stunts in #Players yourself? @sonamakapoor: @bhupender_ray quite a few. but i had a stunt double as well. but im a totally rash driver.

@PlayersGo4Gold: @juniorbachchan is known for playing pranks on all his co stars. Did he pull a fast one on you? @princessme_rox @sonamakapoor: @juniorbachchan @princessme_rox this movie no not even one! we were to busy gossiping @PlayersGo4Gold: Among all the wonderful locations you shot at, which is your favourite? @sonamakapoor: New Zealand! @PlayersGo4Gold: and the last one, @LoveBipashaBasu Describe the movie PLAYERS in a Sentence. (: @sonamakapoor: @LoveBipashaBasu a fun action adventure with glitz and glamour and loadds of filmy! @PlayersGo4Gold: Thank you so much for your time Sonam. It was lovely to have this conversation with you. Wish you all the best for #Players :)

Thanks Sonam for such a lovely twinterview :)

Twinterview with Sonam  
Twinterview with Sonam  

Here we have Sonam Kapoor's exclusive twitter interview for you all. Players is an upcoming movie starring Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor,...