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Of all the many woodworking projects the amateur woodworker might tackle, the most adaptable and versatile, is quite probably the humble chair. There are various styles of chair for your home and garden which even a novice woodworker may attempt to construct. As well as being an extremely rewarding process, creating your own original chair will not only save you money, but you will have the pleasure of being able to enjoy it for many years to come. Before you begin, there are several things you should take into consideration: The type of wood used, together with the finish required will be dependent on where your chair is used or stored - in the house, or out in the garden? Giving some thought to its function will make sure you choose a design which is suited to the intended use of the chair. A purely decorative, elegant chair which is meant for friends to admire will have a completely different construction than a super comfortable dining chair intended for 3 hour dinner parties. A chair which folds away easily for storage purposes will again require a completely different design. Once you have decided on the style of chair you are going to build, there are two important factors to consider; height from floor to seat depth of the seat The correct height of your chair should allow the feet of the sitter to be placed firmly on the floor. The depth of seat should not allow cutting into the back of the knees, while still being able to support almost the full length of thigh. Both these elements must be taken into consideration to provide maximum comfort by the chair. As a complete beginner or moderately experienced woodworker, your first and most important requirement is to obtain comprehensive woodworking chair plans. Without these you may easily make avoidable and costly mistakes. Good plans will be able to guide you through the process of building beautiful chairs, with easy step-by-step instructions and clear detailed diagrams which even the most novice woodworker can follow. An intensive list of all the materials you will need, down to the last screw, together with the type of wood and required lengths needed are a must. Once armed with all this invaluable information, you will now be ready to embark on your new

woodworking project - enjoy the process, but more importantly enjoy your hand-crafted, unique chair!

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==== ==== Access To Over 12,000 Woodworking Plans and Projects! Visit Our Link ==== ====

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