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In the wake of an FDA alert halting the importation of contaminated vegetable proteins that caused kidney failure and death in dogs, new evidence points to a deadly combination. Acid has now been linked to dog kidney failure and death in dogs. Researchers in the United States and Canada believe that melamine, a chemical used to make plastic may have mixed with another toxic agent, cyanuric acid, producing deadly crystals. The FDA confirmed that rice protein and wheat gluten from has been China tainted by cyanuric acid as well as melamine. Once the now deadly combo of melamine and cyanuric acid were added to pet urine, killer crystals were determined to form within a matter of hours in laboratory experiments. The crystals can block tubes from the kidneys to the bladder by filling those tubes with melaminelike crystals. With the FDA confirming the reported deaths of more than 2200 dogs as a result of eating poisonous commercial dog food, this latest revelation is a likely indicator of an ever widening problem for the dog food industry. The latest dog food recall is the biggest recall in history but is not the first due to contaminated dog food causing sickness and death in dogs. For example, as recently as 2006, the FDA reported the death of 76 dogs after eating commercial dog food contaminated with a toxic chemical called aflatoxin. It has long been the premise of leading dog nutritionists that commercial dog food is not only unhealthy on its face, but hazardous and potentially fatal to your dog. These are pretty bold claims and only an evaluation of the ingredients actually included regularly in many dog food brands can prove the charges as true or false. You can make this evaluation yourself by reviewing the ingredients included in many dog food brands at : A close look will reveal the inclusion of some rather suspect ingredients such as by-products, feathers, blood, feet, undeveloped eggs, bones, heads, and intestines. The problem with commercial dog food is more extensive than the current poison dog food crisis

which has been making dogs sick and killing them for several weeks . The real problem lies in the unregulated nature of an industry that was born in order to find a commercial use for slaughterhouse and industrial waste in postwar America. A commercial and profitable purpose was found in the packaging of a product which is little more than toxic trash and marketing it to an unsuspecting public as a safe and healthy diet for their cherished dogs. In fact, many dog owners believe that their dog must eat commercial dog food in order to be healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most dogs have a life expectancy that can reach and exceed 20- 25 years or more. With the introduction of poor quality dog food, full of toxins, fillers and carcinogenic chemicals is it any wonder that more than 50% of all dogs get cancer at some time in their lives? And is it any surprise that many dogs live for just 10-12 years? The recent dog food recall should be a call to action for any dog guardian to take back the health care of their dog and do what is simple and necessary to provide their dog with a healthy natural diet, while extending the life of their dog and saving money at the same time. Try feeding a natural dog food diet that you prepare at home. Both your dog and your wallet will thank you!

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Labs Find Acid in Recalled Dog Food  

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