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One of the best and most effective ways to run your MLM business is to generate leads on Facebook! These leads tend to be very responsive, and it's VERY easy to keep in contact with them. Here are my 3 favorite ways to generate leads on Facebook. #1: Post on Facebook Groups This strategy is very simple. In the search bar, type in words associated with MLM, like network marketing, entrepreneur, home business, etc. Select "show all results". Then, filter by "groups" on the left hand side. Go and join as many as you would like. Now, you can click on "Groups" on your homepage, and see a list of every group you're a part of! Simply go to these groups, and post on the walls. Basically, make it like a classified ad! Advertise some sort of value they'll get, and include a link to where you want the traffic to go. You can do this with about 20 groups per day, but only about 4-5 at a time. #2: Add a personal message to new friends When you are a member of a lot of groups, you'll get TONS of friend requests from other network marketers. When you add them, simply go their profile and send them a personal message. Just say "Thanks for the add, look forward to connecting with you", or something similar. Then, after you put your name, insert a link to where you want them to go (I usually put in the home page for my blog). It will look just like a signature line, and they won't think you're pitchy for sending them a link! You can also do this with friends that you add yourself. Just click on "add a message" and do the same thing. #3: Facebook chat To generate leads on Facebook, this is probably the one that builds the BEST relationships! You literally have to select someone you want to talk to, and actually talk to them live.

The way to do this is to first build a friendly relationship. Ask them a few questions about them and their family. Then, transition over to business. "How long have you been doing...?" By asking questions like that, you'll find out what their needs are. Then, you can present your business as the solution to their problems! That's a huge key to generate leads on Facebook.

Erin wrote this article about how to Generate Leads On Facebook to help the fledgling internet marketer know a great source of free leads. Erin has helped hundreds of people generate leads for their business. If you want to learn how to generate 30+ leads a day for free, visit Erin Smith's MLM Secrets.

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==== ==== For More Tips Step by Step How to Get Leads from Facebook Visit Our Link ==== ====

3 Tips To Generate Leads On Facebook  

For More Tips Step by Step How to Get Leads from Facebook Visit Our Link

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