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Union Hill Community Center 1780 AJ land Road Canton, Ga 30114



Total Square footage  

Max Capacity 


Saturday & Sunday       $45/hour    Monday‐Friday 

17 Round Tables   8 Rectangular Tables  145  Chairs  

For more information about this great facility, please call 770-924-7768.

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Badger Creek Park Barnett Park Blankets Creek Bike Trails Buffington Park Cherokee County Aquatic Center Cherokee Mills Park Cherokee Veterans Park Cline Park Dwight Terry Park Fields Landing Park Garland Mountain Trails Hickory Trails Park Hobgood Park J.J. Biello Park Kenney Askew Park Lewis Park Patriots Park Recreation Center Riverchase Park Sequoyah Park Union Hill Community Center Waleska Park Weatherby Park

For more information on any of the above parks, please visit, under the parks tab.

2261 Sixes Road Canton, GA 30114 Initially opened in 2000, the Blankets Creek Bike Trails are among the most popular mountain bike trails in the United States. They represent a partnership between Cherokee County, the US Army Corps of Engineers (Allatoona Lake) and SORBA Woodstock. There are over 14 miles of volunteer-maintained trails for beginners to advanced riders. Trails are closed during inclement weather. x x x

Over 14 Miles of Mountain Bike Trails 2 pavilions Restrooms

Status of the trails as well as a trail map can be found online at

ADDITIONAL RECREATIONAL OPPORTUNITES         Number  Website/e‐mail  Association  Baseball    Canton Dizzy Dean  (770) 231‐0832  Cherokee Reds  (678) 925‐1120  East Cherokee  (404) 414‐1234  Hobgood Park Baseball  Macedonia Baseball  (770) 362‐5917  North Cherokee Baseball  (770) 548‐5528  South Cherokee Baseball  (404) 337‐0526  Basketball  Cherokee Youth Basketball    (770) 924‐7768  Cherokee Senior Basketball  (770) 345‐4435    Cheerleading  Cherokee Youth Football Cheerleading  (770) 710‐2835  South Cherokee Recreation Association  Football  Cherokee Youth Football Association    (770) 710‐2835  South Cherokee Recreation Association  In‐Line Hockey  C.H.I.L.L.  (770) 851‐1558  Lacrosse      Cherokee Youth Lacrosse Association   (770) 924‐7768  Soccer  Cherokee Impact  (770) 704‐0187 Cherokee YMCA  (770) 591‐6092  NASA Tophat Soccer  (770) 955‐8700  Softball    Cherokee Youth Softball  (770) 924‐7768  Cherokee Senior Softball   (404) 923‐4939  North Cherokee Youth Softball  (770) 241‐9232  Northeast Cherokee Softball  (770) 616‐5936  South Cherokee Recreation Association  Track & Field  Sequoyah Youth  Woodstock Youth Track Club  (404) 654‐0093  Swimming  Cherokee Summer Swim Association  Special Olympics  Cherokee County   (770) 356‐3062   

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NOTE: The boards and members of each association operate these programs with the exception of Cherokee Youth Softball and Cherokee  Youth Basketball. The Cherokee Recreation & Parks Agency does not have organizational jurisdiction over these associations. All questions  should be addressed to the association president or board.        Other Phone Numbers    State / National Resources  County and City Services  Army Corps of Engineers    Boys and Girls Club      (770) 720‐7712    (678) 721‐6700  Cherokee Senior Center      (770) 345‐5312  Department of Natural Resources    (404) 656‐3500  Cherokee Tennis Center      (770) 592‐4582  National Parks Service      (770) 331‐5187  YMCA           (770) 345‐9622  State Hunting and Fishing      (770) 414‐3333  Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts  US Forestry Services      (404) 248‐9142  Boy Scouts        (770) 989‐2869  Girl Scouts Council       (770) 702‐9100        


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March-May 2018  
March-May 2018