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t is side-splitting funny and sharp. It pokes fun at the whole establishment. It interviews opinion leaders and best-selling authors. It might actually be the only real political news in the US. As long-time (on-line streaming) fans of The Colbert Report’s wicked back-to-back combination with Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, both now finally available in SA on Comedy Central, nothing could give us a bigger thrill than The Interview with Stephen Colbert himself. For 20 Questions, our own Luka Vracar connected with Steve Aoki, music prodigy from the US West Coast, who is hitting our shores in December. If our cover intrigued you a bit, page to other concept covers from across the PLAYBOY global family. Look for the bunny hidden in each cover – a fact known by every die-hard fan and a source of entertainment for many years. We chose the Dutch cover concept for our own, as it boldly speaks to the “bo blink, onder stink” attitude of conservative South Africans towards sexuality. Wezley Bezuidenhout chases coffee beans for the perfect cuppa. Greg Beadle turns his back on the world on a BMW bike. Leon Krige showcases his dramatic cityscapes photography and David Bullard lays into the eunuchs of corporate SA who lost their balls with their last BEE deals. While on the topic of corporate types, Richie Rich shares the secret of the perfect tailored suit. Pumped up on caffeine and dressed to kill, head out in the new Mercedes A-250 Sport. November is Movember in the world of chivalrous men who know how to do what is right. Founder Adam INGLORIOUS BASTERDS - P102 Garone explains how this global movement in support of prostrate cancer awareness has brought out the very best in men. Pick your choice – Dali, Selleck, Errol Flynn. And voila, for one month of the year, Pretoria is suddenly also very fashionable. The women are stunning, as always. Our new Playmate hails from Johannesburg – Vounal Nundlal, and she was spotted at Eden nightclub when we recently held a PLAYBOY party at this classy venue. Katia from Greece plays castaway on a deserted beach – lucky driftwood. Kamila from the Czech Republic visits the circus and even the lions lick their lips.  The science of sex gets attention in a story on neurological research into women who can think themselves into orgasm. All would be forgiven if you ignore the whole magazine and at least read Brett Forrest’s attempts to corner Grigori Perelman, the eccentric Russian math genius who solved the 100-year-old Poincaré conjecture and turned down the $1 million Nobel Prize equivalent for math. This is the writing we are proud of at PLAYBOY. And there is more. Always. STEPHEN COLBERT - P34

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Deep Dive ►

Let James Cameron journey 36,000 feet below sea level. We’ll sit beachside and use the Aquabotix HydroView, an underwater camera that is controlled remotely by your iPad and is capable of traveling 150 feet deep to capture still images and 1080i HD video.

Freedom Unchained ▼

The greatest issue with electric motoring has always been range. Zero Motorcycles claims to have a longer range than any other bike fitted with electric motors. The 2013 range features streetfighters and MX dirt bikes, but our favourite is the Zero Dual Sport, capable of an average range of some 140 km of hooliganism.



STEPHEN COLBERT A candid conversation with Comedy Central’s satiric genius about politics, grief, growing up, being in a cult and why an ideal guest shouldn’t act normally. by eric spitznagel


ne of the most controversial political attack ads in the run-up to the US Presidential election this year didn’t originate with an actual candidate or political party. It came from Stephen Colbert. Or more accurately, “Stephen Colbert,” his satirical alter ego. It was brilliant political satire – Colbert mocked the system from within, using himself as a comedic straw man. Although Colbert’s main gig is behind a desk as host of Comedy Central’s faux pundit news show The Colbert Report, it wasn’t the first time he’d blurred the line between satirist and subject. Born in Washington, DC and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Colbert was the youngest of 11 kids. He had a happy childhood, at least for the first decade of his life. But in 1974, when he was 10 years old, his father, Dr James Colbert, and his two brothers closest to him in age – Peter, 15, and Paul, 18 – were killed in an airliner crash. Colbert found solace in science fiction and acting. He ended up in Chicago, studying theatre at Northwestern University and joining the Second City comedy theatre. He was hired as a correspondent and writer by The Daily Show in 1997, where he stayed for nine years before the network offered him The Colbert Report. Within a year, Colbert was averaging 1.5 million viewers a night.

In April he was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. Eric Spitznagel went to talk with Colbert. He reports: “I met Colbert at his studio office in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. As we talked, Colbert sat behind his desk, his most recent Peabody in front of him, and outside the open window behind him an American flag fluttered in the breeze, perfectly positioned over his right shoulder in a way even his fictional doppelgänger couldn’t hope to choreograph.” PLAYBOY: When people meet you for the first time, which version do they want, Stephen Colbert or “Stephen Colbert”? COLBERT: I think they always want to meet the guy who’s going to show up and tell jokes. But if I’m asked to do something that isn’t specifically a performance, then I have to be very specific that he’s never going to show up. PLAYBOY: “He” being the other Stephen? COLBERT: That’s right. If I’m doing a talk show or an interview like this, or pretty much anything where I can’t control the context, I’m loath to do the character. PLAYBOY: Why? COLBERT: Because outside the context of the show, you have to be okay with

the clang of him against reality. PLAYBOY: But isn’t that what makes him funny? COLBERT: Yeah, but that doesn’t always work in a different context. We create our own reality on the show. I’m in a cocoon of the character’s creation. Even within that reality, he’s in a cocoon. Unless I’m doing something like the Correspondents’ Dinner, testifying before Congress, doing the rally or something where I’m purposively injecting myself into a story, there’s no benefit to pushing him up against reality. While I’m an improviser and enjoy discovery, the show follows a script. I have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen. It’s a very crafted, controlled environment. PLAYBOY: You can’t control what happens with the guests, can you? They’re not following a script. COLBERT: No, but they’ve all been warned. I tell everybody the same thing: “I do the show in character, and he’s an idiot.” PLAYBOY: Is that still necessary? Do people come on The Colbert Report and not know what to expect? COLBERT: It’s usually someone from another country or from a rigorous academic discipline who doesn’t have a lot of time for TV. Mostly I tell them because it’s a ritual for me. I have to remind myself what I’m about to do, because I rarely hit it as hard as I used to. PLAYBOY: Why not? COLBERT: It’s hard to remember. Often

photography by martin crook



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Vounal Nundlal

This November beauty comes to us from the sunny East coast. Our Playmate of the Month is vivacious Vounal Nundlal, a student born and raised in the summer of Durban who now calls the hustle of Johannesburg her home. Vounal wants to be a medical doctor, and we are sure she has seen more than her fair share of high fevers. We only wonder if she knows she caused them.

photographer: neil probert/hotlens art direction: steve jordaan make up artist: kelly grobler location: minx lounge / cedar lodge lingerie: simply gorgeous lingerie 7

by brett forrest Illustration by david hughes



Grigori Perelman is one of the greatest mathematicians of our time, a Russian genius who solved the Poincaré conjecture, which plagued the brightest minds for a century. At the height of his fame, he refused a million-dollar award for his work. Then he disappeared. Our writer hunts him down on the streets of St Petersburg.


had never been on a stakeout, but I Poincaré conjecture, Perelman refused ticket to St Petersburg. knew how it was done. I took a book. it. Unemployed these past seven years, In advance of my trip I phoned Sergei I brought a few sandwiches. I flipped he lives with his mother in a former Kislyakov, director of St Petersburg’s on the radio and listened to the traffic communal apartment in St Petersburg, Steklov Institute of Mathematics, where report in Russian. That kept me awake as the two subsisting on her monthly Perelman had worked as a researcher. In I waited for the mathematician. pension of $160. “I have all that I need,” late 2005, two years after his Poincaré I’d first heard of Grigori Perelman Perelman has told his concerned Russian proof had made him the biggest name about nine years ago as news of his math colleagues, with whom he has in his field, Perelman handed Kislyakov achievement leaked beyond the severed all but the most perfunctory his resignation, stating that he had international mathematics community telephone relations. been “disappointed” in math. He was into popular headlines. Word was that Perelman last gave an interview six abandoning math altogether, he said. someone had solved an unsolvable years ago, shortly after a collective of Kislyakov knew how obstinate math problem. The Poincaré conjecture PhDs finished a three-year confirmation Perelman could be. When I explained concerns three-dimensional spheres, of his proof. Since then, the domestic and that I planned to speak with Perelman, and it has broad implications for spatial international press have harassed him Kislyakov interrupted me. “I discourage relations and quantum physics, even into reclusion. Perelman has spurned all you from coming here,” he said. helping to explain the shape of the media requests, muttering tersely through “Perelman talks to no one, but he universe. For nearly 100 years the his apartment door against a wave of particularly hates journalists.” conjecture had confused the sharpest journalists. “I don’t want to be on display “My editor has told me to go,” I minds in math, many of whom claimed like an animal in a zoo,” he told one explained. to have proven it, only to have their reporter. “My activity and my persona Kislyakov sighed. “Then I guess you work discarded upon scrutiny. The have no interest for society.” When must.” problem had broken spirits, wasted one journalist reached him by phone, lives. By the time Perelman defeated Perelman told him, “You are disturbing the conjecture, after many years of me. I am picking mushrooms.” concentrated exertion, the Poincaré While Russian society has largely It was spring. St Petersburg was preparing had affected him so profoundly that he passed judgment on Perelman – for the Victory Day parade. Tanks lined appeared broken too. misanthrope, wacko – I admired him for the central canals. Banners crested the Perelman, now 46, had a certain flair. his renunciation of the modern world’s streets. In Kupchino, the southernmost When he completed his proof, over a expectations, his devotion to labour, stop on the blue Metro line, far from number of months in 2002 and 2003, he his results. He had not solicited fame or the palaces that give Petersburgers their did not publish his findings in a peerreward in proving the Poincaré, so why proud self-possession, it looked like any reviewed journal, as protocol would should he be required to react to public other new day. The red-and-white trolleys suggest. Nor did he vet his conclusions notice? His will was free, his results pure, coursed up the grassy centre lanes of the with the mathematicians avenues. People strolled he knew in Russia, Europe in the courtyards that and the US He simply connected the battered Perelman’s clothes were dirty and rumpled, his black posted his solution online housing projects. Russian beard mangy. Ringing the bald crown of his head was in three parts – the first Prime Minister Dmitry a nest of hair that stood on end. He looked disturbed was named “The Entropy Medvedev had grown as he gazed out from under thick eyebrows, chewing a Formula for the Ricci up in Kupchino, but this nail. How would he react when I approached him? Flow and its Geometric neighbourhood was so Applications” – and then emailed an abstract to several former associates, many of whom he had not contacted in nearly a decade. I liked his style. The more he did, the more I liked. In 2006 Perelman became the first person to turn down the Fields Medal, the top award in mathematics (there is no Nobel Prize in math). He has declined professorships at Princeton, Berkeley and Columbia. In 2010, when the Clay Mathematics Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts awarded him a $1 million prize for proving the

and therein lay his glory. There was more than one path to glory, I reasoned, and some glory might be found were I to solve this riddle. Perelman was the riddle, speaking through mathematics, the complex language of his Poincaré proof incomprehensible to all but a few hundred mathematicians. For the rest of us, eager to grasp the meaning of exceptional behaviour, there was only silence. With slight hope, I booked my



removed from fame and influence that it made a perfect home for someone who preferred to escape all notice. In my search for Perelman I thought I might rent an apartment, find one with a good view of his building’s entrance. A real estate agent walked me all over the neighbourhood. “Isn’t there a well-known scientist around here?” I ventured casually. “He lives somewhere on this street,” said the broker. “Have you ever seen him?” “Seen him?” he said with a laugh. “Sure, I’ve seen him. Like I’ve seen Putin

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idley Scott’s Prometheus is a phenomenal piece of filmmaking. It’s not ever going to be his 1979 masterpiece Alien, but it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be something more, something bigger, a parable perhaps, of our existence, our obsession with finding out who the hell created us and why. Alien was about the dangers of space exploration. About the horrors that can befall blue-collar workers trucking along a colonized galaxy, the soullessness of planetary mining, of bureaucracy, and ambiguous androids out to do a company’s bidding. For those of you who haven’t seen Alien please do so. It is PLAYBOY South Africa and EA Sports are one of the best films ever made, it is also giving four readers a chance to win a copy related to Prometheus, or rather, it plays in of FIFA 13 on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. its universe. Simply email your name, age, address, Prometheus asks big questions that it cellphone number and platform of choice purposefully doesn’t go about answering. to and tell us who is the And that’s good. In its opening shots we greatest footballer of all time. see a planet, which could be Earth, or not.

Its landscapes are primal and volcanic, The with treat formountains this year cloudy, green toppedleads by icy caps. It looks pure, untouched. Then me to believe that FIFA a giant saucer-shaped craft hovers by a developers become turbulent waterfall. Ahave being, with humanoid obsessed with physics, features and translucent alabaster-coloured skin walks the outcrops toward which is rocky great news for the us. plunging water. He takes out a metallic bowl and drinks from a mercury-like liquid. The ship lifts up with a bass-rumbling hum and moves through the clouds, leaving the creature, who begins to break apart, atom-by-atom, dissolving, his particles and corpse falling into the rapids and down, down into the rushing water and the river below. We next see his DNA strand mixing with that of other strands and amoebas in the water, the rapid transforming of cells,

and splits into other cells and so on. What does it mean? The film’s intro is playing with creation in an intellectually seductive way. Did highly advanced aliens go about seeding newly formed planets throughout the galaxy? Are these aliens benevolent? What is the agenda? These beings are later,



ootball is the world’s greatest sport. interestingly, referred to as “engineers” allour youteam like,offootball is the most in theArgue film by protagonists, a played as theand most watched motley crew as of well biologists scientists who sport the world. Football supporters go in around search of “god” aboard a ship called are mental: in other sport do do fans tear Prometheus in which the year 2093. How out seats and set fire toWell, the stadium theytheir know to go searching? primitive when their team loses?Egyptians, In Brazil,Mayans, their humans – Sumerians, et classic style of possession and dribbling al – have been carving, painting and etching is regarded an art. Some Boca Juniors’ giant beings,aspointing to what looks like a supporters would scattered particular star map,have intotheir theirashes buildings, rock on theclay La Bombonera’s pitch it. – their team’s walls, tablets, you name Thirty-five home stadium. Devotion like that cannot be thousand years later and anthropologists found in any other sport. have searched with profound technology Souniverse you canand imagine kind of pressure the foundwhat this specific game developers are under when designing constellation. An expedition is organised, the all sportingspeeds titles. EA andmother the shipofPrometheus its Sports’ way to FIFA 13 has one job toEveryone do: to beon asboard realistic the planetary system. as possible, is neither nor seems to be because driven bythere differing needs;plot some imagination needed, and theothers gameare itself is are nothing but ambivalent, more not being reinvented. that one sinister than expected,That’s but allwhy are in search thing is maker. so important. You whatdepth, you’re of their The film hasknow a hidden getting when you buyponderous FIFA 13; you just but thankfully, it isn’t or stretched want know howpiece realistic it is. into ato slow, heavy of pretentiousness. What EAwonder Sports have done is become For all its and questioning, it still masters ataction introducing one true innovative has pace, and some horrificthing each while simultaneously developing scares.year And, in true Ridley Scott manner, it is the previous year’s edition. allows the visionary in all senses of theThis word. game evolve without added pressure Theretoare thousands ofthe ways to identify of having to make “wow” firstmeditation impression. with this film: as ana existential More importantly, this allows the creators on humans as being alone against the to focus on whatthe needs to be done to of make universe, about open-ended evils the game better. This mayand sounds somewhat genetic experimentation bio-weaponry. boring or discouraging at first. But it really About our search for meaning, finding isn’t. FIFAletting 13 is him brilliant, as FIFA 12for was god and take just responsibility brilliant. if every game,You movie who and Imagine what we’ve become. mustor album was better too thanmuch its predecessor? Well, think I’m reading into an action you that such with FIFA. Is but it better enough sci-figet movie as this, so many big-to make part with budgetyou movies theseyour dayshard don’tearned ask us700 any bucks? Youthey betcha! questions; there to pound us to death FIFAshit. 12 was because of and theirit works with Scottgreat is taking a risk, revolutionary Player Impact Engine, which because it doesn’t stoop to being dumb for the sake of box-office sales. Let me quickly round up the special features. I recommend that you buy the Collector’s Edition, which has both 2D and 3D versions of the movie plus a bonus disc with, like, four hours of making-of documentaries and viral vids. It is seriously informative, brilliantly put together and insightful. It also does well to show the genetic links between Prometheus and 10

by kelly troy

Alien. There’s an amazing director’s commentary, as well as commentary from the writers.

was responsible for character movement and the way the players behaved during collisions and tackling. This little innovation essentially brought life to the physics of the game, and in FIFA 13 all the initial kinks have been ironed out and the players’ fluidity of movement is as real as ever. The treat for this year leads me to believe that FIFA developers have become obsessed with physics, which is great news for us. The all-new First Touch Control dictates things such as pass velocity, ball trajectory and defensive pressure. Skill ratings of the players are becoming more and more visible, so don’t expect your players to be able to pluck balls out of the air, run onto passes or receive crosses like they did before. If you do not use your skill, chances are you’ll fumble. And if one of your defenders sticks out as being somewhat shit, he is going to give up a lot more possession into Ronaldo’s skipping feet. As inaccessible as that is at first, FIFA was ingenious when they added the Skill Games feature. Now in the practice mode, or when games load, you are given addictive mini games, like lobbing balls into buckets and dribbling slalom. You catch yourself playing them over and over, forgetting about the match that is ready to play. You don’t even realise that what you’re doing ispractising for the actual game. Even better though, the new Attacking Intelligence feature sees your teammates making intelligent runs off the ball when going forward, even curving their runs to stay onside and just getting into more offensive positions – fucking finally! For the very first time it feels as though the ball actually behaves like a ball, and the players do not have beeswax on their togs. This makes the game challenging and realistic, which is ultimately what we want. Coupled with its expansive and addictive online seasons, FIFA 13 will have a following worthy of the sport.

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