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February 2013

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omedian Chris Rock one said, “If you’ve never contemplated murder, and the only thing that stopped you from killing a motherfucker was an episode of CSI, then you ain’t never been in love.” And in this month of Valentines we often forget that love is not an overpriced Interflora moment that can be ignored the rest of the year, but that it is also lust, infatuation, high passion or desperation – sometimes a special dinner could mean a breakup. No, love is the tough stuff. More importantly, love is putting up with the tough stuff. Do you have halitosis? A hairy back perhaps? Do you watch sport almost every single fucking day? Do you say embarrassing things in public? Are you clingy? Desperate? Short? Fat? Do you have a girlfriend? If you do, she loves you. (But watch your back – just in case.) If you don’t, buckle up. Matters of a courtly nature are more complicated, because Valentines Day not only gives us the opportunity to love our significant others, but to also love other people’s significant others, or at least to vie for the chance to get fair, young maiden into the proverbial haystack. David Bullard sheds some more light on pining on page 10. If you do find yourself wanting in charm, wit, general handsomeness, and you’re not in a band, get your hands on moollah as per Sugar On Top, our saucy feature on the sugar daddy phenomenon. If you are short a billion or two to join the sugar daddy army, read our feature on the million-dollar cellphone and tablet gaming industry on page 34. Angry birds indeed. Matt Damon discusses life in our interview. He sounds a bit dull and preachy, but then, he cannot be Jason Bourne everyday now, can he? In 20Q with Padma Lakshmi, the sexiest judge in reality TV tells us how to make an impression in the kitchen. Love may strike at first sight, but familiarity also breeds attraction, desire and butterflies. So we look back over the past year and introduce the 10 beauties you will be voting for in our search for Playmate of the Year 2013. Check out our special Playmate gallery on page 72 and get voting on 10 February. We chronicle the Rise and Fall of the First Rock Star, a tragic biography of Brian Jones, the founder of The Rolling Stones before his split with the band and suspicious death. Band dynamics are probably some of the most interesting and difficult, and nobody knows this better than the Stones. We also look at the best from the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, the underrated complexities of port, our stunning cover model from the Baltics Natalia Kulik, and much more that will set the pulse racing. Playboy South Africa – enjoy the luhv…



Sylvia Kristel - P20


brian jones - P78 Matt Damon - P22

Natalia Kulik - P28

Gaming Goldrush - P34 Honda CR-V - P90

It’s A Man’s World

All the things you never knew you really wanted


With a folding bridge, leather detailing and 22-karat gold plating, the limited edition Ray-Ban Aviator Ultra makes the already cool aviator sunglasses even cooler.


In 1964 Steve McQueen wore a Barbour motorcycle jacket in the International Six Day Trial motorcycle races. Barbour’s reissued Rexton is made with distressed, wax-dipped canvas and features an angled map pocket and patches that commemorate the race.


Optolyth Royal 15x63 BGA long-range binoculars are engineered for hunters and birdwatchers, but we like that they can make the nosebleed seats feel like the front row and the girl on the horizon look like the the girl next door.

GREENTHUMBS Parrot’s Flower Power is a gizmo dedicated to help you care for your plants. That’s right, there’s an app for your ferns. Flower Power is a wireless Bluetooth low-energy sensor that measures sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer and transfers the information to your smartphone or tablet. The wireless guys at Parrot also bring you the most technologically-advanced wireless speaker on the market with the Zikmu Solo. A 1 GHz ARM A8 processor controls the path of the coil of the bass loudspeaker in real-time, providing a maximum power with minimal distortion. There is also a “Duo” option of combining two Zikmu Solo speakers together via Wi-Fi. 4

THE interview

Matt Damon by stephen rebello

A candid conversation with the nice-guy movie star about being a neurotic, fearful action hero, dodging the paparazzi and trying to do good

another one. I’m going to talk to [director] PLAYBOY: Since you last spoke to DAMON: Jeremy Renner is a terrific actor. I Paul Greengrass about it. But I know what PLAYBOY in 2004 you’ve worked love everything he does. I have not seen the you mean about the rules and differences, nonstop, married and had three daughters, movie yet, but it isn’t in protest or anything. because if they were to put Jason Bourne along with a stepdaughter, with Luciana When it came out last summer, I was filming and Jeremy’s character together in a Barroso, kept active politically and a movie about Liberace right up to the end movie, would those rules, like the pills, philanthropically and – probably most of August. We then had to rush back to New have to apply in Jason Bourne’s world? important to moviegoers – become an York, where we live, so we could get the kids Frankly, though, I don’t see those characters action star in the Bourne franchise. With settled and into school. teaming up with anybody. Jeremy Renner starring in last summer’s PLAYBOY: In The Bourne Legacy, the rules established by your Bourne trilogy The Bourne Legacy, are you officially PLAYBOY: You’ve said you’re not a done with Bourne? Bond movie fan, and you’ve DAMON: The thing that called the James drove Bourne, the deepest When you grow up, you know what your parents did Bond character source of his angst and to you. After you become a parent, you know what “misogynistic,” anguish, what made him your parents felt like when they did what they did. It’s “repulsive” and interesting, was the fact that funny; I feel I know my parents more now. other choice terms. he didn’t have his memory. Do you find it By the end of the last one ironic that the we did, he has his memory Bond movies starring Daniel Craig have back. When he knows who he is and where are switched up. For example, Renner’s been influenced by the gritty action style he’s going, there’s not much left for me to character is one of a series of genetically of the Bourne movies? play. He’s just an utterly efficient machine, enhanced operatives who require regular and when he’s in only that mode – some of doses of little pills – or things get ugly. DAMON: The Bond movies have kind us involved with those movies refer to him of bent more toward Bourne, but from the DAMON: You know what? They might as “Mission: Bourne” – it’s fun to watch for a reviews I’ve read, this last Bourne bent a have taken the Bourne series out back and little while, but I don’t know if you can watch little more toward Bond. By the way, I never shot it in the head. If that’s the end of it, that for a whole movie. signed up for three Bourne movies. I signed that’s just the end of it. I hope not. I love up for them one at a time. the character and the three movies we PLAYBOY: Wait, that sounds like a PLAYBOY: Why was that? did, so I’d love to figure out a way to do review of The Bourne Legacy.

photography by david rose


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The Rise and Fall of

the First Rock Star by robert greenfield


gallo images/getty images/david redfern





background than Keith and has borrowed way onstage today, which is just the way uly 5, 1969. Mick Jagger is terrified. his father’s car for the 90-minute drive he would have wanted it. Insofar as the And for good reason. Although he here tonight. Rolling Stones and everything they have often suffers from stage fright before wrought upon this world are concerned, it a show, this is something else entirely. On Although Mick and Keith have known all begins with him. a warm, muggy day in London more than each other on and off for years, they became a quarter of a million people have filled inseparable a few months ago when they ran Forty-one years after his death, the Hyde Park to watch the Rolling Stones, into each other on a train platform on their ghost of Brian Jones is in the news again. who have not performed live in more than way to school. Mick was carrying a copy In 2009, authorities in England began two years, give their first free concert. of a Chuck Berry record Keith had never reviewing the evidence of his death, Mick, who is also battling hay fever and seen before, and the two began to talk. They a prelude to possibly reopening their laryngitis, has only to look over his right then started playing music together and are initial investigation. His body may soon shoulder to see why so many have come now so close that some people have trouble be exhumed, and the cause of death here today. telling them apart. listed on the coroner’s report – “death From a large photograph on the back wall by misadventure” – may be changed to Before Blues Incorporated ends its set, of the stage, Brian Jones peers at the crowd homicide. the band customarily invites guest artists with his perfectly pleated blond hair in his onstage to jam. Alexis Korner introduces a A musical genius who was tormented by eyes and a tight smile on his fine-boned person no one in the crowd has heard of. demons, Brian created the doomed rockface. Just two nights ago the man who “This is Elmo Lewis,” he says. “He’s come star persona that has now become a media founded the Rolling Stones and always from Cheltenham to play for you.” cliché. While Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck liked to refer to himself as “the undisputed Berry had the attitude before him and too And there he sits – 20-year-old Brian leader” of the band was found dead in his many great musicians who died before Jones with a stage name he made up swimming pool at the age of 27. And so this they got old followed in his wake, Brian for this gig, hunched over his guitar on concert has become a memorial for him. Jones was the prototype. No one ever a stool with a piece of pipe he found As the crowd cries out for the Stones did it all with his kind of style, grace and in a garage and cut to fit his finger as a to start playing, Mick steps to the madness. Along the way, he also created slide. Launching into “Dust My Broom” microphone. Barefoot in by Mississippi bluesman a long white frock with Elmore James, Brian starts billowing sleeves and a playing like he just came Asked for the name of his group, a clueless Brian gold-studded leather collar out of some cotton field in sees a Muddy Waters album lying nearby with a around his neck, he looks the Delta rather than from track on it entitled “Rollin’ Stone” and blurts out, like a troubadour from the Cheltenham, a genteel spa “The Rollin’ Stones.” days of old. In his hands he town where little old ladies holds a book. He tries to still sip tea at four each quiet the crowd by telling afternoon with their pinkies them he wants to say something for Brian. curled properly in the air. As far as Keith the Rolling Stones, “the world’s greatest Astonishingly, Mick begins to read from and Mick are concerned, this guy is Elmore rock-and-roll band.” “Adonais,” the poem Percy Bysshe Shelley James. Saturday night, April 7, 1962. A dank wrote on hearing news of John Keats’ basement club near the Ealing Broadway After the show, Mick and Keith introduce death at the age of 25. “Peace, peace! he tube station in West London. The crowd themselves to Brian. Right from the is not dead, he doth not sleep/ He hath is mostly male and distinctly weird. Blues start a weird chemistry develops among awakened from the dream of life…” purists in hooded parkas have come to them that even they will never really see Alexis Korner and Blues Incorporated, understand. The bond becomes stronger As Mick reads, more than 3,000 featuring Cyril Davies, a hard-drinking autowhen Mick and Keith turn Brian on to butterflies that have been kept in body repairman who can bend notes on his Chuck Berry. “Look,” Keith tells Brian, “it’s cardboard boxes for hours at the side of harmonica like he was using a pair of pliers. all the same shit, man, and you can do it.” the stage are set free. In a fitting analogy Brian is soon forced to make a choice. for the life Brian Jones led, many of the In the crowd are Keith Richards – an He can either play the real blues with butterflies flutter briefly into the warm unhealthy-looking, rail-thin 18-year-old musicians who are actually working for a summer air only to then fall dead to working-class kid who will soon drop out living or he can waste his time with two the ground. With Mick Taylor – Brian’s of art school – and his new best friend, skinny wannabe rock-and-rollers. “Fuck replacement – on guitar, the Stones go Mick Jagger, whom some people still off, you bastards,” he tells those who into their set. call Mike. Also 18, and a student at the want him to stay with Blues Incorporated. prestigious London School of Economics, Like the ghost of Hamlet’s father, Brian “You’re a load of shit, and I’m going to get Mick comes from a far more prosperous Jones has somehow managed to make his


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February 2013

s t r u e G a

r m i Z

Miss February

Oh South Africa, eat your heart out. Dutch model, Zimra Geurts, Miss

February for PLAYBOY South Africa, was born to a South African mother, finished school in the shadows of Table Mountain, and still has oodles of family down in the Cape. She misses those chilled days of lying on beaches with spectacular views or just hanging out with friends on some terrace sipping cocktails as the sun sets over the Atlantic. Not much of that available in the Netherlands this time of year now, is there? South Africans are a hospitable nation, so open your arms and hearts and welcome Zimra back warmly as part of the PLAYBOY South Africa family. How many other gorgeous South African beauties are there scattered across the globe?

Haan e de s n e R by Kaa trick & Pa




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February 2013


In the mind of by george van der riet illustration by paul crafford

god Imagine being transported to another dimension – one with an infinite amount of knowledge and possibilities, illustrated in an infinite array of colours, patterns, sounds and wavelengths, instantly understood in every possible way. Fractals cascading on fractals. Space, time and energy becoming one and yet becoming irrelevant. Body, mind and spirit melding into a single consciousness that is united with the universe. Everything is understood and everything is love.


ounds like a bunch of wishy-washy hippy tripe doesn't it? Sounds completely unattainable and useless in our world? Think again. Because it most certainly is attainable and if treated the right way, quite useful, too. Bear with me. Enlightenment, nirvana, omnipotence, conversations with God. All these are normally attributed to profound and engaged religious experiences. From Buddhism to Hinduism to Shamanism and Jewish and Christian mystics, there is a thread of experiences running through the ages related to having a complete out-of-body experience where one meets with the Godhead, immersed in ultimate knowledge, love and creative power. Ask anyone who's seen the welcoming light while between life and death on a hospital bed, or a monk who diligently trained his whole life to attain this state of mind and they will give you a variation of this experience. Ask anyone who has taken DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) and you will undoubtedly get the same response. DMT, or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, is a chemical compound found naturally in trace amounts in many plant species, most mammals and humans. It is classified as a psychedelic neurostransmitter which is part of the tryptamine family. It is analogous with serotonin (5-HT), the hormone melatonin and psilocybin. It has been used


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February 2013

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