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February 2014


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February 2014 RSA

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February 2014

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Playbill This month’s highlights


hhh, February. Is it the month of chocolates and roses, red ribbons everywhere and the syrupy-sweet pressure of wooing that “special someone” in your life (or feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t)? Or, do you take a “bah humbug” approach and avoid succumbing to the mania of the Mad Men who push this day upon us, and rather ignore the day altogether and hang out with the guys instead? Whichever attitude you choose, we’ve got you covered. Our cover pictorial by Dr Dan kicks off with an iconic naughty-yet-nice Valentine’s homage, and model Leanna Decker is quite the redheaded temptress. Fiery Ula Šemole’s pictorial, another redhead (get it?), makes us rethink what suburban poolside bliss really means. The icing on the cake (heart-shaped, of course), though, has to be our Miss February, Zoi Gorman, who teases with a Bang! theme in a stupendously sexy pictorial shot by Ana Dias. Bang! went our blood pressure – we’re down for the count and permanently smitten. If all this heart palpitating action isn’t enough, we’ve got a retro feature and pictorial on the ultimate object of our affection for almost 60 years (almost as long as PLAYBOY has been around): the one and only Marilyn Monroe. The achingly beautiful tributes to her life and her spirit by Kim Morgan, Roger Ebert and John Updike are well worth a read. Our 20 Questions with Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes is about a love affair of a different kind – that of two friends who have stuck it out across the years and who make a mean team in the movies. They talk a bit about working with Ben Affleck, too, and The Interview this month goes in-depth to chat with Affleck about his choice to play Batman and how he’s overcome some really bad films. While you’re busy with the good reads part of PLAYBOY, our fiction by Don Winslow will transport you into the desert, where two thieves test the power of love against a bullet, a backstabbing fixer and imminent arrest. And if you think that published works of fiction, and non-fiction, and the paper they are written on are worth protecting for future generations, consider the preservation project that maverick Brewster Kahle is so passionate about: collecting a copy of every book ever printed and storing it in an archive. We are sure Robert Kirkman’s “Walking Dead” would be among them (see pg 78). Sworn off relationships for a while and traveling solo? There are benefits: check out our Bachelor Travel feature, giving you the inside scoop on the latest hotspots around the globe, from Seoul to Mexico City. Speaking of solo, if you’ve been feeling a little “lonely” lately, we wonder if you’ve seen how technology is changing the rules of Internet sex, empowering women and relocating the porn star from the film studio to the house next door? Read about it in “Turned On” on pg 118. If you’re entertaining people besides yourself this month, we’ve got more hot “chicks” for you here – check out our recipe for a spicy new twist with chicken and then choose from one of our eight ultimate martini recipes to cool things down a bit. Of course, there’s also our regular batch of film and game reviews, grooming, fashion and tips in our gentlemen’s corner to mine for ideas. On the local front, we have a review of the South African alternative music scene and an interview with Terminatryx. Plus, a preview of a new Comedy Central Africa live show on the topic of Sex, hosted by John Vlismas and being filmed at The Lyric to be aired later on DSTV Channel 122. No topic seems to be off the table for Vlismas, or his panel including top-notch comics like Celeste Ntuli, Trevor Gumbi, Anele Mdoda and Nik Rabinowitz. There’s much, much more to read in this issue. But no chocolates.


February 2014

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February 2014 FEATURES 40





From Ronald Reagan to Hunter S Thompson, PLAYBOY unearths the archived correspondence behind the making of the magazine.


With the help of local Industrial Metal band Terminatryx, we take a look at what it truly means to be alternative on South Africa’s music scene.






Internet innovator Brewster Kahle is on a mission, collecting a copy of every book ever printed, and storing them in his Richmond, California warehouse. Rob Magnuson Smith visits the Bay Area to discover why Kahle is creating his peculiar ark of knowledge. Plus: Colin Dickey looks at the strange new world of SEO-driven books.

An exclusive from Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead.

Every night thousands of aspiring starlets take to the Internet with a webcam and, for a fee, allow strangers to watch them have sex. Or masturbate. Or wash their hair. Or smoke. Technology has created a sexual revolution reshaping the rules of porn, empowering women and relocating the porn star from the Valley to the house next door.




Audience Connection


The Interview: Ben Affleck


20Q: Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes


Playboy’s Party Jokes


The Advisor

126 Women’s Forum: You Are Where You Live 128 Fiction: By Sun & Lightning by Don Winslow 6


February 2014 PICTORIALS


20 Cover Model Leanna Decke by Dr Dan 58

Playmate Miss February: Zoi Gorman by Ana Dias

90 The Nude Marilyn 18 Endless Summer: Ula Šemole by Aleš Bravničar 136 Wink: Shera Berchard by Stephen Wayda


58 LIFESTYLE 12 Food: Hot Chick 13 Gents Corner: Suitcases 14 Drink: Martini Moments 16 Grooming: Protect Your Peepers 18 Fashion: Man Up Your Style 98 Motoring: Formula E


humor: Comedy Central Sex Live at The Lyric


Games: Dungeons, Dragons & Titans


Play: Media Must Haves


Films: All is Lost, Jack Ryan, American HustleSport: 12


Snow Control with Danny Davis


Travel: new grand tour







hangin' with hef


We know how you love Behind The Scenes pics. And we know how you love Behind The Scenes video even more. April Eve’s video is now online at videos/miss-december-2013-april-eve-bts/ ‘Nuf said.


The celebrations kicked off with the launch of the Kate Moss cover and parties around town and across the globe. In January, PLAYBOY did a tour through Hollywood – 60 Bunnies on a Bus. Then a get-together at The Mansion. And lots of fun on Twitter with #PlayboyTurns60. Of course, Mr Hefner was front and center.


Khloe’s career is skyrocketing and we’re enjoying the journey with her. She was chosen as PLAYBOY’S Cyber Girl Of The Month in January and you can catch her pics and video online

ELS - 5AM R159 PM


Friday gets pretty frisky if you follow us on Twitter


Our Mansion Maiden and one of Hef’s last girlfriends, Miss January Chelsea Ryan caused quite a stir. In case you missed it, you can now see some Ed’s picks from her nude pictorial on our website just by registering as a free member at

Tweet (and Retweet) your favorite selfies, naturally with that magic PLAYBOY twist of sexiness, and tag us in. It’s always a great start to the weekend. #FriskyFriday pictured here @IrinaVoronina

After a long wait, PLAYBOY TV has finally launched in South Africa. To get in on the action, subscribing is a quick and easy process. SMS your ID number to 40008 and they’ll call you back CONTACT the Call Centre on 0860 222261 SIGN UP at


FA C E B O O K FA N S 2 M I L L I O N + We love our fans, and word keeps spreading that our Facebook page is the place to be: we have passed the 2 million mark, and expect we’ll reach the next milestone sooner than we think. Join us online and get sneak peeks behind the scenes, find out what’s happening with our local Playmates and Playmates from around the world, and live the PLAYBOY lifestyle.

bscription and get one extra month free. e 18 years or older. Proof of age required. 10

Lifestyle food

The Hot Chick a renegade southern chef gives chicken and waffles a spicy reboot


hef Edward Lee cooks for the 21st century Southern gentleman. At Lee’s restaurant 610 Magnolia in Louisville, Kentucky, crab cakes are spiked with green-tomato kimchi and okra gets the Japanese tempura treatment. This mash-up mentality is perhaps best expressed in an already mashed-up dish of epic deliciousness: fried chicken and waffles. Lee first poaches the poultry in a Filipino vinegar and soy adobo broth to boost the flavor of the bird. For more smart Southern food, check out Lee’s cookbook, Smoke & Pickles.

Adobo Fried chicken broth • 2½ cups white ­vinegar • 1½ cups water • ¼ cup soy sauce • 1½ tsp whole black ­peppercorns • 1 tsp salt • 1 tsp sugar • ½ tsp red pepper flakes • 3 garlic cloves, chopped • 4 bay leaves

chicken • 2 lbs chicken thighs, drumsticks, wings • 2 cups buttermilk • 1 cup flour • 1 tbsp salt • 1 tsp paprika • ½ tsp freshly ground black ­pepper • 8 cups peanut oil, for frying


To make adobo broth: Combine ingredients in large pot, bring to a simmer over medium heat, then turn heat to low. Poach chicken pieces for 15 minutes, turning halfway through. To fry chicken: Pour buttermilk into one bowl; mix flour, salt, paprika and pepper in another. Dip poached chicken pieces in ­buttermilk, dredge in flour mixture and transfer to a plate. Heat oil to 365 degrees in a deep castiron skillet. Fry chicken in batches until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F, about eight to 10 minutes. Salt chicken while hot. Serve with dipping sauce and your favorite homemade waffles.

get saucy To make the spicy dipping sauce, mix one quarter cup water with three tablespoons fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons maple syrup, two tablespoons fish sauce, one tablespoon soy sauce and two thinly sliced habanero or Thai bird peppers.

Fry Daddy How to make supercrispy chicken Edward Lee’s top tip for frying is the “quarter rule”: To keep the oil a ­constant 350 degrees F, never cover more than one quarter of the pan with the food you’re frying. Check the ­temperature with a deep-fry thermometer.

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Edward Lee

Photography by Grant Cornett

recipe ADAPTED from Smoke & Pickles by Edward Lee (Artisan Books), Copyright ©2013. Illustration by Robert Harkness



14/03/12 10:47

Lifestyle fashion





While the average guy doesn’t have a wardrobe stylist at his disposal like A-list actors and athletes do, we’re fortunate enough to live in an era when designers are cutting their suits slimmer. And a leaner, meaner look can come in handy at the office or on the town.



Not all 42 regulars are created equal, especially when body types run the gamut from gym-toned to supersized. Getting the right fit is a multistep process that’s well worth the investment.



A. SHOULDERS FIRST The point where the padding meets the sleeve seam should end where your shoulder ends. Get this right in the store and you’re on your way. B. SLIM THE SLEEVES Here’s where the tailor comes in. The sleeve should break just above the wrist joint and leave half an inch of shirt cuff exposed. Slightly taper the sleeves if they look too baggy. C. GET WASTED Alter the jacket to nip in slightly at the waist for a cleaner, leaner silhouette. D. COVER YOUR ASS Pick a jacket that hangs no lower than your balls. Your legs will look longer. You’ll look taller.

3 1

E. CHP TROU Take in the trousers to fit comfortably at the waist without a belt. F. BREAK IT DOWN Hem the pants so they just hit the top of the shoe. Slightly taper the legs so they don’t flap around like Hammer pants.




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The Art of

Linked In

Dressing Down


Casual can be creative with classic clothes that have a sense of history. 1


3 1


How to

Rock a Scarf


Nothing takes an outfit from run-of-the-mill to rock royalty more than a rakishly tied scarf. Of all the ways totie one, the “fake knot” hits that sweet spot between intentional and casual.



A Drape the scarf around the back of your neck and tie a loose knot at one end. B Pass the other knot through the knot. C Tighten the knot until it come up just to your Adam’s apples. 5

John Varvatos’s 3 Rules for Dressing Like a


Rock Star

Menswear designer, Fashion Star mentor and hard-core audiophile John Varvatos designs clothes that help mere mortals channel their inner rock god and actual rock gods achieve sartorial splendour. (Artists from Iggy Pop to ZZ Top have appeared in his ad campaigns.) Here are his rules for dressing like a rock star. 1. EMBODY IT “Not everybody has a rock-god body – most rockers were rail thin – so the most important thing to think about it what’s going to look good on you. You need to be comfortable about what you’re wearing. Not a lot of guys can show up in a hat like Slash does and not have everybody laugh at them Swagger is key.”

2. INVEST IN A CLASSIC LEATHER JACKET “The best leather jackets are the ones that feel as if they have a history to them, like they’ve been around forever. You want one that will feel just as relevant when you pull it out of the closet 10 years from now.” 15

February 2014

3. DON’T SKIP THE SHADES “Sunglasses give an air of intrigue and inaccessibility. I’m writing a book for HarperCollins about rock and roll in fashion, and there’s a quote from Patti Smith where she says her sunglasses are such an important part of her look that she couldn’t conceive of going onstage without them any more than she’d go onstage without her guitar.”

Who’s in the Mood For

Love? Leanna Decker BY DR DAN


Photographer: Dr Dan MUA: Lindsay Ambrosio Art Director: Paul Peregrine Photo Assistant: James Cooper Photo Assistant: Tim Fiedler BTS video and RED Camera: Jon Firestone Craft Services: Kimberly Otte Location: Peregrine Studios

For our theme cover, we commissioned Dr Dan (our photographer for Miss December 2013, April Eve) to take a sexy yet sweet and, of course, slightly naughty approach to the many ways in which we might worship the power of Eros. Dr Dan is an award-winning,

internationally-published fashion and glamour photographer based in Denver, Colorado. He shoots from the heart (just like someone else we know) and his passion shows. Gorgeous redhead Leanna Decker was a logical choice. Leanna was

PLAYBOY’s Cyber Girl of the Year in 2012 and is one of the most beloved models on social media, with thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Leanna elevates the idea of pretty-inpink (and red) to a whole new level. Let the love affair begin!

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playboy interview By Michael Fleming PHOTOGRAPHY BY LORENZO AGIUS

A candid conversation with Hollywood’s ultimate comeback kid about the success of Argo, his newfound distaste for politics and the Batman backlash.

ben affleck 18

Ben affleck


en Affleck arrives for his PLAYBOY Interview beaming after dropping off his kids for their first day of school. For Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner, it is the familiar ordeal of dodging the cameras of 20 paparazzi who have followed every step taken by son Samuel and daughters Violet and Seraphina. Affleck accepts this as the price of fame and a two-star household. He had it worse when he fell in love with Jennifer Lopez, became half of the tabloid couple Bennifer and watched his career get damaged by the backlash and the ill-timed flop Gigli. A nice guy caught in a media maelstrom, Affleck was left to wonder how things had turned in a career launched after he and writing partner Matt Damon won Oscars for their Good Will Hunting script and the two Boston kids quickly became forces to be reckoned with. Affleck, whose star continued to rise with Armageddon, Shakespeare in Love and Pearl Harbor, never denied playing a part in his undoing by, among other things, appearing in Lopez’s music video to rub suntan lotion on her iconic bottom on a yacht. After they split, and with his career faltering, Affleck became determined to rebuild and prove his Good Will Hunting Oscar wasn’t a fluke. He scripted his second act himself, first by co-writing and directing the dark mystery Gone Baby Gone, based on the Dennis Lehane novel. A smaller film, it was an auspicious -debut and won favor with critics. The next project on his road to redemption was The Town, another gritty Boston drama, which he directed,

The interview

co-wrote and starred in. It too impressed critics. But everything came full circle with Argo. With Affleck as producer, director and star, the film won the Oscar for best picture last February. The tabloid follies and the failed movies faded into memory. David Fincher, who directed The Social Network, cast him to play the murder-suspect husband in the upcoming Gone Girl. His comeback was complete. But then Affleck put himself in the maelstrom again. Surprising everyone, he signed on to play the caped crusader in Batman vs Superman. It is a role that nearly killed George Clooney’s career, and the reaction in the press and on the Internet was intense and unfavorable, with many asking if Affleck had just undermined all the career gains he’d carefully made. Born to a schoolteacher mom and a father whose theater aspirations were undone by the bottle and who tended bar, took bets as a bookie and mopped up as a janitor at Harvard, Affleck caught the acting bug early. Just eight when he met the 10-year-old Damon, the two scored bit parts as kids before Affleck found his footing in indies such as Dazed and Confused and Chasing Amy. Then Good Will Hunting changed everything. PLAYBOY sent Michael Fleming, who last interviewed Quentin Tarantino, to catch up with Affleck. Reports Fleming: “We met right after his Batman announcement elicited hostility he hadn’t seen since the Bennifer days. A more mature Affleck doesn’t care. After his career overhaul, who’s to doubt him when he says, ‘Trust me, I know what I’m doing’?”

PLAYBOY: When Warner Bros named you AFFLECK: I don’t want to give away too have had that perspective 10 years ago? I don’t Batman, the Internet exploded with hostility. much, but the idea for the new Batman is to know. The world was different then. It seems After climbing back from career adversity to redefine him in a way that doesn’t compete odd to me to criticize casting if you haven’t win the best picture Oscar for Argo, was your with the Bale and Chris Nolan Batman but read the script and don’t know the tone or the initial reaction more “Not again” or “Screw still exists within the Batman canon. It will be take. But the casting of high-profile projects you”? an older and wiser version, particularly as he seems to generate negative attention; it’s fun AFFLECK: It wasn’t either, really. I expected relates to Henry Cavill’s Superman character. to give your thumbs-up or thumbs-down. that reaction. Warner Bros told me, “You PLAYBOY: How much did the hostile fan I’ve had the luxury recently of doing Argo, should know what you’re getting into.” They reaction bother you? The Town and The Company Men, films that showed me the reactions to other folks who AFFLECK: I understand I’m at a disadvantage didn’t have a high profile. You have the luxury had been cast in these roles. They said this is with the Internet. If I thought the result of waiting until the movie is released before how it tends to play out initially. would be another Daredevil, I’d be out there being judged. I’ve learned to think, I may PLAYBOY: What convinced you? picketing myself. [laughs] Why would I make succeed or fail, but I’m going to do so on the AFFLECK: When they merit of my own instincts. asked if I would be It’s a great business in that I’ve learned it doesn’t matter what people think before a Batman, I told them I way. You do a movie that’s movie comes out; what matters is what people think when didn’t see myself in the successful, you get a little they see the movie. There’s a lot of noise in the world, and role and I was going to victory lap, and then you the Internet magnifies that energy. have to beg off. They start at the beginning; you said I’d fit well into have to prove yourself how they were going to all over again. I like that approach the character and asked me to look the movie if I didn’t think it was going to be because it motivates you to work harder. I was at what the writerdirector, Zack Snyder, was good and that I could be good in it? thrilled with the reception Argo got. It was doing. The stuff was incredible. PLAYBOY: How would you have handled one of the great professional experiences of PLAYBOY: Why? this a decade ago, when things weren’t going my life. I’m thrilled I’m working with David AFFLECK: It was a unique take on Batman so well? Fincher in Gone Girl and that I’ll direct Live that was still consistent with the mythology. AFFLECK: I probably would have been more by Night, this big, sweeping gangster-epic It made me excited. All of a sudden I had a sensitive. I had less perspective than I do now. morality story. reading of the character. When people see it, I’ve learned it doesn’t matter what people PLAYBOY: You turned around a cold streak it will make more sense than it does now or think before a movie comes out; what matters playing George Reeves in Hollywoodland, even than it did to me initially. is what people think when they see the movie. a film about how his acting career was PLAYBOY: How will your Batman differ There’s a lot of noise in the world, and the destroyed after he was typecast as Superman. from the others, particularly the one played Internet magnifies that energy. My focus is on Did you learn any lessons to prepare you to by Christian Bale? the actual execution of the movie. Would I play another caped icon?

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Pl ayboy history


Letter File

Sixty years of correspondence from the Playboy archives


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An Internet innovator is collecting a copy of every book ever written. Why is Brewster Kahle determined to preserve our written knowledge? By Rob Magnuson Smith



eep within one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, inside a warehouse complex formerly used to assemble furniture, grows an enormous archive of books. The volumes range from best-selling novels to rare poetry manuscripts. They are not intended to be read – at least not anytime soon. Each day, more books – to date totaling roughly 1.5 million and counting – are scanned, digitized and sealed inside flame-resistant shipping containers. The vast literary archive is growing at such a rate that it is on pace to become one of the largest collections in the world. The archive’s location was chosen for its microclimate. In the city of Richmond, ocean winds blast across the bay and converge in a vortex that maintains a nearly constant temperature. The windswept streets could belong to a whirling moonscape or a postapocalyptic wasteland. Crows drop copper bullets on the archive roof and fight viciously over squatting rights to the skylights. Around the corner, past a bakery, hookers duck in and out of unmarked buildings. Drug dealers keep watch under lowered baseball caps.


February 2014




How a new breed of publisher cranks out books the public wants to read

Public libraries first appeared in Victorian England. A component of British social policies aimed at “mutual benefit,” libraries grew out of the belief that people without education needed the means to learn.

The morning I visit the archive, books arrive from the Boston Public Library. The shipment comes by semitruck – 12 pallets’ worth, totaling more than 10,000 volumes. No due dates are stamped inside. Like hundreds of cities around the country, Boston has paid to have its library’s back holdings brought to Richmond because the books have been guaranteed to be stored safely and securely, under the crows, forever. The driver pulls up to a loading dock. Situated across the street from a rail yard, the archive stretches across two interconnected warehouses that total more than 45,000 square feet. The driver steps out of the cab, wipes the sweat from his forehead and dodges a forklift that begins to scoop away his pallets of books. In less than an hour the truck is emptied, the driver sent on his way, the books shuttled into the shadows. Inside the warehouse a team of human scribes operates high-resolution scanners under booths of thick black curtains. This gargantuan time capsule of books fulfills the dream of one of the world’s most determined cultural archivists, Brewster Kahle. An MIT graduate and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Kahle has spent more than $3 million out of his nonprofit to buy and operate this facility. He devised the archive as a sort of data backup, apparently, to his online archive, which preserves web pages (150 billion and counting), concerts (including nearly 10,000 Grateful Dead recordings) and films (more than 500,000 of them) – all of which are available free to the public. You might say Kahle has a weakness for collecting things. You might also worry about

ulterior motives. Regardless, his warehouse has quickly become the nation’s largest repository of unsold, unwanted, secondhand, duplicate and deaccessioned library books – which suits him just fine. “We’ll take everything,” he claims. “Our goal is one copy of every book. Every book in every language. Every book in the world.”

Each day brings more grim news for lovers of the printed word. Breakout sensations such as Fifty Shades of Grey occasionally revive the flagging publishing industry, but major publishers, after decades of consolidation, are declaring bankruptcy and shutting down. Brick-and-mortar bookstores are disappearing fast. Of the big booksellers, Amazon – an idea more than a place, a multi-tiered distribution center, like the internet itself – holds the lion’s share of the market. Public libraries, faced with ever-tightening budgets, have reduced buying, shortened hours and converted their reading rooms into glorified computer terminals. Librarians used to help customers find physical books – now they spend most of their time thinning holdings and helping patrons get online. If publishers are folding, bookstores closing and libraries decreasing their holdings, what is happening to all the books? Many are being sent to Kahle. After watching Boston’s books disappear into his warehouse, I find the operational manager of the archive, Sean Fagan, in his office. Fagan is a young, stubble-faced former scribe from Kahle’s southern California operation. Not

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Roaming the dark corners of the internet are thousands of odd books with such titles as Unique Vacations, Vol 2: Sex Tourism and Where to Get Laid in the Philippines, Thailand, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Everywhere Else and Celebrities Who Fuck Hookers – Allegedly: Charlie Sheen, Gene Simmons, Tommy Lee, George Michael and More. These tomes are composed entirely of Wikipedia articles repackaged as print-on-demand books that sell from $19.75 to $55. They are largely the work of Project Webster, a currently defunct offshoot of BiblioLabs, which specialized in books from “the vast body of public domain (governmental) and open source (creative commons licensed) articles in existence.” Project Webster offers a dystopian vision of publishing’s future. The online description of each work begins with a modest disclaimer that “the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia,” followed by copy such as (from The Celebrity Rumor Mill: Celebrities Who Might Be Lesbians Like Tyra Banks, Kelly Clarkson, Oprah and More) “The world loves lesbians, especially when two beautiful women get together. It makes men go wild with fantasies and other women are just glad that there are two more women out of the never-ending quest to find a man.” Such titles claim to offer “the convenience and utility of a real book,” and it’s possible someone would buy one knowing it’s nothing but Wikipedia articles. But Project Webster trades on ignorance, with convoluted titles from an SEO wet dream. Stranger still, these volumes are more expensive than traditional paperbacks, perhaps on the theory that people value books, like wine, according to price. Degenerate publishers have always preyed on unsuspecting readers; the web merely accelerates this. What distinguishes schemes such as Project Webster is that they aren’t electronic; they trade on the value of the book as object. A mystique still surrounds a physical book: It seems more “true” than a website. Project Webster turned this on its head, bestowing that mystique on crap to make a quick buck. BiblioLabs has since suspended Project Webster, but in its wake imitators continue to spring up. Print-ondemand spam won’t be going away anytime soon. In the future, the book as object may continue to develop more, not less, cachet – though not always in positive ways. – Colin Dickey


February 2014

q1 PLAYBOY: Most people know you as Jay and Silent Bob, the slacker best friends from the movies Clerks, Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, among others. The characters have also been in comic books, a TV show and a feature-length cartoon that came out last year. What’s next for them, a musical? SMITH: We want to do a projection – you know, like they did with Tupac Shakur. We’re going to record a lot of shit now so that when we’re gone, they can bring us out onstage. MEWES: I think a video game would be pretty cool. SMITH: Oh yeah. We’ve done some app games, but maybe a game where we’re shooting at each other. Jay vs Silent Bob – that might be badass. Can you imagine those guys armed to the teeth? All right, we just talked ourselves into it.


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Miss february

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Ana Dias Assistant: Gonรงalo Jorge Make-Up: Ana Duarte Hair: Clarisse Fernandes Video: Maria Ferreira / Os Tais


Zoi Gorman BANG!

Miss February 2014 will bowl you over: Zoi is stunningly beautiful and super-smart. She’s an engineering whiz, a captivating model, and a supremely confident woman.

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feature MUSIC

Alter Native By George van der Riet

Going Underground

with South Africa’s Music Scene With the help of local Industrial Metal band Terminatryx, we take a look at what it truly means to be alternative – and it turns out it’s much more than goat sacrifice and being angry at your parents.


he dictionary describes “alternative” as “the choice between even have Lordi Coke and Lordi credit cards, metal churches and two mutually exclusive possibilities” or “existing outside a children’s show about a heavy metal band of dinosaurs called traditional or established institutions or systems, espousing or Heavisaurus. So, has alternative inadvertently become mainstream in reflecting values that are different from those of the establishment Scandinavia? Or is it simply a temporary cultural phenomenon? or mainstream.” PLAYBOY has always been able to walk the line On this continent however, no one is in it solely to make money – it between being popular and yet going against the grain of the has never and probably will never be financially viable. But what it mainstream (please, allow us to use that word without invoking lacks in numbers, it makes up for in passion. To quote a vocalist of a images of thick-rimmed glasses, deep-V’s and beards), while still local band, “When you take money out of the equation, you’re left retaining prestige and its status as the best men’s lifestyle magazine with only the music and passionate people.” Unbeknownst to most, in the market (for over 60 years, we might add). When it comes the South African scene has within it many influential and extremely to the case of entertainment and music, however, using the term talented individuals and groups, and the Dark Ages sentiment that it’s “alternative” almost universally applies to style that range from Rock, all a bunch of Satan-worshipping noise unfortunately still perpetuates Metal and Industrial, to Goth, Hardcore, Progressive Neo-Black in the mainstream mind. There’s been innovation and variation on Metal, along the way also including Viking Metal, Goth Rock, EBM, a grand scale for such a small scene; the first ever collaboration Darkwave, Power Metal, Post-Hardcore, Deathcore, Djent, Punk with the top-rated choir in the world (members of Stellenbosch Rock… I fear I have digressed. The list goes on and on, in fact, but for University Choir), the world’s only Afrikaans metal and rock bands, the sake of this article, “alternative” will refer to all those sub-genres the Voëlvry movement of the 90s, and newspaper headlines with encompassed into one. bands whose names are (And let us simply put actually swear-words, like aside the genre actually Fokofpolisiekar [Fuck Off With real Alternative music neglected across the labeled as “Alternative Police Car] to name a few. planet, and even more so here in South Africa, women Rock” – it is much too There are also burgeoning within that realm are even more rare. I like to tread vanilla and indecisive.) metal scenes in Algeria, uncharted routes, do something different from the These alternative genres Angola, Botswana, Egypt, norm, and with the male-driven Metal of V.O.D, I was are for the most part Kenya, Madagascar, keen to do something different. – Paul Blom clearly divided from the Mauritius, Morocco, so-called mainstream Mozambique, Namibia, influence, more often Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia than not because they choose a darker approach not only to their and Zimbabwe (check out if you don’t music but also to their aesthetics and subject matter (except maybe believe us) – and all of them with a deep meaning and sense of for Power Metal, it’s the happiest of the metals). community for those involved. The South African alternative scene has stayed true to its ethos and During the 1980s, still under the Apartheid regime, popular music for decades resided mostly underground, due to lack of recognition in South Africa was heavily controlled, sanctioned and mostly and simply the nature of the beast. Virtually no group falling under terrible. Never veering too far from the saccharine love ballads that moniker is on the Top 10. (We’ll leave Die Antwoord out of and songs about brannewyn [brandy], it only satisfied a certain this for the sake of genre, but they are most certainly not of the percentage of the population. But as in any generation, there mainstream, and most certainly do rake in the millions.) That is not were those who rebelled and found inspiration with likeminded to say music of the alternative persuasion cannot make you a living individuals from across the oceans. Fuelled by anger towards the – Europe is packed with bands that wear leather and spikes as a day totalitarian government and conservative culture, an underground job. Finland’s Lordi are known for their nightmarish costumes and scene began to form. One of the groups at the forefront were a bunch outlandish stage shows, and they won the Eurovision Song Contest of lads who called themselves V.O.D (Voice Of Destruction). Among in 2006, one of the most sought-after prizes in popular music and their ranks were brothers Paul and Francois Blom, on drums and famously won by artists like ABBA and Celine Dion in the past. They vocals respectively. V.O.D went on to tour Europe, scared the bejesus 30

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Photography and Post-Production Dr-Benway Model: Sonja Ruppersberg of Terminatryx Make-Up: Michael Ivy Hair Stylist: Daleen Badenhorst Wardrobe: Wolf Clothing & Sonja Styling: Sonja Ruppersberg & Michael Ivy Tattoos & Body Piercing: WildFire Dragon Rings: Tonto Brand Studio Facility & Lighting Supply: Cosmesis / Masque Assistant to Dr-Benway: Megan Davies




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omedy Central (DStv Channel 122) is aiming to get South Africans talking about Sex, Race and Religion thanks to a new series of themed comedy spectaculars. Comedy Central Presents... Live at the Lyric, to be held at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City will consist of three stand-up gigs analysing and dissecting the hot potatoes of contemporary culture – through the eyes of the nation’s funniest stand-ups. Kicking off the series with its steely gaze focused firmly below the navel is Comedy Central Presents Sex Live at the Lyric, a mix of gags, jokes, stand-up and hilarious improv on everything and anything to do with sex. Subtitled “How Deep Is Your Love,” the show will be MC-ed by comedy genius, entrepreneur and regular sexpo visitor John Vlismas, while exposing their views on sex to our prurient gaze will be a top-notch line-up of SA comics: Celeste Ntuli; Trevor Gumbi; Anele Mdoda and Nik Rabinowitz. Bringing things to a climax will be an inventive audience participation session using social media that just has to be seen to be believed, called the “Twittoris.” Sounds familiar somehow? Just can’t put your finger on it? Now you’re getting the idea…

To be precise, the innovative Twitter element will bring the four featured stand-up comics – Nik Rabinowitz, Trevor Gumbi, Anele Mdoda and Celeste Ntuli – into an interactive group session led by MC John Vlismas. The comedians will be seated on stage, and a series of Tweets will be displayed one at a time on a giant LED Wall behind them. The Tweets will be sourced via a short campaign on Comedy Central in the two weeks prior to the live show, and selected by the producers based on their originality, strangeness and potential for humour. Viewers will be asked to submit questions and comments regarding sex, sexual relationships, etiquette and/or sexual politics for the comedy panel to answer or discuss. The producers aim to select Tweets that are bizarre and interesting topics, not necessarily smutty or rude but there’s a chance that a few could slip through.... Comedy Central Presents Sex Live at the Lyric takes place on 21-22 February 2014. Two further topical comedy specials, Comedy Central Presents Colour Blind Live at the Lyric and Comedy Central Presents Divine at the Lyric, will go live later in June and September, respectively. Head of Comedy Central Africa, Evert van der Veer says: “Comedy Central is thrilled to scale up our live comedy offering with these three intimate examinations of the human condition. Sex, race and religion are three topics guaranteed to ignite a heated debate whenever they are discussed, and our skilled comedy lineup is well versed to explore the limitless comic potential they offer.” Comedy Central Presents… Live at the Lyric will be produced by John Vlismas and Taffia Keight of Whacked Comedy on behalf of Comedy Central. Highlights from Comedy Central Presents Sex Live at the Lyric will air on Comedy Central in 2014. Tickets: Computicket from R205. More info: @comedycentralAfrica To join the conversation, just add #CCLive to your tweets.

“Sex is the most done thing on planet earth: from birth we are closely linked to it; at death, life does it to us – and while it is the most common ground we have as humans, we spend 90 percent of our time pretending it’s taboo… so it’s right up my alley as a topic.” – John Vlismas 34

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Movie of the Month

American Hustle

By Stephen Rebello


n American Hustle, director David O ­ ussell takes a satiric swipe at a R group of eccentrics swept up in the notorious 1970s FBI sting operation known as Abscam. Based on a screenplay by Eric ­Warren Singer and ­Russell, the film offers a meaty, eccentric romantic triangle involving con artists played by Christian Bale and Amy Adams and the wildman FBI agent played by Bradley Cooper who coerces them into going undercover and putting the bite on some high-level crooks and scammers. The film is also a field day for stars Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, Robert De Niro and Louis CK. “It’s less about the real events than it is about a bunch of messedup, struggling, charged people doing wild, desperate things to survive in

a tough economy not unlike what we have now,” says Russell. “My intention is to grab p ­ eople with characters who make you think, Oh shit, who are these people? But they have big hearts, so you wind up loving them and wanting to hang out with them. It was exciting for all of them to do things they hadn’t done before – especially Renner, one of the most closely held people. As an actor, he does 180 degrees because he has to wear his heart on his sleeve. I like going to the hearts of these characters. Some may call emotion corny if they want, but I respond to emotion when it’s real, like in The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook. This movie is a companion to those, an evolution of the same kind of film.” Opens 28 February

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February 2014



Nude Marilyn


By Kim Morgan

More than fifty years after her death, one figure endures beyond all others.


aughter of God, weaver of wiles,” Marilyn Monroe, like Sappho’s Aphrodite, will never die. It has been more than 50 years since she gasped her final breath on that lonely mattress with no bed frame – her beautiful nude body just there, collapsed and unrestricted, that body all men (and women) yearned to cradle, ravage or revere. There she was, Marilyn: her hand clutching the telephone that kept her company when she holed up in her hacienda on Helena Drive; her pill bottles visible; her last phone call with friend Peter Lawford; her odd little housekeeper Eunice seeing lights still on under her door; her devoted though strange Dr Greenson first on the scene, breaking windows; Marilyn’s agent rushing out of the Hollywood Bowl; the cops; the changed stories; the Kennedys; the mob; the FBI files – what on earth was going on? A death scene so like Marilyn, that creature of contradictions: bizarrely glamorous and completely degrading, blatantly

and Norma Jeane would have made!) Without intending it for MM, Dylan placed her in the “ocean and the sky and the whole world,” making “She Belongs to Me” belong to Bobby and herself and to all of us. Marilyn, from the moment she stepped in front of a camera, was an artist and she didn’t look back. “She can take the dark out of the nighttime and paint the daytime black.” Yes. The complexity of a woman. The lyrical duality of a poet. And she, deep down, must have known this, even if she didn’t believe she had everything she needed. And she remains ever present, ever modern, ever the hypnotist collector. “You are a walking antique.” Much has been written about Marilyn’s vulnerability, much of it irritating. There’s the sad-eyed pat on the head, the poor little-girl-lost attitude that reduces her to the child-woman so many feminists bristle over, to which I ask, what is wrong with the child-woman? What is wrong with holding on to that lost kid, waiting for your

hang like a sloth for days in a muddy-mooded coma; a child-girl, yet an actress to loose a riot by dropping her glove at a premiere; a fountain of charm and a dreary bore. She was certainly more than the silver witch of us all.” Mailer understood her as both a human and celestial being – the “very Stradivarius of sex.” That may sound like horny hyperbole to some, but to me it places her on the level she deserves – a woman as a poet, an artist in her own being, her own sex, her own talent. And no one has ever captured that specific magic that is Marilyn. No one. Mailer’s words are a gorgeous counterpoint to what that other famous Marilyn biographer, Gloria Steinem, said of Marilyn on the American Masters special “Still Life” a few years back: “She was a joke. She was vulnerable. She was so eager for approval. She was all the things that I feared most being as a teenage girl.” I don’t believe you, Gloria Steinem. Further, in the same special, Steinem (who

“I was full of a strange feeling, as if I were two people. One of them was Norma Jeane from the orphanage who belonged to nobody; the other was someone whose name I didn’t know. But I knew where she belonged. She belonged to the ocean and the sky and the whole world.” – Marilyn Monroe

obvious and unendingly mysterious. Suicide. Accident. Murder. Myth. Monumental MM myths don’t die. When Marilyn’s inner light – that luminosity she could turn on with one brilliant pout of her lips, with one glance of moist, widened eyes, with one flash of that glimmering, sometimes puckish smile – departed her body, she didn’t lose her power. She lost her life, and that was tragic and indeed too soon. But that vulnerable woman, that strong woman – a woman both in charge of her life and deeply unsure of herself, full of hope and dope and dreams and fear of the future – that woman maintained her power. Marilyn wasn’t a candle in the wind. The wellmeaning Sir Elton didn’t write her swan song. Her poetic soulmate, that troubadour of Americana Bob Dylan, granted her that honor. As Marilyn said herself, “I knew where she belonged,” and so did Dylan, the other famous Bobby one wishes she had made love to or had lived long enough to meet. (Oh, what a couple Bobby Zimmerman

daddy to come home? Then there are those who are quite sincere though simpleminded – Marilyn just needed a hug. She needed love and understanding. Of course she did. And of course it’s never that easy – not with a contradictory creature like Marilyn. And then there’s the more honest, robust look at “vulnerability,” chiefly seen in Norman Mailer’s take on Marilyn. Mailer was a man who understood the mystery of women, a man who both made love to many women and fucked many women, many beautiful women, a man who admitted he wanted to steal Marilyn from Arthur Miller (“I wanted to meet her so I could steal her. And you know, a criminal will never forgive you for preventing them from committing the crime that is really in their heart.”) and a man who understood that vulnerability can sometimes be complicit and manipulative, thereby making Marilyn neither total innocent nor doe-eyed dummy. As he wrote, so beautifully, she was “a female spurt of wit and sensitive energy who could 38

I do believe admired Marilyn) comments on Marilyn’s final shoot with photographer George Barris – those gorgeous, timeless, casual shots on the beach, where she’s wrapped in a green towel and smiling or walking along the water in a sweater, staring at the camera with such soulful ambiguity that we can only stare back and wonder what she’s thinking; where she looks so modern, so ready for the 1960s in all her classic Pucci and slimmed-down frame and progressive ideas about sexuality. She’s clearly enjoying the beach, enjoying life. But she’s contemplative too. And this makes these photos poignant, not tragic. She looks so happy and womanly and alive: Who could believe she would die three weeks later? But Steinem, who sees Barris as a “kind man,” felt Marilyn was not her true self in those pictures. “The photographs are rather mannered and female impersonating and pathetic and sad.” Pathetic? If there’s one thing Marilyn Monroe was never pathetic in front of, no matter the quality of the shot or the quality of the movie,

it was a camera. She was a master. She had the God-given talent and charisma to turn on that inner light, and she had the intelligence to dim that light as well, to create darker erotic images (like Milton Greene’s Black Sitting), sad images, vulnerable images. And that is not pathetic. That’s strong. That’s brave. That’s art. Marilyn’s art. And this instinct of her artistry came to her early. As chronicled by photographer André de Dienes, who shot some of her better-known youthful images, Marilyn yearned to express herself. She suggested ideas (as that other great MM photographer, Eve Arnold, could attest). In 1953 the rising star called De Dienes at two in the morning, sleepless, sad and distressed. And in this state, she wanted to take pictures. When he arrived she wore no makeup, her eyes tired, her hair disheveled, and she was on the verge of despair. He was hesitant to shoot, but she insisted he snap her just as she was, in the dark streets of Beverly Hills (all her idea). In one of the most compelling images, Marilyn is leaning against a

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February 2014

photo by Tom Kelley

motoring formul a e

F o r m T

he FIA is launching an all-new racing series to take flight on 20 September 2014 in Beijing, Formula E. And as you may have guessed, it is a racing series featuring formula cars powered solely by electric motors. Ten teams of two drivers will compete in 10 cities across the globe for the inaugural season. The races will take place on street circuits and will follow the familiar event format of Formula 1. And, like Formula 1, a drivers’ championship as well as a constructors’ championship will be up for grabs when the first season ends in London on 27 June 2015. The first season of Formula E will be a single make series, with the Spark-Renault SRT-01E becoming the first car to be homologated by the FIA. Built by Spark Racing Technology in France, the car is powered by 200kw batteries provided by Williams F1 – which is the equivalent of 270bhp. In the

lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium cars this means there will be no shortage of speed, especially on the planned street circuits. McLaren will provide the powertrain and electronics that will put the power on the road. However, Formula E is designed to be an open championship and the FIA hopes to inspire constructors to develop their own racecars and electric technology within the specifications set out by the FIA. So far, four candidates for the 10 teams to take part in the inaugural championship have been announced: four-time IndyCar champions Andretti Autosport, IndyCar team Dragon Racing, China Racing and Dryson Racing. The remaining six teams will be announced later this year with the FIA hoping to attract a variety of international teams and previous racing champions. Each team will have two drivers, and teams will have the use of two cars per driver.

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u l a 41

February 2014




NEW GRAND TOUR You’ve Played Out Paris and Roamed Through Rome. It’s Time to Hit the New Capitals of Cool.


ravel remains a rite of passage for the modern gentleman, but the traditional stops on the grand tours of yore have become more about history than currency. Dive into the global good life in the cities that are setting the pace for style, culture and nightlife. So ditch the backpack, bring your best blazer and upgrade your worldly experience to first class.

Let’s once and for all dispel the notion that Mexico City is in its entirety a dangerous town – especially if you focus on the chic Polanco neighborhood, a hotbed of style, culture and cuisine.

book ’em

1. MEXICO CITY to live LUXURIously (and NOT DANGEROusly), go south of the border, young man

Mexico City is full of preening, look-at-me hotels, but affairs are altogether more discreet at Las Alcobas, an intimate, 35room establishment that values attentiveness and service more than

attention-getting and scene-making. The rooms are luxurious but not ostentatious; the bathrooms are outfitted with every great amenity, most notably space. Its palette features soothing creams, grays and lavenders offset with warm woods and geometric stone accents.

drop the chalupa Michelin has yet to discover Mexico, but when it does, the good inspectors will have but a short stroll between Pujol and Biko, which 42

were most recently at numbers 36 and 38 on San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Pujol is particular noteworthy. Its minimalist decor (dark woods and stark white spotlights) focuses diners on chef Enrique Olvera’s inventive twist on traditional Mexican cuisine: caviar soufflé, fried frog leg with poblano chili, guava sorbet with mezcal and worm salt. The showstopper is the piñata, a sugar orb filled with chocolate, tiny marshmallows and caramel. The defense rests. Easily.

gimme culture Some men buy their wives paintings for big occasions. Business mogul Carlos Slim honored his late wife with a museum. (Don’t try to keep up, hermano.) Museo Soumaya opened in 2011 in Plaza Carso with a strikingly modern facade made of some 16,000 hexagonal aluminum tiles. The slick exterior stands in contrast to the classical European masterworks collected within, a list of which reads like an art history textbook befitting, well, a Mexican billionaire: Da Vinci, Degas, El Greco, Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Tintoretto and nearly 400 pieces by Rodin (Slim’s wife was a fan). – Pavia Rosati

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E n d l e s s

S u mm e r


w i t h

Ula Š emole Photography by Aleš Bravničar

Noted PLAYBOY photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi recently invited one of our other favorite photographers, Aleš Bravničar, to eternalize Slovenian beauty Ula Šemole in the heat of Miami in this tribute to the sultry season.

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feature sex

On T u r n e d 46

By Rachel Rabbit White


The online sexual revolution is reshaping the rules of porn and relocating porn stars from the Valley to the house next door.

ow can I make money?” Lit by the electronic blue of a laptop, Brittany Jean scrolled through the responses from Google. She tried again: “How can I make money with naked photos?” Hours later Brittany Jean stripped down, set the self-timer on her digital camera and posted her photos to MyGirlFund, a site that allows women to sign up and sell nude videos or photos to a community of members. When her husband came home from the late shift, Brittany Jean pretended to be asleep and, after he’d drifted off, slipped back to the computer. “The first two days I made $400 from photos alone. Then I started camming at $5 a minute,” she says. This was what she led with when breaking the news to her husband days later: “Five dollars a minute – I mean, that’s what some people make an hour!” Skyping from a cream-colored bedroom in her Arkansas home, wearing a black top and smoky eye shadow, she shifts, revealing pajama pants below the screen, a look any girl who works from home would recognize. The new job brought out her sense of competition. She watched hours of YouTube make-up tutorials, lost weight and got her boobs done – a splurge with the money from camming, her first “real” job. “At first I wanted to brag on myself,” says Brittany Jean, who has lived in the same small town in Arkansas all her life. She laughs, touching her ash-blonde extensions. “I told everybody. But now I’ll go out and a girl I don’t know working a cash register will ask if I’m still camming. I didn’t realize at first that I would get the judgment.” At any given time thousands of Brittany Jeans are available on cam sites such as MyGirlFund, LiveJasmin, Streamate and MyFreeCams. For a fee they allow strangers to see them naked or watch them have sex. Or masturbate. Or wash their hair. Or smoke. Becoming a cam girl is relatively easy: The application process involves submitting photos and answering a few questions: “Are you at least 18 years old?” “What is your full legal name?” “Tell us a little about yourself.” In the world of sex work, it’s a good gig: It’s legal, and unlike other iterations it involves no physical interaction and no pressure from producers or directors. Cam girls can kick out rude users, make their own hours, set their own rates and keep a large share of the money. All these factors have helped the camming industry thrive at a time when the rest of the porn world is shaky: Streaming is killing DVDs, pirating is killing streaming, and amateurs are using Vine and Snapchat to make their own porn. Basically, the Ferraris have been traded for BMWs. Camming is the bright spot. In 2011 LiveJasmin was declared the most popular adult site on the Internet, period. Today it generates more web traffic than Hulu, Best Buy or FedEx. “It’s hard to pinpoint exact numbers, but annual

revenue for camming sites is well over a billion dollars,” says Stefan Patrick, director of business development at MyGirlFund, where Brittany Jean got her start. But on the business end, the two industries – porn and camming – are increasingly one and the same. Porn companies see cash in the intimate experience offered by cam sites and view it as amateur content that can be monetized by the industry – or rather by the handful of global-reaching companies that bought up most of the industry during the recession. Culturally, our views of obscenity shift with each new technological advancement – print to film to home video to the Internet. Now technology has us once again rethinking our definition of pornography as webcams relocate the porn star from the Valley to the house next door.

Aaliyah Love, petite, blonde and wearing an aqua satin bra, moves fluidly across a bed. A watermark stamped over the center of the video reads “Vivid Cams.” We are watching a training video that Vivid Entertainment, one of adult entertainment’s biggest companies, sends to cam-girl recruits. As Aaliyah demonstrates how to act on camera, slowly moving onto all fours, she gives sensible advice about money. “The thing that will determine how successful you are and how much money you make is how you act. You have to be happy, bubbly and inviting at all times, even if you are not in a good mood,” she says, her voice in a high girlish octave you keep expecting to drop but never does. “Repeat customers are where you make most of your money,” she reminds the viewer while writhing in lingerie. Vivid offers 10 training videos for new cam girls, including examples of how to do private shows: “Most of the time it is just simple masturbating with a toy and talking dirty,” Aaliyah says matter-of-factly, waving a glass dildo like a baton. A tour of Vivid’s Hollywood Hills headquarters – a stucco office park with ribbon windows and the Vivid corporate logo looming large – proves that porn is alive but changing. In the upstairs editing room, rows of men sit squinting at closeups of slow-motion penetration – content that will stream on the site. Vivid has stayed afloat in a time when many companies are being bought out. Camming helps. “Vivid got into cams in 2012,” explains Eli Mattar, manager of operations for Vivid Cams, a division of Vivid that works in tandem with Streamate. (One industry insider divulged that though the Internet appears to be littered with cam sites, most of the smaller sites are owned by Streamate, MyFreeCams or other, larger companies.) While a lot of porn companies struggled

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February 2014



Don winslow

By Sun Lightning It was true love for Shannon and Danny. But business is business.


Fiction by Don Winslow Illustration by Goni Montes

he lights crackle and then laid him down as gently as she could on she could feel him pressed against her and he flicker before they the bed. told her all the things he was going to do to her come on. Mustard yellow spread. when he got her back to the room and he did She helps him to Cheap. he did all those things and the next day they hit Ugly. the bed and gently lays him down. the bank in Payson and that night she bought Bloodstains on it, now they’ll have to throw “Baby,” he says, “I’m hurting.” him that shirt in Scottsdale, one of those soft it away. “I know, baby,” she says. summer desert nights, a flowered Hawaiian that “Gotta get a clean car,” he says through Shannon breaks the ampoule of morphine, she said made him look like Montgomery Clift clenched teeth. pulls the drug into the syringe and finds a vein in that old movie she couldn’t remember the Then the morphine hits him like a sucker in Danny’s arm. A former nurse, she’s good with name of and he told her it was “From Here to punch in a biker bar. His fists unclench, his a needle and injects him smoothly. Eternity.” head falls back, his eyes focus on a place Now she dumps sulfa in the wound and then The morphine will ease the pain. It won’t stop that only he can see, a place that’s near and gets a compression bandage on it. the bleeding. There’s nothing she Danny won’t bleed out. can do about the internal He’ll bleed in. “Baby,” Danny groans. hemorrhaging. He needs His pain is hers. It stabs at a hospital, surgery, and Then the morphine hits him like a sucker punch in a her. Hurts her heart. even then it could go biker bar. His fists unclench, his head falls back, his “It’s okay, baby,” she says. wrong. A bullet in the eyes focus on a place that only he can see, a place “It will take a minute for the stomach – the bleeding, that’s near and somehow far away. morphine to kick in.” the infection, the She strokes his hair. His sepsis. He could make face is pale and sweaty. it through the initial Danny hollers and grabs trauma and still die, days his stomach. Shannon pulls his hands away. somehow far away. or even weeks later, and then he dies bad, he “Don’t do that, baby.” She looks at his stomach. dies ugly. Beautiful Danny dies ugly under the Don’t touch the wound and don’t yell. No exit wound – bullet still in there, already sickly yellow light of a hospital room. Motel walls are thin and there was a TV in starting to infect. Low-caliber, low-velocity But there isn’t going to be any hospital anyway. the office. The six o’clock news will be on soon piece of shit. Goes in, doesn’t go through. If Not on this side of the border. and if there’s a story about a bank robbery the he doesn’t have a fever now he will soon. She Walk into an e-room with a bullet wound and woman behind the desk might get ideas and takes tweezers from her bag, splashes alcohol, that’s it. They’re reading Danny his rights as make a call. then picks shreds of his shirt out of the wound. they’re rolling him into the OR. Shannon pulled off the road first chance she She remembers the shirt. That time in Arizona, You too, Shannon thinks, because this isn’t got, Danny crumpled up in the passenger seat up in the mountains, that town with the weird hard to put together. They’re already looking groaning and holding his stomach. One of those name what was it – Sho-Lo. They drove around for a man and a woman, the man with a bullet motels with the separate cabins, like in the it seemed like forever to find a place for dinner in his gut, the woman pretty with long legs and 1950s, she guesses. Maybe it was the 1930s. and when they did there was this great guitar long blonde hair, and that reminds her to take She pulled the car into the driveway behind a player who could play everything and Danny off the wig, not that it will slow the cops down big tree. gave him a $100 bill and asked him to do more than a few seconds. You take him to the He could have died while she checked in. Sinatra tunes and they danced. The only ones hospital here it’s a death sentence for the both Got a room, got a key – an old-fashioned real on the floor, everyone watching them and she of you – life without parole, the same thing – key, not one of those plastic cards – checked to knew how good they looked, him with his because there’s a dead guard on the sidewalk see no one was looking and then got him out black hair and flashing white teeth, her with outside the bank. of the car. Propped him up against the wall as her long legs in the black heels and her red hair She has to get Danny to the other side. Across she got the key in the lock and the door open, swirling and when they danced slow and close the border. A Mexican hospital, a Mexican

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“Being a Playmate has nothing to do with a certain look or modelling experience – it’s about stepping up to that long-awaited platform to show off your natural confidence and beauty. PLAYBOY South Africa is looking for the girl-next-door who’s ready to wow the nation.”

by Toonen & Wientjens

Do you have what it takes?

February 2014 - PLAYBOY SA