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NEWS RELEASE AUTO REAL LOTTO LAUNCHES NEW SITE: AURL.COM Provider of Lotto Smart Algorithms announces new website and Smart Ticketing platform New York, January 24 2012—Auto Real Lotto, a leading provider of Lotto Smart algorithms and related services, today announced its latest website,, a new addition to its Lotto Knowledge center. A combination of recent changes made by the New York PowerBall lottery game, and an increasing demand for smart tools that enable customers to win the ever-growing in value New York Lottery jackpots, led Auto Real Lotto (AURL) to realize the need for an one-stop website that offers Smart Lotto Tickets, generated concurrently with related online services and information. “We want to live up to the expectations of our customers, while simultaneously targeting millions of interested Lottery players,” explained Tania Peitzker, AURL’s CTO. “This one-stop-website offers a complete range of services and information pertaining to all the New York Lottery games.” With the launch of its new Smart Ticketing platform, AURL now provides the following services: Professional service – AURL’s methodology for completing the lottery form is based on up-to-theminute knowledge and experience, together with statistical programming that promotes and increases the chances of winning. AURL enables its customer to play more than the 5+1 traditional numbers, guaranteeing a winning ticket, when the chosen numbers are part of the drawn set of lottery balls. Consistency of service – AURL offers the service of submitting favorite numbers again and again automatically, every single lottery draw, every week of the year. Expert Advice – AURL’s team of analysts will advise how to pick the right numbers. AURL’s unique algorithm will help its customers play a large quantity of tickets, for a fraction of the cost. Effort-saving – AURL saves customers’ time and efforts by filling in the forms, as well as buying, storing and checking their tickets. Error Free– AURL’s automated solution will print customers’ tickets without the potential human error of choosing and filling in the form. Reliability of Service– AURL’s system performs a comprehensive and thorough check of all tickets, and notifies winning customers. Security service – AURL ensures that all tickets are submitted on time, and securely stored. Ease of Use – AURL is at your service, helping you buying tickets: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The combination of smart algorithms and Lotto-related advance services, makes the first choice for advance Lottery players that are looking for smart tools and easy ways to win the Jackpots. “We allow our members to realize their dreams of winning the lottery,” continued Tania, “Providing easy access to the biggest and most advanced lottery games available today, for millions of players across the world, AURL offers a highly advanced service that dramatically increases the chances of winning.” AURL also offers a Wheeling System, designed for players wishing to play more than the five numbers required for a lottery ticket. The Wheeling System intelligently creates sets of multiple numbers ("Tickets") from the larger group of numbers, guaranteeing a prize when the numbers drawn appear in the customers’ larger group of numbers that were wheeled. Since the system creates many combinations ("Tickets") from the selected numbers, the chances of the winning numbers appearing in customers’ tickets are higher than ever before.

AURL’s Wheeling System generates tickets that provide either full (Full Wheel) or partial (Abbreviated Wheel) coverage of all possible number combinations. About Auto Real Lotto Auto Real Lotto was established in order to provide people worldwide with access to the biggest, most advanced Lotto games in the world. In order to help customers make their dream of winning the lottery come true, AURL provides a sophisticated service that significantly increases the chances of winning dramatically for our members, by utilizing innovative statistical and analytical tools. These tools, together with our expert specialist advice and guidelines, helps transform a game based on luck into a game based on expertise. Corporate Media Contact and additional information:

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AUTO REAL LOTTO LAUNCHES NEW SITE: AURL.COM to buy lottery ticket, play online lotto

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