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Our mission is to deliver highly entertaining, diverse, and unique gaming experiences to players around the world while never losing the passion, agility, grit, and customer-focus that made AGS successful in the first place. ÂŽ

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OBSESSED WITH THE PLAYER EXPERIENCE AGS leverages innovation in hardware and game software to differentiate itself in an ultra-competitive market. In 2020, AGS will launch two new form factors for its Orion family – the Orion RiseSM and Orion 49CSM – and continue to support its customers’ investments with a steady library of new Class II and Class III game content from the Company’s five in-house game-development studios.

R E D OR ! NOW TAKING GAME-PLAY TO NEW HEIGHTS Introducing the Orion Rise, our tallest and most stunning cabinet, offering over eight feet of gaming excitement in a dual-screen video slot. A dramatic, 55-inch High-Definition 4K LCD portrait top monitor showcases jackpots, bonus events, and wheel excitement. The lower 24-inch High-Definition LCD touchscreen monitor highlights game-play action, pick features, and reel spins. The ergonomic 10.1 LCD button deck is the perfect player interface, built with Gorilla Glass for superior damage resistance and durability. The low-profile button deck and its dual bash buttons are surrounded by high-bright lights to enhance the game-play experience. 6

AGS’ signature U-shaped lighting design showcases this stunning platform with 420 game-controlled LED lights that change color based on in-game events. A custom-designed premium audio system adds to the cinematic game-play experience. Eight-foot-tall Ultra HD LED spacer signage adds attraction to linear banks of Orion Rise games, showcasing high-impact motion graphics designed to complement the game theme. The result: a stunning cohesive game package design to add high levels of player engagement. Built for comfort, the Orion Rise features a low-profile customer player interface and wider footwell for more leg room. An integrated USB charging port enables players to charge their phones or tablets while they play.


GET AHEAD OF THE CURVE AGS introduces the Orion Curve, featuring an LCD Ultra HD curved portrait monitor for a more immersive game-play experience. The 49-inch curved touchscreen portrait monitor features 4K resolution for cinematic slot entertainment highlighted by spectacular color, breathtaking contrast, and incredible detail. A 21.5-inch game-synchronized High-Definition LCD slot topper with LED lighting adds excitement and celebrates wins and game-play action. The large, comfortably placed 10.1 multi-touch LCD button deck is the perfect player interface, built with Gorilla Glass for superior damage resistance and the upmost durability. The button deck and its dual bash buttons are surrounded by high-bright lights to enhance the game-play experience. 8

AGS’ signature Orion U-shaped lighting design showcases this striking platform with more than 400 game-controlled LED lights that change color based on game events, music, and sounds. A premium, custom-designed audio system adds to the theater-like game-play experience. An integrated external USB charging port enables players to charge their phones or tablets while they play.




Create an Attraction on Your Floor with a D

AGS introduces the breathtaking Starwall, a large-fo a stunning game merchandising option for our Orion kind, Starwall combines hundreds of direct-view LED drop in a harmonious combination of pure black and feet tall and 5-feet deep, AGS’ StarWall is designed t

Fitting sleekly and securely with banks of six premiu Starwall adds attraction through high-impact motion theme.

The front, back, and even the side panels are compo the player in the game-play experience and attractin technology offers the highest maximum brightness o fect for a dimly lit casino floor. Illuminate your floor a AGS’ Starwall.


Dazzling Merchandising Package

ormat free-standing video display that is n PortraitSM premium games. A first-of-itsD tiles to create a seamless video backd color. Measuring 8.5 feet wide by 8.5 to attract players from across the floor.

um Orion Portraits, the free-standing n graphics complementary to the game

osed of brilliant LED lights, enveloping ng players passing by. Direct-view LED of all leading display technologies – perand light-up your game performance with


TOP PERFORMER PORTRAIT CABINET PROVEN TO ENTERTAIN The award-winning Orion Portrait cabinet features the groundbreaking Orion U-shaped emotive lighting design with a ring of 498 game-controlled, game-synchronized LED lights, as well as a stunning 42-inch HD toucscreen portrait monitor. High-performing Orion Portrait game content like Rakin’ Bacon!®, River Dragons®, and Fu Nan Fu Nu™ have become gaming floor must-haves, driving revenue and providing hours of player engagement.


With sustained performance of 2.17X win vs. house average, Rakin’ Bacon! on the Orion Portrait is a casino-floor must-have, delivering squeals of delight from your players and boosting coinin. This five-reel game with a multi-level progressive is packed full of player-favorite features, including free spins, multipliers, and scatter pays. As the wins add up, the golden pig gets fatter and fatter, until the player wins the Free Game Bonus and the golden pig explodes and reveals a pick screen, giving the player up to 3,125 ways to win. Rakin’ Bacon! is a sizzling hot game that keeps players engaged with every spin!



The Ultimate Choice Jackpots family on the exceptional Orion Portrait platform combines both an exciting base game feature and a true pick bonus. Two golden coins collected on a reel turn the reel into Wilds. The more coins, the greater the anticipation and excitement! TM




Packed with excitement, AGS’ new titles featured on our Orion Portrait platform add a new dimension to the Hold & Spin play mechanic. Each reel is associated with one of the five multi-level progressives – when the player fills it up, she or he wins the credits AND the jackpot!




The beautifully lit dual-screen Orion Upright features twin large, 27-inch HD displays, a 21.5inch HD LCD topper, ergonomic LCD button deck, dual high-bright PLAY buttons, and an integrated mobile device charging port. Distinguished for its reliability and serviceability, the Orion Upright offers seamless accessibility to key components. The Orion Upright is available with a large library of new and proven dual-screen titles for Class III and Class II markets, including numerous hits from AGS’ classic ICON cabinet, including Fire Wolf®, Golden Wins®, Sapphire Wins®, and Shadow Fox Dreamcatcher™.


LUCKY STACKS™ Watch player engagement grow and grow with Lucky Stacks, featured on the Orion Upright platform. AGS’ Lucky Stacks library offers thrilling base-game play and multiple exciting game-play features to keep your players in their seats. Stacking symbols with a golden background award one of the four multi-level progressives, while the special Lucky Stack symbol on reel five turns all golden symbols into stacks, creating big-win anticipation in the base game. Adding to the excitement is a choose-your-own volatility feature free games bonus, which offers players the choice between more spins or added Wilds!


AGS’ Fa Cai Shu series delivers rich Asian imagery and player-favorite features for a high-volatility play experience. All Fa Cai Shu games can be linked, creating the potential for massive progressive awards when one of the three progressive jackpot awards are triggered during base game spins. Three or more bonus symbols award 10 free games, and free games can be retriggered, keeping players engaged with the opportunity to extend their winning streak. All Wilds transform or expand to add excitement.





IMPROVED SIGHTLINES, GROWING GAME LIBRARY The brilliantly engineered Orion Slant delivers dramatic attraction and gameplay excitement, with its dual LCD HD monitors, optional ergonomic LCD digital button deck, 21.5-inch LCD HD topper, and distinctive starwall design featuring 420 game-synchronized full LED lights. The latest HD audio, along with a self-contained subwoofer, intensifies gameplay with a cinematic theater surround-sound experience.


Your players will be electrified with AGS’ Money Charge Jackpots, featured on the Orion Slant cabinet. These four-level progressive slots give your players a choice during gameplay – earn free spins or the thrilling Hold & Spin feature! ®




ALORA VIDEO BINGO CABINET AND GAME LIBRARY ENTERTAINS The Alora video bingo platform and library of video bingo games are designed to deliver high levels of player engagement and game performance in video bingo markets across the globe. The pioneering and powerful Alora™ upright cabinet features sleek styling, dual 23-inch touchscreen HD displays, enhanced game-synchronized cabinet lighting, an LED button deck, premium audio package, eye-catching topper, and an illuminated foot pedal with play action for a truly immersive, hands-free experience. AGS’ expanding Alora game library currently features 12 games, including the player-favorite Lotto Diamond™, available in multiple languages including Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Offering linked, near-area progressives and a community bonus feature, each game title delivers high levels of engagement, excitement, and anticipation designed to change the player experience for video bingo enthusiasts.








AGS offers a library of more than 30 proprietary table games and table game side bets to entertain players and drive revenues in the casino pit. With more than 3,700 placements around the globe, AGS’ game portfolio offers something for every type of player, including the fastest-growing progressives in the industry, premium poker titles, blackjack side bets, and variations of baccarat and roulette.


® A baccarat progressive that pays when the banker or player hand contains a King, ® Queen, or Jack with a 9.

The industry’s most popular and fastest-growing blackjack progressive.

A bonus round for table games featuring a virtual money wheel. ®



® A high-performing premium poker derivative.

A community-based felt side bet with a 28% hit frequency.




Unlock the power of poker with Jackpot Hold’Em, an exciting new poker variant. It’s player vs. dealer in this fastpaced single-deck game in which the player and dealer will make their best five-card hand out of seven cards.

In this thrilling new flush-based game, the player takes on the dealer for the highest point total. The player and dealer receive seven cards and vie for the highest-scoring hand using up to three suited cards from the seven cards dealt.


In this riveting new AGS game, the player competes against the dealer for the longest Flush or Straight. To get in on the action, the player must make the Straight to the Flush wager, and for even more winning opportunity, can choose other optional wagers.

In this exciting new poker variant, it’s player vs. dealer. After seeing the dealer set their hands Face Up according to a house way, the player arranges their seven dealt cards into a three-card high hand and two-card low hand (discarding two cards). Optional side wagers allow for big wins on premium hands.


Drive excitement, engagement, and revenue on Its innovative design, which features three conce award one player position with an enhanced priz

And Bonus Spin Xtreme™ can link ALL table gam with any product in any casino.

In addition to its groundbreaking capability to lin ability to provide just one unique progressive jac players to be rewarded with a community prize. TM



And because casinos can use Bonus Spin Xtrem one time, and the progressive meters will grow m operating efficiencies for the casino operator.

any table game on your casino floor with Bonus Spin Xtreme, AGS’ innovative new progressive side bet system. entric wheels, enables Bonus Spin Xtreme to award all participating players with a community prize, as well as ze which may be a progressive jackpot.

mes within a casino and offer a single shared progressive jackpot – a feat which has never been accomplished

nk all table-game progressives on a casino floor, what truly makes Bonus Spin Xtreme a game-changer is its ckpot winner for community-style table games like roulette, baccarat, and craps, while enabling all participating

me to link every table game on the casino floor, casino operators will only have to seed each progressive meter much more quickly – adding tremendous attraction to players seeking to win a larger prize and providing

KEY FEATURES • Solves the challenge of how to offer a single winner for a progressive jackpot on community-style table games. • When the wheel spins, every participating player at the triggering table wins a prize. • Using AGS proprietary technology, Bonus Spin Xtreme can link all table games within the casino, providing faster-incrementing and larger progressive jackpots. • The multi-level jackpot features AGS’ popular must-hit-by progressive jackpot. • Enables optional casino-configurable non-cash prizes like cars, boats, hotel stays, dinners, spa packages, concert tickets, etc. • Three eye-catching wheels and multi-level jackpots are sure to add excitement and attraction.



In its STAX Progressive 2.0 release, AGS added new features in high demand by casino operators. Ask your AGS representative about our new O-WAP functionality with single and multi-site meters, and our new STAX graphics featuring seasonal themes, winning hands tied to jackpot levels, larger game logos, and scrolling messaging at the bottom.


Our award-winning STAX Progressive table-game progressive brings unprecedented player excitement to nearly any table game with dynamic links to multi-level and must-hit-by jackpots. The must-hit-by feature delivers new levels of player excitement, with the promise of larger jackpots and a more achievable win. This highly configurable table games progressive system features various wagering options, along with multiple levels and distinct pools, to seamlessly transform basic games like blackjack, as well as AGS’ player-favorite proprietary games like Chase the Flush™ and Criss Cross Poker™. With new seasonal themed backgrounds that can easily be changed by casino personnel, STAX Progressive becomes more than just a table progressive; it becomes a powerful merchandising and attraction tool to transform play and power revenue in your casino pit.


KEY FEATURES • Up to five independent progressive jackpots per game. • Must-hit-by progressive jackpot option that is guaranteed to hit, delivering larger jackpots and an increased level of achievability. • Configurable meter contributions, dynamic reserve/reseed pools, and optional dealer incentive toke pooling. • Operator Wide-Area Progressive (O.W.A.P.) option that enables multi-property casinos to offer life-changing jackpots, resulting in faster-incrementing progressive meters.

GOLDEN SEAT™ FEATURE AGS now offers an optional feature for STAX called Golden Seat™, which randomly selects a player at the table who has wagered the progressive side bet and delivers a customizable, casino-configurable reward. This second-way-to-win prize encourages players to wager the progressive bet and adds the thrill of anticipation to any casino pit!



To augment its growing library of proprietary table games, side bets, and progressives, AGS offers welldesigned, efficient table game equipment intended to drive operating efficiencies, increase revenue, and enhance the player experience.


The Dex S™ single-deck card shuffler features a streamlined design with less moving parts, making it exceptionally functional and economical. The Dex S is ideal for poker rooms to increase efficiencies, due to its automated card shuffling, which shuffles a single deck in less than 36 seconds. Ž

Dex S offers efficiency, security, and ease of service and maintenance. And with a footprint that fits into existing table cutouts, operators can easily install the Dex S without changing their current layouts or replacing any tables. 30


AGS introduces its new Pax S™ single-deck packet shuffler designed for specialty games. Featuring sophisticated and secure card recognition technology, the Pax S fits into existing table cutouts for ease of installation and offers casino operators a new choice for dealing all the most popular proprietary games available today.


KEY FEATURES • Engineered for specialty single-deck table games. • Shuffles one deck while another deck is in play. • Delivers packets of cards to each player position as well as a dealer position and community positions, as applicable to the game. • Fits existing specialty table game shuffler cut-outs to both the dealer’s left or right side. • Features a large touchscreen display for game selection and accessing other shuffler features. • Offers card recognition and other security features for enhanced game protection. • Cycles a shuffle quickly to keep pace with the speed of the games.



Protect your chips, enhance security, and ease your equipment supply chain with AGS’ new elegantly engineered ACOT Chip Tray and no-peek device – available together or separately. The ACOT solution combines an easily accessible 12-tube table game chip tray with a separate no-peek device designed to provide greater levels of security for blackjack tables. With a lock-ready lid and mounting hardware, the streamlined ACOT Chip Tray is designed to fit perfectly within your existing cutout for ease of installation. The no-peek device uses a large housing to increase protection from prying eyes.

KEY FEATURES • Designed to efficiently store and arrange your chips for easy accessibility. • Securely protects your table’s chip inventory. • Tray lid utilizes any normal barrel lock. • Fits existing table tray cutouts with or without blackjack no-peek device. • Familiar no-peek functionality for blackjack use. • No-peek reader is not connected to the chip tray for easy installation or replacement. • For non-blackjack titles, the chip tray is available without having to pay for the separate no-peek reader.



Communicate and engage with your players in new and impactful ways with AGS’ stunning new pit display. Towering high above your casino pit at nearly 12 feet tall, our pit display features three 55-inch Samsung commercial-grade HD monitors, backlit graphics, and secure mounting to the floor. Multi-color LED lighting around each side’s cabinetry adds to the attraction with static or continually changing bright colors for a magical, eye-catching effect. Designed to showcase the progressive meters for your AGS STAX Progressive on up to three different games, our new pit display will attract players and add anticipation as your guests across the casino watch the jackpots get larger!

KEY FEATURES • Three premium Samsung TIZEN-powered HD displays attract the eye with a slim, captivating diagonal design, letting you display the progressive meters for up to three different games. • Highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly LED side lighting enables you to customize your sign with different colors or continually changing colors for a high-energy experience. • Premium display controllers enable centralized, remote content management. • Versatile display package enables you to showcase marketing content and even live TV on any or all three displays.


BACCARAT DISPLAY • Multiple display layouts • Adjustable colors and bets limits • Player/banker wins and ties • Ties, naturals, and pairs • Disgned to enhance traditional baccarat, Dai Bacc®, and Royal 9™


ROULETTE DISPLAY • Double-sided 30-inch display • Idle game attract mode • Feature-rich roulette trends • Adjustable fonts and min/max limits

• Customizable layout and theme • Playful roulette ball animations • Looping marketing video content • Real-time wheel stats





ROBUST GAME AGGREGATION PLATFORM AGS’ powerful AxSys Games MarketplaceSM reliably and quickly gets the industry’s most engaging game content to the world’s largest online operators for a delightful, mobile play experience.

Our iGaming solution features a robust and scalable Remote Gaming Server that places flexibility, scalability, and speed at its core. Through a single integration, we can deliver cross-platform gaming content from a wide network of third-party game developers and our own in-house studios to numerous operators in regulated, legal real-money gaming jurisdictions.


Our HTML5 portrait and landscape games offer the same game mechanics and play features that players love in land-based casinos, combined with in-game and meta-promotional features that keep gameplay fresh and exciting.


AGS’ ConnexSysSM Social White Label Casino solution delivers a turn-key, free-to-play mobile casino app that blends your brand with our player-favorite games to become an interactive social casino your players can take anywhere. This powerful, self-funded marketing channel interfaces with casinomanagement systems to deliver a 360-view of your player in the casino, at home, and on-the-go so you can offer rewards for their land-based and online loyalty — driving increased casino visits.


Fully customizable for an authentic brand experience Best-in-class meta-game features and live operations Powerful backend CRM and player segmentation Land-based marketing and promotional segmentation Premium, player-proven AGS slot content Third-party content integrations


LIVE OPERATIONS KEEP PLAYER ENGAGEMENT HIGH & DRIVE INCREMENTAL REVENUE AGS’ ConnexSys℠ is the industry’s only B2B solution that delivers powerful Live Ops to drive revenue and player engagement. Consistent Live Ops, powered by a huge library of events and promotions, delivers a fun and fresh experience to players every day. Increase your daily active users, drive engagement, and maximize monetization with AGS’ huge Live Ops library! • Tournaments • Score-Play • Charms • In-Game Progression

• Jackpots • Chip Deals • Bonus Safe • Tickets

• Bundles • Bonus Wheel • Scratch Cards • Mega Wheel

• Treasure Hunts • Missions • Challenges • AND MORE!


Play Mohawk


Casino Stars

Gray Wolf Peak

Prairie Band

Shoalwater Bay


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