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Benidorm 2012 Benidorm, Europes hottest gay resort. Loads of great venues all within a few minutes walk. Shops, Saunas, Restaurants and of course Bars. Very few resorts have all this within walking distance, and of course the great weather and beaches Benidorm is renowned for. Eating out 2 Palms Restaurant Now open under new management. Fabulous food at reasonable prices. Michael’s Benidorm’s most recommended Restaurant! Come along and find out why... NEWS • NEWS • NEWS Out Bar Opening in May Babylon now under new management. Accommodation, Bar, Snacks, Roof Terrace/Bar, Take away and food deliveries Pulze Bar now open, see main advert Boys Bar now open, see main advert Bar Refuel Under new management, Benidorms only daytime beach cafe, see main advert Benidorm Pink Weekend 11th, 12th & 13th May See for up to date information Visit

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The Molino H20 Sauna Splash Sauna

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2 Palms Paneil’s Intimate Bar

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Mercury Mercury Bar Pulze Boys Bar Bar Peppermint

7th Heaven OUT Look Domino Bar Babylon Company Bar

Bears Bar Casa Don Juan


Café Michael


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Passion Sex Shop

Michael’s Restaurant Hotel Mayna Ale Hop

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Kafee Klee Rich Bitch

Andros Clothing Oliver’s Bar Lovers Bar Queens Peoples El Papagayo

Benidorm Gay Map proudly sponsored by Café Michael. Light meals, Homemade Pies and Pastries available to 2.00am. Eat in or Take Away. Opposite Don Juan in the centre of the Old Town

an on 619 236 428 or

679 157 659

Crisis Special! Michael’s famous Early Bird Special is available Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 7pm. A Full 3 course meal for just €7.95 Al a Carte Menu With over 100 Items to choose from €4.00. Wonderful selection, Something for everybody. Everything individually priced!


NOW OPEN FROM 1PM ON SUNDAYS until 8.30pm Traditional Sunday Roast (Available everyday) Roast chicken, pork or beef, served with a plate of 6 vegetables, roast and mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, stuffing and a delicious gravy. Choices from €6.00 • Vegetarian Menus • Celiac Menus • Childrens Menus • Extensive Wine List • Functions & Parties up to 70 people catered for Calle La Biga 15 • Old Town • Benidorm 03501 Opening Hours: 4.00-10.30pm Monday - Saturday Sundays 1.00pm - 8.30pm Reservations 96 680 1346 or 679 157 659

New All Day Menu Newfrom All4.00pm Day Menu served to 10.30pm Everydayto 10.30pm served from 4.00pm Over to 60 Saturday Choices Monday Perfect at the Over 60Menu Choices Perfect Menu at the Perfect Price! Perfect Price! Any starter €4.00 Any Anystarter main course from €4.00 €7.00 Any main course from €6.00 Any dessert €4.00 Any dessert €4.00 Starter and main course €10.00 Starter and main course €8.00 Maincourse courseand anddessert dessert €8.00 €10.00 Main Chooseall all33courses courses Choose Startermain mainand and dessert €10.00 €12.00 Starter dessert

Book online at estauran .m w ww ichaelsr us online en m r ou See all

For private sittings and appointments please contact Kenny on 96 587 8424 • 686 361 594 • Aries: A static month and one in which you are forced to wait and see rather than jump in there with all guns blazing; and then dreading the consequences. This is a time for deep contemplation, and letting things just slide, rather than letting them become your focus. Take time to help someone who you know is about to make a big mistake in their life. It will be what you don’t say that will bring them to their senses Taurus: Forever stubborn , actions bring conflict and inner anger brings stress on unhealthy levels. If you just take the time to think before you erupt this month you may just see things from a different angle and change your mind. This is a difficult time to find an answer to the many questions that you need to ask yourself, but make a start by looking within. It may well find you that peaceful solution right now.. Gemini: Resident Venus turns a corner and faces the actions of Jupìter and Chiron, bringing some complications to a head and allowing someone the benefit of the doubt. The inference is on personal relationships which have hit an all time low. You need to better trust yourself and to adopt a wait and see policy that embraces all your future plans, and yet gets your message across. Cancer: Peace reigns after the many actions of late. You are currently poised to take on something that will inevitably grab your attention, and which could be a Pearl in the Ocean for the future. Investing in your immediate future means that there is a need to establish time for yourself now, and to at least start to make the plans that will allow you to enjoy something inspiring to look forward to. Leo: The current Mercury opposition sees you in pole position and gives you a chance to show your superior skills, and your open and loving heart. The attraction right now is for something very different and very forward thinking, and it will take all the energy you have. Your commitment and your ability to plan and research brings new energy to the project, and showcases what you are capable of. Virgo: The Mercury opposition brings a negative aspect into play and finds you with an inner anger about something that appears to be out of your control, but which you feel is somehow your responsibility. Relationships are strained, and if there is no communication then conflict in Mercury is only to be expected this month when someone’s arrogance gets your goat, and two can play at this game!

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Kenny Corris brings you the Horoscope Libra: You seem to be taking on somebody’s workload, and assuming control, and it is the ease and expertise in which you establish yourself that really shows others what you are really about, and that you are not to be messed with. Your motivation to get things done brings new energies into play that will stand you in good stead for the future, and may herald the promotion you deserve. Scorpio: With all the will in the World there are some things that cannot be achieved overnight, and things that need to be discussed if they are to have the impact that you desire. There is also a need to take time to assess your situation, and come up with an escape plan. You are in an emotional desert, but as soon as priorities are truly sorted then you can start to live a balanced life with all the trimmings. Sagittarius: You are deliberately taking time to gauge your continuity in a current project. Whilst your own unique set of skills are actively sought, you are right to hold back and to wait and see just how a relationship progresses before you make a move. With aspects of romance through liaison with Venus, and a clear message ready to send through Mercury you are clearly biding your time because you have to be sure. Capricorn: There is quite a unique edge to things this month. This will explain to you why you have been held back on all levels just recently. This point in time signifies the moving away, or the need to re establish yourself, for your own sake. You’re not running away, but with all the luck in the World, you are finally moving on to an unknown, undefined situation and taking control of it. Aquarius: Actions with Chiron, Jupiter and Mercury and Neptune serve to highlight the need to make revolutionary action in the field of self discovery and improvement. You have both clear cut and good ideas; and just now should share your thoughts for the mutual benefit of others rather than achieving nothing by remaining silent. Be open and frank, allowing your reserve to steer you in the right direction. Pisces: Gently does it! Establish new ideas slowly to ensure the impact is felt. Your teaching skills come to the forefront and could well become something to work with in the future as you get a lot of pleasure in helping out, as your skills and talents are much needed in the scheme of things. Tune into your truly gifted inner self, as you enjoy enriching others to follow in your capable footsteps.

Gay Beaches...

MAL PAS BEACH This is a small cove often missed by many visitors and is found at the end of the harbour road on the Poniente side of the Old Town. You can also reach it by steps from the top of the Old Town square known as La SeĂąoria. This beach is popular with gay visitors especially in Winter when it is a sun trap. PONIENTE BEACH (Popular gay area by the park at night) Beyond the Old Town starting at park Elche by the harbour and running for over 3km is the more sedate Poniente beach which is a favourite with local residents and Spanish families. The facilities are as good as the Levante but offer a less crowded space. Popular Gay area is in front of the park where you will also find the new CafĂŠ Refuel the place to meet up after the Poniente beach for a beer and gossip. (Park Elx known as Dove Park also).

BENIDORM COVES - TI XIMO & ALMADRABA These are small sandy coves reached by road at the far end of the Levante beyond the cable ski.

If you prefer to be more secluded these are recommended for the adventurous as it is quite a steep walk. There are no facilities so take plenty to drink and food if you are to spend an entire day there. RACO CORNIL GAY PLAYA NUDISTA 4km FROM BENIDORM This beach is best reached by hire car. Take the old Villa Joyosa road toward the casino. Take an immediate left at the casino and follow the road down to the car park where you will find a small rocky cove. The area both by the beach and at the top of the hill where you see a derelict Finca is very popular for all over sunbathing until sun down. The cove itself is mixed and is popular with Spanish couples too. You can walk if you take the number 5 or 41 bus to La Cala (From Park Elx by harbour) and walk over the hill. To get there face the beach and look to the right up the hill you will see a derelict villa set high up - head for it to get to the gay area which has been popular for 100 years! Take plenty of water with you as there are no facilities there.

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