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Benidorm 2010 October in Benidorm!

As one of the hottest Gay resorts in Europe, you are assured of a fantastic time here. With two of the best beaches in Europe and the highest density of Gay bars and businesses within a short walk, Benidorm has something to offer for everybody. Eating out Michael’s Benidorm’s most recommended Restaurant! Come along and find out why... Paneil’s Open daily with a New Menu of the Day Queens offers a great range of food from snacks to A La Carte. Why not pop in and try them!

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Sensations Bar Now open (See main advert) Memories Cocktail Bar Now open (See main advert) Cafe Refuel Open daytimes on the Poniente beach. Great meeting place! Amigo’s Café Bar now open. Well worth a visit!

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For private sittings and appointments please contact Kenny on 96 587 8424 • 686 361 594 • Something seems to have been handed to you on a plate, but instead of being happy you are curious and suspicious, and allowing your reservations to take control of what could be the start of something very new. This is a time when you have to make your own decisions, including the planning of your escape route, as this will bring you safely down to Earth. Planetary actions see you keeping a watchful eye on someone who really needs your tender love and care, but won’t ask for help. Since you know what it’s like to be stubborn yourself, you can see that pride prevents things happening in this situation, and you just want the best for someone you’re rather fond of. Finding a way in means that if anyone can do it then you will! As planet Mars boldly approaches the ninth house you can see that there is some work still to be done, and that left to your own devices you will get it done; but only in your own, unique way. Start by greatly simplifying the situation and don’t be afraid to hold back until the time is right to go in, if necessary with all guns blazing. You have too much stored anger within!

Financial warnings come from two distinct sources and bring the combined energies of Uranus and Mars into play. This is a time to be careful, and to examine all investments and savings with a fine toothed comb. Hold fire on any documents that need your signature until the latter part of the month, and stall for time if you have to, making the necessary adjustments worthwhile. Romance enters as Venus, Goddess of Love nears the hospitality of your opposing seventh house of Aquarius. You need the loving care of someone close by your side as you take steps to confirm that there is a space in your heart, and that will start the chain reaction needed to get things off the ground. Remove doubt and worry, and accept the warm embrace of someone who really does love you. With a spring in your step things have really turned around, and you’re in pole position to make a stand that will greatly benefit you and those that you love for the future. Being the optimist and free thinker that you are, has opened a door, and you are about to reap the rewards of your forward plans, with the dedication to all that you do. You do need to see things from a different angle.

Zodiac Zone • Call 806 515 805 (24 Hours) 1-2-1 Personal Readings call 806 515 789

Kenny Corris brings you the Horoscope Something you have said has been misconstrued, and as wires are crossed someone has got hold of the wrong end of the stick. The energy of Mercury entering Capricorn can be blamed, but maybe this is a time for reaching out to your inner self and setting the record straight once and for all. This brings something to your attention, and that is that you now know who your real friends really are. You’re going to find it hard to put your finger on it, but something isn’t right, and your intuitive skills are sought to make amends, even though the damage has been done. This month sees you turning a new page, admittedly of the old story book, but when all is said and done you are in a prime position to reach out to those who need your expertise right now. The resident planet Mars squares Uranus midmonth, and this serves to help someone close to you to make up their mind. A lot of your most recent problems have revolved around others, and the uncertainty felt at this time does nobody any good. Take the bull by the horns and deal with all this your own way because the easy way would be to just walk away and walk on! The entry of Mercury stabilises and helps you to prioritise right now. You have already made your decision, but this hesitant action you undertake now merely is because you need to know how others view your current circumstances. There is no going back, but you do need to talk things through face to face, and see if you can’t, after all, make a go of all this. Venus enters, bringing love into all you aspire to this month, and heralding a special time for those that you love. Things will be easier now that you’ve seen both sides of the coin, and now that everybody seems to be happy and more settled. A phone call brings a mixed message, and starts you planning something that you have always wanted to do, and will now achieve. Since the Uranus direct at the end of last month many things have been on hold. Now with Saturn in your opposing sign of Virgo there is a strong need to get the ball rolling and to take the reins on a project you can get your teeth into. Your endless capabilities are often softened by your distinct lack of faith in your own abilities; but right now the time is right to take control.

Incognito’s JJ’s Bar Splash Sauna

H20 Sauna La Cuineta

Hagars Bar PYNK Piston Broke

Refuel Cafe Bar GAP lounge bar



Paneil’s Intimate Bar

Mercury El Payaso Rumours Beach Bums

The Look Bar Peppermint Domino Bar Happy Handbag

Chaplins Babylon Company Bar

Men only Casa Don Juan

Bears Bar Sensations Lovers Bar

To advertise call Ia

Passion Sex Shop

Michael’s Restaurant Hotel Mayna Ale Hop

Sex Shop

Amigo’s New Openings



Andros Clothing Oliver’s Bar Queens Beer Barrel Peoples


Michael’s Restaurant

Benidorm’s most reccommended Restaurant. Proud sponsors of the Benidorm Gay Guide Map

El Papagayo

an on 619 236 428 or


Kafee Klee Rich Bitch

Mixed Bar Woman Welcome


Gay Friendly Bar


RACO CORNIL GAY PLAYA NUDISTA 4km FROM BENIDORM This beach is best reached by hire car. Take the old Villa Joyosa road toward the casino. Take an immediate left at the casino and follow the road down to the car park where you will find a small rocky cove. The area both by the beach and at the top of the hill where you see a derelict Finca is very popular for all over sunbathing until sun down. The cove itself is mixed and is popular with Spanish couples too. You can walk if you take the number 5 or 41 bus to La Cala (From Park Elx by harbour) and walk over the hill. To get there face the beach and look to the right up the hill you will see a derelict villa set high up - head for it to get to the gay area which has been popular for 100 years! Take plenty of water with you as there are no facilities there.

Info courtesy of Café Refuel the place to meet up after the Poniente beach for a beer and gossip. (Park Elx known as Dove Park also). MAL PAS BEACH This is a small cove often missed by many visitors and is found at the end of the harbour road on the Poniente side of the Old Town. You can also reach it by steps from the top of the Old Town square known as La Señoria. This beach is popular with gay visitors especially in Winter when it is a sun trap.

LEVANTE BEACH - FINEST BEACH ON THE COSTA BLANCA Probably the most famous feature of Benidorm are its fantastic beaches. The busiest is the Levante beach where the sun rises and is just over 2km in length. Gay area of the beach is found at the old town end in front of the Don Cesar café. Find it by heading down to the beach from the square where the Queens and Bears bar are located.

LA CALA BEACH - FINESTRAT - COSTA BLANCA Over the hill (Mont Benidorm) at the far end of the Poniente beach you will find La Cala Beach, reached by the number 5 or 41 bus from park Elche. This is a small cove which is mostly enjoyed by residents and ex-pats who are wintering in Spain. The area is well known for safe swimming and offers some great bars and restaurants right on the beach. It is popular with gay visitors and local gay residents. It is possible to walk over the hill to the nudist beach at Raco Conil, but you need to be fit. Walk to the top of the road to the left as you face inland from the beach. You will see a derelict villa. Follow the path to the villa for good sunbathing and daytime cruising.

PONIENTE BEACH (Popular gay area by the park at night) Beyond the Old Town starting at park Elche by the harbour and running for over 3km is the more sedate Poniente beach which is a favourite with local residents and Spanish families. The facilities are as good as the Levante but offer a less crowded space. Popular Gay area is in front of the park where you will also find the new

BENIDORM COVES - TI XIMO & ALMADRABA These are small sandy coves reached by road at the far end of the Levante beyond the cable ski. If you prefer to be more secluded these are recommended for the adventurous as it is quite a steep walk. There are no facilities so take plenty to drink and food if you are to spend an entire day there.

Serving Full English Breakfasts inc. Tea or Coffee for €3.50 Real English Fish and Chips Freshly battered Cod, Hake or Haddock from just €4.50 Our Famous Sunday Lunch Beef, Pork, Turkey or Lamb Served with fresh vegetables, Roast and Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy Try our 3 course Menu of the Day inc 1/2 Bottle or wine or beer or water or Tea or Coffee Only €9.50 Directions: Coming off the Mediterraneo main road at the Rincon end, go towards the beach and the BurgerKing. Just before BurgerKing turn left and just up on the left hand side by the Pharmacy is the new Regent Bar

Phillip and Anne (Formerly from the Regent Bar and Popopollo in Albir) Welcome all Quiz Night y Sunda every pm at 9.00


ACROSS 1. Not the first form to be not very good (6-5) 9. Help first-rate dunderhead (3) 10. Small letters not acceptable in a higher court? (5-4) 11. Chooses implements for excavating (5) 13. Before noon, one clever enough to be worth loving (7) 14. Obviously a small amount of time (6) 16. Worse than the duckling who turned out well (6) 18. Steeped as far down as one can go (7) 19. It may sound very small, but there’s power there! (5) 20. Subordinate to worker, being sly (9) 21. Confinement for the writer (3) 22. 2 or 3 for example offering a first-class anaesthetic? (5,6)

DOWN 2. The purpose of having broken-down vehicles (3) 3. Gives amorous looks as learner goes about (5) 4. Rise, friend, and marry and get a loose double chin! (6) 5. Bird having a frolic? (7) 6. Limbs hang loosely when walking awkwardly (9) 7. Successful trance presumably produces one - it does avoid extremes (5,6) 8. The sort of effect a sharp tone of voice has, perhaps (11) 12. Competitor will study offer (9) 15. Take me up on other changes: it is to be proved (7) 17. Filter needs considerable effort (6) 19. Mother is twice a lady (5) 21. Mixed type of dish (3)

Soduku Solution Crossword Solution. Across: 1 Second-class; 9 Aid; 10 Lower-case; 11 Picks; 13 Amiable; 14 Minute; 16 Uglier; 18 Deepest; 19 Might; 20 Underhand; 21 Pen; 22 Prime number. Down: 2 End; 3 Ogles; 4 Dewlap; 5 Larking; 6 Shambling; 7 Happy medium; 8 Penetrating; 12 Contender; 15 Theorem; 17 Strain; 19 Madam; 21 Pie.

High Tea Special Served Monday to Saturday 4.00pm - 6.00pm Great Choice, Great Value, only €4.95 Crisis Special! Michael’s famous Early Bird Special is now available Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 10.00pm A Full 3 course meal for just €7.95 Menu del Dia Served every day (except Sunday) from 4.00pm - 10.30pm. 4 Courses. Choice of 10 Starters, 10 Main Courses, 10 Desserts only €10.95 Al a Carte Menu for 2010 with over 100 Items to choose from Starters from €3.50 • Main courses from €6.00 Wonderful selection, Something for everybody Everything individually priced!


• New Sunday Lunch. Menu from • Vegetarian Menus • Celiac Menus • Childrens Menus • Extensive Wine List • Functions & Parties up to 70 people catered for

Calle La Biga 15 • Old Town • Benidorm 03501 Opening Hours: 4.00-10.30pm Monday - Saturday Sundays 3.00pm-10.30pm Reservations 96 680 1346 or 676 216 168

Sundays at Michael’s


1•2•3 Sunday Lunch

1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses


€5.95 €7.95 €8.95

(Choice of 10 Starters)

(Choice of 25 Main Courses)

(Choice of 10 Puddings)

The “Best” just gets better!

Now in our ! ar 4th Ye

Take 1, 2 or 3 courses. The choice is yours! Choice of 10 Starters, 25 Main Courses and 10 Desserts Roast Beef, Lamb Joint, Gammon, Steak, Chicken, Veggie option, Salad platters and more... Something for everybody The best eating experience, the best quality and now the best value!

Open from 10am-1am • Abierto 10.00h - 01.00h de la madrugada

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