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Benidorm 2013 Benidorm, Europes hottest gay resort. Loads of great venues all within a few minutes walk. Shops, Saunas, Restaurants and of course Bars. Very few resorts have all this within walking distance, and of course the great weather and beaches Benidorm is renowned for. Eating out Paneils Always a favourite 2 Palms Great menu and great value Caspers Bar Open from 10.00am till 01.00am for breakfasts and light bites New Openings Dark Angel New Men’s Bar (see advert for details) Drift Bar (Next to Eagle Bar) See advert for details Starlight Lounge See advert for details Every Monday at 8pm Quiz night at Bar Domino All welcome To advertise or to place announcements please email me on

or Call 619 236 428


2 Palms 7th Heaven Angel Bar Bar 69 Bar Code Bar Peppermint Bears Bar Caspers Cine X Company Bar Diva Divo Domino Bar Don Juan Drift Bar Eagle bar El Papagayo Kafee Klee Lovers Bar Mardi Gras Mercury Out Bar Paneils Peoples Refuel CafĂŠ Bar Rich Bitch Sensations Sex Shop Siesta Fiesta Spirit Starlight Lounge The Look

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For private sittings and appointments please contact Kenny on 96 587 8424 • 686 361 594 • Aries: The entry of Mars midmonth brings you the power you need to get something off your chest and well and truly dealt with. This is an ideal time for you to release that stored anger and to tell some home truths. Later on as Uranus makes a strong connection, it is time that there was some clarity to start the year off right! Taurus: This may be a time for you to face facts, but you do not have to go cap in hand because there are some things that your pride would never allow. The solution to the immediate dilemma is to wait and see, and let’s see what comes out it. Someone isn’t telling you the truth, but you need to find out what they are really hiding? Gemini: With Mercury now stable and Direct there is an additional pressure on your resourceful and talented mind. With a decision having to be made, and with some highly inspiring goals to score right now, you must turn around the negative energy that you have encountered and then strike while the iron is hot to set a precedent. Cancer: Actions in your opposing sign of Capricorn herald a time to balance your wishes with the needs and aspirations of others. It is painfully clear that you need to take the upper hand, but in the general scheme of things is it worth it? You need and deserve a quiet life this month, but as to whether or not you get it depends on you! Leo: Leave everything to others to sort out and just take a backseat and allow things to happen. Your leadership style sometimes means that you can bulldoze a project at your whim, and there is so much to discover right now, if you take a concerned look from a further distance. The immediate future promises to bring about conciliation. Virgo: Love brings complication and puzzles when somebody may not be what you thought that they were. It is high time that you shared the depths and the beauty of your innermost soul; but things have to be right, and any doubts must be truly eliminated as this will hold you back. Make sure that what is on offer is what you want too.

Zodiac Zone • Call 806 515 805 (24 hours) 1-2-1 personal readings call 806 515 789

Kenny Corris brings you the Horoscope Libra: A tryst with both the Sun and Saturn only serves to complicate your current situation. With options open take control of plans and sanction what you must to keep that wonderful balance in operation. Dare to challenge when you know that you must; and be scathing in your desire to know better the truth someone is scared of. Scorpio: Talk about a sting! You are very disappointed in something that just didn’t pan out, and yet you must remain calm if you want to see where things really went wrong. This means creating an inner calm, even if somebody thinks, quite wrongly, that you are playing by their rules; show them what you are made of when the right time comes. Sagittarius: The Sun adheres to Jupiter, at the end of the month, releasing you and pointing you in the right direction. With Arian influences abounding you may have a fight on your hands, but knowing that you will win may spur you on to make some progress in a matter that appears to be dragging its feet, and which needs concerned intervention. Capricorn: Neptune squares with Pisces and brings you some wonderful nostalgia with a connection from somebody from the past. You may have a changed routine, but it is for a reason and you will greatly benefit from the love and good energy from this surprise contact. Take this opportunity to lighten your heart and soul with fond memories! Aquarius: Uranus hedges in on a sultry Mars who is known to often bring conflict to the simplest problem. Any anger that you have is best kept within the family; but don’t regret the chance to tell things just the way that they are, you need to be appreciated for all that you are doing to bring in harmony and mutuality, against the odds. Pisces: Neptune brings some financial pressure, and you would be wise to adjust to a spending limit whilst carefully examining your financial situation as a whole. There is an adjustment to be made but don’t hold your breath, and broken promises don’t amount to much when cash in your hand is what is really needed right now.

Useful Information ALSA BUSES

This is the bus which runs to Alicante airport. You can catch it from either the Avda Europa, outside the Europa Clinica or from the bus station – but with baggage you would need to take a taxi as you are not allowed to take luggage onto local public buses. Departs hourly and on the hour from Avda Europa from 7am until 10pm – but there is NO bus at 9pm: costs 9.45€ one way.


In Spain banks only open for half a day, so make sure you go in the morning. Normal opening hours are 8.15am till 2pm, no Saturday opening. All banks have an ATM with an option to change the language into English – press the ‘cambio idiomas’ option.


The local bus service is run by Llorente. You pay the driver and the cost is 1.50€ regardless of distance. Generally the buses run until midnight. See the bus chart for more info later in the guide


If you have your EHIC – European Health Insurance Card you are entitled to see the social security doctor free of charge in an emergency, but you must also present your passport with the card. There are three ‘Centro de Salud’ (health centres) in Benidorm you can attend: Rincon de Loix - On Avd Derramador near to the Indoor market Foiettes in the Old Town - Calle Venuzuela La Cala - Avda de Benisa

AIRLINES If you need to contact the airline for any reason these are numbers based in Spain. Monarch – 800 099 260 free phone number Jet2 - 902 881 269 – calls cost 6.7c per min plus 8.3c connection. EasyJet – 902 599 900 from Spain – calls cost 8 cents per min from landline Or 0843 104 5000 UK number – calls cost 5p per min

EMERGENCIES In Spain they are called a ‘Farmacia’. There is a 24hour farmacia on the main Avd Mediterraneo and the staff speaks English. Many local farmacias close over the lunch period from 1.30, re-opening at 5pm. If you need any sort of medication, including asprin or paracetamol, you can only buy them here: supermarkets are not allowed to sell any kind of medicine.

EMERGENCIES 112 is the European equivalent of 999 in the UK Ambulance – 112 Local Police – 966 807 766 or 092 in an emergency National Police – 966 831 930 or 091 in an emergency Guardia Civil – 965 854 475 or 062 in an emergency

BRITISH CONSULATE This is located in Alicante – Edf Espacio, Rambla Mendez Nuñez, 6th Floor, Alicante 03002. Open Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 1.30pm. In an emergency contact 965 216 002: if you have lost or had your passport stolen you will need to go there to obtain an emergency travel document to get you back to the UK, which will take about two hours to process. It will only be valid for that one journey and costs approximately 120€.

Gay Beaches...

MAL PAS BEACH This is a small cove often missed by many visitors and is found at the end of the harbour road on the Poniente side of the Old Town. You can also reach it by steps from the top of the Old Town square known as La SeĂąoria. This beach is popular with gay visitors especially in Winter when it is a sun trap. PONIENTE BEACH (Popular gay area by the park at night) Beyond the Old Town starting at park Elche by the harbour and running for over 3km is the more sedate Poniente beach which is a favourite with local residents and Spanish families. The facilities are as good as the Levante but offer a less crowded space. Popular Gay area is in front of the park where you will also find the new CafĂŠ Refuel the place to meet up after the Poniente beach for a beer and gossip. (Park Elx known as Dove Park also).

BENIDORM COVES - TI XIMO & ALMADRABA These are small sandy coves reached by road at the far end of the Levante beyond the cable ski.

If you prefer to be more secluded these are recommended for the adventurous as it is quite a steep walk. There are no facilities so take plenty to drink and food if you are to spend an entire day there. RACO CORNIL GAY PLAYA NUDISTA 4km FROM BENIDORM This beach is best reached by hire car. Take the old Villa Joyosa road toward the casino. Take an immediate left at the casino and follow the road down to the car park where you will find a small rocky cove. The area both by the beach and at the top of the hill where you see a derelict Finca is very popular for all over sunbathing until sun down. The cove itself is mixed and is popular with Spanish couples too. You can walk if you take the number 5 or 41 bus to La Cala (From Park Elx by harbour) and walk over the hill. To get there face the beach and look to the right up the hill you will see a derelict villa set high up - head for it to get to the gay area which has been popular for 100 years! Take plenty of water with you as there are no facilities there.

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