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–March 2013–

Employee of the Month Congratulations to Tim Kirchoff for winning PlattForm’s January companywide Employee of the Month award and Pam Cawthon for winning Plattform’s February Employee of the Month award! The winners of these awards receive a plaque the coveted reserved parking space. EOM nominations are submitted by director-level employees and above* and the winners are determined by PlattForm’s internal board.

January 2013

Tim Kirchoff Web Designer

February 2013 Ashley Lopez

Senior Account Coordinator

Business Development Executive

Print Manager

Kerry Longwell

Rag Manchireddy

BA/PM Manager

Senior Financial Analyst

Kim Wallace

Senior Accountant

Marc Montrone

Pam Cawthon

Jenna Cooper

Brett Pikarsky

Account Coordinator

Tara Denman

Applications Developer

Jerry Awards service

VP of Human Resources

January 2013 Jennifer Baker Production Artist

Todd LeMaster Web Developer

TAKE NOTE PEOPLE! These are the examples among us who rock! If you also wish to rock, take note of the rocking of these individuals! TAKE NOTE PEOPLE! THESE ARE THE EXAMPLES AMONG US WHO ROCK! IF YOU ALSO WISH TO ROCK, TAKE NOTE OF THE ROCKING OF THESE INDIVIDUALS!

Lindsey Ihm


Tracy Young

Megan Quillin

Digital Media Account Supervisor

Kerry Ann Kellerman Senior Media Buyer


Web Design Supervisor

Senior Media Analyst

Dustin Steller First-ever Jerry Award Winner for Valuing our SERVICE value “Synergy”

February 2013

Eric Bridges Jerry Award Winner for Valuing our SERVICE value “Excellence”

PFU Classes 3-6, 3-27 The Do It Yourself Lobotomy Book Club Kyle Andrew 3-14 No Idea Sucks Brainstorming Laura Jackson, Jen Bowlen

3-21 There’s No “I” in PlattForm Teamwork Angie Jones 3-28 How To Become an Excel Wizard Excel Workshop Becky Spiegel

4-18 Think Smarter, Not Harder Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Brandon Gregory, Erin Brackman

4-4 How to Write like an Intelligent Business Professional Essentials of Business Writing: Section 1 Kevin Kuzma, Angie Keiser

Huggermugger The


4-25 Yam Jam 101 Yammer Lindsey Ihm, Melissa Davis

BY: Caleb Brattrud

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that The Huggermugger, like a Phoenix in the night, has risen from the ashes of obscurity and will once again soar into the hearts and minds of its readers (cue one guy in the back half heartedly clapping). For this first issue I want to discuss, what I feel, is a very pertinent issue in these the United States of America. You see, there is a movement sweeping across this beloved nation of ours. You need not feel it, nor touch it. Instead, it requires merely a whisper and it will fill the cup of your soul forever. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m talking about the illustrious game of Curling. You may think that it only consists of out-of-shape people throwing a big rock down a sheet of ice but you’ve never been near a game. You’ve never cautiously stepped out onto the ice, inhaled the cold and been truly happy (Good Will Hunting shout out).

Do you know what it’s like to grip the handle of a 40lb stone and know that in a matter of seconds you and that stone will become one, gliding down 10yrds or so of ice? Do you know what it’s like to release that stone and feel as though a motherly Bald Eagle must feel like the first time one of her hatchlings takes flight? Can you even fathom the elation you receive as that stone comes to rest in the “House,” the two circles located at the end of the sheet, where you need to be in order to score? The fact of the matter is Curling, this game of the gods, will change you. It will take you on the Mecca of life and at its end you will feel something you’ve never felt before…elatiation. Yes, I know that word doesn’t exist but the simple truth is, there isn’t a word that exists to describe what it is like to Curl so I had to make one up. The only sad part about this is that Zach Plost will undoubtedly use it in an email with a client because he thinks it makes him sound like an intellectual. If you are interested in finding out what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourself, simply schedule a lesson at the KC Curling Club, located at 5940 NW Waukomis Dr. Kansas City, MO 64151. Their number is (816) 659-6061 or go online at kccurling. com.

I will see you there with bells on.

1. Best sitcom of the last 20 years? • Seinfeld 24% • Friends 34% • Arrested Development 8% • The Cosby Show 7% • The Office 13% • Modern Family 9% • Everybody Loves Raymond 1% • The Golden Girls 3% • The Jeff Foxworthy Show 0% 2. Who is the best Steve in history? • Steve Booth 12% • Steve Jobs 31% • Steve Buscemi 9% • Steve Martin 17% • Steve Carell 13% • Stone Cold Steve Austin 6% • Steve Irwin 4% • Steve from Blue’s Clues 8%

Birthdays 02-05 Addiss, Yosa 02-06 Guerra, Becky 02-07 Harkleroad, Mandy 02-07 Ralston, Mallory 02-09 Haake, Amy 02-09 Kleinmann, Sarah 02-09 Shankar, Jai 02-10 Gibbs, Brad 02-10 Harrison, Cliff 02-13 Wildhaber, Sarah 02-15 Admire, Mary Ann 02-15 Boodida, Ramanaji 02-16 Jones, Angie 02-17 West, Scott 02-18 Jackson, Cindy 02-25 Irwin, Ryan 02-27 Joshi, Pallavi 02-28 Reece, Scott

3. C  hoose a number: • 1 22% • 42 35% • 3,466 8% • 872 12% • 1,000,001 13% • 733 10% 4. D  o you have any tattoos? • Yes 34% • No 66% 5. Which would you choose? • Surfing in Southern California 39% • Skiing in the Rockies 25% • Deep sea fishing in Florida 23% • Tubing in Lake of the Ozarks 10% • Scanning Facebook for hours in a dimly lit room 4%

Anniversaries 02-29 Modersohn, Melissa 03-03 Jamon Abercrombie 03-10 Lance Barker 03-10 Jonathan Fizette 03-11 Kyle Andrew 03-12 Matt Griffin 03-14 Dani Damaske 03-16 Shari Good 03-17 Tony Anderson 03-17 Anne Bowden 03-19 Nathan Carr 03-18 Kate Edwards 03-22 Bridget Duffy-Hays 03-27 Melissa Davis 03-27 Vanness Emokpae 03-28 Ashlyn Beadel 03-28 Alexa Chitwood

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PLATTFORM PlattForm, I am upset. I joined the PlattForm family in July and was quick to set my sights on the infamous and incomparable Innovator of the Month award. Unfortunately for me- and it is unfortunatethis award has recently been discontinued and replaced! What the heck, World? Why are you picking on me? What did I ever do to you besides refuse to recycle and vastly increase my carbon footprint? As the recipient of multiple second place trophies and participation ribbons I am no stranger to falling just shy of a goal, but this one stings a little. This award was my chance to replace my B+ average report card on my parent’s refrigerator with something of significance. And then take that award and shove my sibling’s faces in it- which I think we can all agree is the main motivation behind anyone really accomplishing anything. I’m not trying to be a “Gloomy Gertrude” or even an “Abrogating Albert” I’m just struggling to come with terms that my only first place trophy in life is actually a ribbon (4H Grand Champion – Junior Division baby!) My mantle has never been more bare, and when you live alone that can be a hard thing to come home to.

But as I type this, I know that it is time to let this ever evasive award go. In the words of my ex-girlfriend, it’s time to move on and stop calling and this decision was mutual. To honor this award for what it was (the reason I got up in the morning) I am sharing one of my many unsuccessful IOM ventures for your entertainment. Enjoy and please- do not worry about me, I will be fine. According to my Supervisor my ability to forget things is infamously alarming.

My Mom once told me, "The world doesn't stop just because we moved and didn't tell you." I think what she meant to say is that "with change comes opportunity." She is absolutely correct, with the removal of The Innovator of the Month award comes a new era of employee recognition. The Jerry Award is the new award to be awarded with, and you can't spell Edwards without A-W-A-R-D minus that extra A, which stands for Alex. Plus an E, an S, and an extra D- but this isn't Sesame Street and I never won a spelling bee.

28 LOVE Random Question Days of

BY: Sarah Kleinmann

What started out as a small, cute idea ended up being an eye-opening, life-changing challenge for me throughout the month of February. I had seen so many people jumping on the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ bandwagon and needed to get on. I needed to give back to my community. After coming up with a list of 28 acts I could perform throughout the month, I coined the term “28 Days of Love” and posted it on my blog. With the support of friends, family and the blogging community behind me, I embarked on this journey not knowing what I would learn. When the acts began, I quickly found that the tiniest bit of giving could warrant huge reactions and was hooked. I couldn’t fathom, however, that others could bring me to tears and humble me more than words can express.

I have to admit, I jumped the gun on a couple acts as I just couldn’t wait for the month of February to begin. One of the first ones I completed was one that I absolutely adored the most and was probably my overall favorite. When I took each crossing guard a hot coffee on that freezing morning, I was filled with energy. The excitement as I drove up to each of them was beyond words and the reactions I received when I told them to stay warm and thanks for watching over our children was priceless. Their smiles and reactions along with the adrenaline speeding through my body made for one of the best runs I’d had in a while that morning. But the day I went shopping at the Dollar Store to collect items for a few acts was a low point for me. It absolutely broke my heart to buy the cheapest of toothbrushes and realize that there were families

in our community that could not afford them. It pained me to limit my purchases as I wanted to gather every single item off the shelf to turn around and give them away. When I got home, I broke down to my husband. We stress over the silliest decisions in our lives; what outfit to wear for the photo shoot or which color Stride Rite shoes look the best on our kids, yet I was buying soap for families who have nothing. Soap. That shopping trip was an unbelievably humbling experience for me and will stay with me forever.

Sure my mailman loved the hand-warmers and the nurses in the maternity ward were so excited for my basket of snacks, but in the end, they weren’t the ones to benefit the most. Nope. It was the person who couldn’t fathom how much big, burly firefighters would love cupcakes or how much the food pantry would appreciate just a couple bags of food. Can you imagine how much different this world would be if we all did one random act of kindness a month? It gives me chills just thinking about it. There’s so much we can do that doesn’t involve a single penny and takes 5 minutes of our time, yet can really warrant a smile or touch a heart. Is there anything better than knowing you’ve made someone’s day? To find more on this challenge, you can follow Sarah’s blog at:

of the Month


What was your favorite Superbowl commercial this year and why Travis Kerkvliet

Hyundai 2013 Super Bowl Commercial: “Team” – Who doesn’t like a group of kids standing up to a bully … especially when the kids have super strength!

Ashley PierreLouis

The Taco Bell one – old people having fun. What could be better?! I totally want to live like that when I’m 80.

Stephanie Hagmeier

Loved the Dodge commercial, cause there is definitely a farmer in me.

Steve Bennaka

Two words: Leon Sandcastle. It almost got me excited for the NFL Draft, until I remembered the Chiefs will really end up with an offensive lineman or an overrated quarterback.

Alex Ayre

The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial was my favorite in 2013. Waterworks.

Holly Soptick

Mine was the beautiful Clydesdale commercial because last May, my husband took me to the Clydesdale farm in Booneville, Mo., for a tour for Mother’s Day. We saw a week-old Clydesdale foal and its mother and it was a fantastic day, so the commercial brought back some great memories of that day!

Allen Harkleroad

Leon Sandcastle. I was actually thinking about doing the exact same thing, but calling myself Arren Hardboiled. I’d be a shoe in for the Chiefs, but maybe I could even get on a good team.




Account Coordinator Kim Wallace has been with us here at PlattForm since November and really puts a new, uh, spin on what it means to work in Client Services. Read on to understand that joke and why it’s so brilliantly hilarious. What’s your story? I’m originally from Houston, Texas. I’ve bowled all of my life – I was pretty much born in a bowling alley. I bowled all throughout high school and was on a program there. Went to college at the University of Central Missouri on a scholarship for bowling. I went back home to stay with family and then came back up here after the summer following my graduation. A friend told me about PlattForm and here I am. What was it that brought you back here? My boyfriend. We dated in college and then went back down to Texas, and then came back up here. And I have friends here too. What is bowling like from your perspective? For a lot of people, bowling is about getting a pitcher of beer and just kind of fool around. Do you take it more seriously? I have friends who come to me and say “Let’s go bowling” and I’m like, “No, let’s not.” I know how people bowl, and I’ll go have fun with them, but I usually bowl opposite hand to have fun because of how competitive I am. If I’m going to bowl by myself, it’s like practice for me. Just like with any other sport you would go out and practice, it’s the same for me.

What is your best score? A 296.

The Tournament of


Wow. So what went wrong there? Couldn’t pull out the 300? No, unfortunately I couldn’t. I had all of the strikes except the last one, and I choked. Does that haunt your dreams every night? No, but everyone asks me about it. Even recently, people will be like “Oh, what’s your highest score?” So is it safe to say you’re the best bowler at PlattForm? I would say so, but people have come up to me and challenged me on that. So, I’m up for a challenge if anyone wants to take me on. Are you willing to say that you’re better than Michael Platt? I would have to see. I’d have to have a one-on-one conversation with him. But I am up for a challenge with him. You started at PlattForm in November. How are things going so far? They are going. It’s good experience. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning. It’s a great environment here. Who is your favorite person here at PlattForm? I would say Jason from accounting. He’s fun to talk to even though we can get on his bad side. In your bio, it says something about your crazy eyes. What’s going on there? She has one blue eye and one brown eye. What kind of dog is it? She’s a border collie. She’s blue merle. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. It’s pretty unique for a border collie. What else do you like to do in your spare time? I like listening to music. I like going and doing adventurous things – I’m going camping soon. Not like, “Oh, let’s bring our barbecue grill and our leftover food…” Real camping. My boyfriend does rock climbing, so I’d like to get into that too. What do you hope to accomplish in 2013? This is a typical one, but I want to get at a good level with my weight – that’s why I’m doing Biggest Loser. And then just learning and growing here. And bowling a 300 game.

by Andrew Morris

Of late there was tournament to determine the mightiest sire of all the land. Only the bravest of the brave undertook this quest to glory. No ordinary man could enter such a competition, and no mere mortal could win. Many would fall along the steep and treacherous path to the top, heroes lost to the cause, but the names and deeds of the fallen heroes remain vivid.

It had come to a third and final match. Years of practice and dedication culminated in a few minutes of immortality. The match went back and forth, each strike more perfect than the last!

It is thus that we have set the stage for the final event of the Tournament of Champions.

Sir Kyle sheathed his lance, and was near to concede defeat, but alas! The knight’s shot had interfered just enough with the Prince’s shot. The Prince’s shot went wide, striking Sir Kyle’s ball, and the white ball found the pocket while the black ball eluded it!

Of the three tournament games - billiards, ping pong, and Just Dance, the one in question on this fateful day was that of billiards. Countless bouts of madness and skill had transpired until only two remained: Sir Kyle the Courageous of the Séo Shire, a knight well known to possess the utmost expertise and dexterity; and Prince Timothy the Bold of the Web Clan of Designerston, known for his cunning and sense of panache. The valiant duo chose their lances, saluted the honor of the other, and began the battle! As the first strikes passed, the great men noted the talent of their counterpart. Principle and dignity be forgot, ruthlessness quickly became the weapon of choice. From the first strike it became clear these were two not mere mortals competing for some earthly prize. The glory of this contest would echo through the ages! The news reverberated through the halls, and within moments a crowd flooded the stage upon which this great struggle had been set. The elbows of the competitors grazed the onlookers as the people fought to see the show. a The first of three matches went to Prince Timothy! How valiant and majestic his victory had been! A hush fell over the room as the second match began. Back and forth the game progressed, both sides on the attack! Weaknesses were found, manipulated, and defended against. At last! The second game went to Sir Kyle, a victory hard fought and well deserved.

In the end, Sir Kyle was presented with a most difficult shot – one that must be made or he would surely fall to his opponent. The crowd held their breath as he made his attempt. He missed, Oh how terrible a fate! He knew that he had been beaten, for he had left Prince Timothy with an open opportunity for victory.

Cheers erupted and Sir Kyle was raised on the shoulders of the roaring proletariat, they screaming his good graces, he bestowing gratitude on his subjects. In a last moment of honor, the two combatants raised their visors, acknowledged the hard fought victory, and saluted their respect of the other. In such a manner the Tournament of Champions of two thousand and thirteen came to a close.

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