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Brandon Reilly Assignment #2 rough draft Today’s society is very fast paced and everyone is on a schedule to be somewhere fast! Sometimes we don’t take the time to “Stop and smell the roses.” The film Amadeus by Milos Foreman, released in 1984 is based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This movie shows the beauty in classical music specifically but teaches the overall lesson to slow down and enjoy talent of any kind. Today, music/talent can be overlooked because of the fast paced lives that we are living. This film was shot in the beautiful city of Prague and is a flashback of the composer Antonio Sulieri (F. Murray Abraham) who is in his old age and is currently residing in an insane asylum after attempting suicide. He is reminiscing to a young priest about his regrets in life, specifically his guilt for believing that he killed the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce). At a young age, Sulieri wanted to be involved in music partly because of all the stories that he had heard about the famous composer Mozart. Mozart performed for the emperor of Austria when he was 4, and started writing operas around the age of 10. Sulieri felt inspired by music and wanted the talent which Mozart had. The only thing stopping Sulieri was his father, and when he died Sulieri was free to choose whichever profession he desired. He eventually became the court composer and mentor for Emperor Joseph the 2nd (Jeffrey Jones). Despite his love and success in the musical field, that all changed when he finally met the young and slightly irrational Mozart. Mozart had a talent given to him by the Gods, but because of the way he acted, not many people took notice to his unbelievable talent. Even people like the emperor and his head patrons

didn’t take the time to stop and listen to his music, because they were distracted by his disturbing personality. There are some people who have a really good ear for music and know talent when they hear it, Sulieri was one of them. Sulieri knew from the moment that he laid eyes on Mozart’s music, that Mozart was a genius. The only thing that surprised him was the way Mozart acted, and Sulieri became jealous because he himself did not have that amazing talent. The next scene shows how you can really appreciate true talent. Sulieri comes across an original of one of Mozart’s pieces. As he is reading the music he pieces together the phrases of the song and describes how each note correlates to each other. He feels connected to the music and doesn’t understand how Mozart was given that talent. Roger Ebert says in his review of Amadeus that “The music provides the understructure of the film, strong and confident.” Ebert is saying that the music portion of this film is what holds it up. The talent that not everyone can see is what makes this film so good. Sulieri admits how the music he just read is like music from the gods. An experiment by the Washington post was done on January 12th 2007 to see if people in a subway station would stop to listen to a certain violinist playing music. He played for approximately 45 minutes and over the course of that time he played some of the most difficult composed classical pieces in history. He collected $32 and the only pedestrian who truly paid attention to him was a small 4 year old boy. Everyone else was in too much of a hurry to pay any attention to him. The certain violinist just so happened to be Joshua Bell, who is one of the most famous violinists in the world. He was even playing on a violin that was worth approximately 3.5 million dollars. The amazing thing is that a few days before, Joshua Bell had a performance which sold out and each ticket cost nearly $1000.

Sulieri is so obsessed with Mozart’s talent, that he commissions him to write a final piece for Sulieri. Mozart ends up dying shortly after he completes it. The connection that Sulieri felt with the music created a feeling of jealousy and drove him to bring about Mozarts death, but this does not mean classical music creates feelings of anger in everyone. It just demonstrates how powerful even classical music can be. Any kind of talent can be inspiring or beautiful. You just need to take the time to appreciate it. Based on the study by the Washington Post, not many people do that anymore. Talent in today’s society is often overlooked because of the pace that we live at in life. This point is proven in an experiment done by the Washington Post involving Joshua Bell. The movie Amadeus shows how Talent can be appreciated, and that there are some people who really appreciate it when they hear it or see it. If a talented musician is playing, but there is no one there to hear it, do they have talent?

Amadeus rough draft  
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