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WINTER 2018 ISSUE no. 21

DESIGN HOTEL Palazzo Barbarigo sul Canal Grande

WINTER TIME Six top hotels in a natural landscape

FASHION The Italian Touch Panizza 1879

FOOD Three chefs and their stories Superlative Pastry Chef


WHEN ART MEETS BEAUTY L‘Elixir des Glaciers unveils its new collection – Essence of Bees – a tribute to bees, flora, science, crafts and luxury... Made in Switzerland. A craftsman when it comes to lavish artistry, Didier Guillon, President and Art director of Valmont Group, was inspired by the beauty of the hives when designing this exclusive and limited edition : a masterpiece cast in brass and plated with 18-carat gold (only 120 produced). A tribute to the organic vision of the genius of Catalan artist, Gaudí. Organic, whimsical, extravagant : this exceptional case is a veritable manifesto of groundbreaking audacity, drawing inspiration from nature in all its prodigious vastness. Each chiseled sheath is the result of exceptional craftsmanship and savoir-faire, pushing back the limits of creation : 17 meticulous steps of masterful virtuosity to exalt a true artistic achievement. Continue exploring the magical universe of Essence of Bees at www.essenceofbees.com.

Cure Majestueuse Votre Visage Prestigious Coffret







t’s a strange winter, one that’s fulfilled the requirements of even the most hard-to-please guests. We’ve had snowfall after snow on our Alpine slopes, with their spectacular pistes and superb hotels. But in the south there’s plenty of sunshine and mild weather, too, inviting

visitors to discover the most beautiful cities of art and enchanted villages across the whole of Italy. All-round wellbeing is catered for by an Alpine spa in the wonderful natural setting of the Alpe di Siusi, Europe’s loveliest and most extensive mountain plateau, or in a city oasis - in the royal city of Turin, for example, which has now added another jewel to its glittering crown with the baths in the heart of the historic centre, recalling the pleasures of ancient Roman life. A journey to Rome, Venice, Agrigento, and Matera will reveal hidden or open air treasures, while an experience of the art of good living awaits visitors in the hills of Franciacorta or a castle in Tuscany. Both regions are home to high-quality wines to enjoy with friends. And speaking of quality, we have selected for you a trio of talented chefs and a pair of master patissiers who represent Italian excellence. We have three destinations for those seeking to travel farther afield and venture outside Italy - the Maldives, Zanzibar and Dubai. And while awaiting the arrival of spring, we can enjoy the snow, sunshine, delicious food and equally wonderful wines.

Matteo Galbiati CEO Platinum Media Lab


Metodo Classico Millesimato 2011

Da piĂš di 90 anni a Valdobbiadene

Valdo for life lovers valdo.com




9 Editorial 16 5 Questions to‌

Giorgio Palmucci


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30 30 Fashion Italian touch You can leave your hat on 36 Spa hotel Dolomites Nature puts on a show 42 City Spa Turin Hot Baths in the City


46 Winter Time Top hotels and venues in a natural landscape that is the ideal setting for 5-star winter sports


54 Watches The Lords of Time

58 Jewels A frosty winter



60 Being in the world Moroso Designer Furnishings 66 Luxury hotel Sicily The House of the Gods


72 Luxury wine resort Tuscany A Castle in the Heart of Tuscany 76 Luxury rental The most exclusive yachts



Rome - London - Los Angeles | info@battistoni.com

contents 80 Destinations Maldives and Zanzibar 86 Italian chef Food Tales 94 Mise en place Serving up elegance 96 Seasonal food Superlative pastry chefs

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102 Destinations A touch of Arabia 106 Boutique hotel Rome A residence fit for a Prince 112 Buen retiro A magical stay in Franciacorta 116 Wine The triumph of Bacchus 118 Luxury hotel Matera Welcome to the Palace



124 Design hotel Venice Palazzo Barbarigo sul Canal Grande 130 Design A feeling of snow





THE VIEW Lugano...a world of its own!


5 questions to...

Giorgio Palmucci, President of the Italian Hotel Industry Federation talks about tourism in his country Antonella Euli


According to the WTM London, Italy is the world’s most popular destination. Why is that? Tourism is becoming an increasingly ‘experiential’ phenomenon. Travellers from all over the world are now seeking itineraries offering a lot of stimuli and ideas. No other country can offer the same range and intensity of emotions. The Italian lifestyle also gives travellers a series of experiences that enhance the marvels of our artistic and cultural heritage, not forgetting our 7,000 km coastline, scenic mountains and incomparable panoramas. Anyone choosing Italy will be met by the charm and appeal of a destination where life is lived to the full.


Which Italian region is the leader in the tourism sector? It’s impossible to draw up rankings. Tourism plays a vital role in our economy, and we have a heritage linked to our history, fine wine and food and a mild climate that makes the country an enjoyable destination throughout the year. Lots of factors, twenty regions with twenty different ways of welcoming visitors.


Potentially, what are the leading areas? Generally the international public identifies us with Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples, and the offer made available by less famous destinations is as yet not widely recognised. We possess an inestimable wealth of small destinations across the whole country, and they offer an as-yet untapped potential that could become an interesting alternative way of discovering Italy.


How can we make Italy more attractive to foreign tourists? As far as our sector is concerned, the role of our hotels is to interpret expectations and trends, offering the kind of hospitality that can respond to the needs of a market with a constantly growing international component.


What programs are there for the future? Italy has a Strategic Tourism Plan that until 2022 will help the sector grow through a series of priorities and objectives shared by private and public individuals and bodies. A multi-year plan that takes an organic view of the various development areas in our economy. It’s an important instrument for operators, but hopefully also for public bodies and municipal authorities.



Left, detail of the Park Hotel building at Cappuccini Gubbio, Umbria. Right, the Pisa Natural Spa swimming pool at San Giuliano Terme

Above, Fonteverde Resort & Spa at Casciano dei Bagni. Below, the Golf Hotel Campiglio at Madonna di Campiglio

W O N D E R W O R L D 17


Valley of the Gods, Utah, 1977 © Wim Wenders

WORLD Veronica De Andreis

Kendell Geers



The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris, opened on October

This remarkable exhibition presents over 200 of

2017, is located in the legendary haute couture house,

Wenders’ Polaroids and is a collaboration between

where Yves Saint Laurent designed his collections

The Photographers’ Gallery, C/O Berlin Foundation

from 1974 to 2002.

and the Wim Wenders Foundation.

Cape Town

The museum is dedicated to the work of one of the twentieth century’s greatest couturiers and the current exhibition offers visitors a retrospective display during


its first twelve months, an insight into the couturier’s

Opened in September 2017, the Zeitz Museum of

body of work, his genius and creative process, including

Contemporary Art Africa is a public not-for-profit and

original sketches, collection boards, photographs,

the world’s largest museum of contemporary art from

ateliers’ specification sheets, and magazines.

Africa and its Diaspora; it hosts international exhibitions,

Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris

A singular diary-like exhibition the Oscar-nominated filmmaker with moving images from his films, street photography, landscapes and portraits of cast, friends and family. The Photographers’ Gallery Until February 11, 2018 thephotographersgallery.org.uk

develops supporting educational and enrichment

Current exhibition until September 9, 2018

programmes, encourages intercultural understanding

Luc Castel


and offers access for all. Over one hundred galleries,


spread over nine floors, are dedicated large, cutting-

The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s first temporary exhibition

edge permanent collection, including temporary

“From One Louvre to Another” describes the origins of

exhibitions, centres for art education, photography, the

the great Musée du Louvre, spanning several periods

moving image and a costume institute.

from the royal collections of Louis XIV to the museum’s

The Zeit Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

grand opening to the public after the French Revolution.


The exhibition presents 150 masterpieces from the Chateau de Versailles and the Louvre’s earliest collections, including paintings, sculptures, furniture

Nude 1917.Private collection

and ceramics. Curated by Jean-Luc Martinez and Juliette Trey Louvre Abu Dhabi - Until April 7, 2018 louvreabudhabi.ae

MODIGLIANI This exhibition at Tate Modern is a remarkable retrospective of Modigliani’s work and his unique and instantly recognisable pictorial style, although he meet little success at the time. Modigliani’s emotionally and seductive nudes are a special highlight of the show, with 12 nudes on display, the largest group ever reunited in the UK. These sensuous works proved controversial when first shown in 1917, but now are among the best-loved paintings of the 20th century. Curated by Tate Modern Tate Modern - Until April 2, 2018 - tate.org.uk 18


© Louvre Abu Dhabi, Photography: Mohamed Somji


Abu Dhabi


exhibition time December 5, 2017 to March 31, 2018 Tue through Sat 9.30 - 18

BOLOGNA, PALAZZO ALBERGATI “Duchamp Magritte Dalí. The revolutionaries of the XX century: Masterpieces from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem”. Revolutionary avantgarde masters. (1) Until February 11, 2018 palazzoalbergati.com FLORENCE, PALAZZO PITTI MUSEO DELLA MODA E DEL COSTUME “TRACCE” dialoghi ad arte. Curated by Caterina Chiarelli, Simonella Condemi, Tommaso Lagattolla. (2) Until December 31, 2018 uffizi.it MILAN, FABBRICA DEL VAPORE “Revolution Records and Rebels 1966-1970” a major exhibition 20


© Peter Lindbergh

© 15-MAXXI-BEIRUT-MonaHatoum

organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (3). Until April 04th, 2018 mostrarevolution.it MILAN, PAC MILANO presents “Gregotti Associati. A complete project 1953-2017” in conjunction with the Vittorio Gregotti’s ninetieth birthday the exhibition displays the architect’s most important designs. Curated by Guido Morpurgo. (4) Until February 11, 2018 www.pacmilano.it MILAN, FONDAZIONE PRADA presents “Slight Agitation 3/4: Gelitin”. Until February 26, 2018 fondazioneprada.org

BERGAMO, GAMEC “Raffaello e l’Eco del Mito”. Curated by M.C.Rodeschini, Daffra and G.Di Pietrantonio. Until May 6, 2018 gamec.it ROME, GAGOSIAN GALLERY presents “Andreas Gursky BANGKOK. (5) Until March 2, 2018 gagosian.com ROME, MAXXI “Home Beirut Sounding the Neighbors” explores Beirut and describes the context of significant artistic and cultural cosmopolitan movements. (6) Curated by Hou Hanru and Giulia Ferracci Until May 20, 2018 - www.maxxi.art

© 9-070-LUTZOWSTRASSE 2 © G.Ferrè -Bracciale pappagallo SS 93

© 1967 photograph Victoria and Albert Museum, London

© Emilio Pucci

© Renè Magritte Photo The Israel Museum, Jerusalem by Moshe Caine Renè Magritte by SIAE 2017


© Andreas-Gursky-Bangkok-II , 2011



TURIN, LA VENARIA REALE CONSORZIO DELLE RESIDENZE REALI SABAUDE “Peter Lindbergh. A Different Vision on Fashion Photography”. (7) Curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot and Peter Lindbergh. Until February 4, 2018 lavenaria.it TURIN, PALAZZO MADAMA PIAZZA CASTELLO, “Gianfranco Ferré. Under Another Light: Jewels and Ornaments”200 jewel objects by the famous Italian fashion designer. (8) Until February 19, 2018 palazzomadamatorino.it

La Verità G.L Bernini © Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo - Galleria Borghese

BERNINI The Galleria Borghese, together with its institutional partner FENDI, presents the one-man exhibition dedicated to Gian Lorenzo Bernini, major artist in the High Baroque period. Visitors are given an extraordinary opportunity to admire Bernini’s monumental sculptures from Apollo and Daphne to the restored statue of Saint Bibiana, displayed for the first time in Galleria Borghese. Curated by Andrea Bacchi and Anna Coliva Galleria Borghese - Until February 20, 2018 galleriaborghese.it




NAPLES Courtesy Parco Archeologico di Pompei. Photo © Amedeo Benestante


POMPEI@MADRE MATERIA ARCHEOLOGICA - LE COLLEZIONI The exhibition project Pompei@Madre is the result of an unprecedented partnership between the Archaeological

One decade after the death of Sol LeWitt, first-time curator Rem Koolhaas, in dialogue with Francesco

Park of Pompeii and MADRE, the contemporary art

Stocchi, explores the relationship between LeWitt’s oeuvre and architecture, in particular his works and

museum of Campania Region. This exhibition is divided

the peculiarities of the rooms at the Foundation

into two parts: Materia Archeologica and The Collections

Carriero, located in Casa Parravicini, a building

and juxtaposes archaeology, through the works and

dating back to the 15th century. LeWitt’s entire body

finds from Pompeii, and the contemporary era, with

of work can be regarded as forms inserted into

the works in the collection of Palazzo Donnaregina,

space, transcending the division that traditionally

creating a contemporary domus for an entire year

separates architecture and art history.

and redefining the concept of time, space, history

Curated by Francesco Stocchi and Rem Koolhaas

and reality.

Fondazione Carriero

Curated by Massimo Osanna and Andrea Viliani

Until June 23, 2018

Museo Madre


Until April 30, 2018 - Materia Archeologica Until September 24, 2018- Le Collezioni Sol LeWitt 8x8x1.1989 Baked enamel on aluminum. Courtesy Julie and Edward J. Minsko Collection. Wall Drawing #1104: All combinations of lines in four directions Courtesy Estate of Sol LeWitt


MILAN FRIDA KAHLO The upcoming tribute dedicated to the most famous, extraordinary Mexican woman painter, is the most important European exhibition of her work. Bringing together a selection of works by Frida Kahlo that have never been displayed in Italy before, the Milan event will feature oils, drawings, watercolours, letters and photographs that present the artist in a surprising new light, exploring her creativity and her political activism. Curated by Diego Sileo Mudec - From February 1 to June 3, 2018 mudec.it © Modern Art International Foundation (Courtesy Maria and Manuel Reyero) © Banco de México Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, Mexico, D.F. by SIAE 2017

W O N D E R W O R L D 21


LAPO ELKANN’S PASSION FOR CARS Lapo Elkann’s new project, the Garage Italia Customs, opened recently, accompanied by a exciting celebrity turnout. The studio is located in architect Mario Bacciocchi’s fascinating building from 1952 in piazzale Accursio, Milan. The concept behind it is to combine a passion for the best products from the automotive world and yacht building sector (which will be given exclusive personalisation treatments), a love of design reflected by the work of Michele De Lucchi, and a taste for fine food and wine expressed through Carlo Cracco’s new restaurant. Cassina takes charge of the auto liveries, the prestigious yacht brand Riva lends its name to the first-floor “privé” dining space and the bathrooms. The bar is dominated by an installation with over 1,100 model cars. The Materioteca is a display of all the painted panels and the fabrics and leathers available for customising projects, plus a desk made by the artisans of Ferrari using the shell of a Ferrari GTO. There is also a shop with ties, jackets, fleeces and cashmere, and finally the restaurant. Here, the cocktail counter is formed by the body of a Ferrari 250, with seating from the Ferrari Daytona and Ferrari 599. The menu takes the form of a rev counter. garageitaliamilano.it

FOUR SEASONS HOTEL DALIAN Luneng Group, one of China’s major real estate developers, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the world’s leading luxury hospitality company, today jointly announced plans to open a luxury Four Seasons hotel in Dalian, located in the Liaodong Peninsula in northeastern China. Situated within the Donggang (East Harbour), Four Seasons Hotel Dalian will open in the redeveloped financial and commercial hub of the city. A growing and diverse urban centre, Dalian is home to leading industrial companies, port operations and commerce, and is a popular destination for domestic and foreign travellers. The new mixed-use tower in the Donggang will feature office space alongside the Hotel, and is ideally located to offer views of both the historic port and downtown core. Construction is set to begin later this year, with an anticipated opening in 2020. 22


CORNELIANI AT PITTI IMMAGINE A triumphant return to the 93rd Pitti Immagine Uomo, which took place from 9 to 12 January in Florence. Here the brand reaffirmed its status as an ambassador for Italian excellence and stylistic elegance in the setting of the Fortezza da Basso, with two impressive spaces were dedicated to Corneliani and the CC Collection Corneliani. The adjoining locations for the new Autumn/Winter 20182019 collections were linked in a powerful synergy that created a striking focus for the Corneliani offers in two regal, sumptuously beautiful locations. The dual exhibition is designed to give the audience an all-round view of the brand and its constantly-evolving style. Corneliani’s return to Pitti Immagine Uomo is part of the brand’s development strategy, where an increasing emphasis on business in foreign markets is complemented by stronger links with Italian know-how and excellence through a highly prestigious showcase of men’s fashion. Also in the pipeline, a retail expansion strategy focusing especially on the USA and a second shop on New Bond Street, London, while new franchise stores in Asia and Russia are planned for 2018. corneliani.com


plus six learning spaces, six large educational carousels, a theatre and

On 15 November the world’s largest agri-food park opened to the public

cinema, a congress centre and a Foundation with three universities. With

in Bologna, promoted by the city authorities in collaboration with FICO

kilometres of walkways and an area of 100,000 sqm there will be many

Eataly World - the park’s management company - the FICO Foundation for

“edutainment” opportunities. For example, visitors can learn about Italian

Education in Food and Sustainability, Prelios Sgr, which set up and manages

agriculture from the fields, stables and sheds with over two hundred animals

the PAI Fund (Italian Agri-Food Parks), and CAAB - Centro Agroalimentare

and two thousand cultivars, see how food is transformed in farm factories

Bologna. The aim of the park, which is free to enter, is to attract millions

with meat, fish, cheese, pasta, oil, confectionery and beer, and enjoy the

of visitors from around the world with an interest in Italian food and wine

food in over forty food stops. The six educational carousels, dedicated to

excellence from field to fork. Its ten hectares present the marvels of Italy’s

fire, the land, the sea, livestock, wine and the future, are a wonderful way to

biodiversity, including two hectares of open-air fields and stalls. The eight

learn while having fun, like the thirty events and fifty courses held every day

hectares under cover host forty production areas and over forty places to

in rooms, the theatre and teaching spaces.

eat, as well as kiosks, a market, areas for sport, kids, lectures and services,


W O N D E R W O R L D 23

news THE ART OF BELMOND Belmond captures the attention with its new The Art of Belmond campaign, an invitation to enter the wonderful world of the brand. A celebration of the art of good living, the campaign relates the journey as an adventure, an experience, opening up the elegant - yet also ironic and entertaining - world of Belmond and its equally fascinating guests. And, inspired by the golden age of travel, Belmond has created a series of collectable stickers reflecting the individual personality of every travel experience. Five popular artists have created a sticker for every hotel, train, river cruise and safari lodge, reinterpreting the past with a renewed modern look. A spectacular collection! belmond.com




Powder pinks take the sting out winter Beatrice Galbiati





1. Astronomical effect for the georgette glitter minidress with star patches and sprinkled with rose gold sequins, COACH 2. Viscose and lurex for the Intarsia Diamond pullover, while the new men’s capsule, a homage to man’s best friend, is in 100% cashmere, all by BALLANTYNE 3. Poison Ivy Boot in stretch satin, designed to fit like a second-skin, AQUAZZURRA 4. Artisanality and elegance for the Beatles Chelsea boots in natural and suede calf leather, for him, FRATELLI ROSSETTI


5. Powder pink eco-fur coat by ELISABETTA FRANCHI



W O N D E R W O R L D 27

style 1



1. Italian art: Palazzo Marchi in Parma printed scarf by FALIERO SARTI 2. Shoe for him, by FANGA in calf leather and suede with dual buckle, from the first ready-to-wear line designed in collaboration


with Alessandro Squarzi 3. 100% cashmere this flannel padded jacket sleeves with Alcantara inserts, for him, by DORIANI 4. BORSALINO’s timeless medium-brim hat is in natural colour felt with a frotte silk band 5. The sensual white and rose gold leather Lily Sandal by SOEBEDAR adorns the ankle with a laser-cut lotus blossom





Mini & Midi glam bags 3 2

1. The python skin Panini bag by MABIANI, here in the green, ice and red versions, in true Made in Italy style 2. Titanium “Best Secret Keeper� is a midi case in gold crocodile by BOUGEOTTE 3. Contrasting butterfly for the small Gucci Totem ivory leather shoulder bag by GUCCI

W O N D E R W O R L D 29

fashion italian touch

You can leave your hat on Valeria Rastrelli

Š Letorres

To talk about Panizza hats we first must take a step back to a time, many years ago on the shores of Italy’s Lake Maggiore



Opening, an evocative, feminine hat from the new FW 2018 collection recently presented at Pitti 93. Left, the broad “Portocervo” Panama with silk band. The Panizza logo is stamped into the lining


t the end of the 1800s, favourable economic conditions enabled

most famous hat producers in the world. The success of the

growth in a wide range of industries, especially favouring

Panizza brand was, and is, based on two supports: technical

hat makers around the municipality of Verbania. Armed with

skill and the pursuit of absolute quality on one and profound

experience gained working at hat factories throughout Italy

intuition on the other, especially in relation to the conquest of

as a boy, Giovanni Panizza launched Panizza in 1879 along with

foreign markets. When Giovanni Panizza decided to withdraw

Natale Gamba and Antonio Ferri, from Ghiffa, Italy. In a short time,

to private life, he handed control over to new shareholders

the “little factory” (as it was affectionately called) became one of the

with the foundation of an incorporated partnership, Giovanni

© Olivia Magris

Panizza & Compagni. Among them was Natale Gamba, a self-made man originally from Biella and son of friend and hat maker Giovanni (who was from Chiavazza, the village where they were both born), joining the company as an administrator and talented entrepreneur. Thus, in 1897, the destinies of the two families were joined. 1905 was a year of great changes for the company. Of the initial partners, after deaths, retirements and liquidations, the only ones to remain were Natale Gamba and Luigi Panizza, the founder’s grandson. He continued to manage the hat factory, handing it on from father to son up to the early 1960s. In 1932, a young Antonio Gamba (one of the first graduates of Bocconi University) began an internship at his father’s side, while Luigi Panizza brought in his son Giovanni. Natale Gamba passed away in 1936, leaving his post not just to Antonio, but also to his brother Federico, an engineer. The new generation did not hesitate to take the reins and the company flourished under their leadership. Antonio Gamba and Giovanni

W O N D E R W O R L D 31

© Olivia Magris

© Olivia Magris

fashion italian touch


Panizza handled the company’s administration and sales together

the company experienced some significant changes. At the time,

while Federico was entrusted with overseeing production. 1952

Panizza was led by Antonio Gamba, Piero Ceretti and Andreano

was a golden year for the hat factory, with a production of 240

Negra of Johannesburg-based Dorian Hats Ltd, who had joined

thousand pieces, 40% of which went to exports. In 1954, Luigi

the company because he was interested in technical collaboration.

Panizza passed away and the Gamba family took the reins led by

Negra was appointed president, while Gamba resumed his previous

Antonio and Federico, while Giovanni Panizza was flanked by his

role as managing director. In 1981, after a century, the machinery

two sisters. Antonio, with foresight and an understanding of the

and sales offices were transferred to Montevarchi (Tuscany). They

importance of foreign markets, sought out new opportunities in

were located to be housed at Falcus, a larger hat maker, which

the United States, signing an agreement with the Hat Corporation

enabled an increase in volume while maintaining the quality which

of America for the production and distribution of the brand in

had brought fortune to Panizza over the years. The friendship

fifteen European countries. Production began in 1959. In 1972

and familiarity which had connected the two companies for some


Š Olivia Magris

time led to a brand licensing agreement with Falcus. As a gesture of extreme love and devotion, Antonio Gamba sought to revive the old factory. Without altering its appearance, he turned it into a Yachting Residence, also opening the Art of the Hat Museum (Museo dell’Arte del Cappello) to conserve a heritage of historic items. Finally, the company was led by Gian Paolo Gamba, who managed the relationship with Falcus for more than 20 years.

Above, some stages in finishing a hat - the hand stitching, machine stitching the leather, placing the logo on the band. Opposite page, antique wooden hat blocks, a pile of coarse felt forms before being worked and a historic hatbox kept in the Museo dell’Arte del Cappello

Today, Panizza is represented by the young Laura Gamba, who has expertly taken the helm of one of the most recognisable Made in Italy brands, taking it towards the future in style. Panizza is also famous for its felt and panama hats. Felt is made from the natural



fashion italian touch

Above, left, Antonio Gamba in the samples room checks the quality of the hats in person. Right, an old window poster with a fox terrier, advertising the special rough leather finish. Below, an old postcard matting of wool or fur which is felted and compacted through repeated water baths and drying. Thanks to its ultra-dense consistency, this nonwoven fabric can be shaped into hats which never become warped or deformed. Once the raw materials are selected, they are placed on vibrating plates which compact the fur fibres, creating bonds between them and facilitating the felting process. The more energetic process of fulling then follows. The simultaneous action of boiling water and pressure optimises the felting process and transforms the rough material into a stretchy, robust fabric which is also waterproof and breathable. Once the felting process is complete, the felt cone becomes smaller and more compact, is eventually shaped into a Panizza hat. Panama hats are made from expertly woven straw cones in varying degrees of thickness. Panizza uses Toquilla straw, known for its versatility and stretch, which is produced exclusively in Ecuador. The name “Panama�, however, derives from the hat’s association with Panama city and the Panama canal, their point of departure as they were sold and shipped to various destinations around the globe. Toquilla straw processing has deep historical roots, dating back to the early 1800s. Based on the type of weave and the selected straw strands, the finished product is given a very precise name: for example, the famous Montecristis are in the finest, most complex weave possible, sometimes requiring up to six months of work by an expert weaver. www.panizza1879.com



Our g ue sts a re 65 % rep ea t ers W h y?

Nika Island

Resort & Spa *****

t h at sp ecia l mood at the mald i v e s

INT R AV CO I nterna t io nal Travel Consul tants - www.intravco .c o m

spa hotel




ou wouldn’t believe it if you couldn’t see it with your own eyes - a structure in a magnificent natural setting, the Alpina Dolomites Lodge stands on the Alpe di

Siusi, Europe’s largest, most beautiful mountain

Nature puts on a show Antonella Euli

plateau. Stunning in summer, the winter snow transforms it into a magical location. In front of the Alpina are ski slopes and lift installations, a snowpark boasting a half-pipe unequalled in the Alto Adige region, and kilometre after kilometre of wonderful cross-country ski trails. All sports involving a direct contact with nature can be enjoyed here. Skiing and snowboarding reign supreme - the Alpe offers 60 km of ski pistes with ultra-modern lifts, as well as a Snowboard Park for those with a passion for tricks, and a 60 km network of extremely well-tended network of cross-country trails. Tobogganing

Rediscover all-round wellbeing in the wonderful natural setting of the Dolomites

and ice skating are also popular, and rookies can join a ski school with courses in downhill, snowboard and cross-country skiing.

W O N D E R W O R L D 37

spa hotel


And after a day on the pistes in the crystal-clear mountain air, you can

energy consumption standards, combined with warm, welcoming spaces

watch the spectacular sunset from the Mountain Lounge & Bar or relax

in natural materials where guests can dream, relax and feel totally at ease.

in the Alpina Spa. The underlying philosophy is respect for ecology in

And relaxing is easy here. The magnificent view of the enchanting natural

every sector - the spas, food and sport - and that the lodge blends

spectacle created by the surrounding peaks immediately encourages inner

into its natural environment. The pure, clear air of the high plateau

harmony and a pleasure in life, a sensation that is its most all-embracing

has a deep regenerating effect whose benefits can be felt from the

in the well-being spa. New holistic treatments, personalised health and

very first moment. The lodge’s refined elegance, its warm, attentive

wellbeing programmes organised over several days, top quality cosmetic

hospitality and the peerless beauty of the surrounding landscape

products and relaxing beauty treatments all provide long-lasting benefits.

create a unique atmosphere. This is an oasis of wellbeing in the heart

A world of waters, steam and fragrances, enclosed in a setting made from

of the Dolomites, a place where visitors can recharge their batteries

natural materials and surrounded by an extraordinary Alpine environment

and get back into top physical shape - health, fitness and beauty are

creates a unique experience of wellbeing. The same emphasis on nature

accompanied by a wide range of opportunities for sports enthusiasts

and wellbeing is also evident in the restaurant, where guests can enjoy

and those seeking relaxation. Plus, of course, a seductive offer of fine

exquisite creations based on authentic local and regional products. A wide

food and wines. The architecture of the Alpina Dolomites draws its

choice of wines and skilful, attentive service complement the superlative

inspiration from the surrounding mountains, with wood, stone and

dishes to perfection.

glass buildings constructed in line with eco-sustainability and low



W O N D E R W O R L D 39


Elegance is a sophisticated fragrance A celebration of the personality and a wonderful medium for remembering everything we hold dear - people, places, occasions, rooms, gardens and moments of happiness. The hint of a fragrance, like the echo of a musical phrase, can release the strongest emotions. Even more so if it is embodied by an artistic niche product, one developed with no attention to the demands of commercial perfumery and offered with an unusually elegant bottle and pack

Beatrice Galbiati

From Barcelona’s illustrious, sophisticated SANTA EULALIA fashion house comes Obscuro. Along with the other six fragrances in the same collection, it embodies the energy and warmth of the Catalan capital. Notes of incense, star anise and saffron with hints of Peruvian balsam and wild amber

All the freshness of Italy’s Dolce Vita and a celebration of a landscape beloved of poets and writers are embodied in Verbenis, the fragrance from ACQUA DI STRESA with verbena head notes, a floral heart and sandalwood and moss base notes

Blue Sapphire, with its royal blue bottle, is the jewel in the BOADICEA THE VICTORIOUS collection. Citrus head notes, Indian jasmine, rose and cardamom heart and an intense base of patchouli and soft amber



Bal de Roses is a floral fragrance from KEIKO MECHERI, and is part of the Les Merveilles line. The head notes of Damask rose and Petitgrain are followed by a heart of Bulgarian and Taif rose and finally cedar wood, white moss, vanilla and tonka beans

Inspired by a novel dedicated to perfume and the passion for our world, RE PROFUMO - VENEZIA creates five fragrances, including Ekstasis, as an olfactory expression of parchment pages. Head notes of whortleberry and bergamot softened by tuberose, with a tonka bean and vanilla base

Andrée Putman’s first fragrance, L’Original by PREPARATION PARFUMEE, draws inspiration from oriental places and perfumes. Its composition is a complex mix of forest wood scents with grey pepper, coriander seed and water lilac notes

All the fragrance of a beautiful, faraway world is captured by the wonderfully fresh Arab Spring Everyday fragrance by TFK, with mandarin and Persian lime head notes, a floral heart with lily of the valley and Brazilian gardenia and base notes of white moss, white birch wood and French oak moss

Ianco’s VIADEIMILLE collection draws inspiration from light, and is a tribute to Sicily. This collection of three fragrances is packaged in bottles from one of Italy’s oldest glassmakers. The olfactory notes of Mandorlo range from bergamot to almond, white moss and patchouli

Part of JO MALONE’s fruit fragrance collection, inspired by a vintage dress worn by a woman at a London party, Pomegranate Noir blends pomegranate, raspberry, plum and rhubarb with pink pepper, cloves, lily of the valley and musk, amber and cedar wood base notes

W O N D E R W O R L D 41

city spa



Hot Baths in the City Antonella Euli

Wellbeing can mean hot spas in the city, too!


owadays there’s no need to travel long distances to enjoy the benefits of a thermal spa, because wellbeing is just around the corner. Take the royal city of Turin, for example, whose majestic beauty has been enhanced by another jewel - QC Terme Torino. It’s a place where the philosophy of the ancient

Roman spa is alive and well, inspired by the dream of Andrea and Saverio Quadrio Curzio. It was opened in 1982 and now includes new wellbeing centres that form the largest and most innovative group in the Italian tourist-spa sector. This city-centre paradise enables guests to experience over thirty treatment itineraries, both inside the elegant Palazzo Abegg on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, offering hydromassage pools, hydrojets, regenerating waterfalls, Japanese baths, biosaunas, aromatised steam baths, footbaths, Kneipp treatments, infrared loungers, a salt room, sensory relaxation rooms inspired by the city’s history olfactory, and in the evocative outdoor garden with its hydromassage pools in a variety of intensities and a sensory pool

W O N D E R W O R L D 43

city spa

with underwater music. An experience not to be missed is the Garden of Secrets, a dreamlike garden that’s a wonderful place to lose yourself in, but there are many other enjoyable experiences, like the Tavolo delle fragole, the Chiosco Tassoni with drinks and syrups, the aromatic shower, the Citrus Grove and the fireside lounge embellished with small, flower-filled gardens. The garden of wonders is accessed through the “Once Upon a Time” relaxation room, a special space suspended between dream and memory, with memories of childhood. The imperial Roman philosophy lives again here in all its ancient majesty. Just as at the baths of Caracalla, Diocletian or Trajan, the water from underground is heated to a temperature of 36° to make it more comfortable. Hydromassage pools, footbaths, waterfalls, Kneipp treatments and Vichy water combine to provide a total fitness and wellbeing boost - the hot water in the wellbeing facilities relaxes the body, eases the muscles and alleviates stress. Biosaunas exert a variety of regeneration effects and purifying baths in the ancient traditional manner use the beneficial effects of steam to renew and delicately smooth the skin. A precious silence reigns in the relaxation rooms,

while the salt room creates a miniature marine environment in the city to drain and tone the skin, unblocking the respiratory passages. During the day the wellbeing master organises special events for recovering fitness and beauty through body treatments and face masks. Wellbeing is also catered for by the tasty buffet at the Light Cafè. For the weekend brunch the buffet is filled by the colours and flavours of wellbeing with pancakes, confectionery, seasonal fruit and delicate bites. The “Aperiterme”, an exclusive bathrobe aperitif, is an evening with a difference, a pleasant opportunity to socialise. The entrance fee includes access to the full wellbeing itinerary, a bathrobe, towel and a pair of slippers. Available every day from seven to nine o’clock in the evening. The hot baths are open every day from 10:00 to 22:00 or from 10:00 to 23:00, and the prices vary according to the day. The entry fee enables guests to use all the services (swimming pools and baths, steam baths, footbaths etc) while the massages, from the classic to the most complex, including massage for couples, are individually priced. www.qcterme.com



W O N D E R W O R L D 45

winter time

Top hotels and venues in a natural landscape



that is the ideal setting for 5-star winter sports Antonella Euli

W O N D E R W O R L D 47

winter time

CRISTALLO, A LUXURY COLLECTION RESORT & SPA, CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, VENETO Cortina’s historic hotel, first opened in 1901, stands in a unique landscape. A wide range of winter sports provides enthusiasts with adrenalincharged activities and relaxing leisure pursuits in a tailor-made offer. The winter skiing season from December to April enables visitors to enjoy a paradise of pistes in the nearby Superski circuit. Guests are offered the services of ski butlers to help them enjoy skiing, snowboarding, curling or sledging - the expert staff will recommend destinations, trails and descents to suit all ambitions and expertise. The spa reflects the prestigious nature of the resort as a whole, offering a huge range of therapeutic treatments using high-quality raw materials for detox, anti-aging, relaxation and après ski rituals. Equipped with a hammam, sauna, thermarium and large indoor Roman-style swimming pool, it also includes the spacious FitWell Club with cutting edge fitness machines and qualified trainers. Gourmets will be more than pleased with the restaurants, offering a varied selection of dishes - La Stube with haute cuisine, the Gazebo with the finest traditional Italian offerings, The Chef’s Private Table for a truly epicurean experience, the informal Veranda, open for breakfast and lunch, and finally the Bar, with an exceptional list of cocktails in the Luxury Collection, accompanied by tasty snacks. www.cristallo.it



JOSEF MOUNTAIN RESORT, AVELENGO, TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE Looking directly out onto the pistes of the Merano 2000 complex, at an altitude of about 1,700 meters. As well as offering the sort of excellent hospitality to be expected from new, welcoming facilities where guests can choose from a range of double rooms and junior or larger suites, it has everything needed for an ideal “ski in – ski out” experience - after an enjoyable breakfast with local and regional ingredients, guests can pick up their heated skis and boots from the store and then step directly out onto the blanket of snow directly in front of the hotel. The adjoining Falzeben cable car provides access to a ski area with 40 kilometres of easy and medium pistes, plus a few demanding runs for highly-skilled skiers. Snowboarders and freeriders of all levels and abilities will find everything they need with wide descents, demanding slopes and especially the new snowpark Merano 2000 with its many kickers, rails, tubes and boxes. Non-skiers can enjoy their own outdoor experiences, like an excursion in a horse-drawn carriage on the Avelengo plateau or a torchlit night-time snowshoe walk accompanied by the muffled sounds of the woods in winter and the soft crunch of their steps in the snow. Guests seeking a more meditative experience can taste local grappa and liqueurs beside the crackling flames of the open fireplace or sip superb wines, guided by a professional sommelier. Not forgetting the superlative wellness offer at the Forest Spa, including the “Sauna Experience” with detox salt peel or romantic, relaxing warm baths in candlelight in the Spa’s private space. www.josef.bz

W O N D E R W O R L D 49

winter time

ADLER DOLOMITI SPA & SPORT RESORT, ORTISEI, TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE In the sunny heart of Val Gardena, the centuries-old hotel-keeping tradition of hospitality and warmth are all part of a unique offer that includes spa & relaxation, sports activities and incomparable culinary experiences - in other words, the dolce vita amid the magical charm of the world’s most beautiful mountain peaks. Over six generations what was once a small inn has been transformed into a modern-day resort that celebrated two hundred years of history in 2010. The hotel, set in over 9,000 square metres of gardens, boast a series of exceptional attractions - a wellness centre with indoor and outdoor pools, saltwater swimming pool, saunas and relaxation space, together covering an area of 3,500 square metres, the award-winning Adler spa with exclusive wellness rituals and a packed calendar of indoor and outdoor activities. Chef Leonhard Rainer’s gourmet cuisine is inspired by an encounter between the culinary traditions of the South Tyrol, the lightness of Mediterranean cooking and delicacies from around the world. One brand-new feature is that the already prestigious wine list, with over three hundred labels to choose from, now features Aetos, the Adler’s house wine. The hotel is also an excellent base for magnificent walks and high-altitude excursions. The charm lies in contrasts - spend the morning on the Dolomite Superski pistes, departing directly from the hotel, then enjoy an afternoon at the largest Waterworld in the Dolomites. www.adler-dolomiti.com



ALPENPALACE DELUXE HOTEL & SPA RESORT, SAN GIOVANNI, TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE Boasting a strong, deeply-rooted culture, set in verdant woodland and meadows and sheltered by majestic peaks, with its topclass services the resort is one of the jewels of the Valle Aurina. Benefits include 24h room service, limousine and transfer service, helipad, ski transfer and VIP ski service. The first place to go to for a wellness and spa experience, as well as being a secret gourmet destination, its extraordinary closeness to nature and strategic location for skiing - only a few kilometres from the ski complex of Speikboden and Klausberg - make it a wonderfully attractive destination. The slopes of the Skiworld Valle Aurina or Plan de Corones draw ski fans, families and freestylers. During the enchanting excursions, exciting cross-country trails and thrilling

sledge trips guests will be surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the snow-clad landscape. The food also reflects the resort’s exclusive nature, and chefs Stefan Zelger & Michael Sartor create innovative menus that reinterpret regional specialities. The multisensory experience begins in the bar or on the garden terrace, culminating in the Tyrolean “stube” or the Aurea Vallis. Carefully selected and skilfully-prepared products, accompanied by prestigious wines, create a peerless composition. The 3,000 square meters “The Art of Beauty by La Prairie” spa is a space of utter tranquillity, somewhere guests can rediscover themselves. Beauty and health are the watchwords, and Alpine wellbeing meets the ayurveda. www.alpenpalace.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 51

winter time

ROSA ALPINA, SAN CASSIANO, ALTO ADIGE Discover the essence of tranquil glamour, elegant interiors and Michelin-starred cuisine. For sheer relaxation and daily physical exercise, try this welcoming spa with indoor pool, saunas and gym - and winter sports. Guests can arrange ski passes and hire from the hotel’s ski room, take ski lessons with instructors from the Scuola Sci Dolomites and enjoy climbing, heliski, snowshoe excursions, glacier climbs and cross-country ski courses with instructors from Dine Around. They can also sample the gastronomic variety of the Rosa Alpina with a full “Dine Around” immersion enabling them to be free to choose where to dine - in an intimate Fondue Restaurant, the informal Restaurant Wine Bar & Grill, the Restaurant Limonaia or the elegant, refined two Michelin star Restaurant St. Hubertus. Sleeping accommodation is provided by the exclusive 310 square metre Chalet Zeno, a part of the hotel, which offers three double rooms - a Master Suite, a Suite (both with hammam shower) and a De Luxe, all connecting. The lounge is a large space with elegant bar counter that separates the area with sofas and fireplace from the kitchen and large table, where guests can ask chef Norbert Niederderkofler to prepare an exclusive dinner for them. The chalet is designed to be totally independent from the hotel itself, with a private lift providing access to swimming pool, spa and gym. www.rosalpina.it



NIRA MONTANA, LA THUILE, VALLE D’AOSTA Welcome to a place apart, far removed from the bustle of the outside world, untouched outside and sophisticated within. We’re in the Val d’Aosta region, the site of Europe’s highest peak, re-establishing a relationship with nature with 160 kilometres of ski pistes straddling Italy and France. With Monte Bianco/ Mont Blanc in the background, Nira Montana stands on edges of La Thuile, a famous sport venue near the border with France and Courmayeur. Special packages enable guests to select a made-to-measure skiing experience. One example is the “Border Line” Ski for skiing without restriction between Italy and France, with one of the Alpine region’s most expert personal guides. The package includes the guide for the entire day, two ski passes and a stay in a Double Deluxe room with breakfast. Visitors can also “touch” Monte Bianco - the experience begins with a visit to La Thuile and continues with a walk on the Monte Bianco glacier with the Skyway cable car. The packet includes return tickets for the Skyway and an expert mountain guide for the excursion on the glacier. If it’s spectacular outdoors, inside it’s just as breathtaking - a welcoming spa with made-to-measure treatments, fullyequipped Technogym and a swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath, plus a vitarium and Land&Water area. The private spa is perfect for couples. The Stars restaurant, sophisticated yet also very relaxed, offers the finest Italian cuisine, with seasonal menus and regional specialities. niramontana.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 53


the LORDS of

TIME Paolo De Vecchi

Displaying time in all its possible forms is often an excuse for sublime technical and aesthetic exercises in style


he Who’s Who of sought-after luxury watch makers includes the name

of Michel Parmigiani, who twenty years ago opened a manufacturing centre bearing his name in Fleurier, Switzerland. His aim was to create high-quality timepieces with a contemporary appeal. Its focus on mechanical and stylistic excellence means this relatively new brand is now mentioned in the same breath as other brands boasting long, illustrious traditions, like Switzerland’s Patek Philippe and the German maker A. Lange & Söhne.



Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Aèrolithe, with automatic movement, chronograph and flyback system (instantaneous stop and release of the second hand), date and 30-minute and 12-hour counters. The movement is made according to strict manufacturing criteria, and comprises 311 elements. It operates at 28,800 vibrations per second and has a power reserve of 50 fifty hours. The case is made of titanium, a very light yet tough material, and the dial is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

W O N D E R W O R L D 55


Above. Montblanc Chronomètrie ExoTourbillon, automatic with tourbillon completing a slow rotation every four minutes, double chronograph functions, dual time zone and night-day indicator, rose gold case, sapphire crystal back displaying the mechanism. Offered in a limited edition of eight. Right. Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider, automatic with skeleton calibre and hour and minute hands, rose gold and titanium case, limited edition of 88 examples.



Above. A. Lange & Sรถhne Lange 1 Phase Lunaire, manual wound with small seconds, large date, indicators for power reserve, day/night and moon phases, white gold case with black dial, sapphire crystal back revealing mechanism. Right. Patek Philippe Calatrava, automatic with small seconds and date hand, white gold case and black dial with silvered elements, sapphire crystal back revealing mechanism, Geneva Seal certified.

W O N D E R W O R L D 57


1 2

A frosty winter Beatrice Galbiati

Diamonds and more for a total white winter - almost! Winter is the best time of all to flaunt the purest white. It complements every garment and, if it’s the right size, can be worn for any occasion and at any time. It suits any look, and is far more versatile than the other colours. So get ready dazzle with the colour that combines them all




7 8

Opposite page: 1. Drop earrings in white gold and diamonds by BUCCELLATI 2. From the One of a Kind Collection, a white gold ring with square-cut diamonds and emeraldcut central diamond, FARAONE 3. The penguin brooch by VHERNIER is in white gold, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, cornelian, rock crystal and a touch of black onyx


4. White gold and diamonds for this CARTIER ring 5. This white gold and diamond bracelet is from DAMIANI’s Emozioni Collection 6. From the iconic Tiffany Keys Collection, the white gold and diamond pendant by TIFFANY & Co. 7. W for Winter, the diamond pendant with white gold chain by ROBERTO COIN 8. These Orso Bianco agate cufflinks with onyx barrette are by VILLA GIOIELLERIA

5 4



Alessandro Paderni

being in the world

Above, Patrizia Moroso. Right, Fjord, design Patricia Urquiola, 2002



Designer Furnishings Antonella Euli

The story of a company that has been producing sofas, armchairs and haute couture furnishings in Udine province since 1952, selling them in sixty-four countries


oroso was created in 1952 by Agostino Moroso, who founded the company together with his wife Diana with the aim of producing and developing sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories. Basing their production on an artisanal approach and a strong creative impulse in the design phase,

they embraced a vision that has enabled the company to achieve growth driven by quality, innovation and highly imaginative products. In the 1980s the second generation of the family - CEO Roberto and art director Patrizia - launched an in-depth research project to investigate the possibilities of designer products. Patrizia Moroso gave shape to her dreams, giving the designers intensely creative ideas and precise input. Now, sixty-five years after its foundation, Moroso is part of the haute couture of international design and has become a leading player in the upholstered furniture sector, helped by the contributions of top designers especially Ron Arad, an Israeli designer who has collaborated with Moroso for over twenty-five years. With him the company made the leap into the international market, interpreting an unconventional language based on complex parameters to create unique or limited edition pieces. These two worlds met and generated a Moroso classic, the Big Easy armchair, produced in twelve versions - steel, resin, rubber and plastic. They cost from 150,000 dollars to 6-700 dollars for the

W O N D E R W O R L D 61

being in the world

Above, Moroso factory. Below, armchair Fjord, design Patricia Urquiola, 2002: steel frame covered with injected cold foam for the armchairs and the stools. The seat shells of the armchairs and frame are in technopolymer composite Beams: frame in varnished steel. Feet in polished aluminium casting. Table in HPL white or black. Special characteristics: the collection Fjord has not removable covers plastic model. Series produced, they were destined for billionaire collectors and less wealthy enthusiasts. It was the shape that was so intriguing. There was nothing similar in the design world, the process was more like artists producing multiple pieces. Then there were Patricia Urquiola, Ross Lovegrove, Konstantin Grcic, Alfredo Häberli, Toshiyuki Kita, Marcel Wanders, Tokujin Yoshioka, Enrico Franzolini, Doshi & Levien, Tord Boontje, Nendo, Front and many others with whom Moroso created a collection of iconic objects that display a shared heritage while retaining diverse local characteristics. This international approach has enabled the company to gain a presence in the world’s most beautiful locations, including the MoMA in New York, the Tokyo Palais, the Grand Palais in Paris, The Biennale in Venice and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. Through these significant collaborations the company has been able to offer a huge, extremely diverse range of products for both the residential and contract markets. The company’s family-based culture has gradually been complemented by a strong managerial structure that has created successful synergies in the global upholstered furniture market. This growth curve is part of a story made up of research, innovative materials and technology, skilful artisanal production and



Top, Banjooli, design Sebastian Herkner, 2013: “Ostrich in love”. This outdoor chair is the latest member of Moroso’s Afrique collection. Left, Victoria and Albert Collection, design Ron Arad, 2000: an iconic sofa lent its name to the whole collection which Ron Arad designed for Moroso in 2000. Right, Shadowy, design Tord Boontje, 2009: the Shadowy collection has a modern, functional approach to form combined with a special regard for old African craft techniques. Below, sofa Lowland, design P. Urquiola, 2000: wooden frame covered with stress-resistant polyurethane foam of various densities and polyester fiber

W O N D E R W O R L D 63

being in the world

Left, armchair Modernista, design Doshi Levien, 2017: the design draws inspiration from men’s tailored suits, garments beautifully sewn with a sophisticated taste for materials and details. Right, sofa Josephine, design Gordon Guillaumier, 2017: the sofa or tête-à-tête versions designed for the contract sector but equally suitable for a domestic setting. Middle: sofa Modernista design Doshi Levien, 2017. Below, armchair Josephine, design Gordon Guillaumier, 2017

a multi-faceted strategic vision of the market. Moroso also focuses on client satisfaction, responding to the needs and expectations of its client base and providing high quality products and services. Combined with a deep respect for the environment, this has led Moroso to become the first producer of upholstered items to be awarded ISO 9001 certification for production cycle quality in 1994 and ISO 14001 certification for environmental systems management in 1999. Moroso now employs 140 people, has a turnover of 30 million euro and branches in the USA and the UK, and exports its products to around seventy countries, but as Patrizia Moroso says, it still has “The dimensions of a studio workshop, a medium, very Italian scale. We are independent in a world where the tendency is to become part of a large group, so we can allow ourselves to draw as much as possible on artisanal skills and expertise - embroidery here, Africa there, polyester from Japan. A big company is all numbers and turnover, you have to stand behind the product you’re selling. We don’t follow trends, we create them”. moroso.it



luxury hotel



The House of the Gods An oasis of luxury in the heart of the Valle dei Templi for an unforgettable experience Valeria Rastrelli

W O N D E R W O R L D 67

luxury hotel




illa Athena is the only 5-star hotel in the heart of the Archaeological Area of Agrigento, a UNESCO World heritage Site, with direct and exclusive access. A princely residence built in the late 18th century, every corner of it contains

classical remains. Located only 200 metres across from the Temple of Concord, a Doric masterpiece from the 5th century BC, it stands outside time and space, a combination of nature, art and beauty. But Agrigento does not only mean archaeology - its historic centre is studded with antique churches and picturesque corners, while the sea that embraces it hosts natural jewels of a rare beauty - especially the famous Scala dei Turchi (Turkish Steps) and the Torre Salsa nature reserve, a favourite haunt of sea turtles. The Villa Athena has recently undergone a skilful renovation, and retains all the charm of the old aristocratic residence. Everything is original and unique, with refined furnishings and impeccable service, enhanced by the typical Sicilian welcome and friendliness. The rooms and suites look out onto the temples and centuriesold olive groves that blend into the landscape of almond trees surrounding the magnificent temples. The restaurant, the domain of chef Salvatore Gambuzza, is now a member of the Soste di Ulisse organisation, which brings together the most exclusive hotel brands and most illustrious names in Italian fine cooking.

W O N D E R W O R L D 69

luxury hotel


The crispy sea urchin roe is the most popular dish on the

vegetables, making flowers, leaves and small garnishes to

extensive gourmet menu, a fusion of land and sea in a dish

decorate any dish. For relaxation, the place to go is the Villa

that is simple yet bursting with flavours. Enterprising food

Athena spa, located in a former storage space for the grain

lovers can attend the cookery lessons held by the chef -

and oil produced in the Valle dei Templi. In the wellbeing

Mani in Pasta, all about the different kinds of traditional

area the finest techniques combine with an extraordinary

fresh pasta, including tips on how to prepare typical Sicilian

synthesis of perfumes and colours, all in harmony with the

recipes, La Cucina del Commissario Montalbano with

fruit of the valley, from mild almonds to the bold aromas of

typical Sicilian dishes from the detective stories by Andrea

citrus fruit, a natural source of physical health. These cosy

Camilleri, Percorso Sensoriale, with a visit to the herb

surroundings create an intensely intimate atmosphere that

garden, picking herbs for inclusion in a three-course menu,

dissipates stress, enabling guests to achieve a harmony of

and Arancino Day, an opportunity to learn how to make

body and mind by enjoying a perfumed emotional shower,

classic and modern versions of the Sicilian Arancino rice

lying back in a relaxing hydromassage and letting themselves

dish. Not forgetting a course on the time-honoured recipes

be enfolded by a hot steam bath, then slowly coming back

for typical Sicilian sweet pastries, and Intaglio di Frutta e

down to Earth while drinking an infusion or tisane.

Verdura, a first-level course on cutting and carving fruit and





A R T.


I T.

Migliore conservazione. Prestazioni professionali. Tecnologia e artigianalitĂ senza pari.

02 66047147 info@frigo2000.it frigo2000.com


luxury wine resort

A Castle in the Heart of Tuscany Antonella Euli

Hospitality and excellence at the Castello di Velona Resort, Thermal Spa & Winery, standing on a hill in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 72



n the clearest days you can even make out the island of Elba, rising from the landscape as if it were one of the rolling Tuscan hills. The Castello di Velona was built in the 11th

century and transformed in 1997 by the architect Alberto Durante into a luxury resort, preserving its original structure and retaining all the features of a period country house. It stands twelve kilometres from Montalcino, in the peaceful Tuscan countryside among woods, olive groves and precious vineyards growing grapes for one of the world’s most famous wines - Brunello. One of Tuscany’s top ten Brunello wines, which bears the label “Castello di Velona”, is produced from the grapes cultivated in the vineyards surrounding the Castello itself. The region’s landscape and history combine with its emphasis on wellbeing and food and wine excellence to offer guests a unique, exclusive feast for the senses, thanks to a skilful restoration that in 2011 converted the resort

W O N D E R W O R L D 73

luxury wine resort The region’s landscape and history combine with its emphasis on wellbeing and food and wine excellence to offer guests a unique, exclusive feast for the senses, thanks to a skilful restoration that in 2011 converted the resort into the luxurious 5-star destination it is today

into the luxurious 5-star destination it is today. Its forty-five rooms and suites with spectacular view onto the valley feature period furnishings, beams, vaulted ceilings, earthenware floors and large, decorative fireplaces, while the nineteen more recent “Sunset” rooms and suites have a linear, contemporary design with sophisticated furnishings and outdoor patio. The “Oli SPA” is a natural haven, a 1,500 sqm oasis of sheer relaxation with a view of the hills and vineyards. It’s devoted to all-round wellbeing, with two indoor and two outdoor hot water Jacuzzis, two Turkish baths, sauna, four emotional showers and six treatment cabins, two of which are reserved for couples. Aromatherapy plays a special role, with a wide choice of rituals, treatments, body and face massages, scrubs and compresses, using products from the local area like olive oil, lavender oil and wine. Local tradition is also the key to the menu at the Velona Lounge, while gourmet food is offered amid the elegant surroundings of the Ristorante Settimo Senso, or the scenic terraces overlooking the Val d’Orcia. Of course, the wine list gives pride of place to the Brunello produced by the Castello’s winery. After dinner guests can relax with a digestif in the ancient cloisters, now sheltered by a glass roof, making it possible to view the stars above on clear evenings. The castle estate also includes a farm that produces a superb extravirgin olive oil, as well as six vineyards - Vignone, Logge, Fame, Poggetto, Gradoni and Castello - with a total area of four and a half hectares producing the grapes for the Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G. “Castello di Velona”. www.castellodivelona.it



W O N D E R W O R L D 75

luxury rental

The Megayacht Oscars


ow in their eighth edition, the Show Boats Design Awards, a prestigious accolades in the motor and sail yacht world, are presented to recently-designed yachts whose interiors or exteriors feature a particularly

distinctive design, style and luxury. Divided by type into sail yachts and motor yachts and by size - more or less than 48 metres in length and weighing more or less than 500 tonnes gross tonnage - a dozen yachts took the podium in Kitzbuhel. The interior design award in the over 500 tonnes category went to Cloudbreak by the German yard Abeking & Rasmussen. This floating palace, over 72 metres long and 12 metres wide, was built in 2006. Generous interior volumes, elegance and hi-technology are the key words to describe the work of designer Christian Liaigre. Up to twelve guests can sail on board this luxurious vessel (accompanied by a crew of twenty-two), enjoying the feelgood relaxation offered by the lovely wellness room.



W O N D E R W O R L D 77

luxury rental




ermania Nova is designed as a faithful replica of the racing schooner Germania, built in 1908 by Krupp Werft Kiel. Germania Nova was completed in 2009 at the Factoria Naval de Marin, SA Spagna, using the innovative

designs of the famous Max Oertz. Germania Nova’s interiors boast a 1920s style combined with modern comforts. The five impressive suites - including an owner’s suite with a long list of facilities including a walk-in wardrobe - and four double cabins can host up to ten guests. The style of the striking main lounge recalls that of a classic sail yacht, with white walls and mahogany floors and tops. The main deck hosts a formal dining room for ten guests just in front of the main helm station. www.floatinglife.com

Gone with the wind

W O N D E R W O R L D 79


Chapter Four: from January to April, magical resorts in the Maldives and on Zanzibar will become the setting for some intense gastronomic experiences, courtesy of the JRE Teresa Crespi

MALDIVES and ZANZIBAR Dining With the Stars 80



lanhotel Hospitality Group, a leading Indian Ocean resort and hotel management company, is renewing its appointment with great international chefs at its dream resorts in the Maldives and on Zanzibar. Following the success of the previous editions of the event, the group has renewed its partnership with the JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe), an association that brings together talented young individuals with a shared passion for their profession and a philosophy based on tradition and local products that combines creativity and preparation skills. The gourmet event, staged this year for the fourth time, will see the star chefs of the JRE show off their talents in the kitchens of the most exclusive Diamonds Hotels & Resorts, and as always it is full of novelty and innovation. For fourteen weeks from January to April, forty-two JRE chefs from twelve countries will present unforgettable culinary performances at the Diamonds Athuruga and Diamonds Thudufushi in the Maldives, which stand amid the pristine splendour of twin islands in the Ari Nord atoll, seeming to rise from the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean, with dazzling white coral sand beaches and luxuriant tropical vegetation, sheltered by a reef that is home to an infinite number of marine species, and the Diamonds Star of

W O N D E R W O R L D 81


the East, one of the island of Zanzibar’s most exclusive resorts, surrounded by the sumptuous fragrances and colours of African spices. It is without doubt the jewel in the crown of Planhotel Hospitality Group’s Diamonds Hotels & Resorts brand, affiliated to the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of The World chain. Guest star Andrea Berton takes a turn before the JRE chefs, creating two dinners on the Maldives on 28 and 30 December (one on each island) and giving two cookery lessons. Then comes the JRE team, pulling out all the stops in an effort to delight guests with their unique dishes in this enchanting location. They will be creating menus in the à la carte restaurants at the all three resorts, pampering guests with “designer” dishes that offer a unique sensory experience. New this year is a dinner created by the JRE and Giacomo Gaspari, executive chef at Athuruga and Thudufushi. He is an expert in Ayurvedic cooking and this summer he was guest chef at the Terrazza 350 in The View Lugano, where he prepared several menus based on the doshas, the three substances that are present in the body. Gaspari’s culinary philosophy emphasises dishes inspired by natural cooking and extremely high quality ingredients. The result is a fusion of Mediterranean cuisine, Eastern techniques and food science (he is a proponent of the Zone diet) and a perfect combination of creativity with ingredients and the



aesthetic appeal of the elements making up his dishes. In the words of Ernesto Iaccarino, President of the Jeunes Restaurateurs, “The entire association welcomed the initiative with enthusiasm. It’s a fantastic opportunity to show what you can do in Diamonds Hotels & Resorts’ dream destinations in the Maldives and on Zanzibar, and our young chefs will do everything they can to put on a unique event”. On arrival every chef will appear in a cookery show in the relaxed atmosphere of the Buffet Restaurant - an informal event to give a foretaste of their art. The real culinary spectacle, though, will be the gala dinner”, an exclusive five-course gourmet dinner served in the setting of the magnificent Over Water Restaurants at the Athuruga and Thudufushi and the Ocean Blue Restaurant at the Star of the East. Finally, enthusiastic foodies will have an opportunity to take part in the weekly cooking class, where the JRE chefs reveal recipes and secrets from their own kitchen. “Dining with the Stars is an initiative inspired by the Planhotel philosophy, which seeks to transform every holiday into a memorable series of emotions and experiences”, says Sara Rosso, president and CEO of the Planhotel Hospitality Group. We’re pleased and honoured to continue our collaboration with JRE’s young talent, and to see them grow year by year”. www.planhotel.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 83


For fourteen weeks from January to April, forty-two JRE chefs from twelve countries will present unforgettable culinary performances in the Maldives and on the island of Zanzibar



Live the Diamonds Lifestyle! www.diamondsresorts.com

italian chef

Food Tales Antonella Euli




ur food tale unfolds in the province of Milan, upper Bergamo and the heart of Rome’s historic centre. Three venues, each with its own story to tell -

and taste! We start from the northernmost of the three, Bergamo Alta, home to a luxury hotel, the Relais San Lorenzo, a luxury hotel in the heart of the city’s mediaeval core, a place where history, luxury, nature, wellness and excellent food exist side-byside. This, and the executive chef responsible for the wonderful dishes, is the subject of our article. Antonio Cuomo, an emerging talent whose name has become known outside regional frontiers, was born in Campania but has been adopted by Bergamo, where his now lives. A self-taught chef, he is driven by a burning passion that was strikingly displayed during his previous stints at several venues in and around Bergamo. He offers an original selection of dishes that recall his Neapolitan origins, combined with cooking that reflects the more gutsy, down-toearth flavours of the Po valley and some of his own more contemporary aesthetic creativity. We then arrive in the Milan region, Bellinzago Lombardo to be exact, to visit an old friend whose long experience has taught him everything there is to know about meat. Good meat, of course. Sergio Motta was born into the world of fine food, and has brought in a very interesting chef to join the team at his Macelleria Motta restaurant. Daniele Columbu, as his surname reveals, has Sardinian origins. His culinary creations are daring, without compromising the basic ingredient, high quality meat from the Piedmont region - and tasting is believing. Finally, we come to the historic centre of the beautiful city of Rome. This ancient city is the home of the Aroma restaurant, located on the top floor of the Palazzo Manfredi, on the splendid terrace overlooking the Coliseum, the Domus Aurea and the Colle Oppio, with an incomparable view over imperial Rome. Opened in May 2010, Aroma has become a landmark for gourmet dining in the city, and in 2014 it was awarded a Michelin Star. Here, we explain why. Enjoy your journey through the world of flavour!

W O N D E R W O R L D 87

italian chef



n incomparable setting for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The gourmet restaurant at the Relais San Lorenzo is set within an archaeological site from the Roman and mediaeval

eras, an evocative gateway to a journey through time. The cooking is refined, and of an extremely high standard. The person responsible is a young, talented executive chef called Antonio Cuomo. Originally from Naples but now a citizen of Bergamo by adoption, this self-taught culinary star is driven by a burning passion that was already clear to see during stints at other restaurants in Bergamo. The restaurant, which is located underground and seats only thirty-five diners, is a unique venue, set among the mediaeval and Roman ruins of Bergamo’s Old City. As a result, guests can enjoy their meal beside an ancient water tank or visit the cellar, now tightly bounded by two streets paved in old stone from Bergamo’s past. This approach generates many benefits - it makes the most of typical local flavours, reinterpreted through new combinations and techniques, using top-quality selected ingredients (but not necessarily expensive) to rediscover authentic tastes; it reflects a zero-kilometre philosophy by sourcing whenever possible from local producers, and it applies food design, with dishes developed to express their character in a modern, elegant composition. “I’m looking for a balance between tradition and creativity, bearing in mind some basic principles like the rediscovery of traditional ingredients, and a respect for the seasons and cooking times to ensure the ingredients remain nourishing and full of flavour. The concept of homemade is a crucial aspect of my philosophy - everything is prepared in-house, which means we can be certain of its quality”. The wine list is equally convincing - a collection of excellent Italian labels, region by region, plus foreign names from a number of countries to make up a total selection of 250 wines. Then there’s the Champagne list, which presents the most famous brands alongside a selection of wines from small-scale producers offering some fascinating labels. From pure Champagnes to zero-dosage bubbly, it’s a wonderful way to get to know a region and a unique tradition. www.relaissanlorenzo.com



Cuomo skilfully steers a highly original course among food that reveals his origins, improvised dishes veering towards the more gutsy, down-to-earth flavours of the Po valley, and some more creative, contemporary offers

W O N D E R W O R L D 89

italian chef



t’s a place for connoisseurs that is inspired by tradition, passion, or as Sergio says (Motta, son of the Giuseppe who created the illustrious butcher’s shop with over a half-century of history), “Out of sheer

desperation, because every bit of the cow should be enjoyed, not just the more prestigious cuts”. In other words, the restaurant marks a natural step in the evolution of the family butcher’s shop. It is located in an aristocratic 16th century town house, with a courtyard where guests can dine in summer. The lovely entrance is simply stunning - the glass walls of the cold store reveal sides of pork, prosciutto hams and bresaola, quietly ageing as they hang. Opposite is a huge fireplace fronted by outsized spits on which immense pieces of meat slowly revolve in a majestic dance. This must be what shaped the imagination and skills of chef Daniele Columbu, 49, originally from Cagliari. He grew up in his grandfather’s three restaurants, so his destiny was taken for granted, but his passion for cooking has shaped his career. At the age of fifteen he moved to Versilia, working his way up from dogsbody to executive chef. Hard work and a love for his job led him to gain positions at a series of famous restaurants, until his fateful meeting three years ago with Sergio, the King of Meat. His classic-Mediterranean style cooking, based on seasonal and local produce, is the basis of their well-matched collaboration, and his secret is to interfere as little as possible with the ingredients. The result is that his dishes are deeply infused with authentic flavours, combined with a healthy dose of creativity. Together, the two men decide what the restaurant is going to offer, the dishes are tasted at table and then added to the menu. And what a menu! Just a small selection of the pleasures to be enjoyed here - the meal opens with refined Piedmont beef tartare in three flavours, plain, with oil and salt and with anchovy paste, capers and whole egg yolks, followed by ricotta-stuffed courgette flowers with peperoni pesto and natural-flavour ice cream. One first course really stands out - oxtail ravioli with pea puree, ginger broth and vegetable chips. The second course choice opens with grilled meats, moving on, for example, to veal cubes with sage and almond mayonnaise and vegetables marinated in gin. And as if that were not enough, to finish there are peaches, zabaglione and almond crumble. All the courses are accompanied by excellent wines recommended by sommelier Fabio Zucchelli, who presides over the cellar. And the Motta family, from father to son, show they thoroughly deserve their fame. www.ristorantemacelleriamotta.it



If you’re the kind of person to whom meat means a good fillet steak, a steak tartare or a huge T-bone, then you’ve found a little piece of heaven. The Ristorante Macelleria Motta in Bellinzago Lombardo, about twenty kilometres from Milan, is a temple to meat

W O N D E R W O R L D 91

italian chef




xceptional cooking in an extraordinary location, given added

most refined, sophisticated products like truffles from Alba and

glamour with design and furnishings by architect Giorgia

meat from Chianina cattle to simple fare like Taggia olives, Salina

Dennerlain, who handled the recent restyling of the terrace.

capers, burrata cheese from Andria and Pachino tomatoes, all the

The Aroma’s design is a tribute to the elegance that is the hallmark

ingredients in the dishes on the menu at the Aroma are selected

of Italian style - the glass canopy closes in winter, enabling the two

by the chef with intense care and passion, and sourced from

terraces to retain the feeling that they are completely open to their

trusted local producers. The menu revolves around the concept of

surroundings. This is the domain presided over by one Michelin-

regionality and tradition, while at the same time offering a window

starred Giuseppe Di Iorio, the executive chef who offers his guests

onto the rest of the world. Among the most striking of Di Iorio’s

dishes combining Mediterranean and traditional Roman flavours.

creations are the Crudo di ricciola marinata with Mediterranean-

The menu is made up of time-honoured recipes personalised

style couscous, Courgette Risotto, saffron with octopus ragù,

by Di Iorio through skilful and sometimes unconventional taste

aria al nero di seppia, Spaghettone with rabbit ragù and fresh

combinations, although it is constantly evolving, based on

cumin-flavoured broad beans. For his main courses the chef offers

seasonal ingredients. His gastronomic philosophy emphasises

select fish dishes like three-colour mupa fillets, or the finest meat

every ingredient’s authentic flavour - they should be fresh and

presented in unusual combinations, like crispy leg of suckling pig

high-quality, creating “symphonic” combinations where every

with preserves. A wine list with over 300 labels accompanies the

taste is recognisable, and harmonises with the others. From the

menu at the Aroma. www.aromarestaurant.it


This is the domain presided over by one Michelinstarred Giuseppe Di Iorio, the executive chef who offers his guests dishes combining Mediterranean and traditional Roman flavours. The menu is made up of time-honoured recipes personalised by the chef through skilful and sometimes unconventional taste combinations, although it is constantly evolving, based on seasonal ingredients

W O N D E R W O R L D 93

mise en place


Serving up elegance Maria Clara Caglioti


94 W O N D E R W O R L D

Classical pieces, creations by new designers unexpected sources of inspiration, gilded touches and a pinch of irony for the seductive appeal of the contemporary table top



Opposite page: 1. Fine bone China soup plate and placeholder from the Ferri collection by TaitĂš Milano. The decorations feature the innumerable patterns that can be made using wire. 2. Flowing, delicate lines for the Petalo table centre by Bugatti, designed by Innocenzo Rifino and Lorenzo Ruggieri. Stainless steel and enamel 3. A classic by Venini: a vase from the Bolle series designed by Tapio Wirkkala in blown glass,


hand-worked using the incalmo technique. 4. Jaime Hayon’s sense of irony inspires the Pipoz lightholders by Paola C., in brass, some with lacquer coating. 5. The Off the Moon tray by Thomas Dariel for Cappellini evokes the spell cast by moonlight on the water. Brass with polished pink finish. 6. Porcelain cake stand in the I love Baroque series by Rosenthal meets Versace. 7. Lilliputian figures play with the cubic geometry of the Omini brass finish salt cellar and pepper pot by Stefano Giovannoni for Ghidini 1961



W O N D E R W O R L D 95

seasonal food

The sweet-toothed dynasty Antonella Euli

So many to choose from, north to south, and all extremely skilful. We’ve selected just a few of them, and tell their sweet tales




he year was 1845, and the aromas of butter, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon already filled the air in the countryside of Lombardy. The creators of this mouth-watering fragrance were the master pastry chefs of Besuschio in their workshop

in piazza Mercato, Abbiategrasso. The sweet-toothed dynasty was founded by Ambrogio, who handed the business on to Emilio, who eventually passed it over to Giulio. Then it was Attilio’s turn, and now Andrea is at the helm. A refined chocolatier, creative pastry chef and expert ice cream maker, Andrea Besuschio combines technique and passion with a deep respect for tradition - as a result, he is an all-round artist. Born in 1962, after graduating he joined his father in the family company, working with him in the production of traditional confectionery, but he gradually began to specialise in making chocolate and sweets, creating genuine masterpieces. His great passion is chocolate, and he uses the finest production techniques to obtain the best. He studied in France at the famous Valrhona Ecole du Grand Chocolat and attended courses at CastAlimenti

Loved by critics, TV and the most illustrious food and wine guides, they carry Italian excellence around the world in an invasion of sweetness and taste. The first of our superlative pastry chef is in the north, a short distance away from Milan, and heir to a dynasty boasting over 170 years of history. His name? Andrea Besuschio

W O N D E R W O R L D 97

seasonal food


to specialise in modern confectionery, the uses and production of

these confectionery marvels have earned him Gambero Rosso’s Tre

sugar and creating sculptures in chocolate under the watchful eye

Torte award, an accolade reserved for Italy’s finest pastry chefs.

of the world’s most authoritative teachers in the subject. As well as

He continues the tradition of raised doughs that reaches its peak in

developing innovative chocolates and confectionery like Porfido,

the Panettone - still, like his father, grandfather and the generation

the Biegrassot bar and a new Tiramisu, the Zeropuntouno, he has

of pastry chefs before him, he stores thousands and thousands

created authentic pleasures like the Tegola for San Bernardino

of boxes in the back of the shop, destined to contain the symbol

and the Pagnotta di Fraa, and a number of mouthwatering cakes,

of a Milanese Christmas - and and in recent years Andrea has

including the Fior di Gianduia, the Chestnut Craquele by Cuneo

introduced new products that combine tradition and innovation.

and the Limoni di Sorrento, as well as the classic panettone. All



Superlative Pastry Chef

W O N D E R W O R L D 99

seasonal food

G 100

ino Fabbri, a pastry chef since 1965, is the founder of one of

his own in 1982, together with his wife Morena. He met important

Italy’s loveliest patisseries, a destination for everyone seeking

master Italy pastissiers like Iginio Massari, and in 1996 Gino Fabbri

a confectionery treat - the Pasticceria La Caramella, in via

joined the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani. He is now president

Cadriano, Bologna. The brioches, almond slices and shortcrust

of the organisation. He uses butter, flour, milk and superlative vanilla

biscuits are just a few of the wonderful creations that have helped

to create excellence, following and innovating the great Italian sweet

make Fabbri one of Italy’s best pastry chefs in 2017. “When I was

pastry tradition. “I always distinguish between pastries of feeling and

a child I used to watch my grandmother and my mother making

pastries of effect - I make both, but my heart tends towards the

ciambella, pinza or pastry cream”. This curiosity became a passion

former”. His confections are arranged in collections - pasticceria

and then a profession for Gino. When he a young man he started

mignon, tiny versions of classic Italian pastries, like beignets with

work in the patisserie in his home town, Castenaso, then opened

custard, chocolate or zabaglione, fruit flans and tartlets with whipped


Doughnuts, cakes, flaky pastries, macaroons and many other delicacies transform pastry-making into an art, and master pastry cooks into true artists who every year are awarded the Torte del Gambero Rosso, the Michelin Stars of the pastry world. One of these celebrities can be found in the centre of beautiful Bologna and is the founder of a sugary empire. His name? Gino Fabbri

or ricotta cream, are Gino Fabbri’s hallmark creations. Then the small short pastries, miniature tarts with whipped vanilla, chocolate and sometimes hazelnut or apricot cream and dischetti with cremino or jam. The collection is completed by traditional pate sable with vanilla or chocolate with crispy almond, or chocolate and hazelnut thins. The biscuits and cakes are a homage to a timeless product - biscuits that taste home-made, petit beurre, raviole, madeleines or zuccherini, cantucci or biscotti del re and cakes like mattindor, tenerina, honey cake, vanilla cake and chocolate cake. Then the gateaux, the highest expression of Gino Fabbri’s art, where flavour and aesthetics meet. Here modern gateaux with mousse, creams and Bavarois complement the traditional Italian confectionery based on filled flaky pastries or sponge cakes. Finally we come to the macaroons, little jewels of the patissier’s art imported from France, with a startling contrast between the crispy shell and soft, creamy interior. And now Gino Fabbri’s superb creations are just a click away on his online shop. Ready to search? www.ginofabbri.com

W O N D E R W O R L D 101


A touch of Arabia

Located in the heart of Jumeirah Beach Strip, a beach hotel overlooking the palms and marina yachting area Teresa Crespi




abtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection - a Marriott Luxury Lifestyle hotel with a 5-star rating is ideally located on Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach, adjacent to the Dubai Marina and a short walk

from some of the area’s most popular attractions. The Hotel’s immaculately designed 446 rooms and suites boast 5-star amenities, including deluxe bedding, large flat-screen TVs, and stunning resort garden or sea views with many rooms’ also offering private balconies. The Resort features a spa with 5 treatment rooms, fitness centre, tennis & squash courts, kids’ club, private beach and three outdoor swimming pools including a children’s pool with water slides. An impressive array of 15 dining options is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. The hotel also offers extensive and elegant indoor and outdoor venue spaces, for those planning events in Dubai. Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection is situated in a wonderful location among some of Dubai’s biggest attractions. The secret behind the hotel’s success is that it offers guests the best of both worlds by being on the beach overlooking the Arabian Gulf as well only a short walk away from the city centre bustle. Another unique key feature that makes the hotel so attractive is the travellers lounge. This luxurious communal area offers guests who wish to check in and out outside the usual times an opportunity to relax and unwind before being further assisted.

W O N D E R W O R L D 103


Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection was recently awarded the title of “World’s Leading MICE Resort” and received numerous accolades for hosting the “World’s Best Club Lounge” for two years running. Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection positions itself as a lifestyle resort that caters to families and couples looking for a perfect get-away offering fun, relaxation and the best of both worlds that Dubai has to offer. Whether it be an unwinding day at the pool and beach or an active sightseeing tour and shopping spree in the city, the Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection aims to provide it all, ensuring exceeds guests’ expectations. www.marriott.com



W O N D E R W O R L D 105

boutique hotel

A Residence Fit for a Prince Valeria Rastrelli



A palazzo in the heart of Rome with a fascinating history, now transformed into a princely residence


ituated in the capital’s historic centre, Palazzo Scanderbeg has been renovated and redeveloped with a conservative restoration that has retained the building’s character by emphasising the existing elements of the structure. It

comprises the Scanderbeg Townhouse and Palazzo Scanderbeg Suites. Prestigious materials have been added, integrating with the originals to create a harmonic dialogue. The old palazzo is redolent with history - in 1446 it was the Roman residence of prince Giorgio Castriota, known as Scanderbeg, a skilful soldier and diplomat, an Albanian prince and king of Epirus. He distinguished himself in the struggle against the Turks, playing a fundamental role in forging an alliance to contain the expansion of the Ottoman empire and defeat its forces. A national hero in Albania, in 1718 his feats inspired Vivaldi to present the opera “Scanderbeg” in Florence. Renovated for the first time in 1843, as revealed by the inscription above the doorway, it’s a welcoming, reserved and discreet residence for short or long stays alike. The apartments, the ideal way to feel at home during a short stay, are of different types, from the 30 sqm Classic Townhouse with double bedroom, large bathroom with relaxation shower, walk-in wardrobe and internal view to the 40 sqm Superior on the second floor, with double

W O N D E R W O R L D 107

boutique hotel bedroom, generous bathroom and a view over the lovely piazza Scanderbeg. The most prestigious choice is the 70 sqm De Luxe, also with a view of the piazza. The ideal accommodation for longer stays is in the spacious Palazzo Scanderbeg Suites, each with its own unique features, from a private roof terrace to the wellness turret with emotional shower and hammam function. The elegant 38 sqm Classic on the second floor with view of the courtyard has refined design furnishings enhanced by wooden floors made using piles from the original dolphin structures in the Venetian lagoon, while the Superior has two bedrooms, one with independent access, and the prestigious Deluxe Suite overlooking piazza Scanderbeg features open wood beam ceilings and wooden floors again made using the wood from old Venetian dolphin structures. Then there are three top-end options - we’ll start with the Victory Suite, a home away from home. This spacious first-floor suite, created with painstaking attention to detail, starting from the Venetian dolphin wood floors, is the right choice for a unique experience of Rome - it is only a minute’s walk from the Trevi Fountain, and enjoys total privacy plus a 24hr. concierge service. The 166 sqm Ambassador Suite, however, with double bedroom, en suite bathroom and view of Piazza Scanderbeg, is unique. It is laid out over three levels, and offers a perfect synthesis of elegance and wellbeing.



W O N D E R W O R L D 109

boutique hotel

Guests will find plenty of outdoor space for relaxation, with a scenic terrace providing a view over the city’s rooftops. Stressful moments can be transformed into distant memories as guests relax in the private wellness tower, equipped with shower/hammam and Technogym cycle. Finally, the bright, exclusive Scanderbeg Suit on the fourth floor of the Palazzo takes its name from the Albanian prince and military hero Giorgio Castriota Scanderbeg, who had the palace built in the 15th century. Its historical appeal, high vaults with original white wood beams, and terrace providing incomparable view of the Roman sunsets create a unique stay for anyone seeking to experience the authentic atmosphere of a period Roman palace that also offers a sober, contemporary luxury. Live Palazzo Style! www.palazzoscanderbeg.com



buen retiro

A Magical Stay in Franciacorta An old countryside villa, a landscape of dazzling beauty and a sanctuary of total wellbeing Antonella Euli




ranciacorta is a land of fine wines and seductive country residences. One of the most celebrated is the Albereta Relais & Chateaux, standing cloaked by a dense blanket of ivy on the Bellavista hill. A

period early-19th century manor house, L’Albereta is now a country house hotel with spa, owned by the Moretti family. Its members have close links with this region, not only because they have deep roots here but most of all because they have a visceral love of their native lands. Vittorio Moretti’s family are the proprietors of a large entrepreneurial company, the Holding Terra Moretti. The group comprises eleven companies, with Moretti Industria delle Costruzioni operating in the construction industry, the Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi wineries in Franciacorta, Petra and Tenuta La Badiola in Tuscany in the winemaking industry, the Maxi Dolphin shipyards and last but not least, two resorts, the L’Albereta in Franciacorta and L’Andana in the Tuscan Maremma, in the hospitality

A period early-19th century manor house, L’Albereta is now a country house hotel with spa, owned by the Moretti family

W O N D E R W O R L D 113

buen retiro sector. Vittorio Moretti’s philosophy has always been to nurture the

with outstanding wines from Franciacorta and elsewhere. When

roots of the future by investing in what the soil offers, and now he

the hotel opened in 1993 it offered nine rooms, but that number

is accompanied by his daughters Carmen and Francesca in the

has increased to fifty-seven, including nine suites and eleven

development of activities and services whose aim is to promote

junior suites, all different. One of these, 404, is a rare gem - the

the region and communicate the local culture, emphasising its

roof opens at the touch of a button to allow the sky to enter the

beauty and quality. From construction to wine and hotels in the

interior. A sublime food and wine experience can be followed by

Lombardy-Tuscany region, the next step was inevitable. Vittorio’s

treatments pioneered by wellbeing guru Henri Chenot, founder

eldest daughter, Carmen Moretti De Rosa, is vice-president of

of the biontology movement and creator of phytocosmetics. The

the Terra Moretti group and CEO of the resort division, but she

Espace Vitalité is 1,400 square metres of bespoke wellbeing with

is also the guiding spirit behind L’Albereta, the person driving its

personalised programmes.

success. The resort, dedicated to its guests and the art of living,

The dream is transformed into reality by an open-air gallery with

is the outcome of a childhood dream. The idea was to create a

ten contemporary art sculptures by international artists, laid out

country house hotel, to be at home among guests, surrounded by

in an intriguing trail leading to the nearby Bellavista and Contadi

the warmth of welcoming interiors, like a lovely country home with

Castaldi wineries. Here, guests can enjoy a heady experience of

rich decor and the added attractions of breathtaking countryside

the aromas and flavours of the wines of Franciacorta.

and top-flight services. We’ll start with the kitchen, which really


deserves a chapter of its own, as it is presided over by Gualtiero Marchesi, who came aboard as soon as he set eyes on the hotel. This enduring collaboration, founded on excellence, is now joined by the newly-opened La Filiale de L’Albereta, a small restaurant combining a menu totally dedicated to pizzas by Franco Pepe



Here, guests can enjoy a heady experience of the aromas and flavours of the wines of Franciacorta

W O N D E R W O R L D 115


The triumph of Bacchus Maria Clara Caglioti

From geometric lines to freeform shapes, from crystal to silver and prestigious finishes, design reinvents objects and furnishings that bring new life to an ancient pleasure






1. Colony Bar Cabinet from Heritage Collection, Luxury Living Group. Leather-clad wooden frame on a polished steel base. Interiors lined with leather, microfibre and mirrors. 2. The wineglass and flute from the Arles collection by Ichendorf are made of ultrathin hand-blown glass. 3. A voluminous rounded body for the Felix hand-blown and worked crystal decanter designed by Michele de Lucchi with Alberto Nason for Arnolfo di Cambio. The special shape at the neck ensures a perfect shape for the gather. 4. A free, irregular form for the silver-plated and brass ice buckets by De Vecchi Milano 1935. 5. Silver and glass coaster from Buccellati’s Caviar collection.



W O N D E R W O R L D 117

luxury hotel

Welcome to the Palace



Antonella Euli

Set in the Piazza del Duomo, with a breathtaking view of the Sassi, the Palazzo Gattini stands in the highest, most exclusive location in Matera


UNESCO World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture 2019, Matera is a piece of living history, a fascinating warren of alleyways and buildings. La Civita, once an aristocratic stronghold, embodies uniqueness and artistic excellence. Entering the Palazzo Gattini, now

transformed into a 5-star hotel, means surrounding yourself with the events and experiences related by the rooms and other interiors, or reliving the six hundred year history of one of the city’s ancient titled families, the Conti Gattini. After a painstaking restoration the building is once again the stately residence it used to be. The present building features many elements that are of historical, artistic and architectural interest. Architect Ettore Mocchetti has renovated the interiors while maintaining their original splendour, giving them

W O N D E R W O R L D 119

luxury hotel


a new interpretation through an intense attention to detail.

limestone walls, recall the splendid hangings the Conti Gattini

The soft, suffuse lighting embraces guests and invites them

family loved to surround itself with. The hotel’s location helps

to slow down and remember the gentle pleasures of rest by

enhance its historical and artistic value, as it is ideally placed

creating intimate ambiances - the materials and furnishings

for visitors who can stay in Matera’s historic centre the

have been created by the finest local artisans, and their

centre and remain within easy reach of the Piano, the city’s

works have helped enrich and adorn all the interiors. The

modern district, and the Sassi, the ancient quarter. Only

vivid colours of the curtains, in contrast with the natural

twenty rooms, each unique in its own way, and every door


W O N D E R W O R L D 121

luxury hotel that opens evokes a tale, a story, a legend. The bed linen exudes the fragrance of an old-style laundry and the bathroom towels are soft and embracing. Everything is a reminder of the women who patiently dedicate themselves to looking after and cleaning the Count’s rooms. The suite with private swimming pool on a terrace overlooking the Murgia Materana national park is the most intimate, special solution. Guests can take lunch and dine in the Le Bubbole restaurant, taking in the view of the Sassi while enjoying traditional dishes of the Basilicata region served in refined combinations designed to reveal new flavours. The dishes change with the seasons and the selection of superlative products enables the hotel to serve its guests quality, taste and tradition in every dish. Relaxation is the order of the day at the Gattini spa, situated in the area of the palazzo where caves and cisterns are carved into the rock, creating an atmosphere that recalls ancient aristocratic washrooms. www.palazzogattini.it



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design hotel

VENETIAN NIGHT Maria Clara Caglioti

At Palazzo Barbarigo sul Canal Grande, the skilful use of light creates a magical setting with the elegance of classical style and touches of contemporary taste 124



The lounge and bar on the upper floor of Palazzo Barbirago sul Canal Grande. The furniture displays sinuous lines and dark grey colour enlivened by crimson touches

W O N D E R W O R L D 125

design hotel

T 126


he hotel is near the Basilica dei Frari, and bears

“Although it only has eighteen suites overlooking the

the original name of the building it is located in.

Grand Canal or the Rio San Polo, the hotel boasts

The palace was completed in the late 16th century

generous social spaces, so guests are encouraged to

and its original purpose was to provide hospitality

leave their rooms to enjoy all the interiors, as if they

- Doge Daniele Barbarigo had it built to accommodate

were in a domestic home�, says Daniele Del Zotto, the

illustrious visitors. It also hosted twelve Titian paintings

hotel manager. When the owner decided to create

that Tsar Nicholas I acquired in the 19th century and

the hotel, the building had lain derelict for some time

are now kept in St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum.

and was awaiting restoration, a project that was

Nowadays it welcomes lovers of beauty and tranquillity,

entrusted to architect Alvin Grassi. After working in the

couples and celebrities arriving for the Cinema Festival

fashion world he dedicated himself to interior design,

who want to enjoy the experience of living in a period

displaying outstanding expertise in the hospitality

Venetian residence, revelling in its atmosphere.

sector. The hotel presents itself to the world at large as




Architect Alvin Grassi designed the interior furnishings, lights and atmosphere. The coffered ceiling is a restored original. Armchair by Jacques Garcia

W O N D E R W O R L D 127


design hotel

Neutral colours and lots of fabric for the soft elegance of the suite. A touch of irony is in the lightshade with peacock feathers. Antique oak floor

a private house, with no external indication of its true identity. It is accessed directly from the water, just as it should be in a dream set in Venice. “This place is a secret jewel chest”, says Grassi. The lobby is furnished a little like a library, and instead of the usual reception counter, there is a small desk. The fireplace and coffered ceiling were recovered and restored, and are the only original elements. Almost all the furniture was designed exclusively for the Palazzo Barbarigo by Alvin Grassi. Dark, neutral colours dominate, with occasional splashes of red and gold, evoking the mist that shrouds the lagoon and moonlight reflections on the Grand Canal. The interior design presents a free interpretation of the Art Deco style, especially in its tendency to combine neo-classical and decorative elements. “There’s no real Deco here”, the architect says. “It’s more about creating a sense of the inter-war period, which is a favourite of mine. I wanted to reawaken the fascination, gestural impact and femininity of that time”. The profiles and soft lines of the furniture restore the balance of a classical style, reinterpreted with a contemporary spirit that introduces an entertaining, seductive edge of irony in the tassels, fringes and peacock feathers. Light casts its magic over everything, with dichroic, spot and selective units illuminating the spaces, creating dramatic contrasts of light and shade that evoke the sensuality and mystery of a unique city. www.palazzobarbarigo.com




W O N D E R W O R L D 129

design The Botolo armchair designed by Cini Boeri is a historic piece by Arflex. It has three lacquered tubular metal legs and is upholstered in fabric or fur

A Feeling of Snow Maria Clara Caglioti

Cold colours, transparent sections and the fractal geometries of crystals combine with the soft warmth of the upholstery and light woods to evoke a series of winter settings

Winner of the Salone del Mobile Milano Award as best product of 2017, the Pack sofa by Francesco BinfarĂŠ for Edra resembles an ice flow with a polar bear lying on it, acting as a backrest



The Drusa pendant light by Adriano Rachele for Slamp draws inspiration from the multifaceted brilliance of crystals

Wall mirror from the Pop collection by Marcel Wanders for Fiam. The high temperature fused glass, backsilvered frame creates a multitude of reflections

The Montanara armchair by Gaetano Pesce for Meritalia depicts a winter landscape. Its dramatic impact means it is sure to hog the limelight in any space where it features

W O N D E R W O R L D 131


The Planet lamp by Changedesign for Foscarini is made using a special fabric. Its weight and the sewing techniques used means it needs no internal frame to maintain its spherical shape.

The PiĂąa rocking chair by Jaime Hayon for Magis seems to resemble a sled. Steel frame, leather cushions, solid ash runners

Zanotta now produces the Arabesco coffee table by Carlo Mollino, which he designed in 1949. One of the 20th century’s most celebrated architects and designers, he was also a photographer, pilot, climber and an excellent skier 132


Commodore is a striped and checked printed glass storage unit with a silvered base, designed by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia. Chromed metal legs

Slender steel wires define the ethereal shape of the Sign Filo chair, a reinterpretation of one of the brand’s iconic models. Designed for MDF Italia by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

Lightness of form and the warmth of ash wood characterise the Fox armchair designed by Patrick Nourget and produced by Pedrali

Part of the Tolomeo collection by Sicis, the silk velvet I colori dell’amore ottoman group is made by Carla Tolomeo in collaboration with the company’s master artisans

W O N D E R W O R L D 133





































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Wonder World Seasonal #21  

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Wonder World Seasonal #21  

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