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SILVER ISSUE - n° 8 - 2016 - € 10

The Art of Sailing










Explosive performance under absolute road control: 7, as the speeds of its SportShift III automated transmission. 573 PS, as the power emitted by its 6-litre V12 engine. 330 km/h, as its top speed. 3.9 seconds, as its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. Numbers speak for themselves: V12 Vantage S is the fastest and most extreme car ever produced by Aston Martin. ASTON MARTIN MILANO Via Monte Rosa, 91 - 20149 Milan - Italy Tel: +39 02 43510988 Fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions: Fuel consumption (litres/100 km): Urban 24,3 - Extra-urban 11,7 - Combined 16,4 - CO 2 Emissions 388 g/km

Designed, Engineered & Hand Built in America.

New CoNStruCtioN • Brokerage YaCHtS SiNCe 1964 w112' | 34m

w125' | 38m

teL +1 954 316 6364 w130' | 40m

w164' | 50m

editorial A

very positive breeze was blowing between the yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show this year. A sign of a definite pick-up that confirms the progress we’ve been feeling for the last few months. Something we really were expecting. And now, to cap it all, we’re casting off for our second visit to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Needless to say, everyone at the The ONE Yacht & Design is ready to embrace what clearly amounts to more than the mere green shoots of recovery. We will continue to thrill our readers with our rich and exhaustive profiles of the world’s most exclusive yachts. This eighth Silver issue brings the second year of the magazine to a close and with it the metal-related cycle. We’ve had a busy time of it over the last 24 months, introducing The ONE Yacht & Design and its innovative format to the world at large. We’ve developed a truly efficient and distinctive distribution network that flanks our presence on the newsstands both in the world’s leading cities and main international airports. We reach our target audience and do so effectively.

The ONE Yacht & Design is also to be found in leading bookstores of the likes of Hoepli in Milan and the book section of Harrods of London as well as in the suites, spas and communal areas of select hotels and resorts (for a full list please see the site). It is also aboard aircraft managed by Xclusive Jet and in SkyServices VIP Lounges. Every issue is also available to members of the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Marina One 15° in Singapore, the Royal Thames Yacht Club of London and Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, the Malta Polo Club and the Polo Cortina d’Ampezzo. Our prestige Platinum VIP File, devised using our many years of experience in exclusive events with elite partners, also allows us to reach a select group of high-profile readers who receive The ONE Yacht & Design in customised presentation packaging at their residences. Enjoy!

Matteo Galbiati CEO Platinum Media Lab


SILVER ISSUE - n° 8 - 2016 - € 10

The Art of Sailing

contents SILVER ISSUE n° 8 - 2016


Cover Quinta Essentia by Admiral – The Italian Sea Group




Against the Wind


Five Questions to...

Bruno Montalbano Peila


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100 Art on Board: And then... there was Light


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by Andrea Pezzini, CEO & Co-Founder Floating Life


n fortunately, we are mourning loss of life because of

If special bilateral agreements are not reached, as the German

human madness in an area of the world we would never

government put it, “quickly”, then we will have to consider the

have expected: the Cote d’Azur. What occurred there last

British flag non-EU with all the bureaucratic consequences

summer was both a human tragedy and yet another harsh

that implies. Certifications, licences, flags, stays in EU

blow for the nautical sector. Clearly, the human aspect is

waters and much more besides, will all have to be radically

much more important than the business one for people like

revised and new rules formulated. None of which will make

myself who still remain attached to certain moral values.

things any easier for our market. Yacht owners don’t do this

That said, since the Nice terror attack, visitor numbers to

job. They see their boats as a refuge from the problems of

the Cote d’Azur have been very much on the wane and the

everyday life and so every new difficulty will most certainly

number of “safe” Mediterranean routes is shrinking fast.

lose you customers. Owners that were prevaricating and

Today, when a client asks where it is safe to venture, you are

waiting for a reason sell their boat, now have a solid excuse

afraid to give them an answer. Unfortunately, three quarters

to back them up. Those in politics and state bodies that care

of the Mediterranean is now embroiled in either economic or

about our sector have to move NOW because the clock has

political crisis. Just a few areas are still relatively safe but are

already been ticking too long.

inundated with people wanting to use their boats and enjoy

I sincerely hope that the human folly behind terrorism

their holiday in peace. So finding somewhere “quiet” or a nice

comes to an end and that we can get back to sailing the

lonely inlet has become something of a mirage.

Mediterranean in tranquillity. With regard to Brexit, I

The terrorism-related issue aside, we also had the outcome

likewise hope that widespread political obtuseness gives way

of the Brexit referendum just before the summer. That is a

to a fast, clear way out of this state of general uncertainty,

decision that has to be respected, but it will most certainly

sending out a message of clarity to us the long-suffering

have a significant knock-on effect on the yachting sector.


Needless to say, all of this remains a cry against the wind!








The difference.



el s e .



These days running a yacht is like running a company. What does Yacht Management mean exactly? This is true. Superyachts are now flanked by mega- and gigayachts with so many people working aboard that they require the same kind of management as an SME. That’s not even considering the likes of provisioning and maintenance, which is why owners need Yacht Managers with the skills to deal professionally and competently with all the problems connected with yachts. What was your aim when you set up BR1? My partner Paolo Stagno and I opened Br1 Ltd to provide the right kind of managerial support to “entry level” craft. These vessels are smaller and I feel big yacht management companies can’t always meet such owners’ real expectations. We manage a compact fleet of boats (no more than six) of between 24 and 45 metres, with great dedication. The groups of people working aboard are small so it’s possible to have family-like rather than industrial working environments, and that brings undeniable benefits. What do owners mostly want when they come to your company? The owners want direct contact that isn’t mediated through co-workers or managers. Our owners want to speak to a person who understands what they need and builds a relationship based on trust and confidentiality. That means we have to stay a small company. This kind of personal interaction is also vital to two other factors


that are fundamental to our owners: clarity about management costs and the optimisation of the latter without impacting on the quality of the service. How many yachts do you act as Technical Manager for each year? What do you do exactly? We are managing four sailing yachts: a 60’ fibreglass cat, an 80’ aluminium performance sailing yacht, a 90’ steel-built vintage sailing yacht and a 104’ wood-built classic sailing yacht. But aside from the maintenance and refitting of these boats, we also deal with training the onboard personnel for the year (through BR1 Training). At the end of the season, we organise a BR1 Debriefing to share the experiences of the various crews. Lastly, in collaboration with our central MyBas, we organise the BR1 Fleet Show, an event at which we officially present our fleet to MyBa brokers, who stay aboard and thus get the opportunity to see the quality of both the boats and the crews first-hand. What are the advantages of using a company like BR1? First and foremost, the certainty of dealing with a company whose staff know what it means to be an owner and are meticulous about the quality of the onboard services. The staff are also able to manage the annual budget very tightly and even possibly reduce the final bill somewhat. Lastly, they personally deal with the relationship with the owners and do so at the right price. All of this really makes us a trusted go-to company to our “investors.”


WHAT’S NEW A selection of new projects and concepts from the leading international shipyards and design studios that will grace the waves in the near future by Mary Hegarty and Désirée Sormani


rte is one of the most ambitious projects ever embarked upon by Mondomarine and is inspired by the “beauty, creativity and simplicity of modern art� according to the yard. The pen behind the design is Stefano Inglese Vafiadis of Giorgio Vafiadis & Associates. Strong, spare lines and extensive tinted glazing give the yacht a surprisingly streamlined look for her

size. The yacht’s two signatures are an enormous beach club that extends laterally as well as aft, and the dark glass shell of the wheelhouse that tops off her silhouette, giving it a more subtle appearance. Two distinctive grey mullions for the dome antennas are on the bridge deck rather than the fly which also add to this effect as well as opening up the fly for guest space. Floor-to-ceiling glazing in the interior breaks down barriers between inside and outside too. A choice of seven, eight or nine guest cabins is available, all, apart from the master, on the main deck, and accommodating up to 12 passengers. The owner has a private deck with a fabulous viewing terrace.





[ WIP ]



roject MM51 from Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design is a

yet cleverly controls heat via its glass panels and heat-reflective

turn-key project ideal for owners impatient to get aboard

paint pigments. It also creates a smooth transition from exterior

and start sailing. Craft commissioned before the end of this

to interior as saloon and cockpit are on one level. Retractable

year could be exploring the world by Christmas 2018, in fact.

side glazing adds extra shelter to the cockpit too. The broad aft

The astonishingly streamlined 51-metre sloop will build in

deck features a step down for closer contact with the sea but aft-

aluminium with performance, comfort and safety the priorities.

facing central seating is ideal for bidding the day farewell with a

Sporting a 68.5-metre rig with a square-top mainsail, she also

cocktail. Sail controls are fully automated and 10 guests can be

has a lifting keel that cuts her draft from 7.2m to 4.75. A striking


glass canopy over the main saloon and cockpit adds light and air


[ WIP ]


ot on the heels of the 33 and 44-metre models, the new

square metre veranda that provides shelter in bad weather as well

Oceanemo 55 made a sparkling debut at Monaco. “It is

as privacy. Freedom is central to the concept and underscored by

probably one of the most beautiful and smartest boats I’ve ever

the propulsion options that include an optional hybrid powertrain

designed,” declared Fulvio De Simoni of the third model in a series

which not only lowers fuel consumption but is kinder to the

of Sport Utility Yachts for French yard OCEA created to offer a

environment. The 55-metre has a majestic superstructure and

whole new seafaring lifestyle. Owners enjoy plenty of privacy

imposing bow. It can welcome a total of 12 guests aboard with 12

which a hugely comfortable 65 square metre apartment of their

crew also to cater to their and the yacht’s needs.

own while guests have a beach area of 45 square metres and a 42


From the beginning of its history, more than 160 years ago, Baglietto has always been synonymous with style research, hand crafted masterpieces and innovation. Today the journey goes on, and Baglietto still perfectly embodies the shipyard tradition, with fast yachts that stand out for their performance, unmistakable sleek and elegant lines, all made in Italy. Baglietto. Cutting edge since 1854.







[ WIP ]


he brand-new 83-metre is VSY’s ground-breaking take on the explorer vessel designed for an owner wanting “a

style symbol rather than a status symbol”. Powerfully impressive yet sophisticated, this is a characterful vessel that will deliver a more tranquil yet luxurious kind of cruising whilst exuding the go-anywhere confidence of her ilk. Exterior lines by Espen Oeino, naval architecture by Laurent Giles and engineering deliver a sense of solidity and security that is matched by an equally serious 6,500-nautical mile range at 12 knots (top speed is 18.5). Much of the styling on this Ice Class ID vessel is borrowed from her smaller sibling, Stella Maris. Her new

naval platform, however, is a metre wider delivering a steel hull in anthracite grey and staggered decks for more volume. Full-height windows create very bright open-plan spaces too. There is a 180-square metre beach platform and a total of 979 square metres of al fresco space too.



From the first Technema 65 in 1976 to the majestic 80m Chopi Chopi, the Zuccon International Project studio has always flanked yacht design with a history of innovation and success, resulting in the creation of more than a hundred different boat models. Today, this forty-year experience has been renewed, backing the new generation that shares the running of the studio and looks to the future while remaining rooted in the firm’s traditional and sound design culture.






[ WIP ]


he Damen SeaXplorer range of expedition yachts opens up new horizons in luxury travel. The SeaXplorers span

three 65 to 100-metre models and are the first purpose-built private expedition yachts to comply with the United Nations International Maritime Organization’s Polar Code B category. EYOS Expeditions were even called in at the design stage to contribute real world operational design and expedition input. Consequently, the SeaXplorers not only have extensive ranges but can deliver a full luxury service for 40 consecutive days at sea. The sterns are optimised for ice-breaking while the bows have a comfort and stability-focused Sea Axe design. Amenities include a fully-enclosed helicopter hangar for up to two 6-tonne class choppers, a dive centre, a large observation lounge and a unique outdoor bow point observation deck. There is even a

garage and launch system for private submersibles. 28

Hans M. Schaedla, CEO, A&R

SCHEDULED LAUNCH: 3 PM. IN EXACTLY 150 DAYS‘ TIME. Sticking to ambitious plans has been as much a part of our rich past as it is part of today‘s philosophy – making things better, more beautiful and more practical with each and every project. It is even more important, however, to turn a plan into reality with utmost precision. No matter how big the project is, we make sure we never lose sight of all the finer details. Such as the time of the launch, for example.


[ WIP ]



uilding has commenced on Barracuda, the new 74-metre

a sense of flow between decks, via a huge spiral stairs with a glass

from Turquoise Yachts at the Kocaeli shipyard for delivery in

floor. A lovely saloon/dining room on the main deck gives onto the

2019. A further collaboration with H2Design, which penned the

rear terrace where there is a raised Jacuzzi pool. Four large guest

77-metre, this is a development of the 70-metres splashed in 2011

suites with expansive windows are on the same deck with the option

and 2013. Clothed in classic yet masculine lines, the new craft has

of a fifth or a home cinema. The owner has his own private deck

exceptionally elegant yet practical family entertainment-oriented

with office while the upper lounge opens on to a terrace with dining

interiors by the Ken Freivokh. There is plenty of access to the sea

and seating. A sunning area tops off the bridge deck but the piece de

too, via, amongst others, an aft opening platform and three huge

resistance is the crow’s nest affording astonishing 360-degree views.

shell doors. The central focus is a triple-height atrium that creates

Cantieri di Pisa 42s



[ WIP ]



FA Yachts made a splash at the French Riviera show season

Arcana can also operate in dynamic positioning mode and

by presenting Arcana, a 38-metre eco-friendly explorer yacht

securely transport and launch a three-passenger observation

developed by Hansen Marine Exploration and Axis Group

submarine (an example being the UboatWorx Superyacht3

Yacht Design with Horacio Bozzo. The concept focuses around

). On top of all that, the Arcana Concept will have all the

creating an eco-friendly, long-range, robust motorcruiser

amenities of a luxury superyacht and be clothed in an elegant

designed to deliver effortless seakeeping in remote, unspoilt

design a million miles from the rather clunky working vessel

and sensitive marine areas. Complying with the strictest

aesthetic normally adopted by explorer yachts. She’ll carry 10-

environmental, emissions, noise and vibration requirements,

12 passengers and seven crew too.

it will ensure extreme stability, comfort and fuel efficiency.






[ WIP ]


he Italian studio Duck Design provided the design and naval architecture for this lovely

super sailer. The brief for the 42m Fast Cruiser was a contemporary take on traditional Northern European lines that would deliver a winning combination of a robust construction, effortless stability and high cruising speeds thanks to a modern hull shape. Very much a craft for an expert sailor with a passion for exploring the seas in absolute comfort with his family, it has a master cabin with a spectacular sea terrace aft. Although classic in profile, the wheelhouse has curved glazing and a recessed bottom section so that it almost seems to float. Clever design is a byword with the tender recess doubling as a Jacuzzi when the latter is in the water. There is also a folding keel for easy access to shallow water without having to compromise on interior volumes. Aft is an open swimming area that becomes an open-plan beach club at anchor.





[ WIP ]


nother announcement at the Monaco Yacht Show came

Tankoa S501 with the superstructure reminiscent of Suerte.

from Tankoa Yachts which revealed the new S621

That said, the 62-metre’s windows are larger to deliver brighter

superyacht concept the Genoa-based boutique yard claims raises

interiors while its superstructure is ultra-clean and severe.

the bar to a whole new level in terms of elegance and living space.

An extended stern helps guarantee very roomy, harmonious

A joint project with the well-regarded Francesco Paszkowski

volumes akin to those of a bigger craft too with amenities that

Design Studio, the Tankoa S621 is inspired by M/Y 69m Suerte

include an enormous beach club, a chic lounge and sublime

and Tankoa S501, the yard’s first two offerings, but layers in

infinity pool really does feel infinite thanks to a vanishing edge.

distinctive features of its own to the mix for a unique result.

The vessel’s stern and bow lines, for instance, are a nod to the



[ WIP ]


oyal Huisman chose the recent Monaco Yacht Show

world. Naval architecture is by the ever-reliable Dykstra Naval

to announce its plans for an exciting new project: an

Architects while Mark Whiteley is collaborating with the latter

impressive 81-metre contemporary three-masted performance

on the exterior styling as well as doing the interiors. Details

schooner for an Asian client who asked the Dutch yard to “build

on the yacht remain sketchy but it will build in aluminium and

his dream”, an apt request indeed given that the yard’s motto

sport Rondal Panamax masts as well as a plumb bow. There will

is “If you can dream it, we can build it”. The new commission

be luxury accommodations for 12 guests who will be cared for

will be largest yacht ever to build at its Vollenhove facility and

by 13 crew. A delivery date of 2020 has also been set.

will also rank as one of the top 10 largest sailing craft in the




[ WIP ]



arracuda has produced what it refers to as a Pocket-Size

from a small submarine to a sailing yacht and compact 4X4 in

explorer yacht with exceptional go-anywhere capabilities

addition to the usual PWCs. All four guest staterooms on the

and space that also, however, promises new-build and operational

main deck have balconies and expansive windows so contact

savings of 30 to 40 per cent on a similar 60-metre. The new craft

with the outside world is ever-present. An impressive 2.3-metre

does not skimp on amenities either as they run to a private master

draft will allow the explorer to venture into very shallow

deck, a helipad and a wheelhouse on a Portuguese deck with

anchorages that larger craft with deeper drafts simply could not

raised seating for guests and a walkaround outside. There’s even

countenance, an important factor for adventure-seeking owners

a transom platform and beach club. Additionally, the garage and

when exploring more remote areas of the world.

customisable aft deck have been designed to stow everything

DUTCH QUALITY YACHTS Long Range – Aluminium – 45 up to 85 ft.

Building a dream built to enjoy. +31 515 56 00 66


[ WIP ]



he award-winning Emirates-based Gulf Craft officially

using advanced composites. The yachts will feature a slew of

confirmed at the Monaco Yacht Show that it plans to enter

exclusive amenities, not least retractable helipads, beach clubs

the upper echelons of global megayacht building. It then made

and extensive lounging and entertainment areas. Both are also

its point unequivocally by unveiling two striking new concepts

ready to build on order and to a highly customised spec.

that will use composite construction to a size once deemed

The company’s current flagship, the Majesty 155, wowed visitors

impossible. The 61-metre Majesty 200 (above) will be Gulf’s

to the Riviera shows this year, winning the coveted CEDIA

opening volley at the very top end of the megayacht market and

Award for “Best Yacht Installation” at Cannes. A second order

will feature leading-edge engineering technologies. The 53-metre

for it has already been taken, in fact.

Majesty 175 (below), on the other hand, will be built entirely

THE VIEW Lugano ... a world of its own!

Enjoy Real Hospitality Managed by PlanHotel Hospitality Group


Exclusive Tables, sofas, chairs and fine porcelain. Outdoor furniture. Here’s a selection of iconic design pieces in shades of silver to imbue your floating villa with personality and originality by Marta Bernasconi


1. DAA has created the outdoor-indoor Hen chair, combining curved metal with a classic fashion fabric pattern upholstery 2. The typical bistro tray evoked in Live/Ly, enhanced by select materials and with the addition of a leather cord for hanging it up. By KnIndustrie



3. The Targa sofa displays the unmistakable stylemes of GebrĂźder Thonet Vienna. The curved beech frame and woven rattan strip on the chairback



4. The geometric Giorgetti Atmosphere carpet - robust and soft at the same time, it is hand-made in bamboo silk or natural silk 5. The Alpha Project chandelier by Lolli and Memmoli


is made in Italian crystal. The different elements can be assembled and layouts created to suit generous spaces 6. The collaboration between Andrea Branzi and Ghidini 1961 has given rise to Incrocio, a hanging metal frame that is both a sculpture and a support for small objects


7. Sabaudia is a chair produced by Fratelli Boffi. It has sleek yet welcoming lines, a wood frame and leather upholstery 7.


YD 1. Zanotta reinterprets Fenice, the table designed in 1936 by Piero Bottoni, the master of Italian design who created the forerunner of modern tables with a single central support

1. 2. Light is reflected and shattered in the facets of the Planet lights by Kartell, available in table and hanging lamp versions


3. The Telo Lounge by Cappellini recalls the charm of the chairs used in African lodges. Available in a range of versions, it lends itself to creating open or closed circular systems 4. A bundle of metal rods forms the support for the Mika side table by Bross, 3.

with a metal base and top in a range of materials and finishes 4.


7. Orbit is a set of seamless circular trays, nested within one another. Each tray is made from one sheet of solid brass, pressed into a mould then silver-plated. By Tom Dixon 8. Bed, sofa or day bed. Triclinium is the new upholstered piece by Moroso. Its soft cushions lend a practical versatility.




5. The linear, innovative style of Japan’s nendo can be identified in Sag, both a stool and table in polyurethane, produced by MDF Italy 6. The concept behind the Square Collection chairs designed by Christophe Pillet for Frag is that of an open cube, made comfortable by leather upholstery and covers



YD 1. 1.

3. 2

1. The Softwing lamp by Flou in bronzed metal or graphite colour, with LED globe in transparent, smoked or bronze colour glass. A simple touch switches it on 2. Lamp and decorative object from the Matteo Thun Atelier collection, which offers pieces made by hand in collaboration with Italian artisans 3. The table is lit with unusual effects created by the glowing fabric produced by Dreamlux, the material used to make this special runner 4 . Svarowski presents Atelier Swarovski Home, a series of deluxe accessories created with international designers. The series includes the Lamps by Tord Boontje.




Graphic Lorenzo

[ MEGAYACHT ] A staunch admirer of Italian quality, the owner of Quinta Essentia chose Admiral – The Italian Sea Group and interior designer Michela Reverberi to create a sensational new yacht inspired by fine wine and a deep-rooted connection with Tuscany and its traditions by Désirée Sormani - ph. by Emilio Bianchi




he evokes the perfume of heavily-laden vines, the

restful décor is inspired by the four elements – the very essence

scent of freshly-pressed grapes, the calm beauty

of life itself: earth, fire, water, air. The design melds these very

of the olive groves. The heat of the Italian sun, the

different elements in complementary fashion, hence the blues,

embrace of the earth, the fresh cool of air and water.

browns, reds and whites of the colour palette. Various hues of

To step aboard Quinta Essentia is to embark on a sensory and

each colour are used with nods to olive oil and wine production

emotional voyage like no other. Her owner called upon Michela

abounding. The backdrop throughout is white, which is perfect

Reverberi to recreate the colours and feel of his beloved Tuscany

with each and every one, providing a calm, neutral structure.

in this magnificent new 55-metre from Admiral – The Italian

The large airy master stateroom is on the main deck and affords

Sea Group. Quinta Essentia’s powerful, original lines are by

180-degree sea vistas but there is also another very generous VIP

Dobroserdov Design while the Dutch studio Vripack supplied

suite on the upper deck with a water-inspired colour scheme.

her naval architecture. Her extremely experienced owner’s two

Michela Reverberi has taken the owner’s requirements onboard

previous yachts, a 55-metre (Quinta Essentia) and a 47-metre

and woven from them a beautifully balanced aesthetic with plenty

(Celestial Hope), were both built in Holland by Heesen, and this

of quirky sophisticated and innovative touches. Everything – from

new addition shares their burgundy and white livery in an homage

the furnishings to the hand-decorated Fromental fabrics – is

to the owner’s beloved Merlot wine.

custom-designed and made for Quinta Essentia. Despite being so

The all-aluminium beauty has it all: a beam of 10.2 metres, 870

refined, Quinta Essentia’s style is muted and, in places, informal,

GT of interior volume and an advanced hybrid propulsion

the saloon on the main deck being the prime example. Taking

system featuring two conventional 1,400 hp engines and

pride of place there is a dining table surrounded by Architema

two 150 kW electric motors that guarantee Quinta Essentia

chairs lit by three specially-modified alabaster Cantalupi lamps

a 6,000-mile range at 9.5 knots. Impressive vital statistics

but the lounge area where guests can sip a pre- or post-dinner

indeed but they fade gently into the background the second

glass of wine is wonderfully intimate.

one sets foot aboard as a thousand delightful details assault the

The upper deck, on the other hand, is home to a more formal

senses in Quinta Essentia’s warm, relaxed interiors. The most

saloon with a circular sofa.

immediately striking of these are the floors which are made

The exteriors are a perfect complement to the interiors and they

from salvaged vintage wood and inlaid to wonderfully tactile

are designed to foster a chilled, casual approach to life. There is a

effect by I Vassalletti, Tuscan master craftsman using techniques

large relaxation area with a good-sized pool aft on the main deck

that have not changed since Renaissance times. The parquet

and this connects to the big wellness and spa section on the lower

alternates with handwoven Maleki silk rugs which mimic the

deck which has a steam room, massage room and side balcony.

designs used in scagliola work, a faux marble and semi-precious

Lastly, the large sun deck includes a gym with expansive windows

inlay technique that came in to vogue in 17th century Tuscany.

and a Jacuzzi where guests can wind down and simply luxuriate

Designed for family use, Quinta Essentia boasts six staterooms

in life. Quinta Essentia by name, Quinta Essentia by nature.

for 12 guests (plus one Pullman berth). Her delicate but warmly

Strong, original lines and a plumb bow for Quinta Essentia which is powered by a hybrid propulsion system. She’s particularly quiet when she’s running on just her two auxiliary engines powered by Volvo generators. Opposite page, the wellness area terrace. Opening, the cockpit on the upper deck: a spectacular al fresco lounge with seaview pool


The entire dĂŠcor was bespoke-designed for Quinta Essentia by Michela Reverberi. Note the leather chairs with an embossed peacock design and handwoven rug by Maleki of Florence in the upper deck saloon. The rug in particular is inspired by scagliola, a technique developed in 17th century Tuscany to mimic marble and semi-precious stone inlay




Colours, materials, finishes – everything has been carefully crafted to evoke the colours of vine leaves, grapes and, of course, wine itself. Even the walls of the stairwell (right) feature a pattern and colour scheme inspired by wine swirling in glasses before the first sip at a tasting


The Exterior Designer Sergei Dobroserdov


genuinely feel this all-aluminium hybrid raises the bar for European quality and modern innovations. Aside from space and quiet cruising, her experienced owners wanted a very comfortable vessel with a shallow draft as they like to go to regattas which are often held around islands and in coastal areas. It took a lot of inventiveness to draw all of those things together in one boat. Aluminium is great for a shallow draft but limits space below the waterline, so it took a lot of thought to accommodate both the technical specs and the guest and crew areas. On top of all that, the owners like connecting with the surrounding environment so the guest areas needed big windows and high ceilings. We worked with the Dutch engineering company, Vripack and Admiral shipyard on the hull shape for 55 meters Quinta Essentia. Her hybrid propulsion system consists of three variable speed generators and two electric motors connected to the propellers shafts and to the yacht’s twin MAN diesels via a clutch. She’s particularly quiet when she’s running on just her two auxiliary engines powered by the Volvo generators. It is a simple enough system and only needs a compact engine room. This factor was important to give as much space as possible to owner and guests. In fact, even though she’s the same length as her owner’s previous vessel built at Heesen yachts, the new Quinta Essentia has more volume at 873 GT. That’s not unheard of for a craft her size but is definitely impressive. As a result, Quinta Essentia has six generous guest cabins, including palatial master suite, a big sky lounge and a saloon on the main deck. There’s even a spectacular wellness area, a tender garage that can stow an eight-metre custom limo-tender which was also designed by Dobroserdov Design. The yacht features two hydromassage tubs and crew cabins that comply with LY3 standards plus a helipad deck.


A stern view of Quinta Essentia. Her expert owner wanted a shallow draft as he likes to go to regattas which are often held around islands and in coastal areas. Facing page, the cockpit on the main deck where guests arrive aboard. All exterior furnishings were custom-made by Glyn Peter Machin


The Interior Designer Michela Reverberi


already knew the owner. I’d done the interiors of his previous Quinta Essentia, another 55-metre but built by Heesen in Holland. Once again, the client gave me plenty of input but this time it was a real challenge as he wanted a boat that evoked all the characteristic elements of Tuscany to which he is particularly attached. Some of his family actually lives there and produces both olive oil and wine. So he wanted the yacht to suggest that particular region and the traditional activities pursued in the rural areas there. When I accepted the commission, I realised the challenge I would face because I had very diverse elements to consider, elements that would not usually be put together. The sea demands huge respect but when I was approaching researching and developing the design, I didn’t emphasis the idea of difference, or rupture, as much as the possibility of coexistence. That aside, the other really big task was to look for a key to those elements in the nautical world and its current aesthetic-cultural configuration that wouldn’t denature the sea as an element. Instead it would have to allow these two enormous star elements of the natural world – the sea and the countryside – to coexist respectfully. The project also had to take into consideration another of the owner’s requirements which was to represent the four natural elements which the boat would bring together to create another different extra element. On the basis of that, I developed the colour palettes around the elements – blue, browns, reds and whites – using all their potential. The base colour was white and the rest played out against it as it provides a neutral, restful structure. I am extremely proud of Quinta Essenza and satisfied with the work I did on her. Most of all, the owner actually sought me out again, offering me another even more complex project. There were no limits, no barriers, and I embraced the challenge. Devoid of contamination, with complete freedom and lack of prejudice. And I used all the elements available, both technical and natural, to tackle the job in hand.


Left, some of the water colour sketches Michela Reverberi likes to realize. All the various elements are designed to draw together harmoniously. Images of vine leaves, bunches of grapes, swirling wine, feathers, etcetera are dropped into empty spaces to lift them and allow light to penetrate


Giuseppe Taranto, CEO & World Sales Director The Shipyard


s often happens, the owner chose us through a broker. He was looking for a boat that would meet his family’s needs. He’s a serial owner who’d had previous superyachts and so was very clear in his mind. However, our role was to point him in the direction of the project most suited to his needs. We took a very flexible approach as we are convinced that customising a product is the key to the relationship with an owner. Every yacht that comes out of our yard is an expression of her owner’s essential being, character and preferences, and we’ve very proud of that fact. Again, as with all of our yachts, the project starts with the owner’s requirements and then develops from that, with all the various professionals in the team involved. In the case of Quinta Essentia, we were delighted to work with Dobroserdov Design on the exterior designs and architect Michela Reverberi on the interiors. It took around 32 months to get from concept to realisation. Quinta Essentia is a very complete embodiment of the Admiral philosophy. Admiral is the Group’s flagship brand and has long been acknowledged and admired for its elegance, classicism and prestige. It is also very Italian and we’re extremely proud to be part of Italian nautical history as 2016 marks the brand’s 50th anniversary. It has launched 141 yachts since 1966, all of which have a family feel that has evolved over the years yet has held true to Admiral’s core values and signatures. Quinta Essentia is the largest megayacht we’ve launched to date and our first with hybrid propulsion. She’s very much a 2016 Admiral with a close focus on fuel consumption, environment and innovation. These are fundamental characteristics that characterise not only Admiral’s entire range but the Italian Sea Group’s as a whole. In terms of innovation, I should mention that the Group has its own well-structured in-house R&D division with a regular staff of 15 people.


Quinta Essentia also boasts a bespoke eight-metre custom limo-tender designed for her by Dobroserdov Design









[ FLY ]

Latitude, a midsize aircraft with a big plane’s grit. The cabin is refined and full of light, but what makes this Cessna even more impressive is the flight experience and reduced noise by Sergio A. Barlocchetti - ph. by Textron Cessna




[ FLY ]

nyone who has worked on a Cessna Citation

compared to the traditional Citations. From lighting to equipment to

will tell you the name means reliability, assistance

the tactile pleasure of the furnishings, the passenger experience pushes

anywhere in the world and sheer performance.

all memories of being in a midsize aircraft into the background. It’s

After over 40 years of revamping models, parts and

easy to board, has a totally flat floor and a headroom of over six feet,

components, it was time for a change in terms of cabin design, so in

very generous windows and fully reclinable seats. The cabin provides

2011 the Wichita-based company announced the arrival of its Latitude

outstanding levels of connectability and ample passenger comfort

model, a little brother for the Sovereign. It’s now on the market, and we

options that disappear completely into the furniture when not needed.

took a look at the La Mole airport in St Tropez, where Cessna decided

And there’s more - when cruising at Mach 0.8 you would expect the

to carry out the short runway certification trials.

usual deafening roar, but instead the cabin is remarkably quiet. It’s

Sitting in the pilot’s seat, having such an advanced “office” at your

even possible to listen to classical music and pick out the individual

fingertips is a definite plus, especially as regards the amount of space

woodwind and strings.

available, the Garmin 5000 avionics suite with autothrottles and

The Latitude does feature electronic systems, but they exert a discreet

touchscreen panels. Even more important, though, is the impression

presence. This all-metal aircraft has mechanical controls - in other

made by the passenger cabin. This has been a thorough makeover when

words, traditional construction - while its aerodynamics include a


The cabin shows great attention to passenger comfort, with painstaking optimisation of the spaces. The same care has been given to the lighting and tactile appeal of the furnishings and upholstery

moderately swept wing of 16.3° with an “airfoil family” that enables

easy procedure, touching down on the airstrip even at full weight of

medium-high cruising speeds combined with low-speed approaches

around 14 tons.

that mean the Latitude can also land at small airports. Speed ranges

For businesspeople who like travelling with a full staff or large

from 80 knots to Mach 0.8, and the pilot’s life is made easier by

families, the two Pratt & Whitney PW306D1 engines produce 5,760

a mechanical system that limits the effort needed on the yoke to

pounds of thrust each, enough to carry nine people at altitudes of

manipulate the ailerons. There are also five series of hydraulic spoilers

up to FL450 (45,000 ft /13,700 m) at just over 430 kts (around 830

on each wing, intervening to help lower the wing in slow turns, enable

km/h) consuming 1,460 litres of fuel per hour within a maximum

lift dumping and enhance the action of the speed brakes. Spacious

range of 2,800 miles (just over 5,200 km). The official cost nudges

Fowler flaps increase deceleration. As a result, completing a tight,

17 million dollars, but much depends on the options and materials

non-standard approach circuit like that of La Mole is a relatively

chosen for the interior. 69

[[ FLY FLY ]]

The Latitude’s aerodynamics enable medium-high cruising speeds combined with low-speed approaches that mean that it can also land at small airports


Tailor made Italian Manufactory PARQUET and BOISERIE

CADORIN GROUP S.r.l. Tel. +39 0423 920 209 • +39 0423 544 019 31054 POSSAGNO (TV) Italy DESIGN_QUALITY_PERFORMANCE

[ The CAR ]



The idea of a McLaren grand tourer might sound crazy but the British marque has delivered a GT with a 220-litre boot that stays true to its F1 roots by Diego Tamone


[ The CAR ]


espite a 50-year career in F1 that has produced a string of unforgettable single-seaters, legendary drivers and no less than eight Constructors’ and

12 Drivers’ World titles, courtesy of 182 grand prix victories and 155 poles, McLaren really only dipped a toe in road car waters in 2010. The resulting McLaren Automotive division was set up to produce super cars for everyday use. 2010 was year zero but produced a breathtaking design and a style that has stayed with the marque all the way to the latest model. The 570GT is a response to a challenge that is much more complex than it initially seems. The new addition to the Sports Series is a GT, i.e. a grand tourer, a car designed for comfort, long journeys and pleasure. A thus-far unexplored concept for McLaren, but safe in the hands of the marque’s youthful chief designer Rob Melville, who came to it after a career with Land Rover and GM.

McLaren only launched on the “everyday” supercar market in 2010. The 570GT is its latest offering and has the sleek forms and technology of an extreme supercar, but eats up the miles in comfort



[ The CAR ] The 570GT packs a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 coupled with a seven-speed SSG (Sequential Shift Gearbox) to ensure it delivers true supercar performance: a 328 km/h top speed and 1-100 sprinting in just 3.4 seconds

That said, the brief must still have caused him and his 30-strong team at the futuristic Norman Fosterdesigned McLaren Technology and Production Centre in Woking a few sleepless nights. The real lightbulb moment came when Melville realised that he could meet the demands of the marque’s top brass without compromising the essential character of a model destined to become a McLaren mainstay. His solution was to take the sportier 570S Coupé as the platform for the new car and leave the front unchanged. The rear, however, is quite another story. There, a sideopening glass hatch provides easy access to a 220-litre leather-lined load bay (there’s a further 150 litres available at the front) behind the two seats. A stroke of “form follows function”-inspired genius. The GT’s side profile is only minimally different (the fixed spoiler is 10 mm larger) but the benefit in terms of usability is phenomenal. Particularly as it is combined with a more generous sweep of McLaren’s signature dihedral doors, a panoramic glass roof that makes the interior feel big, bright and airy, electricallyadjustable seats and steering column, and a quieter exhaust sound. The perfect GT – the McLaren way. To ensure the new car lives up to expectations on the performance front, the designers retained the F1derived carbon-fibre cell and the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8, coupled with a seven-speed SSG (Sequential Shift Gearbox). The result is a monstrous 570 bhp and 600 Nm of torque which, when unleashed, deliver 0-100 sprinting in just 3.4 seconds and a red-line speed of 328 km/h. State of the art power and glamour for gentlemen drivers and the very essence of British cool.


OUR MARK IN SMART LUXURY so unique so smart

so safe so easy

The first platform for the management and resale of pre-owned luxury assets



IT’S by Luciano Stanga




ome situations arise purely by chance, but then become

Micheli’s ability to design freehand. “It was a very intense period when

a turning point in your life. That’s how Officina Italiana

I discovered and absorbed the company’s DNA. Following the trail

Design came into being, and for over 20 years Mauro

blazed 30 years ago by Carlo Riva was a constant source of pride”.

Micheli and Sergio Beretta’s studio has been the

Then after 10 years at Riva came the fateful decision to found Officina

exclusive design choice for the entire range of Riva craft.

Italiana Design with economics graduate Sergio Beretta, a man with

Mauro Micheli set out on his professional adventure (after art

managerial experience and four languages at his fingertips. “We

college and Milan’s prestigious Brera Academy) by winning a Riva

combined our strengths, and as we shared a passion for art – the

competition. “They were looking for an assistant in the technical

basis of all Mauro’s creations – and design, it was easy. I was the

office. I wasn’t a great boat enthusiast or designer, but I wanted to

more pragmatic one while Mauro was more creative, and it worked.

make a mark”. So in 1984 he joined the yard as an assistant designer,

The studio was in a hangar in a village near Lake Iseo”. Now, 22

working with architect Giorgio Barilani and interior designer Mauro

years later, the studio is based in a late-19th century building on via

Pagani. Gino Gervasoni, the son-in-law of Carlo Riva – a pillar of the

San Tomaso, near the Accademia Carrara, the team comprises ten

nautical sector, the yard’s CEO until the 1990s and someone who has

designers, and the OID is responsible for over 25 craft designed for

been a great influence on the Riva brand – was especially struck by

Riva – so far.


This rendering shows another view of the 50 metre. Below, the Sanlorenzo 52Steel presented at Cannes. Opposite page, the show and the innovative hard top on the Riva 110’. Opening, the 50 metre and the two founders of the Officina Italiana Design, creative mind Mauro Micheli (left) and CEO Sergio Beretta

It’s a particularly successful and intense time for the studio – since

to the water, and the lines for a 110’ are currently being completed. This

the spring 2015 Riva has launched two 88’ (Florida and Domino

yacht features some extremely interesting design solutions, including

Super), two 76’ (Perseo and Bahamas), a 39’ (Rivamare) and even a

several innovative asymmetrical elements. With its 110’ the Officina

car (the Fiat 500 Riva, restyled by OID together with the FCA style

breaks into what is for them a new, promising sector – megayacht

centre). By the end of the year the 100’ Corsaro will also have taken

design. “We’re already working on two lines for Riva – one more classic and one more contemporary. The yard’s new initiative is strongly supported by Alberto Galassi (Ferretti Group CEO since 2014 ed) and we readily embrace it”, says Beretta. Sanlorenzo, too, when asking OID to revamp the lines of six of its models, inserted a steel 52’ and a 64-metre. “Series yachts are in my DNA”, Micheli adds, “but I admit that this is a new challenge and as a designer I accept it with pleasure. I believe strongly in the Riva Superyacht Division line. We’re working very hard, and the first example will most probably appear in 2018. It’s a more complex sector, because you have to make compromises, but so far our relationship with owners has been a good one. People show their confidence in us in terms of aesthetics and décor by choosing Riva. There’s a relationship of trust, which is vital if we are to work together with harmony and enthusiasm.” Success is “almost” guaranteed.






n In 2005, Fincantieri set up a new business unit to

by Samuela Urbini

Fincantieri may previously have been known for its cruise ships and offshore and naval vessels, but it is now applying its unparalleled technological prowess to building strikingly gorgeous megayachts designed to ride the choppy waves of fashion


deal specifically with building 70-metre-plus megayachts.

Fincantieri Yachts, as it is officially known, has been given the ambitious task of becoming the high tech leader in this prestige segment. “Fincantieri has a very impressive background in technological leadership as attested by many of the 7,000 vessels we’ve built. We also have a unique DNA that combines excellence in technology with excellence in engineering and production capability”. The first yacht built by the new entity was Serene, a spectacular 134-metre delivered in 2011. At the

time she was the ninth largest yacht in the world and in 2012 won the World Superyacht Award for her category. Fincantieri Yachts splashed its second craft, the 140-metre Victory, in 2014. She remains both the largest yacht ever built in Italy and the ninth longest in the world. “We immediately positioned ourselves to compete with the best in the segment,” says the company. “To do so, we brought together specific yachting, technology and luxury skills, leveraging the very best the company and the market had to offer”. The megayachts all take shape at the historic Muggiano shipyard near La Spezia where Fincantieri also builds its most complex, sophisticated vessels including naval frigates, submarines and aircraft carriers. Fincantieri Yachts has come to the market with unique products crafted to meet the very specific requirements of owners intent on turning their dreams into reality. A scrupulously methodical development process, however, curbs flights of fancy to ensure that the yachts are buildable and workable. Leading-edge technology is then put to work to create a unique luxury lifestyle and stunningly beautiful craft that rise far above passing trends.

Aura’s exterior lines have a classical, timeless beauty. In her interior, limed woods, delicate blue fabrics and natural stone adorn the upper

“As part of our product development methodology we

lounge which doubles as a home cinema at night. Aft are a beach club

work with the designer to imagine the onboard lifestyle of

and a garage so large it can stow a 10-metre powerboat



our potential clients. Once we nail that, we develop the concept. It’s a combination of aesthetic ideals and an overall plan that reflects that lifestyle. We then add another factor that’s essential to us: the unique technological elements that are always part of our designs”. The brand-new 90-metre Sundance, for example, is Fincantieri’s response to clients that want to make the most of their al fresco deck space.

The FC Swath 75 can be equipped with fuel cell propulsion, a technology Fincantieri has been using

For Wanderlust clients with a thirst for exploring the world, they’ve crafted

for the last 20 years on some of its submarines. Below,

the FC Swath 75 which is designed to make life a lot more comfortable

Sundance and her astonishing 240 square metre sun

for seasickness sufferers and which can also be equipped with completely

deck complete with theatrical floor-to-ceiling windows


a simple idea that’s tricky to put into practice. We want to include a string of features in the interior that would deliver the liveability of an 80-90-metre craft despite space restrictions. There’s a touchgreen fuel cell propulsion. The Ottantacinque, on the other hand,

and-go helipad, panoramic gym and terrace, large owner quarters,

focuses on a lifestyle centring around understated luxury. Perfect

six guest staterooms and a tender garage large enough for either

for nothing-to-prove clients more interested in enjoying their boat

an Aquariva or small submarines”. All Fincantieri Yachts models

with family and friends than turning heads.

are completely customisable by their owners, thanks to the unique

“We designed our entry level craft last September, once again with

skill set boasted by the company’s engineering team and partners.

H2,” yard sources say. “The Aura is a 75-metre concept based on




A yacht that will leave her mark. At 47 metres, the new Wider’s spaces are unique in terms of both dimensions and concept yet she glides silently through the water thanks to her electric engines by Paola Bertelli - ph. by Jeff Brown



er sculptural exterior lines and squat forms are a

electric propulsion system. The latter revolutionised Genesi’s

stark but welcome contrast to the rounder, more

layout too as her pods and engines no longer need to be close

girlish look of her contemporaries. Although striking

together. The engine room could therefore be shifted forward,

from the outside, Genesi’s interiors are equally

opening up some wonderful space for guests. Forward, in front

radical and exude design sophistication in every detail. The

of the bridge, for instance, is a spectacular lounge that emerges

fact that she didn’t have a specific owner actually allowed her

only when required. Part of the coachroof raises hydraulically

designers to give full, uncompromising vent to their imagination

and reveals its exclusive sheltered and recessed seating area

and skills. But the most astonishing thing about the Wider 150

complete with cinema screen. Aft, in the beach club, side wings

Genesi is the extensive list of solutions designed to make life

open out over the sea and connect with the stern platform to

aboard dreamily easeful. This is very much a comfort-oriented

create a water-skimming island. A saltwater pool nestles inside

design brimming with solutions that aren’t just clever but the

the hull but fulfils a second function underway when it becomes

result of extensive research and development.

a float-in garage crafted around the forms of the 10-metre Wider

Space is the real luxury aboard and Genesi does not disappoint

32 it houses.

in that regard. The 47-metre has 350 square metres of deck

Enormous sliding floor-to-ceiling windows in the sky lounge on

space – her master suite cover 75 and her beach club 90 apiece,

the upper deck epitomise the indoor-outdoor ethic aboard too.

just for starters. But the Wider 150 has raised the comfort bar

Once open they transform the area into a huge terrace complete

by introducing another aspect of luxury: a blissful absence of

with sinuous side walkways that have become a signature of the

both noise and vibration thanks to her specially-designed diesel-

yacht’s silhouette and connect it to the forward area while still

retaining full-beam interiors. The catalyst in the saloon on the main deck is an astonishing sculptural panel separating the dining area from the lobby. Made by pouring molten steel over river stones and wood, the resulting textured finish is fascinating. Next comes the full-beam master suite with a central bed, walk-in closet and study. Artworks and vintage pieces, such as the iron bedside tables and lamps, add a personal feel. At the touch of a button, a wide balcony opens out on the side while in the bathroom, a beautiful bathtub hewn from a solid block of wood is flanked by a 2.5-metre long glass shower. Genesi is the fruit of a truly intensive process that saw her evolve over time. Clothed entirely in aluminium, her silhouette is a Fulvio De Simoni design created hand-inglove with Wider founder and CEO Tilli Antonelli and the yard’s design team. Her interiors were crafted by Ideaeitalia.

At 90 square metres, Genesi’s beach club will not go unremarked. Its inside pool is seven metres long and has a slate lite bottom which emphasises its geometric styling. Underway, it converts to a float-in garage for a 10-metre tender


The Orlando chaises and sofas and Frame coffee tables on the sun deck are by Paola Lenti. Four steps behind the circular bar lead to a Jacuzzi




Leather furnishings and trims are by Poltrona Frau whilst all the fabrics are by Gentili Mosconi. The most striking feature in the saloon is the sculptural wall behind the dining area which is made of cast steel over wood. The master suite (top) and office can be separated by an automatic door with a pneumatic seal that completely soundproofs both rooms



The Exterior Designer Fulvio De Simoni


illi Antonelli and ourselves wanted to do something radical, truly new. Something reminiscent of the Wider 150. Wider is a relatively new yard that has to make its mark in a very tough world or it won’t have a chance. So as a result, we made a series of radical choices, starting with the stern garage. This is the first time a 10-metre powerboat has fit in a boat of Genesi’s dimensions. Our decision to convert the garage into a pool and open the beach club up to the sea not just aft but on both sides was the next move. On boats like this, what normally happens is that guests end up living mostly high up on the sun deck, well away from the sea, but aboard Genesi a whole slew of people can be close to the water with the powerboat moored alongside. The forward lounge is something new too. Not per se, as this is a space that’s been used more and more in recent years, but aboard Genesi the roof raises hydraulically, revealing an area ready for use at any time without the crew having to dry it off or arrange it. In true Wider fashion, even the balconies on the upper deck help open out the spaces. We wanted to add these signature exterior side walkways to the full-beam interiors. The master suite balcony is a technological gem. It’s splendid. It required a whole series of major technical feats. The wall can be a fully-openable window or convert to a terrace. When the floor slides out, it lifts up to sit flush with the cabin floor and all the railings rise up automatically. This “sea terrace” has already been done but never before to this level of sophistication. I am convinced that we are making quite a strong mark with this boat. It will be difficult for other builders to produce boats and ignore what was achieved aboard Genesi.

The forward lounge is hidden under a hydraulically-activated watertight section of the coachroof. This rises up and becomes a T-top that provides shade for the lounge. When not in use, it folds back into the coachroof giving it back its sleek, linear profile. Loose furniture is by Paola Lenti


The Interior Designer Davide Bernardini and Alessio Battistini / Ideaeitalia


he leitmotif underpinning the design was a search for something absolutely original but which was also reminiscent of Italian design. Something astonishing in terms of dimensions and characteristics. We tried to create a boat that would appeal on an almost objective level. It sounds pretentious but because we didn’t have an owner to delegate certain choices to, we tried to create something just absolutely beautiful which in itself is no easy task. The logic behind all the Widers is “bigger, wider, opening out” – so we tried to make the most of all the spaces by minimising losses due to technical areas which we minutely designed to guarantee absolute flexibility for the layout from a dimensional point of view. The materials and items we selected epitomise what we feel a comfortable environment should have. There are a lot of unusual details. For instance, the lamps that we sourced from antique and vintage stores, sometimes over-the-top wood finishes designed to bring out their consistency, once-off walls, such as the one in the dining room, which become centrepieces. In terms of lighting design, we tried to calibrate interior lighting with what seeps in from outside. So that’s why we sank spots into the ceiling – we wanted to make the illumination as subtle as possible and try to create light sources that would ray the space without the actual fitting being visible.


The idea aboard Genesi was to make her standard of comfort as good as the owner enjoys in his main residence. Design choices combined with technological back-up allow guests to enjoy the yacht to the utmost


The Shipyard Tilli Antonelli, Wider founder and CEO


e wanted to do something different with Genesi from what is available right now. We started with her propulsion. There are a lot of hybrid designs around but essentially they have a conventional engine with an auxiliary motor. But I’ve never liked hybrids so we decided that taking the 100 per cent electric route was not only easier but also more promising in the short term. We wanted to whet the market’s appetite and it seems like we’ve succeeded. I’m personally convinced that we are going in the right direction even though we have to overcome the scepticism that’s very much part of the sector. There is just one explanation: the owner of this kind of boat won’t have much time and wants to make the most of the little he does have. If something goes wrong or jeopardises his holiday, then it’s a disaster. He won’t put up with it. There was more scepticism when the boat was at the embryonic stage but now that it’s afloat, there’s less. Choosing electric propulsion revolutionised the way space is used aboard. Because there was no mechanical link between the engine and props we could put the engine room further forward, freeing up an enormous volume. Take the beach club, for instance. It now doubles as a tender garage and can accommodate a boat of up to 10 metres. That’s unique aboard a 47-metre. We did a lot of comfort-focused work too with particular attention on noise and vibration. Genesi is the world’s first vessel to be awarded 100 out of 100 points for her Rina Comfort Class certification (noise and vibration both at anchor and underway). And that’s a great result as far as we’re concerned. Genesi opens the door to a new kind of onboard luxury: silence. This Wider was awarded 100/100 in her Rina Comfort Class certification, thanks to noise and vibration levels so low they set a new benchmark for the entire sector



D’aietti Luxury HanDicraft

Handmade Bas-Reliefs Jewel Walls for Homes and Yachts



AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT Giuseppe Mastrangelo plays with light in the same way as an artist plays with colour. He shapes forms of expression for places, creating infinite interpretations and original art works

by DĂŠsirĂŠe Sormani


ight is everything. It modulates spaces, inspires the imagination and shapes the world around us. Without light nothing can exist, but

light sources based on modern technology enables us to make objects and create spaces with a strong emotive impact. Lighting designer Giuseppe Mastrangelo plays with light and creates works of art. His education focused on research into the expression and physical movement deriving from the theories of Etienne Decroux, and involved interaction with a number of artists in the field, including Marcel Marceau. At the same time he gained an in-depth knowledge of the principles of lighting technology and the physics of light, successfully applying this expertise to illuminating art works. He opened a design studio in Milan in 1994 called Light Studio. Arte Architettura Scenotecnica. The work carried out by the studio was unique in its field, especially the creation of an aesthetic and philosophical approach that can be shaped around systems of immaterial visual creations, the development of shaped lights, and the management of light flows through sensory perception. At the same time he worked in a variety of media, from graphics to painting, experimenting with the

Giuseppe Mastrangelo (top, right) experiments with light in various forms of expression, blurring the line between lighting designer and artist. Left, Siamo in rete and right, Dinamica


[ ART ON BOARD ] use of light in all creative directions. In the 1980s and 90s he applied

in important venues like Rome’s Caravaggio, the Galleria Borghese

lighting technology to art works, creating a synergy between the roles

and the Pinacoteca Giuseppe De Nittis in Barletta, the Palazzo della

of lighting designer and artist. His contemporary works consist of

Marra and the Palazzo Reale. Spazio espositivo al piano terra in Milan.

conceptualising the photonic element of composition, applied to all

His extensive know-how and research into the opportunities presented

forms of expression. Since 1979 he has taken part in a number of shows

by light flows means that Mastrangelo can use a wide variety of

and performances as an artist, including Siamo in rete ( Bologna Art

environments to express himself. He also operates in the decoration of

City, Cappella Santa Maria dei Bulgari - Archiginnasio, 2016), Un filo di

interiors and hospitality, retail and architectural facilities and structures,

luce...(Milan, Galleria Marco Rossi, 2014), L’Alieno (Bologna, Art Off

as well as designing and making lighting units. “We like to think that an

for Arte Fiera, 2012), La Formazione dell’Uno. 150 artisti per l’unità

object, be it a painting, a sculpture, a dwelling or an exhibition space,

d’Italia (Cosenza, Galleria Nazionale, 2011). His portfolio as lighting

should not simply be “lit”. The object in question should be enabled to

designer boasts hundreds of collaborations for museums and galleries,

express its vitality and dramatic energy”, says Giuseppe Mastrangelo.

temporary exhibitions, installations, showrooms, private dwellings,

And in doing so, he creates an infinite series of interpretations and

luxury studios, offices, places of worship, hotels and restaurants,

sensations that we at The ONE Yacht and Design think would find

historic gardens and exteriors. His technical lighting projects can be

the perfect setting on board a megayacht.

admired in many permanent museum spaces, with works featuring

Left, Liberazione dei santi, Below, from left: Calix, Sutura,

Cristo. Giuseppe Mastrangelo’s works are the only ones of their kind. His expertise enables him to express himself in many different setting, from museums and galleries to showrooms, private dwellings and hospitality spaces


100 BERTHS FROM 25 TO 130 M



















by Samuela Urbini

Palettes of Flavours

The Infinito collection brings warmth to the table and harmonises perfectly with the nautical lines of the latest Mangusta Oceano 42 by Overmarine

Tableware collections featuring innovative design that create an elegant setting and transform the on-board table into a gallery of culinary art. Created by Infinito using ecological materials like solid wood and Krion acrylic stone

t’s the detail that makes all the difference on an elegantly set table. Good food and refinement are necessary prerequisites, but nowadays the way it’s presented has become increasingly important. That’s where Infinito concentrates its attention, specialising in the production of innovative table accessories with original design, suitable for presentations in luxury restaurants or a mise en place on board yachts whose elegance can compare with the most sumptuous homes. The company, based in Castelvecchio di Monte Porzio, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, produces dishes with clean, refined lines that are the ideal solution for the creation of culinary settings that will enhance any mouthwatering dish. Entirely Made in Italy, the hallmark of a truly superior quality. The brand is helmed by three siblings, production experts Luigi and Carlo Carboni and Laura Carboni, the creative and commercial mind behind Infinito. Laura began her career in the yachtbuilding sector, an experience that has inspired some of the main themes of the brand’s designs - innovation, attention to detail and a constant quest for the unusual.



All this underpins the launch of the Quadrilatero line, designed to

in the TeGusto collection, designed in collaboration with Cristina

complement several flavours on the same plate while ensuring every

Zanni. It is available in white with slate accessories, suitable at all

component of the dish remains distinct and unchanged. Straight

times of day for sweet and savoury foods.

lines shape the edges and geometrical forms within the plates, with

Nature’s own colours and perfumes are brought to the table with

an interesting choice of materials, an important factor for Infinito

the Legno line, made from solid FSC-certified materials that respect

- here, some solid wood inserts combine with Krion, a very elegant

environmental, social and economic forestation standards. Perfect

acrylic stone, warm to the touch, with no pores, so extremely

for enjoying cold meats and cheese with preserves and honey, but

hygienic and totally recyclable. Developed by Systempool, a Spanish

also for tastings in the wine cellar or for sampling desserts.

company that is part of the Gruppo Porcelanosa, Krion is also used

Left and to side, two examples showing the versatility of the Quadrilatero line. Designed for original presentations of courses or for an essential, elegant mise en place. Above, another piece from the TeGusto collection, offered in white, for imaginative culinary creations

106 High quality lighting fixtures design and manufacture RAVENNA - ITALY




Chicco Cerea is executive of a three-star restaurant inspired by the flavours of the sea. It’s a per-fect example of inter-generational exchange, expressing the passion inherited from his parents by Marta Bernasconi


ot far from Bergamo in northern Italy is a restaurant - now boasting three Michelin stars - that took the daring step of

introducing fish to an area where meat has always reigned supreme. This defiant initiative began in 1966, when Vittorio and Bruna decided to open Da Vittorio. It was a cou-rageous step, and the restaurant has since become an obligatory destination for all lovers of fine food. It’s now managed by the sons of the family, Robert and Chicco. “When did my passion for cooking start? I think it was when I was still in the womb and I “saw” my mum and dad busy in the restaurant. They communicated that unconditional love. There were some crucial experiences, too. I’m thinking of all the great masters, like Roger Vergé, George Blanc, Sirio Maccioni, Heinz Winkler and Ferran Adrià”. The restaurant’s philosophy is simple yet robust - respect both product and client. Chicco Cerea hasn’t got a favourite dish. “That would be like asking which child is my favourite... I love them all!” Fish, though, is the family’s forte. “My dad brought the sea to Bergamo many years ago. For us, cooking sea fish is an essential part of life, it can never be absent from our kitchens. I love the sea and I’ve been lucky enough to cook on board with friends. In that situation I advise creating dishes that will highlight and enhance the freshness of the newly-caught fish, fish tartare and carpaccio, for example. The trick is to vary the accompaniments - they can be based on citrus fruit, soy and wasabi, fine herbs or a simple, wonderful extra virgin olive oil, pepper and good crystal




Experience and love for his work. Two ingredients that underpin the success enjoyed by Chicco Cerea (opening photo, with Dany Stauffacher, organiser of the S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino, an event now in its tenth edition). Chicco recommends a Castello Luigi Bianco del Ticino for his Mille-foglie di tonno

salt, with fresh vegetables, a nice freshly-baked focaccia and some sparkling wine. I love those wines, they go with any dish and always lighten the mood�. As tradition demands, we asked Chicco Cerea for a recipe especially for The One. The chef dedi-cated his Millefoglie di tonno (for 4 people) to us. The main ingredient is fresh tuna, 100g, in slices. For the artichoke mousse you need 2 artichokes, 1 shallot, 20 dl panna cream, 20 dl whipped cream, salt and pepper. Fry the shallot, add the thinly sliced artichoke, cook slowly for 10 minutes and then add the panna and reduce by a half. Beat, allow to cool and add the whipped cream. For the liquorice reduction you need 50 g glucose, 50 g water and 10 g liquorice powder. Place all in-gredients in a pan, boil then strain and allow to cool. For the pane guttiau: 1 sheet of pane carasau flatbread, oil for frying, salt. Break the pane carasau into irregular pieces, fry in hot oil and season with salt. Make up the dish with alternating layers of bread, tuna and artichoke mousse, adding a few drops of liquorice reduction here and there. And to toast the sea and good company, the chef recom-mends a Castello Luigi Bianco del Ticino.



by Bianca Ascenti pictures by Maurizio Baldi


A majestic 46 metre yacht. For Sanlorenzo it sets the seal on this model’s success, and for its owner it is a unique craft offering exceptional comfort and practicality - and what’s more, every piece is custom-made 113


he concept of “identity” is extremely important

deck), and a sun deck with Jacuzzi, bar and table for al fresco

to Sanlorenzo because of its associations with

dining. The beach club is fully-equipped with sauna and gym,

recognisability. It is an added value. In fact, if we look

while the under lower deck hosts fridge and laundry areas. The

at sketches of a number of the brand’s craft, it is clear they all

aft garage, which, like its forward counterpart, opens to the

share the same family feeling regardless of who designed them.

side of the yacht, shelters a 7.3 metre carbon tender. The style is

Scorpion, the current flagship of the fleet, is no exception. The

“Fusion Art Deco”, a description coined especially for this yacht

46-metre superyacht is the eighth in the well-received 46Steel

and reflecting the owner’s wishes – in real terms this means

series, launched in 2010, and incorporates optimised versions

mixing contemporary pieces with others from the early 20th

of the most successful solutions featured on previous yachts,

century, combining not only diverse decorative elements and

plus a few new elements, especially innovative stylistic touches.

colour palettes but also different artisanal skills and attitudes.

This elegant yacht with steel hull and aluminium superstructure

The sumptuous ebony tables, for example, were made in Italy,

has been adapted to reflect the tastes of its owner, a Russian

drawing on traditional manual expertise and modern laser-

client who asked the yard to reject anything that “could be

cutting technology, while the magnificent bathroom mosaics

commercial”. He also took an active role in the construction and

are from Russia and the valuable hand-sewn and embroidered

décor of his yacht. After reading the brief, the Sanlorenzo design

silk rugs and carpets are from China and Nepal. The blend of

team, responsible for the external lines and all engineering

mother-of-pearl, amthyst, agate, rare onyx, plumage, gold leaf,

systems, and architect Tiziana Vercellesi, who handled the

brass, bronze, steel and precious metals gives rise to unique,

interiors, set to work to interpret the client’s wishes and express

stunningly attractive objects and creates an atmosphere of

them in yachtbuilding terms, reaching out to Italian and foreign

refined elegance. The aquarium with tropical fish is an eye-

suppliers as well as incredibly skilful craftspeople and artists.

catching feature, but it’s the splendid opulence of the huge 3.9

The result is a magnificent five-deck displacement craft that

metre glass sculpture rising in the centre of the stairway up to

is ideal for sailing the world’s seas and oceans in safety, with

the sundeck that really steals the scene. Every single piece on

exceptional range, while surrounded by luxury and comfort.

board, including the Architema chairs, is custom-made. The

Optimisation of hull, keel and appendages gives Scorpion a

lighting is provided by LEDs from BMC and Altraluce as well

cruising speed of 11 knots, 140lt/hr fuel consumption and a

as fibre optics by Altraluce, complemented by Italian lamps

range of 3,600 nautical miles. The layout is relatively traditional

by Laudarte and the Wired lamp from the USA. Paintings

for a yacht of this size - sleeping area on the lower deck with

by Parisian artist Daniel Gastaud and Daumm crystal vases

four generous cabins (plus four twins for the crew), main and

and statues, selected by the owner, complete the decor of this

upper decks dedicated to social spaces with huge, scenic lounges

timelessly elegant – and unrivalled – yacht.

(the captain’s cabin is beside the helm station on the upper

The unmistakeable Sanlorenzo signature for this yacht with timeless, classic lines. The spacious sun deck hosts a table for 10 and a bar, as well as a unit with Jacuzzi and sunbeds forward and more sofas and chairs for sunbathing to aft. Opening page, the elegant upper deck saloon



All the furniture on Scorpion has been specially designed. The owner wanted a unique yacht, with no commercial pieces on board. The colours of the main saloon are inspired by the forest – bright and welcoming, with a skilful contrast between flooring, carpets, furniture and upholstery


“Fusion Art Deco Style” is the designers’ description of the interiors. It’s a delicate mix of contemporary, artistic and decorative elements. The bronzed brass surfaces, mother-of-pearl inlays and amethyst, agate, onyx, feather, gold leaf, steel and precious metal details all create an air of refinement



The Exterior Design Antonio Santella Sales Director Superyacht Division


he yacht’s success can be ascribed to the generous volumes that create an attractive exterior line, and the well-equipped beach club with sauna and

gym in close contact with the sea. Compared to the previous yachts in this line, we haven’t introduced any structural changes or modified the external appearance – the only alterations have involved technical improvements and details requested by the owner. We’ve succeeded in building eight yachts without changing the position of any partition – a great result! The interiors are designed and constructed in line with the client’s wishes down to the smallest detail – for example, there isn’t one single commercially produced object on board. When designing a yacht we often adapt aesthetic solutions to technical requirements, but in this case the opposite is true, as we had to adopt technical solutions that would not impact on the owner’s choices. I think the yacht is magnificently successful in every aspect, and the spectacular entrance to the saloon from the main deck is extremely exciting. Sanlorenzo’s construction experience in yachts of this type meant we experienced no particular difficulties, even though the technical elements and storage demanded particularly close attention. To take a specific example, the most complex stowage problem was presented by the main tender – at 7.30 metres long and weighing 2,700kg, its dimensions make it unique for this type of yacht. The Scorpion also has no balconies because the owner had them on his previous yacht, and now preferred opening windows in his cabin.


Usually on a yacht the aesthetics have to adapt to technical requirements. On Scorpion, though, the owner’s choices took precedence and Sanlorenzo had to develop suitable technical solutions


The Interior Designer Tiziana Vercellesi



ight from our first meeting the owner had very clear

colours we were inspired by the city for the lower deck,

ideas about the final result, and was particularly precise

the forest for the main deck and the seabed on the upper

about the kind of emotion he wanted to experience on board.

deck. We also created a play of wood types, contrasting the

Interpeting his aesthetic vision and transforming it into the

Macassar ebony of the furniture frames with the bleached

salient elements of Scorpion’s decor was a great challenge. It

kapok of the upholstery.

was an expression of the “Pleasure and Happiness” concept

In the exteriors, though, we have coordinated teak with

that developed by the client, and my professional philosophy,

varnished furniture and sanded glass. I can’t really say

which is all about maximum quality and efficiency. Scorpion

which is my favourite part of the yacht, you fall in love with

is the sum of many elements – an artisanal approach,

everything about it. I also enjoyed working with incredibly

innovation, joy, comfort, refinement and distinction. There

skilled Italian and foreign artisans, like the glassmaker

are only custom pieces on board, specially designed and made

who created the almost four-metre-high sculpture. They

for this yacht. In order to describe the philosophy behind the

all contributed to the yacht’s success, but especially the

decor we coined the phrase “Fusion Art Deco Style”, which

owner, who had a clear vision of the final result, and the

incorporates contemporary artistic and decorative elements

yard, which was always ready to accept challenges and share

that recall the elegance or Art Deco style. Some pieces belong

its own ideas. It’s been a wonderful experience, and that’s

to the owner, like the two large paintings by a Parisian artist

what makes the work fun – there’s a lot of effort involved,

who works with feathers. The aim was to generate a “wow”

but it’s always very satisfying when the result meets your

effect through elegance and uniqueness. For the choice of


The doorway into the main saloon is very striking, but what is truly extraordinary is the glass sculpture in the stairway space – almost four metres high, it changes colour from one deck to the next, shading from an intense blue to aquamarine


The Shipyard Massimo Perotti, Ceo


he 46Steel line project originated in 2010 with the aim of creating a synergy between

yacht and sea with a seamless transition from deck to beach club. Great attention has been paid to developing the maximum amount of interior while remaining within the 500 GT, and this is the only yacht of this size to feature an under lower deck with fridge and laundry areas. The line has been designed for owners seeking quality and large interior volumes for sailing long distances in total comfort. So far we have delivered eight yachts to the Far East, Mediterranean and the US, and we are currently holding negotiations that will consolidate the line’s success and the quality of the design. Like all our yachts, Scorpion required an in-depth technical study to respond to client needs – providing more space for the living areas, for example, meant we had to devote careful consideration to locating the technical spaces, but the eventual solution is oustanding. Another feature owners like is an emphasis on comfort while under way – we have achieved results in limiting noise, vibration, roll etc that are not only excellent in themselves, they also surpass those of our competitors. This was made possible by the making improvements with every new build of the design. The owner chose Sanlorenzo because he knew the brand well and was ready to trust us implicitly, as he had already owned one of our craft. He also realised that Scorpion – which is an example of Made in Italy excellence – offered the best price/quality ratio and, last but not least, he thought this design best answered his needs and desires. What’s more, Sanlorenzo stands by clients from the initial stages of the design right through to post-sales service, providing highly-skilled, experienced staff. We delivered the yacht in June 2015 and after a season in the Med the owner moved to the Caribbean, spending a great deal of time aboard, then returned to the Mediterranean for the summer that’s just ended. The client is very happy, and his intensive use of Scorpion (also for charter) is clear proof of this.



Toan Nguyen, born in Paris in 1969, began his career with Antonio Citterio, where he took over as head of design and over 10 years co-signed more than 40 products, like the Ittala Decanter and Kelvin LED table lamp designed for Flos (opposite page) both designed in collaboration with Antonio Citterio. Right, the Blixen Armchair designed for Fendi Casa


He describes himself as “A French man but an Italian designer”. Although born in Paris, his professional development took place in Italy. Now, after a period spent as Design Manager and Design Partner for Antonio Citterio, he has a studio of his own in Milan, and creates collections where...


TO PLAY A ROLE by Désirée Sormani




he eyes are the window to the soul, they say, and never a truer word was spoken, especially in the case of French

designer Toan Nguyen, an illustrious name on the international scene. His expression displays a blend of French exuberance and a wholly Oriental balance. With a Breton mother and Vietnamese father, Toan has a dual cultural background. But when talking about design, he insists that “I’m a French man but an Italian designer. I was brought up and studied in Paris, and I’ve been immersed in the atmosphere of the East - although I first visited the Far East when I was 30 years old – but I undertook my professional training in Italy. I live and work in Milan, but that wasn’t an entirely deliberate choice – I moved there in 1996 and encountered the international community of designers, all from outside Italy, who were starting to work in the studios of the most important architects, like (Michele De Lucchi, Piero Lissoni, Matteo Thun, Antonio Citterio ecc”. After building two years’ of experience in a number of Milanese studios, Toan joined the Antonio Citterio Team. “It was 1998, a period of transition for the studio. I had an interview and soon afterwards I was working as a designer. Then in spring 2000 I became Design Manager. We moved to our current office in via Cerva and I immediately structured the design department as a separate studio within the company, with its own organisation and dedicated team. It was a very intense period, during when we completed projects for various brands,

has a great deal of expertise in making upholstered furniture,

including Axor-Hansgrohe, B&B Italia, Flos, littala Kartell,

Laufen is the leader in bathroom ceramics, Dedon invented

Technogym and Vitra. Ten important years during which I

the synthetic fibre that has replaced natural fibre in outdoor

absorbed everything I could from Citterio and the Italian and

products. These companies don’t operate in competition with

international companies we collaborated with”.

each other, they are active in separate, very specific areas. I like

In 2008 Nguyen opened his Milan studio which now works

establishing a relationship, I find it stimulating to collaborate

with international companies and some Italian companies

with companies that handle technological development of

selected for their high level of technology and know-how, very

products and prototypes in-house. Fendi and other Italian

design oriented. “All my clients have a highly specific profile

brands have people with golden hands!”

and exceptional know-how in their sector. Fendi, for example,

And if we ask Toan whether he thinks his style is recognisable,


On these pages: some examples of Nguyen’s eclectic nature. Anti-clockwise: Algorithm by Vibia, the Ino system by Laufen, the Agadir sofa for Fendi Casa. Opposite page, bottom: Soho Lite by Fendi Casa and top, the Infinito armchair by Studio TK. He focuses relentlessly on cutting away the superfluous to achieve a clean, essential object. In his words, “Anything that has no use to me weighs me down”


[ TREND SETTERS ] he answers directly by saying, “Recognisability: in my designs this lies in the approach, not the aesthetics. My projects take account of the company’s DNA and they try to express this, as they are designed to achieve this. A new design is based on an intuition. It’s possible to invent a new chair, but you have to understand the reason for doing it. My approach involves seeking independence from fashion to create enduring products”. This approach often has an Oriental element. “The dojo is part of my Oriental martial arts cultural heritage. Practising martial arts has helped me discover and develop the discipline/rigour/hard work ethic that is part of my character and influences my way of working. And it’s crucial to work on the content, to find motivation that has a meaning for the client, but above all the final user. If you don’t answer a need, at least create an emotion”.

Top: left, the Micro hi-tech video door entry panel designed for Urmet Domus and, right, the Wow table by Lema with its simple yet spectacular design. Left, Skantherm’s Shaker stove designed in collaboration with Antonio Citterio


Yacht Management

Via Gen. Guisan, 1 CH-6833 Vacallo Switzerland T. +41 (0) 91 6900065 E.



Every space on board this 63-metre by Benetti is designed to emphasise the presence of the sea, the undisputed star of the show. A variety of materials combine to create elegant, harmonious interiors by Paola Bertelli - ph. by Giuliano Sargentini (exterior) and Alberto Cocchi (interior)


The 63.5 metre Benetti FB 264 is an elegant steel and aluminium displacement yacht with a cruising speed of 15 knots. Opening pages, the hand-made sofas that divide up the spaces in the saloon feature precious fabrics. Note the coffee table covered in natural shagreen and the meteorite marble cut into strips with a leather effect


he name may still be a mystery but the new Benetti FB264 is already sailing and making a very favourable impression. This 63-metre steel and aluminium yacht is designed by the Tuscan yard, with interior and exterior decor by FM Architettura d’Interni studio. The studio is based in the Marche region, the heartland of Italian craftsmanship where hand-worked materials and bespoke production still thrive. The result is a refined yacht, rich in precious details and using a variety of materials to create sumptuous, dynamic forms. The sea is a deliberately strong presence in the interiors, too, and the huge full-height windows are clear proof of this. Light and sea fill the spaces and take possession of them. The choice of special materials like shagreen, bronze, fossils, curved wood panels and precious fabrics, combined with the clean lines, play of mirrors and light concealing and unveiling elements, create refined, elegant interiors. The guest areas occupy four decks plus the observation deck, a privileged scenic viewpoint. In the open an unmistakeably marine atmosphere reigns – various independent conversation areas have been created, furnished with light sofas, cushions with decorative elements, never the same but always with a nautical theme, and low tables with wood inlays. The main open air saloon is on the upper deck (as are the owner’s apartments); this area can be isolated from the rest of the yacht by closing off access to the aft stairs to the lower deck, thereby creating an area for the owner’s exclusive use. The interior saloon, however, is on the main deck. Here the layout is designed for socialising with a large, welcoming sofa and a cinema area that can be set up when desired. What strikes guests entering the main saloon is the relationship between light and materials, as well as the depth of the space – a sculptural bar, generous living area, curved wood panels in the wall that trace infinite perspectives which frame an exceptional background, the sea. The chess and backgammon table opposite the bar draws the eye towards the sofas, made of refined fabrics woven by hand on antique Sardinian looms. The bar, designed like most of the pieces on board by the FM studio, features interwoven bands of bronze that create an intriguing 3D effect. The two large tables in the dining area can be put together to seat up to 14 guests. The owner’s area on the upper deck is nothing short of regal, with 80 square metres of refinement and elegance. As in the saloon, the huge windows allow the sea to take the dominant role in these spaces, comprising a sleeping area that exploits the yacht’s full width, a study, a large, practical cloakroom divided into two symmetrical sections, and a bathroom. The fixed furnishings are the same as those in the yacht’s other cabins, ensuring a consistent style throughout. It is the details that make all the difference, providing that extra touch of exclusivity – like the large partition in natural shagreen whose soft curves frame the owner’s bed, or the specially designed unit and chairs for the study.


The walls with curved wood panels feature in the living and sleeping areas, generating a dynamic feel. Above and left the owner’s cabin, with the natural shagreen wall, and the walk-in wardrobe. The bar (right) made of interwoven bronze elements. Top right, the exterior lounge reflects the influence of the sea



The spacious sundeck is dedicated to relaxation with a Jacuzzi, bar and lounge aft, a play room in the middle and a well-equipped gym and beauty area forward



The Interior Designer Francesca Muzio and Silvia Orlandini FM Architettura d’Interni



he aim of the Benetti FB264 design is to create a close link between the interior shapes and presence of the sea. We have sought to open up a dialogue among the elements and forge a harmonious, clearly defined identity. We devoted a great deal of attention to the concept of light and materials, which are distinctive elements on this yacht. We also did some in-depth research into materials and related construction techniques, which enabled us to create unique pieces and shapes that totally fulfilled our objective. The Benetti FB264’s main characteristics are light, windows and plays of reflections that open out the view of the exterior, and the wooden wall panels that feature in all the interiors. The greatest aesthetic challenge was making the wooden strips, because they were created without joins at the corners. This was only made possible by using a special construction technique. The effect is one of infinite curves that draw the eye and blend seamlessly into their surroundings. As for the technical aspects, we carefully studied the location of the systems to enhance on-board comfort –for example, the fan coil systems are mounted outside the cabins. This also facilitates maintenance and refits. Lighting is the spirit of every space. On board the yacht, natural light changes every second, and in turn this affects our perception of the interior colours. We have complemented the classic lighting units with lights on some of the furniture, especially the unique pieces or those in a particular location. The sculptural bar at the entrance to the main saloon, for example, has an integrated LED panel below the counter to highlight its strong shapes and striking materials.


The Shipyard Representative Giampiero Attanasio, Project Manager


he FB264 is an example of the Cantiere Benetti’s exceptional ability to create unique yachts that combine high technical content with outstanding artisanal expertise. Take, for example, the metal inlays, clear glass drawers and other elements that demanded sophisticated cabinetmaking expertise in a complex undertaking that the yard’s craftspeople have resolved brilliantly. The sea has had a significant influence on the interior design, and it has an intentionally strong presence throughout, as shown by the full-height windows in the saloon and cabins. The engine room houses twin 12V 4000 M53 1380 kW @ 1800 rpm MTUs, powering the yacht to a maximum speed at half load of 15.5 knots with a 15 knot fast cruising speed, while the spacious fuel tank provides a range of 4,750 nautical miles at a cruisiing speed of 12 knots. The yacht’s technical equipment makes the FB264 a unique craft, and provides excellent sailing characteristics. The yard has installed a DPS (Dynamic Position System), a computerised system that enables the yacht to maintain a fixed position without dropping anchor.





Bright and open to the outside world is how modern yacht owners want their interiors. Glazing has now gone beyond its original remit and become a design feature in its own right, driving high tech research in the process. Tilse Industrie has spearheaded its use aboard with a range of tough, versatile, patented products by Mary Hegarty


n the last decade, one of the priorities amongst owners commissioning superyachts has been to draw light into their yacht interiors not only to make

them brighter but also to retain a sense of close contact with nature at all times when aboard. Needless to say, designers and yards have been quick to respond, producing great expanses of glazing in superstructures matched, oftentimes, by long, uninterrupted bands of hull windowing. The impact has been life-changing, transforming yacht interiors from cosy but sometimes rather gloomy spaces into bright, expansive spaces in sailing as well as motoryachts.




These larger windows create a sense of loft-like

of two or more chemically-hardened glass

airiness and light that brilliantly showcases

panels bonded with leading-edge UV and

more modern, streamlined interior décor and

saltwater-resistant resin,

furnishings too. Designers have been aided and

flat or bent to follow the curves of a yacht

abetted in their work by equally rapid advances

superstructure, for instance. It also affords UV

in glazing technology, driven by farsighted

protection to occupants and interiors alike. Tilse

companies of the likes of Tilse Industrie- und

glass has been used on a slew of award-winning

Schiffstechnik GmbH. This Hamburg-based

yachts, not least the tinted, rounded panes

specialist is at the forefront of the sector,

of the floating-effect deckhouse on Zefira,

designing and manufacturing yacht glazing

named Sailing Yacht of 2011 at the World

so sophisticated that in many instances it has

Superyacht Awards, and the floor-to-ceiling

become integral part of the look and character

windows aboard the 101.5-metre Feadship MY

of the yachts themselves - the low-slung glass

Symphony. When used in combination with

deckhouse aboard the CNB 100’ Chrisco,

Solardim® which incorporates a liquid crystal

for instance, lends her a distinctive futuristic

foil that allows it darken for privacy at the touch


of a button, it makes blinds, curtains and even

Tilse’s cornerstone product is Formglas

storm shutters a thing of the past on hulls and

Spezial®, a specially-developed glass consisting

superstructures too.


that can be used Glass is the ideal materials for crafting radical new ideas. Tilse Industrie can make large curved glazed surfaces that follow yacht lines, offer UV protection to interiors and guests alike and, at the touch of a button, tint for privacy with magical ease


Even if a yacht is capable of withstanding the odd bump and knock, when mooring you prefer to avoid unwelcome collisions. The multifender system has got what it takes – ultra-strong carbon, custom-made, extremely light to handle and unsinkable. The most elegant way to keep your distance!





California-based Summit Furniture produces quality furnishings designed specifically for outdoor use. Its collections marry designer chic and craftsmanship thanks to collaborations with leading international designers by Mary Hagerty


lthough one of the hardwoods of choice for building

plantation-grown teak, and its work with designers such

ships and boats for centuries because of its high

as John Munford, Mark Anders and Charles Verey has

oil content, teak has been now been largely superseded

been snapped up by yards and owners with an eye for

by lighter though less lovely materials. It has, however,

quality and style. Yacht commissions are now such a

remained a firm favourite aboard and is still used not just

part of its core business that it recently premiered the

for deck laying but also deck furnishing where it survives

L.A. MOD collection at the Monaco Show. This fourth

happily in saltwater environments that make short work

collaboration with designer Alwy Visschedyk is a delight

of other woods. Teak’s delicate light gold colouring

as it combines charming retro styling with incredible

and beautiful grain makes it as adaptable to modern as

versatility, making it ideal for adding a custom feel to

classic styling too. Now almost four decades in business,

decks and lounging areas. The “system� as Summit refers

Summit Furniture uses only sustainably-sourced,

to it, centres around three core elements: two lounge

Summit Furniture premiered its new L.A. MOD (above) at the recent Monaco Show. It spans just three 1960s-inspired pieces that can be combined in a virtually endless variety to suit all tastes and requirements, thanks to an ingenious U-bracket


[ BESPOKE ] A combination that showcases the modular talents of the L.A. MOD range. Bottom, the wraparound forms of a lounge chair from the Linley for Summit Collection and, right, an American-style chaise longue from the Krios collection

chairs and one side table which can be arranged into an astonishing number of combinations to suit any space or mood. What makes it so versatile is that the core elements can be joined very simply using a U bracket with just one screw hole. Sofas as long or short as required can be created by simply joining the chairs in a line as can the tables to create benches. An amazing 24 elements can be joined to create a full circle of 22’ in diameter - a striking look for a helideck, for instance. Excellent for adding a fresh new look to existing spaces. Such is the quality of Summit’s output that haute-furniture company Linley chose to make its first venture into outdoor furnishings with the Linley for Summit collection. The resulting delicate yet organic wraparound forms adorn lounge chairs, dining chairs, a foot rest, dining and coffee tables, and a chaise lounge with wheels that look as effortlessly at home on a yacht deck as on the sun terrace of a sunbathed villa.





IS INSIDE YOU The 38-metre Tiramisù uses an SD126 Sanlorenzo to showcase innovative onboard mobility and accessibility solutions designed by two young Italians for their degree thesis


iramisù began life as a challenge embraced by students Emanuele Gottuzzo and Marco Mandalà with the

encouragement of Professor Massimo Musio-Sale at the G.

Marconi Campus at La Spezia. The duo crafted their degree thesis around an idea put forward by Sanlorenzo Style Office chief Sergio Buttiglieri at a university workshop staged at the La Spezia hub in conjunction with Florida International University. Buttiglieri suggested using an existing yacht, the 2015 Francesco Paszkowskidesigned SD 126 To Tok, as a platform on which to develop a whole new approach to providing accessible onboard living for people with motor impairment. The project was initially a group effort between Emanuele

by Désirée Sormani

Gotuzzo, Marco Mandalà, Michele Baldassarre and University of Miami student Scheherazade Licul. However, Gotuzzo and Mandala later worked further on the theme for their degree thesis with the assistance of the aforementioned Buttiglieri and Emanuele Bresciani, the engineer in charge of the SD 126 build. The overall aim was to develop entirely new interior and exterior mobility systems tailored for craft itself rather than trying to force existing solutions to fit it.


Emanuele Gottuzzo (top, right) and Marco MandalĂ (top, left) both hold degrees in Naval and Nautical Design and their design thesis centred around “yachts and disabilityâ€?. In this sketch, note the disabled-access Jacuzzi in and raised platform that connects the various levels of the yacht




The exterior solutions penned by Gotuzzo

Sanlorenzo without altering its lines.

ultimately also required the exterior layout

Marco Mandalà’s interior solutions involved a

to be rearranged with furnishing accessories

360 degree investigation of what moving around

Tiramisù is the product of a

designed ad hoc. The central focus of the project

in and using space means to a person with a

series of mobility solutions.

was a new fully-mobile platform that facilitates

physical disability. This culminated in a redesign

All spaces and transitional

onboard access and allows individuals with

of the spaces as a whole, from components to

areas aboard were

restricted mobility to reach every level of the

details, as well, of course, as the various routes

redesigned to make them

yacht. The platform doesn’t simply raise the user,

through the boat. An indoor cylindrical lift

accessible to people with

however. Once they get to the level they desire,

connects the various decks ultimately opening

physical disabilities

it becomes a panoramic terrace add-on to the

out on to the exterior of the fly bridge. There are

exterior deck that interacts brilliantly with the

also vast guest cabins and elegant yet incredibly

spaces. This allows the latter to be modified at

functional cooking, living and gym areas that

will, creating spacious lounges, relaxation and

very cleverly reflect Sanlorenzo’s trademark

dining terraces, etc. The really astonishing

impeccable styling.

thing is that it has been incorporated into the

The Flying TENDER


A helicopter with a retro look but a modern spirit, the Enstrom Helicopter Corporation’s F480B has low operating costs and is perfect for short and medium range transfers


ife wasn’t easy for the Enstrom Helicopters Corporation at first, but now the company is

backed by Chinese capital, and since the mid-1970s it has produced a series of light helicopters, initially with piston engines, then turbine-powered. Thanks to a series of accidents that put a brake on sales, the helicopters were initially - excuse the pun - rather slow to take off. Enstrom, though, remained determined and eventually solved the problems, and over the past five years the development of the F480B model means the company now has a competitive product. The decidedly retro lines have been retained, but all the rest is bang up to date, from the Rolls-Royce C250-C20W engine to Garmin H. digital avionics. Simple mechanics, five seats, 240° visibility on the vertical plane and high


by Sergio A. Barlocchetti ph. by Enstrom Helicopters



With interiors that are well-groomed without being over-the-top, the F480B is designed to be more practical than luxurious. It flies at a cruising speed of 125 knots and has a range of 370 miles and requires 10x10 metres of free space to land aboard a yacht

skids with a high energy absorption coefficient add to the array of features offered by a chopper that will suit clients looking for a workhorse for short-medium range transfers with limited operating costs. With a maximum weight of 1,360 kg including 535 kg useful load and a constant power output of 277 hp the 480B can cover around 370 miles while maintaining a cruising speed of 125 knots. It requires 10 x 10 metres of free space to land on board a yacht, enough to accommodate the fuselage length (although the tail can extend out over the rail) and the main rotor diameter. The interiors are well-groomed with leather trim and functional upholstery, but its function as a trainer and fast transfer craft, a sort of flying tender, takes precedence in the design. This has enabled Enstrom to keep the 480B’s operating costs below $350 per hour, not much at all for a five-seater. New and equipped for use on yachts, it costs around $860,000.



The Address


the sparkling Dubai Marina and situated in one of Dubai’s most popular lifestyle districts, The Address Dubai Marina offers 200 guest rooms, 442 residences, 5 restaurants and lounges, an impeccably relaxing spa with a modern and expansive fitness facility open 24-hours along with a stunning Infinity pool.





Born of a collaboration between the legendary English car marque and Quintessence Yachts, the AM37 is the perfect symbiosis of luxury and technology and it’s sure to set tongues wagging by Bianca Ascenti


ames Bond has thrilled us many a time with his speedboat antics. Now he has the perfect excuse to do it again as his

favourite car marque, Aston Martin, has produced a boat of its own. The iconic British company renowned for its elegant sports cars is making its nautical debut flanked by Quintessence Yachts and naval architects Mulder Design. The AM37 they have crafted is an 11-metre that is very much a nautical reworking of Aston Martin’s classic styling cues. Mooted as a luxury tender-cum-day cruiser, it also brims with all the latest materials and has been honed by leading-edge hydrodynamics research. Both design and finish are fittingly


A superboat that raises the onboard experience to a whole new level of sophistication, the AM37 shakes up the nautical status quo. A seamless transfer of sublime Aston Martin design prowess means the tender/ day cruiser powers all the way up to 52 knots with the ease of a sports car

impeccable, given the badge, with carbon, teak and luxe

AM37 doesn’t stint on power or speed either: when coupled

leathers all put to elegant use. The windshield is particularly

with twin 370 hp Mercury diesels, its deep-vee hull allows it to

striking while the console and seating are a clear homage to

fly along at 44 knots. The Sport version, which packs twin 520

Aston Martin’s legendary sports cars. Not surprisingly, both

hp petrol Mercurys, ups that speed to 52 knots. Aston Martin’s

infotainment and instrumentation are top of the range – the

Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman is justifiably proud:

fridge, air con and Nespresso can all be controlled remotely,

“Beautiful forms have to be able to communicate emotions

in fact. We also love the sliding carbon cockpit cover which is

and that comes from the design language, proportions and

locked with a key once you’ve jumped ashore. Another nod to

the choice of materials. The AM37 is the perfect symbiosis of

Aston Martin’s motoring roots. The teak deck also lifts to allow

luxury and technical materials.”

the engine room to be inspected, and to deploy the bimini. It

even lowers to water-skimming level as a swim platform. The


[ TOYS ]

WALKING ON WATER Handlebars, two foot pedals and a board - the new water toy by Hobie Cat. It’s called Mirage Eclipse and is part of the Standup line by Diane M. Byrne


tand-up paddleboards are incredibly popular watertoys. You can find them in the tender garages of a number of superyachts, especially charter yachts. It’s no surprise, since stand-up paddleboards are relatively

easy to learn how to use. Plus, since you remain upright and glide along at a leisurely pace, you get to enjoy really seeing your surroundings. There’s the added benefit of getting some exercise in as well, and in a fun way. Hobie Cat, the watertoy manufacturer that makes paddleboards, kayaks, and more, is increasing the fun factor with a creative twist on paddleboards. It’s the Hobie Mirage Eclipse pedal board, part of the company’s new Mirage Standup category of toys. “Pedal board” is a fitting description, considering the two foot pedals that are attached. Instead of having your feet flat on the board’s surface and using a hand paddle to push yourself across the water, you use your own stepping power. The foot pedals connect to Hobie’s MirageDrive, an underwater fin system. You can step up and down as quickly or as slowly as you wish. You can also pedal straight up onto the beach, because the fins fold flat against the board. Helping you steer, the Mirage Eclipse has an aluminium handlebar. It adjusts from about 0.91 meter to 1.1 meters in height, making the pedal board suitable for children and adults. (The handlebar is also removable, for more compact stowage.) When you want to head to the right, use your fingertips to squeeze the grip on the right handle. Want to go left? Squeeze the left grip. The Mirage Eclipse is available in two models, the 10.5 and 12. The 10.5 is the smaller of the two, measuring about 3.2 meters long and 85 cm wide. The Mirage Eclipse 12 measures nearly 3.7 meters long and nearly 89 cm wide. Both are available in yellow and blue. Both also come with bungee cords so you can take gear with you, plus have optional accessories, like a cup holder. Check the Hobie Cat website for a distributor near you.


Under the water are two fins powered by the pedals through Hobie’s MirageDrive system. And when you’re tired of using your legs, remove the fins and the board is transformed into a traditional SUP


[ The WATCH ]


Made in a limited edition of 100 numbered examples, the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds has a distinctive solid rhodium silver dial surrounded by a platinum case

by Paolo De Vecchi

ilver was once widely used as a material for making special, highly-decorated pocket watches, but it fell into disfavour with the general adoption of the wrist watch. This wasn’t the fault of the alloy itself, which was regarded as both precious and beautiful - the reason was that when watches were no longer carried in the pocket or a bag but worn on the wrist, a change which came about in around 1900, silver began to show all its susceptibility to dents and scratches. The appeal of its shine and colour, an attractive alternative to the warm tones of yellow or rose gold, could also be provided by platinum and white gold, before steel made an appearance in wristwatch cases. This occurred around the 1950s. But this lovely, prestigious metal still plays a role in the classic tool chest of high watchmaking, and it has now been chosen by the German manufacturer Lange & SÜhne, which uses solid rhodium silver for the dial of its Richard Lange Jumping Seconds model, an unusual, surprising watch in its technical content and original design. It’s produced in a limited run of 100 for the entire world market. The platinum case frames the solid silver dial, a highly distinctive element that recalls classic 19th century watches manufactured for scientific observation, a context where times had to be measured with great precision and marking the seconds was emphasised


The most recent and interesting new model from German manufacturer A. Lange & Sรถhne, now part of the Richemont Group, is the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds. It is manually wound and features hour, minute and seconds functions displayed on the regulator watch face


[ The WATCH ] The manually-wound mechanical movement, visible through the sapphire crystal case back, has a 42-hour power reserve and is produced, assembled and decorated using artisanal methods

more than hours and minutes. This is clearly displayed by the Richard Lange model, where the second intervals are marked by indices on a sub-dial occupying the largest and most visible section of the dial, while the hours (with Roman numerals) and minutes (with Arabic numerals) are shown on two smaller overlapping sub-dials, set to the sides (the different number types prevent any confusion). It must be said that second hand ticks rather than sweeps around the intervals on its dial, facilitating a more accurate reading, and a red triangle appears on the dial to warn that the power reserve is running down.





by Beatrice Galbiati

t brings luck, stores positive energy, protects, evokes patience and constancy - silver is truly a marvellous metal. Although that’s not really what interest us - what we really like is the fact that it’s simple, undemanding and can be worn anywhere, any time. But even though it’s straightforward and easy to wear, the important thing is that the piece is large, shiny, showy, glitzy and makes sure you get noticed. Why not? Silver can be all this and more.



1. Full, rounded shapes for this bracelet from the Gomitolo collection by Damiani. 2. The iconic Chantecler bell becomes a charm on the chain bracelet. 3. This satin-finish bracelet by Mumati Gioielli is part of the Skin collection. 4. Step back in time with old lire and other coins by Giovanni Raspini. 5. A burnished silver bracelet from the Pomellato 67 collection by Pomellato. 6. Hearts, love and bright silver for Return to TiffanyÂŽ Love by Tiffany & Co. Opposite page: from the Blossoms collection, a rigid silver bracelet with flowers by Buccellati.



REAL CLUB NÁUTICO DE PALMA A brilliant strategic location in the Mediterranean, perfect year-round weather and the Spanish royal family’s passion for sailing make this a truly unique yacht club

by Bianca Ascenti


onsidered the doyenne of the

of all, it has become an organiser of

Balearic Island yacht clubs, the Real

leading international regattas of the

Club Náutico de Palma was officially

likes of the Copa del Rey, the Trofeo

founded in 1948 but was actually the

SAR Princesa Sofía, the Palmavela and

product of the merging of two existing

the Ciutat de Palma, the oldest sporting

associations, the Club de Regatas

event in the Balearics. Even the Spanish

(which dated back to 1891 and was

royal family, particularly King Felipe VI,

thus Mallorca’s oldest such institution)

compete regularly, particularly in the

and the Club España (1919). The latter

Copa del Rey. Consequently, etiquette

mostly co-organised regattas for typical

is not particularly strict, especially

Mediterranean Lateen sailing craft.

when the Club is in regatta mode. The

Today, however, the Real Club Náutico

clubhouse has large areas for meetings,

has evolved into one of the smartest


and most active clubs on the scene. Its

screenings etc., which are also suited

home island of Mallorca is absolutely

for non-nautical use, even though there

blessed weather-wise and is thus used

is a strong focus on promoting nautical

as a base by many crews. The Club itself

culture. The Real Club Náutico de Palma

is in the heart of Palma’s buzzing old

is particularly keen on encouraging

town and a mere 10 minutes from the

young sailors, something it does through

international airport. Most importantly

the famous Ciutat de Palma (first run in





One of the foremost protagonists of the Mediterranean racing scene, the Real Club Nåutico de Palma also focuses on encouraging young sailors: each year, it’s invaded by 350 Optimists for the Ciutat de Palma



REAL CLUB NÁUTICO DE PALMA Plaza de San Pedro, n° 1 - 07012 Palma de Mallorca - Balearic Islands - Spain Founded: 1948 Main regattas: Copa del Rey, Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofía, Palmavela, Ciutat de Palma Members’ berths: 589 out of a total of 946 Club colours: red, yellow and blue Members: 2,000 approx.

The clubhouse has a café,

1950), which sees more than 350 Optimists line out

room. There is also a large hall for official receptions

each year. The clubhouse also has two swimming

which is equally used for corporate/sponsor

pools (one indoor), a shed for the sailing and rowing

exhibition stands during regattas. The Cafeteria

schools, changing rooms, a gym and a library. The

does delicious breakfasts and quick lunches but is

first floor is home to several multipurpose rooms

members-only. The El Náutico restaurant, however,

(Tramuntana, Ponent, Migjorn, Mediterraneo,

is open to the public and is one of the island’s finest,

Embat), as well as the President’s office and press

serving delicious local Mallorcan fare.


restaurant and various other areas for members to socialise in. Sportier members have two pools, a gym and sailing and rowing schools to keep them busy

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VIRGIN GORDA Berths of up to 300 feet, prestige regattas and a newly-renovated clubhouse:

a stylish start to the season for the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda’s winter outpost by Cristina Griner




olombo christened it “the fat virgin” because of

and their guests who also have access to the sports

its unusual shape. At 16 kilometres long and just

facilities at the nearby ultra-exclusive Creek Resort.

three wide, Virgin Gorda is undoubtedly the best of

The island has long attracted the rich and famous

the Virgin Islands for sailing.

who’ve built magnificent homes and resorts there,

It comes as no surprise at all that the Yacht Club Costa

notably Laurence Rockefeller’s Little Dix Bay and,

Smeralda settled on the sheltered waters of the North

of course, Necker Island which famously belongs to

Sound on the north-east coast to build its winter base.

Virgin boss, Richard Branson.

The result is a little corner of paradise that spans a

The stunning Spring, Trunk, Little Dix, Savannah

clubhouse and marina, both accessible only by sea and

and Mahoe Bay beaches are strung out along the

so offering unparalleled security and privacy.

west coast and are perfect for chilling out. Sportier

Thirty-eight yachts of up to 91 metres are catered to

holidaymakers can tackle the trails that lead to Virgin

with mooring and a full range of services, helipad

Gorda Peak where they’ll also get the best views of the

included. Ashore an elegant clubhouse, gourmet

entire archipelago. However, Virgin Gorda’s favourite

restaurant and infinity pool complete the picture.

destination is the lunar landscape of scattered volcanic

January 2017 will see the addition of new crew bar,

boulders that make up The Baths, creating natural

deli and spa areas as well as two suites for owners

tidal pools and grottoes on the island’s southerly tip.



Best enjoyed over a stiff Margherita at sunset from the terrace of the Top of the Baths restaurant. But for a truly special dinner, indulge in the sophisticated JapaneseCaribbean fusion cuisine at CocoMaya on the beach north of Trunk Bay. Wonderful by candlelight.


2017 marks the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda’s 50th anniversary with a busy calendar of activities planned that will draw the world’s most prestigious yachts to Virgin Gorda for the likes of the Rolex Swan Cup Caribbean, the Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous and the YCCS 50th Anniversary Regatta



M Y R T L E - SC E N T E D

Southern Sardinia is home to an exclusive new resort designed by none other than starchitect Massimiliano Fuksas. Comprising 26 villas that blend effortlessly into the surrounding countryside, it offers a stunning array of amenities including an upgraded golf course by Luciano Stanga


he first 15 villas are ready to go with a further 11 finished in the latest months. All

bear the stamp of one of the most authoritative names in international architecture, Massimiliano Fuksas. They also enjoy one of the most enviable backdrops in the world: the island of Sardinia. The Is Molas Golf Resort nestles on the south-west coast, a handy 30 kilometres from Cagliari and its international airport. Set close to the soft sandy beaches and crystalline bays of Santa Margherita di Pula, it is also the perfect destination for golfers because the microclimate means they can play all year round. A further 18 Gary Player-designed holes are planned


Described as “inhabited sculptures�, the four different villa types created by Studio Fuksas will be built on a hilly plot overlooking both golf course and sea near Santa Margherita di Pula



to augment the existing 27, as are a 5-star hotel, a private beach club,

use of natural and locally-sourced materials. The colour scheme is also

restaurants and boutiques, a spa, sports area spanning tennis courts,

designed to blend with native flora such as myrtle, mastic, heather,

basketball courts and beach volleyball, and, last but not least, a kids’

strawberry tree and cork oak. All the villas are air-conditioned with

club. A private Bike Park has trails spread over 120 hectares of unspoilt

heated floor panels and wall-mounted dehumidifiers to guarantee

and very private countryside that takes in everything from mountains to

superb comfort both summer and winter. The exteriors are finished in

sea. There will be four different Massimiliano Fuksas-penned villas or

“cocciopesto”(or “opus signinum”), a mix of crushed bricks, mortar and

“inhabited sculptures” as they are officially described. Developed with

lime, with natural and enamelled terracotta or Mortex floor tiles and

the forces of nature - most notably wind erosion - in mind, the homes

pastel Tadelakt interior walls. The interior design is by Doriana Fuksas,

tune beautifully with the surrounding Sardinian landscape. The result

who also penned the furnishings which were custom-made by Moroso.

is a clear nod to the island’s ancient Nuragic heritage with extensive


The furnishings in the villas are all by Doriana Fuksas (in photo above with her starchitect husband) and were made by Moroso for the project. Studio Fuksas also used Venini products for their lighting purposes. The colour palette is designed to mirror the surrounding landscape



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