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The Art of Sailing

RUBY ISSUE - n° 1 - 2015 - € 10 quarterly - Poste Italiane s.p.a. - Spedizione in abbonamento Postale - D.l. 353/2003 (conv. in l. 27/02/2004 n° 46) art. 1, comma 1 – lO/MI









editorial THE ONE Yacht & Design unites our two passions in life: sailing and publishing! It’s a new international project in which exclusivity and elegance go hand in hand with professional competence. The magazine doesn’t describe megayachts so much as unveil them. This is done by telling their story, starting with the original idea, through the design and then the production, giving ample space to everyone who has contributed to the creation of these nautical jewels. Each issue will feature a precious gem that will provide that edition’s leitmotif: welcome to the world of “Ruby” … …


But THE ONE Yacht & Design isn’t just about the sea: each issue will also take a careful look at the world of private jets and in particular at the design that characterises it, as well as at lifestyle, jewelry, real estate and car design... The information will be presented in a way that is both detailed and enjoyable, and which can appeal to both a male and a female readership. THE ONE Yacht & Design is also browsable in digital format at, even if having a physical copy that you can touch with your own hands is a completely different experience..

Wel c o m e aboard! Matteo Galbiati

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RUBY ISSUE n째 1 - 2015

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Agaist the Wind


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“Wild Stripes” jacquard

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Challenging bureaucracy by Andrea Pezzini

This column gives voice to sometimes uncomfortable criticisms of the nautical sector, its rules, habits, customs and quirks. I do not want to be both judge and jury, by any means. I simply want to use my 30 years of experience in this marvellous but maddeningly contradictory world to give voice to situations that risk bringing harm to it. One example is the application of the new MLC (Maritime Labour Convention, 2006). This has been in force for over two years now and, amongst other things, its Regulation 2.3 covers hours of work and hours of rest. For a medium-sized yacht (24-50 metres, 500 TSL), it prohibits crew from working more than 14 hours in any 24 or 72 in any 7 consecutive days. There must be at least 10 hours of rest in each 24 hours and 77 hours in every 7

consecutive days. There must be at least two rest periods in each 24 hours, each of no less than 6 hours. All well and good ashore, but if you apply that to a commercial yacht built for a maximum of 7 crew (a regular 36-metre motor craft), it looks very different. If it embarks guests for a 10-day cruise at sea with no port calls, it will be practically impossible for that craft to apply the Convention. In fact, to do so, the captain would have to return to port, tie up the yacht and suspend services to guests altogether. Just think of all the charter and private yachts of between 25 and 40 metres with just 4 or 5 berths in their crew quarters that often have clients or owners aboard for cruises of 25 days at a time. How could they possibly comply with these rules?

Has anyone come up with an alternative that will not damage the market?

So now I ask myself (and those in the business): why isn’t something being done immediately to correct this anomaly?

There are tools there to intervene. Anyone familiar with the subject is aware of that and so I have to wonder whether the sector professionals and those that spend their lives aboard aren’t simply too scared to tackle the bureaucratic goliath. 16

Handmade Since 1930


[ five QUESTIONS TO... ]

Vincenzo Poerio (Ceo Benetti Shipyard) by Désirée Sormani

This is a particularly critical time here in Italy. What does the government need to do to support the nautical sector?

This sector has the potential to be one of the cornerstones of our industrial and commercial recovery. However, in recent years, instead of incentivising it, the government has made sure it went under, particularly by imposing extra taxes. It simply hasn’t taken into account the fact that every luxury product supports many different families and opens up Made in Italy to the world. The government has to adopt a policy that takes the sector as a whole into account: it is huge resource for Italians as we have over 8,000 km of coastline. Today, the marine economy sector delivers revenues of 42 billion euro, or just 3% of GDP with only around 8% accounted for by the nautical segment. However, that could be boosted greatly with the right policies and there are already positive signals in that direction. Do you feel we need to create more synergies between Italian megayacht builders? Can’t UCINA do a lot in that regard? Yes, it could. Without a doubt. Our sector is one of the few that really is a total supply chain – from building the product to offering services. It’s a great opportunity to join together and defend the interests of the sector as a whole. Will Expo 2015 be important in drawing attention to Italian excellence in the nautical sector as well as others? The Expo should have been an excellent showcase for us


but unfortunately we weren’t able to grab this particular opportunity. What value has Italian design globally? In Roman Empire, Italian arts became the fulcrum of a cultural movement that spread quickly throughout the Mediterranean. Italy remains the most artistically and culturally evolved country in Europe. We became the centre of art and culture during the Italian Renaissance with the first in-depth studies of perspective, the proportions of the body and the revolutionary use of light…Italian Design, in other words. Something that is, even centuries later, appreciated and recognised all over the world. Made in Italy is a brand with resources and excellence that we ourselves sometimes don’t appreciate. We need to learn to keep developing it. We have a duty to reinvigorate and improve this unique heritage: it is a solid foundation on which we can build the economic development of our nation. Benetti is a well-established brand at international level with 15 boats in delivery. What are the strategies for success you’ve used? Benetti has been a world-renowned brand for over 140 years. Our strategies are based on: quality, affirmation of a Benetti style, production efficiency, offering our clients the best possible service and a passion for our work.


Travel Where Your Dreams Take You... Range • Performance • Seaworthiness

MAGNUM MARINE CORP., Performance Yachts From 44’ to 100’ • +1-305-931-4292 20


[ work in progress ]

what’s new


by Désirée Sormani and Chris Thompson



trong, agile and elegant, displaying exceptional

than just an afterthought - the low-slung, stepped

technique and creative allure - everything we’d

stern features a swimming pool and whirlpool on the

expect from a prima donna at one of the world’s

level below. The aquatic theme continues beneath the

great ballet companies, now embodied in a 110-metre

pool, the site of a spa whose sides open out to give

superyacht. Although this is a large yacht, the “stacked”

direct access to the sea. The owner’s accommodation

effect of her decks has cleverly been softened by using

comprises an extensive suite and private deck with

long, darkened windows along the sides, rendering the

direct access to the forward deck helipad. With

yacht’s outlines much longer and sleeker than would

18 guests in six VIP cabins and two guest cabins,

otherwise be expected. The Primadonna concept is

pampered by 40 crew and staff, this ocean-going resort

based on the Oceanco platform, with exterior design

will cause a sensation wherever it appears. Powered by

by the Hot Lab yacht & design studio in Milan and

four 4,290hp MTU 20V 4000M 73 engines, top speed

interiors by TBD. The aft area on this yacht is more

is 18.5 knots.

A selection of new projects and concepts from the leading international shipyards and design studios that will grace the waves in the near future


Royal Huisman_58m DUBOIS SLOOP

[ WIP ]



he brief was clear - “Build me a edgy, innovative weapon: fast and furious”. And

Royal Huisman’s 58m Dubois Sloop is a triumphant response to this experienced yachtsman’s demands, creating a finely-honed graphite coloured blade combining breathtaking lines with seaworthiness and power. The straight bow, sleek stern and moulded glass superstructure offer the looks and power of an ocean predator, the stripped-down beauty of a barracuda darting towards its prey. Accommodation centres around an owner’s apartment with gym, sauna and study/library, plus two guest cabins. Rick Baker Ltd. will add some of its hallmark pieces and exotic materials, while lighting is to be designed by the Light Corporation. There’s plenty of room up top, with a spacious main deck saloon that blends into an open air seating area. The deck is an opulent expanse of teak planking, with a forward swim spa and a tender garage, and a sun bed aft. The dramatic stern steps lead down to a beach deck and platform. The delivery is scheduled for spring 2017.



[ WIP ]


amed after the highway that has inspired countless road trips through the heart of the USA, this elegant steel and

aluminium displacement craft from ISA Yachts is scheduled for delivery in 2017. The naval platform developed in-house by the yard’s technical department creates the basis for a design by Andrea Vallicelli that is intended to appeal to owners and guests who enjoy an open-air experience of the sea while still expecting the comfort a yacht with this pedigree should offer. The ISA 66M Route 66 allows interiors (above, the beach club designed by Laura Pomponi - Luxury Project) and exteriors to interact, rejecting the recent trend for interiors to dominate at the expense of outdoor space. This 1180 GT yacht has a low profile that belies the amount of space available. It can accommodate 12 guests on its four decks, with nine cabins for captain and crew, and features a huge spa with sauna. This space can also be equipped as a gym. Its twin CAT 3512 C engines produce a top speed of 18.5 knots, and the expected draught is 2.90 metres at full load.



Vallicelli_62 ketch

[ WIP ]


his 62-metre concept marks Andrea Vallicelli’s return

helm station, sunning and conversation areas, there is a large

to sailing megayachts after focusing on the motor world

stern cockpit for guests with table for al fresco dining and a

for the last 12 years.


The ketch-rigged vessel marries a

relaxing seating area. The large saloon includes a bar which

superstructure with flying bridge and two decks (borrowed

connects with the al fresco dining area as well as an indoor

from the motoryacht world) with a modern, yet classic sailing

dining area further forward. There are four guest cabins on the

hull complete with plumb bow. It also has the displacement of a

lower deck (two twins and two doubles) and a large full-beam

nimble sporty high performance craft. There is plenty of living

suite (with separate or incorporated office). The crew quarters

space aboard on deck. In addition to the flying bridge with twin

take up the entire bow section.



Wherever you go, whatever you do, the people you are with make the difference: it is the people you love that make your life truly special. A CRN yacht is just like you: one of a kind, unmistakable. CRN blends together exclusive craftsmanship, engineering solutions and Italian design to offer you a yachting experience flawlessly built around you.

mt. 50

52 54 55 57

60 61 62

65 66

72 73 74 75




CRN S.p.A. | Ancona, Italy | t. +39 071 5011111

Yacht your way


ADMIRAL x force 145

[ WIP ]


he Italian Sea Group chose the latest Monaco Boat Show

What makes this yacht truly unique is the beach club and spa

to present a three-metre model of its new megayacht, the

to stern, with a cornucopia of amenities that will please even

Admiral X Force 145. Designed by the Dobroserdov Design

the most demanding guests.

studio and the architect Gian Marco Campanino, it is based

The interiors complement the exterior lines, with a similar

on the naval platform for the ro-ro/passenger ship Messina.

focus on comfort and luxury - lofty VIP suites with private

The emphasis here is on innovative, elegant lines with an

balconies, interior gardens and full-height glass sides. The

attractive low-slung outline. The broad sweep of the windows,

whole design concept creates an intensely modern yet warm

a distinctive feature of Admiral designs, means the interiors

and welcoming environment, all finished to exceptional

are full of natural light and guests are offered wonderful views

standards of quality.

of the sea, especially from the observation lounge in the bows.




[ WIP ]



he name says it all - the 77m X R-EVOLUTION is a totally new

smaller rectangular modules whose range of uses is limited only by the

kind of yacht. Not so much a yacht, in fact, as a huge floating villa.

owner’s imagination - garden, swimming pool, helipad or even guests

The Pastrovich studio has combined luxury and inspired functionality

apartments, for example. Despite its size, the X R-EVOLUTION has

to create a craft that’s definitely in a class of her own. First of all,

a shallow draught, so it can anchor near the shore, deploy its modular

there’s the huge amount of space it offers - the multihull design creates

inflatable docks, create a pathway from yacht to beach with its inflatable

maximum area - so much so, in fact, that the designers have decided

jetty and heat the water in the entire bay to a comfortable temperature.

to lay out the interiors from port to starboard, rather than using the

Amazingly, only the last of these is not true! The stabilising platform

conventional fore/aft configuration. Almost unbelievably, these huge

with hydraulic cylinders and built-in gyroscopes mean that even the

slabs of space are enhanced by the addition of two daughter craft,

most convinced landlubber will feel at ease.

M CLASS 30M . 35M . 40M To make an entrance. Arrive in style




[ WIP ]


anlorenzo has entrusted Officina Italiana Design with

at 41 square metres – nine of which alone are devoted to sunning.

redesigning the lines of two of its highly successful fibreglass

The owner’s cabin is aft and full-beam. The VIP, on the other hand,

planing models: the SL72 and SL82 (pictured here). Sanlorenzo’s

is forward and has an athwartships layout to guarantee genuine

intention is not merely to overhaul the range but also to embark on a

suite-style access. The SL76 and SL86 have the same technical

whole new course that will shape its future. Space and volumes have

characteristics as the flagship SL118 with hydrodynamically efficient

been optimised with larger windows and hull portholes plus lower

hulls for exceptional performance at cruising speed, significantly

bulwarks to allow more light in and to treat guests to sea views

limiting fuel consumption for a greener impact.

when seated. The flying bridge is one of the largest in the category


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YD 1. available in a range of select woods, the Cambusa by Riva, designed by Giuliano Cappelletti, creates a perfect wine cellar. 2. The strikingly original Nodo (Knot) by Ingo Mauer is a polyamide, steel and aluminium table/floor lamp created using a 3D print process



exclusive YACHT DECOR

by Désirée Sormani

The latest furnishing trends. Iconic design pieces, reinterpretations and new ideas to provide an original touch on board and transform a floating villa into a series of unique interiors

3. Mediterranée is a gueridon table with ebony top and natural colour rush pedestal, designed by Olivier Gagnère for Promemoria 4. Nut is a lounge chair in moulded 3.


oak ply, designed by Marcell Wanders for Mooi




5. Coffre Prestige by cabinetmaker Philippe Hurel is an elegant walnut and ebony flatware chest. 6. The


Bisazza collection interpreting famous prints by Emilio Pucci - perfect for refined interiors 7. Timeless simplicity for the Cruise coffee table by Officinadesign for Lema

8. The Perkins by Visionnaire bed is upholstered in leather


or fabric, with poplar ply headboard featuring quilted elements that are individually upholstered. On display at the new flagship store in Dubai





1. The Kir bar unit designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Baxter is made of precious materials - parchment, oxidised brass, lacquer and Indian rosewood. 2. Arpa, part of the Varr outdoor furniture collection by Fulvia Tissi, is the ideal solution for the open air areas of a yacht. 3. Sinuous lines with soft curves evoking the shape of a water droplet for the Gocce collection by Greggio. 4. A seductive invitation to relax by the Art첫 Prussian blue velvet sofa by Fendi, with brass finish base





5. Mousmosak is a hand-tufted carpet from the Les Contemporains collection by Roche Bobois, for select, design-oriented interiors. 6. The elegant, essential Venere Lounge chair recalls the soft shapes of a female figure. By Bartoli design for Bonaldo. 7. Designed by Sam Hecht for Oluce, Semplice is an intriguing table lamp with an original play of transparency created by the glass bell surrounding it





2. 3.



1. Brass given a contemporary twist by Meridiani for this Gong table with light lacquered base 2. Gentle yet strong lines for Little Victoria & Albert, the chair that completes the iconic collection by Ron Arad for Moroso 3. The latest trend is the brand new black finish in the Deep Nocturne colour DuPont™ CorianŽ that Fir offers for its Synergy taps. 4. Cantori returns to soft, retro lines for its metal chair Aurora, suitable for all interiors


“It’s my aim to create the classics of tomorrow”


I N T E R I O R SnowbirD | Hakvoort

64m Beach | Benetti

Lady Dee | Acico Yachts

50m Beach<500grt | Benetti

44 ft | Zeelander Yachts

64m Beach | Benetti

Manifiq | Mondomarine


50m Beach<500grt | Benetti

Cor D. Rover BV | Holland | T: +31 184 609 333 | F: +31 184 609 444 | E: | www.cor-d-rover.com43

[ cover story ]

A 61-metre full-custom with timeless, harmonious lines is the product of the first collaboration between CRN and Francesco Paszkowski Design. The perfect synthesis of Italian creativity and design

by Gaia Grassi pictures courtesy of CRN Shipyard



he stunning Saramour really is going to set tongues wagging.

A combination of colours and materials that works as the real

For a whole slew of different reasons. Aside from her minimalist

leitmotif of the entire project.

yet exceedingly original design, she also represents something

The spaces are spread over five decks plus a sub lower deck

of a milestone in CRN’s history as she is the first collaboration

with the circular lobby, its glass lift around and the light, airy

between the yard and Francesco Paszkowski Design. The studio,

suspended spiral staircase with marble steps that curves around

in fact, not only penned her exterior lines but also worked on the

the latter, the fulcrum.

interiors with the in-house Interiors and Design Office.

Saramour’s real calling card, however, is her main saloon which

The full-custom 61-metre is clothed in delightfully harmonious

features Canaletto walnut panelling and flooring, lifted by

lines and exudes a sense of timeless beauty. The style is modern-

Tala Beige marble-clad niches and splashes of colour from the

classic underscored by clean and elegant lines, signatures of

furnishings (dark red for certain pieces and a vibrant yellow for

Francesco Paszkowski’s studio.

the sofa just inside the door). The space itself is open-plan with

The interiors are minimalist with flowing, wraparound lines and

only a low dark red unit dividing the dining area and its custom

fluid spaces creating a feeling of lightness throughout. Various

12-seater Murano glass and metal table, and the lounge with its

stylistic elements which crop up again and again underline

sofas, armchairs and antique Persian rugs.

the coherency of the design as a whole. The furnishings are deliberately minimalist to provide the perfect backdrop to the owner’s astonishing art collection. In fact, Saramour is something of a floating gallery, and this also influenced her colour scheme. The interior volumes are predominantly monochrome with warm Canaletto walnut to the forefront. It is mingled, however, with dark red-painted wood and natural Thala Beige marble.


Opening page, the dining room with its Reflex table which has a Murano glass top. The chairs are by Cassina. Above, Saramour clothed in modernclassic lines. Right, the sun deck with its spa pool sheltered by the antennae mast


Forward on the main deck, we find an exclusive guest apartment consisting of a suite and lounge awash with warm fabrics and more vibrant splashes of colour. The upper deck is devoted entirely to the owner, a completely unprecedented occurrence for CRN on a vessels of this size, and also features an al fresco dining area and a large saloon with a muted colour scheme but a dark red bulkhead with TV providing the focal point. The open-plan ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suite has its own office and walk-in closet, but also opens onto a private deck with square pool in blue and white mosaic. The master bathroom features a striking white oval tub and a large gold leaf and red flower-motif mosaic shower. The other guest staterooms (a suite and two VIPs) are situated on the lower deck. The exceptionally stylish and original suite has a beamy cabin with only a transparent glass wall with venetian blinds separating the sleeping area and bathroom. Direct contact with the sea and indoor-outdoor flow were other focuses. The beach club on the lower deck, for instance, features a transom hatch that opens out to form a water-skimming beach platform. The fitness-oriented fly deck has a spacious sunning space with comfortable chaises longues and a lounge area that converts to a helipad. There is also an indoor gym fitted out by Technogym with massage tables than can be brought outside. Up from the fly deck is the sun deck with a large circular hydromassage pool and another sunning area forward.

The open-plan master suite opens onto a private deck with a square pool decorated with Sicis blue and white mosaic work, seating and a B&B Canasta table




The master bathroomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s central open shower with Sicis gold-leaf mosaic. Above, a view of the main saloon with B&B Ray sofas. Facing page: top, the panoramic saloon on the upper deck with glossy Maxalto table and B&B Maxalto chairs plus B&B modular sofas; bottom, the owner suite



The fly deck is a stunning place to take the sun because of its wonderful B&B Charles outdoor loungers and sofas, and B&B Canasta tables which have a white frame and black and white motif


A breath-taking birdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s-eye view that highlights the clean lines and brilliant formal balance of Saramourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s various elements. The majestic flying bridge is a hymn to conviviality and relaxation


The yacht designer Francesco Paszkowski


esigning large yachts was not new for us, but it was our first experience of working with CRN and we tried to learn as much

as possible about the yard’s tradition as we usually do. I’ve always been fascinated by CRN, by its attention to research and by its quest for continous improvement. When we were asked to work on this project, we were very happy to accept. Designing Saramour was a very interesting process. While studying the yard’s tradition, we cleared our minds of main elements without dismissing new forms of expression out of hand. CRN was just looking for some style changes and for innovative features while preserving their family feeling. Radical changes are easier than small modifications when designing. It was challenging. Saramour’s owner had precise ideas on how his yacht should look and CRN did its utmost to combine our and the owner’s requests with technical aspects. It really was perfect teamwork - with the owner and the CRN. The owner wanted a yacht for sole family use, a cosy and welcoming environment where he could feel at home, large cabins and social areas for long, relaxing holidays and family time, the utmost privacy. Unlike any other CRN yacht, Saramour features six decks. While designing we focused on volume to ensure an outstanding exterior which preserved CRN family feeling yet was combined with a contemporary touch. We also concentrated on large interior spaces and on design solutions for making the best use ever of natural light. Saramour benefits from abundant natural light coming from the large windows and the skylight, one of my favourite elements onboard. Light is not just a trasparent presence onboard but a fundamental aspect of a project. Rather than having lots of small spaces, we designed fewer larger spaces on every deck to meet the family’s needs. Size and clean interiors were favoured to allow the yard’s interior decorator to incorporate the owner’s artwork onboard. Saramour offers large social spaces and plenty of areas for al fresco relaxation. Guests enjoy close contact with the sea on every deck: while the lower deck accomodates a wide beachclub, which recalls the CRN tradition, the sun deck – accessed by a carbon-fibre stairs from the fly deck - features a Jacuzzi beneath the radar arch on a platform

Studio Ciapetti

overlooking the bow.


The Interior Designer

Costanza Pazzi - CRN Interiors and Design department



rt, minimalism and contemporary

providing views of the water and the

styling are the cornerstones of the

mosaic which, when backlit, creates a

design philosophy behind Saramour.

lovely ambience.

All of her spaces were deliberately kept

Another particularly interesting solution

simple to make way for the valuable art

put forward by Francesco Paszkowski,

works and antique oriental rugs chosen

with whom we worked very closely, was

by the owner.

the semicircular electric glass door to

The big main saloon is at the very heart

the lobby on the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deck. It was

of the project. It was conceived as an

designed to allow guests to go between

open-plan communal space for guests

the stairs and lift and access the wellness,

to enjoy. Saramourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most innovative

fitness and sun deck areas without

signatures include her upper deck which

impinging on the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s privacy.

is devoted entirely to the owner. This

When it came to selecting the various

was designed for maximum privacy,

materials, we were aware the client was

warmth and familiarity so that guests

a fan of minimalism so we focused on

would feel instantly at home.

a few elements that recur throughout

It is also the first time this has been

the yacht, creating a strong sense of

done aboard a CRN yacht of this size

unity. The same applied to the colours:

and is a response to the fact that many

Saramour is a simple yacht in certain

of our clients live very frenetic lives

ways and that is reflected very clearly in

and so use their superyachts as a very

her monochrome colour scheme. Light

private, exclusive refuge. It is dominated

also played a pivotal role in the design

by the master suite which overlooks

process: we tried to make the best

an exclusive mosaic-decorated pool

possible use of all natural light sources.

trimmed in curved teak with sun beds

For example, Saramour has large

along its sides. It can also be covered

windows to draw more sun into the

over to convert it into a large sun pad if

interior spaces and a glass ceiling in the

required. The front of the pool is glass,

fitness area makes it particularly airy.

The furnishings are carefully minimalist to avoid overshadowing the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stunning art collection. This page, some of the Murano glass artworks by Ripolles showcased in niches. Right, the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dressing room with Frau Segreto desk in ostrich


The Shipyard Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman and CEO CRN



lthough there is a definite sense of continuity

world-famous painters, then there is the contemporary

in our consistently extremely high production

haute design, and even some interesting pieces by

values, each CRN yacht opens a new chapter in our

up-and-coming artists. Very precious antique rugs

history. One thing that never changes from project

also bring life and colour to the various spaces. The

to project is CRN’s great ability to listen to clients’

richness and complexity of these beautifully mixed,

requests and then translate them into a bespoke yacht

cleverly showcased elements represent the myriad

using our technicians and craftspeople’s superb skills.

requests made by the owning company.

Saramour, in particular, is both a continuity point and

What always satisfies me most at the end of a project

a break with the past, thanks to our collaboration with

as ambitious as this one is the teamwork: CRN has

Francesco Paszkowski Design, who styled her simple,

been designing and building megayachts tailored

contemporary lines. We really loved Francesco’s

around the requirements of their individual owners

previous work, so we wanted to work with him and

for over 50 years now but every new yacht is a new

we got the opportunity when the owning company

challenge for us. I am delighted with the synergy

asked for the studio specifically as they had previously

between our in-house team and designer Francesco

collaborated. We commissioned him to give us a

Paszkowski. He showed great versatility in grasping

proposal and within a few months that had turned into

and translating the owning company’s desires into

a contract. We ended up delivering exactly what the

reality. Saramour gave us our first opportunity to work

owning company wanted: a minimalist, sophisticated

together and really sparked new ideas such as for the

yacht. Sleekly streamlined lines and glass accents make

72 and 80 metres, two new projects that have the same

Saramour an extremely harmonious yacht with large

inspiring principles as the 61-metre.

interior volumes.

She did so by introducing innovative architectural

The design philosophy for the 61-metre focuses on

solutions which were the result of in-depth research

art collection and passion. The works aboard span a

into striking the optimal balance between external

variety of styles: some are practically priceless and by

lines and interior spaces.

w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m


[ FLY ]


OPEN AIR Homes, yachts and now aircraft too. That’s the new challenge for Visionnaire, a brand that delivers a total look tailored to the needs and tastes of each client, just like a bespoke suit by Désirée Sormani


ooks, landscapes,

The idea is the result of a major market

films, even distant

analysis and the desire to develop a

lands: Visionnaire

sophisticated and exclusive Business Jet

has used them all as sources of inspiration.

Concept for the new markets.

To create new things. Stylish, quality,

The style is instantly recognisable and

luxury things. The Italian brand long ago

brilliantly reflects the Visionnaire philosophy.

extended its activities beyond sophisticated

“The secret lies in the customisation,”

furnishings. Now it also creates backdrops,

continues Eleonore. “Visionnaire’s clients love

surroundings that represent a philosophy, a

collecting once-off pieces, often handmade.

glimpse of particular lifestyles. Pompeo and

Rare and precious materials appeal to them.

Vittorio Cavalli, originally founded the family

All the jets are completely individual and

business, Ipe, at Zola Predosa in 1958 to make

different. They reflect the same criteria we

the then-revolutionary expanded foam filling

apply in our residential projects. We had to

for car seats and sofas. It flourished and

extend our customisation and personalisation

eventually conquered the furnishing sector. The Visionnaire brand was launched in 2005 and with it a new bespoke furnishing and design concept to allow clients tailor their furnishing to their own specific requirements. Total look solutions are now the company’s biggest business not only in the residential and yachting sectors but also in private aviation. “We really do feel like we are tailors for our products because our clients can personalise any piece we present at a trade fair or display in any of our many flagship stores worldwide (Visionnaire now sells in 50 different nations with a network of 18 single brand stores) in any way they want: size, finishing details, embroidery. “There is a huge field of application,” says Eleonore Cavalli, worldwide image and communications manager and art director of Visionnaire. “We do everything from seating to sofas and lights to jewellery and works of art”. The Visionnaire design team is well used to this level of flexibility, applying its talents to homes, yachts and jets with equal ease. “Anyone who works with us has to be a bit visionary, just like my father and my grandfather before him”. Visionnaire’s Aviation venture is known as OPEN AIR. An ambitious project undertaken in 2013 in collaboration with Blu Jet Capital and focusing on the creation and refitting of private jet interiors and more. 62

These pages feature an aircraft with design by Visionnaire. It was part of the Open Air project instigated in 2013 in collaboration with Blu Jet Capital which focused on creating and refitting the cabins of private jets


services to these very different design areas

The brand’s signature styling cues are borrowed from its residences

because the reality of the situation is that our

and yachts, and are to be found in the tiniest details: the seating, doors,

clients will often own a yacht and a jet as well

bathrooms. Even the fuselage is Visionnaire branded

as a home. The brand’s signature styling cues are the same and are there in every last detail: the seats, the doors, the bathrooms and even the jet fuselages are all Visionnaire branded. The project has already elicited huge interest in several different countries, particularly the United Arab Emirates. We’re also thinking of extending our services to customising long haul aircraft in the future. A combination of style, technology and innovation to deliver a collection of completely secure aircraft that are sophisticated, exclusive, fascinating and ultra-comfortable. And absolutely glamorous. These are all high luxury items designed for a high-end clientele that demands original sophisticated materials that also have to meet very strict industry regulations and safety standards. “In reality, we don’t just create styles, we create lifestyles,” concludes Eleonore Cavalli. “The clients who choose us, invite us into their private world and entrust us with creating ambiences with a very strong identity, the Visionnaire identity.” Seductively beautiful surroundings. Perfect for the jet-set lifestyle. 64


t r o f com 66

[ Helicopter ]

ds u o l c the in ore. n yacht and sh e e tw e b rs e g ing passen mfort craft for ferr y ir a t c e rf e rovide total co p p e to th t u is o 1 h B g u 5 lised thro The EC 15 an be persona c it , ve ti a v o n by Fabio Petrone Elegant and in


[ Helicopter ]

The EC 155 B1 can carry up to 13 passengers and one or two pilots, but the Corporate and VIP versions carry seven in an even more comfortable cabin


shuttle for offshore oil and gas

supported by a FADEC (Full Authority Digital

seven passenger configuration the cabin is always

platforms, a police and military vehicle,

Engine Control) system that automatically

totally personalisable in terms of upholstery,

search and rescue aircraft and much more.

manages their parameters and performance,

interior furnishings, materials and accessories.

Manufactured by the multinational Airbus

providing a maximum power output of 785 kW.

The accessories range from a minibar to an

Helicopters company, formerly Eurocopter,

This enables the EC 155 B1 to operate with a

entertainment system with built-in TV, wine cellar

the Dauphin can be specified to fulfil a range

maximum weight of 4.9 tonnes and reach a speed

and communications system with a constant,

of service requirements, but a large part of the

of 150 knots (278 km/h), with a range of 423

efficient connection to the outside world that

success enjoyed by EC 155 B1 version is down

nautical miles (784 km). The EC 155 B1 can

turns this helicopter into a real office in the sky.

to the configurations called “Tourism/Private

carry up to 13 passengers with ease, plus one

As for comfort, the EC 155 B1 has a Spheriflex

Flight” and “Corporate/VIP”. Its twin Turbomeca

or two pilots, but there are fewer seats in the

five-blade main rotor made entirely of composite

Arriel 2C2 turboshaft engines - the helicopter

Corporate and VIP version, enabling passengers

materials and featuring parabolic tips, while the

can also fly on one engine when necessary - are

to travel in great comfort. In the eight or six/

tail rotor is a Fenestron type with asymmetric blade distribution, boosting performance. A carefully-developed soundproofing system means noise levels are very low, a factor passengers will certainly appreciate. There are also two large side doors with steps to facilitate access to the cabin, wide windows to provide a spectacular view, a spacious luggage compartment accessible from both sides to streamline the loading and unloading process. The EC 155 B1 offers cutting edge on-board electronics, which can also be personalised by adopting digital FCDS (Flight Control Display System) screens to simplify the interface between pilot, co-pilot and aircraft.

Aersud Elicotteri: Airbus; Helicopters:


From dreams to great deals

Take advantage of the pre-owned luxury market. Your dreams deserve to come true and we work to make them happen. Markagain is the ďŹ rst italian platform that manages pre-owned luxury assets, selling and buying on the international market. We guarantee a professional, safe and clear process. Markagain oďŹ&#x20AC;ers a privileged way to make dreams evolve in great deals.


[ creative MINDS ]

Those who step

through our doors

expect to be amazed. But the end result of a good design

should be elegant

and intellectually


by DĂŠsirĂŠe Sormani - pictures by Stefano Triulzi


Lorenzo Argento, co-owner with Luca Benta of the Milan based studio Brenta Design



hat’s how it is in life - everything can change in a moment. In the blink of an eye old habits, routines and everyday certainties crumble, so we have to take stock and reorganise. But if what came before was rich, intense and full of emotion then the “after” can be faced with greater bravery and confidence. That’s what happened three-and-a-half years ago at the Milan-based Brenta Design studio. One day, at the age of only 56, Luca Brenta suffered a stroke and his partner and friend Lorenzo Argento found himself working alone. Now solely responsible for the heritage the two men had created, he decided to carry on designing magnificent yachts in Luca’s name - while Brenta “would occasionally pop into the studio to keep himself up to date with evrything we were doing”. Like the Brenta 80 DC, a yacht that marks the achievement of a goal for the Milanese studio, it is also a starting point - it distils the great store of experience from past projects, reinterprets it and looks to the future. “This 80-footer represents the summit of my adventure with Luca, an adventure that began in 1988. I’d just left the Yacht and Boat Design college in England, and Luca had completed two designs that caught my interest - Marisa, a Two Ton that had raced in the Admiral’s Cup, and the cruise yacht Malù. Performance and cruising were what fascinated me most. It was a time when extraordinary things were happening in the yacht design world. I rang Luca at the studio, introduced myself and he took me on..


Above, a rendering of the Brenta 80 DC, to be built by Michael Schmidtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new yard in Germany. Schmidt is the 80 DCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s owner and an expert yachtsman. Bottom: left, study of the view from inside; right, a detail showing a stern-on view with the three decks. Opposite, Lorenzo Argento at his drawing board



Above, a rendering of the saloon designed by starchitect David Chipperfield, who has drawn on his great experience as a yachtsman to create the interiors. Note the varnished American walnut. Below and left, two cabins. Opposite, Lorenzo Argento with the Brenta Design team


This was the time of the Moro di Venezia

The 80-footer we’re building with Michael

project, and the first 80-foot Wallygator

Schmidt (yacht owner and proprietor of the

with Luca Bassani. I arrived at the right

yard) and David Chipperfield, (starchitect

moment - yacht design was exploring new

and passionate sail yachtsman) is proof of

dimensions and frontiers. Then came the

this. She’s a new classic, combining stylistic

second Wallygator, the first 100-footer built

elements from the past with thoroughly

entirely in carbon, and a series of technical

modern concepts. She also marks a new path

developments. This was followed by Wally

for the studio. Michael Schmidt wanted a yacht

B, Kenora, all the Bs, the IMS and cruise

of his own with clearly-defined characteristics

yachts up to Ghost and Chrisco, the first

- a revamped coachroof and doghouse, a deck

high-performance cruise models. Then there

deep in the hull, large, rounded bulwarks,

were the elegant and playful daysailers, too.

central cockpit for guests and an owner’s

Luca’s enthusiasm, professionalism and

cabin aft with private access. The innovative

ability as a sail yachtsman were contagious.

aspect lies in her profile - although she

Ours was the ideal blend of skills - Logica

looks like a flush deck yacht, her stern-on

(presented at Montecarlo in 2014) was the last

view reveals three separate levels with a

yacht we designed together, a well-mannered

traditional geometry softened by gentle angles

motoryacht, with none of the superfluous

borrowed from car design - the Mini Cooper,

elements of a megayacht. She is a homage to

to be specific. A black, hyper-modern strip

the gentle sailing typical of a sail yacht. When

surrounds grilles and hatches for ventilation

you step through our doors, prepare to be

and interior lighting. The first example will be

amazed. But the end result of a good design

launched in June, but she already has a sister.

should be elegant and intellectually honest.

I can’t wait to show her to Luca!”


[ MEGAsailer ]

The third in the successful SW 102 semi custom mini-series, this raised saloon version of the 32-metre offers generous space and superb performance

Farfal a by Gaia Grassi - picture by Alain Proust



omen omen. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all in the name. An old Latin saying that certainly holds true for Farfalla. Elegance and lightness are the first words that spring to mind as her streamlined, graceful lines glide into sight. The third example of the successful SW 102 mini-series, Farfalla is the creation of the now well-established, highly experienced team of the Southern Wind Shipyard, Farr Yacht Design and Nauta Design (general plans, deck and interior design). Unlike her two previous siblings, Almagores II and Hevea, this 32-metre is a raised saloon with a coachroof that draws light into the lower deck whilst simultaneously adding a sense of airiness to the al fresco saloon. It also creates a more seamless link between interior and exterior, boosted still further by extensive windows affording 270 degree views. Particular attention was lavished too on the hull form and the construction materials to deliver generous volumes that would not compromise either weight or performance whilst still complying with the yardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s usual high standards of safety, sea-keeping and comfort, making Farfalla delightfully nimble even in light winds or heavier weather. Farfalla was designed for an owner with a particular passion for cruising and who requested a double cockpit: a working one plus a particularly roomy one for guests with an extendible table, a coffee table (with cool box inside) and two deck fridges in the coamings. The guest cockpit is followed by a very comfortable sunning area. Both of these zones are traversed by a central walkway that connects them to the stern area. It allows guests to move all the way along the centre line of the yacht very safely underway as does the very clean flush decks itself, of course. The intense dialogue between exterior and interior is also reflected in the choice of colours and materials selected for the indoor spaces. Matt natural open grain teak dominates, appearing on the floors and the bulkhead panelling, wainscoting and furnishings. The latter, by the way, are in veneered honeycomb sandwich to reduce weight. Its colour adds real warmth to interior which is lifted and lightened by linen inserts in the bulkheads and the upholstery colours of the seating, cushions and even the coverlets in the cabins, which range from navy to sky-blue and white. The whole deal is sealed by carefully designed natural and artificial lighting: a combination of the coachroof windows and


The main saloon is flooded with light through the large windows that span almost the entire deckhouse



Natural open grain teak dominates and is used for the floors, bulkheads, panelling and furnishings. Wood adds a sense of warmth to all of the interiors and is brilliantly complimented by the white linen bulkhead trim and the hues of the fabrics chosen for the seating, cushions and bedcovers which range from navy to sky blue and white

four rectangular portholes (two on each side of the hull) and carefully positioned spots. The interior layout is in line with Southern Wind Shipyard motto “happy crew, happy owner”, and hence the master cabin is forward with three two-berths for guests amidships and the main saloon and crew quarters aft. Below decks, the fulcrum of activity is the open-plan saloon with dining and conversation areas that comfortably seat between eight and 10 people. The deep, cosy sofas are arranged around a long coffee table. All of the cabins – the master with its walk-in closet, the VIP and the two twins – are beautifully furnished, decorated and detailed too with plenty of strategically-located stowage. Last but not least, the crew quarters are in keeping with the colour scheme and style of the rest of the interiors which means they are both simple and linear. The accommodations comprise three cabins. The galley, dinette and chart area are designed to allow the crew move about comfortably and also guarantee them, the owner and his guests complete privacy. Again, in perfect harmony with the Southern Wind Shipyard philosophy. 81

Farfalla was designed for an owner who loves his cruising and who wanted two cockpits nicely melded with the flush deck. The RS concept delivered a more aggressive external profile (a deckhouse lower than in the DS version but with 270째 windowing) and a larger, brighter saloon



The Naval Architect Jim Schmicker / Vice President Farr Yacht Design

“ Fa r fa l l a i s a n a b s o l u t e ly b e a u t i f u l ya c h t, e x h i b i t i n g t h e per fect ba l a nce of


would describe Farfalla as an elegantly modern design. There is a trend in yacht design (as in that of other vehicles)

towards a blunt and boxlike look that is labelled as “modern”. In Farfalla the naval architecture achieves a pleasing balance of the “modern”, more upright stem slope, wide aft sections especially on the deck and generally straighter waterlines and diagonals, with a touch of elegance in the overall spring in the sheerline and the general visual aspect of the boat. From a performance and sailing perspective, Farfalla exhibits the signature characteristics of all of our projects: a fine balance of performance and features, and a fantastic, fun helming experience. The SW 102 is designed to sail worldwide in all conditions, treating its owner and crew to comfort and style. The sailing experience must be satisfying in terms of speed and handling for the expected ranges of wind speed and sea state. Farfalla fulfils these requirements by being able to sail at the wind speed in light air and by having enough stability to comfortably sail with full main and headsail in winds up to 20 knots. The hull design, developed with over 30 years of experience in fast cruiser design, is the cornerstone of the Farfalla project. Features of our successful high performance designs, such as the Farr 100 Leopard and the Volvo 65, also are present in the hull. The precise distribution of volume over the length of the


modern trends with a n e l ega n t as pect underpinned by e xce l l e n t h a n d l i n g a n d sailing performance”

The Owner “Sh e i s a b e auti fu l loo k i n g hull and, particularly, the shape of the stern balance the requirement for performance with the ample interior volume for the accommodations. Farfalla also means innovation. The most prominent

b o at w i t h g r e at p e r f o r m a n c e : fa s t ”

aspect of Farfalla is her wide, powerful transom that provides the beautifully generous deck area and accompanying additional interior volume aft. This feature gives Farfalla one component of her modern appearance and is carefully integrated into the rest of the hull to maintain a balanced sailing attitude throughout the range of heel angles. I’m very proud of the stern, which while wide, blends so well with the rest of the hull and enhances the speed and handling of the boat. Incorporating this feature into Farfalla was not trivial. It is very difficult to shape the hull of a moderate displacement boat in this way and make it appear “light” in addition to keeping the boat fast and well-balanced. I think the hull looks fantastic married to the lower coachroof. The minimal spring in the sheerline and the overall straightness of the bow and stern sections match the lower, straighter lines of the deck beautifully and present a nicely balanced style that her sisters do not have.


had chartered several Southern Wind boats before I decided to build Farfalla. Matelot, an 80’, was a favourite of ours and we had

several memorable holidays onboard including a three-week trip in the South Pacific. This experience led me to believe that SWS would build the best boat for our family’s needs. I personally chose the name and, of course, the name means butterfly in Italian: it also references not only its Italian origins, but also the boat designer, Bruce Farr. We wanted a boat that was quiet at anchor; we wanted a simple, clean design but with a striking coachroof design; and we wanted a minimum of clutter on deck - hence the jet RIB garage and the installation of the captive winch. There are many details of Farfalla we love: the use of colours and fabrics in the interior are our choices. Also, we love the hull colour of the boat, and on a practical level the walk-in wardrobe and

Left, 3D renderings of the

enlarged head area in the owner’s cabin make it a great space.

hull design which, as the

So Farfalla is the right yacht for us: we plan to take the boat through

result of over 30 years of

the Panama in 2016 and on through the Pacific to New Zealand.

experience in fast cruiser

’Cos I love the sea: it represents many things for me - a place

design, is the cornerstone of the Farfalla project

to relax and enjoy the warm climate and beautiful scenery, but also a place to have an adventure.


Mael Kerneis

The Yacht Designers

Massimo Gino and Mario Pedol / Nauta Design


hat? She’s only a 102’? She looks much larger.” This was a comment made about Farfalla by a potential client at the 2014

Monaco Yacht Show. It and its like are what really prove that we did a really successful job. Farfalla is a raised saloon (RS), which means the saloon has virtually all-round views through the spectacularly panoramic, specially designed coachroof glazing as well as the hull windows (there are two on either side in the saloon). The multi-awardwinning SW 100 RSs are also part of this family but Farfalla is the first yacht of this size to have a coachroof with a window offering 270-degree views rather than a flush one with just side windows. The result is that from the outside it looks like a deck saloon (DS) but with a very sleek low coachroof that is beautifully proportioned compared to the hull. The profile also looks more aggressive. The heart of the project is the split-level saloon. The upper saloon, enclosed by the coachroof windows, is lower than the DS version (as seen in Farfalla’s sisters Almagores II and Hevea) and so is close by the lower saloon, which was imagined as an office area part of a single open-plan space incorporating the saloon. But that is not the only innovative aspect of the RS concept: as the saloon is on a slightly lower level, we were able to extend it under the


“ Fa r fa l l a i s a b r i l l i a n t ly success f u l ya c h t, a GT o f the se a: sport y with incredible light and s pa c e ”

two side walkways which actually extended the floor space by 15%. This greatly increases the perception of space: bright and welcoming it really feels enormous. And speaking of which, light really does play a pivotal role aboard Farfalla. In the saloon, there is 270° glazing as well as hull windows which allow light to flood the darkest part of the space i.e. the part below the walkways, port and starboard, at either end of the hull. This choice also underscores the importance of the relationship between exteriors and interiors. This is something that has been pursued in yacht design for quite some time now and focuses on “opening up” the spaces to the outside, by eliminating as many as possible of the visual barriers that used to make sailing boat interiors feel so dark and enclosed. Another stylistic solution we’re particularly proud of is designing a very clean, functional deck with almost negligible changes in height. The central guest cockpit and sunning area are separated by a long walkway that runs down the centre-line of the yacht. It goes all the way from the end of the stern to the main companionway without any major change in level and so is very easy and convenient to use even underway. The deck hardware is ultra-modern and subtle, thanks in part to the fixed mainsheet which is controlled by a captive winch tucked under the deck.


CEO Southern Wind Shipyard Willy Persico


arfalla is a modern boat with generous volumes, a shallow

veneered with natural teak with open grain finish. The

displacement and designed to be uncompromising on

result is that this 103’ yacht’s displacement is shallower

solidity. All that said, she is very much a bluewater cruiser

than that of the SW100 (99’): so it’s longer, lighter and

with simple, powerful sail controls on deck.

thus faster too.

She is the first RS (Raised Saloon) version of the SW102

I can’t but be satisfied with this project, which, as was the

offering a larger saloon that is just as bright as the first two

case with Farfalla’s two sisters, focuses on superb comfort

SW102s built, Almagores II and Hevea, which were DS (Deck

both on deck and in the interior, not just for the owner and

Saloon) versions. There is slightly less of a view outside when

his guests but also the crew. Robustness and reliability in

for anyone sitting around the table or in the conversation area.

all weather conditions and excellent handling even at high

If you look at it from the outside, the main difference is in the

speeds were the other focuses. An authentic bluewater

coachroof: the RS has a lower superstructure and so is more

yacht, in other words.

streamlined than the DS. There are lots of new features and additions. Aside from being particularly lovely and streamlined, the interior layout also has a slightly different, more opulent master cabin concept which now includes a walk-in closet. The plant has been optimised too because perfection is ever the goal at Southern Wind Shipyard. The yacht is easier to handle too with sail controls simplified thanks to captive winches. Like every yacht that comes out of our yard, Farfalla is all about innovation yet with strong links to tradition: the lamination is now even better to reduce weight and furniture

c r u i s i n g ya c h t, co m b i n i n g e xce p t i o n a l com fort with su per b p e r f o r m a n c e u n d e r s a i l”

Giovanni Malgarini

is built in sturdy yet lightweight honeycomb sandwich,

“ S h e’s a n e xce l l e n t







corurtesy by CRN

[ ART on BOaRD ]


More and more owners are displaying their private collections on board. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to find exclusive pieces at the largest international auctions. Here are the most interesting lots in the upcoming auctions by Gaia Grassi 90

Christieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Images Limited 2015



xclusivity can be collected! It sounds contradictory, but take a look on the internet or riffle through the catalogues published by the large auction houses and you’ll

soon be convinced. Exclusivity is the key, embodied by lots that will take your breath away, capable of attracting the attention of collectors from all over the world. From Christie’s, Bonhams and Sotheby’s to Germany’s Ketterer Kunst and the Italian Cambi, there is only an embarrassment of choice. The calendar for the next few months includes some extremely interesting events, starting with the March sales at Christie’s ( On 4th March their London base in Above CRN’s Chopi Chopi is a floating gallery, with works by Botero, Andy Warhol, Picasso and Mirò. Left, ‘Buste de Femme au Chapea’, to go under the hammer at Christie’s in London.

South Kensington will be hosting one of the ten unmissable jewellery events the auction house holds every year. They provide an opportunity to find precious pieces of jewellery from every period and the most illustrious brands, from Cartier to Chopard, Bulgari and Chanel. Of special interest in the March auction is a pair of flower earrings with de Grisogono diamonds. Their value is estimated at between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds (12,000 – 16,000 euro). On 17th March New York’s Rockefeller Center becomes the setting for one of the events most eagerly-awaited by connoisseurs of Oriental art, when the largest collection of Asian art ever to go on sale will be put under the hammer. The pieces belonged to the American Robert H. Ellsworth - in his Manhattan apartment he amassed a collection of over 2,000 objects of inestimable value, including Indian bronzes, Chinese ceramics and Himalayan paintings. It’s back to London on 18th March for another significant event, Christie’s Old Masters, Modern and Contemporary Prints auction at their King Street salerooms, a sale that will have a host of art collectors straining at the leash. One truly exceptional lot is Picasso’s ‘Buste de


Christie’s Images Limited 2015

[ ART on BOaRD ]

Femme au Chapeau’, with an estimated price of between 200,000 and 300,000


pounds (270,000 – 400,000 euro). “Perhaps it was the sunshine and the bright colours of the French Riviera which led Picasso to turn to colour linocuts,” says Charles Scott, Christie’s Associate Specialist. “In 1958 he had left Paris for good to live with his new lover and muse Jacqueline Roque in the South of France, at the Villa La Californie near Cannes and Chateau de Vauvenargues outside Aix-enProvence. It was there and then that he took up making linocuts, the technique in which he was to create his most luminous, decorative and joyful prints.” Items once owned by passionate art collector Lauren Bacall are also extremely interesting, and on 31st March and 1st April Bonhams New York (www. will be selling many of the movie star’s favourite pieces, including an acquaforte (engraving with etching, aquatint and hand-colouring) by John J. Audubon, called American White Pelican. It is expected to fetch between 50,000 and 75,000 pounds (70,000 – 100,000 euro). April, when handwritten documents by mathematician Alan Turing will be up for sale. Turing is now considered to be the father of computing, and these documents contain the foundations of mathematical notation and computer science. A unique lot that is justifiably valued at seven figures.


Christie’s Images Limited 2015

Bonhams New York is hosting another sale for true connoisseurs on 13th


Lauren Bacall's collection


The Kobal Collection

The Kobal Collection


Alan Turingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s manuscript 93

by Gaia Grassi


[ The art of the table ]

aying the table is an art, a good habit practiced since Renaissance times that has become a sign of refinement and fine manners, because it also shows the attention paid to guests. There is only one simple, basic rule to follow - to make diners feel at ease by surrounding them with beauty. The idea was taken to heart by Baccarat, the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most prestigious crystal glassware manufacturer. The company recently celebrated the 250th anniversary of its foundation in France in 1764. In the 19th century its products embellished the tables of the most important royal families - like its many famous creations for the Romanov family - and using glassware by the French company is considered a sign of distinction and taste to this day. This popularity has also been kept alive by important collaborations with famous international designers, like the early 20th century partnership with Georges Chevalier. This breathed new life into crystalware, and more recent contributions have been made by Ettore Sottsass, Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola. They have all provided their own

How to lay the table in style and welcome guests with the ultimate in elegance created by Baccarat crystal ware

Whatever the occasion, a formal dinner or an intimate meal, the details can make all the difference - so donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget candles and candelabras to light up and enhance the tableware, creating a very special ambience - completed by a scented candle to disperse the food smells


[ The art of the table ]


Tumblers and glasses accompany the courses, so in their role as containers for precious wines and Champagnes each one takes on a fundamental role. The Diamant collection, designed by Thomas Bastide, is a homage to the diamond cut, whose rigorous, geometric structure has been embellishing and lighting Baccarat creations since 1820

distinctive input, reinterpreting Baccaratâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s identity without

enhances the effects of light in a magical play of reflections.

diluting it. The results have always been surprising, and the

The collection has gradually grown to include candelabras

company has a huge collection. It now offers historic pieces

and new versions of goblets, flutes and water glasses. The

alongside designs that are new but which still retain links to

Diamant collection by Thomas Bastide was a homage to the

tradition. One example is the iconic Harcourt glass, created

diamond cut. In 1820 it enriched and illuminated Baccarat

in 1841, when King Louis Philippe of France asked Baccarat

creations with a rigorous, geometric structure that even

to make a ceremonial goblet with the royal coat of arms

entranced the Queen of Siam, who commissioned the

engraved on it. It has since adorned the tables of illustrious

Nonancourt glass. The new Diamant collection includes an

figures like emperor Napoleon III, as well as popes and

superbly elegant vase, an entire line of table and bar glasses

presidents. With its hexagonal base, the six engraved crystal

and a lovely candelabra, perfect as a table centrepiece or to

facets and ruby-coloured crystal detail, the Harcourt glass

throw a romantic light on intimate dinners - because beauty

- a masterpiece that required the work of sixty artisans -

can be repeated and renewed.


[ go u r mand ]

A sophisticated


“Oysters are a preparation, a plunge into cool, clear water to ready the palate for the main dish, the focus of the meal - spaghetti with salted anchovy sauce”. Here is the dish for The One by Luigi Taglienti by Gaia Grassi


love drawing inspiration from memories of the aromas that have influenced my childhood, and my life. Cooking is a way of interpreting life, of telling my story and

sharing emotions”. These are the words of Luigi Taglienti, a shining star of Made in Italy cooking (one Michelin star and three Gambero Rosso forks), and executive chef at the highly prestigious Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa in Milan ( His family origins also play an important role in his cooking, with recipes and culinary traditions handed down through the generations in an intriguing mix of regional influences from Puglia to Liguria, where Luigi Taglienti was born and underwent his professional training. “My roots can be discerned in all the dishes I cook. for me, memory is the real tradition - every region, every family has its own memory”. His links with the sea are also very strong. “Anyone born in a coastal region always looks to the sea as a reference. I see it as somewhere that can give me joy and tranquillity, and yachts make it possible to experience its true nature”. We share this philosophy completely, so we asked Luigi Taglienti to play a game with us, and imagine himself in the kitchen on board a megayacht. What would he prepare? “The flavour and sounds of the sea and the Ligurian herbs, the vivid light of the south. Thinking


of these elements makes me want to cook a special starter on board - a raw oyster soup.




[ go u r mand ]

These images show the ingredients and starter chosen by Luigi Taglienti, a shining star of Made in Italy cuisine, for a five star menu

I’d use olive oil to make an oyster emulsion, and a little grated pecorino cheese and thyme. This dish is a perfect evocation of the flavour and freshness of the sea, preparing the palate for the main course, the real focus of the meal - spaghetti with salted anchovy sauce, lemon and toasted pine nuts. The spaghetti is cooked in unsalted water, sautéd with threads of oil, salted anchovy sauce, lemon confit (lemon preserved in salt - ed) and sautéd pine nuts. The dish may seem simple, but it demands a delicate balance of richness and sharpness”. How should it be plated up? “To me, the sea means calm and tranquillity, so it should be served in a way that reflects this image. I’d choose a pure, simple white plate, allowing the food to speak for itself.” These interesting ingredients should be enhanced by equally select wines. We sought advice from the head sommelier at the Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa, Matteo Ghiringhelli, who recommended Franciacorta DOCG Cuvée Nature 2009 from the Ronco Calino winery, with a Malvasia 2010 from the Skerk estate for the main course.





Como Amazing panoramic windows, a light, reflective interior and an agile, aggressive profile. This is the new 46-metre by Feadship by Heather Prentice 103


ith sharp, crisp lines that are at once elegant and slightly aggressive,

resulting in the ground-breaking use of glass in

the 46.22-metre semi-displacement motoryacht Como is a triumph

the hull and superstructure, as well as a beautiful,

of style and engineering. The all-aluminium yacht is custom-built by

streamlined design (9 metres abeam), with several

the Dutch yard Feadship to satisfy the high standards of experienced

sporty twists. The wheelhouse is slightly recessed

racing yachtsman Neville Crichton, who was made Companion of the

into the main deck structure, highlighting the

New Zealand Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 for his

sleek look while creating a gigantic outside deck.

services to yachting and business. Como is the first of his many yachts

This area is wonderful for parties and is covered

to be built outside of his native New Zealand. Crichton, a well known

and surrounded by glass, which can be lowered

winner on the Mediterranean regatta circuit aboard the 30-metre Alfa

to be closer to the elements or raised to create

Romeo, has put a distinctive stamp on Como, with new ideas and

a giant protected terrace. Features such as the

styling cues referencing his days also spent racing cars. The yacht has

tumblehome in the superstructure and the angle in

a slender profile, with her shining metallic silver livery made more

the superstructure wall, give a sporty look as well

dramatic by the black bands of the windows. A raised pilothouse,

as creating a streamlined cockpit reminiscent of a

high vertical bow and whaleback sheer (lines often seen on fishing

racing car. The back end of the wheelhouse slopes

boats) also give her the appearance of forward motion, even when at

down from the front into a control station for

anchor, making her seem agile and aggressive, straining at the leash.

outdoor helming. Como can welcome eight guests

She breaks with Feadship tradition, sporting only two-and-a-half decks

aboard in two doubles and two twins catered for by

in contrast to the usual four or five decks seen in recent projects.

eight crew. The interior design from British studio

Crichton worked with Dubois Naval Architects on the exterior design,

Redman Whiteley Dixon is very light in silver and

white with light beige tints and contrasting dark cabinetry. The design features contemporary shapes, mirrored ceilings and a fascinating range of details which complement the abundant natural light, giving a light, airy interior. Como features extremely large windows in the hull and a great deal of glass in the superstructure and it is here we see the true innovation. For the first time aboard a yacht, the glass supports structural loads from the decks above. This glass innovation continues the trend seen aboard Feadship yachts such as Hampshire II, Musashi and Venus and radically alters the look and visibility aboard Como. “Here the superstructure glass is placed on top of the metal rather than being set into it, creating a continuous surface,” says Bram Jongepier, manager of knowledge development at Feadship. “These glazed side panels give uninterrupted views from the owner’s stateroom. And the exceptionally large windows in the hull go way beyond what is permissible from a regulation point of view. We proved to Lloyd’s that Como has a distinctive profile with her raised pilot house, whaleback sheer (often seen on fishing boats) and two-and-ahalf decks. Below: the flybridge, which is surrounded by glass that can be raised or lowered

we were able to make windows suitable for that location and size, and that the glass laminate would hold. Moreover, the glass covers the structure on Como in a continuous glass band. We had learned from the Venus project that you have to measure and correct the complete superstructure in the paint and filler works to be able to make a fair transition from the paintwork to the glass and back to the paint again. The gloss lines have to be continuous… And on Como they are.” Powered by two Caterpillar C32 engines that produce 1417 kW @2300 rpm Como has a fast cruising speed of 19 knots and a range of 4500 miles. The perfect way to travel.



A view of the lounge through the large windows which surround the yacht, creating a dark band in the profile. The superstructure glass is placed on top of the metal rather than being set into it, creating a continuous surface. For the first time aboard a yacht, the glass supports structural loads from the decks above



Above: the main deck stern with al fresco dining area and the insideoutside bar. Below, left: the circular seating area in the lounge. The sofas work like a hovercraft and can be inflated and moved around. Below, right: the inside staircase that leads to the flyingbridge


Ed Dubois The Naval Architect it allows the galley to be on the main deck. Then the financial crisis came along in 2009 and everything was on hold. In 2011, I thought: Let’s try to kick start this project and offer Neville a different look, something that would grab his attention. Yacht design was branching out into quite exciting and progressive ideas at the time. We created a design that proposed a more upright stem and the sweeping reverse sheer, which is very dramatic and gives a sense of movement. We also cut a hole in the bulwark next to the owner’s stateroom giving dramatic, uninterrupted views to the horizon. It worked. It did grasp his attention. Neville decided to put the project out to tender. He went with Feadship based on the group’s reputation for building arguably the best motoryachts in the world and with the resale value in mind. The layout was a development of the design we had done already. We refined that look and created a new shape for the hull. We tank-tested the hull. We proposed the idea of load-bearing glass to the yard as well as the extensive areas of glass on the flybridge. I am big on windows, I always feel they give you the feeling of access to the water and a view of the horizon wherever you are is very important. We put large windows in many areas, particularly in the guest cabins. The flybridge is the dominant feature of the yacht, with its extensive areas of glass, which can drop down. It works well with even just four people having lunch or dinner as well as, of course, as a large



entertaining space. Another interesting feature is the bar on the

have known Neville a long time, first as a sailing friend before

main deck. It was Neville’s idea to cut it in half. If the doors are

he became a client. We have designed eight boats for him - the

closed you have an outside bar, if open, you have an inside-outside

first six were sailing yachts with the first launch in 1991. The first

bar. Another innovation is the seating on the main deck. It works

motoryacht Como was launched in 2007 and it was the third of its

like a hovercraft, you can lift it off the floor and move it around

type to be built by Alloy Yachts, although we stretched it a couple

as you like. I am pleased to say that the new Como performs

of metres. Then Neville talked about doing a new one, a 46-metre

exceptionally well. She is also quite dramatic to look at with a lot

with a similar design. The main advantage of a longer boat is that

of movement in the design.

Como lit up at night, showing her dramatic profile with external styling that harks back to Neville Crichtonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s car racing past. Opposite, an exclusive sketch by Dubois of the 46-metre


Toby Ecuyer - Redman Whiteley Dixon The Interior Designers



e have designed a number of interiors for Neville Crichton

an idea or we may suggest a particular material, for example, and

and worked with Ed Dubois on the various boats and we are

we discuss it. The process is continually refining the palette, while

a very good team. Neville is very good at incorporating the latest

at the same time refining the design. As with every boat, we try to

developments and technology and pushing the boats forwards. He

keep the distances as long as you can. Here we also sought to infuse

will say: This is the starting point but letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s forge ahead and produce

the space with a calm atmosphere. In Como, the dark bands round

something new. We know his taste and we know his lifestyle well

the ceilings and floors, and the ceiling panels in highly polished

so that makes the design process easier. In terms of materials, the

stainless steel visually link the various spaces. The reflections of the

latest Como is a move on from the first Como. We were able to say:

stainless steel panels add another dimension giving double height

This worked and this didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t.. The latest design is much more tactile

images. It is an interesting feeling and it makes you have another

with materials such as: brushed oak, makassar ebony, elements

look. It is a simple device but very effective.

of teak, cashmere, leathers, enamelled glass and highly polished

One of the features I like is the bar, which can be opened to be

stainless steel. The design is a circular process â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Neville may have

inside-outside. We were able to sit down with him and sketch it

A sketch of the interior design for a guest cabin. Right: a sketch of the interior design for the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suite. Below, right: the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stateroom. Left, top: the flybridge. Opposite: (below, from left) Tony Dixon, Justin Redman and Toby Ecuyer, partners at Redman Whiteley Dixon

out. We featured some of the exterior materials such as enamelled glass and elements of teak in the interior to give continuity. We also used big makassar panels on the inside, which is a bit unusual but worked well as the rest of the materials are so light and there is so much natural light from the windows. The artwork is a series of unusual black and white photographs by various artists and was driven by Neville. We helped him source some of these photographs at various auctions. We have a good idea of what he likes and he is very open-minded as well. (Toby Ecuyer)


Neville Crichton Owner of Como


his is the first time I have built a yacht at a European yard.

to enjoy the outdoors. This new use enables this unlike previous

The reasons were Feadshipâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reputation for quality and the

designs as it possible to be in the lower decks and still enjoy superb

excellent resale value this provides, as well as the construction

views of the outside world, while on the fly deck the movable

requirements of the design, both in scale and technology.

glazing allows this area of the yacht to be used under almost all

The design brief was, in short, inside outside living, the ability

conditions with an almost complete feeling of being outdoors.

to have a yacht where when you are on board, you feel that you

The most important element of the yacht was the ability to raise

are outdoors. To achieve this there were a number of key design

the windows around the fly deck and turn this open area into a

features I wanted to see in the yacht, such as the ability to raise

weather proof enclosed space with very little loss of the feeling

the glass windows around the fly deck to make it enclosed and

of being outdoors. This feature makes this area of the yacht an

the large windows in the hull, as well as the overall shape which

exceptional entertaining area. At Monte Carlo this year, when it

I wanted to be both visually striking and, at the same time,

was unseasonably cold and damp, we were able to fully use this

functional in terms of performance. For the yard the brief was to

area of the yacht regardless of the weather and feel that we were

fully realise these features and to do it with a level of build quality

outdoors, unlike most other yachts. I am also pleased with the

and integrity that exceeded my previous yachts.

performance and reduced fuel usage thanks to weight savings and

I was keen to encourage the yard to break new boundaries in

hull design. This is my idea combination â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a yacht that looks as

terms of the use of glass. I wanted a yacht in which it is possible

well as it performs. This was a demanding design and build in a

to fully enjoy being aboard and at sea and that means being able

number of areas and I am very pleased with the result.


Henk de Vries CEO Feadship


e are delighted to make our mark once again in this size range,” commented Feadship director Henk de Vries at the launch of Como.

“Feadship is not only about very large superyachts: we also pride ourselves on creating exceptionally well-honed objects on a more human scale. And, like all our yachts, everything has been totally customised to the client’s individual requirements. We have used the very latest technologies and developments to push the window – and the windows – on what is surely the most sophisticated 46-metre superyacht in the world today.


[ Trend Setters ]


Carlo Colombo

Carlo Colombo is the new art director at Trussardi Casa. He travels the world working on all kinds of projects from furnishings to an island residential development in the United Arab Emirates. His idea of real luxury is ...

Finding yourself by Marta Bernasconi


[ Trend Setters ]


arlo Colombo divides his hectic schedule between architecture,

Underscoring the brand’s unique styling cues was the starting point

design and interior work. His projects and collaborations are

but the architect also left his own mark. “My idea, which Gaia

scattered all over the world so he also travels constantly. That said, he

Trussardi really liked, was to add metal detailing to the leather, to

embraces the punishing pace with enthusiasm because, for him, work

give the pieces a modern, elegant mood. And then to flank them

is stimulating, but it is also one of the great pleasures - and passions

with unusual, luxury fabrics such as cashmere or velvets in very

- in his life. “I get enormous joy from my work. Particularly at this

strong, confident colours.” Trussardi and Colombo were also in

delicate time when the luxury sector which spans design, fashion and

accord regarding bringing both the maison’s style and the architect’s

food continues to go from strength to strength. But that’s no great

own design language to the collection, resulting in a subtle luxury, a

coincidence: it’s something we Italians are particularly good at.”

natural, simple elegance. Very much a Milanese look.

Speaking of luxury and fashion, one of Italy’s most emblematic

Aside from his work with Trussardi, Carlo Colombo also has several

brands has now also commissioned Colombo to design its home

other ambitious projects on hand. “Amongst the most important are

collection. “My encounter with the Trussardi family? We were

hotel resort in Dagestan, and 150 eco-homes on Falcon Island in

introduced by Alberto Vignatelli, president of The Luxury Living

the United Arab Emirates.” Aside from having a bit more free-time

Group, and Tomaso and Gaia Trussardi clicked instantly with me in

(something unattainable right now), we asked Colombo what his idea

terms of taste and style. Before I even started designing the furniture

of real luxury was: “I think bathrooms are the most luxurious areas

collection, however, it was very important for me to understand

of the house.” He continues: “It’s important that they be functional

the DNA of the brand which has a reputation for its sublime

but atmosphere is vital too. When you get home after a heavy day,

leatherwork. This huge cultural and artisanal heritage showed me

sitting in front of the mirror in such an intimate private place is one

the direction I had to go in, which was to highlight the beauty of

way of getting back in touch with the inner you.”

the leather and craftsmanship details, particularly the stitching.”

And that too is luxury. Particularly aboard a megayacht.

In these pages, some pieces of furniture created by Carlo Colombo for Trussardi. Opposite, centre, two images of the Café Trussardi which was presented for the first time at Imm Cologne. It was designed by Carlo Colombo and made in synergy with Luxury Living Group under the guidance of Alberto Vignatelli and of Trussardi with the artistic input of Gaia Trussardi. Café Trussardi is a synonym for the fascinating symbiosis of the exclusive design of one of the world’s leading big brands and haute cuisine


Architect Carlo Colombo expresses Trussardiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s understated luxury with effortless elegance. Sumptuous fabrics and fine woods are combined with leather, a signature element of the brand, to create a classic yet contemporary style (above an example)



Moonraker The ninth in a successful range, this 50-metre open by Overmarine has an aggressive design that promises exciting performance, and the interiors of a floating villa by DĂŠsirĂŠe Sormani



he Mangusta 165E by Overmarine will cause a stir wherever she goes - this 50-metre yacht is the fastest open in the world, with a top speed of 44 knots. Her volumes are comparable with tri-deck craft of the same size, her interior spaces offering peerless comfort and convenience. She has a distinctive, aggressive design, hinting at a gutsy personality. Moonraker is the ninth in a range by yacht designer Stefano Righini, but the owner of this model wanted something that would stand out, that would be his alone. The designer and the Overmarine yardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artistic studio have created a sweeping window area in the saloon, providing expansive views and allowing natural light to flood the interiors. They have extended the flybridge and included an attractive grille that recalls the aesthetics of car designs. The contemporary style is also reflected in the entirely bespoke interiors. Personalisation reaches exceptionally high levels here, not only in the quality and opulence of the materials used but also with several innovative aesthetic solutions and details. Take, for example, the five skylights over the dining table in the large lounge or the mother-of-pearl lacquered ceilings with their innovative LED strip lighting system, the grey, smoked oak flooring and the white leatherclad walls. The furnishings are all in a minimalist/ urban style, designed to give the impression that all the pieces are freestanding. Everything is made to measure, exclusively Made in Italy. The furniture items are lacquered in deep blue and black with PAMA oak, while a few design pieces add a further touch of cool to the on-board furnishings - like the two magnificent original 1970s Fontana Art mirrors or a piece specially made for the yacht by a contemporary Canadian artist. On Moonraker, beauty and passion complement function - as well as the grey leather sofas with silver white arms and a coffee table with galuchat top in the living area, further forward there are two steel and glass wine cabinets holding around a hundred bottles. The bar - over four metres long - is in ebony with a Blue Tiger Eye marble top. The owner is also a lover of fine food and drink, especially Italian cuisine, so the kitchen has been designed with input from the yachtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s chef - as well as a central island there is a


An aerial view of Moonraker, showing the pool located forward in the large sunpad area. Opposite page, a view of the side deck that highlights the Moonrakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s powerful design, with elements recalling automobile design


work counter with stool so the owner can sit and

precedence - here, guests can come together and

chat with the chef while he is at work.

relax in front of a 65” TV, although the space can

The guest area is on the lower deck, with two guest

be converted into a fifth cabin. Not forgetting a

cabins and a VIP suite. The full-beam owner’s

hamman with marble floor and bench, sensory

suite is located aft. Here, too, refinement is the

chromotherapy shower and well-equipped gym.

key to the design concept - mother-of-pearl colour

The exterior spaces are a homage to the gentle art

ceilings embellished with PAMA oak inserts, grey

of doing nothing, divided into an external cockpit

smoked oak parquet floors and grey leather wall

aft and a Mediterranean Lounge Club forward

panels with white mother-of-pearl colour inserts.

with sunpads and Jacuzzi.

These create an attractive contrast with the closet

door panels in grey damask leather for him and back-painted glass with steel frames for her. The gorgeous bedhead in gilded fabric surmounted by white-varnished frames with chromed steel grille inserts adds a truly exceptional touch of quality and taste. Finally, the owner’s bathroom is yet another striking interior, with mother-of-pearl mosaic walls and an “emotional” shower where water, aromas and colours combine to create a profound sense of


Above, an image showing the aggressive design and high-

physical and sensory well-being.

performance potential: Moonraker is, in fact, the world’s fastest

The cinema is another area where comfort takes

open. Opposite, the aft cockpit with entirely custom furnishings


The large forward sunpad area is the perfect spot for chilling out and enjoying the view



Everything on board Moonraker is bespoke and strictly Made in Italy - the glass wine cabinet, for example, (left, top) and design pieces like the artwork providing a special glam appeal (left) created exclusively for this yacht by a contemporary Canadian artist. The striking interiors include the main saloon with its four-metre bar (opposite, top), cinema (left, bottom) and the full-beam ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cabin (opposite, below)



The Yacht Designer

Overmarine Group Artistic Office


he Overmarine Group specialises in building fast, high-

the interiors, a yacht design element that’s very fashionable at

performance yachts with exceptional on-board comfort.

the moment.

When we began operations in the 1980s, owners seeking fast,

The flybridge has been reworked, with a new structure that

sporty yachts always had to be willing to accept compromises

creates an attractively impression of lightness.

on space and well-being, as the motor yachts of the time did

There is also a new console in the helm station. The dashboard

not prioritise comfort. The Group’s idea was to stand out from

is a single glass panel integrating all the navigation instrument

its competitors by offering a fast design - and open yachts are

displays - when they are turned off the glass is dark, creating

fast by nature - that was also larger and more comfortable than

a brooding, powerful presence. But it also highly functional,

before. At the time the largest open was a 60-footer, but we

as the touchscreen makes it possible to select from a series of

presented an 80-foot model. It was a resounding success. Our

preconfigured modes or assign the desired system displays to

founder, Giuseppe Balducci, decided on the name Mangusta

each individual monitor.

(“Mongoose”). The mongoose is the only animal in the world

There are no difficulties or compromises that we cannot

capable of taking on and defeating a cobra, and Cobra was in

overcome, and we’ve shown this on the new Mangusta 132,

fact the name of the opens produced by his direct competitor at

with the first model due for launch in summer. It has the same

the time. Nowadays the Cobra brand no longer exists.

single sweep of window and the same flybridge restyling.

As with all the Mangusta yachts, Moonraker has totally custom interiors. The owner also requested a more aggressive, muscular revamp of the exterior lines. Several interventions were planned with Stefano Righini - new windows on the maindeck, an uninterrupted ribbon of glass around the saloon, providing excellent visibility from inside and allowing natural light to fill


Interesting skylights in the hardtop that allow light to flood the interiors around the dining table


The Interior Designer

Overmarine Group Artistic Office



he interiors are entirely bespoke. A wide variety of select

for the sides of the bar unit. The entire yacht embodies a modern

materials has been used, and a wonderfully rich palette of

take on a current design, with furnishings in a colonial style,

colours, all plays on grey and blue. Three types of wood were

such as the different - apparently free-standing - accessories like

chosen - selected cuts of grey PAMA wood, featured in almost

the bathroom units. We wanted to create the feel of a home on

all the interiors, typical white ash used above all in the VIP cabin

board the yacht. In this we were helped greatly by our research

forward, and dyed black oak with open pores for the lower deck

into light, with large windows that allow natural light to flood

doors and main stairway, painted in light colours for the cinema.

the interiors. The layout of the interiors was developed by our

Many innovative design elements have been introduced, all

artistic studio, alongside the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favourite designer. The

custom-made for Moonraker - for example, a new lighting system

owner is an expert who knew right from the start what he

with LED strips rather than spots on the saloon ceiling, larger

wanted. There was a constant exchange of creative ideas that led

strips of teak on the deck and thin grey caulking. A custom grey

to the production of a truly unique yacht. As for the cinema area,

colour has been created for the smoked oak parquet floor, which

the owner had already seen one like it when visiting the number

features an inlaid glass and marble mosaic at the entrance. The

seven in the series. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one of the solutions we offer. Moonraker

PAMA wood co-ordinates with several furniture pieces that are

embodies our constant ability to address the top end of the sector

painted in dark blue and black, and this space also features two

- select materials and new stylistic ideas for the lines and layout

types of wood that break with the design canons of the other

mean that the Mangusta 165 is an evolutionary step forward in

interiors - ebony-painted rosewood for the dining table and ebony

its category, taking it towards new horizons.

The Shipyard Francesco Frediani, Commercial Director


here is no one type of owner, just expert owners who understand how to use a yacht according to their needs and the time available.

Open types are the best choice for those seeking the fullest possible experience of the sea, enjoying sailing by day and moving quickly from one destination to the next - especially in the Mediterranean, but also in other areas where the distances are not too great. Our owner knows the meaning of exclusivity and uniqueness, so he has a clear understanding and appreciation of what Mangusta is all about. He is also aware he is dealing with a yard that can meet all his requirements and create a product that will provide total satisfaction. As our slogan says, “Experience builds dreams”! With Moonraker you’re looking at a refinement and attention to detail that’s hard to find on yachts of this size. We don’t feel we have arrived - this is a new starting point for Mangusta. The yacht-building world is changing very quickly, the business model itself has changed so we have to reinterpret it in a way that enables us to retain our leadership position. Our plan involves development in the fast, open yacht segment, where we’ve carved out a role as leader. We’re focussing on larger yachts - we have already prepared a design for a 65-metre open - and a constant search for better performance with lower consumption, which means greater efficiency. In parallel with this is the development of a new segment, ocean-going vessels. We have the technical skills and ability to become the leader in this sector, too, especially in the 40-65 metre range, where we believe we can play a key role.”

Right, a sketch of the revamped flybridge and on opposite page, the design of the main saloon and a study of a cabin


[ technology ]

Designer R ep l icas by Fabio Petrone

ModelArtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s scale models are true works of art. They are vital instruments in the design stage, and powerful sales tools. And also excellent gadgets for owners, who often take them home along with the full-size product 134

Models are also sales instruments. They help commercial networks or brokers seeking to help a client understand the design, convince them of its quality and persuade them to sign the contract


[ Technology ]

Models serve an important purpose: they are used in the design stage to give an idea of how the yacht will look, its sense of proportion, a perception of colour that a rendering cannot provide


ot many of us are lucky enough to transform a childhood passion into a career. Giuseppe Capobianco is one of the fortunate few

- as a boy he loved model-making, and today he is an entrepreneur who has created a flourishing company that produces scale yachts and ships. Technology, organisation, strategy and post-sales services are strikingly distinctive features of his business, but what made the biggest impression on us was the obvious enthusiasm he shows when talking about the results of his work, the models that still bring a sparkle to his eyes.

the next important step - like the use of 3D printers. Everyone’s talking

“I started by chance”, he says, “Because I met a yacht outfitter, and

about them now, but we’ve already been using them for ten years. But I

almost as a joke he got me to build the first model. I put an incredible

think the help provided by all twelve of the people who work with me, the

amount of effort into it, and I was able to deliver it in three months.

technicians and especially the artisans, has been crucial. By now they are

In the end we were both highly satisfied - he liked the quality of the

super-specialised, and with them I’ve been able to optimise construction,

build and I was happy to have done something that I enjoyed and

but they can make all the difference to the quality of the finished product.

get paid for it. One model every three months meant four a year -

Nothing like the models that are made in China... there’s a huge difference,

a rather artisanal production cycle, a bit long...One of my greatest

their products just can’t compare with ours - from the point of view of

satisfactions has been to bring the output up to today’s level of four

price, too, but anyone who buys a Chinese model should be aware that

models a week. Last year we made around one hundred and fifty of

there’s as far as the reproduction is concerned, the faithfulness of the detail

them.” A real scale model production line! “Of course, the experience

and the quality of the materials, then there’s just no comparison. And it’s

I built up over the past fifteen years helped me refine every stage of

obvious from the first glance. “Our modellers have the dexterity, skills

the production process. Then the introduction of technology was

and attention to detail to make the difference, a gulf”, he adds with pride.


We can meet clients’ needs by offering two production lines that differ

are also sales instruments. They help commercial networks or brokers

substantially in the amount of detail to be included in the reproduction,

seeking to help a client understand the design, convince them of its

but not in the quality of the product, which is always superior”. But

quality and persuade them to sign the contract. Many famous yards

what are they for? Models serve an important purpose. They are used

make use of ModelArt products, names like Azimut-Benetti, Rossinavi,

in the design stage to give an idea of how the yacht will look, its sense of

Fincantieri Yachts, Admiral-Tecnomar The Italian Sea Group, Mondo

proportion, a perception of colour that a rendering cannot provide, not

Marine, Dominator Yachts, Isa Yacht, Cantieri delle Marche, Palumbo,

matter how well it’s done. They become essential mock-ups for designers

Arcadia Yachts, Swiss Ocean, VSY, Overmarine and Sunrise Yachts.

- Capobianco’s client roster includes design gurus like Ken Freivokh

“One of our most interesting builds is a replica of a 140-metre craft

Design, H2 Yacht Design, Francesco Paszkowski Design, Team for

called Ocean Victory, recently launched by Fincantieri. It’s a complex

Design by Enrico Gobbi, A. Vallicelli&C. yacht design, Arrabito Naval

yacht, so the model was incredibly complicated to make. But in the end

Architetcs, Design Studio Spadolini, Alberto Mancini Yacht Design,

it gave us intense satisfaction.” And let’s not forget the owners - as well

Axis Group Yacht Design, DW Yacht Design, Luca Vallebona Yacht

as buying their seagoing dream, most of them also take home their yacht

Design and Archimek - and for technical studios and the yard. Models

in miniature!


[ young Designers ]

Eco Luxury Yacht Volta 55 is a project by two young Italian yacht design graduates who have presented their version of ecocompatible superyachts, based on the Vitruvius 55 from the Picchiotti yard, and giving them the encouragement needed to open their own studio by Désirée Sormani


ur dream was to open our own studio, and that’s what we’re doing, despite the difficulties. But we have confidence in our abilities”. Romano Brussolo and Carlo Rotunno are two

young graduates in architecture and naval and nautical design (with maximum marks). They are full of passion for yacht design. Brussolo was born in Portogruaro (Venice) and spent a period in the Italian navy as an officer trainee on board the Amerigo Vespucci, and Carlo Rotunno hails from Termoli, a small village on the Molise coast. He was an intern at the Mulder Design naval design studio in Holland. The project they are presenting is called Volta 55, measuring over 40 metres - it was developed by a single team made up of students from a variety of backgrounds and different departments at the University of Genoa, including naval engineering, chemical engineering and nautical and naval design. A number of key features make this such an original design - the revamping and energy optimisation of the Vitruvius 55-metre project from the Picchiotti yard, the research into a zero-emission with


The project, measuring over 40 metres, was developed by a single team made up of students from a variety of backgrounds and different departments at the University of Genoa, including naval engineering, chemical engineering and nautical and naval design

an innovative hydrogen-based system, and the development of new ergonomic solutions to enhance on-board comfort. The hybrid propulsion system enables a choice of traditional or zero-emission sailing through a system of fuel cells fed by cylinders of pressurised hydrogen. The design of the external lines is inspired by an idea that is very simple yet totally on-trend in the superyacht world, with the superstructure shifted aft. The design concept defines the onboard spaces. The primary line that marks out the superstructure from the side is a 30-metre constant-radius curve extending from the stern to midships. In order to retain the clean style of the Perini Navi yard, the forward area is sheltered by a solar panel canopy that can be raised or lowered to suit the activity on board. It serves a variety of functions - protection for the furnishings and equipment while under way, creating shade when moored up and providing renewable energy to fulfil 15 per cent of the yachtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s total requirements under ideal conditions. The interior spaces develop horizontally, but there is an even greater focus on the vertical


[ young Designers ]

The owner’s suite has been designed to offer maximum comfort while at sea or in the marina (below). A double-height space between the interior lounge and the reading room on the upper deck creates a stunning light (below, right)

configuration. The design includes a double-height space between the interior lounge and the reading room on the upper deck. This space, open through two levels, creates a stunning light well and features a stairway visible to its full height - this connects the three decks as an architectural element in its own right. The interiors display a warm, welcoming style through a choice of colours and woods that is in line with the house style of the Viareggio-based yard. The owner’s suite has been designed to offer maximum comfort while at sea or in the marina, forgoing the space normally intended for most of the water toys in the original platform, the Vitruvius 55m. In fact the owner’s suite is located forward, below the deck, with a difference in height from the living area of around a metre.



[ TENDER ] A rendering of the Coach 31 which is entirely customisable by the owner – even its dimensions can be adjusted to fit any space

One good thing An unusual, fully-customisable and functional commuter craft. Its design exudes a sense of dynamic sophistication and it is the work of Custom One Tenders, a brand created and developed by Novurania by Fabio Petrone



hile most tenders are just a fast, practical way of

and RIB builders, Novurania.

getting from a larger yacht to shore, at the very top

The Coach 31 is the current flagship of a range that spans

end of the scale, they themselves become as luxurious and

models of 23’ to 40’. It is essentially a seaborne limo,

highly spec-ed as the superyachts they serve. The Coach

particularly the fixed-roof version featured here. Retractable

31 is just such a model. An unusual, fully-customisable yet

and removable tops are available also. The comfortable,

superbly functional commuter craft, even its volumes can

inviting interior is air-conditioned with a generous 1.8-metre

be tweaked to ensure it fits any yacht’s garage. The design

ceiling height. The pilot station is foremost and separate

exudes a sense of dynamic sophistication and is the work of

from the rest of the cabin. Its colour scheme can be matched

Custom One Tenders, a brand created and developed over

with that of the either the hull or top. Aside from two crew,

the last two years by one of the world’s most reputable tender

the Coach 31 accommodates up to 14 people. There are three

specifications: Sport, Luxury and Premium. Beautifully crafted woods, luxury leathers, sophisticated equipment, mood lighting, flat screen TV, wine chillers are all par for the course to ensure occupants enjoy all the comforts of

For further information: Phone: +1 772 567-9200

home as they make their way to and from their yacht.


[ TOYS ]

D e e p

The must-have accessory for todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s luxury megayachts, two to three-seater submersibles deliver stunning underwater voyages of discovery by Fabio Petrone


e m o t i o n s


nyone that grew up watching the pioneering underwater exploits of the legendary Jacques Cousteau or indeed has succumbed to the allure of

the flora and fauna of the deep blue sea will probably also have nurtured the impossible dream of exploring the ocean depths by submarine. SEAmagine has succeeded in turning what previously were mere pipedreams into glorious reality with a complete range of personal submersibles and submarines. Designed initially for use by documentary makers and scientific expeditions, these have now become the ultimate toy for the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most luxurious superyachts as a trip aboard offers an astonishing insight into the undersea world and its inhabitants. The SEAmagine range of personal subs is built around a single core technical concept with a signature transparent clamshellstyle cabin. This particular design not only provides passengers and pilot alike with a truly unrivalled field of view but also ensures the craft better withstands the huge pressures it experiences at great depths. That said, pressure inside the cabin is kept at a steady 1 atmosphere at all times with normal breathing air

levels. This also means that occupants never have to go through decompression before resurfacing. The SEAmagine range spans six models, all ABS or DNV-GL certified. Each one differs in terms of its performance (maximum dive depth, speed, range) and occupant capacity (from two to five people). Two models in particular provide a keen insight into the potential of these personal submersibles, which, thanks to their compact dimensions, are ideal even for none-too-large yachts. The Ocean Pearl (L 4.57 – W 2.67 – H 2.31) can dive to depths of 150 to 1,000 metres, depending on the spec ordered, and accommodates two passengers. The Triumph (L 5.33 – W 3.11 – H 3.05), on the other hand, has

These shots show SEAmagine’s Ocean Pearl which allows owners to explore the ocean depths

seating not just for the pilot and co-pilot but also a third crew

in superb compact and offers

member, and dives to anything between 200 and 450 metres.

technology on a par with submarines

For further information:

used for scientific exploration


[ The CAR ]

The fury of the wind goddess Inspired by the Andean goddess of the wind, the Pagani Huayra is a combination of cutting-edge technology and design with a mean, gutsy character by Paolo Gavazzi



[ The CAR ]


nly those favoured by the gods become a

the design upwards, expresses its venomous

legend among perfect strangers - which

potential. The Pagani Huayra’s looks ooze

explains Horacio Pagani, a technician who was

refinement - safe, violent, an interplay of taut

born in Argentina but became, of course, Italian

and softer lines and deliberately sharp angles.

by adoption. He worked at Lamborghini, then

The final product is incredibly stylish, unspoilt

set up on his own with a company specialising

by redundant or obsolete frippery like fins and

in highly refined materials, and eventually


became a constructor himself. He is now one

This supercar designed by the goddess of wind

- the carbon fibre monocoque

of the Mercedes “ambassadors” in Italy, which

is mean but not vulgar, and has personality

shell is in reinforced titanium alloy,

means he has a twofold link with the Stuttgart

to spare - the forward-slung cockpit leaves a

providing maximum strength and an

auto giant. His main source of inspiration here

long uncluttered tail behind it. There are some

extremely light weight. The 730hp

seems to be the wind, dedicating his latest

beautiful details - triple back light units, two

12-cylinder 6,000 twin turbo engine

technological masterpiece, the Huayra, to

sets of dual front vents for the bixenon and

is handmade in the AMG workshops

the divinity ruling the winds of the Andes -

LED headlights, gullwing doors and four

in Germany - a plate is mounted on

and the mere sight of a GT like the Huayra

exhaust ports in the centre section of the rear,

every example showing the name of

conjures up images of a spine-tingling rush of

configured in a square.

air, accompanied by a feeling of desire and fear

The bodywork features four small computer-

- the desire to enter the spectacular cabin, a

controlled flaps, inspired by aeronautical

triumph of leather, carbon fibre and metal, and

design, whose purpose is to reduce drag. The

fear because everything about this car, from

techies among our readers will know what that


The technology in this car is superb

the technician who built it


[ The CAR ]

means - the drag coefficient is variable!

race gearbox. But the most distinctive aspect

A couple of surprisingly elegant detail stand out

of Horacio Paganiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work is his passion for

in the midst of all that muscle and guts, the leaf-

technology. For the Huayra he has drawn

shaped wing mirrors. The technology in this car

on solutions developed by the aeronautical

There are some beautiful details -

is superb - the carbon fibre monocoque shell is in

industry and the military. A typical example is

triple back light units, two sets of dual

reinforced titanium alloy, providing maximum

the location of the 85-litre fuel tank, mounted

front vents for the bixenon and LED

strength and an extremely light weight. The

behind the driver in a safety cell constructed

headlights, gullwing doors and four

730hp 12-cylinder 6,000 twin turbo engine is

in sophisticated explosion-resistant materials.

exhaust ports in the centre section of

handmade in the AMG workshops in Germany

Given that the Huayra is an almost entirely

the rear, configured in a square

- a plate is mounted on every example showing

hand-made automotive masterpiece, the price

the name of the technician who built it. The

tag of a million euro doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seem excessive!

car has an Xtrac seven-gear unit, almost a



[ The WATCH ]



Spider Black titanium and red aluminium for the new Roger Dubuis, as well as a skeletonising technique, revamped with a modern appeal, enhancing aesthetic impact and exclusivity by Paolo De Vecchi


n original, highly distinctive idea underpins the entire new Excalibur collection, recently presented by Roger Dubuis at the Geneva show. These pieces have been made possible by a combination of experience, sensitivity and a cutting edge production facility, shaped by what is considered to be the most refined, difficult and traditional of the decorative watchmaking arts. This has been reinterpreted with a contemporary slant, creating an extremely striking watch that is perfectly in tune with the principles of modern design. The technique is called skeletonising, which describes the skilful, patient removal of the greatest possible amount of material from the working parts of the mechanism. While the first skeletonised watch by Roger Dubuis was presented ten years ago, now it is the turn of this particularly acclaimed model, created along the same principles. Introducing the Spider, an evocative name for a timepiece where the elements of the mechanism, case and hands have been pared down to their essential shape and mounted like


[ The WATCH ]

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Skeletonised, dual tourbillon mechanism, titanium and aluminium case, rubber strap. Limited series of 188 pieces, price on request

a spider’s web, blending an almost ethereal visual presence with the lightness of the materials. There is something truly extraordinary about the completed instrument, with the materials that make up the imposing 47mm diameter case - black DLC-coated titanium and red aluminium containing a manual winding movement with “Poinçon de Genève” certification and two flying tourbillons, making a total of 301 elements. The power reserve is fifty hours. Watches of this kind are so exciting, fascinating and elegant that they are generally transparent, or even have no dial in order to render the full beauty of the movement totally visible. On this model the purely decorative aesthetic that gives the skeletonising a 19th-century look has given way to architectural mechanisms and construction, developing a new project designed and built to obtain the maximum possible visual and structural lightness. The figure behind all this is Roger Dubuis. Born in 1938, this highly skilful watchmaker, formerly a constructor with some of the most illustrious Swiss companies, launched the brand that bears his name in 1995. Now, with the Excalibur Spider he has sought to carry his products well beyond the traditional yet incredibly beautiful - forms of the past. 154


[ Jewels ]

THE woman IN


ed is the colour of the heart, of passion and sexuality. Rubens (from the Latin) is the first colour in the rainbow, the first colour babies can see, and the first that humans everywhere gave a name. ‘He who looks, shall find’ – something that applies to hidden meanings. Red also symbolises faith in one’s own strength and abilities as well as, of course, dynamism and vitality. Just how we imagine the woman to whom we dedicate this first issue. So here is a selection of lovely things co-starring rubies and, naturally, diamonds.

1. Buccellati has outdone itself with this white gold and diamond cuff bracelet with striped engraving 2. Stunning pink gold Melody of Colours drop earrings with tourmalines and spinels 3. Three sublime diamond engagement rings in platinum (from left): Tiffany Legacy, Tiffany Bezet, Lucida and Tiffany Novo Opposite page: this beautiful white gold necklace set with oval-shaped rubies and fancy-cut diamonds is by Chopard



Royal by name and nature One of the world’s oldest and most exclusive yacht clubs is in the very heart of London. The Royal Thames is a place where seafaring folk can get together in traditional surroundings. And where one might find Prince Charles or the Duke of Edinburgh at the next table by Bianca Ascenti


ou can do business with anyone

The Royal Thames is open every day of

but you can only sail with a

the year and almost 24 hours a day. On

gentleman”. A quote from JP Morgan Sr,

weekdays, for the informal Britannia Deck

who knew a thing or two about both.

and ground floor rooms, the dress code

The Royal Thames Yacht Club has its

dictates that a polo shirt, chinos and deck

Clubhouse at number 60 Knightsbridge

shoes will suffice, while in the more formal

and was founded in 1775 by the Duke of

Quarterdeck, the Cumberland Bar and

Cumberland. Despite the warm atmosphere

Coffee Room dining room, a jacket (from

of its classically naval surroundings, it has,

11 in the morning) and tie (from 19.00)

like all such established clubs, its own

must be worn. Jeans are only permitted

strict rules and etiquette which must on

between 4 p.m. on Friday and 11 a.m.

all counts be observed. This is because

on Monday when the emphasis is smart

the Yacht Club does not merely organise

casual but, again, these must be clean and

cruising and competitive activities but

untorn. If all this sounds a little stuffy, just

provides a place a haven for sea lovers who

remember that you might find the likes of

can discuss the subjects close to the hearts

Prince Charles or the Duke of Edinburgh

of all yachtspeople - boats, measurement,

at the next table as they are, respectively,

classifications, storms - without any fear

the Commodore and patron of the Royal

of being taken for bores.

Thames YC.


Tea time at the The Royal Thames yacht club



The Royal Thames is open every day of the year and almost 24 hours. Despite the warm atmosphere of its classically naval surroundings, it has, like all such established clubs, its own strict rules and etiquette which must on all counts be observed: Jeans for example are only permitted between 4 p.m. on Friday and 11 a.m. on Monday but must be clean and untorn


Royal Thames YC Founded: 1775 Royal Warrant: 1830 Main regattas: British RYA Open Championship, Royal Thames Cumberland Cup Berthing for members: Cowes, (Isle of Wight), Hamble Club colours: red, white and blue Stations: none Members: approx. 1,600


[ Harbour l i fe ]


The Philippe Starck-designed marina in Majorca is the islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest superyacht hub (now able to accommodate yachts of up to 100 metres in length). Thanks to a superb location and quality services by Cristina Griner


[ Harbour l i fe ]


ust two years after its official opening, Port Adriano has truly

The dockside is now on two levels and dotted with bars and

exceeded all expectations and is now able to accommodate

restaurants, designer boutiques, art galleries and other haute-

yachts of up to 100 metres in length. This was the last move in a

gamme services, nautical and otherwise, as well as stairs and

long road that saw the transformation of a relatively anonymous

dazzling perspective interplays that lead all the way to the pool.

port for small boats on Majorcaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s south-west coast into one of the

Everything from freshly caught fish at Ristorante Bruno to

Balearicsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; most elegant and best-equipped superyacht marinas.

exclusive brokerage and charters from Burgess and fine jewellery

The project involved an investment of 90 million euros and the

at Relojeria Alemana.

creative genius of no less than Philippe Starck who designed a

All around is a stunning island with delights such as the 18-hole

wonderfully light structure on the old breakwater and a simple

Golf Santa Ponsa and Golf de Poniente and rural Michelin-

linear outer wall that protects the 240 new berths of which 80

starred restaurants including Es Raco dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;es Teix and also Deia,

specifically cater to superyacht requirements.

where the chef is Josef Sauerschell. Port Adriano is just nine

The look is elegant, understated yet sophisticated with neutral

kilometres from cosmopolitan Palma and its airport too. It is

tones, lots of glazing and simple wood, steel and glass. Technical

home to the Opio Bar in the Puro Hotel, a firm favourite with

aspects such as lights, bitts and the lighthouse have been turned

the local and international jet setters at cocktail hour, and Simply

into features, bearing the inimitable mark of Starck. His vision

Fosh which was recently awarded its first Michelin star.

was to integrate the whole project into the original fishing village.


Philippe Starck (opposite page, left) has created a wonderfully dynamic design. The old breakwater is now adorned with a light, open split-level structure that is home to bars, restaurants, boutiques (centre, the Relojeria Alemana) and services. Bitts (opening) and lights (overleaf) are signature, unifying features. The islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best 18-hole golf courses are all around too


[ Real Estate ]

Millionaire’s paradise After three decades languishing in the shadows, London’s iconic Battersea Power Station (BPS) is back in the spotlight as Europe’s largest real estate renewal and renovation project by Antonella Euli


This massive urban renewal project on the south bank of the Thames will most certainly be a magnate for the world’s rich and powerful


ondon’s elite districts of Kensington,

of seven hectares of public spaces.

Chelsea, Mayfair and Belgravia will

complex was officially presented at the end


soon be outclassed for residential clout by

of 2014 at events in 13 different cities in 11

the iconic Battersea Power Station (BPS).

countries, which gives an indication of its

Work officially began on the first phase of its

massive scope and exclusivity. The project has

renovation and conversion in July 2013 and

been split into seven different phases, with

will continue until 2025. However, there is

each one entrusted to different architecture

no doubt whatsoever about one thing: this


massive urban renewal project on the south

Rijke Marsh Morgan (dRMM) are in charge

bank of the Thames will most certainly be a

of the first phase (Circus West), Wilkinson

magnate for the world’s rich and powerful. In

Eyre Architects for the second (The Power

total, 10 billion euro will be poured into the

Station) and Foster + Partners and Gehry

renovations and conversions by a Malaysian

Partners for the third one (The Electric

consortium (S B Sethia BHD Group, Sime

Boulevard, Battersea Roof Gardens and

Darby and Employees’ Provident Group)

Prospect Place). Uruguayan architect Rafael

resulting in an exceptionally exclusive but

Vinoly originally drew up the master plan for

bustling complex full of things to do and

the site in 2006. It centres around the creation

see. BPS will be the central hub of the

of three main boulevards which all converge

Nine Elms area, transforming a 17-hectare

ultimately on the Power Station itself, each

former industrial site into something like

one with signature buildings and facilities.

4,000 homes, more than 250 shops, bars

The Prospect snakes along the Gehry-

and restaurants as well as offices and leisure

designed Prospect Place and is the most

facilities not forgetting a residential, office

formal entrance point affording an iconic view

and leisure complex as well as in excess

of The Power Station. The Electric Boulevard

Ian Simpson Architects and De


[ Real Estate ]

runs from the new tube stop in the heart of

in an absolutely unique complex designed to

Battersea Roof Gardens and will be lined

deliver the perfect living and working space.

with shops and other retail outlets. Battersea

The Battersea team (supported by Héra

Circus North, East and West surround the

International Real Estate Spa) touched down

Power Station and lead to the two-hectare

in Milan in November, scouting for high-end

Riverfront Park which provides views that

names from the fashion, restaurant and other

give a real taste of the scale and design of

sectors to set up on this most exclusive of new

the Station. Some of the most futuristic

London high streets.

buildings outlined by Vinoly in his master

They were also offering for sale 539 of the

plan are already under construction including

1,305 residences designed by Gehry Partners

Battersea Roof Gardens, also known as “The

and Foster + Partners. Needless to say, these

Skyline”, a sinuous structure by Sir Norman

big names come at a premium, as even Studio

Foster (also responsible for both that most

apartments have a price tag of £495,000

iconic of London skyscrapers, the Gherkin

while four-bedroom versions will set you back

and the new Wembley Stadium), Prospect

£3.2 million. Intriguingly, there is also a very

Place and The Flower by the visionary Frank

limited number of penthouses so high-end

O. Gehry, whose signatures include the

that prices are available only on application.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Walt

Almost all of the homes have their own

Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. These

outdoor area in the form of a winter garden,

architecture megastars have all created one-

balcony or terrace. What more can we say?

off, powerfully impactful buildings resulting


BPS will be the central hub of the Nine Elms area, transforming a 17-hectare former industrial site into something like 4,000 homes, more than 250 shops, bars and restaurants as well as offices and leisure facilities. There will be also a very limited number of penthouses



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