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Explosive performance under absolute road control: 7, as the speeds of its SportShift III automated transmission. 573 PS, as the power emitted by its 6-litre V12 engine. 330 km/h, as its top speed. 3.9 seconds, as its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. Numbers speak for themselves: V12 Vantage S is the fastest and most extreme car ever produced by Aston Martin. ASTON MARTIN MILANO Via Monte Rosa, 91 - 20149 Milan - Italy Tel: +39 02 43510988 www.astonmartinmilano.it Fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions: 8 Fuel consumption (litres/100 km): Urban 24,3 - Extra-urban 11,7 - Combined 16,4 - CO 2 Emissions 388 g/km

editorial Many years ago, when I was still a little boy, my grandfather gave me a small radio-controlled motorboat. It was yellow, had two electric motors and, best of all, it was wireless! That was almost the stuff of science fiction back then! In the park near my home there was (and still is) a big fountain and that’s where I used to take my boat. I remember the first day I arrived with my new yellow prize. All the other children looked at me as if I was an intrepid captain from the future as their boats bobbed about on their little electric wires, only able to venture a few metres. I, on the other hand, had the whole fountain as my world and I explored it all. My remote control was a sceptre and I felt like a king! So many emotions on that small stretch of water… A sea of emotions. We need to float on a sea of emotions. The ones that direct our impulses without actually guiding them. In a world all-too packed with rationality, in which decisions are pondered over and sometimes not entirely freely, it really is vital to be able to let yourself go, and to allow yourself to be drawn in by beauty for its own sake. And there’s a lot of beauty to talk about and experience in the gigayacht world. Just a few weeks back, we launched the first “Ruby” issue of THE ONE Yacht & Design, at the Dubai International Boat Show, and here we are again, back in the East, this time at the Singapore Yacht Show, where the second “Emerald” issue of the THE ONE Yacht & Design will be showcased. It was truly exciting to introduce THE ONE Yacht & Design which is so very different from anything else on the gigayacht magazine scene. And to do so to an audience of sector professionals, particularly the yards and designers. The latter appreciated the balance we struck between content aimed at male and female readers because they understand the important role played by women in influencing the purchase and choice of yachts, in the selection of materials, décor styles and much more besides.

THE ONE Yacht & Design took this fact onboard and has made it its own, incorporating female reader-oriented features with a strong yachting-related interest into its DNA but also packing a strong emotional punch. In tough times when it seems like everything is being squeezed, let’s get back to dreaming… dreaming free… just like my little boat…

Matteo Galbiati CEO Platinum Media Lab



( EB-1018 )

Inspired by the sleek silhouette of sail boats, the Sloop is handcrafted from state of the art carbon fiber, surgical grade stainless steel, and Superluminova. The disappearing clip mechanism is engineered from thirteen gears and components bridging horology with the art of pen making. Each writing instrument is made and numbered in Switzerland, guaranteeing exceptional quality and uniqueness.

Cover: 47-metre Panthera by Benetti

contents EMERALD ISSUE n째 2 - 2015




Agaist the Wind


Five Questions to... Alberto Galassi


Five Questions to... Fulvia Codecasa

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contents EMERALD ISSUE n째 2 - 2015



46 Cover Story: Benetti Panthera 60 Jet: Flagship with a View


66 The Car: Only for the Chosen Few 72

Creative Minds: Stefano Pastrovich


Megasailer: Royal Huisman Wisp

92 Art on board: Yachts as

Art Galleries

96 Mise en Place: Journey Through the Senses 100 Gourmand: My Homage to the Sea 104 Megayacht: Baglietto 46 metres 118 Trend Setters: Travel is a State of Mind


124 Megayacht: Princess Yachts Solaris 134 Technology: Higher and Higher 138 Young Designers: The World in a Yacht


142 Helicopter: European Challenge to Italian Excellence

66 104 12

Designed, Engineered & Hand Built in America.


W112' | 34M

W125' | 38M

W130' | 40M

WWW.Westportyachts.coM teL +1 954 316 6364

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IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS…. by Andrea Pezzini, CEO & Co-Founder Floating Life


recently organised a conference during which I attempted

a Flag Inspection because it didn’t comply with the regulations, I

to illustrate various issues relating to both PSC (Port State

would probably sue the yard. It’s simply not acceptable for anyone

Control) and the MLC 2006 (the Maritime Labour Convention,

in the business to say “Oh, I just wasn’t aware…”, “No one told

which replaces most of the older legislation). I then asked a yard I

us…” or “But we have the Class Certificate…” Once you get to

was visiting about the new regulations in force in over 60 nations

court, you will be held responsible. End of story.

since 2013 and received the following answer: “Yes, we’ve heard

These regulations are not under the jurisdiction of the Naval

them mentioned but they’re a voluntary thing, right?” Big, big

Registers but the Flag Administrations which, as we know,

mistake! They are actually compulsory for both all commercial

have thus far been involved to only a tiny extent in building.

yachts and private craft with a Load Line Certificate!

The regulations themselves state that to be exempt from certain

If I were an owner buying a new build over 24 metres (certified

articles, application must be made in advance to the Flag

2013) and I found myself stuck in port in the wake of a PSC or


In the upcoming days, I will be visiting several other builders in the course of my normal work and I will see just how familiar they are with these regulations. I hope I am wrong but fear that I will be met with confusion.

The new season begins again very shortly and we’ll all have our yachts back on the water. There are early signs that the season looks good for the charter market despite an initial drop-off in Russian clients because of the Balkan situation. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the Mediterranean summer market at greater length in the next issue.





Made in Italy continues to set the bar for the rest of the sector. How can we consolidate that position or even improve on it?

Our goal is to ensure that our yachts, which are ambassadors of Italian excellence, style and elegance worldwide, regain the leadership position they deserve. That will happen with the full support of the Weichai Group, a strong, stable partner with a long-term industrial vision. Over the next three years, our Group will focus on developing the core brands in its portfolio, thanks to an investment of over 50 million euro in R&D. In fact, 27 models are scheduled for the Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing and Custom Line brands in that period. Which international markets have performed well and which badly over the last year? In 2014, the Ferretti Group recorded consolidated revenues of 315 million euro, 43 per cent of which came from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with North and South America (AMAS) accounting for 42 per cent. The remaining 15 per cent came from the Asia Pacific region. Markets with a new nautical culture hold great promise, including Asia. So the Weichai Group’s input is pivotal in that sense: it has worked closely with the Ferretti Group to open new distribution channels. It has also supported our international expansion with a particular emphasis on the emerging markets. Riva is part of the Ferretti Group. What development plans do you have for it? This year we’ll be unveiling three new Riva models at the Group’s upcoming events and at the main shows. All by Mauro Micheli, who founded Officina italiana Design with Sergio Beretta. Now back designing exclusively for Riva, the studio will work with the 18

Strategic Product Development Committee chaired by Engineer Piero Ferrari and the Group’s R&D department, on the new Riva Superyachtsdivision to launch it in the over-50-metre vessel segment. These dedicated divisions for unmistakable, customisable alloy megayachts will handle the design, development, building, sales and assistance for them. Riva will also present five production models in 2016 and three more in 2017. What medium term plans do you have for CRN, one of the great ambassadors for this nation? In 2015 CRN will splash two full-customs, a 55-metre and a 46-metre in for refitting, while another two are in build – a 77 and 74-metre. The yard recently also unveiled its new 2015–2019 business plan which centres around relaunching the Ancona production site partly through the expansion of the product range and brands, and building steel and/or aluminium Rivas. How has the Ferretti Group changed in the year since you took the helm? What lies in store? In the first nine months of the new course embarked upon by the Group I head, we began a major reorganisation with the support of our main shareholders. The biggest focus is on the highest earning brands. We are making a huge effort to innovate the range and the first fruit of this is the new models that we have presented in recent months, the projects we’ve announced and the new boats that will debut over the next three years. Aside from the three Rivas, two Ferretti Yachts, including the new entry level Ferretti Yachts 550, and the Custom Line Navetta 37, the new semi-displacement flagship, and the Custom Line 108’. Last but not least, we have been working to create a team of extraordinary men and women to promote them on the international markets.




The Italian nautical sector remains one of the leading lights on the international scene. What do we have to do to kick-start it domestically?

Getting it back to the splendours of a decade ago will be a slow and difficult process. Clearly, like every other manufacturing and production sector in the country, the crisis-ridden nautical sector requires an intensive approach that will incorporate a series of broad-ranging legislative or fiscal measures. We definitely need some kind of major change and the state must understand the central importance of the yacht-building industry to the national economy. Structural reforms have to be introduced to inject new life into the segment. For their part, the yards can’t do much except guarantee the signature Made in Italy standards of quality and excellence. What strategies did Codecasa adopt to secure its position on the world yacht-building stage? The strategy we chose to ensure we survived these last few dreadful years more or less unscathed and to retain our prestige international position was basically the same as the approach we always took. We limited annual output to a few yachts (two or, at the most, three). This meant that we offered our clients beautifully built craft, and avoided having too many unsold yachts left on our hands. This is a time when the yards are going all out to astonish. So why persevere with classic, timeless lines like your own? Our yachts have very clean, rigorous designs with classic, traditional exterior lines. We build custom yachts tailored to suit owners’ desires. If we build “on spec”, we focus on the family feeling common to all Codecasa yachts. I do feel, however, 20

that the best and most valuable thing about Italian creativity and genius is our ability to bring together different styles in harmony and to move freely between one and the other. This, in my opinion, is our most valuable asset and it is what has made our fashion, car and yacht sectors so successful over the years. So it’s where we should be focusing our road to recovery. What are the owners that come to Codecasa looking for? Essentially, owners come to us because they know us and not because they just happen upon us by chance. Because of our company policy, in fact, we pare our marketing and publicity activities back to a minimum and simply let our products do the talking for us. Generally speaking, owners know they will get a very high quality bespoke yacht from us and that it will be delivered on time. Many of our clients really like the very personal relationship they can build up with the Boss, my father Fulvio, and the rest of the family too. That creates a kind of pact of trust. When an owner signs a contract with us, he is not just placing his money but also his time, his commitment, and the realisation of his dream, in our hands Codecasa celebrates 190 years in business this year. How will you be celebrating that milestone? Yes, it’s true: the family founded the company in Viareggio in 1825. Contrary to what you might think, however, we don’t have any particular events or celebrations lined up for our 190th anniversary. We’re still here almost two centuries after our foundation. The company has been handed down from generation to generation and has survived wars, economic crises and competition from emerging markets… can you imagine a better way to celebrate than that?



WHAT’S NEW A selection of new projects and concepts from the leading international shipyards and design studios that will grace the waves in the near future by Désirée Sormani and Mary Hagerty


ince it first dipped its toe in the superyacht

pool floor combined with a greenhouse that can

market, Fincantieri has gone from strength

be opened up to the elements or enclosed – a

to strength. With the new Skyback with Crystal

completely unique feature. The Dutch architect

Beach, however, it must have exceeded even

refers to the result as a “new, crystalline concept”

its own expectations. The stunning project is

that is the product of “a search for timeless

a collaboration with the great Cor D. Rover.

beauty”. On a more mundane level, the yacht has

An 80.4-metre LOA vessel with plumb bow, it

five suites accommodating up to 10 people, while

exudes a wonderfully cool sense of style. What

there are also quarters for 25-27 crew and staff.

sets the Skyback completely apart from its

She has a 6,000 nm range at 12 knots but can

contemporaries, however, is its incredibly flexible

make a redline speed of 18.

use of deck space, which includes a patented






[ WIP ]


itters Shipyard is just commencing production of a superior quality 33-metre Performance

Cruising Sloop with naval architecture and exterior styling by Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design. The owner’s brief demanded a comfortable, go-anywhere vessel. This pointed the yard towards noise and vibration damping, as well as weight containment. Sail handling and control will also be state-of -the-art, while a lifting keel combines good upwind performance with effortless access to shallow waters and anchorages (it has a stroke of between 5 and 3.75 metres). The new yacht’s carbon-fibre composite hull is currently building at Green Marine, Vitters’ composite subsidiary in Southampton, UK, for completion this June. The sloop’s Design Unlimited interiors will feature pale woods to yield a properly cool, confident superyacht look and ambience. The overall emphasis is on delivering flawless quality and performance, the signature of Vitters’ down-to-earth approach to translating owners’ visions into practice.




L眉rssen Yachts 路 phone: +49 421 6604 166 email: yachts@lurssen.com 路 www.lurssen.com



[ WIP ]


he sublime new 60-metre presented to the world by Mondo Marine at the last Dubai

Boat Show is swathed in seductive, enduringly elegant lines. Developed in association with Luca Vallebona and SF Yachts, the SF 60 Project sports a modern axe bow and a singular diagonal line linking all three decks. Her exterior spaces melt unself-consciously into the interior which includes six guest staterooms: two on the lower deck and three on the main. The owner’s suite is on the upper deck, stretching the full 10-metre beam, with private access and two terraces. All of the accommodation areas are elegantly luxurious. There is a swimming pool forward on the sun deck as well as a stunning sunning zone with an al fresco saloon and dining area. There is even a shaded area from which guests can enjoy the views. A touch-and-go helipad on the upper bridge deck adds a touch of class too, while the tender garage and private captain and crew stairs are on the lower one. The SF 60 Project will be built by Cantieri Navali Campanella, making her an all-Italian girl from start to finish.




Via Santa Maria a Marignolle, 69 - 50124 Firenze - +39 055 229519 - info@paszkowskidesign.it - www.paszkowskidesign.it



[ WIP ]



escribed by Ken Freivokh Designs as a “rule-breaker”,

spiral staircase are capped by a large skylight which draws

Stiletto really is something of a departure from our

sunlight right down into the interior. Other striking amenities

standard view of what deck and interior layouts should look

include a split-level saloon with a six-metre ceiling height and a

like. First and foremost, the 107-metre designed for Oceanco

mezzanine balcony that affords endless views. Stiletto’s slender

Shipyard and unveiled at the recent Dubai International Boat

underwater hull shape (her maximum beam is 15.3 metres) and

Show, presents imposing aft terraces that hug a swimming pool

hybrid propulsion system (twin 1400 hp MTUs 16V2000 M72/1

that is itself fully integrated into an al fresco dining and bar

coupled with 500 Kw electric motors) see her glide effortlessly

area. Even more unusually, Stiletto has a further swimming pool

and surprisingly silently through the water. She sleeps 16 to 18

on her forward terrace as well as a bar and pantry, all shielded

guests (in one owner’s suite, six guest cabins and one VIP suite

from the sun by special shading louvers while a spectacular

convertible to two smaller cabins) as well as a crew of 30.

waterfall provides the backdrop. A central glass lift and a large




[ WIP ]



he islands and cays of the Bahamas provide a myriad of coves and beaches for adventurous

sailors to visit, but the many shoals and sandbanks mean this can be a very tricky region to navigate once you venture outside the main waterways. The answer is the 48-metre Bahamas Series, a collaboration between Horacio Bozzo design, Rossinavi and Axis group yacht Design. With a draught of just six feet (1.83 metres), this design can tiptoe around the Bahamian waters while hardly getting its feet wet, sailing close enough inshore to allow guests to swim over to those inviting beaches. This agility also means that the yacht will often be able to take a shorter route to its destination than more conventional craft, an important factor in the charter market. In Horacio Bozzo’s words, “The Bahamas is a boutiquesuperyacht Series with all the characteristics and capabilities to enjoy the islands”. In practical terms, this translates into an all-aluminium construction with a displacement just short of 500gt. There is room for 10 guests and a crew of nine, whisked along by a pair of Caterpillar C32 ACERT engines at a top speed of 15.5 knots at half load - which also offers trans-Pacific range.




[ WIP ]



legant, with balanced proportions and a dynamic appeal - all qualities displayed by the 57-metre Eidos, designed by Enrico

Gobbi-Team for Design for Mondo Marine. This magnificent yacht has a captivating design, a wonderful compromise between angles and curved surfaces, especially in the yacht’s plumb bow. There is an extensive sweep of glazed surfaces that help create a streamlined look and encourage a constant dialogue between interiors and exteriors, one of the Italian designer’s distinctive hallmarks. This dialogue is also accentuated by the lowered bulwarks on hull and superstructure, opening up panoramic views from the main saloon, upper deck saloon and owner’s suite. The suite also includes an 8 sqm terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views. The interiors are a perfect fusion of contemporary and modern, with select materials that harmonise well with the accessories and furniture from the Armani Casa collection. There is a 5-metre pool on the main deck acting as a focus for the exterior area, with a water cascade and special lights creating a scenic effect. www.teamfordesign.com

“It’s my aim to create the classics of tomorrow”


I N T E R I O R SnowbirD | Hakvoort

64m Beach | Benetti

Lady Dee | Acico Yachts

50m Beach<500grt | Benetti

44 ft | Zeelander Yachts

64m Beach | Benetti

Manifiq | Mondomarine


50m Beach<500grt | Benetti

Cor D. Rover BV | Holland | T: +31 184 609 333 | F: +31 184 609 444 | E: cor@cor-d-rover.com | www.cor-d-rover.com33


[ WIP ]



he trimaran designed by Sunreef’s in-house design team in response to

a request from a visionary owner looks more like a spacecraft! The yacht is ideal for those who love luxury but demand high performance as well as comfort, offering 1000 sqm of living space, including a flybridge that itself offers over 200 sqm. All of which makes this 210-footer the largest yacht of its type on the market. The yacht can accommodate 12 guests in six spacious cabins, all with queensize bed, en-suite bathroom, panoramic view and private terrace. Given the space available in the owner’s suite, a number of configurations are possible - they can include twin bathrooms, two wardrobes, a large study and a 30 sqm private terrace offering intimacy and a breathtaking view. An internal lift links the three decks - like all the interiors, this can be personalised according to the owner’s wishes. The three hulls ensure unequalled stability and thrilling performances.


From dreams to great deals

Take advantage of the pre-owned luxury market. Your dreams deserve to come true and we work to make them happen. Markagain is the ďŹ rst italian platform that manages pre-owned luxury assets, selling and buying on the international market. We guarantee a professional, safe and clear process. Markagain oďŹ&#x20AC;ers a privileged way to make dreams evolve in great deals.





House of Fine Yachting 23 - 26 september 2015 port hercules, monaco




EXCLUSIVE YACHT DECOR In harmony with the colours of spring, here are the latest furnishing trends. Iconic design pieces and new ideas for originality on board, transforming a floating villa into a series of unique interiors by Marta Bernasconi and Désirée Sormani

1. Sculpted and polished by artisans, the block of glass is transformed into light, and the precious Quartz lamp by the designers of Ozone for Cristalerie de Saint-Louis. Ideal for luxury environments


2. Rubelli’s collection of precious fabrics 3.

(cotton, silk, velvets) make up the range of greens to make soft cushions that are perfect for decorating sofas and beds on


board. 3. Lightness inspired by leaves, natural elements that can flutter weightlessly in the air, and solid materials like oak, walnut and steel. This combination inspires the magic of the Table Fenice by VG New Trend


4. Estrela is a chair from the collection by Fratelli Campana for A Lot of Brasil, which also includes coffee tables, lamps and sofas. A design that recalls marine starfish


5. Fragrance is also a key element on board a yacht. Kartellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new sensory experience is a collection of eight room fragrances. Design by Ferruccio Laviani. 6. My Sommelier, a Bat-Tech product, enables wine to be kept in eight temperature-controlled areas, where a search system allows immediate 5.

identification of the desired bottle. The body can be personal



7. The rose gold colour Love Affair collection comprises six latest generation products by Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY, including the BeoLab 18 wireless speakers with walnut lamellas


8. Sofa V114 is the new circular sofa collection upholstered in Skin Sand leather and offered by Aston Martin Interiors. The tables, too, have the curved lines displayed by the chairs. The integrated tabletops are in oak


YD 1. Lema presents the Lennox armchair by Gordon Guillaumier. An open corolla floats lightly on the light metal structure. Intended as a chair for conversation, reading and listening to music 2. The blown-glass spheres of the vertical Lincoln 1.

light by Barovier&Toso create clouds of diffuse


light, while the rhomboid pattern on the glass creates unexpected accents



3. In the new sculptural table from Porro, the Swedish designers Front play with crisp shapes and curved surfaces. Ellipse Table seats from six to eight indoors or out. 4. The bed seems to float inside the frame designed by Roberto Lazzeroni per Poltrona Frau. Foot and stretchers are tulip tree wood, covered entirely in Saddle Extra or Pelle Frau速, like the beech and birch head



5. Ron Arad has designed the definitive version of the Glider sofa for Moroso, here in the exclusive Blur fabric. The lines seem even softer and the shapes more comfy. Also available in rocking and fixed version. 6. The collaboration between Citco and Zaha Hadid has produced the new green onyx marble wall panel. With only three made, the design uses the stone inlay technique to create a striking work. 7. An inviting design for the Miss Malice chair by Arketipo. With a strong vintage appeal, it has slender, painted metal legs and a soft, embracing seat




YD 1.


1. In Himalayan wool and silk, Illulianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hand-knotted Madama Butterly rug in white and black versions. Sizes to


measure. 2. A soft, monolithic, welcoming and embracing shape for Aircell, the revolving armchair created by Sacha Lakic for Roche Bobois. 3. Designed by Marco Zanuso, the Zanuso 275 table lamp produces a diffuse light.




4. The Manhattan breakfast table from Colombo Stile has


a diamond effect frisĂŠ sycamore top







w w w.f l o a t i n g l i f e . c o m





by Bianca Ascenti 46

The owner wanted a yacht that would make a classy, enduring impression. The result is this 47-metre by Benetti that marks a break with tradition and proves that less really is more 47

nmistakably a Benetti but with a personality all of her

a wealth of new synergies. The result is a brilliantly successful

own. Classic yet contemporary, aggressive and refined

yacht, both aesthetically and architecturally. Very much a “less

all at once, Panthera bursts with character as befits a design that

is more” kind of girl, Panthera’s styling shows an exceptionally

marks a sharp departure from the yard’s previous form. She

light, confident touch. Built from aluminium, the 47-metre has

remains, however, a wonderfully harmonious yacht clothed in the

four decks: lower, main, upper and sun. Her superb hull geometry

sleek, slender exterior lines of the FB500. Panthera is, in fact, the

delivers excellent performance but she is so stable and silent that

second example of the Stefano Natucci-designed series, sporting

guests will barely notice as she flies through the water. Grey is

tinted oval windows that break up her stylistic sobriety and lend

her colour but various different shades are used to lighten the

a sense of movement to her forms. The metallic grey of her hull is

impact: the metallic silver of the hull is warmed by the teak deck

also perfect for a yacht with ambitions to draw admiring glances

while marble cools it. Ultra-sophisticated Lati (white wengé) sets

without resorting to stylistic excess. The owner’s brief was clear:

it off to perfection too. Even the furniture (much of which is

this was to be a yacht that left a mark without being too on-trend.

freestanding), textiles, lights and sofas by Armani Casa, the B&B

A craft that would hold her sense of elegance and tastefulness

chairs and other designer pieces all work very naturally together,

down through the years. The client followed her design and build

colour-wise and on every other level. The electric blue chairs

in Livorno through a representative, so no exterior designers

and cheerful hassocks on deck provide quirky, artful splashes of

were required. This streamlined the whole process and created

colour. Panthera is at her best when she surprises: the powder

The excellent geometry of her aluminium hull guarantees superb performance figures. The dominant colour palette is grey of which various different hues are used to upbeat effect: the Armani table and sofas in the living area (opposite page) are good examples


Grey also dominates the exteriors but is lightened with cleverly mixed and matched designer pieces as demonstrated by cheery hassocks by Paoa Lenti which have the bright appeal of fresh paint


room with its black and white butterfly mosaic, the owner’s vaguely 1970s bed, and the orange and white media room being cases in point. The layout is traditional with the main deck featuring a cockpit with built-in sofa and sheltered dining table. Inside is a lobby, then the open-plan saloon followed by the full-beam owner’s suite complete with office, walk-in closet, huge Bisazza mosaic bathroom and direct access to the forward patio-style area. The grey and pearly white galley completes the main deck. On the deck above, the al fresco space is split between an aft section with sofas and hassocks, and the sunning area forward. Inside is the second VIP stateroom, the captain’s cabin and the bridge. Also on this deck is Panthera’s quirky media room which is home to a 46” giant screen and can convert to a dance floor complete with strobe lights and lap dancing poles. The lower deck, by comparison, is given over to the guest suites and crew quarters (four two-berth cabins). The suites exude the same understated distinction as the rest of the yacht but each has a different Bisazza mosaic bathroom. The engine room is behind the VIP suite and further aft still is the garage which has a 10 square metre beach platform. Last but by no means least, the sun deck and its Jacuzzi offer guests a wonderfully peaceful haven to soak up the rays or while away an hour or so in the shade with a good book. On starry nights at sea, it is also a wonderful place for al fresco dinners with the moonlightbathed water affording a glittering backdrop.

www.benettiyachts.it 51

The walls are hung with mostly black and white works by the great photographers (see the upper saloon, right) but also colour ones (on the port side of a corridor on the lower deck, left). Designer pieces by Armani Casa, Tommi M (the sofas in the upper deck saloon, photo below) and Maxalto B&B (the master bedside tables, below, right)




Project Manager Davide Sorgo


he owner already owned an Azimut 86S that he used for long summer holidays in the Balearics.

He wanted to upgrade and because he had been very taken with the modern, innovative lines of the FB500, he decided to go for that particular type of craft. What he liked most about it was the versatility of the project which delivers blistering performance whilst still retaining high standards of comfort across the board. As soon as the client took delivery of the boat, he organised a holiday with friends during which he experienced first-hand Pantheraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stability and silent running. He also really liked the sheer size and comfort of both the communal and private cabin spaces. This client spends much of his time moving between Ibiza and Formentera, which is partly why he wanted a fast boat. The client is delighted with the boat. His team and the Benetti one had a very constructive, professional working relationship and it produced a very interesting project thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique in many respects.


Yacht Designer Benetti Yachts Group Artistic Office


he FB 502 M/Y Panthera is the second example of the successful

contemporary vessel with an air of timeless elegance. Her lines are

500 series (the first, the FB501 Imagination, was launched on the

simple but sleek and her interiors designed with maximum comfort in

market in 2010) of 47-metre semi-displacement yachts. All-aluminium,

mind. With the FB500 series, Benetti was looking at market demands

she is light, robust and designed for safe, nimble long-range cruising.

and developed a yacht that should keep her value over time. In fact,

Our greatest challenge was in combining the requisite performance

Pantheraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s predominant trait is most definitely her exterior line which

(a 24-knot top speed and 22 knots cruising) with adequate onboard

flows in soft, elegant curves. They marry hull with superstructure and

comfort which meant minimal noise and vibration levels. All in the

meld into the big oval portholes that draw light into the interiors and

space and volumes of a 47-metre yacht. We succeeded thanks to

create a sense of contact with the sea. The silver of the exterior also

careful, extensive study of the hull form which yielded exceptional

plays with the sunlight to create reflections and chiaro-scuro effects.

stability underway. Built by our Livorno yard and designed, like

The client also chose Pantheraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trademark metallic paint to give her a

the rest of the FB500 yachts, by Stefano Natucci, Panthera is a

unique gleam and reflective look. It was made by DuPont.

Pantheraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s predominant trait is most definitely her exterior line which flows in soft, elegant curves; they marry hull with superstructure and meld into the big oval portholes


he client had someone he trusted flank the yard in developing the interior concept and so we never had any direct contact with him

until the yacht was delivered. We wanted to create a luxurious but refined ambience with no excess or ostentation. The interior spaces are thus a good balance between built-in furnishings, necessary to contain all the technical features such as the electrical panels and fan coils for the air conditioning, and freestanding pieces to create a sense of lightness and spaciousness. The structural pieces were built by Benetti’s own in-house craftsmen while the client also added his own designer touches such as lamps, sofas and textiles by Armani, pieces by Philippe Starck, chairs by B&B, sofas by Tommy M, photographs, etc. A lot of veneer was used which Italian company Tabu custom-tinted to the client’s specifications. Most of the furnishings have metal details with a few splashes of colour to give them a touch of modernity. Greys are the dominant colours and they create a sense of consistency between interior and exterior. Panthera follows a fairly well-trodden path in terms of the division of her spaces. The most unusual area is definitely the upper deck which has a sky lounge that is really a media room with sofas by Tommy M and a 46” maxi screen. It can also convert to a dance floor with strobe lights, RGB LEDs and a new generation stereo.

Interior Design Benetti/Owner representative

In these images, the interior spaces are thus a good balance between built-in furnishings and freestanding pieces to create a sense of lightness and spaciousness. Top, architect Maria Rosa Remedi of the Benetti team which did the interior design

Some of the requests might seem a little unusual but a yard will always try to meet the client’s requirements so long as they are workable within the construction constraints of the individual yacht.

The Shipyard Vincenzo Poerio, CEO Benetti Yachts


anthera is a 100 per cent Benetti yacht, but in some ways she is also a departure

and a trailblazer. In actual fact, with respect to the previous Benettis which had the yard’s signature “classic” lines, the FB500 series that produced Panthera (the second of three vessels) is completely new and significantly sportier and more aggressive. We took this approach to meet the demands of clients who, although they don’t want to compromise on luxury and comfort, prioritise modern lines and powerful performance. In many ways, she has opened up a whole new direction that has allowed us to attract and satisfy clients that love the kind of speed and sporty lines Benetti wasn’t renowned for until recently. Panthera really does epitomise all the positive characteristics of the aluminium 500 series: a successful and well tried-and-tested technical combination brilliantly honed to produce a solid yet light yacht with an optimised hull that delivers both super performance and a long range. The changes in the rules introduced in recent years meant that interior layouts had to change but Benetti is already working on alternatives that will allow us retain the series’ distinctive exterior lines.

[ FLY ]


Considered the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most advanced executive jet, Dassaultâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Falcon 8X offers 30 different cabin layouts (including the option of a toilet with shower and double stateroom), as well as 200 different personalisation choices, not least web connections on the ground and in the air by Sergio A. Barlocchetti - foto Dassault


[ FLY ]

here were gasps of delight when Dassault took

or Tokyo. The 8X is also the new flagship

the wraps off its new ultra-long range trijet,

of the Falcon range, the upgrading of which

the Falcon 8X, at a spectacular ceremony

began with the 7X in 2007 and which will

at Bordeaux Mérignac on December 17 last

continue over the next two years with the

year. The aircraft made its maiden flight with

addition of the smaller 5X.

test-pilots Eric Gérard and Hervé Lavergne at

“We will be building three pre-series

its controls. Dassault displayed its signature

examples,” said Olivier Villa, senior VP Civil

passion, flair and style, revealing the most

Aircraft Dassault, adding: “The first will stay

advanced executive jet on the market, with

in the Dassault fleet while the others will be

no less than 30 different interior layouts

demonstration craft, and have already been

which, on request, can include a WC with

sold to clients for delivery after 10 to 12

shower, double stateroom and lounge with

months.” Noise levels in the new cabin are

galley as well as the classic office area. More

just 52db, practically half that of business

importantly still, it has a 12,000-kilometre

class on a commercial plane. So seductive is

non-stop range which means it can take off in

the design that Dassault only had to show

Rome and not touch down until Los Angeles

computer mock-ups of the cabin interior to

At the end of 2014, Dassault unveiled its ultra-long range three-engine business jet, the Falcon 8X (these shots). It has a non-stop endurance range of 12,000 kilometres, which means it can connect Rome with Los Angeles or Tokyo. Noise levels in the cabin have been slashed to 52db, just half of those of business class in a commercial aircraft


[ FLY ]

A choice of 200 personalisation options is offered for the cabin (188 cm high, 234 cm wide and 13 metres long), more than any other jet in the medium-large jet category

sell out the entire production run up to 2017, with the first client delivery scheduled for the second half of 2016. This will mean building around 50 aircraft over two years, 80 per cent of which are upgrades to replace the recent 7X and the older Falcon 900, a presidential favourite. The cabin has maximum headroom of 188 cm, is 234 cm wide and 13 metres long with the largest number of configurations on the market for a medium-large jet. In fact, there is a choice of around 200 different personalisation




connection both on the ground and in the air. Cabin design is by Interior Solutions of Montreal (Canada) with fitting carried out directly at the Dassault Completion Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Founder and current CEO of Interior Solutions Steve Lewis has flanked all the leading business aircraft builders in the course of his 25-year career and personally chose the materials and components. “Working on the Falcon 8X was like doing the décor for a residence: there was no compromise on quality, despite having to comply with aeronautical regulations that demand flame-resistant materials and paints,” he explained. When it comes to efficiency, the Falcon 8X benefits from the progress made by Dassault with its prodecessor, the 7X, resulting in a wide flight envelope (from 180 km/h to Mach 0.9 or 1.073 km/h), making it perfect even for short runways (1,000 metres) and thus small airports and landing strips. This is just the kind of flexibility business clients in the category need. Powered by three 3050kg max thrust Pratt & Whitney PW307D turbo-fans, it also adopts the Honeywell Easy 3 avionics platform to reduce the crew’s workload. The Falcon 8X has a starting price of 59 million dollars.

www.dassaultfalcon.com 64

diva collection made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

L’art et la matière


(By Appointment)

Tél. : +33 (0)1 41 170 170 - in fo@ s erdaneli.fr www.serdaneli.fr

[ The CAR ]





The McLaren P1 GTR has been unveiled. This latest generation car (only five to be made!) features an electric motor, and can reach 300 kph in just 17 seconds, offering zero-emission driving below 50 kph by Paolo Gavazzi


[ The CAR ]


t’s not exactly a pure emerald, but more of a

natural alternative to the most super of the

two-tone jewel - yellow, with that spectacular

supercars, the LaFerrari, with which it shares

emerald green stripe in homage to the British

a few basic similarities. Both cars are “hybrid”

The bodywork is in carbon fibre, as

racing tradition. It’s a shade called “British racing

vehicles, enhancing the muscular petrol engine

is the chassis, which also includes

green” because in the days before sponsors,

with an electrical unit.

teams were recognised by their colours - red for

The McLaren P1’s spec sheet lists an output

The whole package is clothed in

Italy’s Ferrari and Alfa, green for Britain’s Jaguar

of 916 CV, generated by combining the power

lines that are elaborate but never

and Aston Martin, and so on. Here we’re dealing

produced by the 3800 cc twin-turbo V8 engine

heavy. The sinuous flow of the

with the next generation of a British supercar, a

and an electric motor that pushes it to 300 kph

shapes, reinforced by “active”

GTR version of the McLaren P1.

in just 17 seconds. This McLaren can also reach

aerodynamic elements that can be

The P1 is the pride of the hyper-technological

100 an hour in less than three seconds, from a

automatically adjusted according to

company that’s gained a global reputation with

standing start.

its Formula 1 designs. Watch out, though - these

And the electric motor? Its 179 CV and 130 Nm

days McLaren is no longer just a race team - it’s

means an even more exciting throttle response,

a cutting edge company aiming to compete with

and below 50 kph it operates on its own, enabling

Ferrari and the like.

zero-emission driving.

In fact, the P1 is pretty clearly intended as a

The bodywork is in carbon fibre, as is the chassis,


aluminium sections.

the car’s speed, enabling the P1 to grip the asphalt more effectively

[ The CAR ]

which also includes aluminium sections - both

a round number, and the already refined

lightweight materials that help bring the weight

technology has become even more sophisticated,

down, a crucial feature in a supercar like this.

with the use of ultralight materials derived from

The whole package is clothed in lines that

combat and racing applications. The car’s weight

are elaborate but never heavy. The sinuous

has been cut by a further 50 kg, for a total of

flow of these shapes is reinforced by “active”

1,345 kg. The downforce exerted at high speeds

aerodynamic elements that can be automatically

has been boosted by 10 per cent compared to the

adjusted according to the car’s speed, enabling

road version of the P1.

the P1 to grip the asphalt more effectively.

Of course, McLaren knows that a thoroughbred

McLaren seems to be on a roll, unveiling the

like this can’t be entrusted to just anyone, and

GTR at the Geneva Show last March - not so

they have already scheduled a series of track

much a normal superhero as an Avenger on

races at Silverstone and the Catalunya circuit


to teach owners how to make the most of their

As a result, the GTR, only five of which are to

new purchase.

be made, boasts an output of 1000 hp, making



The P1 is the pride of the hypertechnological company that’s gained a global reputation with its Formula 1 designs. These days McLaren is no longer just a race team - it’s a cutting edge company aiming to compete with Ferrari and the like







YOU HAVE TO BE COMPLETELY FREE AND BRAVE by Désirée Sormani - pictures by Stefano Triulzi




was just 25 when Martin Francis gave his first yacht design job: “I designed Le Grand Bleu, which, looking back, was an extremely courageous, futuristic design and build. It was the first private gigaexplorer, if you like.” Of his involvement on the 118 Wally Power have worked with all the big names in yacht design, dealt with projects at first-hand and supervised the refits of many prestige yachts. On each and every occasion, there has been a magical exchange between designer and project that has resulted in professional growth for the former and originality for the latter.” Stefano Pastrovich is an explosive, eclectic and exuberant designer. “I was 10 years old when I discovered remote-controlled model planes, 18 when I got my pilot’s licence. But I never flew a model plane just to see it fly. I did it to understand what worked and what didn’t”. After studying architecture at Genoa and then Seville, Pastrovich


project 2000, he says: “It’s still aesthetically well ahead of anything else afloat two decades on.” Pastrovich eventually became interested in integrating engineering, architecture and design. “The concept for the 150m Sveti targeted visionary clients and anticipated market trends by at least 20 years.” However, he has also covered decks in sand and installed steel palm trees aboard the MY92m Beach Club “to underscore where we were going”. Two years ago, the designer moved his studio to Monte Carlo and now has two 72-metres, a 90-metre and a 62-metre in build. All are shrouded in complete secrecy for the moment but should be on the water in the next two years. Other recent projects include X Revolution, a response to owners who have 30 crew but who demand privacy, and

Above and opening page, Genoa-born Stefano Pastrovich holds a degree in architecture and has been designing since he was 10. His first foray into the yacht world came thanks to Martin Francis and was followed by work with Luca Bassani. He is now based in Monte Carlo. Facing page, an exploded view of Kid Stuff



Above and below: two renderings that reveal the very heart of the 90-metre explorer vessel, Kid Stuff, the perfect concept for owners who want to travel the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seas with a hull full of toys, including windsurfers and sailing boats. Opposite page: Stefano Pastrovich in his Monaco studio


Kid Stuff, which he describes as “Another step forward: a mix

all of the technologies he’d become familiar with but raised

of technology and architecture”. He is confident of the future

the bar even higher. “I realised, for instance, that launching is

too: “The market absolutely gets our projects and our style.

an essential factor and has to be lateral.” The aft deck is like a

We saw that at the last Monaco Yacht Show. I think courage

box that opens and closes. “To do that I looked at Calatrava’s

is fundamental: most designers are hobbled. Regardless of

work – he uses opening mechanisms for very large structures.

whether you’re designing a jet, a yacht or a shuttle, you have

The wedding cake shape will disappear in time. One deck will

to be completely free and brave. But it is equally important

go and so on until you get to an open-plan area with everything

that there are courageous, visionary owners to make certain

happening inside like a big mall. Kid Stuff is halfway there:

ideas feasible. I’m not interested in churning out 10 boats a

to all intents a purposes, it’s an expedition vessel (albeit a

year. I’m interested in doing just one that is different and offers

very good-looking one) with a simplified two-deck design.

something extra. I love playing with gliders, for example, and

The space develops from stern to stem and the whole thing is

Kid Stuff is the expression of my thoughts. Boats are playthings

absolutely liveable as there is an ongoing interaction between

and this is the boat of play. There’s everything in the hangar

exterior and interior with views to the outside world in various

from windsurf boards to surfboards, sailing dinghies, etc. It

different directions. Because at the end of the day what is a

is the central core of the concept.” Kid Stuff brought together

yacht except a means of exploring and seeing the world?”



A classic 48-metre sloop that’s the result of the magical alchemy between Hoek Design, Rhoades Young Design and Royal Huisman. Perfect for both relaxing cruising and showing how it’s done at gentleman regattas by Désirée Sormani - pictures by Cory Sylken and Carlo Baroncini


he majestic 48-metre megasailer Wisp is a note-perfect symphony

car-style retractable dodger, protective coamings, storage and

of the finest creative minds and brilliant craftsmanship. Penned

direct access below to the dinette. While it is, naturally enough,

by Hoek Design and Rhoades Young Design and built by Royal

predominantly a working area, it also provides somewhere for

Huisman, she is a classic sloop to deliver both chilled-out family

crew and staff to relax during downtime. The owner is a great

cruising and the necessary goods at gentlemen regattas. Wisp’s

believe in the “Happy crew, happy boat” philosophy and has

lines are those of a traditional sailing yacht yet beneath her retro

rewarded his people with comfortable quarters and a convenient,

skin, she is very much a modern girl, starting with an Alustar

user-friendly working environment.

hull that keeps her displacement light yet also makes her very

Wisp’s modern classic stile interiors are a triumph of elegance,

stable. A cutter rig, moderate underbody, carbon composite spars

offering generous, comfortable accommodations to six guests in

from Rondal, EC6 and Carbo-Link hybrid rigging and efficient

three en suite staterooms in addition to the owner’ suite. Rhoades

sail handling system all combine too to guarantee impressive

Young did not hold back on its brief to create bright, airy spaces

performance and sea-holding from this easy-to-handle yacht.

in which the owner would always feel at home as he cruised

From a design perspective, the two studios formed a superb

around the world. He wanted a relaxed and happy ambience

partnership that has produced harmony from stem to stern, inside

with an interior that reflected the classic grace of the exterior

and out. Wisp’s deck is clean and uncluttered with plenty of

Above and right, Wisp’s clean

classic features, not least a striking sheer, spoon bow, traditional

uncluttered deck abounds

counter stern and two subtle yet sleek deckhouses. Teak reigns

with classic features, not

supreme on deck underscoring the myriad subtle details that

least a striking sheer, spoon

make this megasailer so luxurious. Guest comfort was a major

bow, traditional counter stern

focus with a large cockpit forward of the helm station. The crew

and two subtle yet sleek

cockpit is forward of the main mast complete with a convertible



styling. The a light oak used inside has been stained a soft, honey amber and was inspired by the owner’s favourite room at home. Its natural grain has a subtle, continuous flow that lends a soothing calmness to the interior. Bright Murano glass vases have been converted to lamps and are used with luxury fabrics in vibrant fresh greens, burnt oranges and duck egg blue to create a contrast with dark wengé inlays too. The owner’s passion for travel is referenced also with oriental additions such as the soft wool Japanese Tatami carpeting. A unique layering effect has been created in the interiors with each room essentially complete in its own right but then opening into the next, creating stunning sight lines through the various deck levels and linking the interior and exterior. The result is magical. The owner’s suite is a perfect example of this layering effect. The full-beam cabin has various Japanese shoji screens which allow a gentle, suffused light filter in. When the double doors on the portside are slid aside a generous bathroom with light green Costa Smeralda marble basins and bathtub and a separate shower and WC are revealed. The space develops further when the curved aft doors are slid into their pockets to reveal a beautiful dome-ceilinged rotunda that leads to the owner’s library to port and walk-in closet to starboard. A staircase sweeps aft raising the eye to the owner’s aft deckhouse that connects to their private cockpit. This layout is a complete departure from the norm for this particular kind of yacht. Such meticulous detailing guarantees that the essence of the owner runs like a thread right through the yacht with even the artwork commissioned to complement the yacht’s palette and turning Wisp herself into the real masterpiece.


Wisp is clothed in retro lines (left) but is, in reality, a very modern lady, starting with her Alustar aluminium hull. Opposite page: the dining room (top) and the living room (bottom). Her chilled-out interiors were created to ensure that the owner feels as relaxed as in his own home




The ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s private cockpit leads directly into the master suite. The ideal spot to enjoy some all-too-precious alone time or, equally, a cosy, intimate viewing point to share with company



Owner rapresentative Nigel S. Ingram


he owner and I visited a number of the Netherlands’ leading shipyards. We narrowed our short list down to two serious

contenders and eventually selected the Royal Huisman Shipyard. Price and build slot availability were important but, in the end, the yard’s reputation for quality won the day. Initially, the owner had in mind a “spirit of tradition” sailing yacht and that idea probably crystallised when he saw a Hoek Design sailing in the Mediterranean. This traditional design has a timeless quality and beauty. There are several designers working in this style but arguably none as successfully as Hoek. Wisp is as modern as any recently-built sailing yacht. The challenge was to fit all of the equipment into this beautiful hull shape. A relatively narrow beam and long overhangs do not make this easy. Significantly, this hull shape gives a very comfortable ride even in the worst conditions which was particularly important to the owner and his family. Externally Wisp is a thing of beauty from all angles. Her traditional looks and sparkling sailing performance are particularly pleasing. Rhoades Young worked closely with the owner to create a complement of spacious, luxurious guest accommodation areas. The colour scheme is light and bright, and the styling classical with a modern feel. The owner’s clear vision influenced the project from start to finish. She really is the embodiment of his dream.

The expansive central guest cockpit. Teak reigns supreme on deck where a gloss version highlights the meticulous detailing (opposite page) that makes this megasailer so luxurious


The Interior Designer Jonathan Rhoades Rhoades Young Design


ur job is to help our clients visualise the essence of what they want, challenge it

with new ideas, then develop and enhance it. The owner didn’t want a “heavy” classic interior but was concerned that a modern interior would visually jar with the exterior. So we stripped back classic details to create something modern but with enough classic design language for the inside and outside to flow together. The interior wood is a soft, honey amber oak inspired by the owner’s favourite room at home. Dark wengé inlays and quality fabric ranging from fresh, leafy greens to rich duck egg blues and burnt oranges, provide contrast. Spatially, the owner’s reference was his home – and motoryachts – but he also wanted the lowest, sleekest possible yacht. Although Wisp feels


completely effortless, she is, in reality, an extremely complex 3D puzzle. We created an unusual open-plan interior layout designed in layers to reveal itself gradually. Below decks, the rooms feel resolved and complete, but then open onto other spaces, until finally all the layers are peeled back to reveal saloons and cabins with huge sight lines through the various deck levels, linking the interior and exterior. This concept is extremely effective in making spaces feel bigger - something we

These pages feature the interior designs drawn up by the Rhoades Young Design team (below: left, Dick Young and Johnathan Rhoades; right, Andrew Willer) resulting in an unusual open-plan interior layout designed in layers to reveal itself gradually

try to achieve on both an architectural and detail level. It is really important not only to have the â&#x20AC;&#x153;wow factorâ&#x20AC;? at the top of the companionway but also a secondary and third level of detail that clients subconsciously feel as they relax and begin to appreciate the subtlety of it all. I love it when, two or three years later, clients say that they have only just noticed some small detail. The most important thing is that the boat is a perfect fit for both the owner and his family. The owner was deeply involved at every level. Project Manager Nigel Ingram was in the thick of the technical development from the start, and the team of which the owner was a pivotal part - was fantastic. I would describe Wisp as elegant, warm and jolly.



he design philosophy was to develop a comfortable, safe and fast classic-looking ocean-going sailing yacht optimised to 21st

century standards. She is stable, without excessive heel, and with extreme privacy for the owner, guests and crew alike. She will perform well in “Bucket” type races and be comfortable in heavy seas too. Her exterior lines were to be timeless and classic with a balanced sheer line and overhangs on her bow and stern. She has beautifully proportioned deckhouses, a private owner’s cockpit and a main one with ample seating and dining as well as a separate crew cockpit on the foredeck. Her classic styling with multiple deckhouses allowed us to create an owner’s stateroom with private deckhouse and cockpit. The former luxury hideaway is ideal as an office or for breakfasting or cocktails. Guests have plenty of privacy and deck spaces for hanging out and sunbathing. Wisp is laid out for racing too with a removable inner forestay for overlapping headsails. The hull, keel and rudder were all optimised by our office. The exterior joinery is exquisite with deckhouse edges featuring rich teak detailing, while the main helm station and steering wheels are works of art in their own right. The spars and rigging package are also custom-designed. Our office, Rhoades Young and Rondal all worked together on the furling boom styling to make it look like a Park Avenue. The hull has a countersunk gold cove stripe plus a slight recess typically seen in old classics, while the transom runs smoothly into the hull with a slight knuckle. My partner in Hoek Design, Ruurt Meulemans, also contributed considerably in the project: we actually created various study models to ensure the final product would look perfect. Wisp is a timelessly good-looking yacht built to extremely high standards and designed to perform well. She will turn heads wherever she goes.

The Naval Architect Andre Hoek


The Shipyard Alice Huisman, CEO


he harmony between the interior and exterior strikes me as being beautiful

but unexpected. Typically, one might expect a raised and fielded panelled interior to match the classic exterior but with Wisp, we see a subtle inlay on beautiful honey-toned oak, handpicked for its quiet grain and consistent colour. Wisp is innovative simply because she adhered to tried-and-tested technical installations. Her owner was conscious of our ability to innovate, but challenged us with a “less is more” philosophy. In other words, to achieve what technical reductions we could without compromising fit, finish and amenity. The owner was very involved and I like to think that we developed a friendship. When you build such a personal statement together you can’t help but become attached. Like all our projects, this was not an “us and them” situation. We, the designers and crew were a single team serving the owner’s interests. All went well, we met a client and sent away an ambassador. The team could not have been better. We all had a single focus. Wisp is job satisfaction in a nutshell, pure and simple. You only have to look at the details to realise what this design represents. The challenge is always to build on time and on budget when you know that no contract drawing can indicate the level of detail in detail as they say. Wisp, like all our yachts, represents our need to constantly improve on quality. That is our target.


the finished project. The devil really is in the





More and more yachts are now becoming a setting for beautiful paintings and extraordinary sculptures by established contemporary and emerging artists, enhancing the value of these floating villas by Gaia Grassi

In these images, the explosions of colour by painter Rodolfo Viola, founder of the Universalist Manifesto. Many of his works are now on board prestigious megayachts


he trend for megayachts to take on a role as floating art galleries is becoming increasingly well-established. It’s not a totally new idea, but it’s now winning over

more and more owners, and their yachts are hosting paintings and sculptures by great names from the history of art, as well as works by contemporary and emerging figures. Owners often choose the works in the artists’ studios or commercial galleries. “First of all you have to understand what you’re looking for in a work of art”, explains gallery owner Mario Mazzoleni, president of the Fondazione Mazzoleni, which has branches in Alzano Lombardo (near Bergamo), Castel Monastero (near Siena), Venice and Sardinia. “Some buy a painting simply because they like looking at it, while others also see it as an investment. These buyers have to come to a gallery to make sure that the artist’s reputation and the value of their purchase will increase”. It’s no coincidence that behind every great artist stands a gallery owner - take Andy Warhol and Leo Castelli, for example. And Andy Warhol is one of the artists whose works are most frequently to found on board megayachts. One of his Marilyns, bought in a Mazzoleni gallery - also home to works by Salvador Dalí and other great painters, as well as the 40 artists the gallery owner follows - adorns the saloon on board the 41-metre Ocean Sapphire by Yacht Plus.



These seagoing art exhibitions also feature works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Mimmo Rotella and Jeff Koons. One of the most sought-after sculptors is Mauro Corda, a French artist who uses a wide range of materials, from marble to terracotta, steel, resin, bronze and aluminium, to shape human and animal forms. Among the painters, owners look for works by Rodolfo Viola, an institution for art collectors. Born in Milan into a Sicilian family, he fell in love with the sea when he was very young, realising that it would be a part of him forever, driving his creativity. “Wind, sea and sky are the subjects of my paintings”, he says. “The shattering of the light and the movement of huge masses of water create strange colours”. Then there are the boats, omnipresent in his works. Viola is also the author of a series of paintings of America’s Cup yachts. Entering his gallery in the heart of Milan is a unique, breathtaking experience. It’s not unusual to meet American, Russian and Italian owners looking for the right painting among all those on show. It was here that the owner of the 64-metre Trident chose the 20 works now on board his yacht. And he is sure to come back to choose the paintings for his next megayacht, still a top-secret project. www.rodolfoviola.it - www.mazzoleniartgallery.net - www.maurocorda.com


Important works are often found in private galleries: these images show Marilyn by Andy Warhol (below, aboard Yacht Plus Ocean Sapphire) and, above, Notturno by Francesco Verdi of the Mazzoleni Foundation. Opposite: two sculpures by Mauro Corda aboard Admiral -Tecnomar Cacos V


Journey through the senses Setting a table with style means sending a message - like those embodied by the new service from Hermès, where sensory stimulation obeys the rules of hospitality by Marta Bernasconi 96


nowing how to create the perfect table setting is one of the less obvious interior design skills. Beautiful tables are always inspired by knowledge, experience, sensitivity and aesthetics. A table’s appearance sends a number of messages - above all, the way it is equipped is a perfect reflection of the host. The choice of tablecloth, crockery and cutlery and the way the place setting is created reveals much about a person’s background, tastes and education. Every item is a rich source of stories about knowledge, whether it is an example of artisanal manufacture, or it belongs to the sphere of industrial design. The art of the table, then, carries a great deal of cultural significance, and is often based on complex ceremonies and seemingly strict rules such as those governing how plates, cutlery and glasses should be arranged. It then seems natural to wonder if there is still a gold standard to be observed when creating an important mise en place - does it make sense to follow the rules of etiquette in a world where everything changes so quickly, even the time-honoured canons of hospitality? The answer may be provided by Piero Ottone, a famous Italian journalist and passionate sail yachtsman, who said, “It’s not mistakes that are the problem.

Above, some pieces and right, a table set with “Voyage en Ikat”, the new porcelain service from Hermès. The inspiration for the pattern is clear from the name - Ikat is the weaving technique originating in 16th-century Indonesia. It entered the West along the Silk Road, and was especially appreciated by the 18th-century French court. And now it appears on the table!




Hints of East and West meet in the Voyage en Ikat service by Hermès, where the classic shapes are given a contemporary twist by the delicacy of the patterns, made even more attractive by their decoration. Emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby red form a harmonious combination with gold and white

What’s worrying is the increasingly common conviction

through! And speaking of imposing dinner sets, the latest

that good manners are obsolete and it’s not worth learning

porcelain collection from Hermès, “Voyage en Ikat”, has a

them”. In other words, for the art of the table, too, rules and

very interesting feature - the decoration is inspired by the

education still play a vital role, and rejecting them means

complex, woven Ikat fabric, transferring it like a valuable

being obtusely hostile towards a heritage of customs and

dress onto Limoges porcelain. This extremely select service

behaviour that forms the very basis of what we are. Then,

comprises over 30 pieces with hand-painted 24-carat matt

of course, everything can be questioned - progress and

gold borders. The handles of the cups and soup tureen are

the avant garde are driven by this type of attitude, but it is

also gilded, as well as the base of all the items. There are

based on an awareness of what has gone before. It’s the

three main colours, inspired by precious stones - ruby red,

same for how we decide to set the table on board a yacht.

sapphire blue and emerald green, alternating with pieces in

When we’re dealing with an imposing dinner service, if we

gold and white. Wonderful combinations, like the precious

know its value and history we can also decide to combine

stones chosen by The One, Yacht and Design!

a variety of pieces and styles - chance is bound to win




to the Sea


Lorenzo Cogo, Italy’s youngest Michelin-starred chef, talks to us to us about two perfect dishes for an on-board dinner, featuring cuttlefish and eel by Gaia Grassi


hat is it about the sea? Some like the smell, some the sound and some the sense of peace it can lull us into -

others, though, love to eat its fauna, using them as ingredients for their recipes. Cooking at a high level, when the chef is Lorenzo Cogo, born in 1986, Italy’s youngest Michelin-starred chef. In his restaurant, El Coq (www.elcoq.com) in Marano Vicentino, province of Vicenza, he brings the sea to your table. “I love its wonderful flavour, that sharp iodine tang”. His slogan is “Cooking from instinct”, and as he says, “I cook the way I feel that day. My dishes reflect the emotions and sensations of the moment”. And if he were the chef on board a magnificent megayacht? What would Lorenzo Cogo be inspired to cook? “Oh, that’s easy - smoked eel, green papaya and coffee, accompanied by a potato creme, then grilled cuttlefish, herring roe and paprika”. Cuttlefish and eel are two ingredients that are very close to Cogo’s heart, because they recall his childhood and the Veneto region, where the

young chef worked. “I picture a huge

barbecue on the yacht’s sundeck deck, being in the open air, in direct contact with the sea”. What better setting could there be, in fact, for two fish-based dishes? “After smoking the eel I’d plate it up in a way that follows the movement of the water”, Cogo continues. “I’d recreate the flow of water, the narrow waves becoming wider, as if vanishing into the open sea. I’d add some green papaya for a hint of freshness and gentle taste, and then I’d emphasise the maritime theme with a mayonnaise of powdered seaweed seawater jelly”.



These dishes by Chef Lorenzo Cogo, born in 1986 and from the Veneto, are a homage to the sea, but also a wonderful example of culinary experimentation. They are accompanied by refined wines - the Alsace Riesling 2011 by Pierre Frick, and “C” by Guccione (Catarratto variety)

And the cuttlefish? “I’d cook that on a hot grill, then cut it into little pieces with fish sauce (a condiment made by fermenting fish in seawater - ed) and place them in a dish, smothering them in a hot potato creme. And as you should eat with your eyes as well as your mouth, I’d add colour and flavour with little spots of cuttlefish ink, extra virgin olive oil and herring roe”. A deeply-felt homage to the sea, but also a wonderful example of culinary experimentation, carried out without ever losing contact with local traditions or relinquishing the freshness, seasonality and quality of the basic ingredients. Such






accompaniment of refined wines. “I’d serve an Alsace Riesling 2011 by Pierre Frick with the eel. It’s a French organic wine with a smoky, decisive taste. For the cuttlefish, though, I’d suggest “C” by Guccione (Catarratto variety), a Sicilian wine that goes well with the creamy yet pungent flavours of the cuttlefish”.


Professionnels, commandez votre badge sur : www.passportnautique.com

© Agence VERTU / Photographies : Alexandre Leblanc – Jérôme Kélagopian


Paving the way for a whole new direction by the Ligurian yard, this sublime megayacht has a

Bagliet o

dynamic design that incorporates

sophisticated contrasts, not least a

chiaro-scuro interplay in the interior by Fabio Petrone

46 metres


his is the first vessel entirely designed and built by Baglietto since

and white. A contrast of warmth and coolness

ownership of the iconic Italian yard was taken over by Beniamino

that flows right throughout the entire vessel.

Gavio, one of the country’s most high-profile businessmen.

An unusual 3D treatment for the natural oak

This is a yacht spread over three decks plus a sun deck. Its volumes

used for most of the furnishings is wonderfully

are generous and its deck areas highly accessible and usable, thanks

tactile too.

A collaboration with the Antica

to a design that exploits to the absolute limit her less than 500-tons

Officina del Farmacista Dr Vranjes of Florence

displacement. The naval platform was developed by the yard with

which specialises in what it refers to as “scented

Francesco Paszkowski Design leaving his mark in its sense of stylistic

décor” also transforms life aboard into an all-

continuity. The result is a graceful mix of the forms from the Seagull

encompassing experience thanks to the natural

brand’s recent past penned by the Italian studio and features that hail

fragrances that recur throughout the various

a new direction for Baglietto. The interplay between soft and angular

spaces. Although subtle, they leave guests with

lines, sharp edges and more rounded shapes, in the superstructure

a very clear and lingering memory of their time

for instance, lends what is essentially a cruising yacht just the right


dash of dynamism. The overall effect is of beautiful proportions that

Much of the interior is bespoke and is testament

elegantly leave their mark without any overdone sophistication.

to the yard’s ability to meet owners not merely in

This concept of absolutely understated elegance shorn of excess

terms of their tastes but also in tailoring every

recurs once again in the interior. Here Paszkowski has once again

last detail. The master suite is, not surprisingly,

teamed up with architect Margherita Casprini to highlight that most

the pinnacle of this approach. Located on the

vital of superyacht qualities: exclusivity. They achieve this with a

main deck, its furnishings, the bed headrest and

sophisticated interplay of contrasts in almost every area of the yacht.

bedside tables are all masterfully custom-made as

Their signature rigorous linearity is mediated and enriched by the

is the case in much of the rest of the yacht. That

use of luxury warm natural materials such as untreated wood and

said, however, some of the pieces been picked

leather. These alternate cleverly with more austere but beautifully

from designer collections. These include chairs

executed metal furnishings or lacquered surfaces. The result is a

and sofas by Minotti in the main saloon, in which

mix of matt and glossy, dark and light surfaces, edging towards black

mirrors and lots of glass are used to reflect and

The central spiral stairs with floating stainless steel and leather steps whirling around a steel trunk offer both a functional and aesthetic element. Opposite, the Baglietto 46â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dynamic lines coolly alternate sharp edges with more rounded shapes


Another view of the magnificently-appointed main saloon: a collaboration with Antica Officina del Farmacista Dr Vranjes, a specialist in creating scented dĂŠcor using natural fragrances, makes any visit aboard a truly immersive experience; the sofas and other chairs are by Minotti. Opposite page, the cockpit leads into the living area


draw in light, creating a feeling of extreme spaciousness. Pratesi

Under the radome and the antenna roll-bar, there

bedlinen introduces a touch of colour and character to the two VIP

is also a very pleasant dining area where guests can

and two twin guest cabins which make up the sleeping quarters on

linger over a meal, a snack, a drink or just a chat. Last

the lower deck.

but not least, a 25 square metre beach area features

The sun deck also deserves a mention all of its own. This will

two Recline personal reclined exercise bikes with

prove a very seductive area for sun worshippers as it has been fitted

Unity integrated digital platform, an exercise ball and

out entirely with their comfort in mind. In fact, they will have an

rack, all by Technogym.

expansive 90 square metres at their disposal to soak up the rays.




The sober minimalist linearity of the interiors is softened and enriched by natural luxe materials such as leather and natural woods which alternate with metallic and glossy lacquer finishes. Above, the master cabin with Pratesi bedlinen, and, right, the office nook. Opposite page, top, the upper deck saloon and, bottom, its entrance from the cockpit with large table


The upper deck is the perfect place to lounge around in the sun or chat over casual meals al fresco, just watching the world go by. And then by night, it makes a fantastic party venue too



Francesco Paszkowski Design The Interior Designer


esigning the yacht interior on spec was tricky although we

trunk offer both a functional and aesthetic element. It’s a design

already had experience with this, and one of the designer’s

choice that aims to draw a column of natural light into the very

tasks is to look ahead and understand how desires and tastes

heart of the yacht. The curved white-lacquered partition and

will evolve over the time.

the round stainless steel motif wrapping around the stairs add

The result on the 46 is thanks to the good relationship between

reflected light. The decor is quite neutral yet it includes many

our studio and the yard, and to the skills of Margherita Casprini,

details to ensure a luxurious ambience with real character

the architect who cooperated with us on the interior.

and many custom-made furnishings, and integrates a level of

The layout is traditional but some changes were included. The

flexibility to allow the potential owners to express their own

main deck features no formal lobby and the saloon doesn’t have

personality. A careful combination of different materials creates

a dining area as this was moved to the upper deck. Service is

a contemporary style, with just few minimalist touches. White

ensured with a dumbwaiter. Instead of a solid partition, a glass

and dark brown leather with visible stitching, natural oak with

wall was used to separate the saloon from the central foyer.

a 3D treatment, glossy lacquered surfaces, mirrors– which also

This solution heightens the sense of expansive space in the

enhance height inside – and fabrics for the ceiling panels provide

main saloon and provides extra natural light. A large internal

a sober yet modern feeling. Bronze-finish aluminium was chosen

panoramic window in the galley provides outside views and

for some walls in the VIP too: an unusual choice yet interesting

sunlight in what would otherwise be an enclosed space set

as it is very light and looks more luxe.

inboard to port. Pantries serve each deck and crew movement is kept on the portside to ensure privacy. The central spiral stairs with floating stainless leather-covered steps around a stainless


ph. Studio Ciapetti

The interiors are the fruit of the close partnership between Francesco Paszkowski (top, right), Margherita Casprini and the yard and produced custom furnishings to meet the tastes of the potential owner. The result is a contemporary style with minimalist touches


Francesco Paszkowski Design The Yacht Designer


he big challenge was to build a new yet

while maintaining space inside. The forward master

recognisable Baglietto. The yacht was designed to

suite benefits in particular from the wide-body

be contemporary yet rooted in the Baglietto tradition.


We were hungry for the opportunity to reinvent a

Unlike the yachts we designed in the past for

new generation of yachts that would still retain the

Baglietto, the tender stowage was moved to the

brand identity of the past. We have been working

foredeck and the space aft was used for the 25 square

with Baglietto for a long time, which helped a lot in

metre teak lined beach club which sits several feet

understanding each other very quickly although every

lower than the bathing platform to ensure privacy.

new build is different. Good team work throughout the

Ample relaxation spaces are provided on every deck.

whole designing and building process is fundamental for the success of a project. We tried to achieve the best combination of distinctive elements inspired by the Baglietto tradition with innovative design motifs. We did this by working on details, which is a far more difficult job than creating a brand-new design. The 46 features a balanced combination of soft and angular lines, and sharp edges with more round shapes. Just look at the shark fin-style triangular cutaways in the bulwark below the upper deck sliding or the chamfering of her aft end. The proportions and dimensions of the teak capping rails hark back to the past while the forward raked bridge windows are a new addition. Finally, just the forward passageway was increased to hide the yachtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s volume. It helped to create a fast-looking yacht and sleek lines


ph. Studio Ciapetti

section was designed full beam and the size of the side

The Shipyard Silvia Foglizzi, Managing Director


his project is an important starting point for us: it’s the first displacement yacht we’ve

fitted out from scratch since the Gavio Group’s acquisition of the Baglietto yard and is thus our calling card for the international market. Its success at the show, which led to its sale to a European owner, is the best demonstration that we’re doing the right thing while continuing to respect the construction quality, technical know-how and styling, and architectural values of the Seagull brand yard. The huge appreciation for this model from the displacement series helped persuade us to build further vessels with only slight modifications: for instance we’ve reversed the opening of the stern hatch so that it now lowers out to create a large platform. However, first and foremost, we are focusing on fans of the brand, people who know Baglietto and our values and characteristics, as well as on owners who want a completely Italian product of incredible style and quality. These are normally quite discerning clients who demand the very finest constructional care as well as a modern, highly identifiable design. In addition to the restyling of the 46 m, the displacement yacht line designed by Francesco Paszkowski also includes a 43 m, a 55 m which recently went in build, a 58 m and a 62 m. All these models have refined, instantly recognisable lines, creating a “family feeling” that runs through each and every one. Also from the Baglietto Fast planing line, we’ll be splashing a 43 m for a very special owner indeed: it is actually for Dr Gavio, our Chairman, and will represent us at all the upcoming international shows. Yet another good reason to really focus and aim for excellence.




is a state of mind

Paola Navone


Inquisitive, eclectic and versatile, Paola Navone is an internationally-known talent, and she has created design pieces for major brands throughout the world. Few, though, know about her passion for the sea, nor are people aware of the fact that she feels totally at ease on board a sail yacht by Marta Bernasconi




ince the 1970s her work has been a

to know what could happen. For me the

factor must be considered: it’s no good

benchmark for Italian design. Cutting

perfect project is the one just around

realising later that what we have created

edge architect and designer, art director,

the corner”.

involves excessive production costs”.

editor and event curator, Paola Navone goes

Navone also has opinions on young

Less well-known than her work is Paola

where her multi-faceted talent takes her.

designers. “They often have unrealistic

Navone’s passion for the sea. She reveals

And now she is an international star. “Are

expectations. Some think they can have

that she has had excellent teachers. “I’ve

there any constants in my life? Well, yes,

a career like Sottsass or Mendini, but

had a good training in sail yachting because

there are a few. I’m against over-designing,

that type of figure no longer exists. The

I started off with Doi Malingri. He always

for example. I only work if I have a client,

industry, the client base, the market -

said that I made an ideal cabin boy! I’ve

after a meeting where I’ve been asked to

they’ve all changed. For example, we

had lovely holidays with great sailors, and

create something. I’m very inquisitive,

now have to take cost into account. That

I was very welcome on board because I did

so the alchemy of this meeting forms the

doesn’t mean that things should always

all the jobs the others didn’t want to do”.

basis of the project. In this way I go back

be inexpensive, but they must make sense

She has never designed a yacht, but has

to square one for every commission, and I

in relation to the whole project. The cost

clear views on the subject. “I’d love to

like that, as it always gives the job a new energy. I also try to include a little fun, that’s very important to me”. Paola Navone is an increasingly international designer. “I work outside Italy a great deal. I’ve been travelling a lot more than before since 2011...and I love it!” she says with satisfaction. But her idea of “travel” is rather surprising: “To me it’s a state of mind. The kilometres between starting point and destination aren’t important. Even when I go to the wine shop or supermarket it’s as if I were travelling. I find satisfaction all around, really, because I’m inquisitive wherever I am; whatever the situation, I adapt well”. Hers is a supple, searching mind that’s always attracted by the new and the unexpected. “Yes, the avant garde is also driven by a desire


Paola Navone, cutting edge architect, designer, art director, editor and event curator, collaborates with the major furnishing brands. Her endless creativity ranges from plates (top and opposite page, Fish plates from Crate and Barrel) to residential interior design (opposite page, top, a house in Paris). Since 1970 she has been a benchmark for Italian design among brands such as Gervasoni, Baxter, Poliform and Driade




These pages show other examples of Paola Navone’s creativity. She enjoys a growing international status, and draws inspiration from her travels around the world. Less well-known, though, is the designer’s passion for the sea - she began sailing with Doi Malingri

design a ship, which is like a big hotel. When designing hotels I always say that these structures must have a relationship with their urban setting. A house must be place for a person or a family, and even in Paris, if the owner loves Africa he or she can fill it with statues and masks. A hotel, though, can’t be thought of separately from its location. So a ship, which is a floating hotel, must have a relationship with the sea - while fulfilling the required purposes it must also communicate all the sensations of the sea. The materials and design must always reflect the ship’s marine environment. But I’ve seen big ships that reflect none of this - they could just as well be well-heeled apartments in the middle of London!”





Shortlisted for the World Superyacht Award 2015, this flagship 40-metre from Princess Yachts breaks new ground in her class with her amazing interior space, including a private ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deck by Heather Prentice


An aerial view of the tri-deck yacht showing her sleek lines and generous exterior spaces including a private bow area and stern beach club. Opposite: the stern garage and beach club


he Princess 40M Solaris is like an optical illusion. Her trim, elegant lines disguise interior volumes and luxurious space that will take your breath away and that are hitherto unseen on a 40-metre yacht. Shortlisted for the 2015 World Superyacht award, the tri-deck semi-custom yacht, one of the flagship M series built by the Plymouth yard, is indeed a magic trick. Her sleek lines hide a massive 395 gross tonnes, delivering an incredibly spacious interior, considerably in excess of any rival in the 130ft class and offering wide, lofty, elegant areas to welcome 12 guests in a unique six-cabin layout that includes a private ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deck and a gym. Tall sections of glass run along each side for exceptional views and flood the interior with light. As shown by the new Monaco sales office at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show, Solaris features sleek exterior lines by the Bernard Olesinski studio while the interior design is a collaborative project by Mark Berryman Design and the Princess Design studio, yielding a contemporary, elegant style with natural woods, particularly oak. An innovative approach to the layout saw the master suite move to the upper deck to create a private deck for the owner with a stateroom, seating area, separate office and en suite, all surrounded by large sections of glass for the most commanding views. A private deck is located aft with an intimate dining area and expansive seating. From here stairs lead to the main deck below, or up to the sun deck. A VIP stateroom lies across the full 8-metre beam on the main deck and enjoys a seating area, separate office and en suite. The saloon, also on the main deck, is amazingly spacious and easily welcomes 12 guests, with balconies to port and starboard creating a wonderful space for relaxation to enjoy drinks and entertainment. A separate dining area for 12 is situated towards the bow featuring a solid Macassar ebony table. The lower deck accommodates four further en suite cabins, two double cabins aft and two twin cabins with sliding berths, as well as a fully Technogym-equipped gymnasium lying forward. This includes a running machine, Kinesis workout station and a separate en suite. There is also accommodation for seven crew. At the very top of this imposing yacht, the sundeck hosts the main exterior dining space and creates a wonderful entertainment area with dining for 12. It is fully equipped with a wetbar, twin barbecue, aft Jacuzzi and lounging areas. In addition to the external areas on the sundeck, the private deck and the main deck cockpit, there is also a small seating area with sunpads at the bow shielded by the long deep foredeck, giving privacy when in port. At the stern there is a beach club with a walk-in garage able to house a 6.5-metre tender, two jet skis and a diving room. Solaris has a maximum speed of 19 knots and cruises at 13 knots.



Right: the elegant, spacious main deck lounge with beautiful large windows and balconies to both sides. Below, left: the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suite on the private upper deck; right: a conversation area on the same deck. European oak is the dominant wood in the dĂŠcor throughout the yacht with wenge acting as a contrast and the floors in walnut parquet. The lighting throughout is by Porta Romana



The Interior Designer

Mark Berryman


he client wanted a relaxed but opulent interior. It is very easy to turn opulence into something that can quickly be

deemed garish! So we used a rich palette of colours in both the finishes and fabrics. We kept a restrained approach on any materials or finishes that may have gone over the top. As a design practice we always find that the materials used should look natural, especially woods. Most of the finishes onboard have a satin finish, which reflects a little light, but allows people to admire the natural look of the wood. Princess very kindly worked hard to create a tone of European oak that provided a good backdrop to the boat. This was punctuated with contrasts of other woods such as walnuts and wenges. Flooring has been finished in walnut parquet, inset rugs and marble flooring in lobbies and bathrooms in dark and light emperador as a contrast. In some areas a high-gloss finish has been used to highlight certain elements such as the coffee table in the main saloon and dining table forward. Lighting is mainly from Porta Romana, giving a classic yet contemporary feel that compliments the interior. Natural finishes such as bamboo and shell work well for the accessories onboard again creating a contrast to the materials they sit on. Moving the master suite onto the upper deck has to be the best feature onboard. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel it is necessary to have a second saloon on the upper deck on a 40 metre as the main deck saloon has such good proportions. The aft bulwark on the upper deck has been designed to be very low which affords you fantastic views. To lie down in the aft facing bed in the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suite with the exterior doors open and to take in the fantastic views is an experience that everybody should be allowed to experience just once in their life.


The dining area forward of the saloon on the main deck. The elegant dining table is in Macassar ebony and seats 12 people. Opposite, top: the lounge area in the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s private deck


The Naval Architect Justin Olesinski, Managing Director


he exterior centres around refined curves and sculpted surfaces married to carefully considered, elegant proportions. The

elegant bow to stern running lines complement the graceful sheer line of the hull. Expansive glazing provides sea views from every area of the yacht, whilst maintaining privacy for the owner and his guests. We designed a new generation hull form for the 40M, which is a highly efficient, semi-planing hull with unrivalled sea-keeping qualities. A programme of tank tests alongside in-house software and CFD ensured an optimised hull, providing efficient cruising with lower fuel consumption. Solaris’ structures were designed utilising the latest techniques, such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and a Resin Infusion moulding process. This resulted in a structural weight reduction and increased volume without compromising the strength, safety and reliability. The initial preliminary layout was conceived in-house to ensure that the exterior lines and naval architecture packaging were optimised from the start. The layout evolved alongside our naval architecture, exterior styling and structures. Equally the views from the inside of the yacht are as important and the exterior styling and the balance had to work harmoniously with the layout. Space is a luxury. The sociable outside deck spaces offer huge expanses of space with the advantage of flexible and yet bespoke layouts for the owner. In the case of Solaris the sky lounge was turned into the owner’s suite. This deck space provided an extension to the owner’s suit whilst offering private sea views. From a distance she is instantly recognised as both a Princess and a worthy winner of the World Superyacht award.

Above: a view of the dynamic exterior lines of the 40-metre Solaris, one of the flagship M class yachts. The exterior lines are by Bernard Olesinski studio. Here we see the sheltered bow seating area with sunpads, offering a private retreat when in port


The Shipyard Chris Gates Managing Director


ur first 40M, M/Y Imperial Princess won the

and expectations of both parties were set extremely

World Superyacht Award in 2013 and we couldn’t

high - the standards reached on Solaris are absolute

have been more pleased. I put this down to her classic

testimony to this. It was essential that we didn’t merely

styling, elegant lines, expansive and sociable exterior

meet the levels expected for a 40-metre yacht but that

areas and superb sea-keeping ability. M/Y Solaris has

we exceeded them. We are confident we have delivered

now been shortlisted for a 2015 World Superyacht

a level of design, finish and detail that would grace

Award as well.

a 50-metre yacht and provide the ‘wow’ factor both

There was a strong demand for a larger yacht range from

parties required. The entire hull and superstructure

our existing Princess clients and with the acquisition of

is resin-infused which provides significant benefits to

our 15-acre South Yard site in Devonport we were able

both weight and strength but also to internal volume,

to expand into the superyacht sector. Our Princess 40M

she boasts a class leading 395 gross tonnes. It was

is a semi-custom superyacht that not only looks good

essential for the owner that we made the very best

with her elegant exterior styling, but also provides the

of this incredible volume with expansive and elegant

right level of customisation to meet client demands.

entertaining spaces. Class-leading performance can also

The team worked extremely closely with the owner and

be said for her performance and Solaris is constructed to

his advisors throughout the project and the demands

satisfy RINA’s industry-leading COMF(Y) standards.






ICM Marine-Bertazzoni Lift Marine don’t just make lifts for luxury yachts, their products are design objects with a high technical content. Now, with Vertec Marine they can also provide assistance for lifts, dumb waiters and freight lifts any time, any place. by Désirée Sormani

One of the ICM-Bertazzoni circular lifts is made entirely of glass. The standard of engineering is exceptional



ICM-Bertazzoni lifts now feature on a fleet of yachts from 40 metres to 75 metres, but will soon be installed aboard gigayachts of over 100 metres. Design objects with a technical content that demands the availability of 24/7 assistance throughout the world


hey are now installed on the majority of the world’s most beautiful

2014 the company opened the first Vertec Marine USA Service Point

yachts, displaying a standard of technology and finish that

in Weston, Florida. “An assistance point that with the support of our

means the simple word “lift” can’t really describe them fully - these

partner enables us to provide rapid response throughout the Caribbean.

are magnificent design objects, that are both useful and beautiful

We were already active in the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, South-

to look at. ICM has invested a great deal in expanding its technical

East Asia and Australia”, says Massimo Bezzi, president and CEO of

department, which is dedicated to satisfying even the most demanding

Trento-based ICM. “Vertec provides assistance 24 hours a day. Contact

clients, developing solutions that are then built at its own production

can be made over the phone or via e-mail, then our centre identifies the

centre. Bertazzoni Marine’s installation and nautical post-sales network

problem and decides whether assistance can be offered from a distance

has installed these little jewels in yachts from 40 metres in length.

or whether it’s necessary to send a team out”.

ICM and Bertazzoni are not only the go-to people for Italian yards,

“Vertec technicians respond everywhere, and can intervene within

they have conquered foreign markets, too, with products that, once

a few hours”, says Bertazzoni. This network has been created by

installed, become highly-functional, visually striking display pieces.

companies that in their own sector produce unique objects for a niche

ICM Marine and Bertazzoni have also recently launched a unique

market that demands originality. “We’re investing heavily to provide

megayacht service. “We founded Vertec Marine in February 2014”,

new aesthetic solutions, and we’re giving all our products a technical

says Gianluca Bertazzoni, CEO of the company of the same name

revamp - circular, elliptical or rectangular lifts that even exit on the

alongside his father Ezio, who is also the founder, and his mother

sundeck”, says Massimo Bezzi. “Nowadays even the remotest yards in

Liliana. “It’s a new company specifically created for lift maintenance

Australia are very interested in our personalised product”. Of course, in

on board megayachts, operating on a global level through a network

this case Vertec will provide assistance through a presence in Oceania.

of assistance points spread across five continents”. Then in October

www.icmlift.com - www.bertazzoniascesnori.com - www.vertecmarine.com




THE WORLD IN A YACHT by Désirée Sormani


Emerging American designer Graham Kukla presents his take on sustainable navigation: a selfsufficient 90-metre megayacht, capable of producing food, capturing power from sun and waves, and much more besides


wave swelling up out of the sea

in my upbringing. I was also encouraged

and then crashing into myriad lines

to explore visual arts and mechanics from

before merging again with the ocean.

an early age. I can remember drawing

That’s Una, the 90-metre design making a

performance boats and sport fishing yachts

name for emerging pen Graham Kukla in

in my spare time (or in class) as early as

the luxury sector and beyond, attracting

third grade”. More recently, Kukla has

the attention of several international

worked as an industrial designer with

yards in the process.

Originally from

companies such as Boston Whaler, and

Jupiter, Florida, and the holder of a B.F.A

Gunboat International. “For some time

in Industrial Design from the Savannah

now, I’ve been tuning my proficiency as

College of Art and Design with a Minor

a problem solver, applying technological

in Marine Design, the 24-year-old grew

breakthroughs and innovative materials

up in three very different coastal regions

to products with a purpose, and offering

of the United States: “This offered me

a broad range of skills. By applying my

a diverse perspective, and influenced


my eye for design and aesthetic values”.

designs, I strive to foster an improved

Unsurprisingly, the water has been part

quality of life and a more sustainable

of his life since he was a child: “Boating,

future”. Clearly, the emerging designer’s

fishing, and watersports were ever-present

new 90-metre reflects that philosophy.




â&#x20AC;&#x153;This yacht was initially designed as my senior

aboard yacht that could perhaps be a centre of

marine project at the Savannah College of Art

production, not merely consumption. How can

Sketches of Una, the

and Design. In the past, I had designed the more

we create a megayacht unbounded by the need to

90-metre megayacht

practical 29â&#x20AC;&#x2122; custom tender Sundara and a 47m

constantly be tied to the land for food and fuel?

by Graham Kukla

fast-cruising sloop Akara, so I felt it was time to

I considered many aspects of making the vessel

(opposite page). Aside

delve into a more conceptual realm. Because of

truly autonomous; from a large-scale climate-

from her edgy, futuristic

my interest in materials research and emergent

controlled hydroponic garden for fresh, organic

design, Graham has also

technologies, I spent much of the time during the

food, to wave-powered desalination for endless

included a variety of

project theorising different methods of making

fresh water, and onboard hydrogen production to

innovative solutions

the boat sustainable. I set out to create a live-

power generators for the electric IPS drives,




long with an extensive solar film array built in to the superstructure. The world of

motoryachting has always been dominated by traditional superstructures, inefficient power sources and a lack of accessibility to certain items while on the water. Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s style of motoryachting has an inherent dependency upon land. Refuelling, and resupplying, requires time and effort, not to mention extraordinary costs, and low accessibility in more remote areas. Una is a self-sufficient megayacht, capable of producing food, capturing solar power, tidal energy, and much more.â&#x20AC;? She has a beam of 14 metres and a draught of 14, which means she can glide into shallow waters easily. Una will also make an estimated cruising speed of 10 to 16 knots, as well as sporting a touch-and-go retractable helipad. All bases covered and much more besides!

www.gkukladesign.com Above, the tender for the 90-metre Una. Right, an interior view. Below, the 47-metre offshore fast cruising sloop, Akara: the yacht is equipped with a hidden bow tender, transom garage, al fresco dining, large sliding windows that reveal an open air saloon, and a variable-depth lap pool





A radically new flying machine, the H160 from Airbus Helicopters, has a carbon-fibre structure and a main rotor with five blades with curved leading edges. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a hi-tech gem by Sergio A. Barlocchetti




irbus Helicopters selected the HAI Heli-Expo 2015 trade fair at Orlando, Florida, to unveil

its new H 160 at the start of March. Significantly, the medium-class twin-turbine model has been appointed the successor to the legendary Dauphin, the first European-built helicopter to be sold in the US and the toughest competition for the modern Italian AgustaWestland AW 139, which currently dominates the class. An all-new design, the H160 has passenger load of 12, a carbon structure and a five-blade main rotor with Blue Edge blades which have a hockey stick-shaped leading edge at the outer tip to reduce blade-vortex interaction-generated noise. It also boasts a partly-shrouded fenestron tilted at 12 degrees. The new Airbus chopper goes into service in 2018 with a slew of impressive performance figures: a range of


between 120 and 450 miles (220 to 830 km), a top speed of 160

by a single pilot. The H 160 will be powered by a pair of 1100hp PW

knots (296 km/h). Its unique selling points include an active vibration

210E engines. It was penned by Guillaume Chielens, the PSA Peugeot

control system to boost comfort in the cabin, a biplane horizontal

Group’s chief designer, who declared: “What we were trying to do was

stabiliser on the tail designed to maximise efficiency at cruising and

create the first model in a new range with a strong style that would also

the fully-electric landing gear. AE product marketing manager Aurélie

be used for the upcoming new Airbus helicopters. That meant clean

Gensolen is quoted as saying that the chopper’s overall performance

lines and maximum onboard connectivity starting with making tablets

will beat that of its competitors in the 5.5-6-ton max weight category,

available to passengers for entertainment and to allow them work as

saving 15-20 per cent of development costs. The H 160 also uses the

easily as if they were still in the office”.

Helionix avionics suite with touchscreen displays so that it can be flown


Amongst the features that make the H 160 unique are its active vibration control system, a biplane horizontal stabiliser on the tail and electrically-operated landing gear




he 50’ Aeroboat is a strictly limited edition of just 14 craft, each one meticulously customised to its owner’s

requirements in everything from cockpit layout to interior trim, engine specs and exterior finishes, making it one of the fastest, most elegant small yachts ever produced. The work of UK designers Claydon Reeves, it makes both the


perfect nimble stand-alone and superyacht tender. With

This limited-edition tender has futureforward lines while cutting-edge technology and an iconic engine deliver up to 50 knots. Fully customisable to the last detail, it has a classically British look

yard on the Solent from carbon-fibre and lightweight wood

by Désirée Sormani

an exterior inspired by the iconic World War II Spitfire fighter plane, it will also deliver speeds of up to 50 knots, courtesy of the Rolls-Royce supercharged Merlin V12 engine coupled with a bespoke gearbox and final drive. The latter V12 has been around, of course, for over 80 years and has powered many legendary aircraft, delivering anything from 1100 to 2500hp.The Aeroboat’s innovative design clearly takes its inspiration from fluid lines of the original Spitfire and, just like it, has a substantial British heritage. Each one will, in fact, be individually built at a veneer sourced from around the nation. The Aeroboat has a seven-passenger capacity and a sports car-style interior with sublime leather trim and stitching as well as a wooden dashboard. Its unique shock-mounted forward seats are also inspired by the Spitfire’s landing gear. Helmsmen will love the combination of analogue gauges for basic functions and touchscreen navigational systems, in addition to the joystick throttle. The forward cabin below has a double berth and a small head. Yours for between £3 and 3.5 million. www.claydonreeves.com


Aerobat is a tender with sleekly exclusive lines capable of carrying up to seven passengers. The perfect superyacht tender, in other words. Its sports car-inspired interior also features a cabin with a double berth


[ TOYS ]

THE ECO-FRIENDLY PERSONAL HYDROFOIL It works on exactly the same principle as large hydrofoils. The special shape of the four foils enables the craft to rise completely out of the water as the thrust from the motor increases. All with zero emissions by Fabio Petrone


inding a personal water craft among the collection of toys on a megayacht

no longer comes as a surprise, as nowadays passengers expect to be able to enjoy the whole range of motorised models. Scooters zip around above and below the water, hydrojets strapped to your feet send you soaring over the water and motorised surfboards allow you to ride the sea even when there are no waves - thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s something for everyone, in fact! However, the performance, adrenalin rush and fun that they provide is often accompanied by noise and emissions, and some of these objects have a negative impact on their


The Quadrofoil reaches a speed of 21 knots, with a range of up to 50 km (27 nautical miles) provided by a 4.5KWh battery. As it rides above the water, this toy is relatively unaffected by sea and weather conditions, at least up to a wave height of 50 cm

surroundings - in other words, the marine

with a relatively small power output of

environment and neighbours at anchor.

only 3.7kW/5HP. The Quadrofoil reaches

A Slovenian company now offers a toy

a speed of 21 knots with a range of up

whose design focuses on operating with

to 50 km (27 nautical miles) provided

zero emissions. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s called the Quadrofoil,

by a 4.5KWh battery. As it rides above

and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best described as a personal

rather than on the water, this toy is

hydrofoil, as the craft works on exactly

relatively unaffected by sea and weather

the same principle as large hydrofoils.

conditions, at least up to a wave height of

Beneath the composite body hang four

50 cm, and provides excellent seaholding.

foils - carbon fibre on the prototype but

The price for the base model is 15,000,

aluminium in production craft - shaped

while the limited edition with more

in such a way that, as the thrust from the

accessories and a 10KWh battery

electric motor increases, the craft rises

providing a range of 100 km comes

completely out of the water. This means

in at 22,000.

a drastic reduction in friction and drag

www.quadrofoil.com 149

[ The WATCH ]



HYT’s latest watch is an instrument that reflects the ancient idea of using water

and hourglasses to mark the passage of time. But this object is also an embodiment of the future, a perfect combination of physics, mechanics and design by Paolo De Vecchi

T 150

his operation - launched a decade ago by Lucien Vouillamoz and recently brought to completion by Vincent Perriard, former CEO of TechnoMarine, under the HYT brand - is a kind of “Back to the Future”. Other famous watchmaking names were also involved, including Bruno Moutarlier, industrial director of Audemars Piguet immediately before and after the turning point in 2000, as well as Swiss companies Chronade and Preciflex for the development of the mechanical and the fluid elements of this exceptional

watch. The visionary project assembled a work group calling itself “Hydro Mechanical Horologists” - the concept did not remain in the realm of the imagination, it has been transformed into timepieces combining a futuristic style and mechanism with the ancient practice of using water to measure the relentless flow of time. Our forebears didn’t only use sundials to measure time, but also hourglasses, where the passage of time was mirrored by the flow of fine sand, powdered glass or liquids of various kinds. And today, HYT’s


[ The WATCH ]

The H1 Azo Project by HYT works as a hybrid mechanical/fluid system - a watch movement activates pistons that display the passage of time by pushing a special liquid inside a graduated glass tube

invention uses a fluid - dyed bright green for visibility - to carry out

study, part of which involved the laws of fluid behaviour applied to

the task, but inside a wristwatch and on the basis of an exquisitely

mechanics and watch design. The starting point was the design of

mechanical movement. Images of the H1 Azo Project model, a

rectangular capillary vessels made of plexiglas to create tube-shaped

product of HYTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s collective genius, speak for themselves, but

capillaries. Made in borosilicate glass with a diameter of around 1

although it looks rather straightforward, in reality the construction

mm for every 11 mm of length, a liquid flows inside them, driven

is highly complex. The final result is a small tube positioned around

by ultraflexible, hard-wearing bellows. They are activated and

the exterior face of the dial on a graduated scale. Inside it flows a

synchronised by a watch mechanism that functions with pistons,

green liquid (in this case framed by the bezel in an identical colour),

enabling the liquid to move and show, quite literally, the flow of time.

but to get to this you must imagine a long, arduous interdisciplinary



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The longer you keep the emerald inside your aura, the greater the benefits you will gain from wearing it. Because nature’s strength is always captured inside green minerals, the colour of tenacity and perseverance, associated with a powerful sense of equilibrium and harmony - that’s why the emerald is one of the best-loved stones. We’ve chosen it for our second issue, for what it represents and because it’s the colour that best encapsulates the season that surrounds us - spring.


1. By Faraone earrings in white gold, diamonds and drop emeralds. 2. A ring by de Grisogono, Melody Of Colors features emeralds, diamonds and tourmalines. 3. Stefan Hafnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jasmine bracelet is in white gold and diamonds. 4. Part of the The Incredibles collection, the diamond and central emerald necklace by Harry Winston. Opposite page: Emeralds, diamonds and sapphires for the Morning in Vendome ring by Chanel.





Located on the island of Sentosa, the Club takes its name from its distance from the Equator. Even though it’s one of the Far East’s newest establishments, it owes its success to an enviable position and superbly efficient yet sustainable amenities by Bianca Ascenti

The management of One° 15 Marina is also involved in the organization of the Singapore Yacht Show, this year from 23rd to 26th of April




ounded as recently as 2007, it may be one of

26th of April). The ONE°15 Marina Club is also

the newest arrivals on the Far East scene but

the brains behind the Singapore Straits Regatta.

in less than 10 years, it has become something

It boasts 270 berths (13 for megayachts) plus 70

of a benchmark for elite yachting in Asia,

spaces ashore and offers free WI-FI, security,

outclassing many more venerable establishments

ship chandlery and an incredibly comprehensive

in the process. Much of the ONE°15 Marina

range of other services. The clubhouse itself was

Club’s success is due to its enviable location in

designed to cater to the needs of people that

the heart of one of the world’s most modern cities.

just want to hang out there all day, offering a

A farsighted management policy of delivering

swimming pool, spa, gym, tennis courts and a

leading-edge yet environmentally sustainable

whole host of bars and restaurants with different

Right: a view of Singapore’s

amenities (combined with a focus on developing

cuisines, guest accommodation consisting of 26

top yacht club on the island

boating locally) has also done much to further

suites and various children’s areas. It also caters

of Sentosa. Its name is a

its fortunes. Superb facilities, entertainment and

to everything from weddings at sea to swimming

reference to its distance from

gourmet cuisine all help attract non-nautical types

and diving lessons and charters, all of which can

the Equator. The Clubhouse

too. Located on Singapore’s ultra-chic Sentosa

be arranged by the very efficient club office. The

offers guests a plethora of

Island, the ONE°15 Marina Club, as its name

style in the more formal areas of the clubhouse is

services, suites (above, left, a

suggests, lies just one degree and 15 minutes north

quite opulent but there are also plenty of modern,

marina view room) and event

of the Equator and is also the only marina in the

casual areas (such as the Latitude Bistro). The

venues (above, right, the

area to hold ISO 14001 for its green development.

dress code isn’t as strict as in many other clubs

Nova room)

The management has thrown itself wholeheartedly

but the 4,000 members and their friends and

into regatta organisation and hosting, including

families are required to “dress in an appropriate

the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race,

manner suitable to the decorum of the Club, and

the Volvo Ocean Race, the Extreme Sailing

reasonably acceptable to the membership of the

Series, as well as high-profile events such as the

Club.” This means no ripped, patched, scanty

Asia Superyacht Conference, the Asia Pacific

or otherwise provocative attire. Appropriate

Superyacht Conference, the Asia Pacific Yachting

footwear is also required in the restaurants and

Conference and, for five consecutive years, the

banqueting halls. www.one15marina.com

Singapore Yacht Show (this year from 23rd to 158

ONE째15 Marina Club 11, Cove Dr, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, Singapore Founded: 2007 Main regattas: Singapore Straits Regatta Berthing for members: 11, Cove Dr, #01-01, Sentosa Cove Club colours: blue Outposts: none Members: 4000 approx. www.one15marina.com





Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ARECHI Salernoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new port village comes from the pen of Santiago Calatrava and has an eye on the megayacht market with a dedicated dock for yachts up to 100 metres. The ideal base for exploring the highlights of the Tyrrhenian by Cristina Griner




he mere fact that the Marina d’Arechi is located between

Yacht Club and the Agorà, featuring lounges, bars, restaurants,

the Parco del Cilento and the Amalfi Coast makes it worth

gyms, wellness facilities, shopping and a kids’ club.

a visit. However, the fact that it was also designed by the

All around are the most stunning of the Mediterranean’s gems,

legendary Santiago Calatrava means it is truly special. Sporting

starting with Ravello, a wonderful spot for a romantic evening on

35 brand-new berths (unveiled at the recent Dubai Yacht Show)

the terraces of the Michelin-starred Rosselini’s restaurant at the

in a genuinely exclusive facility that caters for yachts of 40 to

Palazzo Avino hotel, and the famous Festival, which takes place

100 metres, it looks set to become a main gateway to many of

each year at the cliff-top Villa Rufolo (ravellofestival.com). You

the best-loved sailing areas on the Italian coast from Amalfi to

can call at Amalfi to shop for the famous Charta Bambagina paper

Positano, Ravello and Capri. South of the Salerno seafront and a

which has been hand-made there since the Middle Ages and linger

stone’s throw from Pompeii, the new tourist port is linked to shore

at a table outside the Pasticceria Pansa near the cathedral to nibble

by three long bridges. Its construction came at a cost of over €120

on chocolate-dipped candied citrus peel. Over on Capri, you can

million and no expense was spared in terms of quality, materials,

tie up in front of Il Riccio, the island’s finest fish restaurant. Then

berthing amenities, technology and assistance (there is even duty-

after a compulsory aperitif in the Piazza and a little browsing in

free fuel). Everything from the security service to a helipad for

the charming stores on Via Camerelle (try Canfora for the famous

rapid transfers to Salerno and Naples Airports, a 5-star hotel-style

sandals so beloved of Jackie O, and Carthusia for artisanal scents),

24-hour concierge, is laid on.

treat yourself to dinner at the Capri Palace. Its L’Olivo restaurant

However, building won’t begin on what will be the Marina

has two Michelin stars– you’ll dine by candlelight on Loro Piana

d’Arechi’s most spectacular feature until 2016. Suspended between

cashmere-bedecked sofas at tables laid with Gio Ponti silverware

sea and shore, a stunning leaf-shaped structure will house the

and Murano crystal. www.marinadarechi.com


Some of the Amalfi Coast’s wonderful locations: visitors can do everything from shopping for Charta Bambagina to nippling on chocolate-dipped candied citrus peel and other other lemony delights at the Pasticceria Pansa in the shadow of the cathedral. Guests at the Capri Palace Hotel’s L’Olivo dine by candlelight on Loro Piana cashmere sofas



LIFE AT THE TOP 432 Park Avenue, the New Yorkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s skyline latest icon, has been topped out, making it the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Planned as an 5-star urban resort, it offers a new concept in luxury living

dbox for CIM Group and Macklowe Properties

by Sara Magro



opped out in 2014, the super-skinny 432 Park Avenue tower on Manhattan’s

ultra-chic Upper East Side is now officially the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere, rising 96 storeys or 1,396 feet into air. It is the second tallest building in New York, towering above both the Empire State and the Chrysler buildings, and is dwarfed only by the new World Trade Centre. The New York skyline’s latest icon is a svelte, ultramodern tower that also has a surprisingly classic aesthetic. At the design stage, developer Harry Macklowe, who flanked the CIM Group on the project, gave architect Rafael Viñoly a list of influences to use as inspiration: the cupola of the Pantheon in Rome, the “skin and bones” architecture of the Mies Van de Rohe pavilion in Barcelona. But alongside these architectural images his Fifth Avenue office walls were also hung with others that depicted a much broader cultural canvas: Simon & Garfunkel’s unforgettable concert in Central Park in 1984, the sculpture halls at the Metropolitan Museum and scenes from the movies of the likes of Breakfast at




iffany’s, Midnight Cowboy, Kramer versus

Berke Partners and clothed in sober, simple

Kramer, Taxi Driver, the classic version of

lines. The floors are beautiful oak with Italian

King Kong, Ghostbusters, Spiderman. Other

marble kitchens and bathrooms (the actual

images still depict teetering tightrope walkers

bath tubs all face huge picture windows).

and dancers, looking as if they are about to

432 Park Avenue brilliantly encapsulates Mies

take flight from the window sills of the new

van der Rohe’s statement: “In its simplest form

skyscraper. And that is exactly the feeling

architecture is rooted in entirely functional

one gets gazing out through its enormous

considerations, but it can reach up through


More than windows, they are huge

all degrees of value to the highest sphere of

three by three metre glazed walls made from

spiritual existence into the realm of pure art.”

glass specially produced in Austria. The result

Architecture influences lifestyle and can even

is that the 104 apartments and lofts all feel

revolutionise it. This is exactly the case with

like private eyries with spectacular views

432 Park Avenue, which sets a new standard

of the city, its landmarks, Central Park, the

in luxury living. The apartments start at 356

Hudson and East Rivers, all the way to the

feet above street level and take up either a

Atlantic Ocean. Each one reveals a different

half floor which means 3,575 square feet, or

snapshot of New York, living, breathing,

an entire one which would offer an expansive

being, changing. The interiors have been

8,255 square feet of space. They encompass

laid out into large, regular spaces by Deborah

between two and six bedrooms and come


with price tags that, not surprisingly given

Designed by celebrated architect

the address, range from $16.95 and $82.5

Rafael Viñoly (above), 432 Park

million. The domotics and finishes are all

Avenue is a perfect concrete

leading-edge, lending both the residences and

square. The tower houses 104 luxury

the building itself the ambience of a bespoke

residences, the first of which is 356

luxury resort. High-end amenities cover over

feet from street level. It also offers

30,000 square feet in all, offering a double-

30,000 square feet of amenities,

height restaurant with terrace, a children’s

including a billiards room and a 75-

play area, a billiards room, a spa with sauna

foot indoor swimming pool. Designed

and steam room, a massage therapy room and

by Deborah Berke, the residences all

a 75–foot indoor swimming pool. There is

boast extraordinarily high 12.5-foot

also a beautiful gym designed and equipped

ceilings, oak flooring, Italian marble

by New York personal trainer and fitness

countertops, and the finest interior

guru Jay Wright, as well as a Zeitgeisty yoga

finishes and appliances

studio. 432 Park Avenue achieves the almost impossible: blurring the confines between everyday life and chilled-out bliss in one of the world’s fastest, most glamorous cities.




WEALTH MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS An expert team to advise on a slew of exclusive financial services spanning everything from portfolio management to investment strategies. Exclusively for UHNWIs by Leo Campagna


n 2010, Société Générale Private Banking (Monaco) launched a finance service for yachts

of over 40 metres in length. The qualification criteria are, naturally, strict: the yacht may be either in build, brand-new or even preowned (but not more than 10 years old) but must be the product of a highly reputable yard. “In terms of financing, we offer multi-currency options a fixed and variable rates. However, this is not leasing. As our main business is private banking, we prefer to concentrate on the beneficiary’s potential to develop a long-term relationship with us,” explains Chrystelle Cavernes, Head of Mega-Yacht & Business Jet Financing and Head of Wealth Planning Solutions at Societe Generale Private Banking Monaco. SocGen PB’s megayacht package also includes a range of banking

A private banking and wealth management relationship that spans a variety of services and projects including the financing of private luxury real estate development assets and megayacht and private aircraft purchases. Above, Chrystelle Cavernes, Head of Mega-Yacht & Business Jet Financing and Head of Wealth Planning Solutions at Société Générale Private Banking, Monaco


services that include, for instance, yacht management accounts,

demand a bespoke package to finance part or all of certain

private accounts for the captain or crew members, etc.

luxury asset purchases. “Assisting new clients with operations

“We have a dedicated team that provides investment solutions

of this kind can be the starting point for a longstanding private

such as portfolio management and investment strategies. In

banking relationship during which we would endeavour to

terms of pleasure yachting, we work in very close contact with

flank them in a diverse array of projects, such as financing

the sector’s leading professionals to ensure we meet our clients’

private assets (luxury real estate or private aircraft purchases):

demands and maintain the highest possible standards,” adds

in the meantime, we can also cater to all their portfolio and

Cavernes. These services are designed specifically for UHNWIs

wealth management requirements.” The service is available to

(Ultra High Net Worth Individuals i.e. those whose personal

all of Société Générale’s international clientele. www.privatebanking.societegenerale.com

wealth exceeds 10 million euro) and owners of megayachts who




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