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TEAK ISSUE - n° 13 - 2018 - € 10

The Art of Sailing

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S T A G E.

Advanced technologies, world-class design, exceptional service. For over 50 years Westport has been producing luxury motor yachts of superior performance. Based on proven hull platforms and fitted with contemporary interiors that suit your lifestyle, each yacht in the Westport series combines supreme performance and engineering with head-turning style and elegance.


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editorial A

fter years of uncertainty and things finally begin to augur well for the world yacht market in 2018, we enter our fourth year of publishing THE ONE Yacht & Design and the element we have chosen to celebrate this year’s issues is wood. And so to pay homage to a noble material that has long been used as a building material both for boats and many of the items found aboard, our four 2018 will be Teak, Mahogany, Ebony and Oak. Great artisans have the skills to transform wood and lend it shape and warmth as they craft the furnishings, panelling, inlay and much more besides wood that add a touch of nobility megayachts, business jets and their likes. Not forgetting the wonderful feel of walking barefoot on a teak deck. That magical colour, in fact, makes me feel instantly at ease aboard and also communicates good feelings about all things maritime. In this Teak Issue of THE ONE Yacht & Design, we too are hoping to communicate to you the emotional impact of Bilgin Yachts’ 48-metre Nerissa, Tankoa’s 50-metre Vertige, the 30.48-metre Wally cruise-racer Tango and Benetti’s 70-metre Seasense. So happy reading and a happy 2018 to all. Looking forward to seeing you at the Miami and Dubai Shows!

Matteo Galbiati CEO Platinum Media Lab


contents TEAK ISSUE n° 13 - 2018

Cover 48-metre Nerissa by Bilgin Yachts COLUMNS 5



Against the Wind


Five Questions to... Daryl Wakefield


Design District: Romeo Sozzi


Work in Progress


Exclusive Yacht Décor

150 Tender 152 Toys


154 The Watch 158 Jewels

158 THE YACHTING WORLD 38 Cover Story: 48m Bilgin Yachts Nerissa 52

Fly: The Go-anywhere Jet

58 The Car: The Sea Inside 64 Creative Minds: Zuccon International Project 68 Creative Minds: Philippe Briand



Megayacht: 67m Benetti Seasense

84 Art on Board: Precious Waste 88 Mise en Place: Serving Up tyle 92

Gourmand: Niko Romito

96 Megayacht: 30 m Wally Tango 108 Trend Setters: Dante O. Beninini

32 6

& Partners Architects Our Universal Language

52 38



114 Megayacht: 50 m Tankoa Vertige 126 Bespoke: Annibale Colombo 130 Refit: A Question of Colour 136 Technology: Safety displayed

on the wrist

138 Chase Boat: Baglietto MV 19 Riboc 144 Helicopter: Born in the USA 147 Young Talents: Seeking Visionary Owners 160 Hotel Design: Excelsior Hotel Gallia 163 Harbour Life: Kokomo Island 166 Real Estate: Waiea Tower, Hawaii


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POST-CRISIS DESIGN by Andrea Pezzini, CEO & Co-Founder Floating Life

ow design is wielding increasing influence on construction in our post-crisis world. Demand for personalisation has been on the rise of late. This is all part of the current “process of architectural renewal”, something that has been stymied for a long time by the development of so many fibreglass-built production models. But now new clients in general and young first-time owners in particular are pushing designers in the direction of increasingly futuristic forms and solutions. The materials produced by recent technological developments, such as glass tough enough to be a structural element and metals and alloys new to the sector, are adding impetus to the long-quashed creativity of designers all around the world. New business models, such as multi-ownerships that reflect a new way of living yachts, are also driving designers and architects to follow the “personal dreams of each individual client” rather focusing on the cost-savings pursued by yards in developing production craft. Today clients want to be involved in the design of their yacht right from the preliminary sketches, homing in on details that previously would have been left entirely up to the designer’s imagination. Increasingly, we’re hearing clients referring to “my yacht” from the moment they see the draft sketches of what will one day become their “floating dream.”

This time my cry against the wind is really more of a yell of encouragement to this change that can help our world to evolve and growth through new ideas, new materials…and ancient desires….


time is business

the leading retailer for watch lovers

pisa orologeria boutique rolex via montenapoleone 24 milano

pisa orologeria flagship store via verri 7, milano

pisa orologeria boutique hublot via verri 7, milano


pisa orologeria boutique patek philippe via verri 9, milan0



How is the US luxury yacht market faring? It definitely appears to be gaining momentum, with a strong interest in larger yachts. We heard rumours that Westport wants to expand its production sector. Is that true? Yes, it is. We recently announced that we will build a 45-metre yacht, as well as a 65-metre. How is Westport doing on the general market? What is your take on the European yards? Our position is strong, although the European builders have a distinct size advantage over us. They are currently building yachts of a far larger size than we are. Westport usually builds yachts on spec. Could you describe the typical Westport owner? Yes, we have always built on spec and will continue to do so. Our typical owners are wealthy professionals, primarily American. However, we are working hard to change that and maintain a global marketing programme. Describe the key features of Westport yachts. What are the main qualities that owners demand? Westport provides a reliable yacht, timeless design, always delivered on time and on budget, as promised. Our discerning owners are looking for a quality, reliable yacht for their enjoyment, backed by the best support in the industry.




Where do you get your inspiration for the Promemoria collections? From everything around me. I take my notebook with me wherever I go and jot down notes. I am fascinated by light and colours, particularly on Lake Como where I live and work as they change throughout the day. I also love the shapes of the mountains where I go on holiday. When I have a clear idea in mind, my team of artisans will experiment with me, making prototypes. Then we work on perfecting whatever it is before it is finally added to the Promemoria collections. Interior design and a taste for luxury: what’s your take on that particular combination? One of rigorous simplicity: designing something that is simple but simultaneously capable of expressing the very finest quality and extreme attention to detail. I have never budged from that principle and I apply it both to our Promemoria products and our interior design projects. We use the luxury of the materials and finishes of the Italian Renaissance in our collection – bronzes, Murano glass, velvets, precious fabrics and hides – to create a unique style that melds sobriety and elegance. We often do bespoke furnishings for residences so they are unique, made specifically for the client’s requirements. That is true luxury. What elements are pivotal to you when you set about crafting the décor of a living space nowadays? I usually start by studying the natural light. The colour of the floor is another important point. Then I try out all the colours I feel are most suited to that particular environment. It’s very important for the colours of the walls to either meld perfectly or contrast with the woods, metals and fabrics in a room. I like colours and I love painting. I have even created a colour of my own which I use on the fabrics and leathers featured on Promemoria furniture. What are you working on right now? 2017 was a big year for us and 2018 will be no less so. We have an important project in Paris in January centring around reinterpretations of the company’s iconic chair, the Bilou Bilou, by French architects. Then in April, we’ll be premiering our new collection and the new Angelina kitchen in our Milan showroom. We’ll also be revealing new additions in September in London, Paris and Monte Carlo. Some will be from a brand we acquired a few years back, Bottega Ghianda. After the opening of the Milan Store, 2018 will see this historic furniture-maker embrace new work by leading international designers. How important is the yacht design sector to Promemoria? We’ve been working with the nautical world for many years now. All of Promemoria’s furnishings can be bespoke-made, to adapt them to different environments, including yachts. Promemoria also does a large outdoor collection that is perfect for luxury yachts. We’ve also attended the sector show (in September) in Monte Carlo for several years now and we showcase our new ideas for the nautical world there.





A selection of new projects and concepts from the leading international shipyards and design studios that will grace the waves in the near future by Mary Hegarty and Désirée Sormani


reflective ceilings and light diffusing solutions. Indirect and Darklight LEDs create artificial lighting so subtle that it is impossible to spot the bulbs too. Inset reflective surfaces and innovative glass with leading-edge multimedia technology feature in the furnishings. Décor materials and quality details help make the spaces feel larger and also boost its functionality. The layout is open-plan and this too increases the amount of usable space. The décor has a finely-wrought impact that is both timeless and luxurious at once. Marvellous built-in chaises longues along the sides ensure guests will enjoy the best of the sea views. www.vsy.it



ven as work ploughs ahead in VSY on the build of a 64-metre designed by Espen Øino with delivery set for the start of 2019, other projects are taking shape on the premises too. These include the interiors of the VSY 68-metre which are the work of Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects. The Italian studio based in Milan and Monaco has produced interiors with an innovatively contemporary style that perfectly complements the appeal of the exteriors which are also by Øino. Natural light is also put to very clever use, helping to create astonishing perspectives and an impressive ambience, aided and abetted by quirks such as



[ WIP ]



his edgy, dynamic 86-metre Explorer Yacht is a brilliant

overcome very stylishly, right down to the addition of a forward

hybrid of CRN DNA and Harrison Eidsgaard’s fresh,

davit to lift, launch and haul in tenders and toys of up to 50 tons.

leading-edge style. It also marks a welcome return by the yard to

Another factor that demanded great consideration was the need to

its pioneering explorer roots of the early 1980s. Commissioned

separate guest and crew areas. That said, the interiors are hugely

by an owner intending to go all the way to the remotest corners

comfortable and airy with expansive glazing, particularly in the

of the world with his family, this is a craft brimming with toys

saloons so guests can enjoy the views in all weathers. A stunning

and tenders for both above and below the waves. Direct visual

loft-like terrace runs along the length of the owner’s deck too, so

contact with the sea is another byword. Combining the latter two

that he and his family can have both space and privacy even on the

factors with a refined exterior design proved a challenge but one

longest of voyages. www.crn-yacht.com


[ WIP ]



ne of the most intriguing of the many new concepts and

There is a greater emphasis on apertures and powerful framing

projects that Michela Reverberi and her studio are currently

but the mullions visually disguised in such a way as to allow the

working on is the 66-metre motoryacht in build at the Turquoise

eye to roam further and also create a sense of timelessness. The

Yachts yard.

new yacht is really completely unique. The owner’s specifications

The craft’s exterior lines were crafted by the great Nuvolari &

and desires were taken onboard and expanded upon, and have

Lenard and its naval architecture is the work of Azure. Reverberi

now been turned into skilful reality on a variety of sensory levels.

was given the task of creating the interiors and immediately

The colour palette is subtle and restful, drawing on various soft

set about opening them up to the exterior and blurring all the

hues from the surrounding setting.

boundaries to create a complete merging of interior and exterior.



Ya c h t s & P r i v a t e J e t s |

Hotels & SPAs

MY Destiny






Luxury Villas & Penthouses | Life Style

MY Nero


[ WIP ]


erman architect and designer Frank Neubelt’s very active mind is never still and now his eagle-eye

has falled on a previously unnoticed gap in the market. Y-Club is the first of four 100-metre-plus yachts that will offer a six-star-plus boutique hotel-style service to wellheeled holiday-makers and groups who want to enjoy the luxe megayacht lifestyle for a day or a week or more without actually chartering or owning such a vessel. The first yacht will accomodate no more than 36 guests, or lifestyle travel members as Neubelts has dubbed them, who will be pampered by 42 crew. The Y-CLUB - de lux superyacht resorts look set to begin launching soon and will be managed by a leading hotel management group to guarantee the very finest onboard service. Neubelt himself will also create the interior with the assitance of handpicked stylists and decorators. Luxury suites aside, there will even be a cinema club-style lounge with underwater viewing. Deck space will span an impressive 753 square metres and guests will also have a 8-metre long swimming pool stretching four metres across to splash in as well as myriad lounging and sunning areas. There will also be no less than three saloons.




unrivalled The 131 Yacht

Sunseeker Italy S.r.l. | Porto Turistico, 20 | 16033 Lavagna (GE) | Italy +39 (0)185 30 53 17 | +39 (0)185 31 12 46 info@sunseeker-italy.com | sunseeker-italy.com



[ WIP ]



he E-volution project is Perini Navi’s 42-metre response to

carbon-fibre helm pods and seat rests. A new folding transom

an emerging generation of 30m-plus sailing yachts owners

door opens up a cosy, sea-skimming alcove with staircase access

looking to upgrade in size for boosted bluewater performance,

on both sides. There is even a Japanese-inspired dining pit on the

endurance and, of course, comfort. The yard’s Head of Design,

open foredeck. An aft master stateroom, two guest cabins and a

Franco Romani, has created a powerful all-new exterior, with a

fourth cabin accommodate 8-10. The E in the E-volution name

plumb bow and sleek sheerline. A clean, uncluttered deck and

also stands for Electric referencing Perini Navi’s innovative hybrid

extensive glazing feel modern and airy. Racing specialists Reichel/

propulsion system combining a diesel main engine with an electric

Pugh in California have crafted the slippery aluminium hull form

motor for low-speed and low-noise coastal navigation (electric

with lifting keel, full carbon fibre rig and laminated sails for all-

mode) and electrical generation (hybrid). One of Perini Navi’s

important performance. Perini’s signature easy sailing emphasis

many loyal clients has signed a letter of intent. We look forward to

has cut deck gear with sail drum storage below decks, pared-back

the results. www.perininavi.it



From the first Technema 65 in 1976 to the majestic 80m Chopi Chopi, the Zuccon International Project studio has always flanked yacht design with a history of innovation and success, resulting in the creation of more than a hundred different boat models. Today, this forty-year experience has been renewed, backing the new generation that shares the running of the studio and looks to the future while remaining rooted in the firm’s traditional and sound design culture.


ZUCCON SUPERYACHT DESIGN www.zucconinternationalproject.com




[ WIP ]



tam has followed up its award-winning first Custom

custom options such as a dive area, bar, kids’ playroom or gym.

Range yacht, the 35-metre Gypsy, with a very different

The exterior area of the upper deck can be kitted out either for

but sleek 115’ footer by Niccolò Pasquini and Alessio Riccobaldi

entertaining or to stow the 7-metre tender and crane. In the first

of R+P Architecture. The main deck layout has a more classic

example, a large inside-outside dining area features all-round full-

arrangement with 50 square metres-plus dedicated to the owner.

height windows. The upper deck saloon is fully personalisable

In this first 115’, the day area offers a large lounge, dining area,

too. There are also30 square metres of sunning space on the

powder room and roomy galley, while four beautifully-appointed

foredeck with the option of a secluded dining nook shielded by

VIP staterooms take up 70 square metres of lower deck with 50

the bulwarks. Lastly, in this first example, the 50 square-metre-

set aside for the three crew cabins, mess and laundry. There is a

plus customisable sun deck has a Jacuzzi forward with fore and

choice of a classic garage or one with a side opening for a large

aft L-shaped sofas, a bar and yet another dining spot under the

tender. The latter also makes for a roomier beach club area with

hardtop. www.otam.it



NEW SX LINE. SX88. A NEW CONCEPT OF CROSSOVER IS BORN. Your dreams, expectations and wishes take the most amazing shape. SX88 is a revolution.The innovative steering position on the fly bridge can be entirely enclosed and air-conditioned by the automatically operated side windows, leaving a free main deck that spreads on the same level from stern to bow – your exclusive loft on a 27-meter yacht. Alternatively, a grand owner’s suite can be placed on this deck for a more intimate solution, an absolute exclusivity of SX88 in this range of yachts. Incomparable space is offered on the wide beach area astern, which can also accommodate large watercrafts for your sea exploration. Additional space is available to the fore, where a sunbathing/dining area is directly connected to the main body.



[ WIP ]


olumus Yachts has unveiled its first megayacht, an 80-metre full-displacement steel and aluminium built in Naples and Ancona. The vessel has Renaissance-like elegance and harmony. The longitudinal sweep to her bow, a gleaming white hull and flaring decks

are a nod too to the great ocean liners of yesteryear. The 80-metres contemporary interior is a confection of subdued neutrals and clean simple lines, resulting in a sophisticated ambience. Spread over six levels, this is a comfortable yacht with a circular glass lift rising five decks from the lower where guests will arrive by tender. The whole of the upper deck is the owner’s with a large forward-facing bed in the bow featuring 180-degree views, a private office and a third guest area. There is also a private aft terrace and bow balcony. Six guest suites lie forward on the main deck with a seventh cabin on the lower. The sun deck is stunning with a seven-metre panoramic counter-current pool fed by an overhead waterfall which also separates it from the hydromassage tub. The latter is hidden inside the mast and enclosed on three sides, creating a grotto-like feel behind the tumbling water. On the lower deck, the stern wall and two side walls open out to extend the deck from 100 to 200 square metres complete with beach club. www.columbusyachts.it


W W W. O L I V E R T R E U T L E I N . C O M























[ WIP ]



ynamiq is the first and only superyacht company to introduce

and rounded corners are a nod to both car and aerospace design

an online configurator for potential owners to craft their

while elegant suede in various shades of grey adds warmth and

yachts down to the last detail. The versatile 27.5m GTM90

sophistication to the detailing. Indirect lighting, cleverly tucked

superyacht is its third offering and accommodates up to eight guests

into the walls, ceiling and even floors, creates a soothingly elegant

in four cabins. Its interiors are the work of the Rome and Miami-

ambience too. The master quarters span an open-plan cabin and

based architect Giuseppina Arena. The aft area of the main deck

bathroom area with privacy glass used as a divider. Floor-to-ceiling

is vast with a custom pool, spacious lounge and dining room and

glazing creates a seamless interior-exterior connection on the main

sun deck that runs 12.5 metres in length and features four different

deck. The same colours are used for the wood-trimmed wall and

relaxation areas. The interiors feature modern light polished wood

floors to create a sense of continuity and peace with just a few dark

with lots of rose gold accents as the leitmotif in line with the brief

accents to add grit.

for a modern and minimalist yet chic and warm look. Soft curves




Exclusive Classic, now iconic pieces, limited re-editions, new furnishings with a contemporary appeal. There’s no limit when it comes to fitting out your yacht. And as an extra touch, a few splashes of wood, the trend for this Teak issue of The One Yacht and Design by Marta Bernasconi

1. Add a touch of luxury to your workout with this velvety leather holdall. The Alias is by Giorgetti and is available in black, mud


and ice white. The metallic elements have a graphite finish


2. Alivar’s Margot chair is made from solid ash or Italian walnut with a feather-padded seat over a metal frame. The seat can be upholstered in either leather or fabric. 3. The Luce occasional tables by Cappellini: made from ultra-clear coloured glass they are available in various heights and three different sizes



6. An innovative iridescent treatment makes these 100% cotton Notturno sets glow in the dark. By day, they are equally eye-catching thanks to sequins, glitter, pigments and buttons. By Gabel. 7. The sleek Sen console is an original piece from the Delcourt furniture collection. At 120 cm long, 35 deep and 80 high, it has a patinated brass structure and leather velvet detailing 6.


5. The Air table’s secret is that it has two virtually invisible glass legs supporting its top. The Wildwood version is made from oak. Also available in grey and dark woods. By Lago


4. Lok is an occasional table and Belte is a pouf. Both are charmingly geometric and elegantly proportioned. We love the jewelled metallic trim. By MY home collection




1. The new Rod Bean sofa system features both central and end elements that can be put together to create different flowingly dynamic, curvaceous results. By Living


2. The Snoopy table lamp just turned 50. To celebrate that milestone, Flos has created a limited edition of 1,700 numbered lamps with a 2.

embossing matte black reflector 3. Bisazza has really upped the mosaic ante with New Malachite which features glass tesseras of 10x10mm. Made using digital technology. Available in green, grey and rose 4. Herm is pouf family with a nomadic spirit. A handy handle makes them easy to move around while a fabric or leather belt adds a stylish touch. Indoor and outdoor versions are available



7. The Jade lounge chair by Porro is made from black-stained ash or Canaletto walnut. It has a cross-base for its leather or ecoleather seat


5. Inspired by yoga and its various positions, Asana is a limited edition meditation and relaxation ground chair from Les Ateliers Courbet. Designed by Mario Milana, there is also a version upholstered in an off-white bouclĂŠ fabric by Pierre Frey 6.

6. Amazing to think that the Juliet Chair has been around for 30 years and 5.

now Baleri Italia has just produced a 100-strong limited edition of the design classic in champagne. Each one is numbered and signed by the designer


YD 1. Rizzi’s luminous stairs turn a rather functional fitment into a real interior star. Seen here is a good example with lights enhancing the shape of the design and the warmth of the wood finish 2. Provasi’s new Bookcase is a very appealing and harmonious blend of modern design and classic design cues. Made from natural and painted oak, it seems to frame both the shelves themselves and the objects on them 3. Sollas took a sculptural approach with the Clad chair, smoothing out all sharp angles in its wooden frame to produce a flowing, organic look that also provides brilliant back support 2.





y- CLUB de luxe superyacht resorts






The timelessly stylish and elegant 48-metre from Bilgin Yachts delivers a seamless dialogue between interior and exterior worlds plus a nicely-paced mix of warm and cool tones underscored by intriguingly-used copper, the signature element in the decor by Paola Bertelli - ph. by Eray Altay



here are yachts that set out to dazzle from the first glance

very versatile metal which is earning a growing fan base in interior

and others that offer a slightly muted first impression

design because of its warm, luxurious glow. It has been put to

before revealing their true beauty to their delighted guests.

imaginative use aboard Nerissa. Different shades of copper are used,

Nerissa, the new 48-metre from Bilgin Yachts, is of the

in fact, in a horizontal stripe motif on the walls, while it is combined

latter category. Her exterior, crafted by Antalya-based

with wood and leather on the furnishings. The floors, on the other

Unique Yacht Design, most definitely delivers a clean elegance of line

hand, are marble which, together with myriad steel accents, creates a

and timeless allure, but it is her H2 Yacht Design-penned interiors

sense of balance between the warm and cooler tones aboard.

that hold the real surprises. The English studio has made superbly

Many of the furnishings and details that lend Nerissa her air of

original use of a variety of materials and also centred the layout around

exclusivity were actually made in Bilgin Yachts’ own in-house marine

a dramatic spiral staircase linking all three decks. Let’s start with said

furniture factory. These includes the tables on the upper deck, the bar

stairs. They really do say all there is to say about Nerissa: the aim is to

furnishings, the settees in the main saloon. Yet also in the mix are

grab guests’ attention the second they enter the main saloon and that is

pieces from designer brands Walter Knoll, B&B Italia, Rugiano, Porta

exactly what it does. Floating marble steps, copper-trimmed walls, glass

Romana, Contardi, Light Corporation, Artemide and Ralph Lauren

floor inserts and a spectacular Crystal Caviar chandelier make sure of

in the interior, and Gloster, Ethimo, Ligne Roset, HR, Glasz, Dedon

that. Daylight also pours in through an overhead skylight – which is

and again B&B Italia outside.

also the glass floor of the Jacuzzi – and is then reflected downward to

The interior arrangement carves the very most out of the available

all three decks. The effect is magical as the stairs essentially reflect the

space – both the sky lounge and master suite are full-beam, for instance,

endlessly shifting glitter and gleam of churning Jacuzzi water.

while down on the lower deck, there are four large, rather than five

Nerissa is also an impressively spacious yacht. Her lofty contemporary

more compact guest staterooms.

interiors seem to stretch outward to capture as much natural light as

The number and size of the communal areas on deck is positively

possible, creating a bond with the sea in the process. The large sliding

luxurious too and teak is the exclusive star of the show. Plenty of chill-

door on the upper deck is a prime example – once open it turns the

out time aboard is guaranteed by two Jacuzzis – one on the expansive

whole space into a seafront terrace. The two big sliding doors at the

sun deck and the other forward on the upper deck.

sides of the saloon do likewise when opened together with the more

The beach club is a transition area between interior and exterior: the

traditional one aft. Nerissa’s outward-looking vocation is prioritised

seating position puts guests at water height yet also provides a perfect

in the owner’s suite through an open-out balcony and a large skylight

retreat from the summer sun. The styling echoes the bold interior and

directly over the bed.

uses both teak and a ceiling strip lighting detail to draw the eye in.

The materials selected by H2 Yacht Design include copper, a classy,


There is meticulous focus on design, spatial arrangement and exterior dĂŠcor aboard. Many of the furnishings were custom-made to designs by the Bilgin Design Team, including the sofas and beautifully crafted and inlaid mahogany tables in the lounge forward on the upper deck and in the cockpit on the main deck (opening pages)



The spacious main saloon. In the foreground, Walter Knoll armchairs are a perfect match for the copper detailing on the occasional tables which, like the sofas, were custommade. Behind the curtains are two huge sliding doors which convert the area into an al fresco space, creating an abiding sense of contact with the sea and nature


The colours and geometries of the copper wall panelling make the interiors absolutely unique. Soft curves grace the furnishings, chairs in the dining area, the desk in the master suite office and even the magnificent Crystal Caviar chandelier over the table on the main deck. Refined leather and copper wall detailing adorns the bedroom in the master suite. Ceiling-mounted light fittings have been kept to a minimum to retain the clean look – the emphasis is on indirect lighting, in fact



Exterior Design and Naval Architecture Emrecan Özgün, Unique Yacht Design


erissa is the result of collaboration between Bilgin Yachts and Unique Yacht Design. The owner of Bilgin Yachts, Mr. Engün, took personal charge of the development of the project and gave us great support. We spent a difficult but happy year doing the design. Eventually, Nerissa’s design and general arrangement were so convincing that the shipyard decided to start construction on two spec boats. Even so being under 500GT, Nerissa has an arrangement

Softly rounded harmonious lines clothe the exterior of this 48-metre. A yacht with a modern yet timeless pedigree. Top right, a shot from the seafront balcony in the master suite


that pushes the limits of both interior and exterior living spaces. While crafting Nerissa’s exterior surfaces, we strove for a modern design that would be envied for years to come. In the end we managed to create a solid and feasible design with large curved surface areas divided by rigid lines. Our effort was concurrently both on balancing areas and natural lighting between the interior and exterior. Nerissa’s hull platform and main construction elements

are based on Giaolo-Lu. But Giaolo-Lu has an axe bow and longer LWL than Nerissa. Our design objective was to achieve the same performance values as her older sister despite the fact that Nerissa’s waterline is shorter. This could have been achieved by a well-optimised bow form. We obtained the narrowest underwater line entry angles possible without destroying the weight distribution balance. During Nerissa’s design, we reviewed every single detail

several times to provide our client with a notably spacious, comfortable yacht under 500GT. Nerissa’s wide, comfortable passarelle – a rarity even for most yachts over 500GT welcomes you aboard. It gives you the hint of the comfort to come. Our design studio has a naval architecture background. Our philosophy is that our designs must deliver both comfort and safety in all sea conditions. Nerissa is a very good example of that philosophy.


Interior Design Toby Sturge, H2 Yacht Design


2 Yacht Design and Bilgin Yachts have a longstanding business relationship and have designed over seven yachts since the launch of Tee Dje back in June 2010. The task given to us with Nerissa was to design a modern interior that had not been seen before in the industry. Bilgin was eager for H2 to create something exciting and new, pushing the boundaries of previous collaborations. With this in mind we utilised a material that had not be used or produced on the yachting side. The copper material used throughout her interior leaves a fundamental stamp. The use of the copper metal and stainless steel become a great hard finish combination, including a dark and light veneer which creates contrast throughout. Nerissa has a light, spacious, elegant interior created by introducing as much natural sunlight as possible. The interior layout revolves around the grand spiral staircase


with skylight - this feature is not what you expect on a boat this size. Natural sunlight is projected in through a skylight and goes right down to the lower decks. A semitransparent glass mesh screen, which separates lobbies from their neighbouring spaces, still provides a sense of light transparency. Most of the furniture was also produced by Bilgin’s interior furniture department to a custom H2 design to keep the theme as consistent as possible. My favourite area onboard? The spacious owner’s suite with private balcony and full-width bedroom with walk-in shower in the centre of the his and hers WC. Then again, the sky lounge is an area that I like as after all the boldness of the copper and details throughout Nerissa, once you step into the bridge deck sky lounge, you are welcomed by a very subtle, relaxing feeling with dulled-down tones that contrast with the rest of the yacht.

Opposite: Nerissa’s spiral staircase, which links her three decks, is a real wow statement. The skylight (above) draws in light and is actually the floor of the Jacuzzi on the upper deck. A theatrical cascade of crystals turns out to be another stunning chandelier by Crystal Caviar. Below, the beach club is a warm, relaxing, teak-trimmed haven


The Shipyard Mehmet SengĂźn, Bilgin Manager


ith Nerissa we raised the bar for ourselves once again and we are extremely proud of the result. She is the perfect vessel for an owner who likes open-plan living and has a passion for detail. The vessel does not exceed the 500GT mark and has clean exterior lines, giving her a classic, timeless appearance. Her exterior styling and naval architecture are by Unique Yacht Design. H2 Yacht Design created the general arrangement and interior design concept. The layout adopts a four larger cabin layout instead of five cabins, with a generous owner’s suite which also benefits from a hull balcony. The result is spacious accommodation for 10 guests in a highly modern, bright interior with large windows. Subtle touches, such as a combination of different woods and precious metals, were introduced into this minimal copper-coloured scheme. The owner must be a copper lover. Copper is one of the hardest natural materials to use on marine products. So processing and applying this material requires high-level technology and masterful manual work. Another very soft material, eucalyptus wood, was used for the veneers. These were the challenges of working on Nerissa, but we, the Bilgin team, love to be challenged. Throughout the hull form and structural design phases, we focused not only on speed and performance data but also on the owner’s comfort and safety. We worked hard on the optimization of the hull form and weight balance. As a result, we designed a superyacht that is comfortable and reliable even cruising in 7 Beaufort scale weather conditions. We recently moved in new, larger construction facility and we now have a sister ship of Nerissa in build for deliver later on in the year, two 80ms, one for delivery in 2019, the other in 2020, as well as a new 68m.

Nerissa was built on spec, like her sister ship currently on the stocks. She comes in under the 500 GT mark and has a steel hull topped by an aluminium superstructure. Her construction is sublime thanks to the huge experience of Bilgin Yachts, which is currently run by the fifth generation of a family that has been building boats over a century


GERMAN YACHT COUTURE frank neubelt yacht designs














[ FLY ]


THE GO-ANYWHERE Designed to land and take off from short and rough-field runways, the new PC-24 from Pilatus is a brilliant combination of an executive aircraft, an off-roader and a utility plane


by Sergio Barlocchetti - Ph. by Paul Bowen / Pilatus Aircraft Ltd


[ FLY ]


ore versatile than the proverbial Swiss Army

usable space and a generous maximum headroom of 155

knife, Pilatus is a company that, in its time, has

cm. Configuration options range from a “flying office”-type

produced aircraft designed to be used as flying off-

set-up to an air ambulance. That is superb versatility for

roaders, such as the Turbo Porter, as well as superb military

a price tag of around $9 million, particularly when you

training craft like the PC-7 and PC-21. And so, when it

remember that this bird flies up to 10 people for almost

turned its hand to executive jets, expectations were high.

2,000 nm at a speed of 425 knots. The PC-24’s 45,000

It’s no coincidence that the PC-24 project was originally

ft maximum altitude is impressive too, as is its maximum

mooted as the world’s first business jet with superb short-

payload of 1,134 kg. In classic business jet configuration

field performance – even on unpaved runways – and a large

for four, six or eight passengers, the seats are laid out in

cargo door. Yet it also has all the elegance of a genuine

two lines, leaving space for the galley and toilet. The style

business aircraft and the kind of performance that can easily

is sober but very far from spare with plenty of space for

compete with sector icons of the likes of the Cessna CJ 4.

integration and connectivity, something found only on

The 168 cm-wide cabin is roomy too with seven metres of

the most modern aircraft in this category – maybe three

Pilatus is renowned for its professional and military training aircraft and has put that DNA to good use in the PC-24, its first executive model, a fast twinengine business jet that combines a roomy cabin with an excellent payload capacity


[ FLY ]

There are several different PC-24 configurations, ranging from a flying office to an air

or four models worldwide at most. That applies to the

ambulance. The business jet version has a sober, refined cabin seating 4, 6 or 8

cockpit as well as the passenger cabin because the pilot

passengers. It also has a flight range of almost 2,000 nm at its cruising speed of 425 knots

will enjoy some excellent digital avionics and carefully thought-out ergonomics even in details like buttons and knobs. As the first Pilatus model in this category and also the first Swiss executive aircraft ever, the PC-24 also offers a pilot training programme at Flight Safety International’s Learning Center in Dallas, Texas where there is a full-motion flight simulator and a training unit for both crews and technicians (maintenance included). Operationally, the PC-24 can touch down at around seven tons with an approach reference speed below 100 KIAS and in Single Pilot configuration, so a non-pilot owner can sit in the co-pilot seat. Pilatus head Oskar Schwenk explains: “Although Pilatus is a recent arrival in this aircraft segment, we are really going all out to guarantee that future PC-24 operators enjoy the kind of first class service that people expect from us. Clients always come first at Pilatus and our goal is to provide them with the support and assistance they deserve.” www.pilatus-aircraft.com


[ The CAR ]




by Paola Bertelli


[ The CAR ]

To celebrate its 25th birthday, BMW Individual has unveiled a very special 7 Series car. Designed and crafted in partnership with Nautor’s Swan, it combines the best of both worlds in terms of style and performance


arl Lagerfeld is one of the strongest personalities in the fashion, luxury and design

The BMW Individual

sectors. He was also the first owner to order a tailor-made BMW 25 years ago,

Manufaktur facility is at

sparking the start of the BMW Individual Programme which each year produces just

Garching, just outside

200 or so ultra-exclusive cars, each one tailored around its owner’s wishes. Clients

Munich. This is where

can choose from 130 different paintwork colours and 25 different leather colours (the

one-off BMWs of the

leather itself can be embossed, woven, etc.). They are also free to introduce the likes of

likes of the M760Li xDrive

silver, mother of pearl and precious stones. BMW Individual has turned excellence into

inspired by Nautor’s Swan

its signature, creating “symbolic cars” that go well beyond mere driving pleasure and

take shape. This car’s

deliver a genuine emotional experience. Luxury today is not just about exclusivity – it

V12 delivers massive

also means expressing personality and individuality, as well as setting new standards

but controlled thrust,

at the cutting edge of design and technology.

sprinting from 0-100

And now, to celebrate its quarter century, BMW Individual has unveiled the M760Li

km/h in 3.7 seconds

xDrive inspired by Nautor’s Swan. This partnership with the prestigious Finnish-Italian yard was a real stroke of genius as the two businesses share core values of exclusivity, performance and reliability. The luxury limousine really does have the blissful ambience of a high-end yacht. In fact, Nautor’s Swan actually made some of the elements used in its workshops in Finland.



[ The CAR ]

Damask Red livery is partnered with a sober, elegant yachting-inspired interior. The floors are carbon-bonded teak while the seats are upholstered in two-tone Merino leather in Smoke White and Carollo Brown

The interior trims, entry sills and floor mats are all made from carbon-bonded teak, as is the floor of the boot. The Nautor’s Swan signet logo features on the headrests, cushions, sun visors and European oak interior trim on the driver’s side and the central console. The boot lid also sports the Nautor’s Swan arrow, which is usually to be found on the side of the yard’s yachts. The rest of the interior was made at the BMW Individual facility at Garching, near Munich. The bodywork is in BMW Individual’s Damask Red, while the cabin is in two-tone fine-grain Merino leather in a mix of Smoke White and Criollo Brown. Every BMW Individual car is crafted to be as unique as possible. For this reason even the brake callipers on the M760Li xDrive inspired by Nautor’s Swan feature a specially-made raised Swan logo. Out on the road, the car delivers an exhilarating mix of heady performance and sublime ride comfort. This is thanks to the M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12-cylinder petrol engine which allows it sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds flat. Coupled with the modern 8-gear Steptronic Sport transmission, the V12 engine delivers massive yet controlled thrust. Not surprisingly, onboard technology is also state-of-the-art with semi-automated driving, touch display and BMW Gesture Control just a few examples of what’s on offer.

www.bmw-m.com - www.nautorswan.com 62

OUR MARK IN SMART LUXURY so unique so smart

so safe so easy

The first platform for the management and resale of pre-owned luxury assets







hat’s my idea of design? It’s the perfect balance and synthesis of form and function,”




Zuccon, who co-heads Zuccon International Project with his sister Martina. Originally opened in Rome in 1976 by the duo’s father Gianni Zuccon and mother Paola Galeazzi, the studio has spread its creative wings across a broad range of sectors but is best known internationally for its nautical work with leading Italian yards of the likes of Ferretti Yachts, Custom Line, CRN and Perini Navi. “But before you even begin talking about design, you need to go back to the starting point of any design experience: man. Man is the creature who will physically live in the space and with the objects that we designers create. At the same time he is the proportional and ergonomic reference point needed to deliver functional balance, which is essential if we are to talk about design.” Heritage, the 45-metre that marks Zuccon’s first collaboration with Picchiotti Yachts, is a clever encapsulation of that world view. The project sprang from “a desire to create a marine ecosystem in which man can do what is the ultimate goal that all yacht designers need to have very clear in their minds: live the sea….” Heritage has generous interior volumes – the main deck has a ceiling height throughout of three metres, underscored by the extensive use of glass, which creates a sense of seamless continuity between interiors and sea. “Aboard, the form-function relationship shifts more

Bernardo Zuccon and his sister Martina are carrying on the creative work started by their father Gianni and mother Paola Galeazzi. The Zuccon International Project studio has a finger in many pies – and sectors – but has earned itself an international reputation for its yachting projects



towards functionality,” adds Zuccon. “Because it maintains

the first place.” Heritage is an homage to the greatest designer

and deepens certain volumetric parameters while hailing a

to ever work with Picchiotti, Gerhard Gilgenast, and offers

departure from the form-over-function perspective. Heritage

up a modern take on his signature style. The vessel’s unique

is not a spectacularly beautiful container that imposes her

selling point is her ability to carry a large arsenal of toys; two

limits on man, for the very reason that we started off from the

tenders (one sailing, one motor, both nine metres) and two jet

concept that it is man who creates the boat’s architecture in

skis. This is exactly what many owners are now demanding. Looking to the past, Zuccon has fond memories of the Custom Line Navetta 37, the first yacht that he and his sister Martina penned entirely on their own. Bernardo Zuccon’s design style always has a hybrid feel – he works across stylistic and functional borders that reference not just the nautical world but also the design, architecture and automotive ones. “I am convinced, however, that the most gorgeous designs are always the ones that await us in the future. This is an important moment for me personally and the studio because of the start of our new partnerships with Perini and Sanlorenzo. It is like being at the start of a love affair when everything is wonderful and you’re fired up with enthusiasm. We will be designing small fibreglass and larger metal yachts for Sanlorenzo while with Perini we’ll be doing highly customised large-scale craft.” A glance at a future that will always involve meticulous research, a hugely passionate constant in the architect’s work.


The new Heritage 45 is the first design to emerge from the new partnership between the Zuccons’ studio and Picchiotti Yachts. Beautifully balancing form and function, its striking interiors offer imposing full-height glazing to create a strong connection with the sea and very high ceilings of three metres. The foredeck is uncluttered to free it up for water toys including a 9-metre motor tender and a sailing craft of the same size. Right, Martina and Bernardo


COMFORT and VERSATILITY by Bianca Ascenti


Philippe Briand presents his “Manifesto” for superyachts and motorcraft. It features six points for sailing the seven seas in a way that is both efficient and elegant






Philippe Briand is convinced that expedition and versatility are the two

terms that will wield a major influence on the future of yachting. For this reason he presented his “Manifesto” on the subject at the recent Monaco Yacht Show. Briand, whose long and eclectic career has spanned boats of all kinds, from sailing racers to motorcraft and superyachts, told his audience: “New owners have grown up with greater environmental awareness and are careful about waste. They want to explore the world but they want to do so safely and in absolute comfort. They are more concerned with comfort and versatility than extreme speed.” This awareness led Briand to draw on his experience to develop a series of boats, both sailing and motor-powered, that will

range and robustness of an explorer.” Furthermore, the new boats

satisfy both long-range sailors and Mediterranean pleasure boaters.

can be tailored around each owner’s requirements. The Vitruvius

Through his Vitruvius brand, which produced the 50m M/Y Exuma,

Expedition Range spans five motoryachts ranging in length from

the 55m Galileo G and the 73m M/Y Grace E with the Perini Navi

45 to 50 metres, plus a sailing explorer of 55 metres. Motor-wise,

Group’s Picchiotti yard, he now offers a completely radical approach

the Expedition Scientific Style is an aluminium 50-metre that can

to the superyacht world in which function rather than form dictates

stow a pair of 9-metre tenders, various toys or even a sailing boat

the rules. “At first glance, it would seem that a Mediterranean-

on her deck. Various configurations are also offered – a single or

based yacht would have a completely different set of requirements

split-level garage, helipad, etc. The Expedition Beach Club, on the

from an expedition vessel. Normally speaking, designers focus on

other hand, is a 45-metre steel-built Ice Class motoryacht, while the

aesthetics rather than function, but Vitruvius combines the two

Explorer Concept can sport either a 50-metre aluminium hull or a

worlds offering the best of both. The comfort, space and luxury of a

46-metre steel Ice Class one, but in both instances provides generous

Mediterranean yacht really can go hand-in-glove with the efficiency,

stowage tenders and toys under the foredeck. The 45-metre Crossover

The new Crossover 45M is a fascinating marriage of form and function, proving that it is possible to meld the signature comfort, space and luxury of a Mediterranean yacht with the efficiency, range and robustness of an explorer. The Crossover 45M can be built in either steel or aluminium



(available in a choice of aluminium or Ice Class steel) combines the

quarters, safety and elegance of a motoryacht. Briand relished the

look and structural features of the Vitruvius explorers with the styling

challenge and delivered a stunning concept that melds great swathes

and social-orientation of a superyacht. Last but not least, the 50-metre

of gleaming glass (a signature for many years) with a hugely efficient

Expedition Mediterranean really does epitomise all things Vitruvius,

high performance hull (12-14 knots), an automated sailing system,

delivering elegant, modern lines and impressive efficiency and range

a safe, ergonomic deck plan and a lifting keel for shallower waters.

in one craft. The stern section has been optimised to incorporate a

“There are plenty of very stereotypical but not very authentic sailing

garage that will stow large tenders and toys. There is also an infinity

yachts out there,” commented Briand. “Sailing yachts don’t need to be

pool and two open-out balconies on either side. The 55-metre sailing

designed just to race or go fast. They can also be used to explore the

explorer, on the other hand, was bespoke-designed for a Californian

world exactly like a motor superyacht. With an extra touch of elegance

client who wanted an explorer for the Pacific that would offer the living

and greater emphasis on the environment.”


Philippe Briand’s Vitruvius Expedition Range comprises five motor vessels and one sailing explorer yacht. This page, the 55-metre sailer will have a large sail plan and enormous swathes of glazing. Opposite, the Expedition Mediterranean 50M and bottom, the Expedition Scientific Style with split-level garage




When a pair of expert, eagle-eyed owners came in search of an original yacht brimming with meticulously-crafted details, Benetti dug deep to produce a stylishly innovative 67-metre beauty with interiors and exteriors by Area and Cor D. Rover by Paola Bertelli - ph. by courtesy Giuliano Sargentini


t is quite unusual to start a superyacht design with the exteriors but Seasense really is an exception to most rules. As her name suggests, everything goes back to the sea, the senses it stimulates and even its zingy, exhilarating air. That is why they prioritised very generous, liveable and beautifully accessorised al fresco areas. The 160 square metre aft area on the main deck should come as no great surprise therefore – despite the fact that it is home to a pool and sunning area with a cliff-top hotel feel. There is a chameleon-like versatility to this part of the deck too as a system of carbon-fibre panels can slide out to cover the pool, turning it into a basketball court or a dance floor for parties under the starry night sky. Adjacent yet a little further towards the midships section is a dining area where a sliding glass door plays clever games with convention, allowing the owner to create

different spatial combinations. When it is open, the dining room and al fresco pool area become a single space, but when it is closed the dining and saloon-home cinema room become one. The Los Angeles-based studio Area created the interiors after working with the owners for many years and, like Benetti, pulled out all the stops to produce truly unique spaces. More than 100 different materials were used to avoid repetition in any of the various spaces. However, a measured approach was adopted to create a sense of sophisticated balance rather than a chaotic clash. The leitmotif colour in the resulting refined harmonious look is, naturally enough, Cerulean blue with some variations and accents. A whole slew of companies custom-made pieces for Seasense: not least Holly Hunt, Atelier Gary Lee, Tai Ping, Martin Brattrud, Thomas Lavin, and Walter K. The layout is also unusual as both the master suite and a VIP stateroom are on the main deck. The owner requested an enormous area with high ceilings for his personal use and this is reflected too in the fact that there is a three-metre space above the bed featuring a stunning chandelier commissioned by the owner as an art piece from Studio Roso in London. It is not the only such piece aboard as the owners are avid modern art collectors. The four guest staterooms on the lower deck are stunningly bright as their in-hull windows are much larger than is normal. At first glance the lighting appears quite pared-back and minimalist but is actually very finely tuned. “All light fixtures were provided by Benetti’s customary suppliers, but in a number of instances we used their products in ways they had not been used before,” explains lighting designer Joe Kaplan. The best examples are the backlit lounge columns, custom fixtures over the indoor/outdoor dining table and adjacent outdoor seating, dining room dome, flush lights beside the headboards, and bathroom vanity lights.” A number of different pre-set cues or “scenes” for the installed lights are programmed into a Lutron control system to create an optimal balance with outside light and changing daylight conditions, including night-time. Seasense was Cor D. Rover’s first collaboration with Benetti. Her clean, linear exterior is effortlessly elegant with a distinctly naval feel to it muted somewhat by soft harmonious lines. Apertures, grilles and windows of different shapes abound but a personal signature is the group of long narrow windows on the main deck which lift and lend a sense of rhythm to the design of a yacht aboard which love of and contact with the sea is most definitely the dominant theme.



The Cerulean blue used aboard Seasense is something of an obsession, albeit a very pleasant one. It crops up both on the exterior and in the interior, in accessories and details‌ everywhere, in other words. That said, it never feels repetitive thanks to the seemingly endless array of materials used. Opening, the large pool aft on the main deck is the core element around which the project, which focuses on contact with the sea, centres


Compared to what we’ve normally seen, Seasense’s upper deck (this page) is most definitely her most formal. The dining area (bottom) is surrounded by a circular veranda and can be separated if required from the conversation area (top) by a curtain. On the sundeck there is an al fresco area (bottom right) furnished with sofas and generous sun pads. The master suite is exceptionally large and dominated by a sculptural steel chandelier made by Studio Roso of London



Exterior Design Cor De Rover, owner Cor D. Rover Design

Seasense is a very different yacht from her Benetti predecessors. The yard wanted something new that would still retain a sense of stylistic continuity, however, and in response, Dutch designer Cor De Rover (left) produced this 67-metre which is clothed in original exterior lines


easense actually began life when Benetti invited 16 designers to come up with a design to celebrate its 140th anniversary. We produced a line of masculine-looking, almost naval-like designs, ranging from 50m under 500 GRT up to 92m. All were dedicated to al fresco living, revolving around a patented large centrally-placed swimming pool, which we eventually called “Benetti Beach” concept. I personally have never understood why so many yachts have enormous inside volumes and limited outside deck space. Why would you leave your air-conditioned high rise


building, where you spend most of your working days, to go to your yacht and then sit inside again? To me life at sea is all about feeling the gentle sea breeze, smelling the fresh and salty scent of the ocean - all from your floating terrace. Seasense’s owner appreciated and embraced this approach, and we started fine tuning the overall design. The result is Seasense, a 67m White-Coloured-Fun-Frigate aboard which I hope the owner’s family will spend many long days to get the real sense of the sea!


Seasense is clearly navy-inspired and the tall, narrow windows along the main deck bulwarks are a very personal touch



Most of the furnishings are custom-made and the materials were meticulously sourced. Modern art dotted the interiors too. The owners wanted Seasense to be a unique yacht on every level and so entrusted her interiors to their favourite designers, Area of America. The opposite page showcases the unusual lighting tucked away behind the wood wall panelling in the dining area on the main deck

Interior Design Walt Thomas, principal at AREA


he owners – with whom our studio has worked for approximately 20 years on a broad range of projects – mandated the creation of a yacht environment that in their words “is something that has never been seen before.” Our studio searched for design elements and finishes that were custom and preciously rare. The layout and décor were, as with all the projects for this client, a collaboration of ideas that were synthesized into what we see in the superyacht. The owner is very “hands on”, and we are invigorated and more creative because of this type of relationship, where all ideas are investigated and pushed to their limit. The directive for materials selection was that no finish or furniture item could have been used on any of the former projects. The search with the client’s input was for the unique und nonubiquitous. Each room was, per the client’s desire, to be different from all others with no repetition of materials. The challenge was to make the transition from room to room harmonious and intentional, without being repetitious. The only repeating feature used to tie together the plethora of grand but comfortable selections was the Italian aniline-dyed white wood veneer used for the doors and trim. Most of the furniture was custom-created for the superyacht. Joe Kaplan designed the custom lighting, and the client spearheaded the selection of the onboard accessories. The expansive pool area is the epitome of the experience of the nautilus of the ship. It is vibrant and enhances all other parts,


especially with the reflections created in the rooms from the illuminated water. Our studio has worked on the design of other yachts with the owner, but this was the largest and most aggressive undertaking to date. The co-mingling of ideas and pure fun of seeing the synthesis of participation with the entire team was both the challenge and the reward of the project

The Shipyard Marco Tommaso Coiatelli, Benetti Project Engineer


easense is the first yacht we used the “Benetti Beach” concept aboard. And we are very proud of the result. It’s a concept that evolved before we embarked on the Seasense project and was part of a study created to develop the “Benettis of the Future”. We developed the “Benetti Beach Concept” with Cor D. Rover with the very clear goal of emphasising contact with the sea. Seasense was the perfect yacht for it as the owner completely embraced the concept. She’s a yacht aboard which the exteriors are very much to the forefront, particularly the aft section of the main deck which has an enormous swimming pool surrounded by a sunning area. The pool itself (10 metres by 4) is of a size normally found only on much larger yachts. So it was far from simple to actually incorporate. In fact, to work out its shape and measurements, we had to test-tank models to help us predict how the water would behave inside it in various sea states and so allow it to be used underway under certain conditions. Seasense was originally to have been a 50-metre but because the owner wanted more interior space she was extended to almost 70 metres. The interiors have impressive headroom, particularly

the master suite. They’re also very bright, especially the guest cabins on the lower deck where we used very large windows that demanded in-depth research and authorisations. The 8-metre limo tender posed another technical challenge. In fact, to allow it enter the central garage, was designer Giorgio Cassetta and the Studio di Ingegneria Arnaboldi had to design a retractable superstructure to make it less vertically bulky.


Trash materials repurposed as works of art have been a creative medium for many artists since the early 1900s




Opening, Andrea de Carvalho, Mondos II, 2017. To side and below, Juan Roberto Diago, Untitled, 2010 Variaciones de Oggun and Untitled series, 2015, El Alma de las cosas series. Bottom, Julian Schnabel,



Rose Painting (Near Van Gogh’s Grave), 2016

by Micaela Zucconi


etal, wood, fragments of all kinds of material, including trash. Waste transformed into masterworks that helped write the story

of 20th century art. Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades opened the way for many other artists to become enthusiastic recyclers - Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, Pino Pascali, Arman and César, up to great contemporary artists like Michelangelo Pistoletto and Tony Cragg. The trend has also been adopted by the multidisciplinary Julian Schnabel, who recently presented a new version of his famous Plate Paintings series, first introduced in the late 1970s. These are large works made from hundreds of fragments

Need to Know About”. His minimalist language evokes Arte Povera,

of plates and pigments that create a homogenous surface recalling the

but he has deep links with Afro-Cuban culture and the memories of

rhythms of nature. He drew inspiration from the roses growing near Van

slavery. One of his most famous series of works is the Variaciones de

Gogh’s grave in the cemetery of Auvers-sur-Oise, France. Schnabel was

Oggun, where wood and metal refer to fragmentation and ethnic and

able to create these works by employing a material – bondo – normally

religious breakdown. They are also a tribute to the figure of Ogun, a

used as a filler in car bodywork repair. The New Plate Paintings were

warrior and powerful spirit of metalwork, worshipped by the Afro-

displayed a few months ago at New York’s Pace Gallery. By breaking

Cuban Abakuá community. The pieces of wood and metal from cans

down artistic conventions, these personalities opened the door to a new

are intentionally allowed to retain their original colours and battered

generation of artists, like Cuba’s Juan Roberto Diago (born in 1971), who

appearance, communicating an introspective vision of the Cuba of

was included by Christie’s in 2015 in their “Six Contemporary Artists You

today. The works of Andrea de Carvalho (a Brazilian who lives in 86


Italy) are more light-hearted, but equally complex. She works by assembling, sewing, shaping and cutting out, a method that forms the basis for a large number of her eclectic, cutting-edge works. This process is the result of a creative journey nurtured by a variety of experiences, including research into fashion in Paris before returning

Above: left, the Brazilian artist Andrea de Carvalho; right, César, Bas-relief, 1961 (steel and painted pieces of canvas), Centre Pompidou, part of César. La Rétrospective, until 26 March. Bottom, Vik Muniz, Verso (Starry Night), 2008, part of the Verso exhibition at the Belvedere Superiore, Vienna, from 21 March to 17 June

to painting. She then discovered the artistic potential of enhanced by glazed ceramics, iron, paint and found materials like old photos. Take, for example, Mondos II, where recovered, repurposed elements evoke memories of travel, as well as her adoptive Italian and original cultural identities. The installations are joined by thirdfiring ceramic jewellery with gold and platinum. Vik Muniz, though, is a proponent of genuine Trash Art. This Brazilian artist is famous for his social commitment expressed through works made using refuse picked from Rio de Janeiro’s huge waste tips. In his Verso series (on show at the Upper Belvedere in Vienna from 21 March to 17 June) he looks at the reverse side of art works, with their notes, labels and customs stamps. Finally, mention must be made of the late César Baldaccini (1921-88), who worked under the name of César, and his industrial metal waste sculptures. 20 years after his death, the Centre Pompidou is dedicating an impressive retrospective to him (until 26 March). The inspiration for a constantly-expanding creative universe.



ceramics in Italy, leading to her installations becoming

Serving up style Rigour and originality. Clean lines and unexpected combinations of materials. The trick is to amaze while retaining an element of sheer class by Marta Bernasconi


The plates in the Paesaggi collection. This reinterpretation of traditional services decorated with views of natural and architectural subjects can be coordinated with geometric pattern or single-colour plates

youngster that’s grown up quickly, KnIndustrie is an all-Italian project founded in 2011 and based in Sarezzo, near Brescia. The company has brought a breath of fresh air – and plenty of daring – to the art of the table top. The idea underpinning its collections is as simple as it is successful – lines consisting of a few objects that are easy to use and store, thereby simplifying our lives in the kitchen and the way we experience the table top. KnIdustrie’s great strength lies in its fearless approach to creating fresh new details with a distinctive mix of creativity and elegance. Two examples of this can be seen in the pan with detachable handle that becomes a serving dish, or the glass saucepan that morphs into a wine cooler. Absolute creative freedom is combined with a multifunctional concept, with great emphasis on materials and eco-sustainability. Driven by this philosophy, in only a few years the brand has experienced steady growth and developed a highly distinctive identity. It has also benefited from collaborations with top designers and chefs who



Three new arrivals from KnIndustrie: the Bricklane Gold cutlery, ABCT Black service for food preparation and serving, the Matrioska shaker available in steel, bronze, gold and black colour

are clearly attracted to its originality, like Davide Oldani. So let’s

a stone-washed finish. The ABCT Black collection is an excellent

take a look at the new products, all different yet complementary.

example of the brand’s concept of minimal chic multifunctionality,

The fine bone china plates are from the Paesaggi collection, a

with a series of containers, casseroles, pans and steel saucepans

reinterpretation of the classic theme of ceramics with painted

that can also be used on an induction hob. Once preparation

landscapes. The collection comprises 20 plates with views from

and cooking is complete, simply detach the handle clamps to

different regions depicting natural features and architectural

transform them into bowls, cups and salad bowls for the table.

details. The service can be coordinated with plates with

Finally, Matrioska is the new ergonomically-shaped shaker in

abstract black and white and single-colour patterns. For cutlery,

stone-washed aluminium.

KnIndustrie offers Bricklane Gold, a rose gold colour service with





In the name of simplicity

A three-star chef who creates stunning dishes from only a few ingredients. His secret is constant research and tons of passion

by Marta Bernasconi


escriptions of his cooking usually include words like “simplicity” and “humble”, but the key to

understanding chef Romito’s philosophy lies in the title of his biography, “Apparently Simple”. “My cuisine is based on intense research”, says the chef. “I only use a few ingredients, but in fact the process is quite complicated. Every element I use is encouraged to express itself to the full – I layer the ingredients, concentrate the flavours and use a wide variety of techniques like cooking at low or controlled temperatures, fermentation and maceration. It’s a modern approach that retains a continuity with the past. My dishes don’t require a complex superstructure to be understood, and they have recognisable flavours”. The chef attributes his style of cooking, with its small number of carefully-selected ingredients, to the region of his birth. “The Abruzzo is a land of mountains, immense high plateaus and small, beautiful villages. Silence reigns supreme, alongside the few elements that transcend it, exploding in all their beauty”. Chef Romito’s career shows the effectiveness of willpower. Shortly before finishing his degree, he left university to run the trattoria inherited from his father. He taught himself to cook, learning in the kitchen and studying hard. Only then did he start to gain experience with several master chefs. Despite this difficult start in a remote inland location, in 2013 the Reale in Castel di Sangro in the Aquila province became a gourmet restaurant with three Michelin stars, run by the chef and his sister Cristiana. “I have a special passion for broths


Niko Romito and his restaurants. The Reale was opened in 2000, and now boasts three Michelin stars. It is in a former monastery, dating from the 16th century, which is also the location of the Niko Romito Formazione school and the boutique Casadonna hotel. Then there are the Spazio restaurants, one in Rivisondoli, another in Rome and another in Milan. Seven more are planned throughout the world. In 2017 Romito began a collaboration with Bulgari Hotel & Resorts. After Beijing and Dubai, the concept will be extended to the hotels in Shanghai and Milan



“An on-board lunch should be fun, enjoyable, elegant and light. At sea you always have a wonderfully fresh, high-quality natural resource to hand. There’s no point in creating complicated dishes, adding sauces or cooking for a long time. All you need is a few extremely high quality elements”


and extracts”, says Romito. “One of my most typical dishes is

porcelain, large plates which enclose the food like a jewel in

the “Assoluto of onions, parmesan and toasted saffron”. Not a

a casket”.

broth, because it lacks the watery element, but a concentrate

The recipe Niko Romito has shared with The One is a unique

of the ingredient’s quintessential nature – onions, in this case

expression of the aromas and flavours of the sea. Here we

– in a liquid form. In recent years I’ve also experienced great

describe how to prepare “Ricciola (amberjack) marinated in

satisfaction in working with vegetables. I wanted to transform

brine with cherry tomatoes and Mediterranean herbs”. Clean

often quite humble raw materials into prestigious dishes suitable

and fillet a ricciola, marinate in the fridge for 24 hours in pure

for a Michelin-starred restaurant”. His method of presentation

seawater. Slice like a carpaccio and serve with a sauce made

reflects the purity Romito seeks in his dishes “We’ve replaced

from fresh, roughly chopped cherry tomatoes, lemon juice,

tablecloths with simple linen covers that permit our guests to

oregano, capers, basil and a pinch of chili pepper.

move freely and apprciate the antique, turned table bases. The

“As an accompaniment, I recommend a Cococciola, a wine made

mise en place is simple, with no frills.

from a native Abruzzo grape variety that’s almost unknown

I want the food to take pride of place, to capture the attention.

elsewhere. Or a Trebbiano - in my region we produce some

I really like early 20th-century crockery. I love thin, white

excellent examples.” And we’re ready to toast the chef.



Extreme, innovative, unique. In typical Wally style, this 30-metre yacht ignores convention and raises the bar for Maxiyacht design with a cocktail of power and elegance designed by Mark Mills and Pininfarina by Bianca Ascenti - ph. by Gilles Martin-Raget - Toni Meneguzzo



f you were expecting the fourth Wallycento to be a

and the ramp deck featured on “Alegre”. The result is an ergonomic,

straightforward development of existing models, you’re in for

functional deck with excellent visibility from the helm and rigging

a surprise. Although it’s a thoroughbred member of the Wally

optimised for the crew. The submerged volume lies further forward

family, Tango is also totally innovative, capable of showcasing the

than on previous Wallycentos, with a very successful hydrodynamic

Class’s functional and aesthetic characteristics to the full. Being

combination featuring a maximum of sail area with the lowest possible

innovative in the context of a Box Rule isn’t easy, at most it’s possible just

weight, within the Class rules. Low drag in light breezes and greater

to shave off a few bits here and there. To make real changes, you have to

stability in strong winds make Tango particularly fun and versatile. The

look at the design with a new attitude, putting aside any preconceptions.

layout and outfitting of the interiors reflect the same philosophy as the

And that’s exactly what Luca Bassani has done, bringing together three

exteriors, aiming to concentrate and minimise weight – the chic, sporty

new arrivals to the Wally world, all contributing new ideas, revolutionary

decor by Pininfarina adds very little weight to the structure. “As a result

solutions and cutting edge technology from their field. “We have to open

of the overall optimisation implemented from the start of the project,

our minds, widen our scope and listen to suggestions from a range of

Tango weighs only 47.5 tonnes’, says Marcello Persico, CEO of Persico

people, if we want to keep on growing”, says the founder of the Monaco-

Marine. ‘In particular, we have worked to lighten the interiors as much

based yard. The result was a team that for the first time included Mark

as possible by using carbon fibre and Nomex sandwich (using the same

Mills, who was in charge of naval architecture and the main deck, the

process applied to make the ribs of the rigid wings of the America’s

Studio Pininfarina, which handled the interiors, and Persico Marine, the

Cup), not just in the normal wood elements, but also, for example, in

high-end yard in Italy which built the craft. The deck and structure were

the hinges and laminations”. The layout includes three double cabins

placed in a special 45x12 oven in Nembro (near Bergamo) and the mould

– the owner’s accommodation forward, surmounted by a huge sliding

was then transferred to the Savona production centre. The only Wally

hatch (it stores the sails while racing, and during cruises it enables the

regular was project manager Carlo Torre from MYT. The result of this

owners to admire the stars when in bed). The general concept is to

high-power pooling of resources is a strikingly beautiful 30.48 cruiser

make the interiors functional and dynamic – the salon, which is the

racer with an innovative build process – for the first time, a superyacht

most spectacular space – is accessed via a staircase with an aesthetic

has been engineered before defining the interiors. When it became vital

function (evoking the waves) and a practical one, serving as a dining

to have a layout with the maximum structural efficiency and an ideal

room. The black carbon fibre and light wood reinforces the yacht’s

weight distribution, MYT asked Mills to design the structures with just

refined yet sporty character. The equipment and hydraulic systems are

one crucial specification – to locate the engine room just behind the

by Carboni. After attracting widespread admiration during her debut

keel, without worrying about the interiors. As a result, Mills designed

at the Monaco Yacht Show, Tango then took to the sea to take part in

a yacht with extreme, decisive lines, reversed sheerline and a main

the Voiles de Saint Tropez with the rest of the Wally Class, the largest

deck that combines a flush deck with the bulwarks seen on “Esense”

racing superyacht “family” in the world. www.wally.com

A custom-built seagoing original, Tango is 30.48 metres long, has a 45-metre tall mast (whose rake can be adjusted under sail) and is powered by 1,398 square metres of sail when reaching. For the first time a cruiser-racer has been engineered before defining the interior layout to generate maximum structural efficiency


White, black and a slender red line feature in the interiors. Carbon fibre is complemented by wood panels to create visual and structural lightness. The horizontal surfaces are emphasised in all the interiors, opening out the spaces and creating movement by morphing into functional elements. The salon is Tango’s iconic interior (above), with its floating staircase evoking the movement of the waves and extending to create infinitely long shelves




Exterior Design


Mills Design

esigning Tango was an incredible experience for the Mills Design team, as it enabled us to explore and try out new solutions aimed at developing a perfect balance between shape and performance. This was all made possible by the client’s willingness and Luca Bassani’s vision, which we encountered for the first time. Finding new elements in a Class like the Wallycento yachts, already celebrated as intensely cutting edge, was no easy task, but that’s why the project was so exciting. We focused on the hull and appendages, technology, construction materials and the opportunity to reduce weight, as well as on the deck and interior layout. One of the most visible results of this approach is the decisive lines of the topsides, with a reverse sheerline and flush deck that rises like an uninterrupted ramp, fading off towards the bows. This solution creates a clean, sweeping shape that facilitates crew movement and visually extends the yacht. To reduce drag in light breezes and enhance stability in strong winds, the yacht’s submerged surface has been shifted forward when compared to the other members of the Wallycento class, while the lines are concentrated amidships, between the wheel and the winches. The interior layout, designed to optimise the centre of gravity, includes a salon to aft with the engine room and service area located amidships, a practical solution that is greatly appreciated by the client. Tango, developed in collaboration with the client, Wally, Pininfarina and Persico Marine, is our biggest project yet, and also, we hope, our most innovative and elegant. It’s certainly one of the most satisfying. We wanted a design that embraced the interior spaces in the lightest possible way, and we succeeded. The yacht is fast, stable, manoeuvrable and great fun.

Mark Mills and his studio are known for their highperformance designs. The Tango brief gave them great freedom of movement, and the result is an incredible, innovative maxiyacht that takes the Wally principles to an unprecedented extreme. The decisive lines and wonderfully clean shapes combined with a flush deck that rises like a ramp from stern to bows create an uninterrupted line that makes the yacht seem much longer than it really is



Interior Design Pininfarina


he challenge was to find a perfect balance between comfort and performance, which is part of the Wally DNA. We succeeded in doing so by combining cutting edge materials and innovative solutions that were both practical and extremely elegant, creating structural and visual lightness. The result is an authentic one-off design, super-light and with an outstanding performance, perfect for cruising and racing alike. We are very proud of this project, which confirms the excellence of our nautical division – it was opened in 1988 and since then it has played an important role in a number of projects for Beneteau, Primatist, Fincantieri and Persico Marine. Tango’s most iconic element is the salon with the floating staircase that evokes the movement of a wave and also functions as shelving, but in general all the interior spaces feature horizontal surfaces that create surroundings that are “in movement”, shaping functional, continuous elements with


exceptional personality and a strong aesthetic appeal. In the forward master cabin, for example, the bed is formed by horizontal lines, as are the washbasin and shower in the owner’s bathroom. We chose light colours for the furnishings, broken up by a red line to add a dash of character, and a contrasting play of dark and light. As for the materials, we went for carbon fibre to keep the yacht light yet sturdy, and leather and wood (Nomex sandwich panels) – this may sound like a contrast, but used together they highlight the yacht’s dual personality, with fast, sporty exteriors and warm, comfortable and intimate interior. Pininfarina boasts a long relationship with the sea, and over the years this has given rise to some real jewels of design that combine elegance and performance. Our philosophy is to build tailor-made projects, designing every single detail to fulfil the owner’s dreams and expectations. For us, Tango is a new, exciting chapter in this relationship.

Tango’s interior design is by Pininfarina (left , Chairman Paolo Pininfarina), which has been an emblem of Italian style for 87 years. As always, the studio has fulfilled its task magnificently, conferring an exciting, intriguing personality. The interiors are ultralight while fully reflecting the craft’s superyacht DNA, a winning combination of form and elegance. A small number of materials has been used, but all are technical. Great care has been taken to balance light and dark colours, to create a continuous, coherent rhythm throughout the yacht


The Shipyard Luca Bassani Antivari


recommended Mark Mills to the client because I’d been favourably impressed by the maxi 72 Alegre’s performance. When we met we immediately shared our vision of a yacht with a radical design that combined the flush deck and Esense’s low bulwark with Alegre’s ramp deck to obtain the total functionality that is a typical feature of Wally yachts. Tango turned out exactly as we had expected when we began to develop the project, and she’s a full-blooded Wally, beautiful and super fast. She represents another step forward in the development of high-performance superyachts, taking advantage of the experience gained with the previous Wallycento yachts and – just as Open Season did in 2012 – Magic Carpet 3 in 2013 and Galateia in 2015, she has raised the bar in terms of technology and performance. I was very taken with Mark Mills’s initial idea of combining the minimum displacement permitted by the class with a maximum sail area, because this solution will favour the yacht in the light winds typical of the Mediterranean. Tango has proved to be responsive in light breezes and is as entertaining at the wheel as a smaller yacht. The deck provides excellent visibility from the helm and facilitates handling lines and sheets. The equipment, too, is cutting edge – we think it takes only six seconds to hoist the jib. We are also extremely satisfied with our first experience with the Persico Marine yard, an all-Italian enterprise that has earned fame, not to mention the respect of the most important America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and Vendee Globe teams. A craft like the Wallys, technically advanced and highly engineered, needs a yard that can make

the most of its characteristics, and Persico did exactly that – Tango is sturdy and light (47.5 tonnes). Last but not least, Pininfarina rounded things off by giving Tango’s interiors a sporty, refined look that harmonises perfectly with the exterior lines and the overall spirit of the design. One of the basic ideas behind the Wally yard’s creations is to widen the range of people involved in project development, enabling the brand to evolve and research new solutions. Receiving input from a variety of people encourages growth.


Wally is a hallmark of innovation and design, and a desire to transcend conventions when developing new shapes and functions that enhance the sailing experience is a part of its history. Tango, its latest cruiser-racer, is the result of some intense teamwork that led to the development of a yacht displaying aesthetic and technical consistency. Right Luca Bassani founder and president of Wally



OUR UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE by Désirée Sormani - pictures by courtesy of Dante Benini & Partners Architects

Small product design, industrial design, masterplans for entire cities, residential and yacht interior décor: there is no limit to the Italian studio’s ability to unravel what people really need – and what they don’t. Because human being is always at the heart of the design



ante O. Benini is a difficult man to pigeonhole. A whirlwind personality with an incredibly broad-ranging and prestigious career to his credit, he is also something

of an Archistar. But behind his flamboyant exterior lies an inner simplicity that is pretty unique. This is the man that trained under Carlo Scarpa, who taught him his craft and imbued him with a love of detail. Benini also guested at the studio of the legendary Frank O. Gehry studio in Santa Monica, after graduating from university in Brazil with Oscar Niemeyer. In New York, Benini met Richard Meier and later worked on the design of the Ponte Cittadella bridge in Alessandria with him. His career easily straddles the four pillars of architecture. Even stepping into his studio, which he runs with partner Luca


Gonzo, is like taking a blind leap into the history of architecture.

Facing page (and opposite), architect Dante O. Benini (right) with Luca Gonzo, his partner in the studio since 2000. Above, a view of the studio on the 10th floor of a tower in Milan’s Portello quarter




[ TREND SETTERS ] The premises covers 1,600 square metres of the 10th floor of a tower

rather than how different they are, then what you are doing is making

in Milan’s Portello quarter overlooking a city in the midst of a massive

sense/the equality between people rather than the inequality between

transformation. A process Benini personally anticipated quite a few

them, then what you are doing is making sense,” he adds. “Architecture

years back when he designed an iconic building on Via Valtellina that

is a social fact,” chips in Luca Gonza who has been designing with

radically changed the look and economic prospects of the suburban

Benini since 1996 and has been in partnership with him since 2000.

street. He also turned a straightforward city bridge in Alessandria

“People get used to the improvements that architecture makes to their

into a place people now go to stroll and gather. Other projects include

lives. The beauty of our work is that it can be applied to any setting,

towers in the stunningly artistic Pavshino Living Art Towers in Moscow

anywhere. Architecture is a universal language. Russia, Australia,

in collaboration with artist Mario Arlati and a “breathable” renovation

USA, China… we’ve worked all over the world.” In Russia, they

of the Geox building on Milan to reflect the footwear brand’s ethos.

created the masterplan for the city of Novgorod as well as a major

Benini’s work is incredibly wide-ranging both in subject and reference.

multi-award-winning state housing project spanning 600 50 square

It embraces urban masterplans, industrial and interior design, pure

metre apartments. In the industrial design sector, the architect has

architecture and even yachts. Everything from spoons to cities. “I

produced designs that have become iconic. “Design per se is absolutely

learned everything I know from the greats: it takes a great master to

vital to quality of life,” specifies Benini. “Massimo Vignelli, the greatest

make a great creator,” he told us. “A person may be innately creative

ever graphic designer, said: ‘if you don’t find it you design it’. So that’s

but it is one thing to express that creativity and quite another to be

what we did. The Cat chair we designed for Caterpillar in 1990 is now

able to codify it. That is what takes real effort. I sat behind the giants

in the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York”. But that is very far from

so that I could learn to see into the distance: I say that in dedication

the end of the story. The studio’s forays into other areas also include

to my partner Luca Gonzo (Managing Director of the studio and

yacht design. The 60-metre Perini Seven debuted at last year’s Monaco

Benini’s probable successor) who has flanked me in the adventure that

Show is a case in point. “You can’t detach yourself from your emotions.

is architecture.” A type of architecture that puts man at the centre of

Yachting is one of my greatest passions. Any chance I get, I cast off

everything. “Man and human needs are the absolute priority. When

and pull the plug. It’s a mix of business and pleasure for me,” explains

you do something in which you manage to show how alike people are

Dante O. Benini.” The meeting with the owner Ennio Doris (chairman


These pages showcase some of Benini’s projects: above, right, the interior of the Pavshino Towers in Moscow (left), a joint project with artist Mario Arlati. Top, the interior of the Abdi Ibrahim Tower in Istanbul. Facing page, the Geox building in Milan



These shots, Seven, the Perini Navi 60-metre with interior created entirely by Dante O. Benini Partners Architects. Every last detail has been carefully designed to guarantee the comfort of the entire family of 13 which includes seven grandchildren. Pale yet muted colours were chose for the interior with furnishings custom-made by Armani and Giorgetti. The fit-out is by Ivano Redaelli. Innovative lighting designs a pivotal role throughout and helps make the spaces feel larger

of Banca Mediolanum) was almost a chance encounter but it was

King of Bahrein’s 51-metre M/Y Jameel, a Sanlorenzo, a 64 and a

also an instant meetings of minds. So much so that the Doris

68-metre for VSY (see page 14) as well as various other projects.

decided Benini was the man to craft the interiors of the yacht of his

“Seven was uniquely satisfying. So much so, in fact, that we have

dreams. “They wanted a boat the whole family could get together

decided to open a design studio in Monte Carlo,” says the architect

on. Nothing showy. We took the existing layout and revolutionised

confidently. So that will mean that Dante O. Benini Partners

it, creating a level of efficiency and liveability in the spaces superior

Architects really have done it all. The studio still does have one

to other craft of similar dimensions, particularly on the lower deck.

unrealised dream up its sleeve. “We want to design a church and

We introduced a whole new features from the residential sector as

give it as a gift to the community to create a more intimate and

that’s our specialist area: spots with special LEDs that are invisible

spiritual relationship with religion again.” An ambitious project

when they are on but that make spaces feel larger. This was also

of the kind only great architects can tackle. But it augurs well that

the first time the latter were used in yacht design.” This was not

the O in the Dante O. Benini moniker stands for Oscar. As in

Benini’s first foray into this sphere – he also did the refit of the

Niemeyer, of course!


Right, another example of Benini’s residential work: a building in the city of Cagliari. Below left, Christine mirror designed for Fiam. Bottom right, the masterplan for Novgorod, a large town on the Volga, a project for the Russian government. Bottom left, the Teso radiator designed for Antrax. From urban planning to small objects and yachts, architects Gonzo and Benini brilliantly interpret human needs to produce their stunning architectural and design projects




Penned by Francesco Paszkowski Design, this modern, sophisticated 50-metre from Tankoa Yachts is the product of perfect teamwork and the brainchild of an expert owner by DĂŠsirĂŠe Sormani- ph. by BlueiProd



he most beautiful 50-metre ever!” is how Vertige’s owner

kitted-out water-skimming gym with its own shower and bar.

defines his new yacht. A vessel he wanted very much

The interiors are a hymn to elegance. Myriad beautifully-crafted details

despite already owning another. Vertige was a project

create a welcoming yet refined ambience with everything centring

on every level for her owner. He was there for every step

around the balance of dark rosewood and bleached teak. Likewise

of her design and build and also plans not just to enjoy

leather (used for panelling and floors in the cabins and lobby) and

her to the full but also put her on the charter market. Built by the

bronze edging (a nod to the return to popularity of this metal).

Ligurian yard Tankoa and penned by Francesco Paszkowski Design

One of the owner’s must-haves was two staterooms on the main deck

which collaborated with Marghetrita Casprini on the interiors, Vertige

and four identical ones on the lower. Consequently, Vertige boasts a

made a dazzlingly successful society debut at the Monaco Yacht Show

full-beam master suite forward on her main deck with a VIP stateroom

and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. The striking harmony between

at its back. Both offer similar styles, materials, standards of comfort,

her interior and exterior aside, what grabbed the world’s attention was

panoramic views and lighting. They are not perfectly identical, however.

the clear and very meticulous sourcing of materials and architectural

In one, for example, the bed headrest is white but grey in the other.

elements she showcases. This is a yacht on which the yard lavished

The master also has a dressing room and private lounge as well as

huge time and effort as well as very neatly delivering her bang on time,

two hatches that open out to form two large balconies. Its bathroom

exactly two years to the day of her sale in February 2015. “It was an

is spectacular too with a Jerusalem stone floor, onyx handbasin and

interesting project: everyone set out to create the most elegant 50-metre

unit fronts, and tiger onyx shower trim. There are three double guest

on the market,” says Michel Karsenti, Sales Director at Tankoa.

cabins on the lower deck as well as one twin that can convert to a

Vertige has a profusion of exterior areas, all dedicated to the joy of

double. The floating stairs between the various decks is a striking

al fresco living and designed to allow the crew to move around as

architectural element in its own. The saloon on the main deck is warm

efficiently as possible without impinging on guest privacy. We adored

and welcoming with its own dinging area. Subtle creams and beiges

the large communal area forward and the astonishingly large sun pad

add to its appeal and guests can enjoy amazing views from the comfort

aft on the main deck. Also up there was the spacious open air lounge

of the sofa, thanks to large windows and deliberately low bulwarks.

area with bar that also encompasses the two seafront terraces which

The sky lounge on the upper deck delivers the same breathtaking

extend a good three metres in length. Staying aft but moving to the

vistas – a huge sofa seats up to 20 guests and doubles as a cinema

upper deck, an al fresco dining zone for hosting lunches and dinners

area. Vertige really is the yacht that has everything. It’s hardly a huge

for up to 14. The sundeck, on the other hand, affords unparalleled

surprise therefore that she has already been chartered for 11 weeks

360-degree views. It has an open air section with bar and two sunning

with a further seven planned for this winter in the Caribbean before

zones, one with loungers and the other sun pads, around the Jacuzzi.

she returns to the Mediterranean for an already almost-booked out

The beach area provides yet another zone for guest to congregate and

summer season.

is created by lowering the stern door. It even includes a magnificently


Alberto Cocchi

Vertige’s beautifully harmonious lines. Tankoa Yachts’ Project 501 was designed by creating a flawless balance between interior and exterior space. Opposite, the Jacuzzi on the sundeck which is surrounded by inviting sun pads. Opening pages, the saloon on the main deck is awash with warm, cosy hues and expansive windows. All the furnishings were custom-made


Left, the office area in the master suite (note the Vitra chair by Charles Eames) and, below, the bed room with balcony that opens onto the sea. Above right, the dining area on the main deck featuring Poliform Grace chairs. Below right, the double guest cabin on the lower deck



Exterior Design Francesco Paszkowski Design


ertige is the result of an optimal collaboration between yard, owner and our studio. She’s a boat that we really did all create together, stepby-step. We were all on the same page from the very start about the development of the project. Its signatures are extensive research into materials and architectural elements. The yard really executed the work to a very high quality and standard of meticulousness. This was the first time it had to build a Tankoa yacht with a plumb bow, an element that hints at the new trend in the yard. It also helped optimise space to the point that we could hide both the tender and the wet bike. We worked on several different fronts for the exterior lines. The first thing we did was to supercharge the number of exterior surfaces (from sun pads to the convivial areas). We created terraces both forward and aft, and boosted areas that would be both open but also could be shaded from the sun, thanks to a system of removable awnings. To allow the eye roam outward, we also got rid of the side bulwarks aft and created large windows. A solution that provides maximum continuity between interior and exterior. The stern cockpit is also generous with a sun pad area and a large sofa. Thanks to two side terraces, it also gives you the feeling of in a raised beach club in close contact with the sea. Every last detail was lovingly and masterfully crafted by the yard’s own team of artisans who were meticulous in their realisation of the project. For instance, in the mooring area, we cut away the bulwarks to ensure that the fairleads were easily accessible to the crew. Top, designer Francesco Paszkowski. Left, a detail of the walkway leading to the communal area forward (see right). The latter is a large and comfortable space where guests can chill and get together for casual yet private al fresco lunches. A huge emphasis was placed on getting all the exteriors just right. Top, one of the balconies that open off the main deck, extending its surface area



Interior Design Francesco Paszkowski Design with Margherita Casprini


fter a series of preliminary meetings with the owner, the project took off with our suggestions as a starting point and the owner completed them with some personal requests. He’s an expert and very actively involved kind of person so he was always very present, wanting to see how the project was taking shape. We had to do some in-depth research into materials for the interiors and also a lot of work on combining the various textures and colours. The resulting leitmotifs in the interiors include most notably a constant balancing of the matt bleached natural teak used to trim the bulkheads and the floors, and glossy rosewood. A very powerful contrast. The detail design plays a primary role in Vertige’s décor. You can see this, for instance, in the crafted glass tops used on the bedside units and handbasin surrounds and also the ones on the outdoor dining table, occasional tables and bar. They are a different colour to the ones used in the interior but consistent in style terms. They also have a metal border.


There is also great attention to detail in the leather used for the venetian blinds, the doors in the units in the master and VIP staterooms, and the hideaway electrical sockets in the bathroom units. There is great sophistication too in the rugs that were selected. They are all different. The same applies to the weaving of the headrests – again it is different in every cabin. The focus on detail even extended to the ceilings which are all in 3D printed wood that is the same colour as the teak but broken at various points adding a sense of movement to the furnishing elements. In the master and VIP staterooms, we used unusual moiré silk on the ceiling while in the two saloons (main and upper) the wood has a metallic finish – a kind of 3D distressed bronze look. Bronzed brass is used again and again for many details, including for the trim of the coffee tables, bedside tables, owner’s desk and anti-roll fixtures in the bookshelves.

The interiors were styled in collaboration with Margherita Casprini (bottom photo). The dĂŠcor centres entirely around striking a delicate balance between match natural bleached teak and dark polished rosewood. There are also brass details and a myriad pieces from Italian designer brands, Vico Magistretti Atollo lamps by Oluce (facing page). Above, Dornbracht bathroom fittings and below the gorgeous floating staircase, an clever architectural element


The Shipyard Edoardo Ratto, General Manager


e presented the Tankoa 501project to the owner, an expert yachtsman who already owned his own vessel, at the 2015 MYS. It was the product of work carried out under instruction from Michel Karsenti the previous summer on some preliminary sketches. The owner was looking for a yacht of around 50 metres and under the 500 GT mark that he could use for the charter market. For the yard it was an extra challenge because we created a 50-metre by striking a perfect balance of interior and exterior spaces, coming up with solutions of the likes of opening sides in the aft cockpit, large balconies directly overlooking the sea at master stateroom level and an al fresco dining area on the upper deck complete with a 14-seater table. The sundeck has a Jacuzzi and large sun pads plus an al fresco area complete the magnificent relaxation areas. The design team embraced the requirements the owner specified. The yard’s goal is to turn every yacht into an incredibly high quality product. We always put a huge effort at the design, construction and delivery stages as well as into meeting all of the owner’s requests. In this instance, the owner wanted two cabins (master and VIP) on the main deck, a very fine audio-visual system with excellent sound quality, and an energy-efficient yacht. And that is what he got. We delivered a yacht he really, really likes not just stylistically but also performance-wise. She has a maximum speed of over 16 knots which is achievable at full load and also has a trans-ocean range in excess of 5,000 nm @ 11 knots. We are very proud of Vertige. After completing construction of a 70-metre and 50-metre, she proves that the company’s exceptional expertise and that it has earned a rightful place alongside the most famous names on the international nautical scene.


Alberto Cocchi

This shot of Vertige underway reveals a design that guarantees superb performances, including a top speed of over 16 knots and an ocean-going range of in excess of 5,000 nm @ 11 knots. Opposite, the beach area complete with water-skimming gym



When creativity is sparked by


Wood, its glorious potential and its secrets. The historic Italian company has developed a unique store of knowledge over 200 years added to with each new project


he little artisan furniture-making workshop founded by Filippo Colombo has come a long

way in the last 200 years. From its current 8,000 square metre headquarters at Novedrate, just outside Milan, Annibale Colombo CEO, Luciano Colombo, described the character and spirit of a company that has set the benchmark for haute cabinet-making. “What makes our company so unusual is that we always prioritise the care and quality of our products. That starts with careful selection of the materials, the right proportions and luxe finishes. All of this happens in an industrial-type facility kitted out with modern technologies but which still retains a sense of human craftsmanship and


Meticulously-selected and planned materials and luxe finishes are the prerogatives for Annibale Colombo furnishings. Top, the bookshelves from the New Quadro collection. Below and page opposite, pieces designed by the Ciarmoli Queda Studio for marine settings: bar unit, desk, table with metal inserts and seat



sensibility in its precious handcrafted finishes.” Artisanal expertise, which is very much part of Italian culture, lies at the foundation of a type of product customisation Colombo feels is Annibale Colombo creations display the very special sensibility that has made Italian furniture and the craftsmanship that goes with it,

of enormous value: “True luxury these days is being able to make bespoke furniture crafted around the client’s most diverse requirements. That is why this company has an in-house

world-famous. Here we bring you a

structure that allows us to independently offer

selection of pieces designed by the

design solutions and also develop outside

Ciarmoli Queda Studio for prestige yacht interiors

projects.” Annibale Colombo also produces a variety of off-the-peg collections in addition to its bespoke output. “They range from the very classic Time reproduction vintage line to Today which is more contemporary. Also in there are our latest collaborations with high-profile designers and, lastly, the New Quadro line, a modular furnishing programme that brilliantly exploits the company’s expertise in creating solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client.” In terms of projects in hand, Colombo mentions that his team are currently providing both production and bespoke furnishings, trims, walk-in closets and interior doors for a historic building in central Moscow. 2018 promises plenty of new projects too. “For the upcoming Salone del Mobile in Milan in April, we are working on lots of new products both interior and also specifically outdoor which will thus also fit the yachting and nautical sector in general. Thanks to our collaborations with various designers, we have quite a few, very different projects. All, however, share the same attention to detail, originality and quality.” In short, Annibale Colombo is happy to embrace change but only when it allows the company stay true to its core values.



ato@skyservices.it - skyservices.it




As Italian interior designer Laura Pomponi discovered, the refit for the 90-metre motor yacht Nero, a replica of J.P. Morgan’s splendid Corsair IV, was a major challenge by Mark Worden


aura Pomponi and her interior design team at Luxury Projects

the Yantai Raffles Shipyard in Yantai, China. It was commissioned by

(“LP”) in Ancona, Italy have worked on the interiors of at least 40

Neil Taylor who, the story goes, decided to build a replica as he was

yachts. Their projects have included a number of refits, but the largest

unable to find an original Corsair. He even set up “Corsair Yachts” in

– and most challenging – of these was the 90-metre motor yacht Nero,

the process. The boat later changed hands and the new owner opted

which they completed in time for the Antigua Charter Yacht Show in

for a refit to improve the original design and build quality of the vessel.

December 2016.

The original plan was to repaint the hull, but the owner asked the LP

The name Nero actually comes from the Italian for black. And black

team to give the interior an overhaul. Laura Pomponi says: “It was

is very much the colour of this impressive vessel, which is a replica

a race against time. The whole project took about nine months and

of J.P. Morgan’s splendid Corsair IV. The (2008) replica was built at

we came on board after three”. LP’s involvement at the MB92 yard



[ REBIRTH ] With respect to the original yacht, which was classical and elegant, the new Nero has a very contemporary feel. Laura Pomponi has brightened up the interiors by replacing their dark tones with lighter colours. Left and below, the sketches for green marble bar and, bottom, that for the guest cabin. Right, the skylounge and the VIP cabin after the refit

in Barcelona began in May, “which is never a great time, as this is high season, when many resources are already allocated for other things”. The deadline was November: this was to allow two weeks to sail to the Caribbean. But the new Nero had to arrive at least a week before the opening of the Charter Show, as the job wasn’t done yet: “We replaced a lot of the artwork with metal sculptures by artists from the United States. Their work was shipped directly to Antigua” and Laura (an inveterate traveller who has visited 114 countries and who takes at least 100 flights a year) was more than happy to go there to oversee the finishing touches: “The crew (under Captain Adrian Roche) were great: they helped a lot in the whole project, even to install the sculptures”.




The oak joinery and furniture

Not surprisingly perhaps, the main issue for the black Nero was the colour. The motor yacht

were lime-washed and

has a black hull and yellow funnel, but the black and gold motif was somewhat overdone in the

the black carpeting was

original interior. The new owner wanted to tone that down and replace it with “the colours

replaced with a more neutral

of the sea: blues and greens”. In the case of the furniture, that meant re-upholstering, rather

champagne colour. A lot

than replacing, and Laura reckons that 2.4 km kilometres of fabric was used. The mainly oak

of work by artists from the

interior was even more challenging: “We lime-washed the entire 90 metres!” And stripping

United States was introduced,

away the wood produced some pleasant surprises: “We replaced the black carpeting with a

while at least 2.4 km of

more neutral champagne colour, but when we started working on the foyer, we found a lovely

new fabric was added. The

ashen walnut with oak and compass rose marquetry. You never know what you’re going to

colours of the sea, blue and

come across”.

green, were used for both the

The gold fixtures and fittings also had to go and were replaced with a chrome finish.

interiors and the exteriors

The colour was similarly a factor in the lighting: LED took the place of halogen. Laura reckons that this created a softer glow: “The wood actually became less yellow with the new lighting”. At the end of the day, some 4,000 pieces of new hardware were installed. Nor was the team’s work limited to décor. A new bar was added in the boat deck lounge area, where a seventh cabin also replaced an office. This was in order to make Nero more attractive to charter customers, by giving her “a more contemporary feel” but, as Laura says, “When you do a refit, you want to apply your own style, but you have to respect the history and the soul of the vessel.” It’s fair to say that she and her colleagues have done precisely that.

www.luxury-projects.com 134

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SAFETY DISPLAYED ON THE WRIST An anti-collision system, anchor hold monitoring and a man overboard alarm are the three main functions of the new deckWatch app by Vesper Marine, with all data communicated to a smartwatch by Paola Bertelli

The deckWatch app gives boaters quick, at-a-glance situational awareness and immediate visibility of critical situations directly on their wrist from anywhere on the boat



martwatches offer almost endless possibilities. They’re

the wearer if it begins to drag or if someone falls overboard.

already used in the nautical world for tasks like

It will monitor the person in the water to facilitate the rescue

transmitting navigation data and communicating with crews.

operation. Previously the system interface was based on a

Now they’ve taken another step forward, joining the ranks of

display, smartphone or tablet, but now it’s also on a wrist

safety-oriented instruments.

watch. “When reaction time is measured in seconds, you

Vesper Marine is a New Zealand company that specialises

need immediate information to make a proper response,” says

in marine safety products for recreational and commercial

Jeff Robbins, CEO Vesper Marine. “With deckWatch there is

vessels, aids to navigation and marine asset protection

no need to go to the nav station or, in rough sea conditions,

solutions - safety, innovation and R&D are its watchwords.

carry a smartphone or tablet. When you hear an audible alarm

In late July it launched its new deckWatch smartwatch app,

you can glance at your watch to instantly see the alert and

which makes use of its smartAIS system and makes it available

react right away. It is a constant companion wherever you are

on crew members’ wrists. The app won the National Marine

onboard with instant access to critical information concerning

Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award

the safety of your vessel and crew.”

in the Safety Equipment category at the 2017 International

The app sends alerts and safety data to the smartwatch directly

Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) held in Tampa

from the Vesper Marine transponders via wifi. The graphics

(Florida) in September.

are intuitive and immediate, with few lines, clear icons and

Unlike conventional AIS systems, which are restricted to

bright, highly visible colours. The deckWatch app is now

sending and receiving data, smartAIS can also send alarms in

available for all smartwatches powered by Android Wear 2 OS.

the event of potential collisions, check anchor status and alert

www.vespermarine.com 137



Designed by Francesco Paszkowski and built by Baglietto, Ridoc is the first MV 19 to splash. Her strong, masculine design harks back to the legendary fast antisubmarine boats used by the Italians in the two World Wars

by DĂŠsirĂŠe Sormani


Ridoc is 19.5 metres in length and sports twin 1,800 hp Man engines that give her an impressive 40knot top speed. Her flush deck is all marine teak with just the helm and its 24’ screen interrupting her sleek, clean good looks




ntriguingly aggressive, severe lines very deliberately reference those

a previous incarnation, the yard built the famous MAS boats. Stretching

of the MAS, the Italian Royal Navy’s First and Second World War

19.5 metres, the all-aluminium Ridoc is the natural evolution of the

antisubmarine boats. The first example of the new Baglietto MV 19,

MV13, a model launched in 2015 with Lapo Elkann (grandson of late

which has been give the name Ridoc, premiered to great enthusiasm at

Fiat patriarch Gianni Agnelli – ed) commissioning the first example.

the last Cannes Yachting Festival. Here at Chase Boat, we love Ridoc

Both craft were designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design.

because she so effortlessly fits the bill for megayacht owners with a

Ridoc features some of the MAS styling cues but combines them with

penchant for smaller boats with strong characters.

open-inspired architectural elements. Symmetrical air intakes along

The new MV line, which spans 13 to 19-metre models, offers a fresh

the freeboard underscore the severity of the signature Baglietto lines,

new interpretation of a very important chapter in Baglietto history as, in

as do the mainly dark metallic grey livery and teak flush deck.


This is a design that brims with power and aggression. A deep-vee hull guarantees both super performance and impeccable sea-keeping, while twin 1,80 hp Man V12s yield an impressive 40 knots. The clean, linear deck features a helm station with 24’ screen, comfortable seating and two large relaxation areas with red sun pads both foremost and aft. Francesco Paszkowski Design worked with Margherita Casprini on the luxury interiors using fine materials and finishes to create a retro

The elegant interiors were styled by Francesco Paszkowski Design and Margherita Casprini with Canaletto walnut trim alternating with glossy white walls and dark, aged oak floors



The yacht features several MAS styling cues, not least the side air intakes. But these are coupled with architectural elements from the open world. The mostly dark metallic grey livery, teak flush deck and red sun pads underscore the severity of Ridoc’s lines

appeal that sits very well with the severity of the exterior. Canaletto walnut trim alternates with glossy white walls while the floors are dark, aged oak. Accommodation-wise, there is a master cabin forward and two guest cabins amidships separated by the dinette and galley nook. Ridoc’s owner was heavily involved in creating her interiors and also commissioned an extra cabin for the captain with direct deck access.




BORN in THE USA A true Stars and Stripes thoroughbred, the MD Helicopters 600N is a fast, robust single turbine that’s ideal for landing in tight spaces like yacht helipads

by Sergio A. Barlocchetti pictures by courtesy of MDHelicopters


he MD Helicopters 600N is a single-turbine that can carry from three to seven people, depending on

the interior layout. It is directly based on the series 500 models, especially the five-seat 520, all of which can be found throughout the world in civil and military fleets. It is also extremely versatile, and has been certified for VIP transport and utility, as well as for use as an air ambulance. It is easy to handle with a useful load of 900 kg, and retains the typical NOTAR (No-Tail Rotor) solution, where air from the turbine – a 600hp Allison AL250 – provides thrust to offset torque and maintain directional control. The system is not popular with all pilots, as it less manageable and efficient than the traditional tail rotor setup, but it nevertheless offers significant benefits for use in restricted spaces like yachts and makeshift landing pads. Not only that, it is quieter, reduces vibration and is more accessible. The VIP version boasts elegant interiors, while the utility model is spartan and essential, reflecting the MD Helicopters emphasis on high performance, with a top speed of almost 250 km/h and a maximum takeoff weight of just over two tonnes. Maximum altitude is


The “N� in its name stands for Notar (No-Tail Rotor), a system that uses air from the turbine to control torque and provide directional control. The MD600N can carry up to seven people



The digital avionics platform is created by integrating Howell EFIS instrumentation with a pair of Garmin 500 systems and an L-3 ESI 500 standby system

6,000 metres, and the helicopter has a range of over 430 km with partial load. The final new feature on board the 600N is its digital avionics platform, now an indispensable asset for any self-respecting craft of this type. In this case Howell EFIS instrumentation is integrated with a pair of Garmin 500 systems and an L-3 ESI 500 standby system. When equipped with the most common accessories like on-board connectivity and safety systems including pneumatic floats for emergency landings on water, the price comes to around $2.5 million. But paying out that amount of money gives purchasers the right to say they own a 100 per cent American chopper with a warbird pedigree, as revealed by the first two letters of the name: MD stands for McDonnell Douglas, a major player in US aviation history. MD also owned Hughes Helicopters, which it acquired from the estate of another aviation legend, Howard Hughes (1905-1976). In 2005 MD Helicopters was bought by the dynamic female entrepreneur Lynn Tilton, CEO of the Patriarch Partners LLC holding company. She has endeavoured to infuse new drive and energy into the MD brand’s aeronautical activities.





VISIONARY OWNERS! George Lucian’s two concepts have a radical, angular beauty: a 140-metre motor superyacht with an airship on her deck and an origami-inspired 100-metre megasailer by Mary Hegarty


here is an old saying that youth is wasted on the young. This is not

a view The One subscribes to. Time and time again in our Young Designer section




how young minds often produce startlingly original creative ideas, turning the rules on their head. The 29-year-old artist and yacht designer George Lucian is one such mind as two of his concepts really have got the industry talking. The Romanianborn, Monaco-based 29-year-old holds a double major in International Business and International Relations from the Webster University Vienna but started out in cruise ship management before going on to work as a superyacht broker in the South of France. All the while, however, he was dreaming and sketching out

The imposing dimensions and futuristic design aside, the most astonishing thing about the Dare to Dream concept is the 100-metre Zeppelin-type airship sitting on her deck ready to whisk her crew and two guests off on trips of several days




spectacular concepts. A case in point is the 140-metre superyacht


concept, Dare to Dream, designed to carry a 100-metre Zeppelin-

Lucian’s latest project is S/Y Project Origami, a 100-metre sailing

type airship, the Flying Diamond, on her deck. The aim is to

superyacht concept in which he has married angular origami and

attract owners who love sailing and flying in equal measure – the

Asian junk-inspired forms with modern shapes and lines, declaring

adventurous sort who want to explore not just the ocean but also

of the as yet unbuilt project: “It is designed for an owner who

inland with all the comfort and easy-going calm delivered by an

would like to take the challenge to build something never seen

airship. Dare to Dream will accommodate up to 12 guests and has

before in terms of technology and environmental friendliness.” The

all the amenities befitting a conventional superyacht, including a

hull opens into a spacious beach club and touch-and-go helicopter

swimming pool, helicopter landing pad and two main tenders. The

platform when the sea is calm. There is also a full-beam swimming

Flying Diamond airship will accommodate a couple of guests and

pool with a spectacular mast rising from its centre. The crow’s

crew, completely independently of the mothership for a number

nest at the top of the latter will afford guests incredible bird’s eye

of days. As Lucian himself says: “The idea is to bring back the

views. Deck spaces will be expansive with accommodation for 12

elegance and glamour the airships were offering at the beginning

guests. Lucian is looking for pioneering, visionary owners that like

of the century when crossing the Atlantic, offering a long-lost flying

a challenge. Any takers?

The 100-metre Project Origami megasailer concept opens up to the sea to create a beach club and touch-andgo helicopter platform. The full-beam pool amidships with the mast at her centre is a genuinely original touch




Naumatec is looking to the future with the new E-Tender 460. This entirely green, high-tech yet very chic craft is also available with bespoke livery and fit-out



liding over the waves with only the noise of the sea and

CFD systems.

the wind in your ears long remained an elusive experience

He has produced an extremely efficient hull optimised to deliver

to all but sailing yacht owners. But not anymore: the advent

on the seakeeping, stability and speed fronts, when coupled

of electric motors has seen to that. The dream is gradually

with the aforementioned electric propulsion. Build quality

becoming a reality with the arrival of silent, vibration-free boats

is also superior, thanks to resin infusion which guarantees

that produce no exhaust-related polluting emissions. This will

the hull improved mechanical performance yet also makes it

drastically reduce environmental impact while simultaneously

lighter than other craft of a similar size.

boosting the quality of life on board. Naumatec, the Nuova

The E-Tender 460 stretches 4.6 metres in length and 2 metres

Jolly Marine brand that specialises in designing and building

in the beam, ensuring it can carry up to six people. It also

luxury tenders, has proved an enthusiastic convert to this

has a dry weight of 480 kg and is equipped with a 15 kW

technology and product philosophy. It has, in fact, already

motor with a single battery. Owners wanting a longer power

premiered its first electric-motor boat for the 2018 season.

reserve can opt for a twin-battery configuration that ups the

The E-Tender 460 is a sort of standard-bearer for the state-

dry weight to 620 kg and power output to 30 kW.

of-the-art in tender technology.

Owners have a genuinely free hand when it comes to

This is not merely in terms of its motor, but also its design

personalising this Naumatec luxury tender’s fit-out and livery

and construction. This ultra-stylish superyacht service craft

to ensure it perfectly matches each individual mothership.

was penned by Federico Fiorentino using the very latest in


Naumatec has distilled the very best of electric propulsion, waterline efficiency and construction technology into the compact but perfectly-formed new E-Tender 460


[ TOYS ]

A LITTLE PIECE OF SCI-FI IN THE AIR With a limited edition of 90 already in production, the Pal-V is the first flying car that can tackle both city streets and take you straight from the city to your megayacht by Désirée Sormani



t caused a major flurry of excitement at its unveiling at the 2017

makes it very easy to drive with superb sports car-style handling.

Monaco Yacht Show 2017. The Pal-V is a sci-fi dream come

It also turns in a very respectable top speed of 160 km/h and

true. This sleek flying car will whisk you off from your city office,

gets through 7.6 litres of petrol every 100 km. In fly mode, it is

partly through the streets and partly in the air, all the way to the

a helicopter-style autogyro or gyrocopter with a foldable pusher

marina and your beloved yacht. A limited run of 90 is already in

propeller providing short take-offs and landings (STOL) as well

pre-production for clients the company describes as “pioneers” but

as forward, backward and sideways hovering. It will fly you along

larger-scale production will start this year.

at a speed of 180 km/h and an altitude of 3,500 metres, all on 26

Designed and developed by an expert team of Dutch engineers

litres an hour.

and entrepreneurs with vast research, automotive and marketing

The makers say that Pal-V is one of the safest and easiest flying

experience, the Pal-V project also involved a group of Italian

cars on the market but you will need a pilot’s licence to get behind

designers. Modern, compact and striking, it is the perfect car

its controls. The full optional Pal-V Pioneer Edition comes with a

for weaving through city traffic and squeezing into tiny parking

price tag of €499,000 while the sportier version is a more pocket-

spaces. The two-seater Pal-V has a tricycle undercarriage which

friendly €299,000. www.pal-V.com


[ The WATCH ]

Timepieces by Michel Parmigiani at Fleurier feature aesthetic and technical characteristics that form a connection with the great Swiss watchmaking tradition by Paolo De Vecchi


ore than is the case for other manufacturers, Parmigiani Fleurier’s most recent creations are representative of the House’s production. The brand, which is based in the heart of Switzerland, was founded 20 years ago by Michel

Parmigiani. It makes watches with a classic feel and details that recall 19th-century pocket watches. Take, for example, the case (in an evocative pink shade of gold) with its finely knurled bezel and white grené dial, highlighted by stylised Arabic numerals and javelin-shaped hands. The distinctive aesthetics are matched by mechanical excellence, a constant in Fleurier production. The automatic movements are made according to strict manufacturing criteria, with a power reserve of at least 50 hours and operating at 28,800 vibrations an hour. These new watches both form part of the Toric collection, and although they are linked by their design, they have very different functional specifications. The Chronometre model carries simple hour, minute and central second markers, as well as the date, which is displayed in a window with eye-catching graphics, with two numbers and a central marker. In contrast, the Hémispherès Rétrograde is a complicated watch, although it offers clear, immediate legibility, with hours, minutes, small seconds and retrograde date. These are complemented by indicators for day, night and a second time zone. Both watches fasten with a luxurious alligator strap made by Hermès especially for Parmigiani Fleurier. www.parmigiani.com


Creations in the new Toric collection by Parmigiani Fleurier - the Hémisphères Rétrograde (top) and the Chronometre (above, right), are watches with a classical appeal, and both feature an automatic movement and gold case. Above, left, details of the finely-knurled bezel and Hermès strap


[ The WATCH ]

From restoration to production A master watchmaker who has inherited a traditional approach to timepiece manufacture, Michel Parmigiani (right) made his presence felt in the international market with a brand bearing his name in 1996. Before designing and personally following the production of watches at his manufacturing centre in Fleurier, Switzerland, in the Val de Travers among the Jura mountains, Michel Parmigiani spent many years practising the art and techniques of restoring old watches. This is a profession where talent, manual skills, education, brilliance, patience and dedication are qualities that combine to achieve spectacular results. It’s not surprising that the Sandoz Family Foundation entrusted him with its watch collection. The quality and number of models it includes make it one of the world’s most important collections, and its watches were all researched, catalogued and restored by Michel Parmigiani. These timekeeping instruments have often provided inspiration for his Fleurier brand - the limited series Ovale model, for example.

The hand-wound wristwatch, produced in a numbered limited edition of 50 examples by Parmigiani Fleurier, has hands that extend and retract to follow the shape of the case. It recalls an old pocket watch model (right) with telescopic hands, restored by Michel Parmigiani and part of the Sandoz Family Foundation collection


Virtuous circle Since its renovation and extension, the Pisa Orologeria Flagship Store has also hosted exhibitions and presentations, some pretty leading-edge. This was the case with the Type 390, a special series created by Parmigiani Fleurier with Bugatti


aving opened its doors in early 2016, the new Pisa Orologeria Flagship Store on Milan’s chic Via Verri is now a well-established edition to the horological scene, having quickly become a magnet for both classic and

edgier haute gamme watch enthusiasts and collectors. One of the most notable of the 40 or so brands stocked behind its gleaming windows is Parmigiani Fleurier, which ticks both classic and edgy boxes. However, the Flagship Store

Left from top: the presentation of the Type 390 at Pisa Orologeria; the Bugatti Type 390 high-performance

is not just a showcase where watch fans can come to browse and purchase, it

watch by Parmigiani Fleurier; master watch-maker

is also a gathering place of sorts and regularly hosts intriguing exhibitions. In

Michel Parmigiani with Chiara Pisa, general manager Pisa

2016, in fact, Mechanical Wonders give us a glimpse of a selection of some of the highlight pieces from the hugely important Sandoz Collection of antique watches, which were classified and restored by Michel Parmigiani and are the creative

Orologeria; The Mechanical Wonders exhibition at the Pisa Orologeria Flagship Store showcasing a selection of watches from the Sandoz Collection

spark behind the Parmigiani Fleurier manufacture’s fascinating creations. At the end of last year, Pisa Orologeria also hosted the Italian premiere of a new creation from the maison, born of a collaboration with elite car maker, Bugatti. Revealing the more high-tech, leading edge side of the brand’s soul, the Type 390 is a timepiece that encapsulates and embodies the extraordinary power and performance of the Bugatti Chiron in its design and functional elements. Its mechanical movement consists of a breathtaking 302 components while two series-mounted barrelsto deliver an 80-hour power reserve. There is also a tourbillon in there. The Type 390’s modular construction also means that “engine block”, to use a motoring metaphor, can be removed, race car-style, from its housing when it needs looking at. The case is moulded around the tubularshaped movement and is made from polished rose or white gold with large apertures in sapphire crystal revealing the sublime intricacies of the movement.




WOOD by Beatrice Galbiati


he colour is warm, embracing and with an infinity of shades, textures and grains, from the lightest to

the darkest, from caramel to chocolate. Wood takes on many forms and becomes a jewel, or even fossils. But more – everything that recalls the most prized woods for their hue, grain or patina. With an emphasis on red or brown, light or matt, stone or worked metal, precious or more straightforward, the important thing is to find a way to wear them.


1. Rose gold, tiger’s eye, white mother of pearl and onyx Clip Lapin from the Lucky Animals collection by Van Cleef & Arpels 2. Smoky quartz and browned bronze for the Sonagli earrings in the Collezione Serpenti by Daniela de Marchi 3. Adesso Basta!nThe necklace by Francesca Villa in yellow gold, silver, diamonds, amethysts, pink sapphires, rubies, mother of pearl, small pearls, mahjong bone counting tiles, commercial paper tags, wooden bingo counters and bone letter 4. Can be reversed according to the wearer’s mood, the Collezione Melody ring by Francesca Mo, available in bronze, silver and gold 5. By Gioielleria Villa, the double cufflinks with round fossilised wood barettes with rose gold links 6. The hand-made natural bronze bracelet by Madina Visconti resembles a bouquet of violets




by Désirée Sormani ph. courtesy of Marriott International

Reopened in 2015, the majestically-restored Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Milan, is an homage to Italy’s architectural greats. And for lovers of true grandeur there is even a 1,000 square metre suite….



hen old and new coexist in absolute harmony, you’ll often find luxury in the mix too. This is the case with the up-

and-coming Porta Nuova district of Milan and the newly-renovated Excelsior Hotel Gallia, one of the great iconic examples of the city’s signature take on the Belle Époque look. Thanks to a multimillion euro investment by The Luxury Collection and its owners, this architectural gem was given a magical new lease of life in 2015. The historic building itself was completely restored and a new modern wing with a glass and steel facade added. We have renowned Milanese architect Marco Piva, who even put together a collection of 50 artworks comprising sculptures, paintings and photographs, to thank for the results. The interiors reflect the Milanese lifestyle and elegance of the Art Deco era with once-off pieces custom-made for the hotel by leading Italian designers and craftspeople. Guests arrive into a gorgeous 1930-inspired lobby with a magnificent 30-metrehigh De Majo Murano glass chandelier that lights the entire sevenfloor staircase. All the communal areas were fitted out by B&B Italia with aluminium, glass and marble the main materials.

Some shots of the communal areas in the Excelsior Hotel Gallia which were furnished by B&B Italia: clockwise from left, an exterior view of the entrance, the cigar room. Facing page, the dazzling chandelier that tumbles 30 metres through the antique seven-floor stairwell



Top, the lounge in the Katara Royal Suite. At 1,000 square

Guests have 235 luxury rooms, 53 of which are suites, to choose

metres, it is one of the largest royal suites in Italy and is on

from. The 1,000 square metre Katara Royal Suite is particularly

the seventh floor. The hotel also has a dazzling Shiseido spa

impressive and is one of the largest of its kind in Italy. Located on the

with gym and swimming pool in addition to an extensive

seventh floor, it affords two terraces, four bedrooms and a private

treatment menu. Below, the Himalayan salt room

spa. The two-bedroomed Gallia Presidential Suite has the ambience of a sophisticated, luxuriously-appointed home. There are also five Signature Suites, which pay tribute to Milan’s internationallyrenowned architects Vico Magistretti, Achille Castiglioni, Giò Ponti, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, and Franco Albini, and feature a design by each. All the rooms were elegantly furnished by Cassina Contract with the exception of the Katara Royal Suite which is by B&B Italia. The seventh floor has a restaurant with roof-top cocktail bar where chefs Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano, under the consultancy of the three Michelin Star Cerea brothers, bring a contemporary flourish to Italy and Lombardy’s great culinary classics. The hotel also has Italy’s first Shiseido spa, an enormous and truly sumptuous 1,000 square metres space complete with a swimming pool and gym. Oh and, of course, a Himalayan salt room. To ensure your visit to Milan will be a sensory experience that will live on long in your memory. www.excelsiorhotelgallia.com



KOKOMO ISLAND It is impossible not to be dazzled by this charming corner of paradise on the South Pacific route. It is the brainchild of Australian billionaire Lang Walkers who has turned it into a truly exclusive resort. by Cristina Griner - ph. by courtesy of kokomoisland.com



The superyacht-friendly Kokomo Island accommodates yachts of up to 60 metres. Guests can also get there by helicopter or seaplane – it’s just a short hop from Nadi International Airport in the Fijian Islands. 21 extraordinary villas with private infinity pools await ashore. Services include butlers, babysitting, private chefs, onboard catering and spa treatments


okomo isn’t just a megayacht. It is also an island in the very heart of the Fijian archipelago, a pristine corner of

paradise complete with white sandy beaches, lush rainforests and the crystal-clear waters of the Great Astrolabe Reef offering dazzling snorkelling and diving just a few metres from the shore. Australian billionaire and S/Y Kokomo owner Lang Walker happened upon the island by chance in 2011 and fell head over heels in love with the place. Before long he’d decided to turn it into his own personal – superyacht-friendly - paradise. Barely seven years on, Kokomo Island looks poised to become the most exciting new charter destination of the South Pacific route as it can welcome craft of up to 60 metres. Walker’s resort offers a choice of the “Explore Kokomo” package for visitors who want to stay aboard, and the “Anchor & Stay” option for those preferring to overnight ashore. In both instances, however, they can avail themselves of the vast array of activities and sports offered by the elegant new resort where the service is impeccable and


the cuisine both sophisticated and organic. Accommodation for “Anchor & Stay” guests comes in the form of 21 seafront villas, each with its own private infinity pool, five hillside villas and the ultraexclusive Owners’ Beachfront Residence. Butlers, babysitters and private chefs are all available on request too. Guests can while away their time on the island fishing, kayaking , playing tennis or diving under the supervision of expert dive masters. Alternatively, they can simply relax and indulge in a massage or rejuvenating treatment at the Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary. There are even two mini-clubs for kids and teenagers. Onboard catering can also be provided, and guests can visit the island’s farm and vegetable garden to stock up on fresh produce under the eagle eye of the executive chef. If you don’t feel like coming by sea, Kokomo Island, which is part of the Kadavu Group, is just a short helicopter hop or seaplane trip from Nadi International Airport, the main airport for the Republic of Fiji. Heaven can’t wait!





The new Waiea tower has redrawn the Honolulu skyline. The sleek outline of this exclusive Ala Moana Boulevard building also reflects in the harbour waters, raising the luxury residence bar in Hawaii

by Roxanne Hughes



36-floor tower with a sweeping glass façade is rising from the

The building is seeking LEED status (Leadership in Energy and En-

palm trees along Honolulu’s Ala Moana Boulevard.

vironmental Design) and incorporates a centralised high-efficiency

Part of the larger 60-acre Ward Village between Honolulu and

air-conditioning and hot water system.

Waikiki, Waiea is the flagship building in the Howard Hughes de-

At street level, along with a lobby, concierge and impressive wa-

velopment and occupies a privileged waterside position alongside

ter-garden installations, the building has retail units and restaurants

Kewalo Harbour. The project will create a dynamic, vibrant com-

with world-renowned Japanese/Peruvian restaurateur Chef Nobu

munity for Honolulu’s elite, with Waiea the most exclusive address.

Matsuhisa already confirmed. He says: “Ward Village is a new com-

The architecture of Waiea, a term which means “water of life”, ho-

munity in the heart of Honolulu unlike anything that exists in Hawaii.

nours this treasured resource with rippling, reflective qualities. Desi-

The combination of world-class architecture and an authentic district

gn comes from award-winning Vancouver-based architect James K.

of shops, restaurants and entertainment offerings makes Ward Villa-

M. Cheng, in collaboration with Rob Iopa and WCIT Architecture.

ge a unique destination and the place to be in Honolulu.”

The building comprises 174 residences including 10 townhouses, 12

Moving up to the amenity level, a plethora of lifestyle facilities is to

penthouses and two Grand Penthouses.

be found: a deluxe fitness centre, yoga room, indoor golf simulator, a

Behind the glass curtain wall, sustainability takes precedence.

theatre and performance room, children’s play area, sunset bar, mul-

Clothed in endless expanses of glazing revealing extraordinary views, the wonderfully modern, sophisticated Waiea tower was designed by Canadian James K. M. Cheng, in collaboration with Rob Iopa and WCIT Architecture



The tower’s 174 residences span 10 townhouses, 12 penthouses and two Grand Penthouses. The penthouses have a total interior floor space of 4,150 sq. ft., with hardwood and stone flooring throughout, onyx walls and polished-quartz countertops

tiple barbecue areas and a large infinity pool facing the ocean.

appliances and Dornbracht plumbing hardware.

As we rise to the higher floors of the property, we reach the luxury

The two Grand Penthouses, on the other hand, can boast interior

residences with open and free-flowing interior spaces designed to

floor spaces in excess of 8,502 sq. ft., with one residence offering four

capitalise on the incredible, panoramic views.

bedrooms and the other six bedrooms with six-and-a-half bathrooms.

The larger penthouses offer four bedrooms with four-and-a-half

Naturally, the main portion of the Grand Penthouses is given over to

bathrooms and a total interior floor space of 4,150 sq. ft., with

living space, an expansive dual-aspect lounge that can be opened up

hardwood and stone flooring throughout. Other materials featu-

to the outdoor kitchen and dining area, sky lounge, private pool and

red include onyx walls and polished-quartz countertops and the

separate pool house. Residences range from $4.3M to $35M. www.waieawardvillage.com

property fixtures incorporate a complete suite of Miele kitchen


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