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uality, innovation, design - the three engines driving the recovery of the international nautical sector. The September boat shows from Cannes to Monaco presented magnificent yachts that embody these concepts to perfection. Beautiful lines, exceptional build quality, exclusiveness and a unique nature combine to meet the expectations of lucky future owners. Even more so than in the past, being an owner these days means possessing a level of awareness not only of what is owned but also of what the money paid actually finances. A megayacht purchase enables designers, artisans, yards and outfitters to express themselves at the highest level, enhancing the yacht’s value with their special contribution - by working on unique, exceptional projects they can grow and show off their abilities. Enhancing value is the best demonstration of how much expertise and professionalism are worth when tested against the demands of savvy – and no doubt extremely demanding – owners, who are often dreamers. Our mission with THE ONE Yacht & Design is to be sensitive to their emotions, confident that on our pages they can find the stimuli and suggestions that will make their dreams come true. They say seeing is believing, but enlightened owners who pursue and realise their dreams can believe even before seeing. Thanks for dreaming.

Matteo Galbiati CEO Platinum Media Lab



AMETHYST ISSUE n° 12 - 2017





Against the Wind


Five Questions to... Maurizio Balducci


Design District: Alberto Vignatelli


Work in Progress

32 Exclusive Yacht Décor 156 Tender 158 Toys


160 The Watch 164 Jewels

THE YACHTING WORLD 38 Cover Story: 74m CRN Cloud 9 54 Jet: Brazilian Style 60 The Car: Toasting the Road 66 Creative Minds: Jaron Ginton



Creative Minds: Francesco Paszkowski Design


Megayacht: 72,5m Abeking Rasmussen

Cloudbreak 92 Art on Board: Photo Finish


96 Mise en Place: Utility is the End,

Design is the Means

100 Gourmand: Andrea Berton 104 Megayacht: 48m Baglietto Andiamo






78 122

116 Trend Setters: Piero Lissoni

My World is made up of Symple Things

122 Megayacht: 30m Nautor's Swan Lot99 134 Bespoke: Royal Botania 138 Chase Boat: Azimut Grande 27 Metri 144 Must Have: Past Melds with High-Tech Future 147 Young Talents: New Age Luxury,

theory and Practice

150 Helicopter: Give me a Kiss Copter! 153 Harbour Life: Eden Island Marina


166 Real Estate: Arsuf Residences



YACHTING AND THE DANGERS OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA by Andrea Pezzini, CEO & Co-Founder Floating Life


happened to read a post on Facebook the other day about the yachting world, especially the charter market. I think the picture painted by Facebook of the charter market is a cause for concern.

For reasons of privacy I won’t go into it too deeply, but it inspired in me a strong feeling of disquiet. The social media give anyone who wants it the opportunity to destroy a company’s achievements, without the need to give any explicit justification. Gossip about a famous person that, even if it’s fallacious, targets yachts, services or entire nations. In this way the general public comes to regard it as the truth, and once the stone has been thrown into the pond, the ripples it creates cannot be prevented from spreading outwards. Although I know our times are following their own course, and we should not hide the facts, I feel the need to emphasise this increasing threat. Ours is a world built on image, luxury and pleasure, but it has little defence against these episodes.

So I go back to shouting into the wind, in an attempt to unite the strengths of the various players in the international nautical world to protect and improve, drawing food for thought and ideas for improvement even from these unfortunate episodes



W112 | 34 M

W125 | 38 M

W1 3 0 | 40 M

W1 6 4 | 5 0 M



S T A G E.

Advanced technologies, world-class design, exceptional service. For over 50 years Westport has been producing luxury motor yachts of superior performance. Based on proven hull platforms and fitted with contemporary interiors that suit your lifestyle, each yacht in the Westport series combines supreme performance and engineering with head-turning style and elegance.


+1 9 5 4 . 3 16 . 6 3 6 4 | W E S T P O R T YA C H T S . C O M




You have three product lines in different market segments, from 20 to 60 metres in length. Which of the three segments best reflects the spirit of Overmarine Group? To reflect the Mangusta spirit, our craft must be technically advanced, well-built and good-looking. We now offer clients three product lines – the sporty, fast opens that embody our traditions, displacement yachts – we have already delivered two, with another two currently under construction – and the new fast displacement models, yachts that offer an extended range and the highest performance when displacement cruising but can also reach higher speeds if requested by the owner. All these yachts offer new, innovative content while retaining a family feeling in their lines, and are built with our usual care and attention. Increasingly eco-friendly models seem to dominate today’s market. What is Overmarine doing to meet this demand? These days an awareness of green issues and social responsibility are elements of most companies’ marketing strategies. The yachting industry is part of this trend, which is why there is an increasing emphasis on “eco-friendly” yachts. But so far, solutions like diesel electric power systems haven’t made any contributions to reducing environmental pollution. We believe in reality, not words, and as yacht builders with a solid commitment to the technical development of our products, in recent years we’ve redesigned the propulsion units and modified the keels, with the result that for the loss of 2-3 knots from the top speed we have reduced consumption by over 30 per cent. This was achieved by fitting gyroscopic stabilisers to our yachts, too. These technical solutions have, of course, been adopted on the Mangusta GranSport line. Are there any new style and design solutions in the pipeline? Stylistic development is an ongoing process. Although our Maxi Open line of sleek, clean craft might appear to remain the same, in fact they’re constantly evolving, as you’ll soon realise, if have the opportunity to see a new Mangusta moored up next to one built a few years ago. Despite some similarities with the Maxi Opens, it’s the Mangusta Oceano and Mangusta GranSport lines, which we developed with the help of designer Alberto Mancini, that best reflect what we wanted to achieve in a contemporary design, with distinctive details that give them a strong identity and make them instantly recognisable. As regards the interiors, we have always offered extremely high levels of personalisation, enabling us to create the best response to owners’ wishes. Our latest deliveries are examples of this; two 50-metre craft in the “Mangusta 165 E” series and the 43 metre from the Mangusta Oceano line. They all have completely different styles, where we’ve added design objects to furnishings created by us, which include some new materials. All this is complemented by specially-developed lighting. What do you think about architects and designers from outside the industry entering the world of yacht design? Do you think this could provide benefits? I think that input from other fields can certainly make a creative contribution, and this is definitely a plus. But if you want to design a yacht that’s both practical and comfortable, you always have to bear in mind that it’s basically a means of transport, and that you can’t have the same onboard spaces as you would in a villa. As a result you have to temper your design impulses with a healthy dose of practicality, in the sense of storage spaces and technical areas. What’s the formula for a successful yacht? A successful yacht should have design that makes an owner fall in love with it, combined with the kind of technical quality and comfort that will keep this love alive.




Your designer collections have consistently targeted a haute gamme clientele. What do clients want these days? The Luxury Living Group collections have always epitomised a lifestyle synonymous with luxury and elegance. I believe that our great strength lies in offering our clientele a complete range in which the furnishings and accessories alike are handcrafted, meticulously detailed and personalised. All are made in Italy too, of course. How much do details and finishes count? Are Italian craftspeople still the best in the world? Attention to detail is one of the unique factors in Italian craftsmanship and has become a must if you want to operate at the very highest end of the market. Our craftspeople and artisans have years of experience and are extremely dedicated to their work. The passion they finish the products with makes them unique and inimitable. The Luxury Living Group operates in both retail and contract. What are the trends like in both sectors? Our Group works very successfully in both sectors even though, in recent times, we have been focusing more on the contract segment. One example is our participation in Milan’s Salone del Mobile (Design Week) where we had a stand entirely for that area. It yielded very positive results. What is your personal idea of luxury? Luxury to me means elegance, exclusivity, attention to detail and, last but not least, Made in Italy. Luxury today means having time for yourself, stopping the clock and maybe relaxing on one of the comfortable sofas from our Collections. Any new projects on the horizon? The Luxury Living Group is constantly evolving. We have a growing client base and we guarantee those clients the very highest quality. They are a diverse group but all are elegant by character and share a desire to surround themselves with timeless objects.




From the first Technema 65 in 1976 to the majestic 80m Chopi Chopi, the Zuccon International Project studio has always flanked yacht design with a history of innovation and success, resulting in the creation of more than a hundred different boat models. Today, this forty-year experience has been renewed, backing the new generation that shares the running of the studio and looks to the future while remaining rooted in the firm’s traditional and sound design culture.


ZUCCON SUPERYACHT DESIGN www.zucconinternationalproject.com




WHAT’S NEW A selection of new projects and concepts from the leading international shipyards and design studios that will grace the waves in the near future by Mary Hegarty and Désirée Sormani


for dining, screening or a dance floor. The 100 m2 master suite on the foredeck enjoys a further 140 m2 of completely secluded private deck space. There is a 1.5-metre deep pool too, the floor of which lifts to create a helipad when required. Moving below, there are two VIP staterooms with sliding-door access to the private terrace and four standard guests in the centre of the yacht. Cloaked in specially-hardened glazing, the domed upper deck observatory is completely private. Se77tantasette will make 16 knots at full throttle, delivering a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 12. www.benettiyachts.it



enetti chose the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show to unveil its first collaboration with award-winning designer Fernando Romero, the Se77antasette concept, a visually dynamic, sculptural mix of flowing lines and complex structures inspired by the marine habitat. This 77-metre marks a radical departure from the usual rigid horizontal order. Adaptability is a byword too. The stern entry deck is a huge sea-front terrace yet also works as a spa or a gym – complete with freshwater swimming pool. A double-height space at the centre of the vessel creates a visual link between decks, opening up a huge saloon which can be used



[ WIP ]


loating Life has drawn on its nine years in the fractional ownership business to create the intriguing new K43 Fractional Ownership

Programme, a financially-advantageous package that delivers the joy of superyachting without any of the hassle. Members can either purchase a yacht share (ownership) or sign up for a long-term usage contract (timeshare). Both options allow access to the same calendar and usage rules, but have different tax implications and asset property responsibilities. The fleet will span three new 43-metre yachts with building on hull 1 starting in the next two years. The yachts will be permanently crewed and based in the Mediterranean and Caribbean with fixed yearly costs and maintenance fees for the eight-year programme. Unused weeks can even be chartered out. The K43s are fuel-efficient, low-impact, long-distance beauties with dynamic lines and a 5,400-mile range. The interiors are generous and there are plentiful relaxation and sunning areas on deck, including an infinity pool. The owner has a private deck with quarters in the widest part of the beam. Five guest cabins, a beach club that doubles as a cinema and bar and a sevenday concierge service top off the spec. www.floatinglife.com


bespoke superyacht furniture bespoke superyacht furniture

COPENHAGEN // LONDON COPENHAGEN // LONDON www.glynpetermachin.com www.glynpetermachin.com

GALACTICA SUPER NOVA SUPER NOVA created inGALACTICA collaboration with Sabrina Monte Carlo created in collaboration with Sabrina Monte Carlo photography courtesy of Yvan Grubski photography courtesy of Yvan Grubski


[ WIP ]



ot content with penning the likes of the Gazprom

solutions and detailing – the owner’s apartment with its private

headquarters in Saint Petersburg, Exclusiva Design has

access being a case in point. There are an impressive five VIP

now selected Tankoa Yachts as its partner on its first venture

suites and a host of transformable spaces. The main swimming

into the nautical arena. Progetto Bolide is a 72-metre superyacht

pool, for instance, has a rising floor that creates a dancefloor or

radical both in design and in its take on luxury. Three key ideas

party area flush with the deck. The third key point is seamless

underpin the futurist-inspired concept which pushes beyond

interior-exterior relationality. Progetto Bolide offers an amazing

conventional yacht concepts while retaining a bespoke ethic. The

1,500 square metres of space – 600 out on deck and 900 under

first of the cornerstones is the 500 square metres of glass that

cover. Glass-walled garages reveal two 7-metre tenders, a rescue

meld with the steel hull offering unfettered views. The second

craft and various toys.

is superb functionality in the interior space through innovative


Unique as the moon. We launch it.


[ WIP ]



he team at Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design is celebrating

from the cockpit to remove the need for a flying bridge. Lifestyle

the signing of a contract to pen its largest commission to

is paramount too. The sloop’s guests will be housed in five

date, a 78-metre mega sloop. The design went through various

staterooms and cared for by 14 crew. The owner’s apartment

different stages of development and demanded huge research

delivers a truly amazing 150 square metres of space. Lying aft, it

but, to judge by the renderings, it was well worth the effort. The

has its own saloon and dining area as well as direct access to the

groundbreaking flush-deck cruiser will have a lifting keel and a

swim platform. The latter features folding bulwarks that open it

square-top mainsail.

up to over 100 square metres so space is never in short supply.

However, fully automated sail controls mean there will be no

Other pluses are large hull windows, a bimini to shade the swim

human contact with the load-bearing sheets. The central focus

platform and a pool on the foredeck.

of Project MM78 is the client’s instruction for all-round views



[ WIP ]



onstruction has just started in Ancona on the brand-new ISA

deck master, spacious saloon/dining room and an outsize water-

Alloy 43 which recently sold to a highly experienced owner.

skimming beach club for that all-important feeling of contact with

ISA Yachts’ 34th vessel will have interiors and exteriors by Luca

the marine environment. A shallow 2.3-metre draft will provide

Dini. Even more importantly, it is the first model in a whole new

access to even the tiniest of bays. As its name suggests, the ISA

series of totally aluminium semi-displacement craft targeting

Alloy 43 is built entirely from lightweight aluminium. A pair of

unmatched luxury, smooth cruising and superb efficiency. The

2,000 hp MTU engines guarantees a 20-knot maximum speed

aim is to build on ISA Yachts’ now-iconic signatures to broaden

but cruising will be very comfortable at 18, while an extra-long

the ISA range as a whole. The 43-metre LOA hull wraps around

range of 3,500 nautical miles is pretty effortless at 12.

a very capable five-stateroom arrangement complete with an on-


W W W. O L I V E R T R E U T L E I N . C O M























[ WIP ]


ong, low, sleek and slender, Clifford Denn’s revolutionary new 83-metre

concept for Heesen is Maximus by name and nature. Denn drew on his background designing passenger vessels for Cunard (QM2), P&O and Viking Ocean Cruise to put the owner experience centre stage. Both interior and exterior volumes have been brilliantly distributed to create the seductive Maximus shape. The private exterior deck stretches the entire length of the yacht and is entirely available to owner and guests. A near-plumb bow stretches the length along the waterline, for more interior space and volume forward. This in turn frees up deck space aft for a beautifully-stepped pool with waterfalls and a swim platform. The Maximus concept is flexible and has plenty of Heesen trademarks as well as being very hydrodynamically efficient indeed. There will be accommodations for five guests in addition to the owner thanks to two VIPs and one guest cabin as well as a spectacular owner’s suite. Although the Maximus has similar internal volumes to a conventional 83-metre, it genuinely excels in terms of its al fresco deck areas and, of course, that vast and striking swimming pool.




Green inside. Amer 100 Quad, a better world.





w w w . a m e r y a c h t s . c o m


[ WIP ]


rcadia Yachts is reinventing itself and has co-opted Hot Lab of Milan to assist. The first fruit of Arcadia 2.0 is the A100+, an evolution of the

30-metre which debuted at Cannes Yachting Festival. Clean, multifaceted masculine lines, floor-to-ceiling windows, generous decks, solar panels and all-round green ethic speak of Arcadia’s heritage. Guests now have even more living space, however, in the form of a larger upper deck and an optimized foredeck. Movement is easier too thanks to cleverly positioned stairwells. The aft deck seats 10 for formal dining, while the lounge area seats 12, so it’s perfectly feasible to have 20 people for dinner. The upper deck is a pleasantly private mix of interior and exterior spaces and fine views. Five interior layouts cater to a broad range of needs yet simplify design choices and cut development time. The pared-back contemporary look mirrors the exterior styling as well as enhancing the inside-outside feel. Lush detailing and finishes include exotics such as Carbalho wood and resin paneling. Soft leathers and cottons meld with warm natural oak and ebony. Muted greys, sands, creams, blacks and whites create a restful, welcoming and, of course, luxurious ambience. www.arcadiayachts.it





[ WIP ]



ith the Seventy8, that primiered at the Cannes Yachting

suite cabins, each with an “island” bed. Classically chic finishes

Festival, catamaran specialist Lagoon set out to do deliver

and cabinetry mirror Nauta Design’s beautifully-chosen materials,

radical engineering and solutions that would surpass the dreams

while the vast, high contemporary saloon is ringed by windows

of even the most ambitious gentleman sailor. In fact, the yacht

for incomparable views. The owner’s suite is neatly separated,

does deliver bluewater cruising and total peace of mind in one

even featuring its own private high-tech swim platform, while an

nicely-wrapped package complete with powerful engine, big fuel

abundance of hull windows with integrated portholes yields bright,

tanks and an unparalleled fresh water capacity. The huge fly is

cool cabins. The 30m forward platform and the aft cockpit are

fully customisable and includes a gorgeous forward sun lounge, a

great chill-out zones. A Tenderlift platform creates a massive swim

starboard folding dining table and either a hard-top or bimini with

platform too. Lastly, in the forward galley layout, owners get 25m2

electric sunroof. A wide choice of layouts delivers up to five en

of fully-customisable space. www.cata-lagoon.com.


[ WIP ]


een to meet the growing appetite for long-distance displacement vessels with generous tender and toy

deck stowage, Lynx Yachts revealed the new Adventure 32 ahead of the Monaco Yacht Show. The first model in the Adventure series is a versatile go-anywhere beauty as at home in the Mediterranean as in more challenging seas. To minimise fuel costs and environmental impact, the fullcustom comes in at 200 gross tonnes, while twin Cat C18s yield 15 knots at full throttle or cruise for 2,000 nm at 13.5. At a cost-efficient 11 knots, the range broadens to 2,700 nm. The 32 will make easy work of heavy seas thanks to a plumb bow, high bulwarks and a forward wheelhouse. Full-height dark saloon windows look stylish as does a long band of hull glazing. An elongated stern and symmetrical wheelhouse balconies do the rest. A 60m2 main deck has a generous raised sun pad and seating area for guests in addition to that tender/toy stowage in the beach area. The bridge deck offers more seating as well as a table for eight and bar. An indooroutdoor lounge is aft of the wheelhouse. The two layouts on offer deliver quarters for eight guests and eight crew or 10 guests and 10 crew. www.aquamarine-consultancy.com



y- CLUB de luxe superyacht resorts



G .Y C @ A O L . C O M + 4 9 1 7 0 7 8 1 6 3 3 5





Classic, now iconic pieces, limited re-editions, new furnishings with a contemporary appeal. There’s no limit when it comes to fitting out your yacht. And as an extra touch, a few splashes of violet, the trend for this Amethyst issue of The One Yacht and Design

1. Painted metal table lamp from the Metropolitan collection, which also includes a table, bookcase and pendant light. By Boffetto

by Marta Bernasconi



2. B&W Signs is a capsule collection by Paola Navone for Frette. Fine white cotton bedlinen with black embroidery. On sale exclusively online at frette.com 3. A decisive yet welcoming form for the Elle 4.

armchair by Valentini. Steel revolving base, iron framework and removable fabric or fixed leather upholstery

4. Absolut wooden sideboard with two or three doors. Upholstered in quilted leather, available in several colours. Steel base, frosted glass top. By Cattelan Italia


8. Polygonal is a ceiling light comprising illuminated pentagonal and hexagonal rings, also available in the new Silver Black finish. It


expresses the Henge brand’s concept of refined luxury

7. 6. With Bubble, Roche Bobois expresses the idea of a wonderfully soft, warm comfort. The sofa has a wooden frame and capitonnĂŠ upholstery in a special technical fabric. 7. Karim Rashid is the designer of Aperture, a wall mirror with open compartment, available in pink, white and black, illuminated by movementcontrolled LED lights. By Tonelli design


5. De Vecchi Milano 1935 is a reinterpretation of the Prisma collection, created in 1935. Silver tea or coffee service with a strong design influence



YD 1.

1. Part sculpture, part screen, Anodine Screen features decorative elements with a matt galvanic plated gold finish, which can be positioned as desired along the vertical runners. By Paolo Castelli


2. Embracing lines formed by the curving shell and a minimal matt metal base for Avì Es, a sofa by Désirée with generous upholstery cushions 3. Fermob’s outdoor displays daring new colours and ranges from decorative lines to more minimal shapes. The Cabriolet armchair has handforged scrolls and rings. The rectangular Caractère table is in steel and aluminium.



6. The recently launched nautical collection designed by CSQ Ciarmoli Queda Studio for Annibale Colombo. The collection also includes the Compass Gambling Table



5. Pili table lamp is an exclusive piece made from a single thread of painted stainless steel wire, randomly interwoven to form an irregular bird’s nest effect that is full of charm and mystery. By Arturo Alvarez


4. Designed for outdoors, the Paeete lounger by Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors has a white painted metal frame covered with a weave that is resistant to atmospheric agents




1. The sofa from Tom Dixon’s Wingback collection is a new take on a classic English sofa design, with meticulous artisanal construction. It is available with a huge range of upholstery options 2. The Origami coffee table designed by Patricia Urquiola for Budri uses marble as if it were paper, with folds and angular shapes



3. Rose is the new dining chair by Natuzzi. Its name derives from its embracing lines, which evoke a floral shape




Building a 74-metre yacht is a significant challenge. And this extraordinary creature by CRN, bearing the signatures of Zuccon International Project and Winch Design, is an expression of how a design can evolve to create an imposing, elegant and timeless yacht by DĂŠsirĂŠe Sormani - ph. by courtesy of CRN



ot many people can afford the time to take their entire

a yacht that was a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

family (plus a tutor for the kids) and set off in search of

The client wanted a yacht where he and his family could enjoy unique

the world’s most beautiful destinations. But that’s what the

moments together, and this requirement led to the creation of the

owner of Cloud 9 has done. No sooner had he collected his

extraordinary indoor and outdoor areas, all perfectly linked, providing

floating villa, than he, his wife and their kids set off on an

elegant, imposing spaces conceived with a balance that will ensure a

extended cruise. For him it really was a dream come true.

fun, sociable experience. The bow area on the upper deck was originally

“The expression ‘Being on cloud nine’ perfectly captures the satisfaction

intended to be a touch-and-go helipad, but is now a multifunctional

of presenting the new Cloud 9, one of the most imposing, challenging

living area offering guests total open-air privacy. It can also be used to

and complex yachts CRN has ever built”, says Alberto Galassi, Ferretti

host a range of activities, like parties and karaoke evenings, but it’s also

Group CEO and CRN Chairman. “But big challenges bring great

the perfect place to lie back and read a book, practice yoga or do some

rewards. The Cloud 9 project drew on our yard’s incredible technical

fitness training. The sundeck with Jacuzzi, sunpad and teppanyaki-

skills to transform the owner’s vision into a 74-metre yacht with a unique

equipped bar also expresses the yacht’s character. Not forgetting the

personality. The result is an extraordinary craft, exceptionally beautiful

aft beach area, more than 100 square metres which can become even

and cutting edge, a perfect combination of sartorial design and advanced

larger when both the stern and starboard doors are open. Constant

technology”. Such a stellar result, in fact, is only to be expected, given

visual contact with the sea is provided by extensive windows, which

the outstanding team behind its creation - Zuccon International Project

also make it possible for this space to be used when at sea, not only

handled the exterior lines, Winch Design designed the external areas and

when the yacht is moored up.

the interiors down to the smallest detail, including the decor, and CRN’s

The relationship with the sea is constant and intense throughout. The

own special magic has made all the owner’s dreams possible, helping

colours are bright and fresh, and the many shades of blue accompany

his wishes open new design horizons. The owner was represented by

guests in every space, together with coral, shells and elements evoking

Burgess in the dual role of Owner Representative and Project Manager.

the ocean floor. All five decks combine sober and light colours that

The Cloud 9 project has some curious aspects – construction began

complement the frequent use of oak in a variety of mother-of-pearl

with one owner and continued with another, so the yard, designers

finishes. It’s immediately evident in the main deck saloon (entirely

and technicians had to come together for a rewrite. The new owner

devoted to guests), where bleached oak reigns supreme, lining walls

wanted a comfortable, welcoming yacht, like a home, a place to share

and floor in a uni-directional configuration that converges to create a

with his family that was also functional and suitable for charter use.

precise, continuous line. There are sofas creating intimate corners for

The most important challenge facing CRN was designing and building

playing board games, but they can also be transformed into a cinema

This photo, the spacious beach club that covers a total area of over 100 square metres. Here, indoor and outdoor areas are closely linked. Opposite page, an aerial view of Cloud 9’s tapered, elegant lines. The volumes have been streamlined to give the bow and stern areas a sleeker look. Opening photo, the transverse 10,000 litre swimming pool with transparent bottom, situated aft


room thanks to a domotic system that enables a screen and projector to appear. The same deck is also the location for six guest cabins with audio-visual systems, curtains and lights managed by an iPad-controlled Lutron system. As the owner is an avid fan of the Star Wars saga, the cabins are named after characters from the films. There is also a fantastic spa area with massage bed, usually on the shaded balcony, and a hair salon. The upper deck is yet another invitation to sociability and friendly interaction in the large saloon (where the ceiling and walls are decorated with Renaissance-style frescoes), the dining area (with round table and an indoor-outdoor experience provided by the sliding glass doors) and the well-equipped gym (fitted out as a schoolroom for the kids during the owner’s long cruise). It is on the upper deck, though, where the real stroke of genius can be found - 400 square metres for the exclusive use of the owner and his family. A multimedia room with generous sofa and maxiscreen TV has been designed for family relaxation, with a sliding door that, when opened, provides a direct contact with the natural world outside. The soft white wool/silk mix carpet, made in one single piece, extends without joins along the entire deck, while motherof-pearl finishings create attractive contrasts with the oak. Entering the owner’s cabin is a unique experience, as it is a perfect oasis of tranquillity with the king size bed at its centre. The windows all around provide a sweeping panorama, allowing the mind to expand and relax. A bas-relief made by an artisan carver from the Veneto region runs along the walls, lending an even more sumptuous appeal to the room. This yacht will delight all five senses, leaving guests happy and amazed - on Cloud 9, in fact!



The upper deck saloon is a cool, intimate space. Every detail, from the materials used to the decor elements, evokes the sea and the natural world. The painted panels, for example, resemble the skies of a Renaissance fresco, a reference to the yacht’s name



Above, the main saloon, with the bar area stools (left) in the foreground. Bottom, the “Cloud” work of art by British artist Fenella Elms. Right, the upper deck dining area with coral-like chairs. Every piece of furniture and decorative element was conceived, designed and made exclusively for Cloud 9. Left, the owner’s cabin with central bed and a desk facing a large window. Top, a view of the lady’s bathroom


Exterior Design Zuccon International Project


ompared to the original design we had to modify some of the settings for onboard life in response to new requirements, but beyond these changes the shapes chosen for the exteriors have been adopted in full. Many elements of the yacht have remained the same as in the original design, proof that the design was functional right from the start, providing a response to a range of requirements. We concentrated on limiting the size of the volumes, which allowed us to streamline the bow and stern areas, where most onboard life unfolds. Cloud 9 is a true maritime craft, and the close connection with the sea is especially evident in the beach club, a space that in today’s market is becoming the nucleus of the yacht. This is where we see the most important stylistic innovations, in an area designed to respond to the need for outdoor space providing a direct contact with the sea. The entire configuration of the outdoor spaces is rather complex, as it involves the presence of many functional subsystems, each fulfilling a precise role. The system is indeed based on seven different but interconnected spaces. The connections are not only dimensional, but are also reflected by the content, and can bring together or separate people, enabling them to enjoy moments of intense privacy or expansive conviviality. One of the main challenges was to design the technical mooring space in the bow, which is concealed by introducing a platform, that can be used as a helipad. This means the deck has been left totally clear.


Cloud 9 is the result of a constant search, over the years, for ever-innovative stylistic languages, on craft of different sizes. This has involved a great deal of experimentation in the use of different design styles, different surface models and the constant monitoring of the relationship between materials and shapes. Cloud 9 is a lovely design, and we’re very proud of it. As always, we worked on it with passion. It’s a significant step forward because after the 80-metre Chopi Chopi, launched in January 2013, Cloud 9 is one of our largest builds before the arrival of the 79-metre CRN yacht now under construction. This is very important for us because while everyone was talking about custom yachts, we succeeded in creating a tailor-made design that suits a number of people.

A view of the forward entertainment area – which can be shaded by a canopy – with fitness equipment. This area can also be transformed into the perfect setting for an open-air party. To side, an aerial view showing the amount of outdoor space. Opposite page, architects Giovanni and Bernardo Zuccon. Below, a lovely shot of the beach area with the tender to the side, designed in the same style as the yacht itself


Interior Design Winch Design


he brief focused on the importance of family, on creating an enjoyable, relaxing place and on making Cloud 9 an attractive charter option. We discussed a beachy theme for the interior, so we created a completely new GA and brought together a dedicated in-house team to work solely on the project. The interior decor was all done in-house, for instance, something we at Winch Design pride ourselves on. The contemporary beach theme runs right throughout the interior, featuring beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. The style is very relaxed, yet utterly luxurious. Brushed Douglas fir and limed oak are two of the main surface materials used on board – there are over 50 in total. Decorative shells, corals and agates were placed inside multiple niches too. In the bathrooms, the pure white of the Calacatta marble on the floor contrasts with the depth of the Emperor Black marble. A 3D porcelain panel “cloud” by British artist Fenella Elms adds movement and depth to the central bulkhead along with two Vortex sculptures by Tim Royall. The Ferretti Group company Zago Interiors worked with outside suppliers to produce all of Cloud 9’s polished steel details, which amount to around 4,500 metres for the guest areas alone. In spite of her size, Cloud 9 feels utterly approachable inside and out - even from the stern platform, where the massive fold-down door forms part of a sprawling superyacht beach club, a very attractive feature for charter guests. There is also a 10,000-litre spa pool with a glass bottom at the heart of a recreation area on the main aft deck. Cloud 9 is a true Winch Design yacht, showcasing our ability to design every aspect of a totally bespoke yacht and create an “on-water house” that is the height of luxury while remaining a comfortable and enjoyable place for all the family.

Above, yacht designer Andrew Winch, who was responsible for all the furniture on Cloud 9. To side, the massage corner on the balcony along the starboard side and the beauty salon. Opposite page, the VIP cabin with double bed and the wonderful sea view it offers. The entire main deck is dedicated to guests. Note the use of wood (around 50 kinds) as a fundamental decorative element, along with the almost infinite number of details. Top, a corner of the owner’s terrace forward of the suite - an intimate, private space




Cloud 9 underway. All the decks and living areas display a perfect equilibrium and flowing interchange between interior and exterior spaces. With its large openings and windows, Cloud 9 provides a close visual contact with the sea from every deck


The Shipyard - Stefano De Vivo Chief Commercial Officer CRN and Ferretti Group


ight from the start the owner proved to be very knowledgeable, and asked to take part in all stages of the Cloud 9 building process, from planning to construction. When we start working with an owner we have two basic aims in mind. The first is to give shape to their desires with the greatest flexibility and without setting any limits, involving them in every phase of the yacht’s creation. From the initial brief to delivery, the yard’s technical design team sets out a proposal that reflects the owner’s wishes. The second objective is to create a yacht that is entirely unique and embodies excellence, displaying the artisanal skills of the direct and indirect workforce and the constant research and development activity surrounding our megayachts. At 74 metres long, Cloud 9 is CRN’s second largest yacht, with a 13.50 metre beam, five spacious decks and a subdeck. The imposing spaces give the impression of being on board a much larger, say an 80-metre, craft. Cloud 9 is the outstanding result of the collaboration between our engineering team, Zuccon International Project, Winch Design and the owner, represented by Burgess. This has been a productive partnership, in which all parties involved have made a crucial contribution to the development of this unique project. Harmonising the owner’s requirements with the demands of the charter market was one of the challenges we were faced with. Cloud 9 is a timeless yacht where the imposing exteriors morph smoothly into the interior spaces. It’s a surprising result, a seagoing masterpiece with a strong personality and sartorial design, a yacht that communicates the elegance, calm and comfort of a terrestrial home.


quickmarinelighting.com High quality lighting fixtures design and manufacture RAVENNA - ITALY

[ FLY ]




Built by Brazilian company Embraer, the Lineage 1000E business jet offers over 100 square metres of space laid out as an apartment/office. It has a range of over 8,500 km and has the great advantage of being very thrifty with fuel by Sergio Barlocchetti – ph. by courtesy of Embraer


[ FLY ]


ouble bed, shower for two, lounge with maxiscreen

meals without disturbing the attendees, and then provide

and fine woods, galley with marble floor. All in all,

access when the table is prepared. A similar solution is

a five-room apartment measuring just over 100

used for the lounge and conference area, with eight seats

square metres housed in the fuselage of an aircraft created

in a club configuration. Passengers can also relax or have a

to carry 100 passengers but now transformed to host no

shower in total comfort, forgetting that they are on board an

more than 19. The Lineage 1000E is a development of the

aircraft. Compared to its three rivals currently on the market,

twin-jet E-190 by the Brazilian company Embraer, which

the Airbus 319ACJ-Neo, Boeing 737 BBJ and the Russian

has built 31 examples costing between $28 million and $52

Superjet, the Lineage 1000E costs less and is quieter. Its

million dollars each, depending on the furnishings chosen

fuselage is also a few metres longer and consequently about

by the buyer. The interiors are sober and elegant, but have a

25 per cent narrower, although this creates benefits in terms

functional layout – the model we tested (number 31, in fact)

of layout and interiors. The Lineage 1000E beats the other

is specially designed for business meetings, with automatic

aircraft on range and running costs – with eight people

doors separating the interiors, making it possible to prepare

on board it can fly over 8,500 km - Rome to Mumbai, for

Thirty-one Lineage 1000E aircraft have been sold so far. It’s quieter and more economical than its rivals, and its fuselage is longer but narrower, facilitating cabin layout


[ FLY ]

There are five interior zones, including a queen-size bedroom

example – while using at least 20 per cent less fuel than its competitors.

with walk-in shower. The interesting lighting solution uses

The innovative lighting is excellent – the windows are of normal size

standard windows, but the continuous double transparency

but the continuous double inner transparency increases the amount

in the cabin increases the amount of natural light

of natural light entering the cabin. Embraer is also making windows with several curved sections, finally rejecting the conventional ovals in use since the 1970s. Luxury is evident in every detail, with style, quality and functionality free of any exaggeration and ostentation. As a result passengers can make the most of their time on board, whether it’s used for work or relaxation. This aircraft can also negotiate airports with special approach procedures, like London’s City Airport, where this aircraft can operate. It is certainly the most efficient large business jet on the market. The Lineage 1000E is made of metal, and has a length of 36.24 metres and a wingspan of 28.7 metres. It is powered by a pair of General Electric CF34-10E turbofans, each generating 18,500 lb.ft. The maximum takeoff weight is 54.5 tonnes, with 21.8 tonnes of fuel. Typical operational speed is 872 km/h, with a maximum of Mach 0.82. All moving surfaces except the hydraulic ailerons are managed with Fly By Wire controls. With around 10 people on board and tanks half full, we approached Geneva airport – the test location – at 135 kts, a relatively slow speed for a weight that at this point was nudging 45.5 tonnes. The runway length required for take-off (MTOW, SL, ISA conditions) is 1,852 m. Onboard systems integration is outstanding, identical to that of the E190 - the only difference is in fuel management (it has larger tanks) and cabin amenities. Just one of the aircraft’s three generators can power all the services on the ground and in the air. www.embraerexecutivejets.com


broaden your technological horizons

Domotics, Entertainment & IT

Lighting Projects

Audio/Video solutions

Yachts Private luxury properties Business Hospitality

Multimedia interactive contents

ANC Active Noise Cancelling

Internal and external speakers for incredible audio performances

Total control of the ambients via mobile device

Videoworks S.p.A. has more than 20 years of experience in the design, realization and installation of innovative audio/video, communication, entertainment, home automation & conferencing systems dedicated to the most exclusive Clients. Our solutions are made in cooperation with all the people involved in the Projects (Owners, Architects, Engineers, Owner Representatives, Technical Departments) and are aimed to meet the most demanding Clients requests, according to the Italian style and the international technologies: EXCLUSIVITY / HIGH TECHNOLOGY / STYLE AND DESIGN / EASE OF USE / RELIABILITY. Videoworks S.p.A. via Albertini 36 E/13, 60131 Ancona (AN) - Italy Tel. +39 071.99513 I s.stimilli@videoworks.it I www.videoworks.it

[ The CAR ]


THE ROAD by Diego Tamone

Perfectly chilled champagne is a must aboard the Sweptail, the incredible new bespoke Rolls-Royce. The two-seater took four years to create and is inspired by the very best the car, yacht and aviation worlds have to offer



[ The CAR ]

Beautifully flowing balance forms – that’s the Sweptail. It also has an absolutely unique curved glass roof with a chrome edge that melds with


t is a question of taste rather than money. Of personal pleasure. The joy of owning something absolutely unique. Something you can’t just buy on the open market. Or at

least not through the usual channels. The whole concept of luxury is deeply embedded in our genetic code, but knowing it when you see it is a gift of sorts. Luxury is everywhere after all – and that includes the car world. In the very early days of motoring, at the start of the last century, luxury meant cars that were custom-crafted by the most influential coachbuilders of the day who used their astonishing artistry to breathe life into the dreams of lovers of great beauty. As the years went by, however, its meaning gradually changed and became quite wrongly equated with and measured by mere price. So, for example, ultra-high performance super cars found themselves labelled as luxury cars, a fate that also awaited fairly straightforward GTs that might simply have been kitted out with a generous array of optionals. But genuine luxury, as we said earlier, is a very different thing as Rolls-Royce is quick to point out. In recent times, six-figure cars and very generous specs have become its byword. That said, the great English marque has never lost sight of the original meaning of the term which, until the 1950s, helped craft its legend. The new Sweptail unveiled this year and featured at the recent Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance provides dazzling confirmation of this. No ordinary Rolls, it is the astonishing result of a commission from a private client who, in 2013, contacted


the windscreen before tapering at the rear into an unmistakably RollsRoyce tail


[ The CAR ]

The minimalist, light-filled interior is trimmed in nauticallyinspired Macassar ebony and open-pore Paldao wood. Meticulous detailing and features abound: there is even a truly ingenious secret compartment in each of the door panels for the owner’s two bespoke briefcases

Rolls-Royce Bespoke and Giles Taylor, Director of Design RollsRoyce Motor Cars. He was looking for a one-off that would combine the very best that the car, yacht and aviation worlds had to offer. A car that would have all the charisma of a big Rolls of the 1920s or 30s – think the 1925 Phantom I Round Door by Jonckheere or the Phantom II Streamline Saloon by Park Ward, the Gurney Nutting Phantom II Two Door Light Saloon and the Park Ward 20/25 Limousine Coupé, all launched in 1934. Not surprisingly, these cars are also among the most coveted collector’s models in the world right now. Because they are, of course, unique and unrepeatable. The Sweptail is a flawless example of haute couture tailoring in car form. Although a twoseater, it is enormous. The interior is minimalist and trimmed in a mix of Macassar ebony and open-pore Paldao woods. Sleekly high-tech yet bespoke-crafted features include a nautical-feel deck at the rear, a refrigerated compartment for champagne and flutes, and another for two bespoke briefcases in the door panel. All signal the car’s grandeur and its unique styling cues, first and foremost of which is a huge curved panoramic glass roof which tapers into the upward-sweep of the underbody that gives the car its Sweptail moniker and which is a deliberate luxury boat reference. www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com


THE VIEW Lugano...a world of its own! www.theviewlugano.com






by Mark Worden

hen people ask me what makes me different from other naval architects, I say ‘sea time’”. This was how Jaron Ginton defined himself when he spoke to The ONE

Yacht and Design aboard Serenitas, a 32-metre which was on display at the recent Cannes Yachting Festival. “Sea time” features in Jaron Ginton’s resumé, which is also different from the norm. Born in 1956, he served in the Israeli navy from 1974 to 1979: “I was the captain of a patrol boat and later became an officer on a big missile ship”. He then spent another six years at sea: “After leaving the navy it was easy to get a job captaining charter boats and so that’s what I did”. During that time he also acquired a Dutch girlfriend who would later become his wife. They enjoyed sailing together and so “we went from England to Israel and then from Israel to the Caribbean.” The couple eventually settled in the Netherlands where, having completed 11 years and 50,000 miles at sea, the now 29-year-old Jaron started studying naval architecture at the Higher Institute of Technology in Haarlem, graduating four years later. If sea time is important in his resumé, then seaworthiness is a priority when it comes to designing yachts (which Ginton Naval Architects have done 65 times so far). “I often see boats where I wonder whether the designers would have done things differently, had they themselves spent more time at sea. Take visibility from the bridge.

Jaron Ginton was born in Israel in 1956 and, after serving in the Navy, skippered charter boats. He later settled in the Netherlands where he founded an architecture studio



Even though we now have sophisticated technology, there’s

the building is conducted by Yacht-Marine ltd. The hull is steel

nothing better than for the captain to get a good view of

and the superstructure is aluminium. Ginton describes the

what’s going on in front of the vessel. And you see so many

owner, with whom he is also working for the first time, as “an

wheelhouses which are designed in a way where you can hardly

experienced sailor. He was very keen on having a walkaround

see in front of you. Sometimes you can’t see what’s going

all the way round the deck. It’s great”. Other details include a

on behind, or to the side, when you are doing manoeuvres.

large bulbous bow “to reduce resistance.

Collision is an issue with the increase in shipping around the world”. Such considerations are evident in Ginton’s latest project, the 43.06 metre motoryacht Sunrise, which is currently under construction at the Yildiz shipyard at Tuzla Bay near


Istanbul. Although Ginton often works with Turkish yards,

Above and opposite page above, two

this is his first experience with Yildiz. He says: “It’s early

renderings of the 43.06 metre motoryacht

days, but so far I have been impressed by their high level

Sunrise, which is currently under

of professionalism and competence”. Ginton is handling the

construction at the Yildiz shipyard at Tuzla

naval architecture and exterior design, while Milan-based Hot

Bay near Istanbul. Right, Jaron, seated at

Lab is responsible for the interior design. The managements of

the centre, with the design team



On this page, two computer images of the hull and superstructure. This 43-metre yacht is currently under construction in Turkey and is due to be launched in 2018. It will be exceptionally quiet and, above all, seaworthy

We ran CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis to get the best results. We obviously have zero speed stabilisers, but also big bilge keels. We made the propellers as big and as slow as possible, and as far way from the hull as possible, to reduce noise levels”. Ginton says that the owner wanted his cabin on the upper deck, above the crew, which is “quite unusual.” A recess was created in the bow for the speed boat and rescue boat. There is also a lift on board, which, again, is “unusual for a boat of this size”, while visibility is guaranteed by large windows. “These provide a lot of daylight, but also a good perception of space”. He concludes by saying that on this vessel, which should launch at some stage in 2018, “none of the features are revolutionary in themselves, but I think we have optimized a series of normal features to create a boat that will be exceptionally quiet and, above, all, seaworthy.”



by Samuela Urbini


Francesco Paszkowski’s designs reflect perfect formal equilibrium, with wonderfully clean lines and architectural consistency between interiors and exteriors. These aesthetic qualities can all be found on the new Custom Line 120, the Italian yard’s first planing yacht 72

A skilful use of contrasting materials and colours for the light and dark windows emphasises the taut lines displayed by this powerful craft. Its attractive essentiality is embodied in even the smallest details, like the light retractable bimini that shelters the relaxation area with hydromassage pool


n ability to hear and also intuit clients’ needs combined with an expert knowledge of all the processes involved in producing a yacht underpin the success of the studio founded in Florence in 1990 by

Francesco Paszkowski. “In a rapidly evolving context, like the nautical sector, your own experience is never enough,” explains Paszkowski, who has worked with the heavy-hitting Italian and international yards, including Baglietto, Heesen Yachts and Sanlorenzo. “The yard’s own history, the work of the people involved in building the boat, from the commission to the launch, close communication on the part of the builder’s technical department, the owner and the design studio are all fundamental to the design process.” Paszkowski started out working with his father, Giovanni, and the great Pierluigi Spadolini. “When I first got the chance to design boats in 1986, the desire to express myself was stronger than anything else,” says the Milan-born designer who put down roots in Florence long ago. In the intervening 30 or so years, he has produced production and custom


[ CREATIVE MINDS ] fibreglass and aluminium planing and displacement yachts, initially penning only the exteriors. By 1996 he had, however, broadened his scope to include interiors as demand was growing for “all-in” designs. This 360-degree philosophy is brilliantly epitomised by the Custom Line 120, the planing yacht Paszkowski created for Custom Line. The yard wanted him to do two things: the first was to restyle the line without breaking brand continuity, and the second was to improve contact with the sea. “We wanted to give the hull a sleek, powerful profile: taut lines running from stem to stern, creating a thrilling alternation of white structural surfaces and dark glass,” says the designer. “One major innovation is the superstructure which is raised with respect to the main deck. The floor-to-ceiling side windows turn the saloon into a panoramic terrace offering unparalleled views,” he continues. “The slightly curved side windows combined with the elimination of the gunwale in front of the saloon and master suite enhance the feeling of being even closer to the water.” The layout of the interiors, which were co-created with Margherita Casprini, is inspired by luxury domestic settings, a good example being the support columns which incorporate the lighting, audio


The main salon is a large open space with light, bright curtains that become an essential element in the division – but not separation – of the spaces. Huge full height windows and the absence of a gunwale transforms the salon into a panoramic sea terrace



The full beam owner’s cabin. Below, the foldaway angled window totally breaks down the barriers between interiors and exteriors

and air-con systems. Another is the single open-plan space in which

on the upper deck has a bimini for shade. This cleverly disappears into

curtains are used as dividers, rather than clearly separating the various

the hard top and is supported by two struts which also lower back into

zones. A large angled swathe of glazing separates the saloon from the

the deck/superstructure.

cockpit and opens up, yielding a large inside-outside area designed as

New technical solutions and the interior and the design of the

a teak-trimmed lounge furnished in the style of the interiors. Particular

exterior lines are closely integrated as seamless components of a

attention was also lavished on the exterior areas, which have long been

single architectural design in which form and function are brilliantly

a signature of the brand. The relaxation area with a hydromassage pool

balanced. In typical Francesco Paszkowski Design style.





Experience combined with the latest technology makes us to one of the world ´ s leading specialists for yacht glazing. Especially designed for superyachts, TILSE YACHT GLAZING allows us to find the perfect solution for your design as well as for your personal claims. Therefore we enjoy the trust of many experienced owners. Some of our references are: MY Tosca (Couach), SY Ribelle (Vitters), SY Ganesha (Vitters), MY Jubilee (Oceanco), MY Symphony (Feadship), SY Inukshuk (Baltic Yachts)



by Paola Berteklli picture by Christopher Scholey

A custom-built explorer tailored for an ultra-sporty, adventure-seeking owner. Built by Abeking Rasmussen and with sophisticated interiors by Liaigre, which include an open fireplace in the saloon, provide a sumptuous counterpoint to Espen Ă˜ino’s powerfully masculine exterior 78


t might seem strange but a love of mountaineering spurred

feature sofas and day beds, afford views unobstructed by masts and the

the owner to commission Cloudbreak. This ground-

like. Aft on the main deck, the traditional cockpit has been sacrificed in

breaking craft has blurred the barriers between two worlds

favour of space for the garage where two enormous and very powerful

which, on paper at least, could not be more different: the

tenders live.

sea and the world’s most remote mountains.

Every single element aboard is the result of careful deliberation by the

The leitmotif running through the design of this 72.5-metre is absolutely

designers who worked hand-in-glove with the owner throughout.

precise and revealing of the yacht’s mission to take the owner to the

Central to the project is an astonishing helicopter deck that is fully

often inhospitable and inaccessible areas of the world where he indulges

certified, including for commercial use, equipped with a full fire-

his passion for adventure sports, with a particular focus on snow and

suppression system, pitch and roll indicators and wind instrumentation.

mountain-related disciplines in particular.

It is designed so that when the helicopter whisks the owner and his

It was to this brief that Abeking & Rasmussen crafted the wonderful

guests back from, say, a day’s heli skiing, they can repair straight to the

Cloudbreak. Espen Øino clothed the 72.5-metre’s exteriors in signature

wonderfully warm, comfortable sun lounge to watch videos of their day

lines and did the general arrangement while Paris-based studio Liaigre

on the slopes as they relax. Cloudbreak’s other impressive amenities

dreamed up an exquisite interior design that sets a new benchmark in

number a ski room, an extensive beach club with gym and spa and seafacing terraces, and a gorgeous open fireplace in the main saloon. The interiors all have a fresh, modern feel with a soft colour palette used with tinted brushed pine in the lounges to create a sense of homeliness. The partition wall layout throws up lots of unparalleled walls too, creating unexpected perspectives and adding a sense of dynamism. The 85 square metre master suite is located forward on the main deck – it’s most delightful quirk is permanent balcony complete with daybed where the owner can overnight in warm weather. There is a further open-out balcony. The lower deck offers four guest cabins with a fifth up on the bridge deck. Unusually, the cabins on the lower deck are, at the owner’s request, connected to the gym by a long corridor that traverses the upper area of


sophisticated decoration and furnishings.

the engine room, allowing guests to return to their cabins after a sauna

For both yard and designers, however, the greatest challenge was to

or workout without having to go through the lounges.

maximise the outdoor experience right across the board.

Another of the owner’s direct-contact specifications was the winter

Cloudbreak is an explorer yacht aboard which form most definitely,

garden on the bridge deck, a full-beam lounge complete with sofa,

but very successfully, follows function. The distinctive clam shell look

bar and dining table. A retractable sliding glass system engineered by

of the wheelhouse, for instance, is no quirky stylistic indulgence but

Abeking & Rasmussen makes sure this space is incredibly versatile –

an integrated wave breaker which protects the foredeck in the big seas

it can be used 365 days a year at any latitude from Greenland to the

that are part and parcel of venturing into extreme climes. The stairs

Caribbean, Alaska to the Mediterranean. And Cloudbreak is sure to be

leading from the winter garden to the sun deck hug the shape of the

exploring all of the above because her owner’s love of adventure will

helicopter platform on the deck, while two observation decks, which

see to that. www.abeking.com

Espen Ă˜ino had clothed Cloudbreak in beautifully imposing lines. Her heli deck can convert to a spectacular dance floor complete with hideaway screens and lights. Opening photo, the saloon on the main deck featuring a triangular dining table designed by Studio Liaigre


Warm bright colours characterise the interiors. The lounge on the sun deck, left, is a very sociable area design for winding down and chatting after a day’s sport. Above, the master suite with its balcony spread out over the sea. Opposite page, the gym and the winter garden in particular reveal the influence that creating contact with nature had on the project as a whole




Owner representative Jim Evans


he owner did not want a typical “Med� yacht. He wanted to own a global cruising yacht which could access parts of the world inaccessible to others. That was to be achieved by having a yacht with huge range and capacities coupled with having a working helicopter permanently onboard. The owner’s active lifestyle was a strong driver in organising how the boat would operate and what activities would be catered for. In his day-to-day life, he is fanatically keen on snow sports of every kind from cross-country skiing to downhill and ski touring. At the same time he is very interested in mountaineering, hiking and all other mountain-based activity. Cloudbreak carries equipment for all of these activities. She must be unique in having a fully equipped ski room. Naturally enough, the yacht also carries the full range of water toys including a 12-metre and a nine-metre tender. Perhaps she is unique in that her mission statement is primarily one of active lifestyle adventures with the luxurious relaxation we all associate with yachts of this calibre being a wonderful bonus. Cloudbreak may not be the first of the explorer yachts but the focus she has on delivering all the promise that her owner dreamt of when designing her is unwavering. There is no chance that this boat will simply end up doing the usual transatlantic pattern of cruising. Instead she will cruise the world and none of the enormous effort that went into her design will go to waste. 85

Exterior Design Espen Øino


he owner’s design brief was very much informed by his strong desire to practice adventure sports both on land and at sea. Actually, the focus on land-based activity is what really sets this unique yacht apart from all the others. Central to the owner’s brief was his desire to use the yacht as a platform for helicopter skiing. For that reason, it has one of the few fully certified helicopter decks on any existing yacht. Coming down one deck from the sun deck we see the outdoor lifestyle philosophy of the boat once again reflected in the clever design of the winter garden. The idea for that area is obviously to provide a space that can be completely open in tropical climes or completely enclosed in colder climates. In terms of specific exterior design elements, you will note that the tenders are placed on the main deck which is a huge benefit in waters which may not necessarily be calm as the main deck is the safest and most practical place to launch them from. In addition, the owner is just as fanatical about surfing as he is winter sports. For that reason it was vitally important to have large, rugged tenders to provide transportation to and from the surf breaks. The huge gull wing doors the tenders sit behind are louvered to protect the tenders but they allow the air to freely circulate to that area while still constituting a wonderful styling feature. Overall the design of Cloudbreak is both clean and purposeful with an emphasis on the whole ‘less is more’ concept. The yacht lacks absolutely nothing in terms of equipment, comfort or quality yet she is a particularly functional vessel.


Espen Ă˜ino has succeeded in melding the severity of form of an explorer vessel with a sublime elegance. He has also created two observation decks furnished with sofas and day beds – perfect for whale watching or just enjoying the unique views of the day


Interior Design Guillaume Rolland


he owner wanted a yacht with very warm, welcoming interiors where he could chill out and rest after indulging his passion for extreme outdoors sports. He had a wide range of cruise travel plans and the challenge was to create a cosy interior without using too much dark wood to guarantee a sporty, fresh, young look. The big thing was not to turn it into a chalet but to allow the owner and his guests to “breathe� the warm spirit of a chalet. A fireplace lounge at main deck level welcomes guests aboard when the weather is cold or after an afternoon of skiing. This lounge also has an authentic chart table allowing everybody to share and discuss travel plans without having to go to the wheelhouse. A long display screen shows all navigation-related data such as boat speed, wind force and direction, heading, sea and air temperature, etc. and ensures there is ongoing animation in the saloon. Directly aft is the dining room with a huge triangular table designed by our studio. The forward wall has a wood bas relief by Dutch artist Mathieu Nab. This artwork is the main focus when people enter the boat through the aft door. The passageway has tilted walls to modify the classic perspective and corridor feeling. In this passage, there is a wet room near the starboard entrance lobby where guests can leave their soggy gear to avoid walking through the boat in dripping clothes.


The sundeck is more focused on evening entertainment and has a dark ceiling. It can be used for watching videos made during the extreme ski sessions or expeditions from earlier in the day. A hi-fi system and giant flat screen are installed in a metal and glass vitrine display case. This area can also convert to a night club that extends outside onto the helipad.

Above, the stairs from the winter garden to the sun deck. Top, and below: the bedside tables in the guest cabins and, the original nook next to the entrance to the master stateroom. Opposite, the fullbeam lounge on the bridge deck is large enough to encompass two main sitting areas with two deep L-shaped sofas


The Shipyard Jörg Kleymann, Project Manager in line with the special focus of an explorer yard, she does incorporate superlative functionality combined with an elegant appearance. Cloudbreak had a steep bow in comparison to conventional ships – this delivers both smooth sailing in heavy seas and space for all the toys in the forward tender bay. Combining solid boat-building methods, the best traditional workmanship and high quality equipment with leading-edge technologies such as an amazing integrated audio system, a fully certified helicopter deck with fuelling and defueling capabilities, a versatile winter garden, and an awesome Beach Club area was the main challenge for Abeking & Rasmussen.


he owner was very much involved in the project and most of the decisions regarding design, technical equipment and outfitting were taken by him. His requirements were not extreme – five comfortable guest cabins, four on the lower deck and one on the bridge deck, special cabins for the helicopter pilot and sports instructor, and a spacious main deck master suite with balcony and sea terraces, along with lounges and a dining saloon. This, in combination with the owner’s sportiness and the equipment he required, is very exciting. The designers focused greatly on incorporating all the requirements, formal detailing and material combinations. Abeking & Rasmussen and Rodiek – which built the interior – did a superb job, which really kept the smile on the owner’s face. While Cloudbreak’s exterior layout is generally


Live the Diamonds Lifestyle!




Regardless of whether they are classic or contemporary, original fine art photographs have carved out their rightful place in the art world. And now they’re winning over the market too 92

Opening photo, David Yarrow, The Don, Amboseli, Kenya 2017, on show at the Spazio Ersel, Turin. Right, Man Ray, Noire et Blanche, Paris, 1926. The model is the famous Kiki de Montparnasse. Below, left, David Yarrow, Jaws, False Bay, South Africa 2011, from the book La Natura selvaggia (Rizzoli). Right, David Yarrow, The Wolf of Main Street, Ghost Town, USA, 2015

by Micaela Zucconi


hotography is the new big thing at the moment both in terms

currently running at the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice (Photographs

of exhibitions and auctions. The ArtTactic Photography Market

1934-1954, until 25/2/2018). Its 250-plus photographs detail the life

Report reveals that in the first six months of 2017 there was a 21.95

and career of the great Swiss neo-realist photographer who was one of

per cent jump in sales on the same period in 2016. The trend is

the leading lights of the Magnum Agency founded in 1947 by Henri

being driven by Phillips, Sotheby’s and Christie’s whose latest

Cartier-Bresson and Robert Cappa. The exhibition takes in Europe,

photography auctions racked up an impressive $19.3 million between

Asia and the American continent including the villages of Peru where

them. Excitement is building for the upcoming sales from Christie’s

Bischof was killed in a car accident (www.treoci.org).

which began in October in a New York and will continue online in

Scottish artist David Yarrow brings a unique perspective to wilderness

December, January and April next (www.christies.com). Photographs

and is renowned for his fine art photographs of animals as well as

from The Museum of Modern Art spans more than 400 photographs

portraits of remote societies. His large black-and-whites of tigers,

from the MoMA collection signed by iconic early 20th century and

lions, elephants, zebras and rhinoceroses have an almost metaphysical

post-war photographers of the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred

beauty thanks to his unique technique. One of Yarrow’s works, which

Stieglitz and Edward Steichen. The works are expected to fetch

had a starting price of €16,000 to €21,000, recently sold at Sotheby’s

between €6,000 and €20,000 euro apiece. Darius Himes, International

for around €65,000 (Mankind, 2014). The Nella Natura Selvaggia

Head of Photography di Christie’s, explains: “Buying one of these

exhibition in Turin (Spazio Ersel, from 27/10 to 24/11) features 15 or

works means buying a piece of the history of photography”.

so photographs from his recent trips to Nigeria, Kenya, the Congo,

The work of Werner Bischof (1916-1954) is in the MoMA collection,

Yellowstone and North Korea (davidyarrow.photography).

although it isn’t going under the hammer. A large retrospective is

Marco Beretta’s work, on the other hand, ventures into the spiritual. 93


©Werner Bischof/Magnum Photos

©Werner Bischof/Magnum Photos


In fact, his phtographs of Buddhist monks first brought him

and has been shown both in Italy and abroad, as well as featuring

to international attention. His passion was sparked after a life-

at the MIA Photofair 2017. Beretta’s black and white analogue

changing travels through Tibet and Nepal. Beretta has been

photographs are archival pigment prints on Fine Art paper which

exploring the East for over two decades now with just his

should survive for 150 years. Average prices for large format

Hasselblad for company, capturing all aspects of the lives of the

photos are around €5,000 (www.marcoberetta.it).

monks. He takes his photographs in complete silence in remote

So what should potential collectors look out for? Mariolina

mountain monasteries, the quiet broken only by the monks’ own

Bassetti, Chairman Italy, Head of Southern Europe Post-War &

chanting and prayer bells. Spiritus, his latest project, is an almost

Contemporary Art at Christie’s, advises buyers to simply go for

mystical documentation of the monasteries of Laos and Burma,

images that move them without thinking about investment returns.

Top, left, Marco Beretta, Spiritus. Myanmar, 2009. Right, Marco Beretta, Sleeping Monk, Myanmar, 2009. Opposite, left, Werner Bischof, Breast with Grid, Zurich, Switzerland, 1941. Right, Werner Bischof, Harbour of Hong Kong, 1952. All on show in Venice.


Utility is the end, design is the means

[ MISE EN PLACE ] A triumph of shapes and colours. The tabletop is enlivened by the exuberant Circus collection, designed for Alessi by Marcel Wanders, whose creativity and imagination is also expressed by the choice of materials stainless steel, tin plate, bone china and glass

On the table and in the kitchen it’s the must-have brand, a symbol of Made in Italy entrepreneurial creativity by Marta Bernasconi

t would be hard to find an Italian household without at least one Alessi product. The company, based in Omegna, on Lake Orta, was founded in 1921, and since then it has created an unending stream of objects that have become domestic style classics, especially on the table and in the kitchen. The secret of this long-term success is quality, research and constant innovation, three traits that have characterised the brand since its inception. The course of the brand’s long, prolific career has been shaped by several crucial periods - the 1920s and 1930s saw an emphasis on production skills, in the 1950s Alessi opened up to collaborations with outside talent, and the 1970s were marked by the arrival of Alberto Alessi, a keen promoter of the design ethic. From the 1980s onwards



An unconventional mise en place, bringing a light-hearted appeal to on-board life. The collection includes home accessories and tableware for different occasions - breakfast, nibbles, aperitifs and desserts. The range of objects includes trays, bottle holders, ice buckets, mugs and bowls

the company became a creative hotbed, with international design

and the result is a unique collection of objects that have become

collaborations and a series of objects that have become brand icons,

synonymous with the brand and symbols of Italian design culture.

including the unmistakeable kettle with bird-shaped whistle by

Against this background it is inevitable that Alessi’s mise en place is

Michael Graves (1985), Philippe Starck’s spider-like citrus-squeezer

always new, never conventional. There are no predetermined rules,

launched in 1990 and the corkscrew in the form of a woman

except for a certain mood pervading the brand’s output - on the

created by Alessandro Mendini in 1994. The new millennium saw

table the objects must be innovative, skilfully created and capable

Alessi begin to explore new ways of designing domestic objects,

of raising a smile, or at least of inspiring a little good humour and

investigating influences from contemporary architecture and interior

lightheartedness. The Alessi Circus collection is a sparkling example

design. As a result the company was able to assimilate the ideas

of this spirit. Designed by Marcel Wanders, it comprises 29 products

of Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, David Chipperfield and the

and five limited edition pieces, each representing a circus performer.

Campana brothers.

Its skilful mix of materials and techniques - stainless steel, bone

The Alessi story is one of freedom and daring - few companies can

china, tin plate and glass - shape lively ornamental objects whose

equal its ability to renew itself and explore new paths with every

geometry creates an elegant equilibrium.

collection. Alessi will always choose the new, exciting alternative,





a pleasure for the palate

As someone who pushes the limits while respecting his ingredients, loves soups but creates dishes that are anything but traditional, chef Andrea Berton knows all about contradictions by Marta Bernasconi


ndrea Berton’s CV boasts a series of collaborations with illustrious figures in the world of international

cuisine, and this Friuli-born chef looks set to join their ranks. Awarded multiple Michelin stars during his sojourn at the Ristorante di Piazza della Scala in Milan, Berton soon developed a burning ambition to go it alone, and in 2013 he opened the Ristorante Berton. Its location in Milan’s hyper-modern Porta Nuova district was chosen with care. As the chef explains, “My restaurant reflects my personality. I was looking for a location with no connections to the past and the place I chose answers this requirement entirely”. Here he set up his headquarters, joined in 2016 by the Berton Al Lago on Lake Como. Surprisingly, Berton’s favourite dish is broth. “I’ve dedicated a menu to it - it features in all the dishes, either poured directly onto the food or served in a special glass”. The restaurant’s dishes were created in partnership with Puglian ceramicist Vincenzo del Monaco. “Our design is called Onda. I like clean, linear shapes, round, white plates, but I don’t always exclude more modern details. The secret to creating beautiful tableware is that the container must be comfortable and functional for the food you’re enjoying - it must give diners the most enjoyable experience possible”. The dish Andrea Berton recommends at The One Yacht

and Design is innovative and daring, just like the chef himself. He reveals he once cooked on board a wellequipped yacht, and found it great fun. According to


We visit the Ristorante Berton in Milan’s futuristic Porta Nuova Business District Varesine. The mise en place features white dishes and objects with modern, linear lines, made by a Puglian ceramicist




Berton, there’s no special on-board cuisine. “My job is also

pouch and finish drying in the oven for two hours at 60°.

to come up with new ideas - you shouldn’t impose limits”.

Finally, chop finely with a knife and place in a container. Now

His recipe is “Canestrelli with a liquorice cream, lobster roe,

for the queen scallops - the recipe calls for forty. They should

liquorice seeds and lemon”. To make enough to serve four, first

be cleaned and washed thoroughly to remove any sand, dried

prepare the liquorice mayonnaise - dissolve 0.8 g of powdered

on kitchen paper and seared in a pan with a thread of EVO oil.

liquorice in 50 g of reduced fumet then pour a thread of EVO

To serve, use the liquorice pouch to shape ten peaks on every

oil, emulsifying until the desired consistency is reached. The

plate, sprinkle with powdered roe and coriander and liquorice

mayonnaise is then allowed to rest in a bag and stored at +4°.

seeds. Finally, add the hot scallops. As an accompaniment the

For the powdered roe, vacuum cook 100 g of lobster roe at 100°

chef recommends a Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore 2005.

for five minutes, then cool in iced water. Open the vacuum

An unforgettable on-board meal!


ato@skyservices.it - skyservices.it



by Bianca Ascenti ph. by Emilio Bianchi


The visually striking modern lines, which also contain references to the Baglietto yard’s classic stylistic features, reflect the extensive work done by Francesco Paszkowski Design on the new 48-metre model. A careful choice of select, original materials for the interiors create unusually elegant spaces


ndiamo, the 48-metre yacht from Baglietto’s T-Line sails at


the dining space with its table for twelve. The custom-made furniture,

a relatively leisurely pace - but not too much so, as its top

together with some Italian design pieces and the fittings all reflect the

speed of 17 knots could never be described as sluggish. The

owner’s classic/sophisticated tastes, which are embodied throughout the

latest offering from the “seagull” brand was presented and

yacht in the use of a few high-quality materials, limited colour palette,

awarded accolades at the recent Cannes Yachting Festival, showcasing

geometrical motifs and painstaking attention to detail and finishes. The

once again many of Baglietto’s typical stylistic features, but in a new,

overall décor is sober and restful, typified by an alternating series of light

more contemporary version. This steel megayacht with an aluminium

and dark shades and matt and light surfaces. The dark oak flooring,

superstructure can be regarded as a development of the successful

for example, is reflected in the glossy ebony of the walls, while the

46-metre model, with a slew of new features – the most obvious are

panels and light carpets brighten the interiors, embellished with onyx –

the “upside-down” windshield on the forward upper deck, providing

sometimes backlit – providing an inimitable touch of class. The presence

improved visibility over the entire deck and along the bow gunwales,

of leather, steel and glass spiral stairs in the foyer is not simply a means of

the spacious, scenic sundeck and beach club with loungers, bar and

linking the three decks, it is an attractive architectural element in itself.

shower in the stern area. Designer Francesco Paszkowski, who also

The same applies to the large full-beam owner’s suite in the forward

handled the interiors alongside architect Margherita Casprini, has

area comprising a study, chairs, cloakroom and twin bathrooms, both

worked miracles with the extra two metres of length, extending the

with mosaics, walk-through shower, steam bath and heated onyx floors.

available spaces with breathtaking skill and aplomb. The result is

The captain’s cabin is on the upper deck, next to the bridge, which

340 square metres of habitable space, not counting the exteriors. The

boasts a hypertechnical Telemar console and an integrated navigation

shapes are sleek and powerful, with rounded lines that create a feeling

system derived from the world of avionics. There’s also a cinema room

of movement and modernity while giving the yacht a timeless elegance.

amidships with custom-made sofas arranged in a semicircle and two

The owner requested generous communal areas, reflecting a theme of

deployable sea terraces where guests can relax and enjoy the ocean

social interaction and conviviality, so the yacht can be enjoyed to the

view. The sundeck outclasses all rivals in this size range – 140 square

full with family and friends. To meet these specifications, the architect

metres of sheer relaxation with a dining area sheltered by a rigid top

has designed an innovative layout with six cabins (five guest cabins on

and equipped with BBQ and bar, large forward solarium, and even an

the lower deck and the owner’s suite on the forward main deck). The

infinity pool with cascade! The rounded lines towards the base of the

crew mess has been relocated to adjoin the galley on the main deck. In

deck structure and the glass gunwales provide a magnificent 360 degree

the main saloon, separated from the exterior cockpit by a sliding glass

view. So now let’s go – or as the Italians say, “Andiamo!”.

door, a unit with revolving hideaway TV divides the living area from


Andiamo’s exteriors feature soft, rounded shapes that are also streamlined and powerful. The crowning touch is the 140 square metre sundeck with an unusual swimming pool and waterfall. Opening photo, in the main saloon, a refined use of light and dark, matt and gloss colours


A dialogue between interiors and exteriors is generated by the coherence of the furnishing style. A variety of materials is used – outside teak and steel dominate, while inside we find glossy ebony for the furniture, dark matt oak for the floors and ceiling and glossy white panels on the walls. The airy crew mess and galley are flooded with light from the windows looking onto the walkways



One of the main design objectives was to maximise contact with the sea. Large windows, opening balconies and transparent balustrades open up the view. The curved structure of the decks has enabled the interior spaces to be extended

Exterior Design Francesco Paszkowski Design


he first of Baglietto’s new 48-metre displacement line, Andiamo’s development was underpinned by two key themes – to be an expression of the contemporary generation of displacement yachts and to retain some of the traditional style elements that have made the brand famous and instantly recognisable throughout the world. Being familiar with the Baglietto story means we have been able to start from a privileged position in this research initiative, and the synergy we established with the yard was a great support for us in creating a modern 48-metre craft below 500 tonnes. As always, teamwork was a crucial element. Retelling a story from an illustrious past and integrating it with new stylistic elements was the more challenging and sometimes intriguing part of this project which, like all our work, had the objective of creating a product that would inspire emotion. We concentrated on several fundamental points – the shapes, superstructure, surfaces and the exterior


spaces, with special emphasis on the flybridge, stern and the idea of contact with the sea. We modified the curves of the deck structure to increase the yacht’s interior volumes with a wide-body configuration on the main deck to benefit the owner’s accommodation. In the superstructure we’ve shifted the helm station, which has been rotated and inclined towards the bows. The rollbar has also been redesigned. The high point of the exterior spaces in all senses of the term is the flybridge, which has been extended forward, making it longer. The central section of the superstructure is rounded, sloping fore and aft, making it almost invisible from the flybridge. Combined with the transparency along the entire outer perimeter this means there is no interruption to the view in all directions, and it enhances visual contact with the sea and the surrounding environment to become a panoramic terrace. The large space available has enabled the creation of a number of areas – sunloungers aft of the unusual swimming pool, a dining area in the central section with bar counter and gaming table, and a conversation area with large sofa forward. On the aft upper deck we’ve ensured design coherence by applying the same layout here as we used on the flybridge – the clear perimeter creates a sweeping view. The upper deck is also notable for its two side terraces on the same level as the living area. Shaded areas have been created in the open-air spaces by using easily movable canopies. We’ve changed the stern transom, which now opens downwards to create the beach deck.


Interior Design Margherita Casprini with Francesco Paszkowski Design


he aim was to create warm, welcoming interiors where the owner can spend his holidays and leisure time with family and friends. The selection of just a few materials throughout and a limited colour palette was a well-defined choice intended to emphasise quality and create an atmosphere of sober elegance. With this as a starting point we focused on combining materials and furnishings, some custom-made and others Made in Italy design pieces (Flexform and Maxalto for the chairs, Oluce and Lumis for the lighting). The layout was designed to fulfil the owner’s requirements, something that’s clear from the number of guest cabins, five with two VIP cabins, all on the lower deck. This led us to put the service area with crew mess, laundry and larder, usually on the lower deck, on the main deck near the galley creating a dedicated “block” that’s well separated from the day area and owner’s apartment. To open out the galley a little the access door is in frosted glass and the windows look out onto the port walkway, allowing light to flow in from the outside. The interior design shows a stylistic coherence,

playing on the contrast of dark and light and the use of matt and gloss surfaces. Parts of the furniture and panelling are in glossy ebony, the floors are dark matt oak and onyx, and the ceilings and panelling are a glossy white. This combination has created a very bright interior. The stylistic coherence also includes the bathrooms, with onyx in a variety of colours (crystal white in the owner’s bathroom and Calcatta marble in the VIP and guest bathrooms). The bathrooms are further embellished with an onyx mosaic for the washbasin panels. We’ve also used smooth or woven leather for the upholstery and leather for the cabin blinds. One of the most striking style elements is the architectural aspect of the staircase with steel riser, leather steps and steel edge, connecting all the decks, and the champagne onyx partitions around the dining area. Lighting is provided by built-in LED spots and strips. In line with the contemporary spirit expressed by the interiors, teak is the dominant material for the exterior furnishings, with steel details like the table edges on the flybridge, while the chairs and sofas are in white and light grey.

Left, the main deck owner’s suite has a soft, sophisticated atmosphere. The light colours of the carpeting, walls and Flexform chairs are broken by glossy ebony geometric inlays, highlighted by LED spots and strips in the ceiling. Opposite: only a few materials have been used, but all are of exceptionally high quality, matched by obsessive attention to detail. The result is a sober, restful decor with a limited colour palette. As well as serving a functional purpose, the stair area of the foyer is one of the most visually striking elements, with a steel riser and leather steps with steel edges




The Shipyard Michele Gavino, CEO


ndiamo has had an excellent debut, everyone liked the exterior spaces and sundeck, which is unrivalled in this category, the attention to detail and the quality. Once again we’ve launched a yacht with unique sailing characteristics. Its distinctive trait is the design of the exteriors lines, which have evolved while retaining a link with the displacement craft of the past, thanks to the work carried out by Paszkowski. The layout has also been extremely well-received, winning an award at Cannes. The volumes and spaces for owner and guests have been handled in a new, highly efficient way. Andiamo is the perfect yacht for an owner seeking large volumes and open-air spaces, somewhere to enjoy close contact with the sea, flooded with natural light. As for new elements in its construction, we’ve totally revamped the stern, which has been lengthened by two metres and now hosts a beach club and spacious transverse garage. The two upper deck side terraces are also new. Quality and sailing quality have been improved compared to the original 46-metre model. Optimising the keel, for example, has enabled us to nudge 17.4 knots in trial, exceeding the maximum speed target of 16 knots, while at 12 knots the yacht has a range of 4,500 nautical miles with extremely high levels of comfort. For enhanced safety we’ve mounted a new Telemar integrated bridge with touch technology. We at Baglietto have now developed a design and construction philosophy that allows us to reach the highest standards. In terms of sustainability we’ve got together with Nautica Italiana and SYBAss to open up an extremely important development path that will bring results as early as this year. At the moment serious talks are underway for Andiamo’s sister ship (#10228), which will be ready for delivery in 2018. Generally speaking, Baglietto can build and fit out six superyachts at the same time, launching an average of two yachts every year with the objective of reaching a maximum of four. As for the 48M, we can deliver it two years after the contract has been signed.



MY WORLD IS MADE UP OF SIMPLE THINGS by Désirée Sormani - pictures by courtesy of Lissoni Associati

© Désirée Sormani

The One Yacht and Design meets one of the hottest Italian architects on the scene right now. He turns his hand as easily to furniture, accessories, resorts and villas, including those of the floating variety. Bringing a signature elegance and sublime rigour to each and every one

61-year-old Piero co-founded Lissoni Associati with Nicoletta Canesi in 1986 and then Graph.X a decade later. More than 70 people are employed in the two studios which provide a 360-degree design service for an incredibly diverse range of projects





find it very hard to think of myself as a designer. Some

and Hotel Park in Croatia (which will be completed in 2018). Also

people have said I am a minimalist. But I have never really

in there are designs for brands of the likes of Alessi, Boffi, B&B

understood what that world is. That said, I don’t find it

Italia, Cappellini, Cassina, Fantini, Flos, Glas Italia, Kartell Knoll,

offensive to be called a minimalist either, all things considered. I

Lema, Living Divani, Porro... They do it all in this powerhouse

would say, however, that I feel closer to an idea of simplicity than

of a place: interiors, skyscrapers, resorts, fashion and cosmetics,

minimalism per se.”

fit-outs for exhibitions and stores. They also do villas – including

Shrewd and eclectic, Italian designer Piero Lissoni knows where he

the floating variety. Lissoni’s third yacht was unveiled at the recent

stands. After exactly 10 years, we return to the headquarters of one

Cannes Yachting Festival – the first two having been Ghost, a

of the most versatile and multi-talented architects on the design

37-metre sailing yacht built by Vitters in 2005 and the 50-metre

scene. His studio is in the very heart of Milan – the arty Brera

explorer vessel, Tribù, built for Luciano Benetton by Mondomarine

district, to be precise. It is big and perfectly mirrors his design

in 2007. The Sanlorenzo SX88 is a Crossover which, on its debut,

philosophy: lots of white, lots of technology and very functional.

immediately picked up the Most Innovative Yacht title at the World

The studio is spread over three floors with lines of drawing tables

Yacht Trophies 2017. Piero Lissoni designed the radical interiors

and computers breaking up the space. There’s even a prototype-

which completely reinterpreted the whole concept of interior yacht

making room as well as a magnificent terrace overrun by fragrant

space by producing a single continuous environment that runs

jasmine. Around 60 architects are busy at work and Lissoni is too,

from stern to stem and includes an open galley, dining area and

flanked by the loyal Samy, one of his three Golden Retrievers.

saloon. Up on the fly is the helm station, large cockpits that feel

This is where styles are developed, trends are set, where tastes

like terraces on the two decks, and then all the guest cabins below.

and fashions are catered to. Every project has its time. And right

“These ‘houses that float’, these buildings that move, actually

now it is the time of the Oberoi Resort Al Zorah and Casa Fantini

have all the same rules as a stationary building. They just have a

on Lake Orta, both just opened, Roomers Hotel at Baden-Baden,

few extra problems as well. I have always wondered why the same

A sketch of the SX88 singular interior lay out and, right, staircase made by Piero Lissoni


These shots, the SX 88 Sanlorenzo, with the exterior by Officina Italiana Design and interior bu Piero Lissoni, is the first yacht to feature open-plan loft-like interiors. The lounge features a large Boffi galley. All furnishings are freestanding. Handpicked from leading Italian designer brands, they include some iconic pieces



Above, the Millennials coffee-maker for Illycaffé, right, the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam; below, the Aquatrium concept for a New York’s aquarium. Opposite,: the Celeste mirror for Glas Italia; below, the Cube armchair for Cassina and the Porro Ferro table

simplicity couldn’t be applied to a building that moves as one

last decade. Since he designed the interiors of Tribù and is also a

that is still. When we began talking with Sanlorenzo, I thought

self-confessed Sunday sailor with no time whatsoever for the showy,

why not design something simple but with a pinch of elegance

vulgar side of the nautical world. “You learn a lot in 10 years... I’ve

inside a building that moves. I thought of an open space with a

become more delicate, less fundamentalist. I’ve learned to treat

simple elegance to it that would offer guests the opportunity of

architecture a bit more kindly and now know that spaces don’t have

being in contact with the world around them. And what could be

to be as extreme as I thought a decade ago. I’ve learned to pick and

more natural than water, sea and light? Sanlorenzo gave me the

choose and to do so with greater precision. The reason I chose to

opportunity and so here we are.”

do a boat for Sanlorenzo now is because they are excellent to deal

Because everything changes and nothing stays the same, we

with: because neither party imposes on the other, there is genuine

couldn’t help but ask the architect what has changed over the

dialogue between an entrepreneur who wants to take certain risks


and an architect who, in his turn, is keen to take them. If I had to tell you how the Sanlorenzo project came about, I’d start with the idea of an owner, Massimo Perotti. I like that link and if I were to talk about the project itself, I’d talk about sharing and a great and very deep dialogue.” And that is just as true for homes, sofas and boats alike.



by Paola Bertelli- ph. by Eva-Stina Kjellman Mike Jones

Beautiful lines, seafaring quality and build precision form a mantra that has shaped Swan’s philosophy for the past 50 years. Its new 95-foot model is no exception. Germán Frers handled the hull and exterior design, with the yard’s design team being responsible for the interiors




ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

Cutting-edge hull lines with elegant shapes, Lot99 is a high performance yacht created for cruising, with the aim of sailing around the world. Opening photo, a strict symmetry dominates in the generous cockpit. In the foreground the two steering pedestals with their push-button controls

t’s always at ease on the water, safe and elegant as a star. It’s a Swan. For all sail enthusiasts the Swan name is an icon for yachts that combine style and seaworthiness. The new Lot99 opens the doors to the 30-metre series of Superyachts with an emphasis on cruising and comfort, while also being, in the words of Enrico Chieffi, vice-president of Nautor’s Swan, “Far and away the fastest cruise yachts it’s possible to create”. Lot99 has big plans - to sail round the world, and to do so in exceptional comfort, a word that for the Finnish yard and for all yachting folk means comfort and safety under sail and onboard liveability. We’ll begin with the exterior line. Lot99 displays an aristocratic beauty, and the magical hand of Germán Frers has created clean, simple yet never banal lines, expressing the essence of style. The comfort we mentioned starts here, with a hull designed to sail efficiently and pleasantly, and a deck with a logical design. The vast cockpit is split into two areas - the sheets and action are concentrated aft and amidships if you are thinking of enjoying the voyage on the large sofas – the versatile seatback and tables can be lowered to become a huge platform sofa. The same versatility is evident in the below-deck dining space (in this case, too, the dining table drops to become a large relaxation area with TV on the aft bulkhead and top quality integrated sound system). But the interior theme is linked to a detail that influenced the entire decor – water buffalo leather in a greygreen Tundra Titanium colour that is also used for the satin-finish European oak. Skilled at managing spaces, Swan has taken the daring step of turning what is normally a bulky, awkward element into the main feature of the saloon – the lifting keel trunk is entirely upholstered in full grain water buffalo leather with matching stitching. It stands in the centre of the saloon, and serves to divide the spaces, the conversation area to starboard and the dining area to port. The Lot99 is the first project where Swan has worked alongside light designers, Lighting Design International, developing a highly effective direct and indirect lighting system with warm, embracing colours. In the cabins, LED strips at different levels create movement and shade, the lights behind the Venetian blinds render the interiors softer, and the semi-transparent bathroom cabin doors with wooden battens reveal a hint of light from the bathrooms. The corridor spotlights are placed towards the walls rather than at the centre of the ceiling, avoiding a direct, symmetrical downlight onto the floor while providing asymmetrical lighting on the vertical surfaces, enhancing the feeling of space and emphasising the grey-green colour of the wood. The day areas, cabins (there are four) and crew area are interpreted in the typical Scandinavian minimalist style, harmonising with the simple shapes and intense attention to crucial detail to create an overall sense of balance. One example is the invisible door frames, which have the same gap as the cupboards and wall panelling, creating a uniform geometric motif repeated throughout the yacht.

www.nautorswan.com 125

ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

The interiors feature a rigorous uniformity and light, natural colours that emphasise the space and light. In line with the owner’s wishes, the special leather inlays are accompanied by furniture in satineffect European oak, finished with the same grey-green colour as the leathers. Sofa fabrics by Loro Piana, director’s chairs by Valdenassi and wall lamps by Layer


ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman


Yacht Design Germán Frers Wide stern, vertical bow, retractable keel with a draught between 3.5 and 5.5 metres. Lot99 is a fibreglass build with carbon inserts. The fast hull also ensures extreme comfort while underway...all down to Germán Frers!


ott99, and the 95-foot series, is a typical Swan build, a yacht for fast cruising with a sporting attitude, elegance and great comfort. It has a very modern hull shape, based on some intense research, and this is also reflected by the style throughout the yacht. Lot99 is wide, and has a vertical bow, which is very efficient. The aesthetics are also in constant development - the Swan 95 is more aggressive than old-school yachts with long overhangs – nowadays the goal is maximum waterline length for greater efficiency and better behaviour under way, in the context of speed and the way it moves, which means more comfort. Its modern, sober lines don’t slavishly follow trends – there’s always a high risk of creating yachts that look like fast cars or trains, but that style has nothing to do with sail yachts! I think the yacht displays a wonderful overall harmony. The Lot99 is a fibreglass and carbon craft, with the carbon used in a very intelligent way, resisting compression and reinforcing the sites of maximum stress. We’ve used high quality carbon, a crucial decision that makes all the difference.



ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

Interior Design Heini Gustafsson, Senior Designer Nautor’s Swan


he initial brief from the owner started with a piece of leather he wanted to feature on board - water buffalo leather, a delicate hide that looks more and more attractive as it ages. In other words, the owner wanted to combine a little bit of rough with the very understated elegance typical of Swan designs. We were inspired by this leather and used its grey-green colour for the woods, too. This was an unusual solution as wood is a natural material, so every piece is slightly different and finding the right shade is a real challenge. We also used the colour of the leather to develop possible chromatic combinations – for example, in the Loro Piana fabric pattern on all the sofas there’s a shade that matches the colour – and in every case we used a limited palette with many whites and natural tones. The overall layout of the interiors – owner’s cabin aft, three guest cabins and two crew cabins - is driven by simplicity. I find simplicity has its own beauty. Everything on board reflects Swan’s typical DNA - this is very important for us, because we want anyone who boards the yacht to recognise the brand immediately. When designing the interiors, our starting point is that it’s very important to be able to experience the yacht in great comfort and safety when under sail, too. The kitchen, for example, is intended to be functional even when on the high seas, and we’ve separated it from the corridor leading to the crew sleeping area so those passing by don’t disturb anyone working there. My favourite space is the saloon. It’s very bright during the day, but I really like it at night. The evening light gives it an extremely welcoming atmosphere.


ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

The lighting system includes pre-programmed lighting scenarios with just the push of a button. Top, an evening version of the welcoming atmosphere

ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

in the owner’s cabin. Left, the full grain water buffalo leather with matching stitching cladding the lifting keel trunk


Lot99 is the first in the new Swan 95 series. It reflects the developments that have influenced naval architecture despite the increasingly large sterns, with the larger volumes that entails, they sail

ph. Eva-Stina Kjellman

well and provide excellent performance


The Shipyard Enrico Chieffi, vice-president Nautor’s Swan


he Lot99’s mission is to sail around the world – its owner intends to use it for fast ocean sailing on long range trips. It’s an important aim, one that’s possible with a luxury brand. When I say luxury I don’t mean luxury for its own sake, but the ability to do something like visit remote destinations that would otherwise be out of reach. Lot99 and the Swan 95s are part of the latest generation of Germán Frers designs, a series that began with the 115, followed by the 78 and 65. The emphasis here is on comfort and interior spaces. The developments in naval architecture and technology - especially materials technology – that have taken place in recent years have enabled us to build fast boats despite the large hull size. Only 10 years ago this would have been unthinkable. We’ve put a lot of work into the exterior design, rejuvenating the exteriors and interiors. To a certain extent we’ve returned to our origins with these yachts, making craft more suited to cruising. Lately we’d been pushing the performance side of things, leading to the creation of the Club Swan racing yacht line. The 95, though, doesn’t share the racing DNA, although it’s easily the fastest cruising yacht imaginable. I think 95 feet is a magic length – it’s a superyacht, a large vessel, but it’s still a size that allows owners to sail in the true sense of the word. The typical owner is someone who’s reached a certain point in their sailing and professional life and has big plans. In general, they’re all yachts that sail a great deal. They have experience-backed plans that only a craft of this kind can handle.




by Désirée Sormani

Ergonomy, Engineering, Elegance. Royal Botania’s outdoor furnishings deliver on all three, making them ideal for onboard living


As its name suggests, nature and elegance are part of


ven getting to a silver anniversary in business is a huge achievement in itself these days. But the real measure of success is not just the

ticking off the decades but the ability to sustain enduring working relationships. When old university pals Kris Van Puyvelde and Frank

Royal Botania. Above, the Alura collection. Opposite page, Alura chairs with the Traverse occasional table

Boschman set up in business together in 1992, they probably could never have dreamt that they would one day own one of the best-known outdoor furnishing brands. But from the get-go, their work has had a finger on the pulse not just of current trends but also of emerging ones. Nature and elegance are an intrinsic part of the Royal Botania DNA. Teak has always been its creative weapon of choice but one wielded a thousand different stylish ways. Lighting ranges and a bathroom furnishings collection have added to the mix. The introduction of new materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and synthetic fibres has expanded the business’s horizons to incorporate new markets, the megayacht segment included. So what is the secret? “To always try to



do better than you did before. That is the only road to perfection. Also a constant quest for best comfort and functionality with a focus on aesthetics,” says Kris Van Puyvelde. Every single Royal Botania piece is designed and engineered to deliver a perfect balance of precision and function. Meeting the needs of even the most discerning clients is another priority, making the company a perfect fit for the yachting world. “It is not that we have designed pieces specifically for use on boats but as our furniture is used a lot in coastal areas, it has to be resistant to marine environments. And that makes it suitable for use on board as well. It obviously appeals to demanding customers when it comes to quality, functionality and design.” Aesthetics part, Royal Botania products are effortlessly ergonomic. “Royal Botania furniture has always been appreciated by people who put comfort first. Lounger collections like Ninix, XQI and Alura are considered the most comfortable on the market due to the unique movement of the seating surface and the footrest.” Much Royal Botania outdoor furniture is used indoors too. “The line between in- and outdoor furniture has become a lot thinner over the last years when talking about look and feel. Royal Botania has made teak its calling card but has used it in a thousand

Outdoor furniture is made to resist hot summers and harsh winters, UV exposure, rain and

different ways to wonderfully stylish,

snow, so it survives perfectly well in an indoor

sophisticated effect. Above, the Jive

environment. And that is obviously a big plus.”

Collection. Opposite, the ZDZ320 table. Below, the Vigor sun lounger

Royal Botania’s 2017 catalogue includes a revolutionary new umbrella called the Palma which the company launched at Milan Design Week to mark its 25th anniversary. “There is a specially-designed gas spring inside the centre pole that opens the umbrella once just a single rib is lifted,” explains Kriss. “So no more need for pulleys, ropes and blocking pins. To close it, you just grab a rib and bring it down. The other ribs will follow till the umbrella locks in the closed position. It is as perfect ashore as aboard.” www.royalbotania.com


Pictured here, Palma umbrellas incorporate a hidden mechanism. A specially-designed gas spring opens the umbrella once just one rib is lifted. Below, a lounge featuring the Alura collection




GRANDE 27 METRI Boldly designed, agile and versatile, the new addition to Azimut’s elite range will thrill chase boat fans as it delivers on speed, comfort and sunning space as well offering beautifully designed, custom-fit interiors by Mary Hegarty


The Azimut Grande 27 Metri unleashes its nimble power: note the unusual hull windows that run up into the superstructure



he Azimut Grande 27Metri is very good news indeed for mega and

use of which Azimut pioneered in leisure yachts, boosting volumes and

gigayacht owners on the lookout for a chase boat that combines

surface areas without adding weight or impacting on either dynamic

style and substance. The latest addition to the brand’s elite range wowed

or static stability. Righini has used it for the Grande 27 Metri’s hard

audiences at the recent autumn shows. It is a chic exploration of Azimut’s

top, roll-bar, flydeck, superstructure and transom - even the deck is

new La Dolce Vita 3.0 strategy - a celebration of state-of-the-art Italian

a carbon-GRP hybrid. Owners can opt for three or, remarkably, four

luxury, joie de vivre and craftsmanship. The 27-metre bears the stamp

cabins on the lower deck. The master on the main has floor-to-ceiling

of Azimut’s go-to designer Stefano Righini, who has produced the

windows and even its bathroom is full-beam. A spectacular lounge

only widebody concept with a master suite on the main deck plus an

area on the foredeck allows guests gaze on the sea opening up before

almost-unheard of five cabins. This is to light, strong carbon-fibre the

them – there is also a sun pad nearby. The fly too offers a dinette and



bar, while the aft area can be fitted out either as an al fresco lounge or

Opposite page and this page: these two photographs

sunning area with hydromassage tub. Achille Salvagni, who is on Elle

reveal just how much comfortable lounging there is for

Decor USA’s A-List, has brought a whole new stylistic language to this

sun worshippers on the flying bridge, which is also home

sector. Flowing geometries showcase contrasting colours and materials

to a dinette and bar under the roll-bar. The swim platform

from the residential world. In fact, Salvagni’s talent at crafting fluidly

too is large enough for guests to lounge on and luxuriate

harmonious lines to absolutely contemporary effect has led to talk of

so close to the water, even when they don’t feel like a dip

a new Italian Renaissance. Pastel seating upholstery, wallpapers and headrests create a sense of calm. The Grande 27 Metri’s hard chine planing hull has a deep-vee and was tank-tested at the Brodarsky Institute



Views of the main saloon and the master suite. Achille Salvagni has created sublime residentialinspired contemporary spaces. The entirely custom free-standing furnishings are gently rounded and the colour scheme is soft and muted, producing a peaceful tranquillity despite the yacht’s brisk speed. Blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows offer both sun-flooded brightness and gentle diffuse light

in Zagreb. Packing twin 1900hp Man V12s, it unleashes a 27 knot top speed (24 cruising). EPS (Electronic Power Steering) lends a luxury sports car responsiveness that feels just effortless. Humphree Automatic Trim System means it gets on plane and reaches optimum running trim faster too.

www.azimutyachts.com 142





ome boats are just endlessly fascinating. The Gozzo is one. Now, Aprea Mare has drawn on its own 170-year career

in building these beautiful Sorrento working boats to offer a

A renaissance is in store for one of the best-loved Mediterranean boats as it gets a contemporary yet future-forward makeover of its lines and materials. The new Gozzo has serious pedigree too as the brainchild of Cataldo Aprea and Brunello Acampora 144

modern take on the traditional concept that has produced an all-new craft in terms of hull, propulsion and technological solutions. The great Cataldo Aprea joined forces with Victory Design founder Brunello Acampora to craft the lines, while Cose Belle d’Italia, through its subsidiary Imbarcazioni d’Italia, turned their designs into glorious reality: Gozzo. The hull is, of course, central to the whole design. A deep, sleek



Gozzo is the new brainchild of Cataldo Aprea and the product of his decadeplus working relationship with Victory Design’s Brunello Acampora. Built by Imbarcazioni d’Italia, a Cose Belle d’Italia Group company, it is available with either a single or double engine set-up


bow and special stern forms produce a new kind of underbody

foldaway windshield also incorporates bimini although a hard

tested to the nth degree using special fluid-dynamic computations.

top can also be fitted. Wide walkways and roomy lockers are

The new Gozzo delivers superb sea-keeping, and fuel consumption

other pluses while there is plenty of seating, and there are many

is pleasingly low. Normally, Gozzos are leisurely craft that provide

modular sun pads. What is most astonishing, however, is just

tranquil speeds. But this is where Aprea Mare’s new offering

how spacious and high the interiors are. Below decks is a galley

really comes into its own: the design optimises navigation in pure

area alongside the companionway, a large bathroom with separate

displacement, fast displacement, pre-planing and full planing

shower box, and then forward a bright, generous cabin for the

modes. It does so fluidly and harmoniously too, guaranteeing

owner. There is even a second cabin that sleeps two guests in a

exceptional versatility of use and onboard comfort.

double bed. So, aside from being a great day boat, Gozzo also

The deck lines are modern despite referencing the Sorrento

makes a great weekender.

Gozzos of the 1960s and long-standing tradition. An unusual




THEORY AND PRACTICE Thomas Smith is a recently graduated British designer who honed his skills during an internship with Team 4 Design by Enrico Gobbi in Italy. His holistic approach has now produced a genuinely intriguing, award-winning luxury cruise liner concept by Désirée Sormani The young designer, above, accepting Contech’s 2017 Steve Olney Award for Harmony, a cruise liner design detailed here. The project focuses on wellbeing and health to create a haven of tranquillity





eft to their own devices, young designers often produce

wellbeing and health to create a haven of tranquillity,” he tells us.

beautiful work of astounding creativity. Thomas Smith is

The 100-passenger vessel has an LOA of 200 metres and stretches

one such pen. His creative output, however, is underpinned by

25 metres in the beam as well as offering three penthouse suites,

solid grounding in design fundamentals gained first at Coventry

10 guest suites and 10 guest rooms.

University and then during a three-month internship with Team 4

“Harmony was my Final Year Major Project. It started as a 10,000

Design – Enrico Gobbi in Venice. After being awarded a first class

word thesis looking into a theory of New Age luxury. The idea of

Masters in Design recently, he was snapped up by Spirit Yachts of

creating well-being through principles like biophilia and Feng Shui

England where he has been working on the likes of the Spirit 111,

and a clear connection to nature using principles such as wide open

soon to be one of the largest single-mast wooden yachts ever built.

spaces, better use of natural light, natural materials and planting.”

While still at university, Smith designed the stunning Harmony

The vessel’s defining feature is a huge canopy that engulfs the

Concept which won him Contech’s 2017 Steve Olney Award. “The

yacht, creating a spectacular exterior aesthetic that still allows

pursuit of sanctuary and refuge is a journey that humanity has taken

huge amounts of light to be drawn into the interior. Almost all the

for centuries. However, today that ultimate goal of peace seems

interior has enormous glass windows yet Smith has also crafted

further away than ever. Harmony, a luxury cruise liner inspired by

large atrium spaces in a very successful bid to deliver a theatrical

the biophilia hypothesis (that humans have an innate tendency to

flourish on this relatively compact cruise liner. Passengers will have

seek connections with nature and other forms of life - ed) showcases

plenty of areas where they can socialise, as well as dining rooms,

a new form of luxury design. A holistic approach that focuses on

gyms and spas. Each guest cabin is a large en-suite double room

with private balcony, while the guest suites are located aft and offer three rooms. They comprise a master cabin with dressing room located on the mezzanine above the lounge which includes a large dining area and office space in addition. The lounge has dramatic angled double height glazing and is preceded by a bar area and galley. The latter sits behind a large glass enclosure with lots of greenery. The lounge itself is simple and elegant with teak decking creating a unique private sensory beach where passengers can meditate as they gaze out to sea. Harmony reveals much about the direction luxury yacht design may go in coming years. A more holistic design process is in the offing with well-being a priority and a growing emphasis on the interaction between exterior and interior. All to the benefit of those who reside aboard, of course.

The idea was to create wellbeing through principles, like biophilia and Feng Shui, as well as a clear connection to nature using principles such as wide open spaces, better use of natural light and materials, and planting. Passengers will have plenty of areas where they can socialise in addition to dining rooms, gyms and spas. The lounge features dramatic angled double height glazing



by Sergio A. Barlocchetti - pictures by courtesy of Famà Helicopters



A small, indispensable object of desire. The new KISS 216 from Famà Helicopters is produced in Italy’s Motor Valley, a famous region with legendary cars in its DNA. The KISS 216 is the ideal flying tender, designed for non-professional pilots


taly’s Motor Valley, a flat stretch of country between the Adriatic and the foothills of the Emilian Apennines, is well-known as the home of the supercars

Ferrari, Zonda and Lamborghini, Dallara racing cars and Ducati motorbikes - and helicopters, too. Solignano di Castelvetro, near Modena, is home to the factory owned by Nino Famà, an entrepreneur known for the victories racked up by his motorbike and sidecar teams and Formula 2000, F3 and F3000 racing. In 2009 Famà Helicopters launched its KISS line with the model 209, followed in 2016 by the 216. This two-seater single-rotor machine in metal and carbon fibre boasts an electrically-managed 170 shp T62 jet-turboshaft, and now being exported to the United States. There are two versions, one with retractable undercarriage the M, faster, but slightly heavier - or skids - 15km/h slower but lighter and less complicated. Both have the same cockpit, now wider by 125 cm, making it one of the most comfortable in its category, and integrated digital instrumentation. It is

More than a manufacturer of helicopters, FamĂ Helicopters is an aeronautical studio. The new KISS 216 is little gem, a personalisable aircraft built with obsessive attention to detail



The new two-seater 216 weighs only 300 kilos. Available in two versions with retractable undercarriage or skids, it has a cruising speed of 205 km/h and a flying time of three hours

a very compact aircraft, only 8.22 metres in length with a 770 cm main rotor span and an unloaded weight of 300kg, suitable for all yachtboard helipads, and can fly at a cruising speed of 205 km/h for three hours. Their technical specs mean that the KISS 209 and KISS 216 are classified as ultralight or experimental, leading to lower running costs and less red tape than would the case if they were certified as helicopters. The KISS is designed for amateur pilots so are especially easy to use as a flying tender up to altitudes just over 3,000 metres. The company promotes itself as an aeronautical studio, offering clients a wide range of personalisation opportunities with an obsessive attention to detail. They are also affordable - a helicopter with all the bells and whistles on offer will cost â‚Ź250,000.

ŠAndrea Colombo







In the paradise of the Seychelles, off the east coast of Mahé, a small artificial island hosts luxurious residences and provides shelter for a marina that can accommodate superyachts up to 115 metres in length, with all-round services by Cristina Griner - ph. courtesy of Eden Island Marina


he name may seem ambitious, but the reality exceeds all expectations. Eden Island Marina has everything needed

to offer its guests a truly heavenly stay. It’s located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, with some of the world’s most beautiful waters, where the climate and sailing are pleasant all year round, far from the danger of hurricanes. This new tourist destination is part of a wider residential project that has led to the construction of an artificial private island with an area of over 40 hectares off the east coast of Mahé, the main island in the Seychelles group, with luxury residences, canals and coral beaches. A 300-metre bridge links it to the larger island, the site of the international airport. The marina, on the inner, sheltered side of Eden Island, offers over 1,000 metres of floating jetties, and can accommodate yachts up to 115 metres in length. Jetties measuring 180 by 4 metres are available for the largest yachts, with moorings on both sides, Mediterranean style in the direction of the prevailing SE and NW winds, or English style, depending on availability.


Pristine waters, where visitors can swim with turtles and relax on granite and coral beaches, a perfect combination of nature and hospitality. Eden Island Marina, near the capital Victoria and MahĂŠ international airport, provides a safe base for sailing around the islands of the archipelago throughout the year, with a service village offering shops, hotels and restaurants

The depth of the waters varies from 5 metres in the access channels

bar Bravo!, not forgetting the relaxing Boardwalk Bar and Lounge,

to 11 metres in the marina basin. All the moored yachts are offered a

right by the berths, with live music and DJ sets.

service package that includes water and electricity supply, the use of

Just over the bridge is the Seychelles’ largest and most populous island,

electric vehicles for transporting stores, luggage and guests, and a 24-

with the capital Victoria. Visitors can immerse themselves in the spices

hour security service.

and vividly-coloured fabrics, luxuriant parks and refined boutiques

The canals crossing the island are lined with 500 luxurious residences,

selling artisanal products and ethnic jewellery. Luxury resorts

from simple apartments to magnificent villas with swimming pools,

belonging to the finest international chains offer refined restaurants and

all with private mooring. There’s also a hotel, health club with gym,

suites worthy of a Maharajah. Beyond lie the 115 lovely islands of the

tennis and pool, a supermarket, yacht chandler and a mall with shops,

archipelago, part granite, part coral, spread across 700 pristine miles

bars and restaurants like the exclusive Maharajas, offering elaborate

of ocean between 4 and 10 degrees south. The coordinates of Paradise.

Northern Indian dishes and a breathtaking view, or the informal resto-





izzyingly beautiful. That’s the Wajer 55, a craft that ticks all the boxes required to be a real star turn and a bit of a modern lifestyle

icon into the bargain. Clothed in clean, streamlined 16-metre long lines, it is a breathtaking cocktail of luxe woods, sumptuous comfort and leading-edge technologies. The sight of it streaking across the waves at St Tropez, Ibiza or Miami conjures up delicious memories of the Dolce Vita too but, vitally, brings them right up to date. “We set out to create a powerful motorboat that marries a sporty exterior with an exceptional degree of comfort and state-of-the-art innovations,” explains commercial director Dries Wajer. It is a very versatile Dutch-built boat from a yard with 25 years’ experience that also made its nautical bones with traditional Captain’s Launches. This elegant and sophisticated 16-metre beauty builds on the achievements of its award-winning predecessors but also introduces an array of smart innovations of a type more commonly seen on superyachts.

DOLCEVITA VERSION 4.0 by Paola Bertelli

Whether you use it as a tender, powerboat or chaseboat, this 16-metre is super-trendy and exclusive. A real style icon for speed lovers with an eye for great contemporary design


Elegantly sculpted lines complement smart innovations to deliver sumptuous onboard comfort. Below decks, the layout, which spans two cabins, a bathroom and service area, is minimalist and ultramodern

Built from fibreglass, it sports three 435 hp Volvo IPS 600s that unleash an exhilarating top speed of 38 knots or allow the 55 to cruise confidently at 28. The detailing and trims both interior and exterior are sublimely well executed too. The result is ultramodern, severe and bordering on the sculptural yet still delivers 4-6 berths, a bathroom and galley. The overall design was created in partnership with Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design while Vripack provided the naval architecture and the hull. The Wajer 55 also fairly bristles with futuristic gismos – just hit a button on the console or on a remote control and fenders will pop out from the side and inflate automatically. The fully automated bimini/sprayhood retracts into the aft seating area, while the hydraulicallyactivated cockpit table disappears into the floor to free up space. The exceptionally generous swim platform also doubles as a gangway. Other touches include camera-assisted operation of the anchor (which is concealed in the bow) from the steering console. A Williams Turbo Jet tender nestles under the aft cockpit and is also hydraulically launched and retrieved. Wajer hubs on the Côte d’Azur, at Ibiza and Miami support the whole Dolce Vita vibe with an exclusive service that ensures owners can concentrate on just enjoying their days at sea. Once they return to port, they simply hand their boats over to the Wajer guys who thoroughly check, clean and restock them, so that they are ready and waiting for the next outing. www.wajer.com


[ TOYS ]


The new Vanquish Yachts crossover steers like a water scooter but has the space and comfort of a supertender. Effortlessly straddling the two categories, it roars along at up to 40 knots with five guests aboard too



he best of both worlds. The new Vanqraft VQ16 from Vanquish Yachts promises that and, dare we say it, a lot more besides. This

genuinely ground-breaking crossover effortlessly bridges the gap between jet ski and tender with its 16 feet of muscle and good looks. Last summer the first example raised eyebrows – and expectations - off Ibiza where it had its own garage aboard the recently-launched VQ48 Dual Console. To judge from the video posted by the Dutch yard, it is as fast, nimble, comfortable and – all-importantly – serious fun as claimed. Sporting the same refined grey livery as its mother ship, it will feel instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever driven a water scooter – the helmsman even straddles the same kind of seat. But with one crucial difference: the VQ16 is not just astonishingly agile to manoeuvre but also more comfortable than your regular jet ski. It blisters on the water too as its 1.8-litre Yamaha engine has jet propulsion, resulting in a powerful 200 hp output that sends the Vanqraft VQ16 shooting up to 40 knots – well beyond the capability of any water scooter on the market today. Although those 40 knots are available at its full complement of five guests, the yard has covered all the bases with a Veloce (fast) version that breaks the 50- knot barrier for total speed freaks. But what about the other side to its soul? Well, tender is as tender does: the VQ16 delivers a super-smooth ride, making it ideal for taking out for afternoon jaunts: the two forward-facing seats in front of the helmsman look especially comfortable and will deliver a serious thrill as pace climbs. Not surprisingly, the legendary Guido de Groot is the pen behind the crossover. It has the same ultramodern styling and lithe craftsmanship that has made Vanquish Yachts craft so popular with what the yard refers to as “connoisseurs of cool”. In other words, it will never go unnoticed pulling up to a restaurant jetty or into a yacht club marina. www.vanquish-yachts.com


[ The WATCH ]

Noblesse oblige

The historic, aristocratic high watchmaking house of Patek Philippe is relaunching a complicated mechanism and is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its top sports model

by Paolo De Vecchi


nthusiasts and industry insiders justifiably consider Patek Philippe to be the most illustrious, most collected high watchmaking

house. It has only two sports models in its catalogue,

the Nautilus and Aquanaut. The Aquanaut especially, a direct descendant of its sporting stablemate, is a luxury diver’s watch, waterproof down to 120 metres with a white gold case. The choice of a precious material is due to the fact that in 2017 this model celebrates its 20th anniversary. Launched at Baselworld 1997, it made a favourable impression with its rounded octagon shape case and composite strap. Patek Phillipe’s reputation is founded on complication watches, and this year’s star is the Referenza 5320G, a perpetual calendar watch. This type of measurement needs no manual intervention for adjustments, setting the difference between 30 and 31 day months or even regulating the leap year cycle, including the jump between 28 and 29 February. The first example of this genuine mechanical memory by Patek Phillipe dates back to a model from 1925.



The new waterproof Aquanaut has a white gold case and crown protectors, automatic movement and composite strap. Left, the new Calibre 240 with SpiromaxÂŽ in SilinvarÂŽ spring and power reserve of at least 40 hours


[ The WATCH ]

The Temple of High Watchmaking A majestic Murano Glass chandelier dominates the lobby, and the interiors are in Crema Marfil and Emperador marbles, maple root and Indian rosewood. Together with other prestigious details, these premium materials make an impressive show for the opening of a new Italian reference point for high-end timekeeping instruments. The Boutique Patek Philippe is situated in the Pisa Orologeria MultiStore in Via Verri, in the centre of Milan. It’s a a qualitative and quantitative expansion of the Geneva-based maison’s single-brand shop, which opened in 2008. The new space is not dedicated exclusively to sales, it’s also a destination for enthusiasts and collectors of fine wristwatches, offering advice from expert staff, lounges for inspection or private negotiations, a specialist library and a Quick Service that can deal with problems rapidly and competently.

The Referenza 5320G. It’s unidirectional rotor movement in gold is made up of 367 elements. This white gold automatic model with perpetual calendar and moon phases is Patek Phillipe’s most recent complication watch


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BACCHUS by Beatrice Galbiati


t’s said that Bacchus, the god of wine, took a fancy to an exceptionally beautiful wood nymph called Amethyst. To escape the clutches of her unwanted suitor, the maiden begged Diana to

transform her into clear crystal. An enraged, resentful Bacchus poured a cup of his finest wine over the precious stone statue, giving it its lovely purple colour. Whether it’s because of the gorgeous nymph’s steadfast refusal or simply the action of Mother Nature, since ancient times this magnificent purple quartz has been considered to be the stone of knowledge and balance, a favourite of those whose lifestyle is sober and harmonious.


1. Pink gold, teardrop amethysts and pearl-cut turquoises for earrings from the Melody of Colours collection, De Grisogono 2. Pure, essential design for the Nudo rings in pink gold and faceted amethyst, Pomellato 3. Part of the Composable collection, the Charm Butterfly in white gold with cabochon amethyst, pink sapphires, peridot and brilliant cut diamonds, Faraone Gioielli. 4. Yellow gold with engraved lines, rubies and a central amethyst for the colourful ring from the Cocktail collection, Buccellati. Opposite page: From the Barocco collection, a necklace with seven rubellites, amethysts, fire opals, yellow beryls, diamonds and pink gold, Giampiero Bodino




Ten homes overlooking the Mediterranean and nestling amid golden sand dunes just 20 kilometres outside of Tel Aviv. The sculpted angularity of the Arsuf Residences highlights the power of nature without marring the landscape by Roxanne Hughes ph. by Amit Geron


wenty years in development, the Arsuf Residences now proudly take their place on the coastal clifftops of Arsuf, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

These 10 private dwellings form a gated community just 20 kilometres outside Tel Aviv, adja-

cent to the Apollonia National Park. Nestled in this dramatic landscape, the property partners the built environment with the natural elements to create a sense of understated luxury. Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture are responsible for the building’s striking lines, cantilevered concrete and west-facing tiered terraces, all intended to maximise ocean views while leaving scope for individual influence on the interior styling. A forward-thinking and innovative style has won the firm, which has offices in Israel and France, international awards for its approach to urban planning and conceptual design. Despite the building’s modern, angular appearance, its white fair-faced concrete construction eases the architecture into the landscape, integrating the building’s façade into the surrounding sand dunes. Latticed canopies shed a geometric shaded pattern on the outside spaces while allowing for an influx of sunlight to the interior and work to soften the edges of the concrete against the sky. Advanced build and engineering methods have overcome the challenges of what would otherwise be a highly corrosive environment. A cleverly strategic design exploits the unusually shaped plot and is anchored into the terrain via asymmetrical columns, which in turn form part of the building’s aesthetic.


The severity of the white concrete and glass facade is lightened and offset by latticed canopies that create geometric motifs through the interplay of light and shadow while allowing sunlight to pour into the interior. Opposite, a terrace with interior architecture by Tamar Kerner Architects



Horizontal bridge walkways, selfsupporting stairs, enormous sea-facing terraces and swathes of glazing create a sense of spectacular exclusivity in these 10 private residences. Left, an example with interio designed by Amir Hazak

The internal space is spectacular, an artistic feat of design that bor-

diverse internal aesthetic can thus be created. As much as this proper-

ders on an optical illusion. Horizontal bridge walkways and self-sup-

ty is about community, it also about individuality as Asaf Gottesman

porting stairs hang above a darkened reflective pool in the building’s

comments, “It was our view that the building would benefit from a

lower level, further highlighted by a creative lighting scheme that ac-

diversity of perspectives and interpretations, and that the building

centuates the volume of space.

was so strong that it could serve as a wonderful case study for how

Residents are encouraged to select their own interior designers for

individual clients and designers can use the potential of each space.�

their individual properties, with the intention that a truly unique and





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The One #12  

The One, Amethyst Issue

The One #12  

The One, Amethyst Issue