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8 July 2011

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On 10 June (luckily 2011), Platinum Gazette photographed a bull munching away at this rubbish dump in the middle of Steelpoort. This photograph was taken on Wednesday and a disgruntled resident phoned about the issue yesterday just before going to press. According to Steelpoort Town Management the municipality’s truck broke down, resulting in the mess at the particular crossing which is under fire for other reasons as well. Street lights are out of order, making it very easy for the very easy ladies of the night to ply their trade at the trucks using the crossing as a truck stop (with no administration of traffic justice in sight). By day the trucks at the crossing present a real traffiic danger to other motorists. Greater Tubatse Municipality’s response was still awaited at the time of going to press.

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Burgersfort crime snippets

8 JULY 2011

Tubatse SAPS clamps down on dagga and alcohol

Photograph: Ruan Kleynhans, Burgersfort Pgotography Club.

On Friday 01 June 2011 a Burgersfort taxi stopped at the crossing at the new Engen Garage on the main road to Lydenburg to pick up passengers at about 20:45. The driver was suddenly attacked and he was pulled from his vehicle. His attackers sped of with the vehicle. The incident was relayed to a Protect Security vehicle. The security company quickly found the vehicle in the open field at accross the nearby school. The suspects fled when the security company arrived and got away. The matter was reported to the Police. In another incident thieves targeted The Gass City on 02 July 2011. The dug their way through to the premises underneath the electrical fence, then took to the roof of the building from where they tried to gain access. The Group 1 Security alarm was damaged in the process, but still triggered. The suspects fled when the security company arrived on the scene.

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Capt Mokotlana Kgasago, Const Mpho Masilo, Const Thabo Maganyane and Const Moshiane Selala with some of the confiscated dagga. Photograph by Warrant Officer Tofula Sithole (Tubatse SAPS).

On 27 June 2011 Tubatse police arrested a 27 year old man in connection with dealing in dagga. On that day the Police received information about a person who is selling dagga in Praktiseer. The Police followed up the information, identified the place of selling and managed to arrest theman. Dagga of 0.170g was also recovered and confiscated. The accused, Khutso Moshwana, paid an admission of guilt fine of R1000. On the same day the Police arrested another man in connection with dealing in dagga.On that day the Police received information of a person who is selling dagga in Praktiseer. The Police followed up the information and managed to arrest a 28 year old man. Dagga of 1.780 kg was also recovered and confiscated. The accused, Willy Mnisi, paid an admission of guilt fine of R1500. On 2 July 2011 Tubatse Police arrested a 28 year old man for assault with the purpose to inflict grievous bodily harm. The arrest follows after an incident in in Ga Makofane village on 02 July 2011 where the suspect assaulted a 30 year old man with an unknown object after they had an argument. The case was reported to the Police in Tubatse on the same day and the suspect was also arrested the same day. The victim was taken to the local clinic for medical treatment. The suspect (Edward Mapotsane) appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate‘s Court on 04 July 2011 and he was released on warning. The case was postponed to 17 August 2011. On 01 July 2011 Tubatse Police arrested a 26 year old man for common robbery. The arrest follows after an incident in Ga Mashamothane on 30 June 2011 where a 30 year old man was robbed of R700 cash. On 01 July 2011 the matter was reported to Tubatse Police and they made follow ups that led to the arrest of the suspect. The suspect (Thabo Komane) appeared in the Praktiseer Magistrate‘s Court on 04 July 2011 and he was granted the bail of R50000. The case was postponed to 12 July 2011. On 03 July 2011 Tubatse Police arrested two men aged 29 and 53 years old for driving motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol. James Lesese (53) was found

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driving motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol on 03 July 2011 in Praktiseer on the road to Penge; he was the arrested and paid a fine of R1000. On the same day Justice Mokwena (29) was also arrested for driving motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol in Riba cross and he paid a fine of R1000. The Police say they have a Zero Tolerance approach towards drinking & driving and are committed to reduce this crime. The Police say they are not trying to prevent anyone from having a good time, just be responsible about doing it! Your blood may not have an alcohol content of more than 0.05%. This means that even after what you may think is a “small drink”, you could be over the limit. If you have more than 350ml of beer, OR if you have more than a single tot of brandy or other spirit, you may already be over the limit. Remember that these levels of alcohol will remain in your system for up to EIGHT hours after consumption! Do not take chances - rather stay where you are until you have sobered up, or arrange for alternative transport home from wherever you plan to drink, and make such plans in advance to ensure that you are not left stranded.

What will happen if you are caught over the limit? Members of the South African Police Service, the various Police Departments and other law-enforcement agencies are more frequently conducting road blocks and manning other checkpoints to discourage people from drinking and driving. If you are stopped at such a roadblock, and if it is determined that you have consumed more than the legal limit of alcohol that you may legally consume while driving, you will be arrested and charged with driving under the Influence of Liquor. You will be held in custody until you are able to post bail (in certain instances bail may be denied), depending on prior convictions against you, as well as the circumstances surrounding your arrest. You may also lose your driver’s licence, or have it suspended. And, of course, you will have a criminal record!

8 JULIE 2011



The Eastern Limb Steelpoort Valley Producers Forum (SPF), who among others facilitates the Sekhukhune Executive Mayor, Local Mayors and General Mining Managers Forum, visited Greater Tubatse Municipality last week Friday for an information session, which was attended by the new mayor, Cllr Nkosi Josias Mahlake, a number of councillors, senior officals and heads of departments. The delegation by the SPF was welcomed by the Acting Municipal Manager, Mr Lemon Phala, who told the SPF delegates that the new council promised to be much more lively and diverse after the local government elections in May as there are more opposition representation in the Council and a large number of new councillors who are willing to face the challenges of the future. He stated that the relationship and partnership between big business enterprises such as the mines in the area and government must be improved and solidified, with the terms of reference in the partnership between the government and the private sector clearly defined. He said the accountability of structures should be investigated and structures should define how they measure their success. He added that communities have needs such as employment and shills and efforts and resources should be geared to achieve human resources objectives. After Mr Phala’s welcome, the Chairman of the SPF Executive Committee, Mr Bertus Bierman from Anglo American Platinum Head Office, took the floor with a presentation explaining the functioning of the SPF. He inter alia highlighted the areas the partnership needs to focus on. With regard to water it is Municipalities’ vision to supply water for all, while mines should focus on water delivery to impacted communities to enable sustainable mining. Roads are also needed not only for accessibility of communities, but also for mines in terms of safety and production. Another focus point is sustainable electricity delivery to communities and mines, while Human Resource development should strive to equip local people for job opportunities in the area.

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8 JULY 2011

Warm hearts give towards Winter Warmer project

‘They have a well established network in the local communities whereby they distribute donations to the needy.’

Steelpoort Academy in collaboration with “Friend in Need” initiated a winter warmer campaign involving all the surrounding mines. Samancor Eastern Chrome Mine (ECM) employees donated clothes and blankets. ECM donated additional blankets, track suites and food. On the 23 June ECM visited Steelpoort Academy where the goods were handed over to “Friend in Need”. They have a well established network in the local communities whereby they distribute donations to the needy. “ECM is proud to be involved in lending a helping hand to our local communities” said Ms Davida van der Walt, HR Specialist from ECM. “The Management of ECM would like to thank all the employees who donated clothes and blankets and would like to encourage “Friend in Need” to keep up their good work”. (Photograph: Davida van der Walt)

8 JULIE 2011



Classrooms donated by ECM Samancor Eastern Chrome Mines (ECM) believes that the children are our future and it is critical that companies like ECM invest in local schools. Sehlaku Secondary School is situated at Driekop Village and ECM took the initiative to get involved. The school was in dire need for extra class rooms seeing that they received an enrollment of 1450 learners. ECM donated

He won a sheep!

Have you seen Durban? A male dog named ‘Durban’ was lost on the R577 (Roossenekal Road) approximately 30km outside Lydenburg. He was last seen on Friday 24 June. He is wearing a blue collar with a tag. He is microchipped. He is neutered, medium-large (about 22kg) and have a dun-cream colour short coat, black ears that turn down. His features are: a dark face, broad head, short nose and tail. His owners say that he will be very afraid and will need to trust you before coming to you. “We are desperate to find him. He is very precious to us and a much loved pet”. They are offering a R1000 reward for his safe return. “Please help us find him. We won’t stop looking for him”. If you have seen him, or have found him, please contact his owner, Jenny Newenham on 084 305 6646 or or Helen Sechmere-Oertel, 073 704 0625 or 045 932 1862 or You can also contact: Francois Roux - 082 366 7708 (Farm Rooikrans - where the dog was last seen) or 013 235 1239.

park homes to the school to assist with accommodating their vast numbers of learners, and also sponsored security fencing to secure the park homes. The areas around the park homes were also paved to assist with dust management. The Principal is Mr Jacob Moshwana expressed his gratitude to ECM. (Photographs and information provided by Davida van der Walt).

Mr Victor Mabugana was the lucky winner in the Fast Fit Burgersfort ‘Win a sheep’ competition. His name was drawn on Saturday last week and he received a voucher for a sheep. Mr Hannes Spangenberg, manager of Fast Fit Burgersfort handed it to him. (Photograph: Chantelle Goodburn).


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8 JULY 2011

Do you think government should Government has proposed that the advertising of alcohol be seriously restricted in all media. The Department of Social Development joined forces with the departments of science and technology, health, correctional services, safety and security, trade and industry and education to pull through with the restriction of alcohol advertising. Ms Conny Nxumalo, the chief director of the Department of Social Development said that “though revenue generation was important, the government had to weigh up the effect of alcohol abuse on society and the fiscus”. She added though that it will not be an outright ban of advertising, but rather serious restrictions. Other issues under revision for implementation include raising the age of eligibility to puchase alcohol from 18 to 21 years, monitoring compliance with licensing conditions, stiffer sentences for drunken driving and public drinking. According to independent marketing analyst Mr Chris Moerdyk, a total ban on alcohol advertising could result in serious income loss for especially the media. An estimated R800 million will be lost on sports sponsorships and development grants and marketing expenditure. Government will lose an estimated R280 million in VAT. SABC will lose about R400 million, DStv and could lose R500 million and radio, lifestyle magazines and newspapers up to R900 million. He also points out that a ‘conservative’ estimation of job losses foresee at least 2 500 people losing their income. This will directly affect about 30 000 people dependent on the money earned by these 2 500 people. Overseas similar bans had no influence on the abuse of alcohol. In Canada, Denmark and New Zealand they lifted the bans on alcohol advertising that were put in place to help reduce alcohol abuse and alcohol related social problems.

Ms Petra Selala said: “It won’t work. People will still drink. Alcohol has contributed to our economy and that money will now have to come from somewhere else. It’s a problem”.

Ms Cindy Topham said: “It’s not going to make a difference apart from a negative impact on sponsorships. Parents must teach their children to be responsible with alcohol. It does not depend on advertising”.

Mr Gaonyatse Moroke said: “Sports are sponsored by liquor. Some people make a living from the industry of liquor. People don’t have jobs and this will cause more people to sit without jobs. Just look at the negative impact the trading hours of liquor sales had in Botswana. Let the liquor stay. Just enforce the law so that people drink responsibly”.

Mr Moloko Rachidi said: “No, they will definitely continue to drink even if there is no advertising. It will give our economy a serious shake. Sponsorships will be gone. Even if the prices go up, people will continue to drink”.

Ms Mpho Motlohi, Ms Catherine Chipane and Ms Ipfi Mbedzi said: “The economy will go down. SAB sponsor teams and give us cheap tickets to watch the rugby and soccer. They also give money to charity. The best will be to make the legal drinking age between 21 and 24 instead of stopping the advertising. Also make liquor more expensive. We give our children carrry money and even a child can afford a bottle of Castle. If it is too expensive they won’t be able to afford it. Tavern owners must also get rules and not sell to children. Make it difficult to get a licence to sell liquor. If a tavern owner sells liquor to children close the tavern”.

Smiley Pretorius sê: “Nee, dit sal glad nie help nie. Al vat hulle al die advertensies weg. Kinders wat drink is nie a.g.v. die advertensies nie. Dit kom van die ouers af, hoe hulle hul kinders opvoed. Dit sal sport benadeel deur borgskappe. Baie van die maatskappye skenk ook vir liefdadigheid geld”. By hom is Me. Jackie Pretorius.

Ms Nthabiseng Komane and Ms Ntabiseng Molobela said: “No, stopping the advertising will not stop people from drinking. It will only cause joblessness. It is like smoking. When the tobacco companies stopped advertising, people did not stop smoking. The same applies to liquor. Advertising does not have much affect on the usage of liquor. Goverment will also suffer in a way with less tax income from alcohol sales.

Mr Given Ramathoka said: “No, people will not stop drinking. People must just drink responsibly. They must not stop the advertising. They must rather arrest tavern owners who sell liquor to children”.

Me. Viviene Boshoff sê: “Dit gaan geen effek hê om mense minder te laat drink nie. Mense en kinders sal steeds daarmee te doen kry. Dit gaan net ons hele ekonomie in sy dinges stuur. Ek is regtig anti-drank, maar weet wat daar buite aangaan”.

Ms Susan Nkoana , Ms Bohadi Velaphe, Ms Juliet Chara and Mr Thabizo Thabalala said: “They should not stop the advertising. They must enforce the law and not sell to under 18 children. People will not stop drinking. Government must enforce the laws they made”.

8 JULIE 2011



stop alcohol advertisements?

Mnr. Dolf en me. Anne-Marie Dreyer sê: “Mense sal aanhou drink. Die effek op die ekonomie sal erger as die petrolprys wees”.

Mr Piet Mohlala said: “No, I don’t agree with stopping the advertising. Goverment is expecting money from alcohol. They will cause crime to increase and job losses to rise”.

Mr Ephraim Ngele said: “No, people will not stop drinking. This will cause people to lose their jobs and they won’t have money. This will increase crime. Goverment will also get less tax”.

Mr Alain Kumbi said: “It won’t work. Government must think and make a plan. They talk about increasing jobs, but now they will cause unemployment. It is very difficult to stop people from drinking. They must just stop the people who are underage from drinking”.

Mr Matthew Klasi said: “It will have a negative impact on the economy. If they cannot advertise their income will go down and they will retrench people. Government will also lose because they will get less tax. The institutions sponsored by the alcohol companies will also lose. Government must work with them to improve the standard of life”.

Me Sophie Tau sê: “Hulle gaan bly drink want hulle weet waar is die bier en waar hulle dit kan koop. Die plan gaan nie werk nie”.

Me Lynette Weyers sê: “Advertensies gaan nie mense maak minder drink nie. Dit sal geen effek hê nie”. By haar is Marius Weyers.

Below are a few statistics that highlight the particular burden experienced by South Africa from alcohol abuse:

Mnr. Michael Botha sê: “Mense sal steeds aanhou drink. Dit sal veral borgskappe soos die Springbokke negatief beïnvloed. Werksverliese sal kom en tydskrifte en TV sal ook geld verloor”. By hom is Deoné Botha.

Mortuary statistics (2002) – Medical Research Council (MRC)/UNISA In Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng, and Port Elizabeth (PE), 45% of all non-natural deaths had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) greater than or equal to 0.05g/100ml (Durban: 37%, Gauteng: 40%, Cape Town 53%, PE: 61%). The national figure was 46%. Levels of alcohol were particularly high for transport-related deaths and homicides, with 63% of transport-related deaths and 69% of homicides in PE, for example, having levels above the legal limit for driving (0.05g/100ml). Trauma unit statistics (2001) – MRC In Cape Town, Durban and PE, 39% of trauma patients had breath alcohol concentrations (BrACs) greater than or equal to 0.05g/100ml (Durban: 22%, Cape Town 36%, PE: 57%). Levels of alcohol were particularly high for transport- and violencerelated injuries with, for example, 73% of patients with violence-related injuries in PE and 46% of patients with transport-related injuries in Cape Town having levels above the legal limit for driving (0.05g/100ml). Demand for specialist treatment services (2003) – MRC Of 5886 persons treated at 52 specialist substance abuse treatment centres in Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and PE in the first half of 2003, 52% reported having alcohol as their primary drug of abuse, with a further 13% having alcohol as a secondary drug of abuse. Fetal alcohol syndrome – FARR/Wits (19972003)

In research conducted in the Western Cape (Wellington), the prevalence of FAS among Grade 1 learners was found to be 46 per 1000 in 1997 and 75 per 1000 in 1999. Similar research conducted in Gauteng and De Aar in 2001, and Upington in 2003 found FAS prevalence rates of 19, 103 and 75 (estimate) per 1000 respectively. Alcohol and risky sex (2003) - MRC Research conducted in Atteridgeville among persons aged 25-44 years found a significant positive association between various measures of alcohol use (past month use, frequency and problem use) and having multiple sexual partners or sexual relations that are regretted in the past 3 months. For example, the correlation between quantity of alcohol consumed and the number of sexual partners (lifetime) was 0.436 (p<0.001). Alcohol and family violence (2000) – MRC Between one-third to a half of arrestees in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg charged with offences categorised as “family violence” reported being under the influence of alcohol at the time of the alleged offence. Academic failure and absenteeism (1997) – MRC/ UCT Among grade 8 and 11 learners in Cape Town a significant association was found between past month use of alcohol and the number of days absent from school and repeating a grade. For example, the odds of repeating a grade at school was found to be 60% higher for learners who consumed alcohol. Prepared by: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Group, Medical Research Council


8 JULY 2011


Santie se foto’s weerspieël die strate Foto: Santie Carelse. (Tweede)

Foto: Santie Carelse. (Wenfoto)

Foto: Ruan Kleynhans

Foto: Braam Matthysen (Derde)

Me. Santie Carelse het die afgelope Maandag skoonskip gemaak tydens die Burgersfort Fotografie Klub se maandelikse vergadering. Die klub het die afgelope maand ‘Street Photography’ as ‘n tema gehad. Sy is ook die wenner van ‘n R250 geskenkbewys van OK Grocer. Santie het die eerste en tweede plekke geneem terwyl mnr. Braam Matthysen se foto (regs) het ‘n derde plek verower. Ander foto’s wat ingeskryf is, het goeie natuur fotografie en lanskaptonele waardeur paaie gaan behels. Santie was ook die wenner van die Platinum Gazette uitdaging Winter. Sien die foto regs onder. Die volgende maand se tema is ‘Water’ en die volgende vergadering vind op 1 Augustus by die AGS Kerksaal in Steelpoort plaas.

Foto: Braam Matthysen

Belangstellendes is welkom om by die klub aan te sluit. Meer besonderhede is in vandag se dagboek op bladsy 9 te kry. Foto: Santie Carelse.

Youth Parliament Limpopo Legislature will be hosting the Youth Parliament as follows: DATE:

FRIDAY, 15 JULY 2011







Foto: Santie Carelse. (Wen foto - uitdaging: Winter)

FREEDOM AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN OUR LIFE TIME”. Various Youth Organizations will be debating on the following topics: • • •

Empowerment through economic transformation The role of youth skills development in transition to work National Youth Development Agency: A vehicle for youth development.

For more information please contact Mr. Lufuno Mudzanani at 015 633 8076/ 082 331 8027 OR Ms Maphishane Ntsoane at 015 633 8108/ 082 418 6282.

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8 JULIE 2011



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Dagboek / Diary

How do you colour in your winter?

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Crearé Training Program Between 24 July and 5 August 2011 this program will take place at the Burgersfort NG Church. Choose 1-4 subjects per week in one or more of the following Academics: Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Multimedia, Worship, Church Planting & Missions, Skills, Prophetic and Word. For more information contact Jeanette de Jager on 013 231 7627 or 179 502 6501. Op-en-Wakker Senior Burger-konsert Die Op-en-Wakker groep vir bejaardes hou op 13 Julie 2011 weer hul jaarlikse konsert vir senior burgers. Die konsert begin om 10:00 by die Potgietersaal net buite Ohrigstad en almal is welkom. Golfdae om te onthou 8 Julie 2011 - Nag golf. Navrae en besprekings: Martin van Rooyen - 082 816 4833. Fotografie Klub Die Burgersfort Fotografie Klub se volgende vergadering vind Maandag, 1Augustus plaas. Alle lede sowel as belangstellendes is welkom om dit by te woon. Dit sal om 18:00 by die AGS Kerk in Steelpoort wees. Die maand se foto tema is Water. Vir meer navrae kontak Ruan Kleynhans by 083 276 1643; Daryll Geddes by 083 612 2021; Braam Matthysen by 073 582 3654; Jaco Smith by 079 697 7356 of Mark Geddes by 083 601 6158. Foto’s wat vir beoordeling ingeskryf word, moet teen 29 Julie 2011 na gestuur word. Bobby van Jaarsveld Op 16 Julie 2011 is Bobby van Jaarsveld by Tubatse Chroom Klub. Kaartjies kos R120 vir volwassenes en R90 per laerskoolkind. Kaartjies is by die klub beskikbaar. Zak van Niekerk by Laerskool Burgersfort Zak van Niekerk is op 6 Augustus by Laerskool Burgersfort. Die hekke maak 15:00 oop en die konsert begin om 19:00. Daar sal ‘n biertent, stalletjie en baie meer wees. Daar is nog staanplekke vir stalletjies. Navrae: 013 231 7609 Op-Wakker-Groep padstalverkope Die Op-en-Wakker groep vir bejaardes staan weer die laaste Vrydag van die maand by die Pure Plaas plaasstal buite Ohrigstad met hul kosverkope. Daar is heerlike vetkoek, pannekoek, gemmerbier, koeksisters, vars gebak en jaffles te koop. Die fondse word tussen liefdadigheid en die bejaardes se toer na Namakwaland verdeel. Bikers Church Service On 10 July 2011 there will be a Bikers Church Service. The service will not be exclusively for bikers and all members of the AGS Church and the public are welcome to attend. The service will be led by Rene Changouin, the Christian Motorcycle Association’s national president. After the church service the bikers will ride to Lydenburg for lunch. All bikers are invited to join them. For more information contact Jeannette Maartens on 082 555 3181. Wildevy 4x4 Gesinsdag Die Wildevy 4x4 Gesinsdag vind aan die einde van hierdie maand op 30 Julie plaas. Dit word weer by PLM Boerdery op die Lydenburg pad gehou. Almal is welkom om die dag saam te kom geniet. Dit sal weer ‘n dag vol pret en plesier vir groot en klein wees. Kom neem deel en ondersteun ‘n goeie saak - die fondse wat ingesamel word gaan vir liefdadigheid in ons omgewing. Vir navrae en inskrywings vir die 4x4 roete, kontak Susan Kruger by 013 231 7498/9 of 013 231 7462 of stuur vir haar ‘n e-pos

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8 JULIE 2011


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GSKA Karate Maandae & Woensdae van 17h30 – 19h00 by Calvin College. Almal welkom van 6 jaar en ouer. Op Dinsdae word daar nou ook selfverdedigingsklasse aangebied. Dit is ook by Calvin College tussen 17:30 en 19:00 Skakel Jolanda Hietbrink by 082 859 9681.


Bid Number

3. Dienste/ Services

Some of the places we distribute newspapers: * Burgersfort SUPERSPAR * Boxer Stores Burgersfort * OK Grocer * Phelo Pele Pharmacy * Burgersfort Pharmacy * Laerskool Steelpoort * Laerskool Burgersfort * Tingeling Kleuterskool * OK MiniMark * Greater Tubatse Municipality * CTM * Modikwa Platinum Mine * Pick n Pay * Winterveld Village * Ohrigstad SAPS * Total Ohrigstad * Leboeng SAPS * Praktiseer SAPS * Burgersfort SAPS

Jane Furse Plaza

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1. Sport Klubs/ Sport Clubs

ALL & ALL SERVICES We do it all: Installations & repairs. Aircons, stoves, fridges, washing machines, freezers, geysers. For a free quotation call: 079 492 5780.

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2. MIG/LP1228/R/ST/11/13 3. MIG/LP1229/R/ST/11/13


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4. MIG/LP1230/R/ST/11/13 5. MIG/LP1231/R/ST/11/13 6. MIG/LP1232/R/ST/11/13


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7. MIG/LP1233/R/ST/11/13



Compulsory Briefing Session: Old Municipal Building’s Chamber, Burgersfort on the 11 July 2011 at 10H00

EVALUATION AND ADJUDICATION CRITERIA Bids shall be evaluated and adjudicated in accordance with the Greater Tubatse Municipal Supply Chain Management Policy as amended, Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 5/2000, responsiveness to the bid document (s), and on a 90/10 points system, of which the 90 points will be determined/distributed as follows –

40 for price and 50 for functionality (totaling a score out of 90) and the remaining 10 points for preference participation goals.

A bidder who fails to score 60% on functionality shall be disqualified from further evaluation and adjudication.


This bid is restricted to the consultants / professional service providers registered with a professional body such as ECSA and SAACE by and registered and bid documents will be on sale for a non-refundable fee of R300.00 from Wednesday the 06 July 2011 at the Cashier’s Office, Greater Tubatse Municipality, Lower Ground, 1 Kastania street, Burgersfort, from 08H30 to 15H00 during week-days.


Bids will be closed and opened in public on the 22nd July 2011 at 12H00 and must be fully priced, signed and sealed in an envelop, appropriately marked the name of the bid proposingfor and deposited in the Municipal Tender Box which is available 24/7 days a week at the reception of the Greater Tubatse Municipality as detailed on 1 above. No faxed, e-mailed, telephonic or late bids will be accepted.


The municipality has no obligation to appoint any bidder and reserves the right to appoint bidders individually and/or collectively to execute the above contracts, and negotiate further conditions and requirements with the successful bidder.


In terms of the National Treasury’s Regulation, no bid will be accepted from the persons in the service of state and bidders failing to comply with the requirements of the bid document will be submitting non-responsive bids. 90 working days after the bid closing date is our validity period.


Successful bidders who are outside the area of jurisdiction of the Greater Tubatse Municipality shall be required to sub-contract at least 30% of the scope of work to a locally-SMME-based service provider registered on the municipal database, only where applicable.

All bidding enquiries should be directed during working hours from 07H30 to 16H00 to O N MOSOMA at 013 231 1000 or and technical enquiries to H B MOHLABA at 013 231 1000 or Address: Kastania Street, Burgersfort PO Box 206, Burgersfort, 1150 Tel: 013 231 1000 Fax: 013 231 1467 Website:

H.L Phala Acting Municipal Manager

Betrekkings/ Vacancies

8 JULIE 2011



Ladies and juniors take on the challenge Lorelyn (3rd). Juniors: Karel (1st), Francois (2nd) and Michael (3rd). Michael hit nearest to the pin and the longest drive was hit by Karel. (Photographs: Martin van Rooyen).

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On Saturday last week the juniors took on the women in a round of golf at Tubatse Chrome Club. This friendly competition was the result of a few golf clinics hosted by the club to promote the sport amongst women and children in the area. The competition was played in IPS format. The winners were: Ladies - Willemien (1st), Izelle (2nd) and

Next to Toyota, Burgersfort. Tel: (013) 231 8322 E-mail:

(RegNo: No:NCRDC NCRDC487) 487) (Reg


8 JULIE 2011

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BURMED PHARMACY It may be winter, but we are open late: Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 19:00 Sat: 08:00 - 17:00 Sun: 09:00 - 13:00

Tel: 013 231 8180

Winterveld Pool Club on the go On the 30th June the Winterveld Pool Club held their second internal pool competition between club members. The final was played between Vernon Dixon and Maryke Kruger. Maryke won the competition for the second month in a row. Vernon Dixon says that they have big plans for the Club and that anyone who is interested to participate is welcome to contact him on 072 722 4466. They have pool practice every Thursday at The Winterveld Club in Steelpoort. Samancor Eastern Chrome Mine’s General Manager Emile Britz says he is delighted to see the level of enthusiasm that is created through Clubs like the Pool Club. “It is especially important in a remote town like Steelpoort that individuals take the initiative and get involved in fun recreational activities” he said.

Above and left: Vernon Dixon in action at Winterveld Club, Steelpoort. (Photograph: Davida van der Walt).

Maryke Kruger was the winner for a second consecutive month. Vernon Dixon congratulates her. (Photograph: Davida van der Walt).

Platinum Gazette 8 July 2011  

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