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3 December 2010

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ConCourt judgement Rapist hits Genorah gets life appeal against the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal. The community contended that the Supreme Court of Appeal erred in finding that the application was brought out of time and for not finding that the community should have been awarded a preferent right to prospect in terms of section 104 of the Act. In addition, the community argued that the award to Genorah was defective because of irregularities in the required consultation process, lack of compliance with environmental requirements and unfair administrative procedures. Genorah contended that the community had no right of appeal and that the community’s application to the High Court was late. It was argued that there was in any event, nothing untoward in the process and award to it of these prospecting rights. The Constitutional Court decided the matter on the basis of whether the decision to allocate the prospecting rights was fair administrative action. The Court found that an internal appeal was available to the applicants, that the Department’s failure to deal with the appeal amounted to a conclusion of the appeal process, and that the review application had thus been brought in time. The Constitutional Court held further that the granting and execution of prospecting rights is a grave invasion of a property owner’s rights. The Court held that the purpose of consultation with landowners, required by the Act, was to provide them with the information necessary to make an informed decision on how to respond to the application. The Constitutional Court, concluded that Genorah had not consulted with the community as required by the Act, that the decision-maker had not given the

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On 29 November 2010, Frans Khomotso Nonyana(39) was sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and three years for abduction. The sentences run concurrently. The trial was held at the Thabamoopo Regional Sexual Offences court in Lebowakgomo. On 27 November 2007 the accused picked up a 10 year old girl in Bothashoek village with his motor vehicle and told her to accompany him to the police station. Instead he drove in the direction of Burgersfort. They went to Burgersfort to fill-up the car with petrol and when they were adjacent Alverton village the accused drove the vehicle into the bushes and started to rape the young girl. Fortunately for the girl a young boy (13) witnessed the vehicle when it drove away with the girl and he informed the father of the victim. Her father informed the Police in Tubatse who made follow-ups to trace the motor vehicle. The police spotted the white car of the rapist next to the stop sign to Ga-Motodi village and they stopped the vehicle and found the young girl inside the vehicle. She told the Police what had happened and Nonyana was arrested. Tubatse Police say as we are already in the period of the 16 days of activism and no violence against women and children, the sentence is welcomed as it will serve as a deterrent to would be rapists.

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In a landmark judgement on Tuesday, the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) set aside prospecting rights granted to Genorah Resources on the land of the Bengwenyama community near Burgersfort, who lives on the farms Eerstegeluk and Nooitverwacht. These farms comprises two of three farms (the other is Hoepakrantz), comprising Nkwe Platinum’s Tubatse Project. The court found that Genorah (a black economic empowerment BEE entity, that holds 63% of Nkwe Platinum) had not consulted with the Bengwenyama community as required by the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act and that officials from the Department of Mineral Resources had not given the landowners a hearing and had not complied with the fairness requirements of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act. The court said after the case, it concerned the administrative fairness of the allocation of prospecting rights to a third party in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (the Act) on land owned by a community. The first respondent (Genorah) was awarded prospecting rights on the community’s land. The community’s challenge to the award in the North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria was dismissed. An appeal to the Supreme Court Appeal was also dismissed on the ground, like in the High Court, that the community had failed to bring the application for review timeously in terms of the provisions of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA). The Supreme Court of Appeal did not decide the merits of the community’s grounds of review. The community applied to the Constitutional Court for leave to

community a hearing or complied with the fairness requirements of PAJA, and that the environmental requirements in terms of the Act had not been satisfied. Accordingly the community had not been treated as required by the Constitution. Leave to appeal was accordingly granted to the community and the appeal succeeded. The awards of prospecting rights on the community’s land were set aside. The Constitutional Court therefore ordered the relevant government department and Genorah to pay the applicants’ costs, jointly and severally, in the High Court, the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court. Bengwenyama Minerals are now free to apply for prospecting rights on their community land as the Constitutional Court’s judgement did not grant this right automatically. Meanwhile, in another case, the third farm comprising Nkwe’s Tubatse project, Hoepakrantz, is in the spotlight. The Supreme Court of Appeal agreed to hear an appeal by Myeleti Minerals against the Pretoria High Court's refusal to set aside the grant of a prospecting right to Genorah on the farm. The right was granted to Myeleti but was inexplicably also granted to Genorah in error, as claimed by Myeleti. In August 2008 Xstrata took up an exclusive option to acquire a 50% interest in the Nkwe PGM projects near Burgersfort. The option was exercisable within 90 days after completion of a bankable feasibility study (BFS) for Nkwe’s Garatau project (on the nearby farms De Kom and Garatouw. Nooitverwacht, Eerstegeluk and Hoepakrantz comprise Nkwe’s Tubatse Project). A crucial part of the deal is that Xstrata “will fund the total development costs of the properties from mining through to concentrating”. The BFS for Garatau expected in April this year, had been delayed and was “expected to be completed” in the fourth quarter of 2010.

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Modikwa encourages ‘know your status’ on 1 December At Modikwa Platinum Mine the management and employees commemorated World Aids Day on 1 December 2010. Both the business leaders and unions were in agreement that employees must know their HIV status. The message was that if the test is positive, assistance can be given in terms of medication and councelling. It was emphasised that should a test

result return positive, it is not the end of the world. With the right medication and lifestyle that person can still have a full and productive life. The workers were told that healthy employees are more productive, but not only that, their families are also happier. The chances are also better that they will be there in the long run to help care and provide for their families. Those who have during the year participated in the voluntary testing to know their HIV status were entered into a lucky draw. The winners in this draw walked away with prizes such as TVs and DVD players.

Thorburn Security at Pasas Thorburn Security Solutions and Modikwa Protection Services visited the Pasas homebased care at Driekop on Wednesday 1 December. A message of hope for those living with HIV/Aids were delivered and parcels with food were handed to about 200 vulnerable and needy individuals. This is the company’s way of giving back to the community.

Three days of World Aids Day activities at Dwarsrivier Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine also commemorated World AIDS Day 2010.

Their function was already held on Monday 29 November

A wall signing ceremony formed part of the week’s activities.

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with briefing sessions for all mining and engineering line managers, and continued on Tuesday, with a briefing session for the plant supervisors. The main ceremony was held on Wednesday, 1 December, where the surface employees were addressed by both the Senior General Manager, Mr Francois Uys, and a NUM representative, Ms Maggy Mafulatha. The main event included a wall-signing ceremony where all present were encouraged to pledge their commitment to help improve understanding about HIV, prevent transmission and stop prejudice. During all the sessions, Mr Uys engaged in dialogue regarding the reason for World Aids Day, with special focus on taking action to tackle HIV prejudice, dispell myths, destigmatize, and protect

oneself and others from HIV transmission. He stressed the fact that HIV is no different to any other chronic illness, as it is nondiscriminatory. People who contract the disease are not bad. Good people also get infected. We should thus fight the virus, and support and care for the people living with the virus. He stated that it is only by breaking the silence on HIV and AIDS that we will give people a better understanding of the disease and eliminate the stigma that sometimes still cling to people living with HIV/AIDS. Mr Uys encouraged all Dwarsrivier employees to ensure that they get tested and know their HIV status. He further encouraged those infected to register on a disease management programme, and those who are not infected to promote and maintain health-orientated behaviour.




Hawkers on the move

Fltr in the photograph are Mr Given Komane (spokesperson and treasurer of Burgersfort Cluster of Tubatse Hawkers Association), Mr Godfrey Mnisi (general secretary) and Samson Maphake.

The issuing of permits to hawkers in Burgersfort are going according to plan says the Burgersfort Cluster of the Tubatse Hawkers Association. They say hawkers must make sure of the process. Money for a permit (R120) must be paid to the municipality and the official receipt must be presented to the Cluster management at the secretary’s stall across the road from Barnetts. The secretary will verify that a hawkers is registered and collect the permit from the municipality upon presentation of the receipt. They request that hawkers who are not registered with them, must not go and pay at the municipality as they will not be able to get a refund. Register first at the secretary! As far as could be determined, permits will be checked by the municipality from 15 December 2010. In the mean time hawkers has agreed with traditional doctors that they should move out of hawkers stalls. “They are not starving and can afford other accommodation” the hawkers say. Hawkers will be allocated the empty space.

“Some satan drove over our water tap on Sunday”. This group of car washers at the hawkers area across Barnetts was without an income this week as they had no water to ply their trade.




Caring at Lion Xstrata Lion held a “Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality, Community Awareness day” on 1 December 2010. The employees came in turns to donate blood, participate in a Shavathon or spray their hair in colourful patterns, learn more about snakes and get health information from the mobile clinic and stall. Pamphlets with information on HIV/Aids, TB, Cancer and other diseases were distributed. Employees were also encouraged to know their HIV status. The CANSA Shavathon exceeded their target of R15 000 and collected a total of R16 250. This will all go towards the Cancer Association. The target for the blood donations were 54 units and a total of 63 units were collected. The SANBS also presented Xstrata Lion with a trophy for their efforts in donating blood (see photograph below). The employees each received a T-shirt, cap and cold drink when they attended the event. There were also lucky draws .

Xstrata Lion employees clean up around them On 18 November Xstrata Lion held a very successful ‘Clean up day’. The staff gathered at the Vantech parking area and started in groups to clean around the plant. Three bakkie loads of rubbish were collected. This weighed in at 1600kg. North West Recycling sorted, removed and

Photographs: Xstrata Lion

will recycle it. The employees’ message to the community is that we all should care abou the environment and nobody should just through rubbish out of the vehicles. The employees were also rewarded for their hard with with gifts of appreciation.




First toys from Toyrun delivered The Misty Knights MCC hosted the first Limpopo Valley Toy Run on 20 November. Groups of Bikers gathered at Steelpoort and Legends in Lydenburg in the morning and departed to join the main group at Eclipse in Burgersfort. The miserable weather around the region early in the morning kept some bikers from further afield away, however we still managed a turnout of 200 bikes and around 600 people, who contributed both toys and tons of goodwill” said Julia Todd of the Misty Knights MCC. “We collected 738 new toys in the trailers at the venue, along with around 250 items of 2nd hand toys and clothing. Toys will be distributed during the weeks following the Toy Run. Beneficiaries include: CMR Lydenburg, Duncia Safe Haven, Lelievlei, Dilokong Hospital (children’s ward), Pilgrims Rest Primary School and several other small crèches and schools around the area. “Thank you to sponsors and contributors: Tubatse Ferrochrome, Snip & Wip Crèche, Khumbulani Mining, Flame Signs, Tubatse Hardware, Talisman, Johnny’s Pub, The Wrench, Honda Lydenburg, SPS Dynotech, Spur, Bon Amanzi, Mike’s Tattoos, Supasave, Pep Stores, OK Burgersfort and

many more – you know who you are. Thank you all!” “Most of all, thank you to everyone who showed up on the day and supported us. We couldn’t have done it without you! With your help, we will be able to make Xmas a little brighter for many needy children in our area.” On Friday last week, the first batch of toys were distributed in Lydenburg where a special Christmas party was held at Lydenburg High School. Santa even arrived on a motorcycle. This was a joint effort between the Misty Knights MCC and the Christian Motorcycle Association.



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Burgersfort - A facelift and modern new school

Burgersfort, also known as the Platinum City, in the Limpopo Province is set to receive a facelift in more ways than one. Beginning with the two residential estates of Cranbrook Property Projects – Spekboom River Estate and Motaganeng Lifestyle Estate , the well-known school group Curro are investing in Burgersfort with the construction of a modern new, affordable private model school, within Spekboom River Estate. Construction of the pre-primary, primary & secondary school will commence in February 2011 with the first intake planned for January 2012. While the two estates are central to Cranbrook’s presence in the area, the Development Company is in Burgersfort for the long-term. The total development encompasses a few thousand residential erven, business and light industrial development, a 43 000m² shopping mall, a hospital site, as well as the site for the new school. While Burgersfort itself has never been a town that strikes one as being impressive, residents and visitors will see a gradual change as each project is completed, until the town – soon to be a city – reaches the Developer’s ideal – a ‘Modern African City’. Because of the high expected growth of mining activities, population growth in the broader Burgersfort area is expected to rise from its current population of 36 485 to an estimated 42 466 by 2015. The Greater Tubatse District of Limpopo, within which Burgersfort falls, is expected to grow from its current number of 53 851 households to 71 055 by 2015, while the simultaneous population growth is expected to rise from 270 115 to 356 411 within the same time period. The population increase combined with the development of this Modern African City will undoubtedly attract businesses and national brands from the mining support sector, lifestyle, health and medical sectors as well as an array of other services. This expansion and advancement is in line with one of Cranbrook’s ideals regarding the Platinum City of Burgersfort and that is to have healthy, happy, well-balanced and complete communities. An important fact to take into consideration when deciding where to live is, amongst others, is the distance travelled to and from work. It is not necessarily the distance which is a problem, but rather the associated risks associated with travelling longer distances. At the moment many roads travelling to towns such as Polokwane and Lydenburg for example, are not in the condition they should be. This combined with the fact that early morning mist reduces visibility to a great extent, makes travelling long distances to the various mines every morning a greater risk than it would be should one travel shorter distances such as from Burgersfort. A safer and shorter travelling time between work and home contributes to a well-balanced lifestyle, one of the visions Cranbrook aims to achieve in the area. The Estates Spekboom River Estate is located south east of Burgersfort and its sister development, Motaganeng Lifestyle development to the north east. Apart from the location, number of stands available (Motaganeng 800 residential stands and Spekboom 1 944) and architectural styles, the two developments are almost identical.

The combined Estate will have three tiers of schooling on the property and in a first for South Africa, only 40% of the total property is being developed. The remaining 60% is left the way nature intended - allowing for fauna and flora to flourish within this man-made development. This, not only lends the estates to being eco-friendly, but puts its residents in the enviable position of living on nature’s doorstep. There is a variety of game and countless bird species which live on each estate and when this is combined with the fact that the estates have game rangers doubling up as security guards, residents can feel secure from both humans and animals. Several green-belts on each development allow for an easy outdoor lifestyle – especially for families with children – with an entrance gatehouse controlling access.

“Our objective is to have happy customers,” says Hoffman Prinsloo, Cranbrook Property Projects Managing Director, “and our customers include all residents and employees in and around the Burgersfort district.”

Want to own a piece of the “Platinum City”? Contact Sheryl on 084 403 2480 or e-mail



‘Losing a legend’ Joshua Generation juniors rewarded

Hendrik Pitzer sadly passed away on Saturday 27 November 2010 in a motorcycle accident. His family wrote the following: “First of all to many people Hendrik was a Legend. He was a husband, a father, a brother, a son and a friend to many. He was a big man

with an even bigger heart. He cared and supported the community of Burgersfort. He was fun loving and lived his life to the fullest. He was involoved in a lot of activities, to enjoy his life. He meant so much to a lot of people. For a great amount of people he was a rollmodel, someone to look up to. A well respected entrepreneur. He was strict when needed and joyfull most of the time. To all his employees he was known as “Baas Hendrik”, not just because he was the owner and director of his company, but because of his leadership, his compassion, his ambition and love for life. His hobbies were deep sea fishing and motorcycles. And one thing we can add was that he was a family man, and his business was part of his family, and his family was his life. ‘ “Baas Hendrik”, we salute you and thank you for all you’ve done. You will always be our hero, our superman. We love you and we will keep you in our hearts forever more, Amen”. His funeral Service will take place at 11:00 on Friday 3 December 2010 at the AFM Church, Steelpoort.

Motorcycle accident claims two local lives On 27 November a local group of motorcyclists were on their way to Polokwane when an accident claimed two of the riders. Mr Hendrik Pitzer and Mr Marnel Ehlers were involved in an accident with a taxi, about 24km from Polokwane. Mr Pitzer died on the scene while Mr Ehlers

passed away in hospital. Mr Ehlers was an employee of ASA Metals and Mr Pitzer was a local businessman. The funeral service for Mr Ehlers took place yesterday at at the AFMChurch in Steelpoort. The service for Mr Pitzer is planned for today at 11:00 at the same church.

Vandwanis laid to rest in Zimbabwe The late Mrs. Farayi Vandwani (33) and her daughter Amanda (11) were laid to rest in Zimbabwe on Saturday the 26th of November 2010. She was buried side by side with her daughter at Mangwandi Cemetery in Masvingo at 2.00pm. Farayi and Amanda died in a car accident on Friday the 19th of November 2010 in the Waterfall River Pass between Lydenburg and Burgersfort.

The two bodies of the late Farayi and Amanda, who were a teacher and learner at Calvin College respectively were transported to Zimbabwe by Doves Funeral Services on Friday the 25th of November 2010. Mr. Andrew Vandwani and his son Andy, who survived the accident, are recovering very well at Lydenburg Hospital.

Amanda Vandwani

Mrs. Farayi Vandwani

Joshua Generation held their Junior Prize Giving for the Pre-School and Grade 0 on Saturday 20 November 2010. Below are the achievers with their certificates.





Are you in favour of ‘biased marking’ Today the last matric examination paper will be written, but the SA Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) in KwaZulu-Natal have already appealed to those marking the papers to be biased in favour of African pupils. While Sadtu praised the Department of Education for a smooth running examination, they also appealed to markers to remember that many pupils are not writing the examination in their mother tongue. “The markers hould bear in mind that African pupils were not writing in their mother tongue and spare a thought for those affected by the strike,” said Mr Mbuyiseni Mathonsi, Sadtu’s provincial secretary. The Department of Education, Umalusi (quality assurer), teacher unions and the Education Labour Relations Council are currently in discussions regarding this. “If the matric results come out and we believe that the learners could have done better in the exams, then we might adjust the results,” said a department spokesperson. “We are in discussions with stakeholders about the issue. We must remember that this year’s matrics are not like the class of 2009. There were a lot of disturbances for them” she added. The results of the matric examinations are due to be out by January 6, 2011. We asked readers whether they feel that ‘biased marking’ or an adjustment of the marks will be in the best interest of the matrics or not and why.

Mr Sam Mokoena and Ms Precious Makina said: “They must give the children at least 10% extra because they were at home a lot this year”.

Mnr. Jarques van der Merwe sê: “Dit gaan net op papier goed lyk as hulle die punte aanpas. Dis net polities. As jy pluk, pluk jy en as jy slaag, slaag jy”.

Right: Mr Phillip Marebane said: “It will be better to get a pass, but the problem comes when they go to university for further studies”. With Phillip are Khomotso and Sello Marebane.

Mnr. Ruan Viljoen sê: “Wat geld vir die een moet geld vir almal, maar wat help dit as jy nie daai kennis het nie?”

Mnr. Gerhard Maré en me. Bianca Schutte sê: “As hulle die punte aanpas vir een moet hulle dit vir almal doen. Hulle moet regverdig wees”.

Mr Sergio Maunde and Ms Salvizon Mokoena said: “It is not good for the children to just pick up marks. When they are going further it is not going to count that their teachers were on strike”.




for this year’s matriculants?

Mnr. Johan Mienie en me. Liza Back said: “If you want it, you need to work for it. Matric is a revision anyway”. Me. Reinette Hayes sê: “Dis nie in hul beste belang nie. Dis net om die slaagsyfer daar te kry. As hy homself nie deur skool kan kry nie, sal hy homself nie deur die lewe kan kry nie”.

Mr Johannes Malatjie said: “It is not going to be a good thing. What about the standard of education? It will go down”. With him is Marumo Malatjie.

Ms Mavis Tjie and Ms Mologadi Maile said: “They must fail if they fail but then they must repeat matric and not stay at home”.

The matric results are due for release on 6 January 2011. Mnr. JP Vorster sê: “Dit is polities. Hulle gee nie om oor die kinders nie”. By hom is Dillan.

Mr Lucas Mokoena said: “Everyone was disturbed. If they add marks, they must add it to everyone”. Ms Matshidiso Rantho said: “It’s a good thing, because they lost time in school. It will benefit the children if they get better marks and can pass”.

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Mr Ellence Monyela said: “They must not do that. They can’t make it on tertiary level if they did not get a clear pass. They must not give certificates for the sake of giving certificates”.

Ms Benz Mabilo said: “It is right because the teachers were not full time in the school. Yes, it will benefit the children to adjust the marks”.


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Steelpoort Akademie hou massasport Steelpoort Akademie het op 18 November hul jaarlikse massasport gehou. Groot en klein het aan ‘n verskeidenheid veld- en baanitems deelgeneem. (Foto’s: Colleen Language).


Building Burgersfort with Build It Tubatse Build It is growing year after year. Owners, Suzette Geldenhuys and Charles Rall have been at the helm of this business for the past three years. One of the major changes since they took over on 1 November 2007 is the deliveries. They are doing deliveries all over the area with bakkies, trucks and tipper trucks. If a client buys hardware and building material from them and would like to have it delivered he or she will either get their material the same day or the next. Tubatse Build It has been involved with many charitable projects over the past few years. Donating from a water tank and outside toilet for a disabled school to building a complete home-based care facility at Dresden are just two of many caring deeds. They’ve also celebrated the Soccer World Cup this year with a sponsored tournament for primary schools. One of they keys to business succes for Build It’s owners is friendly, efficient service. They are also believing in being prepared. They’ve recently expanded their stock yard and is fully prepared for December when building becomes an activity in many households in the area.

Although their suppliers are closing from the 15 th, they’ve made sure that there will be enough stock to keep their clients happy.

Suzette and Charles thanked all their loyal customers and staff members for supporting the shop over the past three years and are

looking forward to delivering a professional, fast and friendly service in the years to come. Tubatse Build It Tel: 013 231 7529.




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Social Christmas Golf Day All members of the Tubatse Chrome Club are invited for a round of social golf on 11 December. Each member brings along a gift of approximately R100 in value. This will serve as prizes at the end of the day. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833. Watervalsrivier Geloftefees - program 2010

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Die Watervalsrivier Geloftefees begin reeds op 14 Desember met die trek van ‘n laer onder leiding van Andries Human. Om 19:00 word daar saam gebraai. Pap, sous en kole sal voorsien word. 15 Desember 2010: 09:00: Vertrek na die waterval vir ‘n sjampanje ontbyt. Elke gesin sorg vir hulself. 18:00: Boerewors/Vienna rolls en koeldrank te koop. 18:30: Toneel - “Mengelmoes Kardoes”. Kom lag en huil saam. 16 Desember 2010: 04:00: Saluutskole onder leiding van Andries Human. 09:00: Erediens gelei deur Ds. Jacob van der Merwe. Spreker - Koos Winterbach. Tee en koffie by die kampeerders. 11:00: Algemene vergadering 13:00: Saam eet onder die boom. (Bring julle beste vleis, bykos en poedings). 18:00: Lantern bekruip vir jonk en oud. 17 Desember 2010: Laer breek af. Ontruiming. Almal is welkom om te kom saam kamp en kuier. Die Watervalsrivier Geloftefeesterrein is op die R37 tussen Burgersfort en Lydenburg skuins oorkant die Beetgekraal afdraai en aan die begin van die Watervalsrivierpas. Vir navrae kontak: Lodewyk de Jager (voorsitter) by 083 236 5870 of Andries Human (kamp kommandant) by 082 655 3157. Carols by Candle Light On 4 December there will be a Carols by Candle Light event at Tubatse Chrome Club. At the event the local ‘Drie Valleie’ choir and the Del Canto choir from Nelspruit will perform. Soloists Walter Fourie, Dianne Wolhuter and pianist Therresa Prinsloo will also be on the stage. Entrance is free and everyone is invited to bring along chairs or blankets and join the evening of song and music. The event will start at 18:30 for 19:00. Calvin College Awards Ceremony Calvin College will host their Awards Ceremonies on 3 and 4 December 2010. The functions will take place in the school hall. On 3 December at 18:00 the Prep School will have their awards handed out. On 4 December at 08:00 the College will get a turn to be on stage for various achievements.




Dis tyd vir klokkelui By Laerskool Burgersfort is daar verlede week met ‘n lag en ‘n traan afskeid van die graad 7 leerlinge. Die tradisie om die klok te lui is volgehou en elke kind het ‘n kans gekry om die treinspoorstaaf wat hul koers by die skool

simboliseer te slaan. Deur die ‘klok’ te slaan het hulle gewys hulle het aan die einde van hul laerskool ‘spoor’ by Laerskool Burgersfort gekom en gaan van volgende jaar ‘n nuwe spoor volg. Ek kind het ‘n kaartjie met ‘n boodskappie oor die spoor en sy simboliek ontvang.



Re fana ka tsebišo go ya ka Molao wa Tlhabollo ya Methopo ya Diminerale le Petroliamo [Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA)], 28 wa 2002, le dinyakwa tša taolo tša Kgoro ya Methopo ya Diminerale [Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)] malebana le maikemišetšo a rena a go dira mešomo ye e hlaloswago ka mo fase. Go phethagatša seo, kgopelo ya tumelelo ya tikologo e tla išwa go Kgoro ya Methopo ya Diminerale (DMR) gape dikgato tša Tekolo ya Khuetšo ya Projeke go Tikologo le Lenaneo la Taolo ya Tikologo (EIA/EMP) di tla latelwa..

Notice is given in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA), 28 of 2002, and the regulatory requirements of the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) of intent to carry out the activities as described below. In this regard an application for environmental authorisation will be submitted to the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) and an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Programme (EIA/EMP) procedure will be followed.

Dinomoro-tšhupetšo ya DMR LP 30/5/1/3/2/1(61) EM LP 30/5/1/3/2/1(63) EM

DMR reference numbers LP 30/5/1/3/2/1(61) EM LP 30/5/1/3/2/1(63) EM

Leina la mošišinyi Marula Platinum (Pty) Ltd (Marula) Tlhaloso ya mošomo wo o šišinywago Marula e akanya go aga dišafo tše pedi tše diswa tša moya le go šuthiša dišafo tša moya tša Merensky go netefatša gore projeke ya go rafa diminerale ka fase ga mabu e na le dinolofatši tše lekanego tša moya. Marula e akanya le go aga tailings scavenger plant ye e tla šomišwago go hlalola (recover) dimetale tša tlaleletšo tša legoro la platinamo (PGM’s) go matšhila (tailings) pele di tšhollelwa ka letamong la bjale la matšhila. Godimo ga moo, Marula e ikemišeditše le go akaretša le tše di latelago tikologong ya yona ya moepo: · tikologo ya bjale ya tokelo ya go kopola ya Marula polaseng ya Hackney 116KT. · tikologo ya bjale ya tokelo ya go kopola le ya go rafa ya Anglo Platinum polaseng ya Driekop 253KT. Lefelo la projeke ye e šišinywago Dišafo tša moya le tailings scavenger plant di tla ba polaseng ya Driekop 253KT, Clapham 118KT le Winnaarshoek 250KT. Ditikologo tša tokolo ya moepo tša tlaleletšo di akaretša dikarolo tša polasa ya Hackney 116KT le Driekop 253KT. Leina la mošišinyi yo le ka ikopanyago le yena Metago Environmental Engineers (Pty) Ltd Ikopanye le: Ms Stella Moeketse or Mr Brandon Stobart Aterese ya Poso: PO Box 1596, Cramerview, 2060. Tel: (011) 467-0945 Fax: (011) 467-0978 E-mail:


Letšatšikgwedi la go phatlalatšwa ga papatšo ye: Di 3 December 2010 Boingwadišo bja Maphakga a nang le Kgahlego le a Amegago (IAPs) le go išwa ga ditshwaotshwao Go netefatša gore ditshwaotshwao tša lena di akaretšwa ka go Pego ya Scoping, ditshwaotshwao tše di ngwadilwego di swanetše go romelwa baeletši ba ba boletšwego ka mo godimo pele ga di 21 January 2011. Tshedimošo ya Tlaleletšo Go hwetša tshedimošo ya tlaleletšo mabapi le projeke ye e šišinywago, hle ikopanaye le baeletši ba ba boletšwego ka mo godimo.

Name of proponent Marula Platinum (Pty) Ltd (Marula) Description of proposed activity Marula proposes to construct two new ventilation shafts and re-position the Merensky ventilation shafts to ensure adequate ventilation facilities for the underground mining operations. Marula also proposes to construct a tailings scavenger plant that will be used to recover additional platinum group metals (PGM’s) from the tailings feed prior to disposal on the existing tailings dam. In addition, Marula also intends to include the following in its mining area: · an existing Marula prospecting right area on the farm Hackney 116KT. · existing Anglo Platinum prospecting and mining right areas on the farm Driekop 253KT. Location of the proposed project The ventilation shafts and tailings scavenger plant will be located on the farms Driekop 253KT, Clapham 118KT and Winnaarshoek 250KT. The additional mining right areas include portions of the farms Hackney 116KT and Driekop 253KT. Name of consultant to contact Metago Environmental Engineers (Pty) Ltd Contact people: Ms Stella Moeketse or Mr Brandon Stobart Postal Address: PO Box 1596, Cramerview, 2060. Tel: (011) 467-0945 Fax: (011) 467-0978. E-mail:


Date of publication of this advert: 3rd December 2010 Registration of IAPs and submission of comment To ensure that your comments are included in the Scoping Report, these should be provided in writing to the above consultants by 21st January 2011. Additional information To obtain additional information about the proposed project, please contact the above mentioned consultants.


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Payroll Superintendent (D1) Responsibilities: The successful candidate will be expected to participate in the designated activities of the Administration/Payroll & Remuneration function of the organisation, specifically the Payroll Superintendent as part of the Operational activities of the Financial Department as a service to the various Departments and overall employee structure; - towards effective services and profits to the Organisation. The incumbent will be administering employees’ remuneration. Produce official printouts, registers and remuneration documentation. Reconcile all appropriate information, figures, amounts etc. Ensure that pay slips are produced and payroll register is completed. Ensure the completions of all documents for other remuneration payouts. Administer all official payroll related documentation. Adhere to the Clauses and Regulations of the Mines Health and Safety Act. Conducting housekeeping tasks in the workplace. Participate in the Company’s Health, Safe and Environmental Management program. Requirements: In order to apply, you will need a B.Com Degree/ NQF Level 6 qualification. At least 5 years experience in a remuneration environment. Supervisory skills. People and communication skills. Administration skills. Knowledge of the Babylon time and attendance programme and VIP will be an advantage. General: ASA Metals (Pty) Ltd/Dilokong Chrome Mine (Pty) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. Assessments may be one of the methods utilised to determine the successful candidate. The Company reserves the right not to appoint. Please forward your application, quoting the post title, to the HR Department, ASA Metals at fax: 086 750 4941 or e-mail: Applicants who have not heard from the Company within 30 days of the closing date must accept that their applications were not successful.

Assistant Management Accountant (C5) Responsibilities: The main purpose of this role will be to participate in the Company’s Management Accounting System and Discipline through the application of the accounting practices; to ensure the availability of the Financial - Accounting documentation, statements and reports which are prepared in accordance with the legislative requirements, and Company Policy, Standards and Procedures. The incumbent will assit the Management Accountant and other seniors in the activities of the department. He or she will assist in administering the raw material stockpile’s accounting. Assist in administering the asset management program. Conduct the costaccounting system: - in terms of the work that is allocated for the Assistants’ position. Give advice on the working activities of the Accounts Clerks. Coordinate the training and develop of the subordinates’/-junior members of the function. Adhere to the Clauses and Regulations of the Mines Health and Safety Act. Conducting housekeeping tasks in the workplace. Participate in the Company’s Health, Safe and Environmental Management program. Conduct tasks allocated by seniors or supervisor in line with the nature of the job. Requirements: In order to apply, you will need a Degree/Higher Diploma in Cost Management/Financial Accounting. At least 4 years experience in Cost Management Field. Good English communication skills. General: ASA Metals (Pty) Ltd/Dilokong Chrome Mine (Pty) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. Assessments may be one of the methods utilised to determine the successful candidate. The Company reserves the right not to appoint. Please forward your application, quoting the post title, to the HR Department, ASA Metals at fax: 086 750 4941 or e-mail: Applicants who have not heard from the Company within 30 days of the closing date must accept that their applications were not successful.

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Klein Advertensies • Smalls

Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031

1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs 2.Betrekking/Vacancy 3.Dienste/Services 4. Oornag Akkommodasie/Overnight accommodation 5. Troeteldiere/Pets 6. Persoonlik/Personal 7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous 8. Gesoek/Wanted 9. Te Huur/To Let 10. Te Koop/For sale

1. Sport Klubs/ Sport Clubs GSKA Karate Dinsdae & Donderdae van 17h30 – 19h00 by Calvin Collage. Almal welkom van 6 jaar en ouer. Skakel Jolanda Hietbrink by 082 859 9681.


3. Dienste/ Services School bus from Steelpoort via Burgersfort to Lydenburg Schools. Scholars from Tubatse Village,Winterveld and Lannex. Contact Linda 083 288 0553/ 013 231 7663

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3. Dienste/ Services NAKIKI`S Driving School cc In Burgersfort Already 2 years in operation. Excellent pass rate. Contact Linda 083 288 0553 / 013 231 7663 Elshamah Motors Your Mechanic on Duty. We specialize in all minor and major repairs and services on ALL types of vehicles. Engine, gearboxes and differentials. We specialize in Mahindra vehicles. Lebowa Business Park, Burgersfort. Contact: Willie, 076 158 9192. To let us know about your news and events contact: 083 2719151. The editorial deadline is on Wednesdays at 17:00.

4. Oornag Akkommodasie/ Overnight accommodation Mooifontein Guesthouse Accommodation in Burgersfort. R380 per person per day. Includes Bed & Breakfasts, Lunch/ Supper & Laundry service. Contact: Judy, 082 308 9221/7

Platinum Gazette Klein Advertensies • Smalls Om ‘n klein advertensie te plaas kan u die onderstaande vorm volledig invul en aan ons faks (faks nr. 086 554 9031) saam met die depositostrokie of bewys van elektroniese oorplasing. Die faks moet ons teen voor 08:00 op ‘n Woensdag bereik. To place a small please complete

the form below in full and fax it with the proof of payment to 086 554 9031. The fax must reach us before 08:00 on a Wednesday.

Bankbesonderhede/Banking details: Platinum Gazette, ABSA, Tak/Branch: Lydenburg 334351, Rekeningnommer/Account number: 4072580313.



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‘n Basis fooi van R40 per geklassifiseerde advertensie met tot 20 woorde word gehef. Sou die advertensie uit meer woorde bestaan, word ‘n addisionele R1-00 per woord gehef. Hierdie prys sluit BTW in. Maak asb. seker dat u netjies en leesbaar skryf aangesien die koerant geen verantwoordelikheid vir foute as gevolg van onleesbare skrif aanvaar nie. Hou asb. u kwitansie of depositostrokie as bewys van betaling en plasing van die advertensie. Platinum Gazette behou die reg voor om te besluit of ‘n advertensie geplaas sal word. Navrae: 083 543 1676 of 083 271 9151.

7. Allerlei/ Miscellaneous Vision Meat Slaghuis Vir al jou vleis en biltong behoeftes. Ure: Ma. - Vr: 08:00 17:30. Sa: 08:00 14:00. Tel: 013 231 7094

Fax: 086 623 7124 Leandé: 083 637 8749. E-mail:

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Betrekkings/Vacancies REDPATH MINING (SOUTH AFRICA) (PTY) LIMITED Multi-disciplined International Mining Contracting Company

MOOIHOEK MINE – CRUSHING OF WASTE DUMP Mooihoek Mine is in the process of building up its production and will commence with the establishment of a waste dump in the near future. We are looking to engage in a contract with a company that will establish a crusher at the mine to crush the waste rock from the waste dump. Any company that is interested in this contract is welcome to submit an application to Mooihoek Mine. Interested applicants must contact: Piet van Wyngaardt – 013 004 0042 or 079 878 1348 or Albert Hayes – 013 004 0044 or 076 776 9498 To advertise contact Beánnla Celliers on 083 543 1676. Advertising deadline: Tuesdays 17:00

CLOSING DATE: Monday, 10 January 2011



Drum-majorettes in Steelpoort The Steelpoort drum-majorettes had their first performance on last week Friday. The group consisting mostly of Steelpoort Academy students, paraded for their parents and familie to showcase their hard work of the last six months. The group can still accommodate more girls, but warns new-comers that they will have to be willing to work very hard to reach competition level. Girls between grade 3 and 7 are welcome in the group. They will however have to pass an audition. Although their name is Steelpoort drummajorettes, they do not limit themselves to children only from Steelpoort. Interested girls from the area are welcome to contact the co-ordinators on the numbers below. Currently two very dedicated parents are in charge of the group. Ms Belinda Veldsman and Ms Gretli Steyn are co-ordinating their practice sessions, clothes and participation in events. Belinda have been a drum majorette all her life and has also served as a judge in competitions. The group have been asked to perform at the Interlaer next year


Speel in die son ten bate van Kruppel Buffels Verlede week Saterdag was die Kruppel Buffel Gholfdag. Lees meer hieroor op bladsy 16.

and will even practice during the December holiday to ensure that they are in shape for a top performance. Although various companies have generously contributed to the sport, there are still many things short. A pair of boots needed for participation in events cost about R400. The group have received their informal sportwear from Samancor Eastern Chrome mine and will perform in this at the athletics. They however need to get all the correct gear before going to the competitions next year. Other sponsors include: Mega Paints, Pick n Pay, Build It Steelpoort, Tubatse Hardware, Tubatse Ferrochrome, Xstrata Lion, Audio Corporation, OK Grocer, Hetta Riekert, Samancor, Paul Brummer, Siyaya . “In this area the sport is still relatively unknown, but it is an international sport in which you can achieve your national colours. In the cities and bigger towns, there are also great efforts to develop the sport,” said Belinda. “This is my passion and although I am strict with the girls, we all love doing this,” she added. Gretli Steyn, 082 924 9292 or Belinda Veldsman 076 554 8357.

Close shave for Maatlopo United FC Maatlopo United FC narrowly escaped defeat on 27 November. The team had a draw of 3-3 with Mpheleng Sweepers of Dennilton. The hosts scored first, but Andrew Maleka scored for Maatlopo to equalise the score. The halftime score was 1-1. In the second half Sweepers cam out strong with two more goals to give them a two point lead. Maatlopo responded with two goals by Trevor Mohlala and Sunnyboy Thobejane. This week Maatlopo will face RT Giant Killers at the Moroke Stadium. The game will start at 15:30 on Saturday 4 December 2010. “We are appealing to all our supporters to come in large numbers,” said Mr Jimmy Makola, the team’s spokesperson. Enquiries: Jimmy Makola, 082 407 6226 or Sydney Makoka, 072 869 4418.



Platinum Gazette

SPORT Twee vol velde vir Kruppel Buffels Verlede week Saterdag het die Kruppel Buffel Gholfdag by Tubatse Chroom Klub plaasgevind. 21 Vierballe het aan die dag deelgeneem en hoewel daar op die ‘shotgun’ manier gespeel is, was daar steeds nie genoeg plek vir al die spelers in een rondte nie. Verseggende hitte het die taak bemoeilik, maar die verskillende borge se stalletjies met drink- en eetgoed was hoogtepunte op die baan. Die uiteindelike wenspanne was: Gooi Lood met 161 punte. Tweede was AQS met 145 punte en derde Chrome Pro-Shop met 144 punte.

21 Vierballe het aan die dag deelgeneem

Platinum Gazette 3 December 2010  

Local newspaper for Steelpoort, Burgersfort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse and surrounding villages in Limpopo Province South Africa.

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