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A close call

Despite recent Police successes with arresting ATM bombers elsewhere in the country (Limpopo as well), they seem not to be of the groups (syndicates) that frequent Burgersfort and environs on quite a regular basis. Khadima Security this week had a nasty encounter with an ATM bomber getaway car right after three ABSA ATMs in Burgersfort were blown to pieces. Article on page 2.

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25 February 2011



25 FEBRUARY 2011

ATMs blown to pieces Three ABSA ATMs at Castle Square were blown apart and hundreds of thousands of rand taken in an ATM bombing this week. Just after one o’clock on Tuesday morning two Audis blocked the entrances to Castle Square, holding up security guards working the night shift. A black BMW stopped in front of the bank where three suspects first knocked out the window next to the service ATM. This was presumably done to make an exit with money easier, rather than going through the revolving door. CCTV footage shows that the suspects wore balaclavas and gloves and planted three seperate charges. They then left the building and waited for the bombs to go off. According to police on the scene the suspects knew exactly what they were doing. In many cases the explosives are too much and they blow the money away and other times it is not strong enough, only causing damage to the ATM but not giving access. This time they had it perfect. The sound of the explosions alerted security companies in the area that something was happening and Khadima Security’s one patrol vehicle came towards the Morone Street entrance of Castle Square. “As I drove slower to turn, a man stepped away from a silver Audi which was parked at the entrance,” explained Mr Jhaan Engelbrecht who was driving the car. “He looked me right in the eye and started firing at

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us”. Engelbrecht then excellerated and drove staight to the police station to alert them of what was happening. Two rounds hit the vehicle, one narrowly missed Engelbrecht. It is suspected that R5 weapons were used. Meanwhile the suspects gathered the money and got into the BMW and drove off. They left R270 000 in front of the one ATM. Although exact figures were not mentioned to the newspaper, it was said to be hundreds of thousands, ranging in millions that was taken. This could not be confirmed by the time of going to press. The bank building sustained structural damage and it will probably take weeks for to repair. Mr Louis Boshoff, owner of Castle Square told Platinum Gazette during the week that they are just glad that nobody was injured during the incident. He said that the security guards were very traumatised and could not really do anything against the bombers who were heavily armed and clearly not shy to use their weapons. By the time of going to press no official communication regarding the incident and possible arrests were received from the SAPS.

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Dam residents get an ear

‘Stax’ of money only a dream A young jobless man tried to rob the Stax Video Shop in the Lebowa Business Park in Burgersfort on Wednesday. Ms Eden McKinley was working the morning shift when the man, pointing a gun at her came into the shop demanding that she open the till. “I told him, no I won’t and that I knew him,” she told the newspaper. “He kept on demanding money while I tried to get to the panic button,” she explained. “The first I got really scared was when he saw me pressing the panic button and tried

to grab my wrist. I then started screaming”. When she started screaming he took off, jumping into a waiting taxi outside the shop. Unfortunately for him, the taxi was not waiting for him, but for another client and refused to drive off. There other shopowners and the management of the centre caught up with him and brought him back to Stax to wait for the police to come and arrest him. When he was asked how he could threaten McKinley who is eight months pregnant, he told her mother Bonny, “I thought she was just fat”. The whole episode was caught on the shop’s CCTV cameras. The gun he was using turned out to be a BB gun and not a real weapon. “When we asked him why he tried to rob us during the morning when there is truly no money in the till, he said that he had no job and that is why he took to criminal activities. At the police station he allegedly also confessed to breaking into a house at Aloe Ridge and stealing a laptop which he sold to Cash Crusaders. He apparently also involved his 11-year old brother in that break-in. Happy to be okay, Ms Eden McKinley (right) with Ms Angelique Loots inside Stax Video.

‘Nothing came of promises’

The Executive Mayor of Sekhukhune District Municipality, Cllr Mogobo David Magabe, visited the area upstream of the new De Hoop Dam’s construction terrain on Sunday, to listen to residents problems they are encountering since construction at the dam started. Acording to the residents of the farms Buffelskloof, De Hoop, the Tshehla Trust and Uitvlught the new dam under sonstruction has made life difficult for them. Apart from not being relocated as promised, they say, they are lso prohibited from ereting new dwellings and development in the area. They claim to be still 97 percent unemployed after being promised employment. They are now also 10 to 15 kilometres from the nearest public transport since the opening of the new R555 around the dam area, while they had livestock loss beacuse the fences around their pastures has been replaced by a fence of inferior quality. They also complain that dam security is preventing them access to the river to get water, while in the meantime nothing came of promises of fresh potable water. The communities say they are living in the area for more than a century now (since 1900) and it is time somebody gives attention top their grievances. On Sunday morning when Platinum Gazette visited the venue of the meeting with Mayor Magabe just after 10:00, community members were still arriving. The meeting was scheduled to start at 10:00 but gor underway later to give everybody the opportunity to attend.


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25 FEBRUARY 2011

Rabies vaccination campaign continues The Rabies vaccination campaing of the Animal Health Division of the Department of Agriculture

in Tubatse (Praktiseer) continued this week. On Tuesday the team went to Steelpoort and on Wednesday Platinum Gazette caught up with them while they were in

Ohrigstad. They had a busy day in Ohrigstad vaccinating more animals that in the two days they spend in Burgersfort last week. Approximately 240 animals were vaccinated and dewormed, free of charge by late afternoon. On Thursday they were heading towards

Steelpoort again. This annual campaign is done to prevent the outbreak of rabies in the area. Last year a rabies scare encouraged hundreds of people to bring their animals for vaccination. The Department is doing the vaccinations free of charge. Residents only complete a form with all the details of the animal and the vaccination. The team also went out to homes where the owners were unable to transport large dogs. People who have previously had their dogs vaccinated at a veterinarian can bring the animals’ card with all vaccinations with. Those who have missed out on the two weeks campaign can contact Mr Muroa and his team on 082 767 9736 or 013 216 1093. Mr. Albert Muroa with Mr Wilson Maimela and Mr Costa Maimela in Ohrigstad.

Ms Susan Franklin with Mr Albert Muroa deworming Himler the cat.



State of the Province Address well attended locally in Praktiseer Last weeks State of the Province Address by Limpopo Premier, Cassel Mathale in the legislature in Lebowakgomo, was well attended locally by residents who attended the event by viewing the proceedings on a big screen at the Seklhukhune FET Campus in Praktiseer. In his address the premier not only focused on problems and achievements in Limpopo during the past year, but also on future projets and what aims are still to be achieved in the coming year. He spoke about the forthcoming local government elections, calling on everybody to register to vote and he called on emplyers to afford their employees the opportunity to participate in the elections. He called on all the people in Limpop, especially the churches to pray for free and fair elections which are not marked by instances of violence and intimidation. After the premier’s address a hearty lunch was served.




25 FEBRUARY 2011

Interlaer atletiek op Steelpoort Verlede week Vrydag is die jaarlikse Interlaer atletiekbyeenkoms by Steelpoort Akademie gehou. Skole wat aan die geleentheid deelgeneem het, het Laerskool Burgersfort, Laerskool Malelane, Akademie Komatipoort, Laerskool Numbi, Laerskool Sabie en Steelpoort Akademie ingesluit. Die byeenkoms word op ‘n roterende basis by die skole aangebied. Verlede jaar was dit op Malelane. Die oggend het afgeskop met ‘n optog (sien foto links) deur die verskillende skole met die Steelpoort Trompoppies voor. Die atlete het in hoë temperature deelgeneem en uiteindelik was die top drie skole Laerskool Numbi, Laerskool Sabie en Laerskool Malelane.

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Vinnig, ver en hoog by die atletiek Steelpoort Akademie het verlede week Vrydag die Interlaer atletiekbyeenkoms aangebied. Laerskool Burgersfort en Steelpoort Akademie was die twee plaaslike skole wat teen skole soos Komatipoort en Sabie deelgeneem het. Steelpoort Akademie het in donkerblou en oranje deelgeneem en Laerskool Burgersfort in rooi en donkerblou.

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25 FEBRUARY 2011

Interlaer atletiek vir klein skole Laerskool Ohrigstad het verlede week Saterdag ‘n interlaer atletiekbyeenkoms vir klein skole aangebied. Skole wat aan die dag deelgeneem het sluit die volgende in: Calvin Prep School, Woodlands, Clivia, Atok, Ohrigstad, Koraalsig en Graskop. Tydens die dag is die Ronnie Ferreira lokaal

amptelik geopen. Die skool se snoepie en kosverkope tydens sportbyeenkomste word nou met gemak uit dié nuwe lokaal hanteer. Die hele gemeenskap het saamgespan om van die dag ‘n uithang geleentheid te maak.

Die plaaslike skole, Laerskool Ohrigstad en Calvin Prep School het in geel klere deelgeneem.

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op Ohrigstad gehou

Me. Ronnie Ferreira, skoolhoof van Laerskool Ohrigstad het al die ouers, atlete, borge, skole, beamptes en ander wat ‘n bydrae gelewer het, bedank.

Die skool het die volgende borge bedank wat die dag vir hulle help moontlik maak het: Toyota Lydenburg, SN Vleishandel, Lybasol, Landini, Gawie Grobler Makelaars, Voorspoed sand en klip, Lydenburg Konstruksie, Joubert Apteek, Afgri, Horison Apteek, Laeveld Agrochem, ABSA, BMG Lydenburg, Rietfontein verpakking, Modikwa Myn, Oasis Water (Kobus), Burgersfort Propshaft & Mining Supplies, Era Eiendomme, Charles Burger, C&F Drukkers, Bertus Erasmus.




25 FEBRUARY 2011

Is government on the right track Alcohol abuse is a major problem in many communities, but government is determined to better regulate the liquor industry. In some provinces such as Gauteng they are talking about taking away the right to sell liquor on a Sunday. In Limpopo you cannot sell liquor on a Sunday, but government is planning to also impose restrictions on where businesses selling liquor may be constructed. Premier Cassel Mathale, in his State of the Province address last week Friday said: “We have a moral obligation to create a conducive environment for learning and teaching not only in the school yards, but also in the surrounding areas. The construction of beer halls or shebeens next to school buildings and community libraries must come to an end. The construction of beer halls or shebeens next to church buildings must come to an end”. “The process of reviewing the liquor license legislation has ensued and as soon as it is possible we will be approaching this important House for a review of the legislation. Our view is that the new legislation will mean that people will have to re-apply for their liquor licenses with simple regulations which will make it easy for law enforcement agencies to do their jobs. We must control how alcohol is sold in our communities”. We asked readers whether they feel that government is on the right track with these proposed changes and what they would suggest to give even better control over alcohol sale and use in our communities?

Ms Johanna Mkhondo said: “They are on the right track. They must also make sure that taverns are closed between 08:00 and 10:00 in the morning so that the children are all in school by the time they open”.

Ms Priscilla Sambo and Ms Nancy Magabe said: “It will be good. They must also do community development so after school the kids are busy with recreational activities and don’t go drinking”.

Mr Lawrence Simango said: “It will also help if the SAPS arrest the underage drinkers”.

Me. Mariëtte van der Merwe sê: “Dis goed wat hulle beplan. Ek is net bly hulle is nou vir eers ‘n bietjie weg met hul fokus van die rookwet af.”

Right: Mnr Armand von Benecke sê: “Ja, hulle moet dit deurvoer. My vrou het al gesien hoe kinders in skooltyd bokse wyn by Shoprite koop. Hulle moet die verkope van drank by supermarkte verbied”.

Mr Collen Mashaba said: “It will help. Most young guys are addicted to alcohol. It is a wise idea to better control how alcohol is sold. It will help learners to focus if there is not a shebeen near the school”. With him is Kgethego Mashaba.

Right: Ms Grace Nkgabane said: “I think their plans are okay. This thing of taverns and shebeens next to schools is a big problem. If the children get drunk they fight. They must be strict and do away with selling liquor next to schools”.

Me. Madelein Marais sê: “Hulle doen reg, maar hulle moet vir die jongmense iets gee om te doen. Daar is in ons omgewing niks vir jongmense om hulle mee besig te hou nie”.

Mr Selahle Katlego said: “If someone wants a tavern it must be far from the school and church so they don’t disturb the learners and those attending church. Some children go the the tavern in their break and than go back to school drunk”.




with liquor license regulations?

Ms Duggly Kgole and Ms Kgomotso Lekalakala said: “They are on the right track. At our church there is a tavern next to it. Now some teenagers sneak out to drink. The same happens at the schools. Some of the tavern owners are also not responsible and don’t care to sell to underaged children, as long as the money is coming in”.

Me. Christa Vermaak (regs) sê: “Verban dit heeltemal!”. Me. Kobie Bekker (links) sê: “Ons sal seker nie ons sin kry om dit heeltemal verban te kry nie, maar hulle moenie drank op ‘n Sondag kan verkoop nie en hulle moet op ander dae gewone winkelure oop wees en nie tot watter tyd in die aand nie. Saterdae moet hulle net tot 13:00 oop wees. Ons is beslis gekant teen maklike verkoop van alkohol”.

Mnr. Anton Fernandes sê: “Ja, dis goed dat hulle daarna kyk. Mense wat drank verkoop behoort ook aan te dring daarop om jongmense se ID te sien. Daar is reeds wetgewing oor afstande en uitreiking van lisensies”.

Me. Tina Botha sê: “Ja, dit sal werk as hulle weer na hierdie goed kyk. Beter wetstoepassing is nodig. Daar moenie aan o/18’s drank verkoop word nie. Die ouers moet ‘n voorbeeld stel”.

Mr Lawrence Mametja said: “It is good to move taverns away from schools. Our children must get an education. They must stop drinking and smoking”.

Mr Amos Ndlovu said: “If the shebeens are far from the church the people will rather go to church than drink”.

Mr Charlie Mkhondo said: “It will reduce alcohol abuse and it will keep children off the streets. In our communities children take to drinking beer at an early age”.

Mr Willy Baloyi said: “I think they are on a good track. It won’t reduce alcohol abuse, but it will help that students don’t easily get drunk in the week and have a chance to get an education”.

Ms Suzanne Colley said: “I don’t think they are on the right track. The kids will just go where the alcohol is. They treat the symptoms and not the problem. More recreational activities are needed”.

Mr Peanas Selahle said: “I think government must force taverns away from schools. The children drink and the teachers can do nothing. Shops next to schools are okay. People selling beer must look and not sell to children”.



ECM hosts district athletics championships The District Athletics Championships hosted by Samancor Eastern Chrome (ECM), was organized by the department of Sports Art and Culture in

conjunction with the Department of Education (District Level). Technically the event was hosted by Mangabane Primary school, which requested ECM to accommodate the event due to a lack of suitable facilities at their school. The event was a culmination of a series of Regional competitions consisting of track and field events for primary schools around the Sekhukhune District. The estimated number of participants were 600 and 81 officials attended. Six Clusters from Sekhukhune District were present. The chairperson of the Cluster Mr. Motubatse was impressed with the arrangements and the venue, and thanked ECM for their contribution. HR Manager, Pieter Brits, said that Samancor Eastern Chrome Mines is proud to be associated with the support of local schools. (Photographs: Davida van der Walt)

25 FEBRUARY 2011

Betrekkings/ Vacancies

Senior IT Technician (C5) Responsibilities: The main purpose of this role will be to conduct IT-Supportative Services to all end-users of Information Technology and Systems as a contribution to the Department’s goals and objectives towards a profitable chrome provider in the industry that effectively provide a quality product to the export market. The incumbent will be strong in the following skills areas: Planning and Organising, problem solving and decision making skills, delegating, instructing and coaching skills. He or she will conduct maintenance on the IT System Software and Hardware and must possess such skills. Will ensure optimum availability and reliability of the Access Control and IT-Systems. Will have IT installation skills, knowledge of server environment and networking. Install update patches, firmware and virus protection on all servers. Be able to analyze technical issues and problems, diagnose problems, provide support and assist other technicians with issues. Have strong analytical skills and communication skills and be able to work independently and quickly in stressful situations. Adhere to the Clauses and Regulations of the Mines Health and Safety Act. Conduct housekeeping tasks in the workplace. Participate in the Company’s Health, Safe and Environmental Management program. Conduct tasks allocated by seniors or supervisor in line with the nature of the job. Requirements: In order to apply, you must have Grade 12, a National Certificate: IT - (Systems Development) - Level 4; National Certificate: IT - (End User Computer) - Level 3; National Certificate: IT - (Technical Support) - Level4. At least five (5) years extensive experience in the respective IT environment. Good English communication skills. General: ASA Metals (Pty) Ltd/Dilokong Chrome Mine (Pty) Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. Assessments may be one of the methods utilised to determine the successful candidate. The Company reserves the right not to appoint. Please forward your application, quoting the post title, to the HR Office, ASA Metals at fax: 086 661 9874 or e-mail: Applicants who have not heard from the Company within 30 days of the closing date must accept that their applications were not successful.

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Chrome Golf Club Wednesday Competitions Time: 15:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833. Chrome Golf Club Friday Sundowner Competitions (twice a month) Time: 13:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833. Burgersfort United Soccer Burgersfort United Football Club plays soccer every Wednesday and Friday evening. They invite all social players of all ages to come and join them at the Laerskool Burgersfort sportsgrounds. Enquiries: Faizal, 082 922 3909 or Riaz, 072 471 7545. Winterveld Ringbalklub Die Winterveld Ringbalklub begin weer met hulle oefeninge. Dit is steeds Dinsdae en Donderdae om 18:00 by die Waterval CVO skool se bane. Alle nuwe en oud-spelers is welkom om by die klub aan te sluit. Die klub het vanaf juniorspelers wat nog op laerskool is tot seniors. Navrae: Zelna Wheeler, 072 531 6287. Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes Op Ohrigstad verkoop die Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes hou elke laaste Vrydag van die maand pannekoek- en vetkoekverkope by die Pure Plaas stalletjie. Al die geld wat hulle in die eerste deel van die jaar ingesamel het, het gegaan vir liefdadigheid. Nou werk die bejaardes om geld in te samel vir hul toer na die Kaap.

Thought for the week “You are going to let the fear of poverty govern your life and your reward will be that you will eat, but you will not live.” - George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950

Dale Hayes - Super Sport Golf Day This event will take place Tubatse Chrome Golf Club and it will be televised shortly after the day on Super Golf. Only 64 places are available, so join us and book your space now. When: 1 June 2011. Format: Better Ball Stable Fort. Shotgun start at 10:45. After play: Dale Hayes Trick Shot Clinic. Formalities includes dinner which will take place at 18:00. Entry fee: R470. Your booking will only be confirmed once your R470 has been paid. Contact: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833. Hoërskool Lydenburg reüinie Die Hoërskool Lydenburg matrieks van 1961 beplan om hierdie jaar hul 50 jaar reüinie te hou. Almal van daardie jaar word versoek om met Henry Erasmus in verbinding te tree. Hy kan bereik word by 083 276 7873 of 015 307 4550 or henrye@telkomsa.xinet Konsert by Laerskool Burgersfort Laerskool Burgersfort sal op 25 Februarie ‘n konsert aanbied. Die skool vra dat die ouers en gemeenskap hierdie poging van hulle ondersteun. Vir navrae en besprekings kontak die skool by 013 231 7609. Joshua Generation Masquerade Ball On 4 March Joshua Generation will host a Masquerade Ball with the theme the Princess and the Frog at Tubatse Chrome Club. Tickets are R360 per couple and the evening promises to be romantic and fun. A limited amount of tickets are available. To get yours now phone the school during office hours on 013 230 9638. Eden by Waterval CVO Die gewilde groep Eden tree op 12 Maart 2011 by die Waterval CVO skool op. Die funksie vind by die skool se terrein langs die R37, ongeveer 10km buite Burgersfort plaas. Die aand begin om 18:30 en daar sal eet- en drinkgoed te koop wees. Bring eie stoele. Daar sal ook ‘n ‘coolerbox penalty’ gehef word vir persone met eie koelhouers. Kaartjies kos R120 per volwassene en R80 vir laerskool kinders. Bespreek jou kaartjie nou by: Skool, 013 231 7870; Ansie 072 625 5824; Barbara 082 922 9960; Rika 072 079 7628; Elize 082 777 2421. Moenie hierdie aand misloop nie!

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25 FEBRUARY 2011


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Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031

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1. Sport Klubs/ Sport Clubs GSKA Karate Dinsdae & Donderdae van 17h30 – 19h00 by Calvin Collage. Almal welkom van 6 jaar en ouer. Skakel Jolanda Hietbrink by 082 859 9681. Winterveld Ringbalklub nooi die hele familie om te kom ringbal speel. Oefening tye is Dinsdae & Donderdae 18:00, by Waterval CVO Skool se bane. Vir meer inligting skakel Zelna Wheeler 072 531 6287 of Bennie Wheeler 082 740 3584.

3. Dienste/ Services Accounting and Admin Service - Full Accounting Function - Debtors/Creditors Control - SARS Returns - Financial Management - Payroll - Etc. Contact Christelle at 083 631 7936 for a tailor made package.

4. Oornag Akkommodasie/ Overnight accommodation Mooifontein Guesthouse Accommodation in Burgersfort. R380 per person per day. Includes Bed & Breakfast, Lunch/ Supper & Laundry service. Contact: Judy, 082 308 9221/7

7. Allerlei/ Miscellaneous Vision Meat Slaghuis Vir al jou vleis en biltong behoeftes. Ure: Ma. - Vr: 08:00 17:30. Sa: 08:00 14:00. Tel: 013 231 7094

Fax: 086 623 7124 Leandé: 083 637 8749. E-mail:

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DRINGEND HULP BENODIG Eddie Klaasen, ‘n pa van Burgersfort het dringend hulp nodig om vir kankerbehandeling by ‘n professor in


Bloemfontein uit te kom. Hy is tans werkloos en het nie vervoer of geld om by die nodige hulp in Bloemfontein uit te kom nie. Ons soek dringend u hulp. Skakel: Dirk, 082 726 0034 of Isabel, 072 500 3921 of Eddie 076 751 0503

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w w w Contact: 083 543 1676 to advertise.

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Notice is hereby given in terms of section 49 of the new Property Rates Act no 6 of 2004, that the valuation roll for the priod 2011 - 2015 will be open for inspection at the Council Offices in Burgersfort, Ga-Mapodile, Praktiseer and Ohrigstad from Monday 4 April to Friday 6 May 2011. Any owner of rateable property or other person who so desires to lodge an objection with the Municipal Manager in respect of any matter recorded in the valuation roll, shall do so within the said period of 30 days. The form prescribed for the lodging of any objection is obtainable at the Municipal Office, Kastania Street, Burgersfort. Attention is specifically directed to the fact that no person is entitled to urge any objection before the valuation board, unless he has timely lodged an objection on the prescribed form. Mrs MF Mokoko Acting Municipal Manager

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Betrekkings/ Vacancies INTERNAL SALES A well-established Steel Company in Steelpoort Area, part of a group that’s got 17 branches over South Africa,has a vacancy for an INTERNAL SALES person. The ideal candidate will preferably have sales experience; experience in debtors; creditors, customer service skills; computer literacy and general administration. MUST BE HARD WORKING! QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must have passed Grade 12. Should you meet the abovementioned criteria, Please fax your CV to 086 683 6102 or e-mail CV’s should reach us by no later than 10 March 2011.

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* Burgersfort SUPERSPAR * Boxer Stores Burgersfort * OK Grocer * Phelo Pele Pharmacy * Burgersfort Pharmacy * Laerskool Steelpoort * Laerskool Burgersfort * Tingeling Kleuterskool * OK MiniMark * Greater Tubatse Municipality

* CTM * Modikwa Platinum Mine * Pick n Pay * Winterveld Village * Ohrigstad SAPS * Total Ohrigstad * Leboeng SAPS * Praktiseer SAPS * Burgersfort SAPS * Magaba Garage * Vision Meat * Burgersfort Toyota * Hendrik’s Panelbeaters * Mecklenburg SAPS * Tubatse Village




Buffels vs Rooikatte

The Buffels Rugby Club played against the Rooikatte from Lydenburg last week Saturday. Read more about the games on page 16. The team thanked Samancor for their contribution towards the development of the field and for the donation of the kit. They also thanked Marula for the transport and the jerseys for the first team. Players who would like to join the club are welcom to contact Dave Kearney on 082 805 2316.

The Buffels’ second team played in the white and orange.

The Buffels (blue and silver) and the Rooikatte first teams. (Photograph: Buffels Rugby Club).


25 FEBRUARY 2011

Platinum Gazette

SPORT Week of the rivals When Soweto rivals, Chiefs and Pirates meet at the FNB stadium on 26 February, Sekhukhune rivals, Maatlopo United and Tubatse United will do the same. The local teams will face-off in the SAB Reagional League. This game will help decide which team will represent the region in April at the provincial play-offs. Tubatse United is still leading the log with four points. This is a must-win game for Maatlopo United to open a title to any team in the league. Last week Maatlopo United collected six points when they played against Back Chiefs on Saturday and against 11 Experience

Rooikatte dominate Buffels The Buffels rugby club played against the Lydenburg Rooikatte last week Saturday. The game took place at Winterveld Club. The second team (featured on the photographs, playing in orange and white) drew 7-7 with the Rooikatte. The first team lost 15-38 against Rooikatte’s first team. The Buffels’ scrums were

potent and the teams’ defence in the backlines worth commenting about. The first team also stood their ground until the last quarter of the game when fatigue kicked in, but they congratulate the Rooikatte on their performance and win. It was the Buffels’ first game as a registered club.

on Sunday. On Saturday Maatlopo won 2-1 and on Sunday they won 3-1. Sunday’s goals were netted by Billy Mpaketsane, Silence Matsemela and Abel Mashabela. The Man of the Weekend was Silence Matsemela for playing very well and scoring in both games the team played over the weekend. All Maatlopo and Tubatse United supporters are encouraged to come and support their respective teams on Saturday at 15:30 at Ntwampe, Moroke Sportsground. Enquiries: Jimmy Makola, 082 407 6226 or Sydney Makoka, 072 869 4418.

Platinum Gazette 25 Feb 2011  

Local newspaper for Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse and surrounding villages in Limpopo Province South Africa.

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